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Judd - Week 9 Returning Juror


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Don't they have educational systems there. I can't even listen to him not that I can understand him anyway. It's shocking, it's the 21st century, not the 1800's.

Yes... but the teachers sound the same lololol

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That explains why no one picked it up during school and recommended some speech therapy.

My son had PRIVATE schooling from myself after hearing his teachers say things like...

Ya know wut we done?

Wut wuz it yew wuz wuntin?

Um...... no.

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I know there are way too many overpaid NYC school teachers who also have tenure, but should not be teaching.

I agree, in that tenure can be a degrading evolution.

We taxpayers or privately paying parents should be paying for the technologies of tomorrow just as much as the lessons of yesterday.

'Stuck' battle-weary, tenured teachers do not help the situation.

(As to this thread: I like Judd; he feels to me like a kind, well-meaning soul.)

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