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Monday, July 15 Live Feed Updates


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Guest 6Borders

11:15am BB Time

Feeds are back.

BY couch: Jessie, Judd, Jeremy, McManda and Andy

Discussion about feeling bad about saying you are going to vote for someone and then vote them out (Andy)

Jeremy is saying he will go into game mode...talk about who hugs.

Jeremy says he hopes he goes into sequester and comes back {dream on big fella}

Judd says they haven't done that for a while and maybe they will have a Pandora's Box

Andy says it typically happens that when someone comes back they don't last too long.

Discussion about past seasons when that happened (Amy the cheese girl...)

McCrae says it's kind of a curse to come back but if you win that Veto...!

Discussion about David and Nick might be in sequester and not know anything about the Moving Company {no, they know and they are gone}

Jeremy is asked if he never got a weird feeling about them (Nick? ) Jeremy says he knows Nick didn't go to Yale and he's not a skater. Judd says he's not making fun of figure skaters...Jeremy is asked wasn't he a pro skater. He says no, he was sponsored a lot.

Discussion about who voted how...Jeremy says when you go home and watch you will see that he voted for David to stay.

Andy goes over the votes of who voted for David to stay.

Judd says he asked David what he would do if he won the money and David said "go surfing Bro"

Jeremy says he would have bought a 40' boat if he won the 500K, would give his mom a grand and invest the rest {sorry Jeremy, we just bought a Hunter40 so after your boat, taxes and a grand to your mom you'd have about $10 to invest..-6Borders}

Jeremy is discussing names for boats. He says his mom wants him to name a boat Ilene.

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Guest 6Borders

11:26am BB Time

Helen and Jessie in the HOH. Helen is saying their time is limited...says ride this week out. Kait is going to spend all her time with Jeremy. They discuss Kait says she was playing 5 different guys at home before she left. Helen says she doesn't know about the 9 of us. Helen wants Kait to feel good about the decision. Jessie says the sooner she leaves the better.

Helen says she is going to support Jessie, Judd, Andy, McManda over (Kait and the other side).

Helen says Spencer has asked to make it to Jury {why do they always do that and people always believe them???}

Helen is relating Spencer telling Helen all these people are coming after her, talks so much shit about Jeremy!

Helen says there is a huge consenses among (their side) that Spencer/Howard need to go.

Jessie says if Kait wins HOH she is definitely going up...Helen says but you are not going home because we will put up (?)

{apparently Helen is just assuming that Elissa will get MVP every week}.

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Guest 6Borders

11:33am BB Time

Backyard Bashers (Kait, Jeremy and Aaryn) are bashing "her"...saying she literally took everything and slammed it in the nightstand. They discuss how polite they all are (as opposed to other people) and tip-toeing around when other ppl are sleeping.

They discuss how their parents were waking them up: Kait said her dad was a a-hole about it; Jeremy says his mom was really cool; Andy says his mom was cool.

Aaryn says as long as you had a 3.5 or higher you could sign yourself in and out whenever you wanted {if anyone finds out what school that was please let me know -6Borders}

Aaryn says Colorado schools are way more advanced...Jeremy says Texas has a lot of blue ribbon schools!

Andy says he feels like every year he got less and less academic.

Jeremy is trying to top Andy (who took the most honors classes)

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11:29am BBT: andy jeremy kaitlin and arryn in by talking about working out. arryn says i tried working out in this heat once with davis and it was terrable. jeremy says stop talking about david its sick.

11:36am BBT: in the by arryn, andy,jeremy,kaitlyn and mccrae talking about high school and the rules they had in school.

11:46am BBT: amanda and howard in the kt. amanda making a protien shake and howard just sitting there.howard now gets up and goes outside. helen goes outside to run. arryn telling a story to most of the hg on the by couches.

11:53am BBT: helen , howard and candice running in the by as arryn sitting on couch in by making fun of rachedl and elissas laughing and laughing cuz rachel fell while running in her season.

11:57am BBT: arryn says we should go around saying where people should be working. she thinks andy should be working in a smoothie store. most hg sitting on by couch, helen candice and howard still running.

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12:05pm BBT: most hg outside either running laying by the pool or sitting on the couches with general talk going on.
12:10pm BBT: andy telling jeremy, amanda and mccrae about watching rosemarys baby he says it is the best movie ever.
12:13pm BBT: helen is still running in the by, jessie is in the pool with the water hose on and sprays helen as she runs by, helen yells yes thank you jessie that feels awesome. candice now joins jessie in the pool. mccrae on by couch says he needs to go poop. amanda says what do you need to poop out he says water amanda says eeewwwwww and they laugh.
12:19pm BBT: jeremy , andy and amanda talking about bb calling them out on singing , whistling and for not having mics on. jeremy says man i cant help but sing or whistle my heart is happy. amanda now heading to the pool with jessie and candice jeremy goes inside where kaitlin is and give her a hug arryn is called to dr.
12:22pm BBT: amanda tells candice that mccrae is not doing good on slop he is like a different person. candice says it isnt enough calories thats how i was. howard wetting himself down with the water hose he then picks up a beachball and throws it in the pool.helen and andy in the hoh rm againandy laying on the bed he tells helen i could tell you was nervouse . helen says i was very nervous.
12:24pm BBT: andy says you know my hear is breaking jeremy is a nice guy. and i am seeing a different jeremy this week. helen says it is breaking my heart too. andy says if he had acted this way sooner it might be different. helen is now talking to jeremys mom again saying i am sorry jeremys mom but he has to go this week he made is bed he has to lie in it.so sorry but he has to go.
12:27pm BBT: andy says if we want to get howard out next week then candice has to go up with him she will try to keep him.
12:33pm BBT: andy and helen in hoh rm repearing themselves about who would niminate who and about elissa feeling like she has done the dirty work in this house. helen says i feel so bad for howard i really do like bim. andy says i do too but we cant trust him.
12:39pm BBT: andy in hoh bed listening to music. arryn, kaitlin, jessie, candice and amanda at the pool just general chat.
12:44pm BBT: kailtlin and amanda and jeremy and arryn in the pool talking about how to count off seconds in the hoh tie brakers.
12:48pm BBT: andy and howard in wa talking. howard asked andy if he eats red meat. andy says no i dont eat much red meat why do you ask. howard says candice is making burgers and fries for lunch today. andy says i will eat some fries.
12:51pm BBt: elissa joind helen in hoh bathroom and they are jumping up and down saying he is going home. helen says elissa this is such a good hoh. helen says it is so good we studied all of that for the hoh comp. elissa says yeah. helen said at some point we should count like how many items there were ok? helen says i will go through and say the items and you count them as i go through them.
12:55pm BBT: helen says you wont have to worry about nick david and jeremy in the hoh comp; this week. helen thinks it will be endurance. she says i dont really want to say jeremy is leaving this week i dont want to jinks us but good people need to win this game.

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12:24pm bbt Helen/Andy in HOH, discussing Jeremy's attitude in the game, and the change in his attitude so far this week

Andy: I do think that he knows it's no one's fault but his own.

Helen(speaking to the camera, to Jeremy's mom): Sorry, Jeremy's mom, he's gonna go, I know you love this show, I wish we could have kept him here, but he made his bed and he has to lay in it. Hopefully he will see his ways and how they harmed the folks in this house. We forgive him, we are going to move on. After the game hopefully he will treat us with respect, and we will treat him with respect. (She blows a kiss to the camera). Enjoy the rest of the season.

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#BB15 1:00 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda lying on the BY couch. Amanda telling him to be careful what they say to Candice. Now talk about that she will eventually meet Rachel and she doesn't want her to hate her.

#BB15 1:10 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae talking about where Amanda is licensed to sell real estate. Says it is Florida and California. McCrae says why don't they do California. Amanda says move here? McCrae says yes. Amanda says but Florida..and we get FOTH.

#BB15 1:14 PM BBT Candice rehashing argument with Jeremy to Howard and Amanda. Candice says Jeremy threw everyone under the bus.

#BB15 1:20 Gen chit chat. Amanda, Candice and Howard talk about buying property and the cost of things.

#BB15 1:27 PM BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn in the KT. Bashing Candice and what she says. Kaitlin says she is crazy and wants her out. Says that Candice is blinded by Howard.

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12:34pm bbt Pool 'conversation', Jeremy, Candice, Amanda discussing MC, the game, along with Aaryn & Kaitlin present

Jeremy(standing in pool): my mom told me and all my best friends said, Jeremy you gotta lay low at the beginning, you can't win anything

Amanda(laying on chaise): It's hard though

Jeremy: I told them I'm not a loser and it's just way too hard to throw stuff and not be me, it is what it is, if I go out, I go out with a blaze of glory and my head held high.

Candice(laying on towel): I'm just upset because you all were using me as a vote

Jeremy: I didn't say anything to you

Candice: Spencer did

Jeremy: and I voted for David still, to stay(he did actually do this)

Candice: Jeremy, you did not vote for David

Jeremy: When you get home, will you call me and apologize for that? Cause you are gonna see.

Candice: You couldn't have possibly voted for him

Jeremy: I swear on everything

Candice: If I did, then that means GM didn't, and we know she did

Jeremy: Nick didn't, it was me, Kaitlin, GM, Aaryn, and you, that's 5

Candice: well why did Spencer tell me to do that?

Jeremy: Spencer will tell you right now that I voted for David to stay.

Amanda: Candice, were you the one that told Jeremy that I was the one who told... um...

Candice: no, not at all

Jeremy: You are fibbing through your teeth

Candice(sitting up on towel, feet in the pool): look me in my eye, and lie on me one more time Jeremy!

Jeremy: You are fibbing through your teeth

Candice: Kaitlin, did I say that in the room?

Jeremy: You are fibbing through your teeth

Candice(standing in the pool now, face to face with Jeremy): Look me in my eye, I do not lie about...

Jeremy: You are fibbing through your teeth

Candice(crosses past Jeremy to approach other side of pool)

Jeremy(now behind Candice, hands behind his back in a non-confrontational pose): look at me, you are fibbing through your teeth

Candice(back to Jeremy, now addressing Amanda/Kaitlin/Aaryn): When I came up to the room, who did I say y'all should put up? The one person that I said you all should put up, on the block, when y'all two were in the room and you questioned me? What did I say about Amanda and McCrae?

Jeremy: We're not talking about the time in the HOH room

Candice: That's the only time I ever talked to you guys together

Aaryn(now sitting forward on her chaise): who did you say to put up?
Candice: The one person I said to put up? Did I throw Amanda and McCrae under the bus?
Jeremy: You threw Amanda's out there for sure

Aaryn: no

Candice: No, thank you

Jeremy: I'm not talking about the time we were in the HOH room when we were talking with Aaryn

Candice: I said you should put up Nick

Jeremy: You can pick another time hahaha

Candice: (to former HOH Aaryn)and the reason why I said you should put up Nick, is because I wanted to show you that Jeremy was working with him, (speaking to Kaitlin) but I couldn't come and tell you that, because you were sleeping with the enemy. I wanted to tell you there was a boys alliance, remember when I came and said, someone on your side isn't really on your side?

Kaitlin: yea

Candice(turns to Jeremy): and I didn't say anything about Amanda and McCrae

Jeremy: so we only talked once?

Candice: if there's one thing I am, it's a loyal person boo, and you're not about to lie to me

Jeremy: I just said it, calm down

Aaryn: I don't remember if that's the conversation with just me and Kaitlin

Candice(exits the pool, returns to her towel)
Jeremy: that's ok, don't get upset

Candice(laying back down): that's why you'll be playing the game from outside the house, boo....

Jeremy: you'll be gone soon too... I know what happened, I'm not the one getting all upset

Candice: because I don't like being called a liar

Jeremy: because you just got called out and you know it

Candice(sitting back up again): called out about what?

Jeremy: You just got called out

Candice: she just said that I didn't throw them under the bus! So I had a secret conversation with you? So shut up! (lays back down)
Jeremy: it wasn't secret... good luck, lie again

Candice: one thing I am is loyal

Jeremy: and lying obviously

Candice: no one was loyal to you, that's why you are going (sing song voice) 'out the door'

Amanda(finishing the question she never really got to ask): I was told that I was the one that started the alliance to get out David, that's what I was told.

Jeremy: you started the movement, that's what was said

Candice: yea, says the person who is on the block

Jeremy: the only reason you were taken off the block(week 1) was because he knew that you would go up again, which is why you'll be going home soon. I'll be going because I'm a champ, and you'll be going because you can't keep your emotions in check....

12:38pm bbt

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2:00 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house this afternoon. Judd, Jessie, Aaryn, Candice, and McCrae are chit chatting in the BY on the couches and Amanda is fixing her hair.

2:08 PM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin are snogging in the bedroom. Candice and McCrae are trying to figure out if there will be a double eviction or two based on how many HGs are left and how much time they have left in the house. Howard is in the kitchen making burgers

2:14PM BBT Helen has joined the crew in the BY on the couches. She is "again" discussing the expected mood of the house once Jeremy is gone. "I want a home. I'm a mom, I want a home not a fraternity full of a**holes." Jeremy bashing ensues.

2:16 PM BBT Jessie, upon seeing the pizza in the KT starts singing "I will not eat the pizza, I will not eat the pizza, I eat the pizza I get disqualified, I will not eat the pizza, the pizza taste lie s**t." "I really want to eat all this FO-OO-OO-D."

2:22 PM BBT McCrae's birthday is about a week away. He is excited to be able to spend his birthday in the house. "It's going to be the best birthday ever. Even if everyone is fighting, it will still be the best. That's part of the whole experience." Jessie is cooking a big bowel of slop. Helen heads to the pool. Judd is telling McCrae he had a dream where he staged a fight with him but that McCrae took it to all kinds of levels. Amanda wants to come up with a name for their alliance. They mention Moving Company, Pack Your S**t Up, The Packers, The Referees, etc. I'll let you know if they decide upon something.

2:37 PM BBT It appears that McCrae, Amanda, and Judd are narrowing their name down. It appears they are leaning towards THE GOOF TROOP. However, this is the name for the four of them (with Andy as member #4). Now they are trying to come up with a name for the big group.

2:39 PM BBT Candice is rehashing her argument with Jeremy to Elissa. Candice "Don't be lying on me f***er." "The definition of a coward is a rat which is what you did, you ratted out your own alliance (about Jeremy)" Andy, who was sleeping wakes up "I miss everything. I'm never around for this shit."

2:46 PM BBT Candice to Andy, Elissa, and Gina Marie in the bedroom: "The Moving Company forgot that when you wipe someone's hat on your a** you go home."

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1:30pm bbt Jeremy/McCrae/Amanda playing pool, Howard/Candice, Aaryn/Kaitlin somehow sharing the patio lounge area

1:35pm bbt Kaitlin goes inside to check on pizza that is cooking, Aaryn and Candice share in their dislike for the smells in the house

Aaryn: it's going to be a boring 3 or 4 days, until anything else happens

1:42pm bbt Jessie/Helen have joined the HGs outside, Jessie sharing a story about meeting Lance Armstrong.

1:47pm bbt Jessie still sharing stories with Helen, tells about friend Matt 'just being named CEO of his company, well a company. He also works with his dad, at Northco'. Helen says Brad Womack from The Bachelor is also from Austin. When Helen says Brad did not end up marrying the final girl, Jessie says she'd be willing to date Brad.

1:50pm bbt Jeremy/Kaitlin are in kitchen eating, leaving Aaryn alone with on patio with Candice/Jessie. Candice is (again) explaining the boys alliance to Aaryn. They are promoting the idea of a girls alliance. Aaryn admits she's been working on her relationship with Elissa, stating it's been hard, because the only conversations had been snide. Judd joins them. Jessie says she feels Jeremy was only loyal to himself.

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2:51 PM BBT BB has called in Indoor Lockdown. Candice wants to know what Kim Kardashian's baby looks like. She also would like to see Chloe and Lamar have a baby. "I don't like when people are in the love and can't have a baby." Elissa "Maybe it's because they are so busy."

3:00 PM BBT Not much going on, too many HGs stuck into too small a space. Aaryn is showing some Zumba moves in the bedroom and is thinking about holding a class for the others. Everyone is making food, eating, or laying around.

4:36 PM BBT Andy and Aaryn are discussing their Mid-Slop Week Freak-outs. Judd "I just stayed in bed. I slept through my mid-slop week freak-out."

3:08 PM BBT Aaryn is talking about deodorant. She prefers men's because they don't make a clear solid that isn't liquidy in women's. She knows because she went to Wal-Mart and opened up one of each them trying to find one. Gina Marie "and did you get thrown out after that?"

3:11 PM BBT Judd is looking at the items Gina Marie has of Nick's. He calls it the Nick Shrine. Gina Marie "No it's not, it's a freaking memory wall." Aaryn "No, it's a Nick Shrine." Meanwhile in the cockpit Amanda and McCrae are laying down.

3:20 PM BBT In the bedroom Aaryn and Gina Marie are talking about doing Zumba. Gina Marie is only interested if Aaryn wants to do it for an hour or so and not for just five minutes. In the cockpit Amanda has told Andy about their alliance name of Goof Troop and the fake alliance (with Helen and Elissa) called the Knockouts.

3:30 PM BBT At the DR table Candice is talking to Aaryn about the different pageants she has been involved in. She is giving Aaryn hints and tips in case she wants to try to get in one of them. Meanwhile in the cockpit Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Andy are discussing Jessie's lack of BB knowledge. Judd tells us that he had to explain to her that Elissa could not use her MVP all the way to final two. He had to explain step by step about the final three part HoH.

3:40 PM BBT Most of the HGs are piled up in the cock pit talking about previous events in the house. Candice mentions Aaryn trying to get everyone to raise their hands after her HoH win. "I was like, I didn't vote against your boyfriend...SLOP, what the F***." Everyone, including Aaryn laughs. Amanda "It's fun to look back at your serious stress moments and laugh about them." Aaryn "I am probably responsible for most of them." Amanda "Yeah, you were." (All in good fun people, they are talking all in good fun.)

3:44 PM BBT They are still just talking about the funny things they have done in the house. For Spencer, his all time favorite moment of the show was "Gina Marie dedicated her 2nd place finish in the Have-Not competition to Nick and pouring out her juice to her homies."

3:48 PM BBT Helen and Candice are in their swim suits and getting into a bath in the HoH bathroom. Candice and Helen are looking directly into the camera. Candice "Yeah, Helen is HoH" Helen "Hello America...from Have Not room to HoH."

3:50 PM BBT Helen and Candice are playing Big Brother Superlative in the tub: Most likely to succeed outside of house after the show??? Candice answers: McCrae and Howie. Elissa joins them in the HoH BR and as they are describing what they are doing the camera change.

3:54 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina Marie in the WA. They are discussing the would-coulda-shoulda of how strong their alliance would be if Nick and David hadn't gone home. Gina Marie "Jeremy screwed it all up. Now all the geeks are in control."

3:58 PM BBT The Indoor Lockdown is over.

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3:52 PM BBT:

GM and aaryn in WA - aaryn told GM tht jeremy is the reason tht david went home. GM said yep. They are discussing tht the only reason he came with them is because of him and kaitlin tht he wasnt truthful to them. Aaryn counting to see how it could have been if david had stayed and jeremy hadn't been on the other side pretending otherwise. GM whispering. Aaryn saying tht if david was still here they would have been fun and tht turning on david is going to be jeremy's downfall.

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3:55 PM BBT:

Helen and Candice sharing the tub in HOHR. I think that they are talking about Jeremy. (Really?). They are admitting tht Jeremy is a cutie but when he came into the house he wasnt a Shane. They talk tht aaryn is pretty relative to looks dont mean wht a person is really like.

3:57 PM.

As GM and aaryn left the bedroom gM tickled howard's behind saying tht you could bounce a quarter off it.

3:59 PM BBT:

Spencer, Andy and McC in the lounge just chatting and laughing about jeremy's mom's reaction might be if he is evicted.

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4:06 PM BBT:

Andy and spencer still in lounge talking abt people past and present selected for the house - how many gays and who, etc....Andy mentions tht the guys are dropping like flies tht after this week there will be...... spencer says five? andy asked if Spencer liked ragan and spencer says yes and they laugh about some of ragan's mannerisms. Andy called him my baby andy was devastated tht he didnt win. Andy said tht ragan was the most invested in big brother tht he had been to tht point.

4:09 PM BBT:

Andy said tht 12 got boring when rachel and brendan left. Spencer said tht he hoped this season wouldnt be seen tht way. Spencer said he thinks tht everybody Loves andy. Andy says THANK YOU. you are the matt to my ragan, etc....

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4:00PM BBT - Andy, Spencer, McCrae in the lounge, general chit chat. Andy now telling them about Helen apologizing to Jeremy's mom via the feeds for sending Jeremy's home. They all chuckle, Spencer jokes that the ratings will go down if Jeremy's mom tunes out. Andy says when he wins HOH, he's gonna be the worst at it. He's gonna make F2 deals with everyone, and only let some people in, make others leave. Spencer is going to patrol his basket, make sure no one takes anything from it.

4:02PM BBT - Jedi training starts with Andy quizzing Spencer. In the HOH bathroom, Elissa has joined and is sitting on a chair. Aaryn & GM are in the WA - Aaryn is curling her hair. GM is wearing Nick's hat and sunglasses. McCrae leaves the lounge and heads to the BY. GM wonders if Jeremy & Kaitlin are going to spend all day in bed. Aaryn complains about the curling iron.

4:06PM BBT - Judd & McCrae talking in the BY about the girls going at each other while they sit back and watch. They don't think Kaitlin & Candice will ever be friends. They think all they'd have to do is drop a few comments and Kaitlin will go nuts. Elissa wants Aaryn to go next week, so they won't be working together. McCrae says if he was them, he'd work together in a heartbeat. Judd says that's how it usually goes.

4:11PM BBT - Judd and McCrae complain about Elissa and how she wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for them. Their side of the house saved her two weeks in a row.

4:15PM BBT - Amanda in the KT cooking slop. She comments to McCrae as he walks through that he's not doing well; McCrae agrees he's not. McCrae comments to Judd that he doesn't know what to do about Elissa. Judd says they don't need to overthink it. They are upset that people were forcing Kaitlin to use the veto or go up herself. They discuss GM and wanting to talk to her, make sure she's not scrambling or not weird to them. Amanda joins the guys, and says as long as they get rid of Candice or Howard next week, they have the numbers and should be fine. McCrae doesn't trust Aaryn, she's a compulsive liar. She's personally fine with Elissa but feels if they put Candice up, she'll (Elissa) reciprocate. They need to get rid of Elissa before Candice.

4:20PM BBT - McCrae asks if Amanda thinks Howard is related to Danielle on season 7. Amanda thinks its possible. Even if he is, Danielle doesn't have as big an influence as Rachel's fans do where MVP is concerned. Andy joins the WA crew, they discuss previous seasons and competitions that happened in week 4.

4:25PM BBT - Helen in the HOH shower, Elissa meandering about. They are talking about how "she" wants to talk to Elissa, and Elissa says after the things "she" said about Candice and Howard. Helen says she'd hear anyone out no matter what, but that doesn't mean she'd forgive them. Well, it's Christian to forgive, and you hope that if you tell them they are forgiven, they feel good about it and won't do it again. Thats her downfall, Helen says, she always gives them a chance to do it again. Elissa says "she" apologized once but was mean again the next day. Elissa thought "she" was being sincere. Then "she" followed Elissa after Helen won HOH and was cussing her, all because Elissa was happy Helen won and got to see her kids.

4:30PM BBT - Aaryn in the BY with McCrae. Aaryn says it's been better not approaching people. Just chill, they come to you. Judd joins them having just been cussed out by GM. He shows Aaryn his shoes, commenting that it's a pretty nice shoe. He tries to get her to smell it, she refuses. Candice told Aaryn that she & David should have been evicted anyway because their family has money, Aaryn tells them. Apparently Jeremy said it. Judd says that's not what the game's about. Aaryn says you have to have money to even be in the hotel. She went $150 over her limit, but she had drinks with every meal and desserts and stuff. It was like a vacation for her.

4:33PM BBT - McCrae says he didn't even want to call production because he thought he was bothering them all the time. FoTH.

4:35PM BBT - Feeds are back and now Andy and Candice have joined the BY group. They are talking about taking something from the BB house before they are evicted. Candice called out for not wearing her mic as she is joking about taking Helen's contacts. Aaryn was in the rainbow room wondering if Andy, Howard and Candice knew she was in the room. On another feed, something must have been said, because we have FoTH again.

4:37PM BBT - Aaryn says Judd is so smart, he's dangerous in this game. Amanda now joins the BY group. Andy jokes about Candice having to go as she re-joins the group. Aaryn asks Amanda what scent she wears, she loves it. Candice loves GM's cologne; she wears cologne instead of perfume. Andy loves it too.

4:39PM BBT - Kaitlin & Elissa are in the KT. Elissa comments how lucky the HN's are for getting guacamole. Elissa should be on the guacamole and grapefruit diet too, she says. Kaitlin agrees and they chuckle together.

4:43PM BBT - Aaryn confronts Amanda about saying that Candice is obsessed with her. Amanda says she didn't say it, and starts getting mad about it. Aaryn decides to backpedal a bit and then says Candice indirectly said it, just said it to Andy a few minutes ago and Amanda gets more angry while refuting it. BB reminds that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. Judd thinks it's GM they're talking about. They thought it was going to be a LD, Aaryn thinks it will happen Wednesday mid day. They are hoping for a luxury competition.

4:47PM BBT - Discussion turns to a double eviction, and Judd & McCrae how a double eviction works in one hour. Aaryn can't wrap her mind around it, and is disappointed the HOH doesn't get the HOH room cause they are HOH for such a short time. McCrae thinks they get a letter and a basket, but Judd feels they don't get pictures. Aaryn says everyone thinks they are having one this week. Judd thinks they are too. Jessie walks past the group to go sunbathing.

4:51PM BBT - Amanda & Kaitlin in the KT. Howard told Kaitlin to use the veto on herself, which Amanda can't understand why. He told her that she was a huge target for the MC. Amanda says he is scary when he corners you. Amanda says if the slop doesn't cook faster, she's going to kill herself. Amanda added guacamole and some spices to it. Kaitlin goes to the WA to prepare to go in the DR; she says she looks like crap. As she starts to primp, she's called to the DR. She calls "Coming!" On the way, she tells Aaryn as soon as she is done in DR, they can do whatever Aaryn wants.

4:54PM BBT - On her way to the DR, Kaitlin comments she just ate a half a hamburger. She's going to have so much energy for the HOH competition on Thursday. Jeremy is rubbing off on her, Amanda comments. Amanda asks Aaryn about her earlier comment and why she'd think Amanda said it. Aaryn says Amanda was the only one she thought would say that as a joke. Amanda cautions Aaryn about calling people shady because if she calls people shady, they'll think she's targeting them and will turn around and target her. Aaryn called Judd shady earlier. Amanda warns her not to try and clarify it either, just leave it alone. Aaryn agrees. Amanda repeats her earlier comment about killing herself if the slop does not cook faster.

4:56PM BBT - Amanda asks if Jermey is trying to campaign. Aaryn says she hasn't heard anything, Amanda says it's a lost cause. "Positive?" Aaryn asks. Amanda says yeah but she'll let her know. Aaryn wants something to eat but she's not sure what.

4:59PM BBT - Amanda says that Jeremy is leaving, then Howard is next. She comments that if Aaryn plays her, she's dead. Aaryn asks why she would do that. Amanda can tell McCrae anything. McCrae thinks Amanda is related to Danielle Donato. Amanda tells Aaryn that there are so many more people that should go before her. Aaryn hopes so.

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#BB15 5:03 M BBT Amanda cooking her clop in the kitchen. Jeremy and Kait talk about that Jeremy had to answer his parents as "yes sir or no sir". or he would get smacked in the head. He comes outside and yells to Gina that he wants his chicken parm. She promises for dinner.

#BB15 5:11PM BBT Amanda and Kaitlin talking in the KT. Kait says it isn't far that they strong armed her into taking herself off of the block. She volunteered to be a pawn and should have stayed as a pawn. She then joins Jeremy in the SR while Jeremy decided what he wants to eat. Kaitin goes to make it for him.

#BB15 5:18 PM BBT Elisa, McCrae and Judd in the BY talking about Glass House an how bad it was. Elissa says it should have been cancelled after one episode.

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#BB15 5:22 PM BBT Kait, Aaryn and Gina in KT. Gina just woke up from a nap and feeling out of it. She is bored. Kaitlin tells Aaryn about her conversation with Amanda. Says she told Amanda she has only known her 3 weeks - how is she supposed to trust her.

#BB15 5:31 PM BBT Jeremy and Judd at the memory wall. Jeremy has a pool cue and is pointing out the order they are getting kicked out. He knocks something over but doesn't pick it up.

#BB15 5:35PM BBT Amanda frying some more slop. Kaitlin making boxed mac and cheese for Jeremy. Amanda talk about that McCrae won't eat of his choices.

#BB15 5:42 PM BBT Jeremy is eating his mac and cheese. Kait says he is unable to make it himself. Aaryn grabs spoonful of the mac and cheese. The three of them talk about the POV comp and how much Kait beat Spencer by.

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#BB15 5:50 PM BBT Jeremy gets up from eating and Kait asks him what he is going to do about his dish. He tells her is getting it. He brings it over and rinses it out and puts it in the sink.

#BB15 5:54 PM BBT We have all 4 feeds on Jeremy and Kaitlin in the BY. Kissing and Jeremy singing to her that she likes him.

#BB15 5:57 PM BBT Spencer comes into the BR and talks to Aaryn. He has been working out. Says he wishes he had started this 6 months ago. Aaryn says she used to work out before she came to the BB house.

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6:00 PM BBT All four feeds on Aaryn in the WA. Howard comes in and they plan to work out together with Kaitlin. Aaryn wants to warm up on the elliptical first.

6:04 PM BBT The feeds follow Howard into the bedroom where Spencer is. Spencer is upset that BB is not giving him any more deodorant. Howard points to some and Spencer says he can't use it. "I have sensitive pits." Kaitlin "I just walked into a great conversation."

6:08 PM BBT In the BY Elissa is telling McCrae that her parents are probably disappointed that she isn't more like her sister. Rachel goes out and finds friends so easily. Elissa is so much more picky. McCrae wants to be the kind of Dad that makes his kids go outside to play a lot. Elissa says her son loves to spend time with Uncle Brendon. They play videogames together.

6:15 PM BBT Just general chitchat in the BB house: such as Kaitlin hates overhead lamps and prefers lamps but Jeremy is the opposite. Elissa knows some Nascar drivers because she lives near them. Something in BY is giving off a sewage smell.

6:20 PM BBT In the BY Howard has taken all of the dumbbells and placed them on the grass making mini-hurdles. Howard has Aaryn running the hurdles.

6:26 PM BBT Amanda is telling Elissa about Gina Marie's math claiming that in real life Nick and Gina Marie have been together for six months to a year comparatively. McCrae has taken the Fruit Loops box and rolled it up into a flyswatter. He says PETA is going to come after him. BB: tells Amanda to stop talking about production (it was actually Elissa). "Oh my gosh BB that wasn't me. You owe me an apology." Elissa "I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that to CBS."

6:37 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are snuggling on the hammock. Howard is working Aaryn hard running/hopping/squatting over those dumbbells. In the HOH Helen and Andy are talking about the MVP. They are still telling people that McCrae is the MVP. They are considering telling people that Elissa was allowed to give the MVP away. Andy "As long as she doesn't go rogue like last time." Helen "Yeah, she has to use it smart."

6:43 PM BBT Upstairs in the HoH Helen, Andy, and Elissa are talking about HOH music. Helen picked U2 because there are so many different songs she likes. She hopes next time she gets Mariah Carey. Elissa to Andy "I'll request Carrie Underwood just for you." Andy "I could handle Carrie Underwood." Elissa "I would like Carrie Underwood or Blake Shelton." Andy "NOT BLAKE SHELTON." Helen doesn't know Blake Shelton is.

6:47 PM BBT Helen and Andy are talking about the former HGs that might be watching them right now. "Mike Boogie is watching us. Dan Gheesling could be watching us. They may not be celebrities exactly but they are to me. I would rather meet Dan Gheesling than Brad Pitt."

6:53 PM BBT Elissa is giving a Yoga Lesson to someone. Not sure who. Her microphone is projecting her perfectly clear but there is no video of her. She could be giving the lesson to us for all I know. Meanwhile Helen and Andy are strategizing. Kaitlin is probably going to be out for blood but they don't think it's their blood.

6:58 PM BBT Andy and Helen are trying to speculate what the HoH comp will be this week. Helen is thinking endurance or hockey. Andy thinks they have had a lot of endurance type events lately. He hopes it isn't like the hockey. That would be his worst type of competitions. All four feeds have switched to the HoH.

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7:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on the HoHR convo between Andy and Helen. Andy is now heading downstairs, Helen is getting ready to host a party in the HOHR.

7:05 PM BBT Andy is smacking while snacking, Helen declares she loves Gatorade, Walgreens. Jokingly adds "Please stop talking about Walgreens" The 2 are in the KT fussing. Jeremy walks in from the BY. (I am starting to think Nick took all his shirts except the blue one)

7:08 PM BBT Aaryn is doing ADL's in the WA (all 4 cams on her) Jeremy is in the shower. You can hear Helen and Andy in the KT talking about stores they like back home.

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7:11 PM BBT We went from Jeremy in the shower scrubbing away to Helen looking for the dust pan! She is looking outside, lo and behold it was in the BY. Helen and Spencer are now sweeping up the KT. Aaryn wandering about.

7:18PM BBT Jeremy is dressed, sans shirt. KT is swept. One of the girls just sang a line from "Born this way" as she walked through the KT. Helen is doing dishes, Spencer is going for a shower.

7:20 PM BBT Kaitlin is in the math BR, lying down. Jeremy has found a shirt! He tries to get her to get up, she says no. We get a FotH.

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7:21PM BBT Helen is still doing dishes, McCrae, Andy, Amanda, Candice and GinaMarie are all in the kitchen. Kaitlin is now up. McCrae says he is not a "nap guy" and is trying to decide what to eat.

7:25PM BBT The girls are having a "Nail party" in the HoHR tonight. Elissa and Howard are doing a yoga workout in the BY. Aaryn is in the SR looking for something. McCrae walks out to the BY and says to Jeremy "See those flies anywhere?" Jeremy says No. McCrae says "Here's the flyswatter, just in case."

7:28PM BBT Kaitlin is back in bed, Aaryn is primping. Andy is now outside with McCrae and Jeremy. They are talking sports drinks, bubble tea. GinaMarie says they can't find chicken. Amanda is listing off everything they are out of.

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7:30PM BBT Aaryn comments on a helicopter that is circling the house. Amanda is cooking. Spencer makes a comment on the "funky" smell in the KT. No one has investigated it so far.

7:35PM BBT Lots of small talk in the house. Aaryn is complaining about how much weight she has gained from the "crap" she has to eat in the house.

7:38PM BBT Jessie just taught Aaryn to make coffee. Helen is cutting cheese. Andy, McCrae, Jeremy, Candice, Spencer, Jessie are in the BY talking about gaining sex drive after quitting smoking.

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7:42PM BBT Spencer asks Jessie if she was ever a beauty queen, she says she was "Miss Apple Dumpling with a float and everything." Spencer yells to Howard "You gonna make it?" Howard laughs, "No, I am gonna lie right here" Elissa says they have been working out for about 35 minutes.

7:45PM BBT Amanda is on attempt 2 to make pancakes. They keep falling apart. Andy confirms he will be attending the nail party. Gina is making chicken breading. Aaryn is giving Helen cheese cutting advice. Andy just told BB to shut up. Couldn't hear what they said.

7:49PM BBT Judd! Claims he just woke up (I think he has found a cave in the house to hide in). Aaryn's coffee was "kinda strong". Aaryn is going back to her manicurists stories. Helen asks if they feel they don't do a good job on their nails do they still tip? GM and Aaryn say Yes but they complain. Jeremy and Kaitlin are lying in the yellowBR.

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7:56PM BBT Jessie and Judd are sitting in the BY. Jessie asks how many packs of smokes he has left. Judd says "About 18."
Andy and Jeremy came outside to join them. Jeremy took a drag off Judd's smoke. Aaryn is now outside as well. They are talking about how hard it is to cook with slop.

7:59PM BBT Andy wants to have a party at the same time of the Nail Party and make people decide which one they want to go to. Aaryn is now talking about her past 2 birthdays in Vegas and how her Mom passed out on her birthday.

8:02PM BBT Jessie and Aaryn are now swapping Vegas stories. The boys are throwing their 2 cents worth in. Aaryn mentions her modeling jobs. Amanda is now outside and talking about her "cooking meltdown" (it wasn't that big of a meltdown)

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