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  1. I saw the item on the LFU updates about Nicole and Hayden being a couple still - despite the fact that she says she's single....so I did a little searching. Didn't take long to find this - they attended the premiere of Me Before You together on May 23.
  2. 5:30 BBT Feeds are still out. Earlier (3ish) BB had advised HGs to get ready for POV competition. That did not happen due to Ramsey receiving tragic family news. But feeds did come back up briefly. (They may be playing POV or just deciding what to do in light of Ramsey's situation/ Scarletkate )
  3. Just after 3pm BBT - Players advised to get ready for POV comp. Just before 4pm BBT - Feeds go down briefly. When they come back up Maddy is consoling Ramsey. Seems he has had some news of a family death and will be leaving in the morning.
  4. 5:45pm BBT - Emmett is helping Loveita and Kelsey with a task. They are hiding poker chips all over the house. The house guests are going to have a limited amount of time to find them.
  5. Oh my goodness - I couldn't have wished for a better pair to get this power!!! Goodbye Bruno Zach or Godfrey!!! Sarah already won POV so she's off the block and can't go back up. For sure Britnee is going to be put up in her place. Then either she will take herself off if she wins the power or Sarah will take her off if Sarah wins the power. After the blow up after last eviction I have no doubt that Bruno would be going up if Sarah wins it. This is certainly going to be interesting!!! I can't wait!!! Second thought - maybe they'll get rid of Zach - break up the last couple. I think given the above scenario Godfrey is the only one who wouldn't go.
  6. 4:30PM BT Just turned on the feeds briefly while preparing dinner and thought this was worth reporting (Scarletkate) Adel takes Neda aside in the backyard and says that if Neda will keep him this week, if he goes to jury next week he will campaign for her to win with the other jury members.
  7. 2:05 BBT Jon and Neda in HOHR. Jon says if Sabrina goes to the end she has a good chance of winning. Neda says she agrees and has been trying to beat that into Heather's head. Jon says do what you want to do and leaves the HOHR. Jon is in a foul mood after having just finished his 24 hours in isolation. 2:13 PM BBT Neda and Heather in BR They agree they are not going to win against Jon or Sabrina. Heather doesn't understand why Jon is treating her differently. They are speculating whether Jon might have seen something. Neda says she is now back to 50/50 as to who to keep. Neda says he has to have seen something. They say that they can play off being with Sabrina. However, they can't play it off if Jon actually heard something. Jon is now in the BR with them. They are talking jury votes. Neda and Heather making the case to Jon for keeping Adel, despite the fact that they seem to be planning to keep Sabrina. As always, things change on a dime in the BB house. Heather telling Jon not to talk to Sabrina about who is being evicted. Trying to cover their tracks. 2:30 PM BBT Jon and Neda in HOHR Now Neda saying she hasn't decided who to evict. Jon said it is what it is. I put Adel up and therefore gave you the option of who to send home. He says he might have made a mistake. Neda says what - you should have put me up. Jon says maybe. You wouldn't have gone home. But now it is out of my hands. Jon says he'll be upset if it happens (Adel is eviceted) but there is nothing he can do at this point. Jon says again - do what you have to do. I will adapt as I have through the rest of the game. He says he'll just have to play for veto and figure out what to do at the end. Jon said he was in isolation for 24 hours and when he first came into the room he wanted Adel gone. Sometime during the 24 hours he changed his mind. Neda is trying to pump him for information to see if he actually saw or heard something. Jon says - play for yourself. Do whatever you want to do. 2:43 PM BBT Jon Adel Sabrina in Kitchen area - Sabrina continues to offer her worldly advice - telling Adel what to do for his eye infection despite the fact that he just came from seeing the doctor. They are making fun of her for it. Heather comes into the kitchen and either Heather told Jon she wanted to talk to him or vice versa. In any case, they agree to talk but can't do it in the HOHR as Heather cannot go in there. They start to talk but Neda comes in the kitchen and they stop. Neda leaves to go get something from the pantry and Jon whispers to Heather - asking her if everything is okay. Jon whispers to Adel that he thinks Heather is going to vote to evict him, but that Neda and he will vote to keep him. He tells Adel not make a big deal of it. Adel says he's going to the HOHR to bug Sabrina. 2:54 Adel gets changed and heads out to the hot tub and promptly turns around. Says he can't go out there - there are big drops of rain and they are cold. He's complaining about having put on weight. Neda says = so that's who the baby shower was for. Neda and Heather in the kitchen cooking pasta/sauce. Jon and Adel now in the area. There will be no game talk while all four of them are together. Sabrina is in HOHR by herself listening to music.
  8. 10:50AM BBT Neda Jon in hammock still - Adel on the ground beside them. Horsing about still. Jon tells BB he's not sleeping he's "doing Zen" he's the "Zen cowboy". Jon says that his Dad used to say he wasn't sleeping, he was just resting his eyes. Adel gets up and says he's going to get some fresh air. For some reason Neda says Heather calm down. Jon calls Heather a name that alludes to her being an eavesdropper. Neda wondering if Heather is out with the gremlins. Neda says Heather said to her last night - We're good to the end right? Neda says based on that she thinks that Heather overheard their conversation. Now talking about Adel wanting to take Jon to the end and counting jury votes if that happened. More Jedi training
  9. 10:35AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle in BY - no game talk as Rachelle has made it clear that she wants no part of game talk today. General chit chat. Jon and Neda in hammock - Adel beside them on the ground. Just horsing around. Jon asks Heather about her knee. She hurt it last night. Jon talking about smoking last night and drinking all the liquor/beer that he was given. Adel talking about how some of the other HG's thought Jon was dumb - hit in the head too many times with a hockey puck - Adel thought he was dumb too. Jon says Neda is the only person he didn't act dumb around. Neda says she is never celebrating Easter ever again. (She went on slop following their Easter themed comp.)
  10. 10:07AM BBT The doors to the main house come down. They are on outside of the main house lock down. Neda telling Jon how annoying he was last night when he insisted they study. She can't study the way he does. Neda wants to study in chronological order and Jon wants to just throw out days and ask what happened on that day. Jedi training continues. 10:11AM BBT Heather in the pool area doing her makeup. Rachelle and Sabrina in HT area. Sabrina says it seems like you are mad at me. Sabrina says she's having heart palpitations and just wants to enjoy herself with Rachelle. Sabrina says she's sorry if she's upset, but she knows there was no changing their mind about Rachelle leaving so she was just trying to set up her plan for the following week. Sabrina says she woke up in a bad mood. Sabrina asks Rachelle if she is sad that she is leaving. Rachelle says she's excited but sad. Sabrina says if she gets HOH she wants to get Adel out. Rachelle reiterates what she said last night about getting Jon out first. Sabrina says she doesn't care she hates Adel. Rachelle acknowledges that she is upset that Sabrina keeps bringing up further game strategy in front of her and she doesn't care to listen to it because she is leaving.
  11. 9:40AM BBT Feeds in an out - Sabrina in BR - Neda comes in and says she doesn't like it when they have to get ready so quickly. 9:407AM BBT Jon in the hammock lamenting drinking so much last night. He says whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing this morning he hopes it doesn't involve walking or blinking. Adel is annoyed at BB - they left the TV screen on in the HOHR last night despite his repeated requests for them to turn it off. He said it was like the Northern Lights in there. Jon says to Neda that he is hurting. Neda says I think you are still drunk and tells him his eyes go all wonky when he's drunk. 9:55AM BBT Jon and Neda in the hammock - trying to speak quietly so Heather doesn't hear them. Jon says that Heather asked him earlier if anything exciting had gone on after she went to bed. Neda and Jon are suspect of this because Heather is known for hanging around outside doors and eavesdropping. They think she was outside the door when they were talking about Sabrina last night. Jon leaves to do something and says we're not ready yet Big Brother.
  12. 1:01PM BBT Jon and Adel on the couches talking. Jon says that at some point they all started playing the game. Adel says he's bee playing from the beginning. Adel says all that matters is that Sabrina goes out before him. Adel says that he could not live with himself if he went out before her. Now BB giving three minute warning to go outside for lock down. They are wondering what the purpose of the lock down is. Outside Neda says to Jon - I can't stand to be around her. (Assuming she is talking about Sabrina Everyone settling into the couches and the hammock for the lock down. All HG out there with the exception of Sabrina. Now Sabrina comes out and Jon asks her to shut the door.
  13. 11:57AM BBT Heather and Jon in BY working out still. Heather says to Jon - can you imagine if Rachelle had won. Jon says no. Jon asks if Pizza Pizza has soft crust pizza. Then they discuss how long pizza will keep in the fridge. Jon says lets put a piece in the fridge for Neds. (Which leads me to believe that Neda is a have not until Thursday). BB tells them to stop mentioning brand names. Jon talks about having pizza and whiskey and maybe even a cigar tonight.
  14. 11:47AM BBT Neda and Rachelle in WA BB talking to Neda - can she come to DR in ten minutes - she asks for 15 minutes and we get brief HOTH. 11:49AM BBT Jon in BY working out - upper body work out. Heather now out of DR as she joins him in the BY. Jon shouts in to Rachelle - asks her if she had any idea how close she was (again referring to the competition that took place earlier when we had HOTH) She says she doesn't care - but would have been upset if the reward had been a family thing. Sabrina again says she would have lost it if it had been a family thing as well. Now Jon asking Heather if she wants to do whiskey shots tonight. Heather says sure.
  15. 11:40AM BBT Feeds are back! Rachelle in WA doing ADLs. Neda in the shower. Sabrina is in the Kitchen preparing to cook. Jon and Heather now in kitchen as well. Jon is sweeping the floor. Evidently there was some sort of competition. Sabrina says she lost by 4 Jon lost by 1. Sabrina said she is just happy it wasn't a video from home because if it had been she would have been upset. Sabrina speaking briefly in French - not sure to whom. Might have been have/have not competition. 11:42AM BBT Heather in backyard doing upper body work out. She said in conversation with Jon and Neda last night that she was going to do that this morning. Heather now called to the DR. She perkily says "OK"
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