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Monday, September 2 Live Feed Updates


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12:10 AM BBT: Andy is out of the shower and is listening to GM's CD. Spencer joins him upstairs to discuss Amanda rolling over and how he doesn't want it to mess them up.

12:20 AM BBT: Judd is upstairs now discussing that it is crucial that they win HOH. Amanda enters to talk about Elissa and how rude she is. Elissa told Amanda that she thinks that everyone in the jury house hates her. Amanda says she is ignoring her.

12:30 AM BBT: Elissa is in the BYD discussing brands of things and what is good and what isn't. Back upstairs Mccrae, Spencer, Andy, Judd, are discussing how bad it would be if a politician was in the house for their life outside the house. They continue to discuss people they like and do not like.

12:50 AM BBT Everyone has moved upstairs to chit chat. Elissa is trashed and wondering why she isn't getting in trouble. She leaves HOH GM and Judd immediately start laughing and predict her to go to the DR, which she does. Andy, GM, and Judd discuss what Amanda has told GM when she begged to stay. They joke about her being exterminated.

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1:10AM BBT: Amanda is in the BYD with Mccrae upset over leaving. The rest of the HGs are chatting in the HOH. Elissa is tired and is probably going to bed soon even though she says she isn't because Andy calls her lame.

1:25 AM BBT HOH disperses so Judd can smoke and Andy can help GM pick out clothes. Spencer grabs a drink and all is quiet otherwise.

1:40AM BBT: GM blow drys her face and gets ready for bed. She is looking at her feet but also appears to be deep in thought. Small chit chat in the BYD as per usual.

1:55 AM BBT: Elissa and Andy have moved inside and laugh about everyone in the house being prostitutes as a twist. Once Elissa walks away Andy makes a face at how absurd Elissa is acting while she is drunk. Judd goes upstairs and talks to GM before bed. They discuss it being an early day tomorrow. Elissa gets a shut it down from BB for looking through the windows in the BYD. Elissa blames everyone else for keeping her up late.

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2:05 AM BBT: Amanda, Mccrae, and Spencer are joking about a geriatric season of big brother one year/ Spencer jokes and says no one really wins that show. Amanda says she can't stand Elissa and that she can't not have the attention. Spencer jokes and says yeah we were talkin earlier and she said "No one is listening to me, I am going to do a backflip."

2:15 AM BBT: Spencer gets serious and says that GM is just as dangerous about Elissa in a different way. He says that GM having power is like giving a kid a machine gun. Amanda says she effed up her own game by not going after Elissa and the only person GM is helping is Elissa by getting Amanda out.

2:30 AM BBT: Amanda continues to call GM stupid and other names. Amanda says she got the most dangerous players out of the game and she is being taken out by GM?!?! Andy joins the three in the BYD to get his laundry. Amanda goes in. The boys left outside contemplate whether or not there will be an Amanda vs. GM fight this week. They agree there will be. Amanda comes outside and starts in on GM again.

2:45AM BBT Amanda STILL going on about how unintelligent GM is. I believe she is in full on meltdown mode because she cannot believe GM and Elissa are lasting longer than her. They guys in the BYD are pretty much ignoring her talking about chess. Andy asks Amanda where and when her and Mccrae have done it. She tells him. I tune out.

2:55 AM BBT Amanda continues to go on about all of the places and Elissa is in the BYD now, looking as uncomfortable as possible. Andy says its about his bedtime. Elissa agrees and says shes just been waiting him out. Judd agrees its his bed time.

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(TY codkiller, glad to have you back!)

8:14 am BBT No wake up call yet, they are all snug in their bed.

8:20 am BBT FOTH, is this wake up call?

8:45 am BBT wow long FOTH GM, Elissa, Judd and Andy in BY, they dance to the wake up music. Mc and Amanda in bed, Mc lets go with a loud fart and Amanda goes ew EWWWW. Spencer days good one.

8:47 am BBT Andy going back to bed. GM in HOH doing her makeup, uses WC and feeds fish. Elissa asks Judd if he is up for the day, he thinks so. Elissa gathered some things and heads for the WA.

9:00am BBT Elissa changed into her work out clothes, Judd is shaving when he gets called to DR. he comes back and tells Elissa he is going to wait to take a shower. Elissa takes care of the clothes she took off and gets told to put on her mic.

9:24 am BBT Judd brushes his teeth, GM getting stuff from her downstairs dresser, goes back to HOH. Elissa decides to take a shower.

9:31 am BBT FOTH again, back. Judd really working his hair to get it just right, finally gets it right and goes to KT. GM called to DR. (do you really need to know that Mc farted again?) Judd cleans the window over the sink.

9:36 am BBT Elissa in shower asks Judd if Jordan usually does the Veto Ceremony. "You are not allowed to talk about production." do they have a surprise visitor today?!

9:41 am BBT Judd asks GM if he can listen to music, she says yea sure do what ever you want. He goes to HOH and puts lotion on legs and arms, paces the floor. props up on pillows on the bed, lays there stroking his chin. (he looks deep in thought) Music time. TY Judd for moving your mic away from the head phones.

9:52 am BBT 2 cams on Judd listening to music, 2 cams on Spencer, Mc and Amanda in their beds.

9:59 am BBT Judd stops at the mirror at the top of the steps to fix his hair. He goes to WA to play with it some more, Elissa asks if GM is ok, he tells her she is in DR. Elissa gets told to put on mic.

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10:02am BBT: Judd goes to hoh and Gm is looking for her tape for her toe and tells Judd that Amanda came up lastnight and the lights were out anf she asked if i was sleeping and then she left.Judd says Amanda is going to keep saying why Gm doesnt have Nick and Gm says she can shut up and Judd says i got something to tell you but Amanda said she is taking Nicks hat when she leave snsd Gm says hell no she aint and thank you for the heads up

10:05am BBT:Judd and Gm still talking about Amanda and the sleeping situation and then Judd tells her did you know they had sex in the bathroom and Gm says what did you see them and Judd says no they told me and they had sex in the photobooth and in the hoh bed.Gm says are you serious. Gm says i canr believe she is going to use the jelous card on me if anything she is jelouse of me.

10:08am BBt: Gm says she is just jelouse of me for winning and it is hard to split a couple up cuz when one goes the other comes after you. Judd says see my muscle by my elbow and Gm says yeah its twitching you making it do that and Judd says no its doing it on its own. Gm is called to the Dr and Judd stays in HOh rm and we get foth.

10:10am BBT: Mccrae and Spencer are awake as Mccrae tells about a dream he had and BB calls him to the DR. Amanda is up getting dressed and we now have trivia.

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10:58AM BBT: The feeds are back. McCranda are in bed [surprise!] Judd, Elissa, GinaMarie, and Spencer are in the kitchen. We're still listening to find out who was nominated.

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10:57am BBt: Feeds are back with Elissa in Ky making coffee and Judd walking around and Spencer making food. Gm talking about her hair.Amanda and Mccrae in bed . Andy walks in KT and says it is only 10:58 and Spencer says yeah.

11:01am BBt: Amaanda and mccrae in bed and Mccrae keeps saying he is sorry and she says why you sorry he says cause i feel bad.

11:04pm BBT: Mccrae says i am sorry i should have used it on you and she says no you won it fair and square and you deserved it even thougbh i took you off last week and he says i am sorry and she says no you deserved it and you are my boyfriend and i wouldnt have asked you to do thaT.

11:06am BBT:Andy and spencer in BY talking about a dead bug and Judd comes out and says should we tie the vote? Judd says final 6 is awesome and Andy says if i get hoh i am trying to figure out who the best conbo is and who to go home next Mccrae or Elissa. Judd says mccrae can win elissa cant and Andy says they are both scary but i cant think if is scarier.Spencer says i wonder what the odds are that Amanda and Mccrae would stay together after this show.

11:10am BBT: Elissa and Gm in HOH rm talking and Gm saying that she is upset that Amanda is playing the nick card and it pisses me off. Gm says she is so jelouse of me and Elissa says Nick has more of the right package than Mccrae and Gm says i know i dont even want Mccrae.and she thinks i do cuz we sat on the couch but it was nothing,

11:16am BBT:Gm and Elissa are bashing Amanda and calling her nasty in HOH rm in the BY Spencer, Andy and Judd talking and Judd says i think i choke on clesr liquids and we get foth.

11:23am BBT: Spencer called to the Dr and andy says go record breaker and Andy says this is his 7th time isnt that crazy and Judd says yeah i went up one time and went home and they laugh

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11:37am BBt: Andy and Judd now go to the chair rm and ask where everyone was and Amanda says who gives a crap then she tells them that Elissa was in there lastnight talking bad.Gm and Elissa still in HPh rm bashing Amanda.

11:45pm BBT: Amand and Spencer are talking sex talk and Mccrae comes in and goes back to bed and sex talk continues .In the color rm Judd and Andy are in bed sleeping with bandanas on their eyes.Spencer leaves the chair rm and Amanda and Mccrae are kissing and playing around under covers. In Wa spencer has gone to the bathroom and Elissa is brushing her teeth talking about bees scaring her.

11:52pm BBT: Spencer is now undressed crawling back in bed for a nap and Amanda and mccrae snuggling going back to sleep. Elissa is in the bathroom with the water runing in the sink

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12:02pm BBT: Elissa in the Kt eating her lunch as all other HG in bed going to sleep.

12:17pm bbt: Elissa still eating everyone else is sleeping.

12:27pm BBT: Elissa finished eating and has gone to get her bible from the color rm and is heading to the Wa tp put on her swimsuit to go lay out and read.

12:46pm BBt: all Hg in bed sleeping except Elissa who is in the By laying in the hammock reading her bible.

12:58pm BBT: Nothing has changed Elissa still in hammock reading the bible as all other hg in bed sleeping

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1:11pm BBTL Eliss goes in the house then walks back out to BY takes her mic and shoes off takes shoets off and looks at herself in the mirrorthen heads back to the hammock and lays back down.

1:45pm BBT:Andy and Judd awake in color rm taling about special powers and Candice. Judd lays his head down and closes his eyes again and Andy covers his eyes with the bandana and going back to sleep also . Elissa still in BY laying on the hammock and everyone else still in bed asleep.

1:50pm BBT: Judd was called to Dr he is now in Kt and goes to the bathroom. Elissa is out of the hammock and switching laundry.

1:55pm BBT: Elissa getting clothes out of the dryer and a pair of shoes . she throws the shoe and screams and jumps cuz there is a bug there. Judd now in Kt geting a drink and a snack. Eliss comes in to get water and BB tells Judd to please put on his mic.Judd asked if anyone else is up and Elissa says no and Bb says elissa pleae put on your mic and Judd says see you in a few and heads back to color rm and back to bed.

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#BB15 2:5 PM BBT We have sleeping and tanning on the cams. Elissa only one awake and in the hammock.

#BB15 2:29 PM BBT Elissa washing up in the WA. HG still sleeping/

#BB15 2:42 PM BBT In exciting news, Judd rolled onto his back in bed.

#BB15 2:50 PM BT nothing new to report. HG are all sleeping. Elissa is sunning in the hammock.

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3:15PM BBT: Andy and Spencer are doing dishes, Judd goes back to lie down some more. Elissa changes garbage. McCrae and Amanda still in bed.

3:30PM BBT: Andy and Elissa joke that the only time Jessie did dishes was if she was angry. She did it for attention. Elissa cleans the bathroom. GinaMarie now downstairs sitting at the counter. She wants to help clean but is told to rest her foot. The KT crew decide Elissa should make Chicken and Dumplings over Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.

3:40PM BBT: Dishes still being done. Andy wakes Judd up.

3:45PM BBT: While there is a lot of moving around and cleaning, there isn't really anything happening.

3:50PM BBT: Spencer and Andy decide that if there is a double eviction situation in the next couple of weeks that results in GinaMarie and Judd both on the block, they will vote out Judd. He is still sketchy and they believe he has something going with Elissa. That is due to him telling them he wants McCrae out first and that if Elissa makes it to the final two she will not have a shot at winning America's Player. [No, she would not win 25K, but she would win 50K! -Phortune]

3:55PM BBT: Amanda is awake and in the KT with Elissa who is still washing dishes. She goes back into the BR to get a cigarette from McCrae. Andy/Spencer/GinaMarie outside. Amanda goes out and apologizes for yelling at GinaMarie earlier.

3:58PM BBT: McCrae is now awake. Amanda is eating cookies with milk outside. GinaMarie and Andy were talking about a Pandora's box. GinaMarie says she thinks no way it will happen this season.

4:00PM BBT: Amanda laments the fact that she will be separated from her love for another 3 weeks. She looked at Spencer and started to say something about him not understanding, to which he said no, I have been away for over 70 days. She said it is different for her and McCrae because they have been together for that long but all day, every day. She will miss him so much. She goes inside and Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie joke that they will actually only be apart for an hour or so!

4:10PM BBT: They talk about Amanda and McCrae not lasting at all outside of the house. She will hate his friends and vice versa. She will feel like she has a 13 year old kid and he will feel like he has a step mom that he can (mild version) have sex with.

They talk about wishing Amanda would have been gone weeks ago. Andy apologized that he was the roadblock for that. They are again planning what to do if a double eviction. Example scenario: Andy puts up Spencer and McCrae one of them wins veto, Elissa goes up, Elissa goes home. Scenario two: Judd and Elissa goes up. Judd wins veto, McCrae goes up, McCrae goes home. But Andy stresses he REALLY wants Elissa to go.

4:25PM BBT: Spencer says that if Amanda were to have made it to the final two, she would have won, and deserved to win. If she got there after all that she had done to everyone she would have won. Talking about how Andy kept telling Helen it had to be the right time to get rid of Amanda. And when Judd came back, that was the perfect time. Now talking about Aaryn being a troublemaker. Talking about how Aaryn would play everyone against each other. Telling Spencer GM hated him, telling GM that Spencer hated her, etc.

4:30PM BBT: Elissa still in KT prepping dinner.

4:35PM BBT: Andy saying that he will put up Elissa and Judd and just pull Judd aside and tell him Elissa has to go. Andy is really concerned that Judd has something going with Elissa. [he does] Judd will understand and Andy says that Judd just seems so excited to be part of the Exterminators. Talk turns to how much they think of home. That they have been there for over 70 days.

4:45PM BBT: Elissa still in kitchen prepping dinner. Chit chat that turns into Amanda at home. What is she like? Spencer said her sense of humor was gross. She was too overtly sexual with her comments and when he was in the chicken suit he was over it. Amanda seems too cool for school and Spencer doesn't like that at all. He said Amanda thought she was Al Capone in this mother-fucker. Now talking about how the person with the most regrets after watching this game will be McCrae. He used Amanda as a meat shield and never really played this game.

4:50PM BBT: HG where abouts update. Amanda and McCrae are back in bed. And we have a stud named Judd just come alive and walked outside.

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3:00PM BBT - Judd and Andy now moving around; Judd out of bed, Andy still in bed. Judd heads to the DR. Cams switch to McRanda, sleeping.

3:01PM BBT - Andy is out of bed and making his bed. He then heads to the WC.

3:08PM BBT - Andy comes out of the WC, washes his hands and goes to the KT to put his mic on. He begins to make something in the KT, realizes he needs more supplies and goes to the SR to get them. Heads back to the KT to finish making whatever it is he's making.

3:15PM - Judd comes out of DR; he's still super tired but starts making something in the KT to eat (hot dog with cheese). Andy crunches on cereal he's taken the raisins out of; he doesn't like raisins. Spencer is up and heading to splash some water on his face before he heads to the DR. Andy wants to know if he should jokingly yell outside to Elissa that GM got Pandora's Box. Judd says yes, Andy does it and quickly shuts the back door.

3:17PM BBT - Andy says Elissa looks like she's 90% sure it's not true but 10% of her thinks it might be. After about a minute delay, Elissa decides to come inside and see. Andy suggests hiding when she comes in. Andy goes into the photobooth, Judd behind a door. BB pre-emptively tells Elissa to put on her mic.

3:19PM BBT - Elissa has decided to soak herself in water from the outdoor shower before coming inside. She wraps the towel around herself and heads inside. Judd mentions they'll all be playing in the veto from now on. Elissa comes inside and looks around. She heads to the bedrooms to investigate.

3:20PM BBT - Seeing no one in the BR, Elissa heads back to the KT before heading up towards HOH. In the photo booth, Andy chuckles. Elissa peeks inside HOH and sees GM sleeping. Elissa glances inside the lounge, sees Judd and goes "Boo!" Andy comes out of the photo booth laughing. He tells Elissa he was 90% sure she knew he was lying. They all go back to the KT. Elissa says she doesn't want Pandora's Box, Judd thinks it's dumb.

3:23PM BBT - Judd does think they'll do it this year, Elissa says the MVP was enough fun for one year. Judd adds maybe they won't do it because the HG's expect it. Andy and Elissa don't know what a Pandora's Box is; Elissa asks if it's a necklace? Judd says he doesn't think it's a necklace. Elissa begins explaining Pandora's charm bracelets; she has one. Andy goes outside and brings in some clean towels to put away. Elissa now thinks it is a hat. (I really can't tell if they're being sarcastic or not -- BBLuver).

3:25PM BBT - Andy can't believe they all got up so early; it's only just after 3:15pm. Elissa says she was going to go back to sleep but she got so much done from getting up this AM. Andy begins joking that he has so much to do tonight; he has a meeting at 6, then he and Judd are going to Chili's (Elissa can come) then he and Amanda are going to see a movie. Elissa jokes she thought he was working the parking lot tonight; Andy says he's off - Monday's are like his Sabbath day.

3:29PM BBT - GM comes down to the KT; Elissa tells her that they got Pandora's Box. They let Andy and Elissa open it since GM was sleeping.GM doesn't react much (not awake enough). Judd and Andy are doing dishes so Elissa decides she is going to clean the bathroom. GM offers to help; Elissa says she's HOH this week so she doesn't have to. GM says she'll do garbages and stuff. Elissa goes to get gloves and Judd wanders away.

3:32PM BBT - GM and Elissa head into the WA and start to clean while Andy finishes the dishes. Spencer comes out from the DR and joins Andy in the KT. Brief FoTH and Spencer has disappeared by the time we get back. On the other camera, Amanda is stirring. She gets dressed and goes to the WC.

3:38PM BBT - FoTH.

3:42PM BBT - Feeds are back. Andy asks around where Judd is; he is back in bed. Andy goes to try and wake him up and then goes back into the KT to clean. Elissa doing laundry. Spencer meandering around, snacking, getting water, etc. Andy ranting about people who leave crumbs around.

3:47PM BBT - GM, Andy, Elissa and Spencer in and out of the KT. Elissa and Andy cleaning and stuff, GM chatting and Spencer still snacking. General chit chat about how messy people are, how it's better with less people, how the jury house must be spotless with Helen in it.

3:51PM BBT - Andy and Spencer on the BY discussing next week and how they'll be able to get Elissa out and explain it to Judd. Then, once it's the Exterminators, getting GM out having the final 3 boys: Judd, Spencer and Andy. Judd thinks Elissa should stay over McCrae; Spencer tried to be diplomatic about who leaves - he doesn't care and then makes his own plot in his head. Spencer congratulates Andy; after this Thursday, they are the only power duo in the house.

3:54PM BBT - Elissa comes out to get laundry; Spencer offers to help and Elissa says it's almost done. Andy tells her they are waiting for more hot water to finish the dishes. They both think they are in Elissa's good graces, but not as good as Judd and GM are (in case Elissa wins HOH). Spencer has known 90% of what's gone on the past few weeks, but hasn't been able to do anything about it.

3:56PM BBT - GM joins the guys outside; Elissa stays inside to make dumplings for dinner. GM comments about the towels being done and away. Spencer suggests taking most of them to the DR and leaving them with them because they only need about 3 each. Talk turns to general chit chat.

3:57PM BBT - McCrae called to the DR. Amanda joins Elissa in the KT and gets some milk. She asks where everyone is; Elissa tells her the BY. Amanda nods, grabs her milk and leaves. In the BY, all is quiet.

3:58PM BBT - Amanda grabs cookies for her milk and goes outside to the BY. Spencer and Andy lower the awnings. Amanda apologizes for the earlier scream fest. She says the DR is bringing up emotions every day and this has been a rough week for her. GM apologizes too.

4:03 PM BBT - Discussion turns to who can cook. Jessie and Kaitlin aren't good cooks but everyone else is, Andy says. Amanda shoots back that Helen only made slop balls and Andy counters that they were good. They decide Helen spent most of her time as a HN. They comment about the horrible smell outside. Amanda wants to do laundry; she comments how clean outside it is.

4:10PM BBT - Amanda goes inside, GM asks if she should feel bad that Amanda and McCrae will be separated. Amanda got 3 more months with her man than GM did. Spencer comments how he told McCrae it's not like Amanda is dying; she's going to jury house. He'll see her in a few weeks. Andy says he doesn't care who goes home if it's a double eviction this week as long as it's not one of them.

4:12PM BBT - GM says when it gets to F5, she'll admit to Elissa that she's in an alliance with the Exterminators. She did not make any final deals with Elissa because she keeps deals she makes. Back to ranting about McRanda; they comment about how they will not last outside the house. They won't like each other's friends. They all really like McCrae; Spencer wishes they'd gotten her out of the house weeks ago. Andy admits he was a roadblock to that. Spencer would have liked to see him play the game by himself and see where he got.

4:19PM BBT - They discuss the speeches they have made. Andy thinks his was awful and is mad because he's a public speaking teacher. GM thinks she read the cards for the competitions well. Discussion turns to how Amanda said she is not going to clean anymore dishes and how she leaves her garbage everywhere. Spencer tells GM that Nick wanted Amanda out in the beginning and he'll be proud of her.

4:25PM BBT - They are discussing their HOH's and how important they were. Big commenting on how big a flip flopper Jessie was. Andy says all she wanted was to be trusted but she couldn't pick a side. GM says she never should have outlasted Howard; he's gone because of Amanda. Andy says Howard is his biggest regret. Andy was proud he was able to partially control Amanda each week.

4:30PM BBT - Spencer says if Amanda had made it to the F2, she would have deserved to win. She has been a target since week 1, and after being the way she was, if she had made it that far, she would have deserved it. Andy and GM agree. GM says Elissa should've nominated Amanda and McCrae, but it's better for Aaryn to be gone so one extra week is not so bad. Spencer says the kind of wedge Aaryn tried to drive between people was trouble.

4:31PM BBT - Spencer says after this week, there are no more power duos in the house. They bask in how "safe" they are, and they need to keep McCrae's focus on Elissa and vice versa. GM says she set that up already. Discussion turns to reasons why Elissa will have to be nominated by each of them.

4:37PM BBT - They are worried about how close Judd is to Elissa, but not overly because he loves the Exterminators so much. Once it gets to F4, it becomes about who wins the veto, HOH, etc. Spencer says when they are out of the house, they'll still dream about it. GM is worried about her foot.

4:41PM BBT - The air of entitlement Amanda has drives Andy crazy. She has been irritating him for awhile; although she was beneficial to him for a long time. Andy goes inside to go to the WC, tells Elissa he's never had dumplings before and is super excited. In the BY, Spencer and GM lament about Amanda. All she does is stay in bed, depressed and eat cookies. Spencer says she is ridiculous.

4:44PM BBT - Spencer thinks Amanda will leave with class like Jeremy. GM cracks it depends on which medication she is on that day. GM heads inside to go to the WC. Spencer stays in the BY. Inside, Elissa and Andy are talking about rutabaga.

4:52PM BBT - Judd comes outside, finally awake. Spencer calls him a napping fool. Andy says he's sure about 50% of the house has never had a one-on-one conversation with anyone. Spencer thinks he'll go back and rewatch the season and have regrets. Amanda complained about her home issues week 1 or 2 of the game, and Spencer said no wonder, she jumped into HOH the first week. GM recounts the earlier conversation after Amanda left the BY and the complaints about her. They tell him the plan in case of a double eviction this week. (Not sure he's awake enough for this - BBLuver)

4:55PM BBT - Andy says Amanda's misery is making Elissa much more pleasant to be around. They all chuckle. GM says that Elissa is freely able to talk to anyone now that Amanda is hiding and miserable. They move to their McDonald's cravings and what they'd get if they could.

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5:34pm BBT: Gm in By with Andy Judd and GM pretnending she is on the phone saying she got out the ho. they all laugh. Amanda and Mccrae are laying in bed snuggling.

5:38pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae under the covers with alot of movement going on and sounds going on. In the BY is talk about Amanda and Mccrae and how they always said they wouldnt take each other to the end and Andy says bull they would too and i wasnt buying it.

5:48pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae done making out and Amanda asking if he wants to go have a smoke or snuggle more? She then ask if she can dye her hair at Jury and he says yeah and she gets excited.

5:50pm BBT: In the By Gm and Spencer are saying how hot it is and Gm goes inside and Spencer goes in . Andy tells Elissa damn girl you got some sun today and she says yeah i did. Elissa is cooking dinner for the HG and ask if she should make coleslaw too and have a southern meal and Spencer says heck yeah.

5:56pm BBT:Amanda and Mccrae walk through the KT and Spencer ask Amanda if she is ok and she says yeah i am alright. Amanda and Mccrae walk into By to smoke. Judd is called to the Dr. Andy is listening to music and Elissa cooking.

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6:04pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae are finished smoking and heading back in the house mccrae says to Judd it looks like you are wearing that shirt inside out and Amanda walks through the Kt and does not say a word to anyone she gets her swimsuit and goes to Wa to get changed.

6:10pm BBT: Amanda hugs Judd playing around in the Kt then hugs Andy then acts like she hits Andys face and they hug again . Elissa says dinner is almost ready. Everyone in KT but Spencer as they wait for food. Amanda says i am going to go get soda so be right back. everyone else is just general chat about curse words that can and cant be said.

6:16pm BBT:Dinner is now ready and all Hg are eating at the table.

6:24pm BBT: Talk at the dinner table is about different food and how to cook them and elissa says so there is no Minasota foods? mccrae says not really just german food.then talk turns to other Countries.

6:31pm BBT: Amanda tells the Hg that she keeps getting alot of dont roll ove and die from the Dr and Elissa says what does that mean and amanda tells her it means dont give up.BB says Amanda you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions.

6:39pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae are going to the pool and something is in the pool and she tells Mccrae get it out now. In the Kt Spencer is going to do dishes since Elissa cooked. Judd is srtill eating and talking to Gm.

6:45pm BBT: in the By amanda and Mccrae are in the hot tub and in the Kt is Andy Judd and Gm talking about candice and elissa. Andy says elissa is like the suportive gym teacher talking to Candice.Spencer is washing dishes and he says ok so just so eveeyone knows about the dishes everything in the big sink has had chunks wiped out but we cant do dishes till me get hot water again.

6:54pm BBT: In the By Amanda and Mccrae and Andy and Spencer are setting in the by the hottub with general talk.

6:55pm BBT:Elissa and Gm in KT playing Jenga and talking about Elissa teaching in a school. they head outside to the hottub with everyone else.

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7:05PM BBT: All the HG are in the BY around the HT. Talking about the possibility of a double eviction and past players coming into the game. Just small talk. Judd had a dream about a competition.

7:10PM BBT: Andy tells a story about a BB dream he had. Elissa asks if he was in the final 4 and Jodi was there and he had a choice of staying in the game or a date with Jodi what would he choose, Andy says the date. Judd thinks she could have been an awesome player but, we will never know. He says they should bring her back.

7:16PM BBT: The BY talk has been all about a possible double eviction. McCrae thinks it is probably next week if not this week. They are wondering about comps and questions. Andy asks GM how her foot is feeling. She says "A little better but I can't walk on it still." Judd asks if they want to play rummy.

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7:20PM BBT: McCrae is in the shower to change his shorts, Amanda is lying down, Andy is whispering to McCrae "there is nothing I can do. Even if there is a tie, GM is going to vote to evict Amanda." Spencer, GM are in the LR getting ready to play cards. McCrae pulls Judd aside to try to gain his vote to keep Amanda. They are now talking who they would put up if one of them won HoH. Judd whispers he is not sure where he stands with everyone but does with McCrae. Judd says he wants to work with McCrae.

7:25PM BBT: Judd and GM are playing Spit (card game) in the LR. Spencer is lying on the couch. Elissa just got out of the HT and Amanda is in bed.

7:31PM BBT: Not too much going on. The card game continues, Andy is listening to music in the HoH. McCrae is now on the bed with Amanda.

7:35PM BBT: McCranda talking on the bed. She is sulky, mumbling. He asks her if he ruined her game. She says No. He tells her it is less than a month. She mumbles. She is now crying. She doesn't want to be so bored. She says jury will be so boring. (No one to pick on?)

7:40PM BBT: Amanda cries/screeches "I just feel so sad!" they are now kissing and tears slow down. Amanda "I am just so scared of the unknown."
The card game continues in the LR.

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