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Monday, September 2 Live Feed Updates


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8:15PM BBT: Lots of BY small talk. Andy wonders if any of this seasons HG were considered a "dud". The talk turns to Nick, Elissa asks who he flirted with. Amanda says not her but he flirted with Andy. Andy says that was Nick's strategy. Jokes, one liners and small talk. No drama. Judd says he is going for a nap at 9.

8:20PM BBT: Talk has turned to GM's obsession with Nick. Amanda says the comparison of her and McCrae to Nick and GM is non existent. She says GM is delusional. "She didn't have anything with him!" Elissa agrees. They were having a nice talk and Elissa goes inside. McCranda think she went upstairs to tell GM what they said (feeds did not show where she went but she was only gone 2 min) Judd is now napping. Amanda says she hasn't taken her meds since the HoH comp.

8:23PM BBT: Amanda says that Adderall makes her nicer. Every fight she has had in the house was when she was off her meds. She and Elissa are now talking about meds and how they would not give them to their children.

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8:28PM BBT: Almost everyone has crawled in to bed for a nap. At almost 8:30PM?Only Elissa and McCrae are up, chatting about how cool it would be to work on BB. BB tells them to stop talking about production. McCrae thinks Aaryn was probably a total bitch in the DR. They wonder if Britney was witty or if DR was feeding her. Elissa says Amanda is witty, she would like to see her DR's.

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8:38PM BBT: Elissa and McCrae continue t talk in the BY. Lots of chat about other HG, comparing this season to Rachel's season. Talk about how much money BB is paying out for the jury. Elissa is wondering why this is considered a "No floaters season" they think there was another power given to fans or a sabatour?

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8:44PM BBT: The BY talk continues. Elissa and McCrae are now talking about jury and they agree that if Judd made it to final 2, he would win. Elissa asks if Spencer would win? McCrae says "Well he has the record for BB being most times on the block." Elissa asks "If it was me and GM?" McCrae says "You would win." Elissa says "Really?" she sounds shocked.

8:50PM BBT: They run down the HG list and who has the votes. They are both nervous about the double eviction. Elissa asks McCrae who he would out up. He says he has a good case for her and GM but Andy has a lot of friends in jury so, he might have to go up.

8:55PM BBT:McCrae and Elissa continue. She asks if he is sure he wouldn't be put up or backdoored, he says he would have to talk to the house and see what happens. They are now talking about the final competitions that usually happen.

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9:00PM BBT: McCrae and Elissa are in the backyard talking about the double eviction this week and winning the HoH.
McCrae says his game will get better without Amanda there. Everyone else is in bed.

9:10PM BBT: McCrae and Elissa continue to talk now about what GinaMarie may do if she wins the next HoH. Elissa gets out of the hot-tub.
They are sitting on the couch now.

9:15PM BBT: McCrae tells Elissa that he can see taking her to final two with him. the person he does not want to take is Andy.
McCrae says Amanda is rolling over and dieing because she is going home and can't do anything about it. He says there is no point in going after GinaMarie.
Elissa says there is no way she will win this. Helen will be the only one who will vote for her.

9:20PM BBT: Elissa get up to leave, McCrae says I'm sorry for all the stupid sh**, Amandas done and that all there is to it. Good talk and Elissa walks in
to wake up Spencer. Judd is now awake. Elissa walks back outside Spencer is out there now Andy is in the storage room.

9:25PM BBT: Spencer just finished telling his dream now McCrae is telling a dream about a veto competition that he had. Judd is out there with them.

9:30PM BBT: there is really nothing going on, Andy and McCrae are talking in the chair room McCrae is telling Andy what all Elissa said. Spencer and Elissa and Judd
are just talking in the backyard. McCrae is now in bed with Amanda.

9:35PM BBT: in the backyard they are just telling dreams they've had Judd is now telling them a dream.

9:40PM BBT: Amanda is now crying to McCrae about leaving, McCrae asked her if she is even going to try to stay. what's the point. what can I do.
Spencer says guys on death row get to sleep all day. (I wonder how he knows that)

9:45PM BBT: Amanda is crying oh poor me no one is fighting for me I fought so hard. Spencer is talking about his job. McCrae is telling Amanda to try to go up and scare GinaMarie into letting her
stay this week.

9:50PM BBT: Andy is now talking to McCranda about Elissa, Andy says he's talking to Spencer, Amanda is getting dressed, crying again she walks out. McCrae I don't know what to do. Amanda is now outside.
shes sitting on the couch smoking she is pissed off. GinaMarie is now up.

9:55PM BBT: Amanda goes back to bed, they are just sitting around talking about sleeping all day.

10:00PM BBT: Elissa goes in to take a shower and go to bed, Spencer says he's going to do that Andy says yea me too. it's so quite you can hear Andy
eating lays.

10:05PM BBT: Spencer and GinaMarie are talking about Amanda saying that she as fought so hard to save people. GinaMarie is like yea you fought so hard to send me home and get Elissa on the block this week. Yea you really have fought
hard to save people. GinaMarie is like oh my God can't even talk to her now she won't listen now it's pointless. Spencer is now talking about if Mccranda will stay together after this game.
Judd I told you what she is wanting me to do. She wants me to be the swing vote. Spencer it's will be 3-1 so we are good.

10:10PM BBT: GinaMarie says she can't dish it out, but she sure can't take it. they are now just talking about the vote, GinaMarie is like geez I never knew this would be
such a pain in the A**.

10:15PM BBT: out in the backyard they are now just going over the veto next week, GinaMarie is telling Judd to go hang out with Elissa to she where her head is.
Andy is worried that she was out there talking game with McCrae. He doesn't like that.

10:20PM BBT: GinaMarie is saying that Amanda is probably ten times worst outside of the house. I can't image Judd says that Amanda says that she never did personal attacks on people, that's a load of Sh**
now they are talking about when Amanda was talking about Elissas family. Andy says I think they are both Assholes.

10:30PM BBT: Spencer comes out and says Elissa is in the kitchen and Amanda is just sitting there looking at her. Amanda and Elissa are getting ready to talk. outside they are talking about past seasons.

10:35PM BBT: Amanda and Elissa are now talking, Amanda is saying that I feel like we are back to square one. she is talking about getting Helen out and her getting Aaryn out. Amanda is now pitching that Elissa
work with them now. that she (Elissa) would be a swing vote. I know I've got nothing to give you, I've been a told butthole to you. But they will come after you next week.
We can save you.
10:40PM BBT: Amanda is telling Elissa she can blame it on Judd, but if you keep me you will have three people playing for you. we will protect you. she is now saying that Spencer is throwing her name out. Amanda is saying
I swear to you if you save me we will not put you up. She is telling her that they want her to go out next week durning the double eviction. I have nothing else. I don't want to just roll over and die. I regrate a lot of things I've done to you.
you need me and McCrae here during the double eviction. They will put us up again. They have to. Elissa says that's why I'm so scared of the double eviction. I don't want them mad at me.

10:45PM BBT: Amanda is now saying that she is sorry for the way she acted toward her. Elissa is saying no one really knows me well enough to say the things that they are saying about me. Amanda I didn't mean to personally attack you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Elissa you didn't hurt me you scared me.
Andy walks in and Amanda walks out. Elissa tells Andy what Amanda just told her. Andy is like no no. they are whispering. Andy is now lying to Elissa telling her that nobody has said anything to him.

10:50PM BBT: Andy and Elissa are now talking in the colored room Elissa is just telling Andy what Amanda said. she's like there's no way I would save her. Amanda is outside with McCrae and Judd. Spencer and GinaMarie and Elissa and Andy are in the kitchen.

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11:00 PM BBT We have an alcohol delivery. Elissa and Andy are going to share a bottle of wine, while Andy, Judd, and McCrae are going to end up with 2 beers a piece.

11:03 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are sitting up in their bed in the chair room munching on popcorn. Amanda tells McCrae that she spoke with GinaMarie. He asks what she said. Amanda said she listened but she doesn't expect it to happen, but whatever. Popcorn munching continues while McCrae reads the bible.

11:06 PM BBT GinaMarie comes outside and confronts Spencer (jokingly) "So I hears I'm your target?" GinaMarie, Spencer, Andy, Judd and Elissa talk in the BY. GinaMarie is glad everyone gathered knows that anything that comes out of Amanda's mouth cannot be trusted. They jokingly throw out different names saying that each person is their target.

11:12 PM BBT In the chair room Amanda continues to eat popcorn by herself in bed. McCrae was called to DR. In the BY they are rehashing previous competitions with occasional Amanda bashing thrown in periodically.

11:15 PM BBT Amanda is done eating the popcorn. She pulls her shirt off and slips partially under the blankets on her bed. Talk in the BY continues about the first HoH.

11:21 PM BBT Talk in the BY continues to through the BBQ challenge and how Aaryn made three have-nots, have-nots for a second week ago. The talk turns to BB Lake (the first food competition). Andy realizes the entire yellow team from that competition has been wiped out.

11:26 PM BBT Amanda gets dressed and goes outside for a cigarette and joins the conversation about BB Lake (the first HN competition).

11:34 PM BBT Reminiscing continues in the BY. They talk about Hold 'em and Fold 'em, OTEV and Judd's solitary confinement. During the talk about OTEV Nick's name was brought up and we had a camera zoom in on his face on the memory wall. McCrae is out of DR.

11:39 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae head inside to their bed. Amanda tells McCrae that Judd and Spencer are trying to protect each other and that one of them has to go on the block and go home. If not they will control the votes. McCrae understands. McCrae says Andy already wants Judd and Elissa to go up so don't even bother telling him that. Amanda agrees but points out he should keep the plan fresh in his mind. McCrae wonders if he should get close to GinaMarie.

11:42 PM BBT McCrae says he hates DR and we get FoTH. Amanda asks if they're talking about her. McCrae says he found a bible verse for grief. John 16:22 "So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy." Amanda says "That's cute baby" and they begin kissing.

11:48 PM BBT Andy and Elissa wander inside briefly. Elissa is taking a poll. Who is the most immature HG. Amanda says Jessie (because of the BBQ luxury reward). Elissa and McCrae say Jeremy. Talk in the BY between Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer is about Amanda and how she's gotta go this week.

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