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Wednesday, August 14 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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12:02 AM BBT In the WA GinaMarie doesn't feel well. She doesn't think she can eat any more slop. GinaMarie truly looks miserable. Aaryn says she doesn't want to take her makeup off because she she knows she'll be called to DR. Out in the BY Andy is talking about an app for his phone that the gay community uses to find other local gay people locally to hook up with (Grinder). He downloaded it on the offset chance that he might find the love of his life. Instead he and his gay neighbor mess with people on it. They'll get similar messages and mess with the people and then forward the messages onto each other.

12:18 AM BBT We've had continued idle chit chat. Brief discussion about pre-house entering interviews, how being a have-not sucks. Lots of DR talk. All of which results in lots of FoTH. Amanda went to DR and they asked how the night was. She says it was a great time and everyone came together and there was plenty of food with only ONE BOTTLE OF WINE! FoTH.

12:22 AM BBT General consensus seems to be that everyone is tired. In the colorful room Jessie tells McCrae that she feels better now and that her alter ego was very taxing on her. Jessie hopes they only use footage from last night but not this morning because last night was very much in perspective. Out in the BY Helen wonders if they will be allowed to look into the house from production's point of view which results in more FoTH.

12:26 AM BBT McCrae tells Jessie that he thought the target was Spencer this week. She still thinks this will be split vote this week. Jessie says she understands everyone's thinking though you have to vote with the house or risk making more enemies. Amanda comes in and asks what they're talking about. Jessie says that she's in a tough spot and she's learned that everyone talk

12:34 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY Spencer and Helen are chatting. Helen says Spencer called it when he said Jessie's alter ego wouldn't last long. Spencer says it takes a lot of energy to be that out of character. Spencer says she wondering earlier how much they were going to show of it. Helen says they'll show all of it because that's all she is getting asked about. Intermittent FoTH.

12:37 AM BBT Jessie and Amanda run voting scenarios in the colorful room. Jessie says Andy told her that if it's a tie vote he'll break it in her favor. Amanda points out that Jessie tried to flip the house on her twice so she won't lie, she's not going to necessarily push to keep Jessie. Amanda says from a personal standpoint she doesn't feel like Jessie helped her game and she knows Jessie feels Amanda is a threat to her and she understands. Jessie says she feels like there were people she tried to trust in this game and she couldn't. Meanwhile out in the BY Helen and Spencer continues to chat about the BB experience, GinaMarie joins them. The three of them then get up and begin cleaning up the BY.

12:43 AM BBT Jessie says she was lead to believe that they had a a final four deal with each other. Amanda asks "But you know that's not true any more?" Jessie agrees. Amanda suggests she talks to the other side because she's not going to do it for her. Jessie understands. Jessie leaves the room. McCrae whispers "Where did you go?" Amanda smiles real big. McCrae tells her it's the same story over and over again with her. The BY party moves upstairs to the HoH with Jessie joining them shortly after.

12:46 AM BBT Amanda says she almost wants to tell Jessie that she's done and to give up. "Kiss me my husband." They begin making out. "We're married!" Meanwhile up in the HoH Spencer joins the group after a DR session. Talk is them getting to eat real food tomorrow.

RT @Ianboy7: @mortystv it's GRINDR with no E, just in case all your crazy gay followers are trying to download it! #BB15 #playsafe -- Thanks for the correction! Always remember to play safe and use common sense with any apps you use!

12:53 AM BBT Up in the HoH we have idle chit chat about how many days they've been in the house and how many days they think they have left. Meanwhile down in the colorful room Amanda and McCrae continues to cuddle. Amanda thinks that since she cooked the food other people should put it away.

12:57 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH continues with rehashing of previous competitions and hoping that ZingBot makes an appearance soon. He suspects they'll get a good idea of how they're being portrayed. Meanwhile down in the colorful room Amanda and McCrae continues to cuddle. They begin whispering but Amanda puts her hand on his mic so it makes it very difficult to hear what is being said. GinaMarie will put up Aaryn. Amanda agrees.

01:03 AM BBT Amanda wonders that if Andy and Amanda are on the block together how would he help get Andy evicted. McCrae says he'd point out that Andy has more friends in jury.

01:05 AM BBT McCrae is going to get a drink of water and brush his teeth. Meanwhile up in the HoH GinaMarie begins Candice bashing. Spencer wonders if the two of them will keep in contact after the show. Jessie starts giggling.

01:08 AM BBT McCrae is in the KT putting things up. Up in the HoH talk is about Brenda and Dawn and the teeth story from Survivor Caramoan (Season 26). Down in the WA Elissa and McCrae are doing nightly ADLs. Helen walks in saying she's so tired she can't stay up any longer. Elissa agrees.

01:17 AM BBT We haven't done a roll call recently. We currently have Spencer, Jessie, GinaMarie and Andy in the HoH. Talk is about previous seasons of BB. Andy says he started watching with season 3. He was home one Saturday night and stumbled onto it and became hooked. Spencer agrees. He says the show really gets you hooked when you start watching it. They can't wait to get caught back up with life when they get out of the house. GinaMarie says all of her clubs open up in September and she will be able to party! She says she'll be married to Nick in a year and be a mom by 35! Andy and Spencer hopes they're invited to the wedding. She says they'll be in it. She wants to have a big wedding.

01:22 AM BBT Down in the colorful room Amanda and McCrae are talking about home and family. Amanda says they'll have this bond because of the show. "When we wake up we get woken up to three songs. The first thing we have to do is change our batteries. Our microphones are like an extension of our body." Intermittent FoTH. She starts mimicking the BB production voice and we get more FoTH.

01:27 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues. Spencer broke out into a song including the lyrics "Elevator boobs with...". Feeds back and Andy says "We all had to talk to the psychologist last week." GinaMarie laughs and says it was like the fifth time for her. More FoTH.

01:30 AM BBT Up in the HoH random Candice bashing continues with GinaMarie leading the charge. Everyone else just chimes in adding fuel to her fire. Down in the colorful room Amanda feels McCrae is in a better spot than she is. She feels everyone would target her before targeting him if they want to try and break them apart. They're whispering very softly so it's hard to get all of it.

01:37 AM BBT McCrae expects Elissa to win fan favorite this season because of the three seasons of fans Rachel/Elissa will have accumulated. Amanda thinks that's stupid. McCrae doesn't feel like he'd be in the running. He mentions DR and Amanda says "Do they?" we get FoTH briefly. Meanwhile up in the HoH the conversation has become about their lives back home.

01:42 AM BBT Down in the colorful room Amanda says she did consider the Jessie thing but she's too flip floppy. McCrae agrees. Amanda says Spencer knows he's next. Amanda says Helen has to go next week or the week after. They start talking about the PoV. Amanda wonders if Judd saw it. The HoH party breaks up. Jessie heads outside to smoke and asks GinaMarie if she wants to come. GinaMarie passes.

RT @Imstraightup2: @mortystv Depending on final 2, I''d vote for Howard or Candice due to the racism they had to endure, just to piss them off. #BB15 -- That's not a bad idea!

01:51 AM BBT Jessie out in the BY with her feet in the HT while smoking. Feeds switch to GinaMarie in the KT briefly before heading into the WC. Feeds switch back to Jessie. Back in the colorful room Amanda and McCrae continues to chat. Current discussion is about tattoos. McCrae thinks he should get a tat on his male genitalia and she should get one on her female genitalia. She laughs.

01:53 AM BBT Out in the BY Andy comes out to check his laundry. Jessie asks to talk to him for a moment. Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Jessie is apologizing for letting things get to her this week. Andy understands. Jessie says she's going to try a bit harder and talk to people and throw out the fact that Spencer was a part of TMC. Andy says it's worth a shot. Jessie wonders if it's a good idea. Andy says "As someone grasping at straws with nothing else to do it's absolutely worth a shot". Jessie just wants to stay in the house a bit longer. Andy says he wants to talk to people tomorrow and get a feel for where their head is at.

02:00 AM BBT Aaryn comes into the colorful room. Aaryn Amanda is the Mastermind, McCrae is the enforcer, Andy is the Agent and she is the beast. They laugh and say that's good. Aaryn doesn't want people to get the idea that she's a target again. McCrae don't think they will. Amanda heads out for a moment. She tells the darkened chair room what she and McCrae had been discussing tonight (about what they'll tell their friends and family about their BB experience when they get out of the house. These are things they would know about if they watched the feeds!)

02:09 AM BBT Amanda is back in bed with McCrae. They begin whispering softly again making plans to get out Helen within the next two weeks. Meanwhile next door in the chair room Spencer whispers something into his mic. Jessie asks when they'll turn off the lights in the house. Spencer isn't sure. He says he just whispered and asked them to. He thinks it'll be about 15 minutes or so. Jessie begins to sing "When the lights go out in the city..." and we get FoTH. Feeds come and go for a period. Feeds back and McCrae and Amanda are walking towards the KT and Jessie says "Now they're not going to turn off the lights!" Spencer says he's going to try and go back to sleep and says night girl. FoTH. Feeds back and they're in the WA with Amanda starting nightly ADLs. Feeds back. Amanda McCrae says it's weird they'd say that. (Production talk apparently).

02:15 AM BBT Amanda brushes her teeth in the WA with McCrae using mouthwash beside her. Now Amanda uses mouthwash. McCrae says he should go to production and tell them that he wants them to send a message to his friends back home and we get more FoTH. Amanda asks if they watch the live feeds. McCrae isn't sure he'll get the message. They walk out to the memory wall and Amanda says "Good night Jeremy? How is it watching from home?" Andy comes out and says "I saw that Amanda!" She asks if he was watching. Andy says he was listening to music and watching the spy screen. He sees everything. They say goodnight. Just before they reach the bedrooms Amanda thinks she has to go pee and tells McCrae to come with her. She scolds him for not holding her hand like he even cares to. She does her business and they walk back back to the bedroom.

02:20 AM BBT They crawl into bed in the colorful room with the lights off. McCrae isn't sure he should take his mic off. Amanda wonders why. McCrae feels she's awake and she wants to talk. Amanda says she wants to do more than talk! Amanda tells him to make out with her.

02:22 AM BBT Amanda tells McCrae to get on top of her. He doesn't seem to want to. She says he's being a lug right now and it's not sexy. She pulls him on top of her and they begin making out. The mumble something and curl up beneath the blanket.

02:25 AM BBT There are some interesting noises coming from beneath the blankets in the colorful room. We'll just leave it at that.

02:26 AM BBT *Flashback Alert* Cam 1 there is definitely some riding motion going on beneath the blanket with resulting gasping/moaning sound coming from McCrae. (Let's be honest...is this really a flashback moment? It's not like it's the first time.)

02:31 AM BBT Motions with the occasional sounds continue to be seen/heard on the camera aimed at McCrae's bed. 02:32 AM has Amanda making some noises before letting out a sigh of...relief? She says it's hot in here. McCrae agrees. Amanda says her hands smell like onions. It's so gross. (We agree...wait...what are we talking about?)

02:35 AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house we seem to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. This includes Andy in the HoH listening to music while appearing to watch the spy screen as well as Spencer and Jessie in separate beds in the chair room.

02:39 AM BBT Sounds and motions have stopped in the colorful room (after Amanda reached out and grabbed her underwear from the night stand and slid them under the blanket, we assume to put on). Clicks, clacks and bumps can be heard from around the house which typically begins after the HGs appear to have settled into bed for the night.

02:54 AM BBT We've continued to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds.

03:09 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. We'll give it another 20 minutes or so before we call it a night ourselves.

03:18 AM BBT Jessie is up and gets herself something to drink before heading outside to sit with her feet in the HT while smoking a cigarette.

03:23 AM BBT Jessie back into bed. On that note I think it's time we turn in as well. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat).%C2'>

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7:15am bbt GM was up at 4am for a run to the kitchen for a drink... otherwise it's been a quiet night in the BB house since they all shut down around a little after 3am...

7:45am bbt All the HGs are still sleeping...

8:00am bbt You guessed it... still sleeping...

8:45am bbt Still sleeping HGs...

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Guest 6Borders

8:58am BB Time: We have a Spencer sighting. He is dressed, uses the WC, washes hands (barely) and has his mic so he might be up for a while. The rest of the "wedding party" are still snug in their beds!

9:02am BB Time: My bad...Spencer went to the storeroom, then back to his room, undressed and is back in bed!

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9:00 am BBT Spencer was awake, went outside for a min, uses WC, changes batteries and back to bed.9:00 am BBT Spencer was awake, went outside for a min, uses WC, changes batteries and back to bed.

9:28 am BBT zzzzZZZZZZzzzzz HG sleeping.

9:53 am BBT Andy has moved around a bit but no one is awake.

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Guest 6Borders

10:28am BB Time: Aaryn got up and staggered somewhere I have not been able to pinpoint yet!

Ahhh...there she is, thru the kitchen and arriving at the WC.

10:29am BB Time: We have FOTH...stay tuned!

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Aaryn and Helen doing ADL's in WA, Andy watching the spy screen in HOH

Helen is saying the being a Have-not this time is worse because she can't sleep and it is sooo cold. She is okay with the food. Aaryn said she thought it would get easier buy it is harder.

Jessie is up, too. Amanda and McCrae got called out by production, then told to change their batteries.

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Guest 6Borders

10:46am BB Time: The feeds are up and so are a few of the HG's. Aaryn and Helen are in the bathroom discussing how late it is (yeah, no kidding). Helen is discussing Have Not - this time the food was not as hard but the sleeping was.

Brief DR discussion about the Have Not Room (and we don't get FOTH)

10:48am BB Time: Gina Marie is up and I believe Elissa!

Andy is awake in the HOH, appears to just be thinking.

10:49am BB Time: BB asks the newlyweds to please change their batteries. FOTH!

10:50am BB Time:

Aaryn is saying they will get their work out (?) and tan done early.

BB calls Helen to the Diary Room.

{there may be someone under that huge pile of clothes next to Aaryn on the bathroom bench seat)

10:51am BB Time: Spencer is called to the DR and Helen says did they just call me to the DR. Aaryn says maybe they meant Spencer {maybe they are on a schedule} FOTH

10:52 am BB Time: Helen is discussing how she always gets called to the DR after workouts and America probably thinks she lives in a sports bra. Helen says she is not as fashionable (as the other girls in the house) but she's the most fashionable among her friends.

10:53am BB Time: BB interrupts the conversation to tell Aaryn and Helen to put on their mics.

Discussion continues about clothing and what former cast members might wear all the time, and what they packed based on the weather back home and what they anticipated needing in California {just for the record, we can have all 4 seasons in one day out here -6Borders}

10:55am BB Time: all cameras are currently on Helen/Aaryn in the bathroom and Andy in the HOH

Helen/Aaryn continue to discuss cute clothes and what their favorites are!

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10:30AM BBT: Aaryn gets up to go to the washroom, and feeds cut to FotH.

10:47AM BBT: The housemates have gotten their wake-up call! Aaryn and Helen are in the washroom talking about the HN room. Helen says she could not get comfortable last night. Andy is in the HoH room presumably watching the spycam (or staring off into space).

10:57AM BBT: Aaryn and Helen chat about fashion, and what clothes they'd wish they brought with them. Aaryn feels as though she wears off the shoulder shirts a lot. They talk about past seasons where housemates would wear the same things over and over again. Andy is up in his HoH room listening to music.

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Guest 6Borders

10:57am BB Time: Helen goes to the Have Not room to dress.

{It appears that the bridesmaid dresses from last night have once again been returned to their role as bed sheets}

Elissa wakes up and she and Helen discuss sleeping last night. Elissa is going to start washing all the sheets (aka wedding finery). BB calls Helen to the DR.

10:59am BB Time: Elissa is upright and folding/rolling her blankets, while groaning, goes into the Color Room (where the newlyweds are still slumbering) and gathers clothes.

11:02am BB Time: Spencer is up and Elissa asks him "why are you going back to bed?" Spencer replies...that basically he is just a bum he guesses. Elissa asks Aaryn where the rest of the sheets are from last night and she replies that everyone probably grabbed them to sleep on. Elissa remarks "oh, that's gross" and heads to the BY to start laundry.

11:03am BB Time: Elissa is heading back inside but BB catches her just in time and asks her to please lower the outside awnings!

11:08am BB Time: Elissa finishes the awnings and goes back to the laundry. BB tells her to please lower the outside blinds (I guess it would have been too easy to ask for both things at once, or else she missed on and there is no difference!)

Elissa goes back and lowers the last one. BB says "thank you" and she responds "you're welcome"

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Guest 6Borders

11:17am BB Time: Elissa is dressing and Aaryn is still doing make up. Helen comes out of the DR, but I can't hear most of the conversation other than "make coffee and...". Apparently Elissa is trying to find the rest of the sheets from last night to wash. They are whispering and mumbling. BB tells Helen to put on her mic {thank you BB}

BB calls Amanda to the Dr. Helen is dressing for a workout and Elissa is doing ADL's

11:19am BB Time: BB tells Helen again to put on her mic. It apparently disturbs Andy who is sleeping in his HOH bed with the orange bandana over his eyes.

Aaryn comes thru the house and they are looking for something they could not find yesterday. Aaryn says maybe it's gone and Helen goes to the BY to start her workout

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Guest 6Borders

11:51am BB Time: Feeds are back. Helen is collecting all the orange balls, picking up cushions, and generally restoring order to the yard post-wedding.

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12:20 pm BBT Aaryn on the eliptical, Elissa and Helen sit with their feet in the HT. Helen really wants Elissa to win, she will help her practice (Jedi Training) They will go on LD at 4 they can do it till midnight if they want.

12:37 pm BBT General chat between Helen and Elissa at HT Aaryn doing stretches. GinaMarie sleeping on BY lounge.

12:47 pm BBT GinaMarie gets up, gets coffee. Helen goes in and gets coffee for her and Elissa. Andy is in BY. Elissa says he has a beautiful black mark on his face. Elissa and Helen were in the pool no HT, they had put the hose in the HT and forgot about it. They say they now have an infinity HT.

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1:03 pm BBT 2 cams on sleeping Mc/Amanda. 2 cams around the pool with GinaMarie, Elissa, Andy, Helen and Aaryn. Talk is about resume' and Jessies comments.

1:22 pm BBT you haven't missed a thing, general chat and Mc & Amanda sleeping.

1:45 pm BBT Elissa doing yoga in BY. (She is doing an arm stand with her feet on the back of her head) Helen is sweeping mung beans up from the KT floor. Andy is jogging.

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1:53 pm BBT Amanda and Mc are awake but still in bed. in WA Jessie tells Aaryn she is going to tell the house if they keep her she will throw HOH. Aaryn tells Amanda in SR what Jessie said. Amanda says Jessie is going home this week.

2:00 pm BBT Spencer and Jessie are telling Elissa she is doing great (still yoga) In KT Amanda tells Mc what Aaryn just told her.

2:11 pm BBT Andy talking about movies to Spencer, Amanda and Mc. In KT Elissa, Helen and Jessie are cooking.

2:37 pm BBT It's a slow lazy day in the BBH. Helen making slop balls and others just chatting outside.

3:01 pm BBT Spencer, Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie on lounge in BY. Spencer tells about finding a snake eating a frog. Aaryn says she found a scorpion in her bedroom. Jessie was stung by a scorpion when she got into bed once. GinaMarie had a tarantula on her floor once.

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3:14 pm BBT HG in BY talk about the theater shooting. they were hesitant to go to a movie afterward but they went. Say that most killers like that commit suicide, they are the ones to fear the most as they arent afraid of death.

3:20 pm BBT Jessie and Elissa talking in KT. Elissa says this has been a learning curve for Jessie. Jessie tells Elissa her plan to offer to throw HOH and to go up on the block next week. Elissa says thats a good plan. Jessie feels that not every one is dead set on her going this week.

3:21 pm BBT They to cockpit. Elissa says that until we found about Jury ppl were more self centered and now think about how they are acting. Elissa says this game is so screwed up. She cant take it to heart what Jessie said. Jessie asks her whatit would take. Elissa says what she says to her face and what is said when she is out of the room is what matters.

3:26 pm BBT BY crew take this time to do shout outs and we keep getting FOTH so I cant hear what is going on with Elissa and Jessie.

3:37 pm BBT Jessie asks Elissa that if she finds out she (Jessie) is going home can she tell her. Elissa says yes, Jessie is crying, they hug. Elissa feels that the things Jessie said were...Jessie says stupid...Elissa says yes.

3:39 pm BBT Jessie says TY for being understanding and forgiving. Elissa says she is going to get her sheets, if not she will be sleeping in the HNR cuz she isnt sleeping on dirty sheets. They leave cockpit.

3:42 pm BBT Jessie tells Amanda her plan to stay. Amanda keeps say yeah, uh hu, yeah. They are brushing their teeth, Amanda asks Andy if she use his shower, he says after him.

3:55 pm BBT Indoor LD called. HG gather their things and head inside. Elissa gets into a cold shower and screeches. Jessie is last one to go inside, she stands at the open door and says "my dream BY" she looks like she is saying good bye to it and then closes the door.

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4:55 PM BBT in the color BR Amanda and McCrae are whispering. They say that they trust Spencer more than Gina Marie. McCrae says he doesn't think Spencer would ever put him up. Amanda tells him that he should make a final two with him to solidify it.

4:58 PM BBT The future according to McCrae: He plans to win HoH and nominate Elissa and Helen. When Elissa wins POV he will replace her with Aaryn. Amanda will act all mad at him and they will begin the charade of distancing themselves from each other.

5:00 PM BBT Aaryn is heading to bed and asks to be woken up at midnight. Spencer is also planning to take a nap. Aaryn joins Amanda in the BR. Aaryn tells her she is nervous making a final four deal that includes Amanda, McCrae, Gina Marie and her because if Gina Marie is ever nominated she will lose her mind and squeal. Aaryn says Amanda is safe with Gina Marie without having to make a final four deal.

5:06 PM BBT Amanda tells Aaryn that Spencer will probably never put up McCrae or Amanda but he might be willing to put Aaryn or Amanda. Amanda this this is an ideal week for Spencer to win HoH because they could talk him into putting up Helen and Elissa.

5:11 PM BBT Amanda goes to Spencer who is laying down in the chair BR. Amanda tells him there is no way that he could possibly end up going home next week. Amanda tells Spencer that she trusts him more than Gina Marie or Aaryn.

5:22 PM BBT In the house, most of the HGs are hanging out in the HoH room. They are discussing names that they want to name their children. Jessie tried to do the sneak attack to the HoH room door but is busted by Gina Marie on the spy screen. It has become a game with them. Who can sneak up to the door to listen without being seen.

5:30 PM BBT Lots of talk in the HoH about DR and production so we are getting frequent FotH.

5:36 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the HoH with Helen, Elissa, McCrae, and Andy about previous Have Not competitions. Andy says Judd was competition poison and always lost.

5:40 PM BBT In the HoHR they are talking about the frozen yogurt competition. Amanda jokes that McCrae was awful which he, of course, denies. She tells him her boobs took in more frozen yogurt than he did. They can't believe that Andy was the only one that didn't puke.

5:44 PM BBT In the HoHR they are still talking about previous competitions. Andy says the worst for him was the BB BBQ. He and Elissa had gotten so close and couldn't believe that Jeremy's long fingers got the ball out first. They thought that Andy's skinny fingers would help them win.

5:46 PM BBT Amanda is called to the SR. She goes in and picks up her medicine. Helen is complaining that her stomach is hurting. In the HoHR the conversation has changed to speculation about what the next HoH competition will be. Helen hopes the next endurance would be the wall or spider web.

5:58 PM BBT Andy jokes in the HoH with several of the HGs that Helen and Jessie's fight screwed up his Pandora's Box. He jokes that BB thinks he's a pansy and wouldn't open it so why give it to him. McCrae jokes saying he is Brendan's brother.

6:02 PM BBT In the HoHR Spencer is sitting in the chair next to the bed where Gina Marie is laying. He picks his leg up and Gina Marie swats him telling him to get his foot out of her face. Spencer "I'm sorry, I've only been smelling your farts for 55 days and I get punched for putting my foot near your face." Gina Marie laughs with him.

6:12 PM BBT There is still a large group of HG in the HoH. Andy tells everyone that 9 to 11 million people watch the show and know their names. Elissa "Andy, 9 million people don't know your name." Everyone laughs. Andy jokes saying that Judd was the saboteur and that is why pulled pranks on people all the time.

6:16 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the HoHR. Camera one is showing a close up of Spencer's beard followed by a close up of Gina Marie's nose.

6:18 PM BBT Elissa is talking about the movies and BB episodes she was given in sequester and BB tells her to "Stop That." Spencer says he's probably heard "Spencer Stop That" a million times in his life. Elissa makes fun of how BB sounds. BB responds really loud "Elissa, STOP IT." Everyone laughs saying they didn't hear it and calls for an encore. Aaryn is then called to the DR.

6:25 PM BBT The conversation in the HoHR has changed to trash talking Jessie about how she flirts with everyone. Amanda says Jessie hasn't like her since she called her out for flirting with McCrae week one.

6:30 PM BBT In the HoHR Amanda speculates that Jessie was cast by BB simply because they knew she was looking for a showmance and were hoping for jealous cat fights. There is more talk about casting so we get FotH followed by all four feeds on a sleeping Jessie.

6:36 PM BBT Since almost all the HGs are in the HoH talking about production my four feeds of sleeping Jessie are now all on McCrae standing in front of the fridge. [How rude BB, throw me a bone here--Goldylucks]

6:38 PM BBT McCrae heads back up to the HoH room so we get a shot of the HoH door. Jessie gets up from her nap for a snack so now all four feeds are dedicated to her.

6:45 PM BBT We get cameras back in the HoH where the HGs are talking about what they think they have done that might have been mentioned in "The Soup". Andy says Gina Marie is probably on there more than anyone else. Elissa says Rachel was always on there for her comments about her and her man. They all believe that they are getting great ratings similar to other great seasons because of America's involvement with the MVP.

6:51 PM BBT Andy tells them in the HoHR that it would suck to get off the show to find out that you are the most hated player ever. They say Rachel was hated but it was a good hate. Even those hated her kind of loved her. McCrae jokes that everyone loved The Moving Company and hates Judd and Andy.

6:52 PM BBT McCrae jokes that America probably loved The Moving Company and hates Andy and Judd. They all think that Nick probably came across as very cocky but Helen says she doesn't even remember what he looks like.

6:57 PM BBT Gina Marie, Aaryn, and Jessie are in the KT. Aaryn is talking about definitely eating some ice cream after midnight when they aren't Have Nots anymore. She also thinks spaghetti would be amazing.

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7:03 PMBBT In the HoH room, Spencer, Helen, Andy and McCrae are talking about living in Chicago, BBCanada. Elissa says she is Gary Giltter's biggest fan and that Jillian is such a good role model.

7:06 PMBBT GinaMarie and Aaryn are in the KT talking about doing hair and make up, they went into the SR and found a big bag of mung beans and has replaced Spencer's pillow with it. They are laughing hysterically. Looks like they are doing it to a few beds, there are several bags of beans.

7:09PMBBT Aaryn and GinaMarie filled someone's go home bag with bags of mung beans and we get a 90 second FotH. Feeds come back and they are whispering, giggling and still in the SR.
In the HoH room small talk. Some DR session chat about how they sit when in there and we get another FotH. GM is now in the HoH room with a melon under her shirt, she looks awkwardly pregnant.

7:17PMBBT Aaryn is making treats. Helen is talking about pregnancy, Amanda says a baby's genitalia is engorged at birth, Andy says "And Dad's are like 'Ya that's my kid.'" Amanda continuing to talk about it. Helen is explaining things properly. Spencer is talking about a woman who was a woman who killed her kids, she thrived on being pregnant. He saw it on tv. Aaryn is called to the DR.

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7:30PMBBT Not much happening, Aaryn is making muddy buddy's. She says that her favorite cereal in the house is Chex. GM is watching her stir it up. McCrae is digging through his clothes in the color room. He did not notice his new pillows on the bed (they are inside the pillowcases though) Amanda and he are now in the SR. Both are complaining they are bored.

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7:38PMBBT Aaryn and GinaMarie are alone in the KT, Aaryn is telling GM what her speech would be if she won HoH. "You know this is an experience and I don't want to deprive you of the total experience and that includes sitting in a nomination chair." GM is laughing.

7:42PMBBT Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking about Candice, GM says she really hates Candice. GinaMarie asks how many people voted Nick out. She wants to put the tampons in his bed. She calls Spencer a "p**sy." In the HoH they are talking about GinaMarie and Candice and how much they hate each other. Elissa says if she wins HoH she wants a "Keeping it real" shirt.

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7:50PMBBT They are just small talking. Amanda says she is so bored she is picking her feet. She says she hates the pizza in the house. Jessie is mowing down on a pizza. Spencer is going off about how much he hates Adam West (who played Batman on tv) Andy is in the KT with Elissa, Helen, Aaryn and GinaMarie.

8:00PMBBT The havenots can eat at midnight BBT but Helen is still enjoying a bowl of mung beans. Aaryn and Elissa start complaining about flies and "living in squalor" and we get FotH for a minute. Amanda in the HoH room says something about Aaryn being a racist, Spencer says "Don't even go there!" Spencer is still rambling about various things and Jessie asks "Are you just making this up?"

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