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Friday, June 27 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

New This Season!

Below you will see a "WriteBoard" from the LFU Lounge in the chat room. Use it to let other updaters know when you're covering the feeds, and when you expect to quit. Give it a try, your text is saved as you type. Use of the WriteBoard is voluntary, but I think it will help letting people where there are gaps in coverage.

Hopefully you'll use the chatroom and the mobile app to keep in touch with other updaters, but it's just a suggestion, I need people updating by whatever method is easiest to you.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT: Zach is now in HN room with Caleb and Cody saying the Paola is the weakest person in the house. They are all bragging about winning veto and sending Donny home because they are going to keep it the same. They are convinced he is not as he seems. Players for veto seem to be Donny, Paola, Frank, Brit, Cody and Victoria.

12:15 AM BBT: Devin is up again and in the HN room talking with Zach and Cody because the room he sleeps in is so dirty. Devin is upset that they did not get all the draws the guys wanted for veto. Brit is in the fire room talking to Paola. She is telling Paola that it is okay to let it all out but needs to tone it down to not draw attention to herself. Brit says she needs to not separate herself. Devin walks in the room and agrees with Brit. He tells Paola that he is pulling for her.

12:25 AM BBT: Cody is in bed in the HN room. He is wearing a hoodie, mittens and sweatpants. They seem to have tin foil looking blankets. Derrick, Jocasta, Joey, Christine, Hayden, Nicole, Caleb, and Victoria are in the KT making small talk. Joey is asking for Hayden's leftover milk from his cereal. Everyone tells her how gross that is (I cringed a little too). Back in the fire room, Paola is upset that she is being accused of trying to orchestrate an all-girls alliance. She says Frank nominated her because of it. Devin says that he now knows it was Joey and not Paola.

12:35AM BBT: The fire room crew is talking about movies and food they are eating. Caleb and Derrick are in the LR talking about how respectable Amber is. Caleb says that if Amber had streaked like Joey did he would have walked out of the room. Derrick says they are cute together and that she is a cool girl. Derrick then moves on to talk about twists and turns that BB can throw at them. He talks about the BBCAN house and the twist that made Canada the HoH for a week. He says they have to be ready for anything. Caleb turns the conversation back to Amber and whether or not she likes him.

12:45 AM BBT: General Chit chat all over the house. Derrick and Devin are now in the LR discussing what the POV might be. Hayden, Nicole, Brit, and Christine are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. They are joking that Hayden doesn't brush his teeth because he can't find his toothpaste.

12:55 AM BBT: Caleb dances with Amber in the LR. Devin, Frank, Derrick, Caleb and Amber then move on to talk about what is edited out of the live feeds, if anything.

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1:05 AM BBT: Christine and Nicole are headed for bed. They get in trouble for talking about their DR sessions. They joke about getting along because they both wear glasses and have retainers. The rest of the HGs are in the LR making small talk about how dark the rooms get and joke about possible twists. Devin jokes that Nicole and Christine are related.

1:15 AM BBT: Everyone that is not in bed is now in the LR. Hayden is talking about past seasons. He goes over Andrew from season 12's speech about going after Brenchel and they all crack up. Frank, Devin, Amber, Hayden, and Caleb are planning on meditating before bed. Nicole is in bed. Christine is changing into a sweater then heading to bed.

1:25 AM BBT: Devin says that he hates the rock room right now because they got put on ILD before their sheets were washed. He cannot sleep in the fire room because Victoria cannot sleep with men in her room. Devin states that he would rather sleep in the HN room then the filth that is the rock room. Brit tells him he can b/c she shares with Joey so there is an extra bed. Devin, I believe, is the first volunteer to sleep in the HN room.

1:35 AM BBT: The group has decided to scratch the night meditation and plan to do it in the morning. Devin and Frank are annoyed at Christine and Nicole being scared of the dark because Nicole screamed really loud when the door shut. They act like they are absurd for being scared of ghosts. Devin moves on to complain about the kitchen being a mess with open juices and milk being left out. He seems very annoyed with a lot of everything going on.

1:45 am BBT: Poor Cody, one of the only ones officially asleep, was called to the DR. The rest of the HGs talk about going to bed, but no one actually heads that direction. Joey, Devin, Amber, Frank, Nicole, Caleb, Brit, and Hayden are awake and discussing making food. Jocasta has showered and is getting ready for bed. Devin is going to make Pizza. Nothing game related is going on at all.

2:00 AM BBT: Hayden tells Brit that it is comforting to have someone in the house who knows the area he lives in because they can reference places they both have been. Brit jokes that he can be her new babysitter when they get out. Joey gets up and goes to bed. Hayden goes to lie down despite not having anything other than shorts to wear in the HN Room. The rest seem to either be waiting for food, or are have nots waiting to be tired enough to be able to fall asleep in the Ice room.

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Guest 6Borders

5:55am BBT:

Most of the HG's are sleeping but Nicole and Brittany are up in the Beehive room.

Talk is general chit chat about the house. They both say they are delurious already.

They are talking about making a Have Not Breakfast and practicing to do it.

Nicole is applying make-up.

The girls are both complaining about doing everyone else's dishes. {apparently there are HG's this year who are already not doing their fair share of housework...shocker}.

6am BBT: The girls are discussing what to make for breakfast and how to use parmesian cheese to make a crust on something (maybe slop cakes).

Brittany is talking about Ninja Turtles and they are tryingn to remember the names and if there are 3 or 4. Brittany says the colors are orange, yellow and purple.

6:04BBT: Nicole is putting on extra clothes {it can be chilly on Calif mornings} and heads to the bathroom. Big sigh as she reflects on something. Brit is saying something off camera but I can't hear her. Nicole finally decides to adjust her mic. She is just sitting and staring into space.

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Guest 6Borders

6:07BBT: Nicole is sitting in the bathroom and laments "I'm tired" and repeats it. She says she doesn't think she could sleep.

Brit is talking but the water is running and it's hard to hear. Talk is just about being tired, do they want to go lie down for a bit and try to sleep.

Nicole says "I want my coffe tho" and they head to the kitchen (lots of machine noise so hard to hear).

They are still discussing going to lie down. Whispering now and hard to hear over whatever machines are going and the water running right in front of their mics.

6:12am BBT Nicole and Brit are discussing that they probably have a big competition coming up. Brit is debating leaving the dishes and going to lie down. Brit is trying to figure if it's 9 or 10 in Neward and Nicole says it's 9:10

Brit says "shall we play Duck, Duck, Goose" and they are laughing.

Brit says they should sit down and do impressions of everyone and try to guess who they are each doing.

Nicole does someone...not sure who but apparently it's hilarious to Brit because she's laughing like crazy.

Brit puts a hugh bunch of greens to her chin and imitates Donny. They are making fun of Donny and his accent.

Nicole says lets do Caleb. Brit puts on Caleb's hat and does an exaggerated strut. Nicole is laughing so hard she has to pee and runs to the bathroom.

Brit decides to start putting the dishes away while Nicole is in the bathroom.

6:18BBT: Brit is putting away the dishes and Nicole returns. Says "I'm going to get myself in trouble"

Next impression: Nicole is doing Hayden and gets his hat. She sticks the bunch of greens by her behind and says "he has a hairy butt". Nicole says "it was a close call" {not sure what she is is referring to}. Nicole asks "what is that" and Brit says "grease from yesterday".

The discuss how everyone has been impersonating each other...still putting away dishes

6:22am BBT; Brit whispers that she thinks Zach just pretends to sleep a lot.

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Guest 6Borders

6:23am BBT Nicole and Brit are still putting away the dishes and discussing what goes where.

Everyone else is still sleeping.

6:25am Brit and Nicole are working out how to get the plates in the plate rack. Nicole is too short to reach so they make it a team effort. Brit whispers suddenly "oh shit that scared me" (no idea what she is referring to).

Brit says let's make the slop how it's supposed to be made, according to the directions, and maybe it will turn out right {now there is a novel idea..who knew slop came with directions}

Nicole is talking about sweet drinks and getting "gut rot". Brit is reading the directions for making slop and working out the formula per person.

Brit tells Nicole she should try to go to the bathroom while nobody is up.

Nicole asked if Brit is making hash browns slop. Nicole comments again that she is sooooo tired.

6:31am BBT: Nicole says she might lie down for a little bit because her stomach is upset and asks Brit if she's ok.

Brit says yes. Nicole does not go to lie down but continues to ask how Brit is making the slop. She says nobody has probably done this before and the (dry) slop actually smells good. Brit says that's because they have this (holds up bag of something)

6:33am BBT Nicole finally decides to go lie down and Brit says "come back if you can't sleep". Brit continues to make the slop and double check the directions!

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Guest 6Borders

6:36am BBT: Brit is spicing the slop and getting the pan ready to make the "hash browns"

The rest of the house is still alseep.

6:40am: Brit is washing up all the rest of the dishes {she is very thorough}.

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Guest 6Borders

6:44am BBT: Brit is still washing dishes.

Snoring can be heard in the Ice Room. Looks like Nicole has finally been able to catch a nap...I think she's bunking with Christine.

Back in the kitchen Brit has finished the dishes and is now making her slop "hash browns" {they actually look pretty decent...who knew following directions could make a such a difference?}

Brit decides the "hash browns" are sticking a bit and adds oil to the mix for batch #2.

Brit tastes the hash browns, makes a face and says "uhkkk". She says it sucks but she's plating it anyway.

She whispers "oh, that's going to be terrible" and re-checks the directions. She appears to be thinking she missed a step {personally I doubt it after watching so many Slop-Seasons}.

Brit is searching the kitchen, apparently for anything else she can use to make the slop taste better.

Blows her nose and tosses the tissue and then washes her hands...{gotta like this girl}

6:57am BBT: Brit is in the store room looking for Slop Breakfast supplies.

{it's already a mess...stuff all over the floor}

She goes back to the kitchen with a few condiments (maybe pickles, which are allowed on the slop diet).

7am BBT: The fascination continues in the BB House. Brit is slicing something in the kitchen and the rest of the house

is sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

7:05am BBT: Not much to report. Brit is still slicing, dicing and spicing in the kitchen in an attempt

to make slop taste decent. Looks like slop hash browns are now being converted to a combo of

slop spaghetti & salsa and a BBQ cook-off challenge {so much for the slop directions}. Ingredient count

is currently 6, including BBQ sauce & mustard and some unidentified spices.

7:09am: Slop ingredient additives is now up to 9 by my last count {only because I knew you would want to know}.

Brit is now inspecting items in containers and taking inventory and washing up more dishes

7:13am BBT: We finally have some action in the BB House. Hayden is emerging from his Ice Bed. He wanders

thru the house and disappears off camera.

In the kitchen Brit inspects something in a container and remarks "oh gross"

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Guest 6Borders

7:17am BBT: Hayden wanders back thru the kitchen. He does not say anything to Brit, just

looks and gives a half-chuckle.

7:18am BBT: Someone is up in the Ice Bedroom and sorting clothes...might be Hayden.

Sounds of a ghostly chilly wind can be heard (BB sound effects I guess).

7:21am BBT: Looks like it is Hayden. He is making up the bed with the ice blankets

and covering himself up to attempt more sleep {looks like he was using his clothes to layer the bed

for more warmpth}. Heavy breathing can be heard from the Ice Bedroom and lots of crinkling from

those ice blankets.

7:25am BBT: Brit is still in the kitchen cleaning and organizing. Everyone else is still alseep

or attempting sleep.

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Guest 6Borders

7:28am BBT: Nothing much to report. 2 cams are on the Ice Bedroom and 2 on the kitchen.

Brittany is still the only HG up and around.

Brit is now making what appears to be slop cookies and organzing the fridge drawers.

She apears to be combing Italian 2 salad dressings into one bottle, spills and says "ah f--k"

7:34am BBT Brit is back 'n forth from kitchen to the store room putting things away, tossing

trash and checking her slop creations in the oven.

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Guest 6Borders

7:40am BBT: Nothing much to report except it looks like Brit's slop creations

are sticking to the pan. She's been cleaning and everyone else is still snoozing..

Brit is staring at her slop creations as if thinking how to improve them {my dog

stares at steak on the counter like that} and decides to add what might be parmesian

cheese to the top.

7:45am BBT: Brit fusses with the slop creations and decides they need more oven time

{personally I don't think anything is going to improve them}

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Guest 6Borders

7:46am BBT: Brit is now arranging a huge bowl of limes onto a tray, or maybe counting them

because back they go in the bowl and back the bowl goes on the counter.

7:51am: Slop creations are out of the oven (again) and Brit just got out another pan (idential to the

one she just had the limes on and washed). Slop creations are now going from oven pan to frying

pan {as a cook, I personally find this fascinating and I predict most of these will end up in the trash}

The rest of the house is still sleeping.

8am BBT: Brit is still cooking and the house is still sleeping (at least those I can see).

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Guest 6Borders

8:22am BBT: Looks like Brit is still the only one up. She's in the kitchen

eating her slop creations and reading somethig (maybe slop directions or

Have-Not food allowances)

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7:49am We have an early riser. Brit has been up for a bit. She is cleaning the kitchen and making slop cookies (?)

8:30am Brit finishes up by putting some things away in the BR. She goes to climb in bed in the ice room and they all start to laugh hysterically. (Note to BB: get rid of the foil blankets!!) Brit says you can make music with the blankets and crinkles out a tune. They try to guess what song it is.

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Guest 6Borders

8:27am BBT: MOtH (Mom of the House) Brittany has finished slop breakfast and is now cleaning and

organizing the bathroom.

8:29am BBT: Brit is now in the ice room getting into bed with someone (maybe Nicole).

They are whispering and those annoying ice blankets are crinking so I can't pic up the conversation.

Something we are not privvy to is funny as heck because they are laughing like crazy and have woken

up Cody (I think) in the process. He remarks that he is cold and Brit thows some clothes to him.

Cody says the jacket Brit threw him is freezing. Still lots of giggling. Someone says they need music.

The girls are using the ice blankets to make songs and try to guess what they are "playing". They try

Jingle Bells and Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and then settle down and say goodnight.

8:36am BBT: The girls whisper about when the lights will be turned on. Somone comments that

in New York it's like 12 o'clock.

More crinkling and adjusting. Brit is pretending to be a newscaster....
"Big Brother 16 houseguest died of..", the others chime in with hypothermia and frost.

They are trying to settle down now {probably just in time for wake up call}

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Guest 6Borders

9:15am BBT: Everyone is still sleeping. Lots of rusting and crinking from those

darn ice blankets and someone just yawned or moaned. Other than that it's pretty


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Guest 6Borders

9:309:45am BBT: Everyone is still in bed. Lots of restlesness in the ice bedroom.

9:45am BBT: We have fish so it's wake up call

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Guest 6Borders

10am BBT: Fire bedroom: Donny says he on the block and gettin' ready to go (home I think). Someone says she is getting a cold and Donny says he'll probably get it cos it will be going around.

Most of the girls are in the bathroom doing ADL's, hair and make u.

Derrick, Frankie, Zach and Joey are in the kitchen. They are talking about babies being crazy and you can throw them against the wall and they come right back (no clue).

Derrick, Frankie and Joey are saying hi to the folks back home (via the camera). Frankie rattles off the names of about 20 people he loves to the camera.

The HG's are discussing which of their loved ones are watching and what time it is. Frankie says they have to stay clean because Amber was up all night.

10:04am BBT (Kitchen Camera 1): Derrick is talking about a min-house meeting and putting

food away and keeping things clean. They have not seen any ants yet (wait for it).

Christine joins the group and is greeted with "good morning my little princess" by Frankie.

Discussion about how they slept and how the beds were. Donny says he slept good..says it

was more like camping, he wore all his clothes. Joey was describing the ice blankets.

Frankie said he figured out to turn off the florescent lights and it ws beautiful..for about 30 sec.

Frankie says he had like 45 dreams last night. Derrick said he dreamed a lot too.

Talk is about twists and speculation of twists, who might be long-lost relatives of whom,

separated at birth and general chit chat.

10:09am BBT (Kitchen Camera 1): Talk about the HOH bed.

Joey says they are going to run out of milk. Talk turns to extra soy and lactose free milk,

and how much food they will get for the week or will it be replaced if they run out.

Joey is asked if she is eating straight-up slop and what it tastes. Joey and Donny say it

does not disolve or cook down. They discuss ways to make it taste better.

Zach says he could go right back to sleep. Donny is eating slop and not complaining a bit.

General food chit chat and some talk about the Olympics and Johnny Weir (his clothes maybe).

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Guest 6Borders

10:14am BBT (Kitchen Cam 1): Joey has figured out that slop is really horse oats

{remind me to order some so I can ask my horses to try it}.

Talk turns to the bathroom mirrors. Donny said you can't see in them no matter how

close you get.

They decide it's Friday, Day #8 (according to Donny) and past years/last year they were only

in 5-6 days before the show.

Christine is doing her make up at the kitchen table.

{note, the paper towel roll on the table is empty cos Brit used them all this morning..wonder how

long it will take for someone to replace}

Joey said she woke up every two hours to shift position because the bed was so hard.

General discussion about the Ice Beds and how they were all laughing about it.

Discussion is about POV comp. They decide it has to be today and what time it will be.

Someone (Derrick?) says they (BB) can do whatever the hell they want (about comp time).

Frankie says they can but they try to keep it on schedule/have a schedule.

Joey is relating how if you tear papers in front of babies they start laughing. Someone asks

"how do you know that". She says she doesn't know, maybe an ADD thing.

Joey says she's in the Hunger Games right now and pretty soon she will be in gray clothing.

They say they should all have nicknames.

Frankie thinks he made up the word "booksom". Joey decides it means reading copious amounts

of books on your chest.

Joey tells Christine they are not allowed to have mirrors (because of the cameras behind the mirrors).

Talk turns to Hogwarts Express (Harry Potter I guess). They decide today is the 2th and Frankie says

"Happy opening Hogwarts" {I confess, I am lost as to this conv}

Zach is talking rainbows and sunsets...gay people unite!

Donny says he's never seen a full rainbow around the sun. Talk turns to types of rainbows depending

on where you live.

10:26am BBT (Bathroom Cam 3): Girls are doing makeup. Caleb is hanging around

saying his legs hurt from the workout because he didn't stretch and feel like Forest Gump.

General chit-chat about doing interviews this morning. Says BB told the girls to do their

make up for the interviews.

BB tells Brit to put on her mic. Brit and Nicole are talking about the ice beds.

BB calls Donny to the DR.

Victoria asks a question about the interviews (might have been when are we supposed to do them

bnut hard to hear).

10:31am BBT (Bathroom Cam 3): Girls discuss how their hair was worn in the DR yesterday

and now they should wear it today!

10:33am BBT (Kitchen Cam 1):

Devin, Cody, Joey, Christine, Zach, Caleb, Derrick, Hayden around the table.

Discussion about Joey getting naked. Zack tells her there are

probably tons of pics of her naked on the internet right now.

Just general chit chat about the Olympics, F-bombs and "s-h-i-t...".

They apparently made a pack not to cuss and who broke it quickly last night.

Lots of silly chit chat and laughter.

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Guest 6Borders

10:40am BBT (Kitchen Cam 1)

Joey, Zach, Devin, Cody, Hayden

Discussing the slop menu and what is allowed/not allowed and what to put in

to make it better or different! They say they should request peanut butter to be

on the slop list. Joey says they should request turkey!

Devon is semi-singing the ABC song (no reprimand from BB yet). Discussion

about what time/how long they were in the DR's (BB is still silent).. Joey is talking about

Macy Grey and finally BB says "stop singing". Joey says she was not singing she was "frogging"

Amber (I think) says don't talk to her until she's had her coffee.

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Guest 6Borders

10:45am BBT (HOH room): Caleb says it's a boots and jeans like of day.

Frankie says it will prob be hot outside...they discuss how freezing it is in the house.

Caleb says they have to stop singing. Caleb says his gluts hurt.

10:47am BBT (living room/Cam 4): Cody, Donny, Zach and Derrick discussing comps and

they think more stuff will be happening in the morning.

Cody says they woke him up in the middle of the night to go to the DR and he pushed instead

of pulled the door.

Talk turns to the slop cakes ZBrit made and the protein shakes. Cody says as long as he has

something in his stomach he's ok (on the slop diet).

They said Day 8 and they have been alway from their families for oer 2 weeks. Derrick says

he will be a bowl of tears after a month. They say mornings are the worst cos you are used to waking up

and seeing your families..

Victoria joins and says they are doing interviews in the DR. Derrick says they (BB) are "filling in

the blanks..filling in pieces they are missing". BB finally chimes in that they are not allowed to

talk about their DR's with other HG's.

Derrick says you can't dress up every time you go to the DR. Victoria says they were told to

out their make up on.

10:52am BBT (Livingn Room/Cam 4): Derrick, Zach, Cody & Hayden

Hayden says he wishes you knew who (back home) was watching at what time.

Zach is laughing about something I must have missed.

Derrick says it was not the cold but the hardness (of the ice room beds) was the reason

he had trouble sleeping.

10:54am BBT: Joey and Devin in the store room. Devin says he's on the "canejo diet"..tells

Joey it means rabbit in Spanish.

Back in the living room, Derrick is saying he was trying to find more blankets. Zach says

"waking up to The Lion King" was pretty chill. Zach says he had a dream that he beat up every

person he ever met and that he was swiming in a lake catching fish with his hands {okkkkk!!!}

Someone I missed says "I'm not sleeping next to you".

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10:00am HG are awake and doing their morning grooming and making coffee with general chit chat going on.

10:03am Frankie telling everyone that the house has to stay clean cause Amber was up all night cleaning it.
10:09am Caleb goes to WA and gives Jocasta a hug and dances around as the girls are brushing teeth and doing their make up. In the KT moat of the men are eating breakfast with Joey and talking about how bad the slop is and how it has no flavor.
10:19am Amber says she can't believe her face is so dry as the girls do their make up. In the KT general chit chat going on while HG are eating and drinking coffee.
10:33am Joey saying her butt was naked las tnight but she had pasties on so actually her breast were not naked. Most HG still doing make up and just general chit chat.
10:36am BB tells Hg to change their batteries and tells Derrick to go to the DR. Hayden is making a protein shake.
10:41am Hayden was asking if they could have peanut butter with slop? he says we should request peanut butter to be put on the have not list.
10:43am Joey starts singing and Bb says to stop singing. Joey says i wasn't singing I was frogging.Donny and Zack in LR talking general talk.
10:50am Frankie and CaleB in HOH rm getting ready for the day.In the LR Victoria,Derrick, Donny Zack and Cody are talking about how cold the have not room is.
10:53am Frankie telling Caleb that being HOH the first week is a good thing cause you get to relax for a couple of weeks and not worry about anything. You just have to keep your head in the game.
10:55am caleb says his dad never taught him how to shave and he just learned how to do it 2 years ago. Bb calls Frankie to the DR and he says there goes 30 minutes. He says give me five minutes i can't go in there looking like this.
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