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Thursday, August 1 Live Feed Updates


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12:01 AM BBT Amanda asks McCrae if he'll move to Florida. He says he will. Back in the lounge we're discussing...well...evolution. Spencer says if you believe in an intelligent God then even evolution makes sense. Back in the chair room...we have Amanda and McCrae kissing under the blankets with one of the cameras still making a loud buzzing noise. The buzzing stops when the camera moves and McCrae knew it would fix it. McCrae says he should be in production. BB reminds everyone not to talk about production.

12:08 AM BBT Judd joins Amanda and McCrae in the chair room and talk turns to Christmas. Judd asks McCrae when the last time he was the Christmas star was for in Grandma Olson's Christmas presentation they do every year. McCrae says he never got to be the Christmas star. Amanda offers to talk to Grandma Olson for him when they get out. Back in the lounge Helen is telling a story about a flight she took that had bad turbulence and the Stewardess was smiling and laughing.

12:18 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat all around the house. Jessie told a story that's been heard multiple times. Judd, Andy, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda get called out frequently for singing and talking about production.

12:21 AM BBT Andy wishes Howard would finish packing up so he could go to bed. Elissa tells him he should over to go in and help him pack up. Elissa tells him he should go offer to be his moving company (It was pretty funny...) Back in the lounge they're talking about the different props in the lounge and where they got things from. Helen and Jessie are going to try and go to bed. Spencer hopes to be in bed by one am (I'll believe it when I see it).

12:27 AM BBT GinaMarie whispers to Spencer that she had to talk to the Doctor lady in DR and we get FoTH. GinaMarie gets called out by BB. Helen and Jessie in WA doing nightly ADLs. Back in the chair room the discussion is about previous seasons of Survivor.

12:43 AM BBT Helen, Elissa and Jessie are all going to bed. In the lounge Amanda and McCrae hope they're not being lied to about the vote tomorrow. Up in the HoH Aaryn is freaking out about the house flipping in Candice's favor.

12:50 AM BBT In the HoH Aaryn, Andy, Judd, and GinaMarie still trying to figure out who the mystery MVP is this week and run scenarios about who will win HoH and who will end up on the block. Aaryn is packing up her HoH room. Meanwhile downstairs in the lounge Amanda and McCrae continue to cuddle and whisper, hoping she won't end up on the block again.

12:57 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to cuddle in the lounge. Nothing worthy of reporting. Feeds switch to Howard and Candice chatting in the HNR. Candice says she'll be working with Spencer but she's going to try and line herself up in the middle and work with Andy. Candice says Andy is in the best spot right now because nobody will mess with him (she has a valid point). Candice is afraid she will be used by the other side and then discarded. Part of her wants to see her family. Howard says it sounds like she knows what she's doing but she's constantly second guessing herself. Howard says they're doing the same thing that TMC was trying by getting the strong players out. Howard says their are not many strong players left. Candice says Helen, Elissa and she are athletic.

01:07 AM BBT Howard warns Candice that Andy will flip to the other side. Over in the lounge Andy comes in and tells Amanda and McCrae that Aaryn is freaking out saying Howard is for sure leaving but she's questioning whether Candice is coming after her. Andy suggests they go upstairs in a few minutes. Amanda agrees to come up. She wonders if there is any chance she will go home. Andy says no if anything it would be a tie between Howard and Candice.

01:11 AM BBT Andy and McCrae comes up to the HoH and Andy explains that they have been discussing the pros and cons of keeping Candice over Howard. Aaryn says it's hard going from power to being back in the hot seat.

01:00 AM BBT *Rewind* It seems I missed an impromptu wedding ceremony for Amanda and McCrae officiated by Andy in the lounge. In attendance was Judd, Elissa, and GinaMarie. Amanda wanted to elope just in case she gets evicted tomorrow.

01:21 AM BBT Howard and Candice have moved into the WA with Candice straddling Howard's abdomen as Howard talks about scripture and compares something with his game.

01:25 AM BBT Up in the HoH they are playfully pointing out that they are all related to previous HGs. Judd says Amanda is Howie's sister (BB 6 and 7). McCrae says she has the same amount of back hair. Andy says he's Remy's (BB 11) son but she's not good with computers so he's she's not able to pull in any votes for MVP for him. Talk turns to other conspiracies in the house. Judd probes GinaMarie saying "What if..." and she gets heated saying she's voting out Howard. GinaMarie mentions briefly that 'they' loved the shake and we get FoTH.

***Retweet*** RT @Eddie1118: @mortystv America should put her up again just to see the REAL paranoia ensue. #BB15 -- It certainly would be interesting!

01:35 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae had moved back down to the lounge. Nothing worth reporting. Still running with the "I'm related to such and such". Up in the HoH GinaMarie asks Andy how his day was. Andy says he it was alright but he had to hang out with a bunch of people that he doesn't like and then he was threatened with the Coup de'tat and he threatened peoples lives and he got yelled at by production. FoTH. Andy is heading to bed. Judd and GinaMarie remain up in the HoH and Judd wonders why everyone is acting so paranoid. GinaMarie says Aaryn is because she's about to be out of power.

01:42 AM BBT Down in the lounge Amanda is telling McCrae about how their parents met, got engaged and married. Up in the HoH GinaMarie is saying that Candice kept changing things around in the HN comp "on purpose". (It's called slop exhaustion...being a HN two weeks in a row will do that to you). Aaryn comes in saying the HoH smells like GinaMarie's farts. Judd invites Aaryn in the fart proof cave (beneath the blanket). Judd called to DR. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that if she wins the endurance comp tomorrow and she gets to pick HNs for the week the house would be pissed if she didn't make Aaryn one. GinaMarie says of course she wouldn't make her a HN.

01:48 AM BBT Andy has joined Amanda and McCrae in the lounge. Amanda is speaking very quick. She hopes she doesn't act paranoid and try to over think things or find a deeper meaning of things when she gets out of the house. Amanda swears Judd is MVP. Amanda walks out to get something to eat. McCrae says Jessie seemed pissed off today. They think Judd threw them under the bus some how with her and is setting up for next week if he wins MVP to put her up.

***Retweet*** RT @DeannaAaron24: @mortystv were is howard and Candice -- They've been mostly off the feeds tonight. I've seen them in the HNR and WA periodically. I believe I heard Candice's voice out in the KT a bit ago but I'm not certain.

01:54 AM BBT McCrae is whispering in the lounge but it's very hard to hear him because of the background buzz his mic is picking up. Ultimately it sounds like they really don't trust Judd. McCrae says Judd might want him to throw the HoH if it gets to them as the last two up. Amanda says don't. McCrae says he won't. Up in the HoH. Idle chit chat with Judd, Aaryn and GinaMarie.

02:04 AM BBT Andy is going to bed. Amanda crawls on top of McCrae and begins kissing him. She wonders if they should consummate their marriage. McCrae says not until their real wedding. Amanda wonders which real wedding. McCrae says the one outside the house. McCrae says every time they talk about Judd he gets worried. He knows he's upstairs with Aaryn right now. Amanda points out that GinaMarie is up there as well.

02:08 AM BBT GinaMarie and Aaryn are watching the spy screen making fun of everyone. Their current victim...Candice while she makes dinner. Comments include them mimicking Howard "You ate 15 times today how many times are you going to eat today!" GinaMarie wants to go get the oven mits and use them as hand puppets. Aaryn tells her no. She's going to do it anyway. GinaMarie goes pee instead. Aaryn is sick of people telling her that they are responsible for her success this game. GinaMarie says she is her own individual and she has won her HoHs with her own heart, mind and body. GinaMarie says they went the longest as not being a HN because they fought hard. GinaMarie says they may have saved her. Aaryn says between you and I "I don't think Amanda needs Adderall." GinaMarie disagrees. Aaryn says she gets crazy when she gets it. Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae.

02:14 AM BBT Aaryn says when she takes Adderall she calms down and chills out. When Amanda takes it she starts acting a bit too crazy. Aaryn says to her it's obvious that she takes too much. Aaryn says she's supposed to take one and a half because she legitimately has ADHD. Aaryn says Amanda started off with just one and then she saw that Aaryn had an extra half so Amanda started asking for an extra half. Aaryn says she self medicates herself and picks and chooses when she takes it and how much. Aaryn admits to not taking hers all the time either but it doesn't sound like she's claiming she hangs onto hers like Amanda does. GinaMarie says she asked to get something out of Amanda's drawer once and Amanda said sure. She opened the drawer and saw pills in there. Aaryn says see. Aaryn says if she doesn't take hers she gets anxious and her brain doesn't work right.

02:19 AM BBT Talk in the HoH continues. Aaryn apologizes for eating a snack in front of GinaMarie. GinaMarie says she doesn't care because she's a HN. Everyone that complains about it are a bunch of babies. "What you can't have a cookie? You don't need one! Go kill yerself!" BB calls out Jessie to put on her mic. They thought she was going to bed. Talk turns to Amanda bashing and they start flipping around the spy screen and discover Jessie talking to Candice in the KT and they get nervous. GinaMarie tries to open the door a crack and Aaryn warns her they'll be able to hear it. Aaryn is freaking out saying this is sketchy. This is why Aaryn wants her gone. (You want her to be alone without someone to talk to?). Aaryn says they're sketchy and Jessie says "she told her".

02:26 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae are throwing out random names for kids. "Apartment. Softball. Chocolate milk." McCrae asks if Amanda is ready for bed. Amanda is. GinaMarie goes downstairs to run a little recon for Aaryn. She drops dishes off and scurries into the WA to wait for Andy to get out of the WC. GinaMarie heads back out into the KT. Feeds stay with Candice and Jessie making amends in the WA. Jessie says there are people in the house that has opinions about her and she was going along with them. Jessie says this morning she realized that Candice was going to hate her after last night and she spent the morning waiting for that to happen. Candice says that's not her personality. Amanda and McCrae come in and start doing nightly ADLs.

02:32 AM BBT GinaMarie and Aaryn are back in the HoH. GinaMarie says she's acting too happy. She says everyone boohoos and feels sorry for her. (It seems pretty clear they just don't want the woman to be happy...at all). Amanda and McCrae goes to bed. Judd is already in bed in the HNR. Jessie and Candice continue to talk in the WA.

02:40 AM BBT Candice told Jessie that she didn't linger much on their conversation yesterday and she was just wanting to spend her time with Howard and she was worried about being on the block. We went to FotH shortly thereafter. It's been about 2 minutes now. Feeds back and Jessie is apparently telling a story about Josh and we go back to FoTH again.

02:44 AM BBT Feeds back and Jessie is telling Candice that because she wasn't there for the those couple of days and it hurt her, but that wasn't fair for her. Jessie is used to a certain level of attention and again...it's not fair for Candice. Jessie admits during her moment of weakness she may of said some things about her and if that effects their friendship going forward then she understands. Howard can be heard chuckling and saying "The maturation of Jessie..." Candice understands and appreciates her telling her that now.

02:52 AM BBT The Howard, Jessie and Candice chat continues in the WA. Jessie admits that she is easily influenced. Candice points out that people like that are taken advantage of in the game. Jessie says if she wins HoH she will be freaked out. Candice points out that she'll have to be strong and figure things out for herself. Jessie is worried of making mistakes. Howard points out that if you make a mistake for yourself that's one thing but you don't want to look foolish and make a mistake because you listened to someone else. Candice and Jessie both agree. GinaMarie down out of the HoH and heads off to bed, telling everyone goodnight.

***Retweet*** RT @mortystv Jessie needs to be on the middle school version of Big Brother, wait is this it? BB#15 -- Zing!

02:59 AM BBT Jessie says what sucks about this game is the majority rules thing. She would vote to keep Howard if she could but then the rest of the house would come after her. Howard understands and that's why he hasn't tried to campaign any this week. He says he's giving his goodbye speech on the fly tomorrow and it's going to be done in front of America. Jessie says this is the first time in her life that she's ever felt oppressed and she cried about it in DR. She said they keep trading one ruler for another ruler each week.

03:04 AM BBT Brief period of FoTH. Feeds back and Candice is explaining to Jessie how the Vets picked off the newbs. Only Dominic and Cassie stood up to the Vets and they were picked off. Howard points out that GinaMarie and Andy probably also feel alone. Spencer would be happy to back them up but he has to know the votes will be there. Candice questions Jessie whether she came up with the plan Aaryn used to save herself. Jessie says she told her to offer whatever she could and it worked. Candice recommends moving into the lounge. The three move rooms.

03:12 AM BBT Howard and Candice continue to pitch the idea of drawing in those people on the fringe (Andy, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Judd, and Spencer). Jessie thinks Andy are their ears. Howard says that may be true but he's only the ears he'll be cut off sooner rather than later. Candice and Howard suggest Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer and get Aaryn to break the tie. Candice suggests telling her that they can work together while taking jabs at each other still and having hate for each other. Jessie wants to go Aaryn before the live show. Candice says do it in the morning. Jessie wants them to talk to Spencer. Howard says he'll be on board. Howard will go talk to Andy and GinaMarie. They feel like they can trust GinaMarie and Andy.

03:22 AM BBT Howard will talk to GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy which is normal for him. Candice says Jessie will have to make it crystal clear for Aaryn, Candice wishes she could be there. Candice says they need to offer Andy safety and allow him to continue playing down the middle if he wants and he can play the vote off like he voted the way he was supposed to. That leaves Elissa and Judd as suspicious votes. Howard and Candice whisper that Jessie has to be completely on board with everything and can't back out. Jessie doesn't want to be oppressed any more in the house.

03:27 AM BBT Jessie agrees once more and they recap the plan once more. Jessie wants to go, she's paranoid that someone is going to come in and see them together. They tell Jessie good night. Howard looks up and says they're being looked out for. Candice wants to talk to Andy as well. Howard says the best time to talk to Aaryn is after the second HoH LD. Candice disagrees because they'll lock HoH at that point. Howard suggests the SR. Candice disagrees. Howard says GinaMarie and Spencer will be a quick conversation for him. Candice wants the three of them to go up early in the morning. Howard says that's too much too fast. He doesn't want her to end up on the outs especially if he goes home.

03:33 AM BBT Candice begs God that she grows some balls and this happens. Howard says they ain't going home. Candice wants to bring up the fact that Aaryn and GinaMarie's boys went home. Howard thinks Aaryn will be really catty about it. Candice says she's going to tell Aaryn that they clearly hate each other but that they both clearly want the prize money. Howard warns Candice not to out think herself. Candice is worried that Andy is in a good position and he won't flip. Andy apparently walks by the lounge. They debate mentioning to him now. Candice gets cold feet and says they should wait for in the morning. Howard agrees. Last time he came tried a deal like this with him he tossed and turned all night. Candice wonders if they should talk to him now. She admits she needs to calm down.

03:45 AM BBT Howard leaves the room to get something or go do something. The feeds don't follow him and we're left to watch Candice stare off into space, lost in thought.

03:52 AM BBT Howard is back. Candice wants to go to Elissa right before the show and offer her a deal that they will offer her protection from their side of the house if they help keep Howard. Candice will ask her if she trusts her. Candice will point out the first person of the four to go will be her because everyone likes Helen and McCrae. Howard says to take care of one thing at a time. Candice questions Andy's loyalty. "Please Andy..." Jessie comes back. She doesn't think she can do it.

03:56 AM BBT Howard tells her that she needs to go lay down and stay there after this conversation. Jessie questions Andy's vote. Howard says not to worry about Andy. They reassure her that this will work. Jessie is going back to bed. Candice continues to over-think this. Candice wants to make a secret hand touch up. Howard says he's going to tell Andy to go to Spencer and GinaMarie and say "We good?" and they'll agree.

04:07 AM BBT Helen passes by the lounge. They continue to debate details of the plan. Candice asks if Howard is ready for bed. Howard says not until Helen goes back to sleep. She's already walked back by. Howard wishes Candice would go to bed because she asks if Spencer would vote her out and that's yet something else for him to wonder about. Candice tells him to tell Spencer the house meeting was a diversion. Howard "I ain't fittin' to lie." Candice laughs and says maybe she meant for it to really be. They cuddle up in the lounge not saying anything.

04:15 AM BBT GinaMarie is up in the KT. Howard wants to go get her. Candice agrees. GinaMarie had a headache. She asks what's up. Howard tells her it's a mission impossible again. She asks why. Howard says they have the four votes again. We get FoTH. Feeds back and GinaMarie is sitting with Howard and Candice in the lounge. Howard informs GinaMarie that Jessie came to them tonight. Candice tells GinaMarie that Jessie apologized to her for any sort of personal comments paid. Howard interrupts and tells GinaMarie that she needs to go back to bed because the house went to bed early because they thought they were safe. Amanda hasn't even packed all the way yet.

04:21 AM BBT Howard brings up Andy and GinaMarie questions whether they have really have Andy. Howard knows he does. Candice agrees with GinaMarie. Howard says he knows with Andy is ok. Candice questions whether Aaryn would vote to evict Amanda. GinaMarie doesn't think so. Howard says that's why they have to get together and talk to her about it. They will continue to pick everyone else off. Candice says she can't talk to people about the game because they think she's trying to save Howard. Candice says they can hang out after the show. They're here to win! GinaMarie questions Judd. Howard says Judd is out of the question because he divulged the secret alliance to Amanda and he was acting very sketchy when he realized that he (Howard) was awake. Amanda went off on Spencer the very next morning about it. FoTH.

04:28 AM BBT Feeds back Spencer and McCrae are in the kitching with GinaMarie, Howard and Candice still in the lounge. McCrae and Spencer are snacking. They don't appear to be wise to the meeting in the lounge at the moment. They walk by the lounge into the WA and don't mention anything about anyone being in there.

04:30 AM BBT Howard and Candice are now pitching the idea about offering Aaryn safety. GinaMarie is heading out. She's going to tell them (Spencer and McCrae) that they were just saying their goodbyes. GinaMarie comes out and tells them that she got up to get some medicine for an ache and stopped to tell Candice that in case she goes home tomorrow that she knows that GinaMarie shoots straight from the hip. FoTH (GinaMarie doesn't have her mic on and outside the closed room it's difficult to hear her). Feeds back and Spencer and McCrae are talking possible votes today. Spencer says he's throwing a vote at Candice. McCrae understands. GinaMarie is back with her mic.

04:35 AM BBT Back in the lounge Howard and Candice are once again cuddle up beneath the blanket. Out in the WA they're talking about possibilities for the HoH tonight. McCrae reminds them of the pirate ship, surf boards, and the skis they had to balance on. GinaMarie just hopes she can be good at won. GinaMarie doesn't want a letter from home, just some hair dye. She'll see her mom in a couple of months.

04:41 AM BBT GinaMarie is going to bed. She sticks her head in the lounge and tells Howard and Candice goodnight. Back in the WA McCrae says last year one of the lures to get someone to drop was a guarantee to play in veto that week. McCrae says he always gets the comp speculation wrong. Spencer agrees and says everyone does it. Spencer hopes they can work things out and work together some. McCrae says they're cool but Amanda is really pissed. Spencer was going to give it to the weekend. McCrae understands. Spencer says he didn't say "I hope she chokes on her saliva... I don't even say saliva. I'd says spit." McCrae questions who Spencer would put up. Spencer says if he had to say names he'd put Candice and Aaryn up probably. McCrae says Amanda would figure she'd go up. Spencer says no.

04:46 AM BBT In the lounge Howard and Candice seems to be playing with someone in production by trying to get one of the cameras to nod. "Nod once if I'm better lookin' or nod twice if he's better lookin'" The camera doesn't do anything and Howard laughs saying he's on break. Howard says if people don't go to bed they won't be able to get any plans done today. Back out in the WA we have idle chit chat.

04:51 AM BBT In the WA Howard and Spencer continue to chat. Spencer says he'll give Amanda a couple of days before talking to her. Obviously today will be bad because of the possibility of eviction and it might set her off. McCrae agrees. Spencer says when Howard is gone he'll be flapping in the wind. Awkward silence on the lounger in the WA now.

04:54 AM BBT In the lounge Howard is trying to get Candice to go to bed. Back out in the WA they are laughing about GinaMarie saying scientists are going to want to study her because she digest regular water. They start talking about cameras and production and we get FoTH. Spencer says Andy's been getting snarky BB messages lately. "Andy Put ON your MICROPHONE!"

~~~~~~~~~~Spencer, McCrae, Howard and Candice all awake as of my last update. Howard and Candice have yet to go to bed.~~~~~~~~~~~~

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8:03 am BBT HG are all snug in their beds, while visions of evict swirl in their heads.

8:46 am BBT Still sleeping.

9:08 am BBT Helen is awake, brushes her teeth, puts her contacts in. General ADLs.

9:14 am BBT after some eye brow plucking Helen goes back to bed. All HG sleeping again.

9:30 am BBT Elissa is awake, uses WC , washes her hands and goes back to bed. Mean while in HNR GinaMarie cant get comfortable.

9:37 am BBT Helen gets back up, changes her batteries. Changes into her jogging clothes and starts jogging.

9:57 am BBT FOTH Eviction day wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

8:26am BB Time

Everyone is still sleeping. The majority of them were going to bed when I was getting up at 4am so I doubt anyone is going to move until BB hollers at them to do so, and then it will be under protest!!!

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Guest 6Borders

9:06am BB Time

We have movement in the house. Helen is up and doing ADL's, but it was short-lived because I think she went back to bed

{I did catch Andy saying something to the effect that BB would get them up by 11, so maybe we have time for coffee and crescents -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:30am BB Time.

Elissa is up doing ADL's {let's see if she stays up...the tension mounts}

9:34am BB Time

Elissa is back in bed!

9:36am BB Time: Helen is changing her batteries in the storage room

{apparently BB didn't sneak in and get the trash/laundry bags...they are piled up}

Helen is getting out her workout clothes so we may be seeing the first signs of real life in the house this morning!

9:43am BB Time: Helen has started her workout {If you are bored I think she does 80 laps so start counting}

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Guest 6Borders

10:11am BB Time
The feeds are up and so are Judd and Helen {who is still jogging and I have no lap count}. The lights are on but the rest of the HG's are still not functional yet!

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Guest 6Borders

10:14am BB Time

Candace is up. Helen jogs by and asks if she feels better and she says "no not really" Judd asks if she wants some water or anything and there is a mumbled reply (which I think means no)..

The camera is panning beds and sleeping HG's!

Finally some action: BB hollers at Judd not to obstruct his mic! He is eating by himself in the cockpit lounge {reminds me of BB insistently telling Dani Donato to put on her mic when she was working out and she kept firing back "I'm not talking"...just a little BB Trivia -6Borders}

10:20am BB Time

Howard is up (thought you would like to know). He gets his Bible for morning prayer but looks like he's going to talk to Judd

{dang cameras keep switching out my switching which is annoying} but I am wrong, Howard is praying and Judd is nowhere to be seen since leaving the cockpit lounge!

10:23am BB Time

The drilling noises continue from the backyard, or maybe it's the cameras since they are having zoom fun, panning in and out on Andy, bandana over eyes {who is probably dreaming of the impressive HOH set tonite, as am I) and Candace sleeping!

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Guest 6Borders

10:29am BB Time

Judd and Helen are in the bathroom lounge discussing the upcoming HOH comp. They figure it's endurance and they are discussing who will hang on the longest. Helen says she will good if it's standing..if it's legs she is fine, arms not good.

Discussion about McCrae who does not work out but "is like a monkey" (Helen's words) and can hang on. They discuss present and past HG's and comps!

Helen says Kait did not look happy when she walked out. Judd says she was surprised. Helen is giving us the rules about how you can't tell someone if they are nominated, only hints...this sends us to FOTH

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(with all the GREAT coverage here, I feel an important conversation was missed late last night, so I'm doing a quick review...)

2:43-3:26am bbt Howard/Candice/Jessie in cockpit, talking to Jessie about possibility of having 4 votes to evict Amanda(Spencer, GM, Jessie, Andy)

3:26am bbt Jessie agrees to consider the plan, then she leaves and Howard/Candice stay in cockpit discussing when to approach Andy

3:50am bbt F3/4 switch to Jessie/Andy talking, no sound until at first, then..

Andy: If I'm being honest with you, I feel like I would be much safer keeping Amanda... (FISH for 11 seconds)

Jessie: I will tell them 'I am too scared, sorry'

Andy: Have they talked to Gina Marie or...

Jessie: no, everyone's asleep

Andy: Will the votes still be 7-1 or 8-0? I want to be with the majority, I don't want to be f'd over. If the votes leaning that way, I want to know,

Jessie: Howard made a valid point, that they have been running the ship, and I've been feeling like that lately

Andy: But at the same time, if we voted with Howard, Candice and Spencer, where do we fall on that ship either? I feel like we are still low man on the totem pole.

Jessie: I agree, that's why I came to you.

Andy: I just want us to do the same thing.

Jessie: Me too. Ok, I'm going to go play it off, like we never talked.

3:53am bbt Jessie returns to cockpit, to tell Howard/Candice that she is nervous and scared that the plan won't work and the house will find out about her. She agrees that if they can get Andy on board....

3:57am bbt Jessie leaves... and goes back to Andy...

Jessie: Andy, basically they are still pushing, and I was like I don't think it will happen, and they said if they can get Andy's vote, would you? I never said I talked to you. So Howard said he is going to come talk to you in the morning, and he's probably going to ask you, so just drop it and tell him no, They agree, Andy rolls back over and Jessie goes to bed.

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Guest 6Borders

{sorry for the interruption... Chrome keeps trying to install itself and I keep saying no so it kicks me off Morty's}

10:47am BB Time FOTH

10:49am BB Time Feeds are back, nothing exciting

10:50am BB Time

Candace is doing ADL's and says she is shaking. Judd says nothing to worry about Candace (there was exchange in between)

Judd and Helen are talking about stuff for "live feeders" and they have a back 'n forth discussion about that.

Helen mentions double eviction and Andy squashes that saying why would there be double eviction.

General ADL's and discussion about basically nothing!

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10:12am BBT: Helen is still running through the house. Judd is standing in the kt looking around. All other hg still in bed sleeping.

10:15am BBT: Judd has made himself some raman. candice is now up in the wa brushing her teeth andwashing her face.

10:22am BBT:Howard is now up and walks in the cockpit and asked Judd are we cool and Judd says yeah. Howard is now in the photobooth praying.

10:31am BBT: Helen and Judd in bathrrom area talking about what the hoh comp could be tonight. Helen says if it is hanging like on the popcicle then i wont last. helen says andy and Aaryn will be good at them they are light.

10:36am BBT: Judd and Helen talking about Howard and Helen says he wont talk to her anymore she says he used to hang out with her all the time. Judd says he asked me if we was good and i told him yeah.

10:45am BBT: Candice is now in the bathroom area talking with helen and Judd about Howard and wanting him to stay here.Judd asked if everything was cool with Candice and Jessie now. candice says yeah she said she was just having a bad day.

10:52am BBT: Helen is now in the shower, Candice is brushing her teeth.Andy and Helen and candice and Judd talking about Bb saying they will be doing things today for the live show. Candice says she thought they said the live feeders and Helen says no for the live show. andy says you think it will be a double eviction why would they do it now then though and Helen says they record the first eviction and do the second one live. Elissa is now in bathrrom brushing her teeth. Aaryn is up in hoh rm doing her hair and makeup.

10:57am BBT: Spencer is now up and in the bathroom as Judd gets in the cold shower and screams like a little girl as the water is cold. Andy goes to hoh and talks to Aaryn about maybe being in an alliance with candice , Spencer and GInamarie but he told them he has been with the other side since the beggining.Judd still in shower yelling about the cold water.

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As soon as the feeds came back from FISH:

10:49:00am bbt F3/4 Helen/Candice in WA, Helen about to shower, thinks tonight is a double eviction...

Helen: it's a double eviction

Candice: would they tell us that?

Helen: ummmm, I don't know, why are they starting it this early? (Helen goes into the shower, then comes back to Candice at the sink)

Candice: oh my God this is crazy

Helen is getting things from a makeup bag, making it hard to hear her words. She appears to be assuring Candice she is safe in the event of a double eviction tonight.


Helen: I'm going to try to win it.

Candice: ok

Helen: (whispers something)... she's out the door (Helen gets in the shower, Candice works on her hair in front of the mirror)

Candice: Oh God this is crazy... this is too much to do in 15 minutes (BB must have announced during the FISH)

Helen: I've only told you that.

Candice: ok

Judd joins them, Candice tells him she is shaking, already on edge...

10:50:59am bbt

Candice: you think it's a double eviction?

Judd: He just said it was for the live feeders

Candice: oh he said live feeders? No...

Helen: oh yea, he said something for the live feeders (and as fate would have it, Helen forgets where she is standing while washing her hair, and does give the live feeders something to see)

Candice: I thought he said this was for the live show? He didn't say live feeders, he said live show.

(Andy has joined them)

Andy: He said live show. He said we have live show stuff in 15 minutes. I think he just means typical stuff.

Helen: You don't think we have a double eviction?

Andy: Why would we have a double eviction at 11am?

Helen: Because the second eviction would be live (and Helen gives the live feeders another nip slip in the shower)

Andy: No, I don't know

Helen: Andy is like.. Helen...

Judd: I don't think we have anything to worry about.

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11:01am BBT:Ginamarie is up and brushing her hair in the color br as Howard lays on the bed thinking or praying. Judd is out of the shower and puts on his lucky bear shirt. Helen is in the kitchen cleaning uip a little and making herself some food.

11:06am BBT: Andy telling Jessie that bb said they are having a live segment in 15 minutes and we get foth. all hg are up getting ready

11:10am BBT: Most hg getting dressed and fixing hair and makeup . some are laying in beds waiting and others are just joking around about sleeping and general talk.

11:13am BBT:Helen and andy talking . andy asked what she is going to wear today. Howard and Candice talking and Howard says they are all working on next week cuz i am gone this week and Candice says i dont understand. Howard says they got me out this week so they are working on next week.

11:18am BBT: we are now on trivia

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#BB15 2:27pm BBT: We are now over 3 hours into trivia.

#BB15 3:28pm BBT: You guessed it... Still trivia. Rumors are circulating that tonight's HOH comp will be endurance, if that's true you won't want to miss all the action and it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net (New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk. Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!
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7:05 PM BBT Feeds return and everyone is still standing. Aaryn is cheering them on. McCrae says if someone gets the unitard he'll volunteer to wear it.

7:07 PM BBT Elissa is walking and talking. "Are you sweating Andy?" Andy "Little bit." Elissa "you got long arms." The HGs the log will stop and go backwards at some point.

7:10 PM BBT the log is moving at a pretty good pace right now. Lots of heavy breathing, especially by Spencer. They are already wearing out a pattern in the log and McCrae is having trouble with his hair getting in his way.

7:12 PM BBT Judd asks if someone is about to fall. No one responds. Judd says it's a little harder than hanging on to something. McCrae says it's weird. Judd "It's harder on your arms and legs." McCrae and Judd are talking about how they could really use the money but are afraid they'll pick the wrong box. Gina Marie "Here we go." The log has stopped.

7:14 PM BBT Log starts again going in the same direction. Spencer "Hold tight everybody." Judd "Sounds wild in there. I could use some BOOZE." McCrae asks Aaryn to tell them a story. Aaryn "There once was an HoH and he got lots of food, pictures of his family, and safety for the week. And he gets to host a food competition maybe. Stress free for the week. And he has a bed all to himself with his wife." McCrae "Eww that sounds amazing."

7:18 PM BBT Everyone is hanging in there. Helen almost slips but recovers well. It appears that those with the shortest arm span are having the most trouble. Helen is switching from hand to hand. Judd and McCrae both look solid. Lots of heavy breathing. McCrae is wondering if anyone brought cigarettes with them.

7:21 PM BBT Log stops. Helen "Good job everyone." Spencer "Take five."

7:23 PM BBT McCrae tells us that the log is really slippery. Spencer, Candice, and Helen fall when the log starts up again.

7:25 PM BBT Amanda is down. Elissa is down. We get a moment of production telling McCrae he can't turn around backwards. McCrae "I'm not." Trivia.

7:28 PM BBT When feeds return we see Judd is down. Still no clue what all were in the boxes.

7:30 PM BBT I see that Andy is also down but didn't see him fall. Judd is cheering Jessie on. McCrae tells us he isn't wearing any deodorant. He also says he's like a carnie and has unicyclers in the family. We are down to McCrae, Gina Marie, and Jessie.

7:35 PM BBT Feeds return from a brief FotH. McCrae tells everyone that's down that they can't smoke any cigarettes while he is up there. Judd "McCrae this ain't crap compared to that popsicle, hang in there."

7:38 PM BBT The boxes were opened during the FotH. Spencer is holding a bull horn. Judd tells us he was doing great but his feet got too close to the front of the barrel causing him to slip. "I was so comfortable." Aaryn is encouraging them to hang in there because there may be a really good Pandora's box. Jessie, Gina Marie, and McCrae are still hanging in there. Gina Marie tells McCrae that if she wins he is safe this week. He thanks her but has to stay to make sure Amanda stays safe this week too. Gina Marie promises she is.

7:41 PM BBT Gina Marie promises Jessie safety as well. McCrae "I need some privacy with my wife. Freaking Andy keeps coming in." Gina Marie offers him a night in the HoH room.

7:45 PM BBT Gina Marie, McCrae, and Jessie are still doing really well. They have completely worn out all the paint on their barrel. They get a brief break as the barrel stops rolling. Lots of recognition from the HGs that are down. "You guys are amazing."

7:48 PM BBT Jessie falls and it's down to Gina Marie and McCrae. Gina Marie tells McCrae she will give him three nights in the HoH. She tells him to trust her because she has already proven she has his back. She wants the crown and she wants her hair dye. McCrae wants pictures of his family.

7:51 PM BBT Gina Marie and McCrae still hanging in there. The left box contained the $5K. The middle box is a megaphone. They still have not shown us the contents of the right box.

7:53 PM BBT Lots of cheering, mostly by Helen and Spencer. Helen "Good job guys, America thinks you are the s***.....in a good way." McCrae tells Gina Marie good job. Gina Marie does the same.

7:55 PM BBT we finally get a view of the box on the right. We see a picture of a BBQ with a steak on it.

7:57 PM BBT Gina Marie makes another attempt to make a deal. The HGs joke with them that you never get between a woman and her bleach and a man and his woman. McCrae "no blood on your hands." Gina Marie "I know but I got to win one, I'm not smart enough to win the questions." Gina Marie then offers McCrae to split the nominees. He counters with offering her both nominees. She declines saying she doesn't want the room just the hair dye.

8:00 PM BBT McCrae falls and proceeds to start stomping on his China cabinet. Gina Marie is HoH.

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7:10 PM BBT - Spenser is sucking some serious air and peeling a lot of paint.

7:13 - The log stopped rolling.

7:14 - We are rolling again. Helen and McCray are holding on with 1 hand. Spencer is now sucking some serious air. Elissa has recouped quite well from her slip during the live show.

7:20 Judd just asked if McCray brought his cigarettes out with him. He says that he did.

7:22 - The wheel stopped again.

7:23 - The wheel starts the other way. Spencer, Candace and Helen are down.

Amanda is down.

Just heard BB tell McCray to turn around and walk backwards.

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Andy is down. The wheel has stopped.

7:29 - The wheel is rolling forward again. Judd is rooting Jessie on.

7:34 - FOTH

7:36 Feeds are back.

7:38 FOTH

Jessie, GM, and McCray are still up. Back to FOTH.

GM and McCray are making deals with each other. GM says that Amanda and Jessie would be safe.

7:42 - GM wants hair dye for her roots. The wheel is rolling faster now.

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