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  1. 2:55 Jon tries to convince Adel to go into the Hot tub because it is raining so it will keep him awake. Adel goes outside comes back in and says so way I retreat. He lays on the green couch next to Jon and says you guys have no idea what I am going thru I am so tired.
  2. 2:44 Adel and Jon getting a minute alone in kitchen. Jon whispers to Adel that he thinks Heather might vote for Adel to go out. Adel says than Neda would vote for me to stay and you would keep me. Jon says ya ya but don't blow it up on Heather. Just keep it good we will see. Heather and Neda come out of the pantry so conversation stops. Adel says he is going to go see Sabrina up in HOH.
  3. 2:30 Neda stayed by herself in the HOH for a couple of minutes then followed Jon to the kitchen where everyone is sitting around. Heather is cutting up carrots for lunch and Sabrina is talking about country music. Sabrina heads up to HOH to listen to music. Neda getting the battery changes for everyone. Adel putting drops in his eyes.
  4. 2:10 heather and Neda in the bedroom trying to figure out if Jon is mad at them or not . Jon told Neda in the HOH a few minutes before that he wants to keep Adel because if Sabrina stays he is f%$# . Now Neda is trying to figure out with Heather if Jon his mad at them or if he heard them talking while he was locked in his HOH. They don't think he did. 2:15 Jon comes into the bedroom and starts talking to Heather and Neda about who they should keep. The girls tell him they didn't tell Sabrina she was safe that they haven't decided yet. That they kept their space from her because she is trying to make final twos with everyone. Jon says if she tries to do it with him he is going to call Sabrina out on it. The girls say don't tell her we told you she tried to make deals with us. Heather says she is not going to say anything to Sabrina because she doesn't want her to be mad when she goes to jury. (they all are talking in circles saying they don't know who they are going to keep) 2:25 Jon and Neda in HOH. Jon tells her he wants Adel to stay. Neda says she will think about it and she doesn't want Jon to be pissed that she doesn't do what he wants but she doesn't trust Adel. Jon just keeps saying he had 24 hrs to think about this and he wants Adel to stay. He wants final three to be Neda Adel and himself. That Jon and Neda can beat Adel and go to the final 2 but it would be harder to beat Heather. He says make your decision it is whatever it is. Neda says if Adel goes he wouldn't be mad at you he would be mad at Heather and Neda. Jon gets up to leave (not looking very happy)
  5. 5:38 Adel, Heather, Neda and Sabrina still joking around in the kitchen. Sabrina making funny faces at Adel. They bug Heather that a good punishment for her would have been taking away her sugar. Heather says no don't give them any ideas. (Adel and Sabrina joking like siblings its actually very funny) Adel says bless you my little angel to Heather and Neda says what about me so he says bless you my little pink panther because of her pink onsie. To Sabrina he says hex you. (this hex has been going back and forth between the two of them since veto ceremony) Heather says they both are as equally as bad for bugging each other today. Adel whistles up to Jon and faintly in the background we hear Jon whistle back.
  6. 5:28 Adel carved a face into the watermelon slice. He took it to the girls in the kitchen to show them. He carved a picture of Neda. Neda thought it looked horrible and it was mean of him. Adel said no he tried really hard by looking at her picture in the backyard. Neda took a knife and carved it up into chunks. The four of them are having some laughs in the kitchen every once in awhile shouting up to Jon who is locked up in the HOH.
  7. 5:15 Adel is in the kitchen cutting watermelon and Heather is on the couch doing her nails. Adel asks her what up that she doesn't seem herself. Heather says nothing I am just doing my nails. Adel goes outside to eat by the pool and says to himself "that little blonde is going to vote me out" Sabrina and Neda sitting by the hot tub and Sabrina is strongly pitching why she would be good for Neda's game. That there is no reason to lie to each other and if they vote Sabrina out she will not be bitter in the jury house over this. Heather joins them and the same speech goes to Heather how good Sabrina would be for both their games.
  8. 12:38 Heather Sabrina and Neda in the kitchen. Let the Sabrina campaign begin. Trying to find out what the girls thinking. Promising the girls she wont tell Adel if they decide to vote him out again swearing on everything. Now discussing Sabrina on slop she says"make sure I don't eat anything I am not suppose to because if I do its now counted as a vote against me"
  9. 12:28 Jon "if Adel wins the next HOH he will send home either one of you (Heather or Neda). If Sabrina stays and wins HOH she will take me out. If Adel goes and we win HOH its the 3 of us against Sabrina in Veto and then she goes home." They keep talking around in circles of which one to send out. Jon is wondering if he gets to wear real clothes in solitary. Heather asks BB if they have sweat pants swag because she would wear them all the time. Jon is now zooming into the cameras with his new hoodie that he is excited to wear. Jon is now worried about food while he is gone. Neda says no they will give you food. 12:34 Heather is talking about how she seen her boyfriend Will yesterday. Sabrina comes into the room. Jon has been called to DR. All the girls give him hugs goodbye. They think this is it he is off to solitary. They all leave the bedroom.
  10. 12:20 Jon "you guys don't feel smart enough to beat Sabrina in memory comps". Heather "if we are going to beat Sabrina we need to go over the days like crazy we don't have to worry about Adel for memory comps. These are the hardest decisions" Neda "I have a feeling we are going to have to vote the minute you come out of solitary confinement " Jon "then we need to figure this out" Neda "you going to solitary could mean nothing just give Adel a chance to drive us nuts" Jon "any pros for keeping Adel? I know for me if we keep him I will be final 3" Heather "do we let him know if we let him go?" Neda " no just keep him feeling safe" All of them agree to not tell Sabrina because she will tell Adel. Jon tells them Adel has been throwing comps.
  11. 12:11 feeds are back up Jon Neda and Heather are in the bedroom. Sounds like Heather used the veto and Adel is on the block. Plus I think Jon is going into solitary confinement for 36 hrs. Sabrina is on slop. Heather " Adel is not going to be nice to us for the next 36hrs"
  12. 9:00 Neda has been called to the DR again. She has gone a lot this last hour. The other HG joke with her that she is on her first mission. Adel is cooking again for him and Jon. Sabrina is up a moving around the bathroom.
  13. 8:35 Heather goes back downstairs to kitchen to talk to Adel. They discuss if there is going to be a veto tonight. Jon and Neda comes downstairs to. They all think there might be a veto competition tonight. Then the next minute nope there wont be. Adel thinks Canada has the veto this week. Jon wishes he could sleep like Sabs (she must be in bedroom they haven't shown her at all) this is why they think something is happening tonight they are allowed to nap later in the day than normal.



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