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Friday, June 27 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Guest 6Borders

10:57am BBT: Derrick and Devon are talking about missing their kids.

Derrick says if he gets HOH and sees a pic of his daughter he will be a mess.

Zach says he can't imagine how they are feeling.

10:59am BBT: All cams are on the bathroom. Donny says "only 8 rooms to mope

around in". Discussion is about what they would watch if they had tv and decide they

would want to watch the news!

BB tells Paulo to put on her mic. Girls are doing their hair and make up and Donny

is chatting with them.

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Guest 6Borders

11:30 BBT: Zack and Victoria are talking. Zach says no one better plan on backdooring him.

Victoria says she doesn't think anyone will do that the first week and they say anything can

happen after the POV.

Zach and Derrick are talking about winning the money and they are even going to be happy with

2nd place, that 50K is a year's salary. Zach goes to brush his teeth.

11:32am BBT: HOH room:

Devin is teling Caleb he has the utmost respect for him being over there (Iraq I guess).

Caleb tells Devin he's in the same boat as him (being a big guy). Devin says he loves Amber to death

but this is a game and it's about the game.

(BB chimes in to remind the HG's sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms)

Devin is saying to Caleb they have to be cut-throat...that you can't keep Donny in the game for friendship.

11:35am BBT: Caleb says Donny being the guy if he wants you gone you will be gone, he's older and it's better

for his (Calebs) game for him to be gone. Caleb says they all know it's not personal and it's just part of the game.

Caleb says there are certain people he would really want to hang out with outside, and last thing he wants to do in

the game is leave a scar on someone.

Talk is about how great Amber is, but at the end of the day they are all going to the jury house, she is not part of the F6 and

one of them has to go!

11:38am BBT: Caleb promises Devin and Frankie that if they are on the block and he has POV he will pull them off.

Dev and Frankie say the same. Caleb says they are the 3 musketeers. Frankie says it's early in the game and if

they have to get rid of PaoPao and keep Donnie and make Amber happy......Devin says tho that if Donny gets to week 4-5 he will put any of them up {what game do they think they are playing her, honestly}

Frankie says they could blindside Amber with the vote this week. Devon says if they do that they won't have the votes.

Caleb says he's has Brit and he could get Victoria to vote with. Frankie says they can't depend on Amber's vote, that

she will walk in that room (DR) and not say Donny's name. They said they need to tell Amber to vote your heart.

Caleb says in this game your heart does not belong in the game.

11:43am BBT: Frankie argues that it's Amber, she knows everything and they need to keep her quie or it could blow

up on that. Caleb says they can't let Amber have an exception and do what she wants.

Devin says the reason he brought Amber and Christine in was to have the numbers and Christine knows the game

really well. Devin says Christine made it clear she wanted to be part of the "Bomb Squad".

11:45am BBT: Frankie is arguing to get Donny out now but let Amber vote her way. Caleb says any

week Donny is on the block Amber will be upset. They agree to let Amber vote how she feels but he's not

liking it. Devin says he is sure he could get Jocasta vote. Frankie says time to rip the bandaid off even

tho Amber will be crying if Donny leaves.

11:47am BBT: Devin says when you disagree with Amber on a moral level you get the "face".

Frankie says none of the girls like Amber, that they are super jealous of her cos she's the most

beautiful girl on the planet and the guys are their friends. Caleb says he will throw the little spiel

to her today and it will be alright.

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Guest 6Borders

11:49am BBT: HOH room: Caleb is now telling a story about how some big dude rushed him

in Nashville and all these guys had to restrain the guy. Someone (Devin)gets called to the DR but Caleb has

to finish the story. Frankie tells about a fight he got into and he didn't know what to do so he

did a front handspring and broke the guy's nose.

Frankie and Zach go to the HOH bathroom and Frankie says he's the diffuset. Frankie says he

diffused him (Devin maybe) and hugs Zach. Frankie says if Donny wins the POZV then PaoPao

goes home. Zach says it's not going to matter "because one of us IS going to win the POV" {where

have I heard that before?".

11:55am BBT: Frankie says he needs to diffuse Amber. Tells Zach they are going to tell Amber

to vote with her heart. He says all the smart people will vote Donny out. Zach says we'll worry

about this week and next week have their pre-talk about the next week.

Frankie says Nicole is a f'ing idiot and if Christine doesn't know that she is an f'ing idiot.

Frankie loves the words: the bomb, the meltdown, the diffuser {too much testerone here!!!}

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11:01am Devin has joined Frankie and Caleb in the HOH RM he says I just want to ask a question.he is asking about who needs to go home and he says no one will be mad if joey goes home and we can go to Donny and say if we pull you off then we can keep you safe. Donny says I think that is a big move and if we pull Donny off and ask him to save 8 people ? Donny is a genius he will know what's going on.Frankie says this is a last plea for Amber to get Donny off.Caleb says if Donny wins the Veto then we put Joey up and Joey goes home and if Donny doesn't win then we send Donny packing.

11:11am Devin says I know I am playing the game hard that's just how i am .Frankie says I could sit and talk stratagy all day but we have to be careful so they don't know we are working together. He says I feel like these three in this room can go far together and the girls are like pets they follow each other.
11:17am Devin says He told Amber that she might have to cut her losses and let Donny go. Amber comes in the HOH RM and game talk stops.Amber is using Frankie's eye drops.Devin says his stomach hurts so bad today he had three carrots for breakfast this morning.
11:21am In the KT Donny is talking to Nicole and Brittany. just general chat. In the HOH Devin and Caleb are talking about squirrel hunting.
11:27am In the HOH RM talk is about Buying guns and how much they cost and Devin ask whats the difference if you buy a higher priced one?Caleb tells him the difference about some rust some don't and some are metal and some aren't.
11:32am In the WA Zack goes to brush his teeth as the girls are still doing their hair and Paola says they asked her not to talk into her mic cause she is a DJ and is so loud. They talk about how cold the Have not RM is and BB comes on with a reminder that sleeping is not allowed in the LVR. Devin and Caleb in HOH talking about Donny being a guy that if he wants you gone then you are gone weather he likes you or not.Caleb says if Donny wins POV then I will go shake his hand and tell him I was hoping he would win then I will do the dirty work and put Joey up.
11:39am In the KT Hayden says I feel like Victoria should walk around with a whip and Nicole laughs Zack comes in talking about Victoria getting her own tea.Donny and Joey have come to the KT with just general talk going on.In the HOH RM talk is still about Amber wanting to keep Donny in the house this week.
11:45am Caleb says we tell amber that we know you like this guy you go in there and you vote the way you want to vote. We wont tell you how to vote and its ok.He says i think we are fine i think he is going to go and at the end of the day I think she will be fine just let her cry and Frankie says then it looks like she isn't part of the alliance and that is great.
11:51am Calen, Frankie and Devin talking about hunting again in HOH RM. Zack is now heading up to the HOH RM as Devin leaves. Franie and Zack are now in HOH BR saying that Devin is a beast and if you turn on him right now it won't be good. They hug and Frankie starts brushing his teeth.
11:55am Donny talking about white lightning and how strong it is. Caleb says you talking about moonshine? Donny says yeah whight lightning. Caleb says i been wanting to try some moonshine. Donny says 2 or 3 cap fulls and your gone.
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Guest 6Borders

11:58am BBT: Frankie continues to talk about how he diffuses everyone.

Zach is worried that Caleb could blow up the whole Bomb Squad.

Frankie says Devin will fall down in endurance because he's too big and if

it's brains he will fall down cos he gets too flustered.

Talk turns to diffusing Caleb. Frankie says this week is "damage control"

with Devin, that it's all damage control and diffusing.

Zach says it was so weird that Devin added Christine and Amber so quickly.

Frankie says it was stupid and if he were watching the show he would hate

Devin for it.

Zach says "is 8 people even legal..a legal alliance". Frankie and Zach say

they are carrying each other to the final. Frankie says he can't wait to watch Zach

perform today. Frankie is laying it on thick about how he is sure Zach will win

POV today. They say Cody is a mess. They are talking being F5.

12:02pm BBT: Zach says he is making no moves until week 8. Frankie says

until something blows up and it's been 2 weeks not one.

Frankie says this is when everyone loses their minds.

Discussion turns to who everyone would put up if they got HOH.

Frankie says he will not put Brit up....again that is!!

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Guest 6Borders

12:07pm BBT: In the kitchen Hayden is explaining how his job works with big events,

and how it's mostly tips. Devin asked if Hayden has to declare any of that. Hayden says

you are supposed to but...Donny chimes in with shhhhhhh!!

12:09pm BBT: Hayden is telling about being a limo driver, different fares he drove, etc.

12:10pm BBT: Frankie and Victoria are talking in the Beehive. Frankie is asking does she care

which of the two (noms) go home. Victoria says she does not. She wants to know if she wins

money (in a comp) does that put a target on her back. Frankie says as long as she continues

with being a positive, awesome, cool, chill girl she will be fine. Victoria wants to know what

people were saying the first week. Frankie says when she proved herself everything was awesome.

He says he's excited she gets to ply again.

12:40pm BBT: Victoria still thinks if she wins money she will be a target. Frankie tells her don't worry

about it and she says she will go all out. The discuss how ppl on slop are starting to lose their minds.

Frankie tells Victoria to take the money and you are fine. They hug and Frankie tells her he is so proud of


12:15pm BBT: Frankie and Victoria discuss what the comp could be. Frankie jokes he only wants to

play in the ones he is good at. Frankie says just let everything play out and it will be fine.

12:17pm BBT: Frankie and Victoria continue to discuss the veto and

wonder if they get to keep it. He says he would wear it everywhere.

They leave to join the others in the kitchen.

12:18pm BBT: Lunch time in the BB house and discussion about what

to eat before a comp. Devin is giving his input.

Talk turns to the vitamins Devin remarks it's funny how they make the girl

vitamins softer colors than the guy vitamins for marketing.

General discussion about music, stars and hair.

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Guest 6Borders

12:21pm BBT: Christine, Nicole and Joey in the bathroom doing hair and make up.

Discussion is general about taking naps, the coffee kept Nicole up and hair accessories

12:23pm BBT: Caleb and Zach are in the living room. Calebis using something for headphones.

Says he forgot they can't do that (sing) and says it's going to be a long summer with no music

or anything. Caleb says he guesses he can sing in the DR.

Jocasta is called to the DR. Caleb says if she goes in there for a long time then it's game time.

Devin joins and says he can't wait to go hunting (with Caleb). Zach tells Devin he's too big to play golf.

Hayden is showing Donny some yoga moves.

12:26pm BBT We get a brief FOTH.

12:27pm BBT Donnie and Hayden are stretching and Devin, Zach and Caleb are discussing golf swings,

and athletes (I think baseball). Devin is telling about meeting Frank Thomas coming in and he has to go

sideways because his shoulders were so big.

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Guest 6Borders

12:29pm BBT: Frankie is telling Christine he has decided he is the difuser and asks

if she gets it. She says she does!

Frankie tells Christine and PapPao that tomorrow is Devin's daughter's B'day and

he's been feeling a little down about it.

Frankie is demonstrating how he acts when he forgets his socks in his bathroom.

Frankie says he hates wet socks because he hates wasting water. Christine tells a

story about how her friend's dog spills water everywhere when it drinks and her socks

are alwyas wet.

12:33pm BBT: Frankie and Christine are discussing which elements the other rooms

in the house are named after and practicing questions they might get in a comp.

Christine has been counting how many minutes and seconds have been in the comps.

Christine says "we got this, lets be in a tiebreaker together".

12:36pm BBT: Frankie and Christine are discussing being a power couple but not letting

ppl know it. Frankie says they will get Donny out even tho they don't have Amber's vote.

Nicole comes in and talk turns to if salsa has to be refrigerated or not.

12:38pm BBT Fish and WBRB...could be time for the comp!

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Guest 6Borders

12:40pm BBT: We're back so it wasn't comp time!

12:42pm BBT: Nicole is doing dishes. General chit chat in the living room about commercials

and pro athletes who are in them.

Frankie is complaining about the worst blow dryer he's ever used,m Joey is spraying her hair

blue (touch up) and they are talking about Sarah Palin and how they could not live in Alaska

during the winter, living in different places, etc. Just general chit-chat!

Frankie wonders if he should curl his lashes and Christine hopes they are in the shade (the spectators).

12:45pm BBT: Brit is telling about her gay friend who has a jewelry line and bring her jewelry she might

only wear once

Brit asks Donny if he is excited, he says he's very excited. Brit asks if he has taken vitamins or a protein

shake. He says no and says "what will vitamins do?"

12:47pm BBO: Fish and WBRB!!!

12:49pm BBT: It must be comp time because we have Jeff and Hayden Moss

talking about the BB game and stragedy!

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12:01pm Frankie and Zack in HOH saying Cody is a mess and Frankie says if we had waited 3 more days the alliance could have been Cody Derrick you and myself and we wouldn't have been exposed.Frankie says it has only been 2 weeks and after this week it will all go smoother in here. Zack says if I win HOH I think I will put up Joey and Victoria. Frankie says yeah they are big targets.

12:07pm Brittany tells Joey that her daughter is going to love her and they she will be her daughters 2nd favorite person in here the girl with the blue hair.
12:12pm Frankie and Victoria in the bee hive . Victoria says if I win POV I will keep it the same cause I don't care about who is on the block as long as it isn't me. Frankie says yeah it doesn't matter who leaves as long as it isn't us.Frankie says I want you to go have fun and I am excited you get to play again.
12:14pm Frankie says I feel like we don't have to talk all the time I feel like we have bonded already.Victoria says I was so nervous yesterday and Frankie says I know I was too. Victoria says I hope I win.
12:17pm Frankie and Victoria talking about fashion clothes. In the KT talk is about carbs.Devin is telling them to not eat carbs before the comp cause they don't want a lot of carbs before the comp.He says right before the comp eat a piece of chocolate or a spoon of honey and you will feel better.
12:24pm Most HG in the KT just general chat. Devin and Calen in LVR saying that since Jocasta is in the Dr for so long maybe it is almost time for POV comp.
12:29pm General chit chat going on in the house as Hayden and Donny stretch in preperation for the POV comp coming up.
12:36pm :we now have a brb on the feeds.
12:39pm Amber is fixing Paola's hair.just general chat about football going on in the LVR.
12:45pm Devin tells Paola to go out there and take her time unless it is a sprint then go go go .In the WA Amber is asking Donny if he had a protein shake or his vitamins and he said no. She says do you want me to go make you something and he says he is fine.we get BRB.
: 12:49pm We now have Jeff on the feeds so this might be the POV comp going on .
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4:00 PM BBT Still playing POV.

4:17 PM BBT Feeds return. Donny has won POV.

4:20 PM BBT Donny is walking around with the POV necklace around his neck. Frankie and Caleb are in the HOH room discussing Donny's win. It was really close and the game involved placing letters and spelling words. Caleb mis-spelled his word and realized it last minute. They are not upset about Donny's win. They said Amber will be happy and they don't get any dirt on their hands.

4:26 PM BBT Caleb has decided to meet with each HG so the replacement nominee is a house decision. He starts out by pulling Brittany into the beehive. Brittany is nervous naming names but Caleb promises secrecy. Brittany says Devin is stirring things up and is freaking her out. He is also strategically strong and makes the house nervous.

4:30 PM BBT Caleb asks Brittany to also give the name of a girl that she would like to see nominated. Brittany says that's hard because that is Victoria and she is safe. She also would consider Pao Pao but she is safe too. That makes it hard. Caleb drops the name Joey saying the house believes she is a ring leader who started an all girl alliance. He has no reason to put up someone like Brittany but with Joey, he can always say he has a reason.

4:34 PM BBT Brittany downplays the origins of the all girl alliance. She tells Caleb is was formed because they felt the threat of all the guys performing so well in the HOHs. She tells him that Pao Pao will be the first one that the girls will all want gone. Caleb says he doesn't understand that line of thinking because she is a weak competitor. She isn't a threat to anyone.

4:39 PM BBT Caleb and Brittany are still in the beehive discussing possible replacement noms. Meanwhile Frankie walks up behind people saying "Cavity search everybody, cavity search."

4:43 PM BBT Caleb ends his meeting with Brittany and Amber takes his place. Caleb ask her who she would want as a replacement nom. Amber says for a girl, Joey. She says she was using reverse psychology in regards to the all girl alliance. Also if she wins HOH Amber will be a target. Caleb asks her if Pao Pao and Joey were up would she vote out Joey? Amber says yes she would.

4:51 PM BBT Frankie joins Amber and Caleb in the beehive. Amber asks him who Brittany said would be her replacement nom in their meeting. Caleb kept his word. He didn't tell her. For about ten seconds. Then he rehashes their conversation about Brittany mentioning Devin.

4:59 PM BBT Caleb has ended his meetings with Frankie and Amber. He joins Cody in the SR. He admits that people are asking him to nominate Hayden because he has a lot of friends and Pao-Pao will definitely go home. Caleb tells him that he will do what his alliance wants but will still to talk to everyone to make it appear that it is all a house decision. Caleb leaves the SR and visits Hayden in the Have-Not room. He tells Hayden people are dropping his name to ensure Pao-Pao leaves. Hayden is nervous and says he wants to work with Caleb.

5:06 PM BBT Caleb asks Hayden in the Have-Not room who he would vote out if he put up Joey against Pao-Pao. Hayden says many in the house want Pao-Pao out but Joey will go. If he puts up Joey then he can say he has a good reason to and it makes sense. Hayden agrees that Pao-Pao is no competitor. Devin walks in. He has a splinter in his leg. Devin leaves.

5:08 PM BBT For a guy, Hayden says he would consider putting up Zach. He hasn't done anything, doesn't talk to anyone, and sleeps all day.

5:10 PM BBT Caleb's next meeting in the Beehive is with Joey. She says she understands that the house may be in support of her being put up and that's her own fault. She put herself in this position. She would like to stay in the game though. Caleb stresses it will be a house decision. No blood on his hands. He will do what they want, guy or girl. He tells her to be prepared for that. Caleb hopes it's a landslide decision.

5:25 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 3 are Christine and Frankie studying in the beehive. They are trying to memorize days, comps, and time limits. Feeds 2 and 4 are Jocasta and Joey talking about their families.

5:36 PM BBT Caleb is in the LR talking to Devin who is laying on the couch. Devin tells Caleb that if Joey goes up she will go home. Most of the HGs are in different rooms talking about general chit chat.

5:45 PM BBT Feeds 2 and 4 are on Zach showering. Feeds 1 and 3 are on Derrick in the KT putting slop on a cookie sheet. Jocasta "is that a slop cake?" Derrick "You can call it whatever you want."

5:49 PM BBT In the HOH Frankie is telling Caleb that Cody is an idiot. He had two 11 letter words in his tray and didn't know it. He could have won. He then slams Zach for buzzing in with 6 minutes left. He didn't even try to spend that time to find an "S".

5:53 PM BBT Caleb has left the HOH and is in the LR with Donny and Hayden. Caleb is doing Mater from Cars impressions. He is really good at it. Meanwhile Zach is now in the HoH with Frankie. Frankie updates him on the decision to put up Joey against Pao Pao so Joey goes home. Zach "Wow Pao-Pao, good for her."

6:00 PM BBT Frankie and Zach are in the HOH room. They are fully in support of the plan to get rid of Joey. Zach praises Frankie on his game play so far and tells him not to change a thing. Meanwhile Caleb and Hayden are in LR discussing the miserable beds in the Have-Not room.

6:13 PM BBT Lots of general chit chat. Hayden puts a glob of toothpaste on his face in the WA and tells the camera that it is a monstrous zit.

6:15 PM Cody is walking around the house saying that his generation and their dependence on auto correct is making everyone stupid. No one can spell anymore. He blames auto correct on everyone's poor performance in the POV.

6:25 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 3 are on the KT where we have Hayden, Christine, Derrick, Joey, Cody, and Donny hanging out. Feeds 2 and 3 are on Victoria, Amber, and Nicole in the fire BR. Just general chit chat.

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4:45 BBT

Amber and Caleb in Hive lounge. Amber says, guys wise, Caleb should put up Hayden b/c it's Hayden. But girl wise, he should put Joey up. He asks if she'd vote Joey out and Amber says yes, even though Joey is her friend. Amber says she just wants to play the game and leave her emotions aside.

Amber says he should talk to Devin and Caleb says he's just going to do what the house wants and will call everyone up to the HOH room and tell them he'll nominate who the house wants.

Caleb says it was already planned from day 1, that if Donny won POV, Joey would go up as the replacement nominee and be voted out. Amber says she does think Joey has a girl alliance.

Caleb says he has his favorites in the house who he wants to go to the end with and those that he really just doesn't care about. Caleb says if someone said to put Devin up, he'd say no b/c he stands by Devin, works out with Devin and counts calories with him.

4:52 BBT

Frankie joins Amber and Caleb in the Hive lounge. Caleb says Brittany thinks Paola is a fire cracker. Caleb doesn't care what anyone else in the house thinks but his alliance and Frankie agrees. He says Brit tried to tell him Devin should go up.

Frankie goes to leave and Amber says she'll go with him but she leaves and Frankie stays with Caleb.

4:55 BBT

Caleb repeats that he's going to ask everyone in the house, except the nominees, who to vote up and he'll do what his alliance wants. He says Brit really wants Devin out. Caleb says he really liked Devin at first, but the last 3 days have changed the way he thought about Devin, but he's still not going to nominate him.

Frankie agrees that they should backdoor Joey. They leave the room.

4:56 BBT

Hayden and Nicole whispering in HN room. Hayden says Caleb told him he was safe. Nicole is worried but feels she'd be safe on the block.

They feel Victoria is good for a vote b/c she won't tell secrets. Nicole doesn't want her or Christine on the block but is worried b/c she (Nicole) is so quiet. Hayden thinks Joey will go up. Hayden says he'd like Frankie on the block and Nicole agrees. Hayden says they need to just keep doing what they're doing and lay low with alliances.

Nicole says she'd rather be against Paola than Donny. Hayden says he thinks it'll all work out and will let Nicole know. She's worried b/c Caleb said he wants to get rid of the 'weak' players. They think Caleb is working with Devin and Amber.

Nicole leaves the room.

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5:00 BBT

Caleb and Cody in storage room. Caleb says people are telling him to put Hayden up so Paola will go and that Amber wants Joey up b/c she doesn't like her.

Caleb leaves and grabs Hayden and they go in the HN room. Joey comes in and asks Hayden about food. She asks if they are talking and they say yes and she asks Caleb if she can talk to him next. He says yes and Joey leaves.

Caleb says he's asking the house what to do. Hayden says he's just trying to get a feel for everything. Caleb says the majority of the house doesn't want Hayden to leave but people have suggested Hayden goes up to get rid of Paola. Caleb says he likes Hayden and doesn't want to put him up. Caleb says someone suggested he put up a guy, such as Hayden, to get Paola out.

Caleb says Joey messed up and there could be a girl's alliance. He wants Hayden to know about the plan going around to put Hayden up, but that he'll keep Hayden safe b/c he told him (after the 2nd HOH comp) that he'd be safe.

Caleb says if Joey is on the block, who would you vote out. Hayden says, I guess the house would want Paola, and Caleb disagrees. He says it's not personal but Joey put a big target on her back.

5:05 BBT

Devin comes into the room and Caleb repeats he's asking the whole house who they want. Devin asks about the beer Caleb has and Caleb says there's more in the fridge. Devin leaves.

Hayden says that Caleb can use the excuse that Joey was one of the first people to fall from the HOH comp. (It really doesn't seem like Hayden wants Joey to leave, but is going along with Caleb for the sake of it. - lala)

Caleb says he doesn't want to get rid of someone who isn't a threat to him (Paola) and Hayden says Paola is probably less of both a physical and mental threat than Joey.

Caleb says Hayden is probably aware that Caleb is close with a few guys in the house and he's not going to put those guys up.

They leave the room.

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6:35PMBBT: Paola, Amber, Donny and Victoria ae chatting in the WA. Frankie was in SR for a few moments. Derrick and Devin in the LR, Frankie joins them, the convo turns to diets. Frankie tries to avoid bread.

6:42PMBBT: We get a brief FotH (only about a minute) and we come back to the same small talk and Paola blowdrying her ponytail (it looks already dry) Donnie is chatting with Amber.

6:47PMBBT: Donny is in the WA talking to Paola now. Victoria leaves and he tells Paola that he doesn't want to speculate, he whispers to Paola "Say nothing! Be happy! Play like you don't care and don't get under nobody's skin... don't over play it!" He is trying to coach her. As Victoria comes back in the room, they change the topic to chess. Donny has only played once in 26 yrs.

6:53PMBBT: Amber and Frankie are on one couch. Rubbing each others feet. Frankie wants to do facials and massages "like a spa day!"Devin listens in silence from the other couch. Victoria comes in, Frankie tells her the dress she has on looks "Cute cute cute" as Victoria walks out of the LR, Joey walks in and sits next to Devin.

6:57PMBBT: Derrick and Donny are in the hive room chatting. Neither of them feel like they have a relationship with Caleb. Derrick wants to be in the house as much as everyone else but, if he is sent home, he feels he has had the experience and gets to go home to his wife and baby so it is ok to him but he will talk to Caleb later in the week. Donny is randomly whistling and making bird calls.

7:00PMBBT: Donny was whistling the theme to "The A Team" and we get a quick FotH. Derrick knew the theme song right away! Hayden and Paolo are playing Chess at the upstairs picnic table.

7:04PMBBT: Donny feels he drinks a lot but doesn't pee a lot, he asks Derrick if he has anything like that going on. Derrick says no. The conversation is random and pretty quiet in the hive room.

7:10PMBBT: Donny likes Derrick's shoes, good for house shoes, FotH. Donny mentions a competition, FotH. Donny says he will need a haircut, Derrick says if he is still there in a week, he will help him out and we get FotH. Maybe it is a coincidence? Derrick is explaining his "job" as a "Rec supervisor" to Donny. (Derrick is actually a cop but is a good liar) Sounds like Donny is buying it.

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7:16PMBBT: House run down. Caleb has flopped on to the HoH bed, looks like nap time. Frankie is in the HoH WA. Christine is in the KT and was told not to obstruct her mic by BB. Lots of FotH tonight! Nicole, Joey, Christine, Jocasta are hanging out with Donny in the KT. The feeds switch to the fire room with Derrick and Amber. They are talking quietly about who is with who in the game for alliances. Amber hints about their #Crazy8s but Derrick didn't realize what she was saying.

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7:28PMBBT: Hayden and Paola's chess game continues. In the fire room, Amber and Derrick continue to talk alliances. Derrick is debating who else could be put up, Joey is the "only one who has stepped on toes so far." Amber says she was excited that Donny won POV but, she doesn't know who should go home now. But, the only person they can think of is Joey going home "because of that one thing." but neither elaborate about it. The talk turns to PaoPao and how she is a weak player.

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7:52PMBBT: BB "Brittany! Please treat your microphone with respect!" A lot of "OOOOOHHHH"s" are heard. Hayden is now in the fire room with Derrick and Amber. PaoPao beat Hayden at chess. Hayden is hoping they can go outside tonight. They have been inside for the most part. Hayden says it is so quiet in the fire room.

7:57PMBBT: Devin is hoping to get outside to wash towels. He can not handle a dirty one. Zach and Derrick are in the SR. Derrick tells him people are scrambling when Zach asks what he missed while he was asleep. Donny heads into the SR for some chocolate.

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8:04PMBBT Donny, Amber, Devin and Nicole are in the LR,, small talk. Fun houses and corn mazes. Amber loves the Fall time. Nicole is having a birthday in the house. She says she won't forget it. Just general chit chat. Hayden and Zach are in the hive talking about how they are pretty much idol in the house, they are used to being on their phones, even with friends and they shouldn't be on the phone they are. They list off apps they use and what sites they visit and we get a quick FotH.

8:11PMBBT Frankie is laying with Zach, cuddling. Frankie is listing off stuff imitating someone and then gets up and sits on one of the chairs. Jocasta is in the kitchen, eyes closed propped her head up on her hand. Paola asks if she is going to "eat that" Jocasta asks why, "Because I am gonna throw it out!" Jocasta says NO and starts picking at the food. Victoria wants to nap but wants to be in bed by midnight. Jocasta says she wants to be in bed at 9.

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8:18PMBBT Jocasta looks rough. She is hanging over the chair with her head on the seat. Victoria and Derrick small talk as Joey comes in and spanks Jocasta "You've been a bad, bad, bad girl!" Jocasta smiles and stands up. When the room goes quiet, Victoria looks nervous. Zach is now in the KT with them. Derrick is going over what day they have done what since being in the house. Oh hi Cody, haven't seen you in a while! (I was starting to wonder who this Cody person they were talking about was!)

8:27PMBBT: Frankie, Joey, Cody, Jocasta, Victoria, Derrick and Amber are in the KT, talking about shows and one liners from shows (hasn't gone FotH in a bit). Hayden, Brittany, Nicole and Christine are in the WA doing the same thing. Small talk and general chit chat.

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8:45PMBBT: We have a spill in the KT and no mop! No one is really sure what to do without a mop! Jacosta and Joey are shuffling the spill around with their feet. Victoria gets on the floor to clean it up, the LR crew (Derrick, Zach, Cody, Nicole, Donny, Christine) are oblivious to the mopless drama. Crisis averted as Victoria in her cute dress saved the day!

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8:56PMBBT Brittany and Joey are in the WA. Brittany is doing ADL's. They are complaining about slop, thinking they should have more like protein shakes. They wonder about the fiber in the slop as they are all having to go to the bathroom more often. The LR small chat session continues.

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#BB16 9:02 p.m. BBT
Frankie is leading meditation in living room with Jocasta, Nicole, Cody, Hayden, Zach, Donny, Joey, Derrick, Victoria, Christina, and Amber.

Brittany is out of shower and doing ADLS.

Devin, Caleb, and Paola are nowhere to be seen.

#BB16 9:20 p.m. Zach tells a story about himself in kindergarten embarrassing himself during a pie throwing contest and crying so hard his Dad took him home. The other houseguests feel bad for him

#BB16 9:25 p.m BBT Christine and Nicole tell the story about Nicole and Christine freaking out about ghosts and checking for ghosts in the house. Frankie says he felt bad for Nicole because he thought she was being murdered when she was screaming.

#BB16 9:27 Amber tries to talk game to Devin and he says he's not interested in talking game. He's over it and he's tired of working so hard and being paranoid. Amber tries to build Devin up, but he brushes her off and tells her that he's not putting any of their alliance up. Amber offers help and Devin thanks her but says he's good. She leaves.

#BB16 9:37 BBT Have nots are complaining about slop and trying to figure out ways to make it better.

#BB16 9:40 BBT Joey doesn't feel well because of the slop and plans to go to bed early. Hayden hugs her and Joey and Victoria comment on how good Hayden smells. He tells them he only wears Old Spice deodorant. Joey is surprised because Old Spice on some guys smells awful. Hayden is trying to doctor up his slop with bbq sauce. Brittany thinks his idea is disgusting, especially after eating pickles. Cody grimaces as he walks by and says it looks disgusting. Joey keeps complaining about not feeling good.

#BB16 9:43 PM BBT Cody and Brittany talk about a piercing she had in highschool. Victoria gives them the stink eye as they chitchat in the kitchen. Cody and Frankie hug it out in the hallway. Cody thanks Frankie for the relaxation techniques and meditation. He feels a lot better. Donny and Derrick join Brittany in the kitchen. She is making warm milk for Joey's upset stomach.

#BB16 9:49 PM BBT Amber, Paola, and Donny talk about the POV comp that Donny won. Paola makes fun of herself for not being able to spell. She's laying in bed talking about how bad she is at comps. Amber laughs at her and tells her that everyone was laughing at Paola for being bad at the comp. Jocasta joins them and tells them what it looked like from the sidelines and making fun of Paola's facial and body expressions. Amber and Paola are laughing.

#BB16 9:57 BBT Joey throws up in the bathroom while Devin is in there. She feels horrible and apologizes. He tells her not to worry about it. He has a daughter and has seen worse. She leaves the kitchen and he washes some of the dishes in the sink. Victoria asks Joey if she needs help cleaning it up. Joey says no, but Victoria helps her anyway. Victoria offers to make her some tea to settle her stomach. Joey says she doesn't want to put anything else in her stomach.

#BB16 10:07 PM BBT The girls sit around the living room while the guys do a workout. Joey is back out and people are asking her if she's feeling okay. Zach and Frankie talk about Zach asking Frankie for motivation for working out and Frankie telling Zach he could look better and that even though he was gay he wouldn't sleep with Zach and it hurt his feelings. Everyone in the living room laugh about it.

#BB16 10:12 PM BBT Cody and Zach tell Hayden he is getting jacked because of the slop diet and his workouts. He has defined abs in a few days since being on slop. Brittany tells them that Hayden has an astronaut tattoo on his butt. They start chanting for Hayden to drop trow and show. He finally shows one buttcheek and shows the tattoo.

#BB16 10:19 BBT The HGs are playing "Got It". They have to answer based on two clues they come up with in previous rounds. Brittany and Frankie are really good at it and continually come up with clues. Most of the HGS are playing and laughing at the disgusting answers they are coming up with.

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