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My BB15 Evicton by manders222


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I am excited to present the following recollection by our own manders222 who attended the F5 eviction of Judd taped Tuesday evening, the week before the finale of BB15. Never having been to California, I am always interested in reading about the experiences of those from the west coast and manders2222 offers the added benefit of being an "industry insider", having worked in the entertainment business in LA. I enjoyed her insights and hope you do to. Note that this was written exclusively for Morty's TV a week later on Finale Night.

---------- ---------- ----------

As a life long BB fan I was so excited to go to my first live eviction last week. I always wanted to go and took fully opportunity to hit up my new neighbor who happens to be a producer on the show. I went on a Tuesday and quickly figured out it was being taped to be on the following night as a double eviction week.

I have to admit, that living in LA and working in the entertainment industry I kind of keep my passion for the show quiet. But the minute I arrived at CBS studios in Studio City, I knew I had found my people. We were checked in and all had to sign waivers that we would not say what happened that night until the show aired. Our photos were taken and we were lined up.

There were whispers about how this episode was a “Special” night. I just figured it was because it was an eviction. It was really cool to be around a bunch of people that loved the show as much as I do. I took a friend who I knew was a “Super Fan”. We were so excited.

After waiting about an hour, we were walked across the lot to the “BB” stage, which is amazing from the outside. It’s about twice the size of a normal Television sound stage and you can see the back of the yard’s wall which has a cover on it and lots of lights and cameras hanging from it.

We were brought into the stage it’s self, which is much bigger than I thought it would be. I knew the show was technically “live”, however, the energy of all the people who were running around was really cool. Everyone who works on the show really LIVES it.

The studio audience is much smaller than I thought it would be with only about 60 people. A producer got up on the stage and welcomed us, saying that we “Must know someone, be cause tonight is a very special night.” We of course were not allowed to being our cell phones so no pictures.

Pretty soon the show was almost under way and an announcer came out and started a conversation with the audience about what had been going on in the house. Asking whom we wanted to be evicted, and whom we thought would win. Being that I do not have the live feeds I had no idea what had happened. The week prior, Amanda and Elissa had been evicted and I was REALLY looking forward to seeing McCrae or Gina Marie come out of the house. Honestly, I wanted to see if he was “sexier” in person or the condition of GM’s extensions. I also wanted to hear her talk in person. (I can’t help it, I don’t like her much but she fascinates me.)

Only 3 or 4 people in the audience knew what had happened and since the live feeds had been shut off by this point I was not totally sure what had happened since Sunday’s episode. However I quickly discovered that McCrae had been taken off the block by winning the Veto competition.

Then my favorite “BB” personality, Julie Chen came out. I just have to take a moment to say that people have been making a big deal out of her recent plastic surgery confession lately but she is STUNNING!! (And wearing my favorite hairstyle she sports, a side pony!!)

I was really surprised that she did not stand there waiting for her cues. She instantly started talking with the audience about what was happening and asking for a vote by hands about who was the audience favorite. Julie was really surprised that there was really not a “Favorite” in the audience. Most people were rooting for Judd, and the least amount of people were rooting for Andy. The rest got a few hands but not much. Our host, a really funny and cool guy, went on to make jokes about how Nick and McCrae were going to need to get a group rate on Restraining Orders. Most people thought that Amanda was the real bully of the house this season and next to Aaryn, the most disliked person.

Once the show got started, we watched the video packages just like we see on TV and did the commercial breaks the same way. The odd thing is that at times, we were asked to keep our applause and reactions quite while watching these, as the houseguests can hear us and they did not want us to give any hints to them inside the house.

We watched the Veto competition and Judd’s mini melt down in the house. Before long the vote was under way and Judd was evicted. And all of a sudden not more than four feet from me was Judd. Who was Amazing! He was HILARIOUS. I could have just listened to that guy talk for an hour. He’s actually really much smarter that I had given him credit for. And. Ladies. Really good looking.

After Judd left the stage, we were again asked by Julie to vote for who we thought was going to win. The vote was even more split. Only one person out of 60 was still rooting for Andy, And no one for Spencer. This seemed to really surprise her. She said in all the years of the show, she had never seen an audience so split. Then it was on to the HOH and to say that we were disappointed that Andy won would be an understatement. The audience barley clapped at all.

And just like that, the show was over.

But we were asked to stay seated. As they were having a celebration as this was the 501st episode of “BB” they brought out a HUGE cake and all the staff came on stage and so did the producers and the Julie and CBS president Les Moonves, who we all know id Julie’s husband. It was really awesome to see all of them up there. Everyone gave speeches and Julie talked about the way the show has changed from the European Version of the show. She talked about how America used to vote out the houseguests (Which I had forgotten.) and that CBS decided to change the format, as America tends to vote out all the interesting people.

While they cut the cake (Which I really wanted a piece of), we were thanked and released.

Personally I was so thrilled with my experience and seeing how much this show means to everyone working on it means to them. These people really get involved in it and it is a 24-hour a day job for all of them. The crew refers to it as “Summer Camp”.

Personally, I was glad that my experience was so positive there, as I have really had a problem with the fact that I have not really liked any of the house guests this year. Even from the first episode, there was just no one I could really get behind and cheer on. We all know that the people on “BB” this year have not been very well schooled on, shall we say, social graces. And I was really disappointed in the “BB” staff for not handling those situations differently. But I have hope that next year (YES there will be a next year as they announced that at the party!!) they will make better decisions in their casting choices.

As I said, I work in the entertainment industry and have myself been involved with Reality competition shows and my boyfriend even employs some contestants from one that is currently airing so I have seen the casting process and am sure they have more than enough people to choose from. However it was super exciting and I hope that next summer I get to go again.

Today is the finale and honestly I have to say that sadly, there is no one that I am cheering for. But never the less, it’s “BB” and like them or not, my summer is not the same without it. Being that I got to be a bigger part of it this year was awesome!!

-- manders2222


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