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Monday, April 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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‪10:57pm BBT Jon and Arlie in HN Room - Jon is drunk. Jon is saying a lot of things rather quickly. He says we are running this ship for the rest of the game. Jon says that if he and Arlie in final two he will gladly give up the win to him. Second place is enough to take care of him and his girlfriend.

11:10pm BBT Arlie and Allison talking about how Andrew was with Allison when she first came into the house. Andrew told Arlie to not talk to her and to stay away from her. Arlie says he listened to him but it sucked - but he knew his role at the time and did what he was told.

11:16pm BBT Jon Neda and Heather in HT area. Neda tells Jon to stop being an (expletive). Jon tells Neda she is being one too. Jon is drunk. Jon utters another swear and leaves. Heather asks what just happened. Neda says she doesn't know. Heather goes to try to get Jon back. Jon comes back and says I was completely happy - so why were you riding my a$$ all night. More back and forth and Jon says he's 100 percent down with the three of them as final three. He's good with that so questions again why there seems to have been a problem with Neda. She said no problem and Jon leaves. Neda puts her hands to her head

11:30pm BBT - Jon Allison and Arlie - Allison says they should trust her. Other than with Andrew she's never felt anyone trusted her in the game. Jon tells her not to worry. She says she doesn't want to be played for a fool. Jon says if you were an idiot we wouldn't be tLking to you. Allison says she wants final 4. Jon leaves. Arlie says to Allison - talk real to me. Tell me about the girls - and then Allison (seemingly) has a breakdown and is in tears with essentiAlly is a whoa is me tale. She left the other side no one talks to her - lots of tears. Then she throws out that Jon might beat Arlie in the end. {Academy Award winning performance - Scarletkate}

11:40pm BBT Pool Area - Jon, Neda and Heather - Neda clearly not happy with Jon's drunk Ntics and they share some expletives back and forth again. Jon says if he's not an expletive are they good for final 3. Jon takes off his microphone and jumps in the pools backwards a few times. Rochelle comes out and Neda and Heather leave. Neda's had enough. Adel comes out and tells Jon to dry off and stop being crazy.

11:55Pm BBT Allison and Arlie in HOHR WA - Allison appears like she might be drunk - tells Arlie she wants him to win. Arlie says he believes her. A drunk Jon comes in and Allison asks him to leave and the fact that she is crying doesn't seem to dawn on him. Arlie says to Allison - I am sorry you are feeling so bad and leaves. Allison gets up and almost falls and staggers to the WC.

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12:05 AM BBT Allison is in the BR crying to herself about how she doesn’t care anymore, she misses her mother, father, Andrew. This isn’t what she wanted to be. You made me be this person, she says. Luckily for Allison BB change to HotH while she changes. In the KT Jon gets Arlie strawberries. Sabrina is trying to decide if she should eat.

12:12 AM BBT Allison is still crying in the BR. Heather and Neda are trying to console her. Heather doesn’t get what’s going on. Allison says she’s the most terrible person in this game. That she is the worst at this game. She says there are 6 people in this group and she’s the 6th person, she knows that. She wants to go home. Neda wants to know what is happening. Now Allison is saying she doesn’t want to go home. I love this game, she says.

12:30 AM BBT Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle in the HT area. Arlie is saying that they won’t be going home but will talk tomorrow when he isn’t as drunk. Arlie was saying that he, and said person, will keep them safe this week. Jon comes in and he is ‘said’ person. Sabrina says they will do what they can, cut their bodies in 3rds, to win HOH and the boys could throw the comp so the girls can do their dirty work to get Heather or Adel up. Arlie says the girls are dead in the water unless Jon and Arlie keep them safe. Arlie says they are going to send Allison home this week. Sabrina believes they are going to back door Allison and they should act completely shocked. Sabrina is trying to convince them to throw the HOH and have the girls do the dirty work.

12:39 AM BBT In the BR Adel is going to bed. Heather and Neda head downstairs and to the BY and settle down in the pool area. Heather says it’s the hardest thing she’s had to endure in this game. They know that Arlie said something to upset Allison. Heather thinks she knows about the guys alliance and is trying to get her vote in the end. Both their hearts are breaking for Allison. They are whispering and a little hard to hear.

12:50 AM BBT Jon comes by the pool to give Heather and Neda new batteries. BB tells Jon to fix his mic – he’s very hard to hear. In the HT area Arlie is trying to get them to swear. Sabrina swears on her family and Rachelle also swore they will vote or put up on the block whoever Arlie and Jon want. Arlie will keep this deal even if Jon doesn’t want to, he says. Arlie says this is very preliminary. They will talk more tomorrow.

12:57 AM BBT Jon, Neda and Heather in the pool area. Jon says he will never put Neda and Heather on the block together. He’s not going to lose Veto to Adel and Arlie. They have his word, he says. Jon asks Neda what she’s thinking about. She doesn’t want to say. Jon says the two girls are deciding what happens this week. Arlie joins them. Arlie says they (Sabrina and Rachelle) are fun to play with. It was too fun to play with them and funny to watch them grovel.

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3:30am BBT Everyone is asleep except up in the HoH where Heather and Neda are working hard to get Jon to turn on Arlie instead of Allison. While they go 'round and 'round, I'm going to join the smarter HG and rest up before Monday's exciting PoV meeting!

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1:20 AM BBT Neda and Heather in the HT area. They believe Allison due to her crying. Jon is sending her home. Arlie says to heather final 6 but never final 4. Neda wants Arlie home next week. He’s trying to manipulate them. They want, in this order, Allison, Arlie, Adel, Sabrina and Rachelle gone. Neda think they could convince anyone to use the veto except Adel. Heather is sure she has Adel. Heather thinks they can make it to final 2.

1:33 AM BBT Jon and Arlie in the SR with no audio. Looks like a good conversation. Jon goes into the BY looking to see who is there. Still no sound. Arlie joins Neda and Heather in the HT area. Heather tells him they were talking about the comp they just did. Now they are talking about food. Neda has said a few times today that she wants a cheeseburger. Heather suddenly announces that she has to pee. Everyone gets up and leaves. Arlie announces that he is going to bed. Heather goes into the SR and Jon follows. Heather tells him that Arlie is trying to round up votes for Jury. Neda joins them and Heather goes up to the HOH to see Allison and listen to a song.

1:39 AM BBT Jon and Neda talk in the SR. Heather is listening outside the door. Jon says Neda better not try to keep Allison. Neda tries to find out what Arlie said to her. Rachelle and Sabrina come into the SR and tell them that Heather was listening to them. They leave. Jon asks Neda how much she trusts him. 90% she says. Jon says he f*cked up.

1:47 AM BBT Up in the HOH Allison is asleep on the bed. Heather is on the couch listening to music. In the BR the lights are off. Back in the SR Neda and Jon are still talking. Neda says he still tells him everything. BB tells them to stop talking in code. Neda says he’s like a needy girlfriend.

1:59 AM BBT Jon, Neda and Heather in the HT area. Jon isn’t happy that Allison is sleeping in his bed. Heather is saying that Allison already knows that she is going. Jon says there is no reason for him to keep Allison here unless they think there is a reason for their game. Jon asks if there are any pros to keeping her? Silence. Heather says they are thinking. Then she says no. They consider the possibility of Arlie or Adel going up. Jon would consider Arlie over Allison. Pros would be Arlie is a big competitor. If Adel wins Jon would 100% go up. They never thought about Arlie on the block before this moment, Heather says. If they did it and took Rachelle off they couldn’t let her be alone with Arlie at all.

2: 18 AM BBT Jon Neda and Heather are still talking by the HT. They are deliberating the pros and cons of sending Arlie home. Heather says as soon as she gets up and she’ll wake up Neda and they’ll come up and speak to Jon in the HOH to make a final decision. Allison will vote how every they want her to vote.

They are trying to think of different scenarios beyond this week also. Adel confessed to either Jon or Heather that he’s been watching BB since the beginning. He’s a huge fan. They move back talking about Arlie. Jon thinks if Arlie wins he’ll put up Jon, but if Allison wins can the girls control her? There may not be many other chances to get Arlie out. He does see himself losing in physical comps unless it’s Arlie.

2:28 AM BBT Jon, Heather and Neda, they feel are the best final 3 choice. Jon asks they what they want. Neda says Arlie out. They feel better going against Allison than Arlie in a comp. Arlie said to heather tht Arlie said he wants to put up Jon. Jons says go up and talk to Heather. They get up and he panics – wait what are you going to say. Heather says we know. We got this girl thing.

2:42 AM BBT Still Jon, Heather and Neda. They need to grab Adel first thing in the morning. They swear that the three of them will go to final 3. Heather and Neda go talk to Allsion. In the HOH they are trying to wake her up. They are sprinkling water on her. They send her to wash her face. Not the way I imagined this going, Neda says. Allison gets the the bathroom and laysdown on the floor. (I wonder how long before they realize no water is running) They keep calling to Allison but not checking on her. They decide that she’s too drunk to talk to right now and try to get her to be in the main room. Screens have gone to HotH

2:51 AM BBT Neda goes back down to talk to Jon but no sound. The HotH come back on. All screens are HotH.

3:23 AM BBT Jon and Neda are cleaning out the slop buckets in the KY. Jon asks them to go to the HOH. He wants to make sure the girls are playing him straight. Neda says if he wants to wait til next week they can. Jon says it will be too late. Exactly! Says the girls. They debate their decision again. Heather says Arlie isn’t taking Jon or Neda to the end. Arlie trust Allison or Deli. Jon has been speaking to the gremlins and told them they were the last ones Arlie was interested in keeping. They will have to keep an eye out on them the entire time. They can’t be alone.

3: AM BBT They have to get Allison up first thing in the morning and come up to the HOH to talk. They also need to keep an eye on the gremlins.

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08:10 AM BBT Heather and Neda wake up and leave have not room.

08:12 AM BBT Adel up. Heads to shower room.

08:15 Heather whispering to Alison. Inaudible.

08:17 AM BBT Heather tells Alison to go to a meeting in HOH. Jon wants to speak to her.

08:18 AM BBT Alison complaining of sore head.

08:20 AM BBT Heather informs Neda and Jon Alison is coming.

08:20 AM BBT Arlie, Jon, Neda Heather and Alison speaking about how much Alison vomited last night. Jon says this will be the worst day ever. Alison leaves. Heather asks to use HOH shower. Jon says yes. Arlie says in his mic "don't let them talk together big brother.

08:24 AM BBT 2 feeds on hush. 2 HOH online with Arlie and Jon talking. Arlie saying he needs to find out what the deal is with the girls. Jon goes to find Adel (sounds like Arlie is throwing Adel under the bus)

08:25 AM BBT Neda, Jon, Alison and heather outside. Neda says if they are willing to keep her would she be on board. Alison says yes. Neda says people have been pushing to get rid of Alison. Neda says it would be a good game move to get Arlie out as he has the votes. Jon farts and the girls laugh. Alison says they are keeping her so she is happy but she was ready to throw her game away last night because she has no team.

08:27 AM BBT Heather asks Alison if she is ok with getting rid of Arlie. Alison says "fuck yeah. This is a game".

08:28 AM BBT Neda says Arlie has final 2 deals with everyone. Alison says Sabrina said he has her vote. They all agree that anyone at the end with Arlie is a loser. Heather says after last night it brought the three girls closer together and they couldn't get rid of her after everything she told them when she joined them.

08:30 BBT Neda says a lot of people want Alison gone.

Neda asks if Alison trusts arlie. She says no. Neda informs Alison that Arlie was trying to get a final 4 deal with the gremlins and Jon. Alison shocked.

08:31 AM BBT Neda says if Arlie wasn't shady they would get the gremlins out. Alison confirms that Jon would get rid of Arlie. Neda says yes that they hold the votes. They say Adel is going to freak out. Heather says they need to stick together til the end. Alison says she isn't surprised people want to back door her as she is just a number. Neda seems to agree. Alison says that at the end she won't win. She's physicially done nothing in the game.

08:34 AM BBT Sabrina enters and game talk stops. Sabrina asking what necklace to wear to POV ceremony. She leaves again. The girls talk about how much they drank last night.

08:35 AM BBT Alison says she isn't a moron she knew switching sides in the game she would still be the bottom of the totem pole. Neda tries to reassure her.

08:36 AM BBT Jon and Arlie in HOH. Arlie blissfully unaware of the plan to backdoor him.

08:36 AM BBT Heather says they should tell Adel after the ceremony. Neda disagrees and says they need ot tell him so he feels included in the decision. Neda says Adel needs to go next. She wants Alison to feel included in the alliance. The three of them talking that it would be a waste of Jon's reign if they don't make a move like this now.

08:38 AM BBT Alison thanks the girls for keeping her safe and watching her last night. They head indoor to get ready for the ceremony.

08:39 AM BBT Adel informing Jon he flashed to the girls last night at the pool and shouted about the size of it. Rochelle said it's the same size as her boyfriends.

08:41 AM BBT Arlie says to Adel that something happened last night.

08:42 AM BBT Adel says he is going to take out Jon. Arlie says yeah. Adel says he and Arlie can still make final three.

08:44 AM BBT Adel tries to talk game to Heather but Rachelle walks in.

08:45 AM BBT Neda, Heather, Jon and Adel head outside. Heather says they found out a lot of information last night. Neda, Heather and Jon tell him Arlie has final 2 with them all. Without hesitation Adel says "I'm in".

08:47 AM BBT Neda says Arlie was trying to get Alisons' vote last night. Adel says he is worried that the girls will take him or jon next. Neda and Heather say thats not the case. Jon says Alison will be going next week unless she wins. Adel wants Jon to get Alison to confirm she won't go after him.

08:49 AM BBT Adel says he told Alison that Heather saved her the last time.

08:50 AM BBT Neda says Arlie told Alison about the plan to backdoor her. Neda says they are in a good position.

08:50 AM BBT Adel, Heather and Neda recapping where Arlie went wrong. Adel says he couldn't win against any of the boys. The girls agree. He asks them not to tell Jon anything. Adel says they can't win HOH. Heather says there is four of them competing and Alison. Adel asks if she would jump to the gremlins. Neda says she doesn't think so. Adel asks what Alison swore on. Alison comes in.

08:53 AM BBT Adel says to Alison that she has to take the gremlins out. Alison questions why he is confirming it. She's with them. They high 5 each other and head back to the house. Adel says they can't turn back from this. Arlie has to go.

08:54 AM BBT Adel pulls Jon in the storage room. Arlie enters. Says "shits crazy right now" They agree. Adel asks if the gremlins said anything last night. Arlie says they are avoiding him and Jon. He says that Heather and Neda will take a swing at them next week. Arlie says Adel and Jon need to stick like glue to Heather and Neda.

08:57 AM BBT Jon, Adel and Arlie cleaning up. Arlie called to DR.

08:58 AM BBT Adel and Jon return to storage room. They recap who Arlie had final 3 deals with.

08:59 AM BBT Arlie enters. Adel wonders if the gremlins and the girls will partner up and do an all girls alliance. Arlie says no. Adel says they could do it. Arlie says the girls hate each other.

09:00 AM BBT Jon said the girls games are resting on his veto. Arlie says Alison is going home the girls probably already told her.

09:01 AM BBT Arlie says if the girls ask to keep Alison say yes and see who votes to keep her.

09:02 AM BBT The guys return to cleaning.

09:03 AM BBT Arlie leaves. Jon whispers that Arlie is lying to their faces. Jon called to DR.

09:04 AM BBT Adel whistling as though he id trying to signal one of the girls to come down. Rachelle comes down. Goes to storage room. Adel follows and tries to tell her about Arlie going. She already knows. Jon told her. Adel begs her not to flip on him next week. He trusts her so much. She trusts him too. He leaves.

09:06 AM BBT Sabrina asks Rachelle to go outside. Adel called to DR.

09:07 AM BBT Rachelle says she gets stressed at nominations. Sabrina says she doesn't want her to feel sad the vetoes being used on her (sabrina) Rachelle says its being used on her (rachelle) sabrina storms off looking for Jon. She returns and Rachelle says it doesn't really matter. Arlies obviously going home.

09:09 AM BBT Sabrina says she wants the veto used on herself as she's been on the block three times.

09:11 AM BBT Adel and Jon back in storage room. He says Jon can't play next HOH and the gremlins may take a swipe at the both of them. Adel says it could be their downfall taking out Arlie. Jon agrees. It's a huge game move.

09:12 AM BBT Adel says he would rather he, Jon and Arlie than any other people.

08:13 AM BBT Jon says if Alison wins she will put up whomever he tells her to.

09:13 AM BBT Jon leaves. Arlie says to camera " We just lost the fucking game".

09:16 AM BBT Jon comes out to Rachelle and Sabrina and makes them swear to keep him safe if he wins. They both say he is safe and even Neda.

09:17 AM BBT Jon leaves. Sabrina says she is the last one left standing of the final five. Rachelle says "new final 2"

09:21 AM BBT 2 feeds down. Sabrina and Rachelle talking about what they want when they win HOH.

09:22 AM BBT Neda says she is so happy right now to Jon.

09:23 AM BBT Neda is getting Jon clothes while he sits in bed. Neda says that she wants Jon to wear jeans. Adel enters and offers to iron Nedas clothes. Adel says that these next few days will be crazy. Arlie will do anything to flip the house. Adel says he doesn;t have the gremlins or Alison. Neda says no one has Alison.

09:26 AM BBT Adel says to Heather that the two of them will be the gremlins biggest targets. Adel says they have to stay as a 4. He only has them 4.

09:27 AM BBT Sabrina and neda outside. Neda says she's been pushing for this for so long. And not pushing for gremlins to go. Neda is taking all the credit saying last night she thought "I want Arlie out. And now it's happening" Sabrina says that neda, heather and alison are the only ones left who have the potential to make a big move.

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09:51 AM BBT Just general chit chat in the house as HG's continue to get ready.

09:52 AM BBT Neda says to Adel Arlie is a super fan of the show. Adel says they need to reaffirm that there is now 4 in the alliance.

09:55 AM BBT Adel says to Neda that if he wins he is putting up the gremlins then if one of them win pov, Alison. He says if the gremlins win this hoh they are going to the end.

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12:43 PM BBT Feeds are back!! Allison, Heather Neda Jon and Adel in HOHR Talking about Pov ceremony, sounds as Arlie is now on the block

12:45 PM BBT Arlie is laying down in bed looking at ceiling in BR by himself

12:48 PM BBT HOHR Sloppy 2nds (minus Arlie) I Guess Allison USED her POV!! They are laughing about how things change in the house!

12:50 PM BBT HOHR Allison saying she had to plan where to hide the POV so no one would feel it when they hugged, just inc ase she didn't use it. Heather was afraid Allison was with the Gremlins. (For almost being put on the block by her own alliance she sure is cheery. *Eye roll*)

12:53 PM BBT Arlie still in BR looking sad laying on bed

Back in HOHR Still talking about the secret POV and how it could have been used and what could have happened... (These people are getting a lil too big for their britches)

No Sign of the Gremlins on any of the feeds as of yet

12:56 PM BBT Sab and Ro are in the KT (Guess BB was sick of showing Arlie doing nothing) Sab is doing dishes and Ro is sitting on other side of counter, no talking

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12:47PM BBTFeeds back Seems that Allison used her POV. Arlie is definitely up and the second person on the block is still unclear but might be Adel. Heather was crying and Allison comforting her but not sure why at this point.

12:50PM BBT Arlie in BR laying on the bed. Appears to be in the room by himself. He looks shell shocked. He is on the block.

12:55PM BBT Jon Neda Adel Heather and Allison on HOHR They are discussing Allison using POV and how shocked everyone was. Both Sabrina and Rachelle are off the block. Still haven't definitively determined who is the replacement nominee but it seems like its Adel. Will confirm ASAP. In any case Arlie seems to be the one going home.

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12:57 PM BBT IN HOHR They are picking up dirty dishes and bringing them down to KT

Jon Neda and Heather go into HOHR BR and whisper

1:00 PM BBT Neda Tells Heather she doesn't trust Allison in HOHR BR

1:02 PM BBTJon and Adel in SR swear allegence to each other,

1:04 PM BBT HOHR BR Heather and Neda talking about their DR session last night when they were drunk, calling themselves Heads and Neds. Neda announces she has to poo, (thanks for sharing)

1:06 PM BBT KT Sab is overly happy and is booty popping in the middle of the KT, hugging Ro

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1:03PM BBT Neda and Heather in HOH WA They are afraid Heather will align with Sabrina and Rachelle. Neda says they need to win next week and send a gremlin home (Sabrina or Rachelle). Neda speculating about Allison. She thinks that Canada voted to give her the POV. She says they voted her into the house. And now wondering if she is an actress because she made Neda cry last night. Wondering why she was crying and upset when she had the POV all along

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1:13 PM BBT HOHR Jon is laying on his bed looking upset (Guessing his plan not going well) Neda comes out of the bathroom and sits on bed, they are talking about Allison and they think she is a mole and had 48 hours to be in a showmance and that she is the underdog... totally speculating

1:18 PM BBT Arlie has rejoined the world and is sitting at the counter in the KT General Chit Chat and Cooking going on with Sabs, Ro and Adel

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1:15PM BBT All HG with the exception of Arlie and Neda in the Kitchen. Cleaning, preparing food and eating. Just general chit chat about supplies, cooking. Allison saying if she didn't use the veto she would not have been able to tell anyone about it. She said using it this way was better than being in a position where she had to use it on herself.

1:22PM BBT In HOHR Jon and Neda talking about Allison. Neda thinks that she was given 48 hours to start a showmance in order to stay in the house. That is why it happened with Andrew so quickly. Wondering if she's a mole. They were so afraid when she pulled out the POV. Jon still can't believe she pulled off a gremlin. She thinks Allison is going to align with Sabrina and Rachelle now. Neda again questions why Allison was crying last night when she had the POV. Heather comes in and now they tell her that they think Allison is a mole. Either that or Canada just likes her because she is an underdog.

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1:23 PM BBT

Arlie has left the KT, Ro is complimenting adel on how he can eat anything and not gain weight

HOHR Jon and Neda have been joined by Heather talking about Arlie and how he would have come after them next week anyways so it is best he is on the block

1:26 PM BBT

HOHR Heather "Bye Bye first Five"

1:28 PM BBT

HOHR Neda is pissed because Sabs is saying Backdooring Arlie was her idea

1:30 PM BBT

HOHR Adel has joined the girls, Jon had left awhile ago, talking more about Allison being a Mole and that Canada didn't vote her in, and how Allison says she is the low man on the toteum pole, Jon rejoins them and they tell him the same thing

1:35 PM BBT

HOHR Adel Confirms that he is on the block also, so it is Adel and Arlie, the Gremlins have escaped the chopping block for another week. He tells Heather Neda and Jon if he goes home that they have to fight for HoH!

Heather and Neda left alone in HOHR to rehash everything over and over again... (Boring switching cams)

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1:38 PM BBT

HT Arlie is sitting outside and is joined by Sabs and Ro but they decide to go back inside to the backyard because it is raining outside and they don't want to get wet. They go to the pool area and are planning out next week's events, since they are safe now they think they have this game wrapped up

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1:37PM BBT Jon passes Sabrina on the stairs and Sabrina asks him to come upstairs. She says Allison saved her and now they have the numbers to get Adel out. John looks puzzled. Sabrina says she's voting out Arlie, but they need to sit down with Jon and Neda and have a serious conversation about them being final 4. If that's not assured then she will keep Arlie. Sabrina says she is tired of how Adel is treating her and tells Jon he better talk to him about it. After Jon leaves Sabrina says Allison now has her trust one hundred percent. Still no sign of Arlie on the feeds. Sabrina says she and Rachelle are in control now. Sabrina says they will tell Jon and Neda final 5 - and you have to swear whoever wins HOH (and then they are interrupted before they can finish the conversation)

1:46PM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina go out into backyard. Arlie is there sitting in the rain. They say it's raining and they'll get all wet so they are going back in and say sorry to Arlie. They are in the seating area at the bottom of the stairs. Sabrina says they got treated badly last week and now they are in control and her speech is going to be "You need to swear on all your family members including the unborn ones that Adel and Heather go up on the block and whoever wins POV will keep the nominations the same. Sabrina says if they don't keep that deal then they will align with Heather and take Adel out. She says that what they did to Arlie is what she has been crucified for the last two weeks. She says "Talk about **^^% hypocrites!"

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