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Monday, April 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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1:53 BBT All HGs except Arlie in the kitchen. They say he is still sitting out in the rain. They talk about Arlie and what they think his real job is, (CIA or a spy) how intelligent he is, how he knows about all the reality TV shows. More general chit chat. Talking about another double eviction or instant eviction. Heather says it would be cool if there were an instant eviction now. And Arlie walks in. Not sure if he heard what she said. Heather asks him to join them. Arlie says he was out in the rain and just wants to go shower. Sabrina gets called to the DR.

1:57 BBT Arlie in WA by himself getting ready to shower. Walking around nude and just barely covering himself and we get HOTH on that feed and then the feeds come back after he is in the shower,

2:05 BBT In the kitchen and dining area. Talk is about the rain. Heather says magical things happen when it rains. Talking about last night - how drunk Jon was. Jon asks what could have happened to cause him to take of his microphone and his pants and his shoes and jump in the pool. Adel says he heard the splash in the pool and ran out to see what was happening. Jon doesn't remember a lot of things about last night. Adel says he is looking forward to finding out how Allison got the POV.

2:16 PM BBT Very brief feed in the SR. Adel trying to answer to whatever Sabrina was saying/questioning. He said something about cooking and Sabrina said when she did it she wasn't being a hypocrite and Adel leaves the SR.

2:27 PM BBT Adel and Arlie in the BR. Adel says to Arlie we messed up. Adel tells Arlie to do whatever he has to do - he still has three days. Arlie says at least I'm leaving after Kenny. Adel suggesting how Arlie can save himself. Not sure why he would do this considering it appears that Adel is on the block too. Arlie comes out to the HT area and says he is not going to a Kyle or a Paul, he is going to just come and hang out with them and enjoy things. He has no idea what's going on he's just going to have fun. He no longer has any secrets to keep. Adel says it's still between the two of them - anything can happen in this game. They are trying to thing about who has been on the block and then say that Jon is the only one who has never been on the block. Adel speculating about an instant eviction.

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2:05 PM BBT: Neda, Jon, Adel and Allison are in the kitchen. Just general chat about where they all haven't slept this season. Adel says he wont sleep in the HoH room unless he is HoH. Adel and Allison talking about Arlie, saying he should be one the going home.

2:13 PM BBT: Allison and Adel talking in the kitchen. They keep saying "Bud" after everything they say to each other.

Adel and Sabrina talking in the storage area. Adel says to her that she better not be saying things about him and spreading lies about him. Sabrina says she hasn't said anything. They leave the room, with Adel saying to keep it that way.

Most of the HGs now prepraring to go out to the Hot-Tub although it is raining. Sabrina is eating in the kitchen.

2:20 PM BBT Arlie and Adel talking strategy in the bedroom. Adel leaves the room. Arlie is staring starry eyed to the cameras alone. Adel comes back in.

Arlie says he just wanted to last longer than Kenny. Adel tells Arlie he should talk to the gremlins first. Then go To Allison and make a pack of four w/ them to the end. Arlie says he has no ideas but that makes a lot of sense. Adel says he can't wait to see afterwards what Arlie does to try to save himself. Arlie says under his breath maybe Neda and Heather are the ones on the outs. Then Arlie farts. Then he drops his pants and the feeds change.

Adel asks the group in the kitchen if everyone has been on the block. Heather says Jon hasn't been on the block yet.

2:25 PM BBT Arlie comes into the room, he says he understands what bad of position he is in. He is not going to pull a Paul and be excluded from everyone else. He says he just wants to enjoy and have fun the next few days. He says he can just be real now and has no more secrets to keep.

Heather, Allison, Adel, and Sabrina talk about the Have Not Comp. Adel says he can't believe his feat was in the hands of Sabrina shooting basketballs. Adel says he just wants to know where Allison got the secret veto. Allison says she wants to tell him too but she can't.

2:30 PM BBT: Arlie tells them that they shouldn't be afraid to talk to him. He doesn't want to be that guy going home that know one talks to, He Just wants to have fun.

Talk turns to who may have peed in the hot-tub. Allison tells Sabrina that she knows. She says it was Rachelle and call her a dirty girl. Everyone now knows it was her.

Allison says she misses her boyfriend today. Sabrina asks if it would help her if they made out. Allison just laughs.
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2:38 PM BBT: Sabrina and Neda talking alone in the bedroom. Sabrina says she gave her word to Neda and Jon. But since Allison took her off, the she can bring her into the alliance. Sabrina says they need to have a conversation and swear on their lives that they won't put each other up. Neda says it was a mind fuck of a day, she was literally in shock when Allison used the Secret Veto. Sabrina jokes about her final two deal with Rachelle.

Talk turns to about how Sarah was badmouthing Sabrina and would have taken Neda over Sabrina. Sabrina seems shocked after Neda tells her that Sarah/Kenny/Andrew wanted to get Sabrina out and work with Neda/Jon to the end.

Sabrina calls Sarah the biggest two face person she has ever known. They then talk about how Kenny is the biggest liar in the game. They think that Andrew may have been obnoxious but he has a good heart.

2:45 PM Talk turns to how Kenny tried to convince people that Neda and Jon "hooked" up and spread lies about them. Rachelle has joined them. Neda and Sabrina talk about how Kenny and Sarah are the worst people in the house, although they acted like they were the nicest. Neda says she was pissed off at Sabrina because she thought she was using Rachelle to get Ika out and that Rachelle was her puppet.

Sabrina explains about how good her word is when she gave it to the final five alliance. She says she didn't want to have to choose b/t Ro and Kenny , She would have chosen to keep Kenny save, because that was her word.

2:50 PM Sabrina says she is the last standing of the final five for a reason. Sabrina says it is Karma. She says she was the only one that was loyal. She says she was the creator and the last one standing.

Talk turns to how Arlie lied about not being a superfan. They discuss how he let it slip about a random HG from Season 2, and they knew he was lieing.

Sabrina says she can't wait to vote out Arlie. Ro says they all made the final 7. Sabrina explains how they all should be final 5 because of the numbers they have no matter who wins HoH.

Sabrina and Ro now talking alone in the bedroom. They say that one of them needs to win HoH this week or Allison as a last resort. Sab again says to Ro that Arlie was a


Sab says she won't talk to Sarah at the wrap part b/c of what Neda just told her.(Here comes the bashing of the evicted HGs.) Sab asks if the viewers like the gremlins. Ro says they probably love us. Sab says she has a feeling they are going to be final two.

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3:15PM BBT The fan meter is above 10 Million in just over 17 hours just under 10 Million to go!

LR Arlie and Allison are talking in the LR about something that was shown on the screens, they suspect it will be something huge (Probably the counter again)

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3:20 PM BBT

HT Area HG's (minus Al and arl) are in HT talking about Arlie and how he is the best player this season. Adel says that Arlie promised to tell him what his real job is on his way out the door, they think he is part of the CIa or some other crazy job. Now talking about him screwing over his alliances, why would he care about screwing over this one.

Allison is now in BR digging through her bag. (how exciting) Now she is off to the WA for a pee

Feeds switch to the hall to the HT area and we see Sabs and Ro coming in with wet hair but can't hear what they are saying because their mics are rubbing against something

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3:00 PM BBT Arlie, Adel and Allison talking about past BB seasons and comparing Dan and Dr. Will's game play. Adel asks what the point of the coaches were in Season 14. Allison explains how they had teams of new players to start the season, but then they were given the chance to play in the game half way through the season. Adel tells Arlie that he has seen enough seasons of BB to know how to get out of this position of going home. Arlie says that seeing those seasons don't give him much hope. Adel says to Allison says aren't you glad you had the Veto up your butt. Arlie says he thought he knew everything that was going on until today, when he now knows nothing.

Arlie tells Jon that is not going to be a Paul He wants to have fun as long as possible. Allison says she wish she had a million of them (vetos). She says she would love just be the veto girl. Arlie asks her if she can say how long she had the veto. Allison says she can't.

Sab, Neda, Heather and Rachelle talking in the bathroom. They can't believe there was a Secret Veto. Neda jokes about how they are just giving them away, saying here's a veto for you and you.

3:07-3:20 PM BBT Heather, Adel and Neda have finally made it to the hot-tub area. They briefly talk about how Arlie is a superfan and they need to watch him closely. Jon, Sab and Ro have joined them. Feeds go Hush briefly. Now just general chit chat among those 6 about pet peeves.

Arlie and Allison talking alone on the couch on the other feed. Arlie says it will be cool once he can watch the season to what really happened. He says he can't believe he got the wool pulled over his eyes. Arlie says he didn't think Jon would make this move now, but he was worried about Jon taking him out. He says he has watched enough of this game to see what is happening. Arlie says everything he thought he knew is out the window now. Arlie's head is spinning as he continues to eat cookies (like a dozen now?)

3:13 PM BBT Talk turns to whether Kenny is in jury and if Arlie would be seeing him there. They discuss whether Canada has a vote and how they have never done a 5 person jury.

Arlie says he is stunned that this was the plan all along (He is assuming). Arlie then says he is not going to give up after Allison told him he is a smart boy. He says he is just trying to figure out why this happened (him being on the block and likely going home).

3:18 PM BBT Allison jokes about how it would be so much easier if you could watch the show while it was going on. Arlie says he still thinks the TV in the HoH room works somehow, but not at will like past seasons. Allison says it just wasn't put there to trick them and that it will eventually show something huge.

3:20 PM BBT Arlie (bitterly) says its just so hard to make to the end of this game as he continues to eat cookies. He then takes the cookies to the kitchen and heads outside to the hot-tub. Allison goes upstairs to the bedroom looking for her bathing clothes to join the other 7 outside.

3:27 PM BBT: Rachelle and Sab leave to go inside to take a shower. (difficult to hear what they are saying).

Arlie says he is unemployed now to other 4 remaining outside. He says he is a player poker on the side, he says he is $18,000 in debt from school. Arlie says thats how he made money while at school. He says he loves poker. Neda asks him what the most he has won. Arlie says he won $2400 in a tournament and that he is not a high stakes player. PrincePablo is his name on Pokerstars. Jon and Adel also play online. Discussion now about how Jon and Adel are not very good, and that Arlie needs to help them become better.

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3:30 PM BBT Arlie has joined the HT crew and is talking about his job, he did go to university for 5 years and is debt, and is talking about Poker, I think he told them he is a professional poker player. He sounds very cherry (Me thinks Arlie has a plan!)

They are talking about playing Poker together after the game, Arlie says he coached his roommates into actually making money at online poker.

3:35 PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle are showering in the WA, Allison informs them she is going to make an appearance (referring to the HT) She bumps into Jon on his way in. Jon tells the gremlins that Arlie is outside spilling his guts, that he is a super fan and that he has watched every season at least 4 times. One asks if they know what his job is, Jon says "He plays poker" Jon wonders if he has his music back. Oh Allison is bak and is reporting back what she heard outside.

3:40 PM BT BB tells Someone (missed the name either ro or sabs) that her mic is in the SR and to switch out batteries and then we get FOTH . Allison is bragging that she convinced them to not back door her but to backdoor Arlie. She is happy that she was wearing Andrew's shirt during the ceremony.

3:41 PM BBT Back to the HT Area- Arlie is talking about throwing challenges

3:45 PM BBT Jon enters WA in a towel, wonders if BB will give him some palm-aide, Kenny said he would leave him some but apparently that didn't happen Allison complains that she is still hung over. Now Rachelle and Allison are complaining about wanting a nap and that they are never allowed to nap. BB tells Rachelle to put on her mic even though it already is. Sabrina says her stomach hurts and she has a headache, she is going to blow dryer her hair then go lay down in the bed. Allison is changing back out of her bathsuit because she isn't going into the HT because it is raining.

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3:38 Jon and Allison talking about what Arlie confessed in the hot tub that he has watched all the seasons twice and that he is a poker player.

3:40 HT heather Adel Neda and Arlie. Arlie confessed to being a super fan. Arlie says they will die when they see how he threw comps. How he found the golden potatoe twice and Andrew took so long to find it. He handed that comp to Andrew on a golden plater. Arlie how hard it was to throw them and not look like it. Neda you didn't do a very good job at that we knew you were. Going over the comps which ones he threw and which ones he knew he couldn't win. Arks says he was the most two faced player that he said one thing in DR and something else out of it. Arlie talking about his dismis. He had a weird feeling he was going up. 70% sure he was going up. That you can tell when u were going up and that when RO came down he knew he was going up. All of them shocked that Allison had a veto. Adel says he really believed in Arlie. Arlie says this all came back to bite him. Arlie says the way e played this season that he thought he knew everything going on. He wanted to go down in the record books being an amazing player. He didn't care if he looked like a goof or a really good player he just wanted to go down somehow in the books. He was shocked Jon backdoor end him this week. He thought they were the two biggest threats in the house. That why would Jon backdoor him because that would have left Jon now the biggest threat.

3:50 Arlie would have kept Jon longer until final 4. He would have gone to the end with the weakest player for jury votes. He would have went with Sabrina. Adel says he can't get over how many times he has been f&$@ over in this game. Neda says hey your still in the game. Arlie says he did a lot of things he wanted to do in this game. Neda says if there is an all star show Arlie would be in it forsure and so would be Adel. Adel says who knows now that Allison got the special veto power who knows what canada is thinking. Arlie says what he has done is so he can be an all star. Than pitches that if he went farther he would have a better shot at being an all star. [wink wink keep me]

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3:55 HT Adel says to Arlie what Arlie did wrong is he took to long to being information to them that it made all of them question Arlie's loyalty. Arlie says he game plan was not to make an alliance in the first 3 weeks and he wanted to do something big. Lay low act like an idiot and be funny then win his way to the end. He knew that half way that this wasn't going to happen. Arlie just keeps saying he didn't think Jon would backdoor him. He wasn't going to throw any more comps that he needed to start winning to get to the end. He trusted Adel and Jon the most in the house. Heather asks about his smokes. Arlie says he got rid of them. He threw them in the garbage. He says when Jon asked where they were he says he wasn't lying when he said he didn't know where they were in a garbage dump somewhere. He threw them out when Kyle was still in the house.

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4:10 Arlie and Neda at the hot tub Neda asking him about the other house guests and what he thought about all of them. Neda asks who he thought would win. Arlie first impression was Kenny would win but as the game played out he knew it wouldn't happen. The. When he turned sides he thought maybe Adel would win because he wasn't a big threat but played a solid game long road to go still so who knows who will win.

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4:25 PM BBT Fan Meter is at 11.5 Million!!

4:30 PM BBT All feeds are on the BR with Arlie repeating everything he said in the HT but this time to Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison.

4:31 PM BBT Arlie is laying out his stategy for the girls, hw he wanted to be goofy so people would over look his intellengency, he didn't want to be in an alliance for the first few weeks but was thrown into the First 5 so quickly

4:32 PM BBT Adel and Jon are in HOHR, talking about how Arlie threw out his own smokes and he got around swearing he didn't know where they were because he doesn't know if they are at the dump and what not. Jon is in his boxers, (Like always, someone inform him he isn't at home, put on some damn clothes)

4;35 PM BBT Jon telling Adel that they will be going up at some point, they are worried about the gremlins. Heavy game talk, but still the same old song

4:38 PM BBT Arlie in BR comparing himself to Peter (as if) but opposite (not even same league) he mentions his DR sessions but then BB warns them not to talk about production. Arlie is saying he a realist and that he knows he is going home unless there is a twist that saves him, but doesn't want to sound defeated, he has no hard feelings towards Jon. (sounds as though he is trying to get on the girls' soft side)

4:43 PM BBT Sabrina is called to the SR to get Advil and notices that the counter is at 11 million (Way to go Canada) Then we get HOTH (Boooourns)

4:45 PM BBT All Feeds are HOTH

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Last night... on AfterDark

00:00 ADT (AfterDark time)

We see all houseguests in the backyard, against the wall behind the swimming pool, wearing nice evening wear. (Arlie is wearing a shirt lent to him by Adel, we find out later.)

They are sitting at 4 tables for two, paired up and handcuffed to each other with fuzzy handcuffs.

There are a lot of lit candles floating in the pool.

From left to right on the screen, we have Allison paired up with Rachelle, Jon with Heather, Adel with Sabrina, and finally Neda with Arlie. Each table has a pink heart with cupids on it as a centerpiece, with the names of the pair written on it.

They are enjoying a candlelight fondue dinner. There are fruits for chocolate fondue as well (banana, strawberry, pineapple). There are also some pastries. (Heather asks Jon for one, he asks if she would like a spinach one, or a random.)

We can soon see that no one is allowed to feed themselves (or drink by their own hand). Instead, they must be fed by their partner (or anyone else, actually).

They are already pretty drunk by this point. (Except Adel, who is just drinking something else, possibly chocolate milk.)

Looks like there was one bottle per table.

Jon says quietly to Heather "I think Big Brother lied to us. We shouldn't have shared the alcohol. So sad."

Everyone is in a great jovial mood, being very genuinely cordial and polite, and very happy about the food.

They exchange food trays between tables to share with everyone.

Jon and Heather go inside. (Jon says "we are the cutest couple".)

They come back a couple of minutes with another bottle of white wine.

A bunch of trading and exchanging between red and white wines ensues.

00:15 ADT

A few minutes later, Arlie and Neda go inside, while the rest continue to feed each other, and make each other sip or chug.

Allison is sweating and her skin is flushed red, from the amount she has drank.

Rachelle looks (drunkenly) right at a camera and says "Slop is for losers, and food is for losers, and wine is for WINNING!"

Everyone left in the backyard gets up to go check on Neda and Arlie (in case they got more alcohol and are hogging it).

They find them checking in the fridge in the storage room. Apparently they just came out of the DR where they begged for more alcohol (Neda kissed Arlie in there for more alcohol), and were told that there was more alcohol hidden under the vegetables. They can't find it, neither can Jon.

Neda says "an intern fucked up. Fire them!"

Neda and Arlie leave the storage room. Allison and Rachelle come out of the DR.

Jon and Heather also leave the storage room.

Finally, Adel comes out of the storage room with Sabrina trailing. He has a bottle of wine.

(Apparently, he hid it earlier, and took it out once everyone had left the storage room.)

Later, when Arlie is still wondering where Adel found the wine, Adel tells him is was under the big bag of veggies on the left.

Adel is still saying "bud" at the end of almost every sentence.

Everyone goes back out the the backyard and they share the bottle of red wine.

They eventually all sit back down at their tables and continue eating.


Big Brother pipes in some dinner music.

Adel and Sabrina get up to dance.

Jon and Heather also get up and join them.


Dancing stops, although music continues.

Jon and Heather go inside. (Someone has to pee.) Arlie tells them to go up all the way before taking the handcuffs off.

Neda mentions how they all turned on each other for alcohol.

<music stops>

When Jon and Heather return, they bring back yet another bottle of red wine and another bottle of white wine.

They go around pouring everyone a glass of whichever wine they prefer.

Jon and Neda seem to be at odds about alcohol sharing, seemingly due to something that happened earlier, which is what Neda probably was referring to earlier. (She now said something about being over it.)

Houseguests continue their own private non-game conversations.


Allison and Rachelle get up and tango, with roses in their mouths.

Then they walk off to another part of the backyard, but when they get out of sight of the other houseguests, they run into the house.

Allison leads Rachelle by the hand to the storeroom, saying "come child, Mother needs to get drunk!"

They look through the fridge for more alcohol, but there is none.

Allison opens a cupboard drawer, and says they need to go back and get their glasses.

Rachelle tells Allison to run, so Allie takes off so fast that the handcuff chain snaps. LOL

So they hold hands and make their way back to their table for their glasses.

They sit for a few minutes, then go back in with their glasses.

Heather and Jon talk quietly about a secret final two deal between themselves.

Heather says "Will (her boyfriend) and Janelle (Jon's girlfriend) are going to be so happy."

Jon dips a giant strawberry in the chocolate fondue and shoves it in Heather's mouth.

She gets chocolate all over her face.

They are all almost out of wine again.

Jon takes Heather over to Arlie and Neda, to refill their glasses.

Jon commnts to Heather, but so Arlie and Neda can hear them "So, they're the two smartest people in the house, I'm HoH and I have the Veto. Oh!"

Neda replies "don't antagonize your best friends in the game, not smart for you."

Jon is touched that she called him her best friend, takes her hand and kisses it.


(Everyone still outside except Allison and Rachelle)

Jon is standing, and telling everyone how they will look back upon this experience 20 years down the road and wonder at how "there was a time in my life (a couple of months) where someone told me what to eat, someone told me when to eat, when to drink, when to smoke -"

Adel cuts him off by saying "Hey, this is not jail!"

Neda: "it almost is!"

Jon bends down and whispers into the seated Adel's ear: "hey, if we were bum-buddies, it would be, Bud!"

They both laugh hysterically.

Arlie and Neda head inside. (to pee)

Jon tells them to check up on Allison and Ro-Ro.

As Neda and Arlie head up to the bathroom, they speculate that Big Brother could only give them more wine after the previous bottles they had been given had been emptied.

In the backyard, Adel and Jon are talking about the hidden wine.

(It looks like Jon and Adel stashed all the wine they were given, and have been pulling out bottles at their discretion, but sharing with everyone.)

Jon: "all the same, I guarantee ya, another few glasses and this place will get a little bit crazy."

Adel says "I think the place WILL get crazy when we're unhandcuffed. It will be 'funner' (sic)."

Sabrina: "I'm really having a good time. It's just so fun to be with people I like, and not in the game."

The boys make their girls finish their glasses. (Since no one is allowed to drink by their own hand.)

01:00 ADT

Sabrina, to Adel: "I hope you enjoyed your time with me, we were having a nice time!"

Adel: "it was fun."

Sabrina: "it WAS fun! Until alcohol screwed over everyone's lives! LOL ... and they started to want to slit each other's throats for a glass of wine. LOL"

Allison and Rachelle return.

Adel and Sabrina make a bathroom trip.

Jon drags Heather over to Allison and does some "close-talking" in her face, for fun.

Jon and Heather head inside.

They stop near a mirror, when Heather notices some chocolate on her butt.

Jon adjusts the bottom of her dress downward for her. They go inside.

Rachelle and Allison are the only ones left in the backyard now.

Their handcuffs are still broken.

They fondue some fruit for themselves, but hand it to each other to get fed.

Allison tells Rachelle to take comfort in the fact that if Rachelle leaves this week, Allison will be sent out right after her, so they'll be able to spend time in jury together.

They get up, Allison blows out the candles, then goes and blows out all the candles on the other tables.

They notice Arlie and Neda have left a lot of wine in their glasses, so they pour some out into their own glasses.

They head inside.

We hear Big Brother ask Allison and Rachelle to hold hands as they walk (due to their broken handcuff chain.)

Everyone except Arlie and Neda (who are in the DR) is waiting outside the storage room, for the door to be unlocked.

They talk about how tipsy everyone is.

The storage room door is unlocked, and they all stream in. On the center table, there is a bottle of white wine, and a replacement pair of handcuffs (with a much longer chain) for Allison and Rachelle.

As they all leave the storage room, Allison confesses to Neda that earlier she and Rachelle had poured some of Neda and Arlie's wine into their own glasses.

They all sit at the kitchen counter, except for Adel and Sabrina (probably in the DR).

Jon and Allison discuss a bar they've both been to, called "Martini's", or "George".

01:15 ADT

Dinner music comes on.

The 3 handcuffed pairs get up and start slow-dancing.

Funniest are Allison with Rachelle, since they've handcuffed both their left hands together, which makes dancing difficult.

Jon is telling Heather how the money from Big Brother will get him out of debt. And that if he comes in 1st or 2nd, he'll be able to start a life with Janelle. And that if it's him and her plus Neda in the final 3, he will 100% pick Heather.

It's hard to make out the rest, as Sabrina has joined them now and is being very loud.

Jon makes as if to kiss Heather on the cheek, but doesn't.

Arlie and Neda are now slow-dancing on the dining room table.

Jon tells the rest of the houseguests to "get around the table" (along one side, really), and hold hands.

They all stand there in a line holding hands, raised in the air, slowly waving left to right.

Arlie and Neda joke to each other quietly. Arlie: "we got to get married soon!", Neda: "Oh, I'm down... within the next couple of days?" Arlie: "yeah", Neda: "Ok, cool".

Jon then stars a chant: "Who's in the slums tonight? Arlie, and Neda; Arlie, and Neda!" Then: "Who's getting laid tonight?" Everyone repeats with him: "Arlie, and Neda; Arlie, and Neda!"

Jon: "Who's giving it up tonight?", Everyone: "Arlie, and Neda! Arlie, and Neda!"

Adel yells out a hashtag that I can't make out completely. Something like #who's out for b and b in the big brother house.

They then cheer, and Neda pecks Arlie on the lips.

Everyone disperses, and Arlie and Neda get off the table.

Jon pulls Heather into the storage room.

01:25 ADT

At the kitchen counter, Allison gets Sabrina and Adel to come see Rachelle in the washroom upstairs.

Jon and Heather go to DR.

In the washroom, Neda is applying lipstick to her lips, when she then uses to apply to Arlie's face and head.

People remark that he is looking like his mugshot (from the competition).

Adel suggests she lipstick Arlie's neck as well.

Rachelle leaves the washroom, without Alison.

Adel tells her she should wait for her partner, bud.

Allison asks Adel if he was having trouble not sharing in the alcohol. He says honestly no.

Allison and Rachelle are waiting outside the DR door, so that Rachelle can request Advil.

Neda and Arlie go down to the kitchen. They pour themselves more wine, and bring Allison's to her.

Arlie and Neda go up to the HoH room, They start listening to music by sharing the headphones.

(When we come back from commercial, they get up and decide to go downstairs. From what they later say to other houseguests, Big Brother told them they weren't allowed to listen to music right now. Due to AfterDark, no doubt.)

Meanwhile, Sabrina comes out of the Half-Not room with Rachelle, and they wait with Allison outside the Diary Room door.

Arlie and Neda find Adel's mike on his bed, so they bring it up to him in the bathroom, where he is showering.

They go back downstairs.

01:38 ADT

Big Brother calls Sabrina and Allison to the Diary Room.

Jon, Heather, Neda and Arlie sit around the kitchen island counter.

Jon jokes that he's just seen Arlie's penis, and it has a lot of red lipstick on it, just like the rest of him.

Apparently, earlier in the evening, a spider walked down Neda's arm.

01:40 ADT

Jon says "Neda, I'm pissed you're pissed at me!"

Neda: "I'm not pissed at you."

(Arlie: "She's not pissed at you.")

Jon: "You have been, all fucking night! I'm not full of shit."

Neda: "Arlie, have I not been having the best night ever?"

Arlie: "She wasn't mad at you."

Neda: "Have I been pissed at anyone?"

Arlie, to Jon: "I've got her back on that one. She was, for like 3 minutes... when you were chugging all our booze!"

Jon: "Hey guys! Ok, on a scale from 1 to guess-who's-not-a-fucking-idiot, hey, it's me, Jon."

Heather feeds Jon a pineapple square, so he doesn't see Arlie chuckling, and Neda silently mouthing "WOW".

(The conversation just dies right there.)

Then it starts up again 20 seconds later when Neda says "Arlie, have I done anything wrong tonight?" (Arlie shakes his head "no".) Neda: "thank you".

Jon: "Tonight? Let's talk about this afternoon! If that's what we're talking about."

Neda: "Ok, let's talk about it!

Arlie playfully throws a roll of toilet paper at Jon.

(We don't see if it hit, since the camera is on Arlie. But we can assume it did, or came close.)

We then see Arlie pointing at Neda, as if to blame her for it.

Jon: "Arlie, was that you who just fucking threw that?"

Arlie gets up (but smiling a little).

Jon: "Was that you?"

Arlie: "Yeah. Yeah, bud!". As Jon walks over to him (with Heather), Arlie asks him: "You want to un-handcuff?"

Jon: "If... ok, ok, if you are seriously willing to get evicted right now to un-handcuff, I will, for sure!"

(This seems to be mostly in jest, although there is a definite tone of seriousness, brought on by the alcohol. Neda and Heather seem not quite sure what to make of it either, as they smile unsuredly.)

Arlie: "Yeah, I wouldn't get evicted, I would just choke you softly."

Heather, as she gently pushes Jon away: "Nnnnnnnno. Nope, nope, no."

Jon: "But still, if you choke me, it's done."

Heather: "Nope, nope, nope."

Arlie: "For you, bud."

Jon says quietly, into Heather's ear: "You know I love Arlie!"

Arlie starts laughing out loud.

Arlie: "Big Brother just got security ready at like 3 doors!"

Jon to Arlie: "give me 3!" (This is a "3 low-fives in a row" thing that they do.)

They proceed to do the 3 high fives. Jon: "Shabanaran, heeeeyyyy!"

Jon and Heather start to leave, and we hear Adel's voice, from afar, say: "Honestly, I had the worst date ever!"

Neda to Adel: "put your handcuffs on! What are you doing!"

Adel: "I quit the mission. My date's fucked, bud!"

They all laugh about it and repeat what he said.

01:43 ADT

Jon takes Heather into the storage room.

They grab a fridge handle each, Jon quietly says "Please, Big Brother!", then they open the fridge, but there is no booze in there to be found.

Jon asks "So Big Brother, are we done for the night?"

Heather says "Yes. I feel like it's a yes." Heather playfully sticks her finger on Jon's chest, and says: "Do you feel like it's a yes?"

Jon starts talking to her about a final 2.

He says that if they were final 2 together, his speech to the jury would be something like "I'm here. It is what it is."

He says that he has heard Adel wants him out.

He promised Heather that he would never turn on her.

They talk for a few more minutes, exchanging promises of loyalty.

Jon makes her swear that she won't tell Neda. She tells him he can't tell her either.

Jon tells her that at the final 3, if Heather is the one choosing who to take, she can choose whoever she wants, but that if he were there with Heather and Neda, he promises (on Janelle's life) that he will take her.

Heather hugs Jon.

Heather: "that's the most amazing thing in the world".

Jon: "solely, what I'm asking is final 3. I'm going to tell you right now, I'm not going to lose final 3.:

Heather: "Bottom line, I'm never going to take anyone but you and Neda to final 3."

Jon: "Ok, but listen to me. If it's down to final 3, and you choose fucking Neda, you have a better chance of beating Neda than you do of fucking beating me. Heather, I will fucking hug you, I'll be like 'right fucking on', I'm final 3, but when I get back to Newfoundland..." (I can't make out the rest of his sentence because of Newfie slang, and alcohol slur.)

Jon: "Listen, I don't care, get me to final 3, whatever happens, happens. If you win, and honestly I think right now Neda would take you. She knows she's not going to beat me."

Adel comes into the storage room. He grabs some food and leaves to make it, promising to make Jon the same food as well.


We come back from commercial to find Rachelle and Sabrina with Jon and Heather in the storage room.

Jon and Heather are still attached by their red fuzzy handcuffs, while nobody else seems to be, anymore.

Jon: "Hello, Big Brother, it's me JON! (Heather pipes up with 'and Heather!'), can we have WAY more alcohol, please?!"

Heather removes the handcuffs.

Sabrina was on her way out of the storage room, but sticks around and tells them all that if any of them comes to Montreal, they will have a free place to stay with her and her family.

She tries to get Rachelle to leave with her.

Heather and Sabrina tell Jon that his girlfriend Janelle is hot.

Jon leaves.

Sabrina reminds Heather of a truce they called with each other, under the stairs, earlier.

Rachelle leaves.

Camera switches to the kitched island counter.

Jon had stopped to talk to Arlie and Neda, while Adel cooks nearby.

Jon leaves.

Talk turns to when Neda was on the block in Week 2.

They ask Sabrina if she knew beforehand.

Andrew didn't tell Neda in advance. Arlie says that he and Kenny knew, but probably no one else.

Arlie confirms to Allison that they are now allowed to drink by their own hand, as no more handcuffs.

Arlie says he had told Andrew that he should have told Neda she was going up, even 2 minutes beforehand.

(The backyard garage door is closed, so the BB crew is cleaning up after the fondue dinner.)

Arlie is talking to Allison about Andrew not willing to ever listen to Arlie's game advice, and how it would have gotten him farther. Allison agrees.

Sabrina and Neda move off to talk alone on a nearby couch.

Sabrina is talking about how she used to say Jon likes Neda, and Neda likes Jon.

Conversations are too loud and over each other to stick to one, as all the microphones are on.

02:00 ADT

When we come back from commercial, we are caught up to the moment feeds came back on yesterday.

Jon was talking to Heather and Rachelle up in the HoH room. He got up (accidentally knocking over Janelle's picture frame), then left Heather and Rachelle to talk.

End of the AfterDark report.

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4:54 PM BBT Feeds are back

Arlie is talking more about all his game moves thust far in the game, He is spilling that he through the golden potato HOH to Andrew and how he went to the SR to do a bunch of jumping jacks and push ups so he would be tired and how he circled the golden potato over and over agin.

It's the Arlie show! he is getting more attention than winners of HOH comps

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5:03 PM BBT Arlie is the center of the attention today. All the HGs are asking about Arlie being a superfan and learning more about Arlie's gameplay and his true self.

5:06 PM BBT Arlie tells the HGs his BB Poem that he used in his casting. Basically the poem was his strategy and his expected gameplay given in a sarcastic and funny way. Everyone bursts out laughing.

5:10 PM BBT Adel tells Arlie that his poem is probably already on YouTube and that people are probably memorizing it. Arlie says that he hopes he made a positive impact on the game and the house this season.

Talk turns to if The First Five screwed Arlie over. Arlie says he doesn't think so.

He says that he did not want to be the person who doesn't make a big move and goes home. He says that he wanted to become a big target and win his way to the end.

5:15 PM BBT Conversation between the HGs turns to Dr. Will. Arlie idolizes him. He starts discussing how great a player he was and how he won BB USA Season 2.

5:18 PM BBT Allison tells Arlie he would be great on the SideShow next season, Arlie says he would love to be on it. Adel says that Peter will love Arlie. Arlie says he wanted to play more of an entertaning game than anything. He says it is weird that it doesn't hurt as much that he knows his game is all but over.

5:22 PM BBT Jon jokes about putting Arlie on the block. Jon says that once he told everyone Arlie was going up, they told him he needs to get a hockey mask from the DR because Arlie will knock him out if he goes up.

5:25 PM BBT Arlie says that he thinks many people in the house are not being their true selfs, or not being honest to who they are. But he says he doesn't want to hurt anyone's game so he doesn't say who these people are.

5:27 PM BBT Jon is still playing off that he is not a fan of watching Big Brother. He says he is intrigued by the game now and plans on watching the next season. Heather says they all need to get together for the premiere

5:28 PM BBT Arlie starts going through all the evicted HGs and their pitfalls in their gameplay. Arlie asks Jon when the decision to put him up occured. Jon says it was last night and then again this morning sealed the deal.

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5:32 PM BBT Discussion turns to how great this season is. Jon says this is way better than the first Canada season. Adel says its way better than the last US season too because of how racist it was.

5:35 PM BBT Ro says she has a confession to give. She says she is 30. Adel says the chances of believing that are the same as them all self-evicting. Arlie says you all go ahead and do that (jokingly).

Adel keeps saying how hot it is downstairs and that they all need to move to the HoH room because its cooler.

5:40 PM BBT Adel, Heather, Neda and Jon talking upstairs in the HoH room. Adel asks Heather about the next HoH and who she would put [ likely looking for security that he will be staying this week. Adel may be getting worried about Arlie finding ways to secure votes. ]Heather says she wants the gremlins gone. Neda says she wouldn't mind Allison going next.

5:45 PM BBT Allison and Rachelle have joined Adel, Heather,Neda and Jon in the HoH room. Conversation turns to general talk. Sabrina is sleeping on the couch downstairs, while Arlie is making slop cookies.

5:48 PM BBT Adel went downstairs. Arlie asked him who told him that he was going up. Adel tells Arlie to come upstairs and they'll talk together. Adel heads back upstairs and tells the group in the HoH what Arlie said. He says he didn't say anything alone because he didn't want to hurt their games by telling Arlie this information. They all agree that Arlie is going to try to split them up somehow to get votes.

5:50 PM BBT Adel went downstairs. Arlie asked him when they told him that he was going up. Adel tells Arlie to come upstairs and they'll talk together. Adel heads back upstairs and tells the group in the HoH what Arlie asked. He says he didn't say anything alone because he didn't want to hurt their games by telling Arlie this information. They all agree that Arlie is going to try to split them up somehow to get votes.

5:55 PM BBT Rachelle fell asleep in the HoH. BB warned her nap time was over. Nothing much interesing happening now. Most of the HGs are complaining about being worn out from today and being hungry.

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This update is posted on behalf on ttree:

3:00pm BBT: Sabrina, Heather and Rachelle are in the washroom. Heather asked Sabrina if she is voting our Arlie, and Sab replies yes. They can't believe this POV, there are so many this season, they are saying BB is just throwing them out. Adel Arlie and Allison are on the green couches Adel tells Arlie that he is not out yet and Arlie agrees. Arlie tells Allison that it must be nice having that Veto up your butt and Allison says yes it was. Arlie says he decided not to become a "Paul" he is going to hang out with everyone and still have a good time.

3:10pm BBT: Jon, Adel, Heather, Rachelle, Neda and Sabrina are in the hot tub room. Adel says he confirmed with BB that you can't get a yeast infection from the hot tub, the other HG are pleased. Allison and Arlie are on the couches still, Arlie says everything that he thought is just out the window. Allison saying she would really like to still have that Veto for next week, but she does not. Arlie saying he has to be in Jury...doesn't he, and Allison replies you have to be unless they have a jury of 5 and that would just be stupid. Allison states she loves 7 person juries.

3:15pm BBT: Arlie saying: so this was always the plan to get me out, it's crazy when the wool get pulled over your eyes. he says his mind is going too much, he is not giving up but understands how ironclad this probably is. In the hot tub they are discussing pet peeves, snapping gum, farting, not standing on the right side of an escalator, people who are right about something and never shuts up about it. Adel hates it when people call someone stupid. The girls hate it when guys tell them to relax or calm down (big surprise, huh? - Morty)

3:22pm BBT: In the HT they are trying to figure out what Arlie really does for a living and take guesses at it. Jon says, no offense to anyone here but Arlie was the best player in this game, Sabrina says he did what he had to. They are pondering what he is saying to Allison right now, and figure he is trying to stay. Heather states he screwed over his first alliance, did the same to his second alliance and he won't care about the third either. They just realized the lights are on in the HT and are excited. Sabrina is saying she does not hold grudges, she gets mad for 10 minutes and is over it (This is the same girl who said earlier she is not talking to Sarah at the finale - Morty) They are going to have spaghetti for supper. Arlie comes out to the HT and some of them are talking about going to shower and Arlie says, but I just came out. Arlie tells them he is technically un-employed right now, but I play inline poker. Jon totally would have believed that!! He states he is $18,000.00 in debt from school.

3:30pm BBT: Arlie is talking about how much he makes in poker games, it's never a big amount. Prince Pablo is his Poker Stars name. He is saying he coaches his roommates and has made them some money. he states lots of it is breaking even or $20.00 down after a 10 hour day. He is telling the other HG they can ask him questions. They ask him about his hobbies, he likes to hang out with his friends. Talk turns to BB and him being a super fan. he says it was hard to be quiet when Sabrina would say things and get them right. But very hard not to tell her she was wrong when she said Dr. Will was not in the superstars season. Arlie says if Canada doesn't have a seat he will see Kenny when he walks into jury.

3:40pm BBT: They are still discussing super fans in the HT, while the other HG shower. Neda, Heather, Adel and Arlie are still the ones in the HT, he is talking about how he worked out fast before, so he could be tired digging potatoes, and how he kept walking over the gold potato to throw the Fresh On The Farm comp. They are still talking comps and who they think threw some and who didn't. He said Jon almost caught him working out. He is saying he was talking to the cameras and in the diary room about it

3:55pm BBT: They talk about the Veto meeting today. They are saying Jon took of Rachelle and how shocked they were when Allison used a Veto, they never expected that. Arlie is saying he didn't think Jon would never back door him, why would he ever want to leave himself the biggest threat in the house. But he would never have wanted to be in the final 2 with him, he would have taken Jon out at final 4. They ask him who he would have liked to be with at the end. He said Sabrina or the weakest player.

3:55pm BBT: They are still thinking Allison did not win the Veto and are going over the possibilities. Arlie was saying how he threw out the smokes and had to twist on his answers when he was asked if he knew where they were, and he was glad he was never asked what had happened to them.

3:55pm BBT: They are talking about how Sarah messed up their games because she was so close to Jon. Arlie saying he was really two faced in the diary room. He is saying he played out a million scenarios in his mind on how to play the game. He got 2 out of 3 things done. His biggest regret is not eating more slop before the last Veto, he will probably have more after he has more time to think about it.

4:05 BBT: Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison in the main bedroom. They are saying that Arlie thinks he only needs one vote to stay. They are laughing at him and Sabrina is calling him a few names and feeling indignant that he said some things about her. Allison sharing all her information about what she knows. They are talking about Allison doing what she did to keep Sabrina. Adel just came in the bedroom and comments on Arlie needing 1 vote to stay. The girls tell Adel that he would need 3 and he doesn't have any. Now Adel is telling them what Arlie said after the girls left the HT and what Arlie said his epic moves were. That these are things he did so he can come back as an All Star. Adel tells them Arlie confessed to throwing out the cigarettes.

4:15 BBT: Allison saying that he didn't say anything about the cigarettes until I was here and then he tried to blame me. Allison and Sabrina are now alone in the main bedroom. Allison says that she feels that she is in the middle again. Sabrina assures her that she will never send her home. The girls think the boys have an alliance with Heather and are wondering if swearing on something means anything in this house. Allison says Adel asked her to swear to god today about getting out the gremlins next week and she did, and that she does not believe in god! Sabrina replies with some colourful cursing. Allison and Sabrina hug and are happy they are together.

4:21 BBT: Adel enters the bedroom and the girls change talk with an easy flow, seconds later Adel gets called to the DR. They are saying they have to win the next HOH, and are trying to figure out if it will be physical. Allison saying if it's down to her and Rachelle that she will throw it, Sabrina says she doesn't have to. Neda and Arlie Join Allison and Sabrina. They are talking about the comp. that Arlie threw. Now Sabrina is asking Arlie questions about things he revealed in the HT, such as being a poker player. He keeps elaborating that he does not just go on a make a hundred grand. It's just enough to live on. Sabrina confirms with him that he is a super fan. They say he made Neda win the HOH, Arlie says he didn't know the right answer. Arlie admits that swearing on anything means nothing. It's a game for $100,000.00. they ask him if he really is a nice person and he says he thinks he is.

4:30 BBT: Sabrina keeps saying that she thinks he's a CIA agent. Arlie admits he did work at Lulu Lemon for a little while and his sister works there. He is talking about his debt and that none of it is from poker. He tells the girls he was casted because he is a super fan, that's why he made it on the show. He wanted to come in and hide he was smart, a super fan, be goofy so he would be overlooked by people because he would give off a good vibe and then he wanted to make a big move that the fans would like. And his end game was to make it to the end. Sabrina says it's so cool, he played an awesome game and she would have voted for him 1000% Dr Will was Arlie's favorite player. He states he acted a lot more confident than he really was because of DR. Will.

4:37 BBT: Jon and Adel are in the HOH talking about having to win POV every time now. Adel tells him he doesn't think they would put the two of them up together.

4:43 BBT: The counter meter just came up in the living room. There are comments that that is a lot of voting, and that's another Veto. And now we have the HUSH screen.

4:56pm BBT: feeds are back. All HG in the living room except Adel. They are telling Jon about Arlie throwing the comp. Arlie is going through his game, strategies and how he played it, what worked and didn't.

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And on that note, I have run out of coverage. The updaters have left a gap in today's schedule that runs until 1AM tonight. Unless you pitch in and post updates I'm out of content for the rest of the day.

If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you'll be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.


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8:30PM BBT: Adel talks to Rachelle to make sure Sabrina is still on board with keeping him. She asks if Arlie has been talking to them, she says "yes." "Like what is he saying, is he saying stuff about me?" Rachelle: "No, he's just saying things like, 'if you keep me in the game I'll be their biggest target' just stuff like why we should keep him, nothing about you."

9:00PM BBT: Adel enjoys a bubble bath.

9:20PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina agree that it's better for their game to work with Arlie. Sabrina tells Arlie to talk to Allison.

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9:44PM BBT: Adel now out in the hot tub with the grimlins and Arlie to campaign block him, Arlie had been pitching the girls hard all evening. Neda Jon and Heather in HOH with Allison talking about the twists of the season so far. Outside they are calculating how far through the game they have gotten. People wise they figure they are half way, time wise a bit further. Adel now getting a jacket and says if I am going down I am going down fighting. Upstairs they are leisurely reviewing the season and other HGs strategies. Neda thought that Kenny was going to go really far in the game. Sabrina now tellling Arlie that he has dominated most of the episodes because of his position in the house. (She is not too jealous. DRG) Heather can't believe that there will only be two guys left in the house after this week. There will be five girls and they are the first girls to get this far as a group.

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9:43pm BBT - Allison, Heather, Neda, and Jon are in the HOH talking. Talking about how things will be after the game is done. Neda thinks she may be depressed after the game. Heather and Allison think they will be too. Talking about Avatar now. Jon says that Arlie thinks something is going down with everybody that he doesn't know about.

9:45pm BBT - Talking about all the twists from this season. Adel's power, Allison coming in late, Canada as HOH, the faces on the mugs, Allison's secret veto. Talking about how Canada's HOH was the best thing that could have happened at that point in the game because it got rid of a key member in the first five. Allison saying it wasn't a bad thing for her that Andrew left. Jon said that Kenny was a little worried about how close Allison was getting with Andrew.

9:48pm BBT - Heather and Neda saying that Andrew legitimately liked Allison. Heather saying that people thought Kenny was going to go far in this game. Jon saying that people thought Kenny was going to win. Jon said he thought Allison was going to use her veto on Arlie and not on Sabrina. Heather saying she can't believe there is only going to be two guys in the game. Jon joking about changing his veto so the guys won't be outnumbered.

9:50pmBBT - Heather saying that Arlie was so sure that everyone was in on getting him out before the formation of the Sloppy Seconds. Allison saying that Arlie thought that Allison had masterminded the whole thing. Jon saying that now Adel is the biggest target in the house after Arlie. Jon is saying that there is a point in the game where you have to win in order to stay. Girls joking that Allison should throw HOH so they could win.

9:52pm BBT - Jon talking about how good they all did in this game. Allison saying she thought for sure she would be out once her immunity ran out. Jon asks who Allison was against for nominations in her first week. Allison says Heather but they backdoored Ika.

9:54pm BBT - While half the crew is in the HOH, Arlie, Adel and the Gremlins are in the hot tub area talking. Jon saying that everyone has been on the block except for him so far in the game. Jon saying that vetos are mostly physical. Neda saying that they only had one mental veto.

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9:51PM BBT: HOH group stll pretty calm while outside group is more animated. Heather says it is really hard to watch and not be able to play in the comps. She wants to get the Gremlins out. Jon says three more out and we are final four. Allison said she was sure she would be out as soon as her immunity was up (she had one week following her entry into the house week 3) Adel asked if they thought Kyle ever had a chance. Adel thought he would go out first and no one else out there thought he had much of a chance. Arlie says he never hated Kyle, but he had to talk bad about Kyle becasue the first five alliance did not like him. Upstairs they say that everyone is a pawn in this game and Jon realizes he is the only HG who has not ever been on the block. Neda acknowledges this fact and tells him to wipe the stupid smile off his face. Sabrina now saying she does not hate anybody in this place. Upstairs they are wondering if it will be back to back doubles. Jon up saying he is going to shower and go to bed. Sabrina now reviewing the religion thing from earlier and saying how ripped she was. She is glad that Adel now knows the truth. She says they were treated badly by them. Outside feeds go to FoTH. Neda and Heather making great plans to bathe and go to bed. Heather says they will be the best time killers ever when they get out of the house. They will be overwhelmed with the options of things they can do. Go to the mall, all the things you can do on your phone. etc. etc. (Audio still cutting out randomly requiring clicking on the speaker to get sound back.) Feeds outside now back showing Sabrina. Arlie is talking about what the upstairs crew is thinking and plotting. Rachelle looking really tired and washed out asks if they want to go inside and the all get up to cover the tub. Heather Allison and Neda still lazing on the couches talking about the outside world. Neda is excited for new music and Heather is excited for shopping. Everything will be different since they have not been shopping for so long. Neda invites them to stay for a few days before they all go home and Allison and Heather seem to like the idea. Heather talks about where they could go to get new dresses to wear to the wrap party. Sabrina and Rachelle now in the bedroom getting changed.

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10:04PM BBT: Neda remembers her laundry and jumps up to get it. Jon re-enters the room and Allison warns him to stay clear of the food she has stored away. Then she jumps up and follows Jon down the stairs saying I thought about food and then I came. Sabrina and Rachelle whispering about others have said to them throughout the day. Sabrina saying maybe she should go put on makeup in anticipation of her DR session. Sabrina says if they can't win she would rather give the check to Arlie than to Jon. Rachelle wants to talk to Allison to see what they have been saying to her. Rachelle wants Sabrina to go get her but Sabrina does not want to see the others (Jon and Neda). Rachelle says that Arlie is so smart. Downstairs Arlie now talking again to Jon about his past course in the house. (He is blowing smoke up Jon's butt trying to make him feel secure in fact that Arlie is going home this week. DRG) Neda in the kitchen now with Allison and the two guys. Arlie now saying that his plan was never etched in stone he let the game dictate his plan and it didn't work, it is all out in the open now. Sabrina and Rachelle abnormally quiet. Sabrina now saying they are such pieces of crap we don't owe them anything. (These are the same folks who were their saviors yesterday.) Jon and Allison now talking in the SR. She is asking him about what his plan was and he is saying he was always planning on making a big move. They are back in the kitchen now and he asks if she ate her leftovers and is told that she has. They are at the table now where Jon is eating something from a bowl and she is munching an ice cream sandwich. Jon says that as soon as he gets home he is watching the whole season in a single day. Arlie says he will too. Adel comes through and says to Allison that maybe she is plotting to get him out. He asks if she is hungry and her reply is always.

10:17PM BBT: Jon saying he thinks it might be back to back double evictions but Arlie thinks maybe next week will be another double. He speculates about the slight chance that Kenny and/or Sarah are in jury. That would be cool to him since an 8 person jury has never been done and he can say this now that he is a super fan and knows absolutely that an 8 person jury has never been done. (I have lost feeds 1 and 2 BRB)

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10:00pm BBT - Gremlins and Arlie are talking about Allison in the hot tub area. Now they are heading in. Arlie and Rachelle covering hot tub. Sabrina saying she needs to change. Sabs and Rachelle go upstairs as Adel heads down.

10:03pm BBT - Gremlins wondering why Allison is in HOH with Sloppy Seconds. Sabrina saying she is pissed off. Rachelle is laying down as Sabrina changes. Sabrina saying Neda is acting like queen shit. Sabrina saying that it doesn't seem like they are needed unless .. they are plotting against Allison. Sabrina saying that they're stupid if they think Allison won't tell them what is going on.

10:06pm BBT - Gremlins wanting to talk to Allison. Sabrina saying that if her and Rachelle can't win that they would rather give the check to Arlie than to Jon. Gremlins wanting to find out what Sloppy Seconds have been saying to Allison. [ They spent a minute or so picking their noses]

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10:21PM BBT: Sabrina called to the DR. Adel up in the HOH bragging about how he talked to the folks outside and gave Arlie a hard time about past events. Jon now in bedroom askikng Rachelle about Arlie's pitch to them. She downplays it and says it is just all the normal stuff like keep two targets in the house yada yada yada. Neda and Allison now talking about how Wednesday is going to be really big and she wants to egg Arlie on. Allison and Rachelle now whispering about the three girls join up with Arlie and it will keep us in the game longer. If Adel goes this week then it will just be Heather and Neda playing for HOH. Allison says she would not put it past Arlie to lie to them and say he was working with them and then switch. Rachelle asks who he would work with then. She thinks it will keep the three of them in the game longer and asks if she agress but Allison wants some time to think about it. Allison says that Arlie approached her with the same pitch and said that he could probably get the gremlins to vote for him and you will be the swing vote. Rachelle says that if Arlie goes then they are the bottom of the group, Adel up in the HOH now talking with Heather, Neda and Jon about what happens if Arlie stays. Rachelle and Allison saying they need to get together the three of them and talk. Rachelle says she does not think he wants to get them out now and Arlie walks in the room She tells him what they were talking about and out comes his soap box again. Jon and Adel leave the HOH and head downstairs. Arlie telling the gals that he has been throwing all the comps the whole game. Rachelle says they will be the bottom and will get picked off week by week either way. Adel celebrating finding English muffins in the SR. Jon says that they have hamburger buns and they are making burgers. Rachelle saying that there are not any more numbers just a clump that they are in. Allison smiles and says that she would want to keep Arlie in just because he is such a good player and she would like to see what he does.

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