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Monday, July 15 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BYD)

The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures

We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572

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12:43am BBT:

Aaron can't get Gina Marie to listen to her regarding Nick. For every reason that is given in favor of stopping the woe is me nick is gone behavior, GinaMarie counters in defense of Nick. Aaron keeps at it that others are starting to say things about it, and that she hates hearing others talk about her. Points out that the reason GinaMarie has such bad luck in her relationships is due to not looking at things as they are.

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Jeremy and Kaitlin come in. Kaitlin says they came in because the others sitting on the couch outside are just laughing and talking about their side. That their talking about Nick but won't give specifics. GM decides to go outside to see if they say anything. Kaitlin tells Aaron that they're making fun of GM's obsession with Nick, but she can't tell her that.


Kaitlin tells Aaron that GM is not on the other sides radar. How Aaron is. Kaitlin adds that by using veto they feel it shows them loyalty.

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12:05 AM BBT Out in the BY talk between Helen, Aaryn, Spencer, Candice, Howard and I believe Jessie (off camera) are talking about their lives outside the house when they get out. Spencer tried to get in contact with someone the first time he flew out for the interview process. Aaryn says so many people tried to get in contact with her when they find out things like this happen. Helen wonders what some of her colleagues are going to think about her doing this show. Aaryn says her agent called her two days before she left telling her that a co-host position opened up somewhere for a travel show which is like her dream job and she had to tell them she passed it up.

12:10 AM BBT Switching feeds, GM is combing her hair in the WA and the feeds switch to Jeremy and Kaitlin near the washer. Kaitlin points out that the wash needs done before they can go to bed. She loads the washer up and her and Jeremy head to the hammock to sit and drink. Kaitlin says she hates everyone in the house. Jeremy understands. They begin kissing. BB says McCrae's name without an instruction so we'll switch feeds to the lounge just as "You're not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions." Andy is laughing hysterically telling him to stop using production in his strategy. Andy and Elissa says BB has been getting sassy over the past couple of days.

12:16 AM BBT Talk in the lounge has turned to GinaMarie and how she's very over the top with the Nick situation. Amanda thinks she's almost too much over the top. Elissa agrees but she thinks it's legit. Everyone agrees. Andy and Judd laughing because they were taking photos in the booth with Nick's mug. Andy loves he and GinaMarie's SR chats. Andy says days three she was wanting to target Howard and Helen. Andy says GinaMarie thinks Helen and Elissa will be final two because Elissa is just going to win MVP every week.

12:21 AM BBT Feeds switch and Amanda and Aaryn are shouting to GinaMarie and Jessie in the WA from the KT. Hopefully the cockpit crew hears her shouting back at them and changes the subject. McCrae comes out. Talk turns to McCrae's babies when they come out (Amanda chimes in you mean mine?) Talk quickly changes to MCs (Master of Ceremonies) vs DJs. GinaMarie is very heated saying that MCs are different in weddings. Aaryn and Andy disagrees saying that most weddings are MC'd by a DJ. GinaMarie says in New York they do big weddings and they have MCs separate because not all DJs know how to MC.

12:28 AM BBT Andy says they need to talk about important things in the house like "Who the HECK ate all of the Triscuits and left the EMPTY box on the counter?!" GinaMarie says Nick did. Aaryn says their's no way and she needs to stop that. GinaMarie says he ate them though. Andy says he's going to call everyone into the cockpit and grill every last one of them until he gets to the bottom of it and they're going home next week.

12:31 AM BBT GinaMarie and Aaryn sit in the KT chatting and eating. GinaMarie says for the past two nights she's sat inside with Aaryn chatting. She goes on to say that when they have power they sit outside and run the BY and pool table. But when they were in power they scattered around the house like cockroaches (What does that say about your attitude and or personality? - NiteSlacker). GinaMarie says that when the two of them leave the house people are going to turn the channel because the two hot blondes aren't going to be on there any longer. Aaryn doesn't think the viewing public likes her. GinaMarie tells her she disagrees.

12:37 AM BBT Checking back out in the hammock...Jeremy and Kaitlin are kissing while talking about music. Switching back to the Aaryn and GinaMarie show....talk has turned back to Nick and GinaMarie. Aaryn is trying to explain to GinaMarie how the 5 guy alliance was using side alliances with girls. She doesn't understand/disagrees saying that Nick wasn't using her like that. GinaMarie asks Aaryn if she heard her say anything negative about her. Aaryn denies it but says that multiple people told her that they heard him comment about her voice or how much she talks. Aaryn is trying very hard to not take it that hard when she watches the show. GinaMarie disagrees saying that Nick came to her to talk and he was genuine. She's going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

12:43 AM BBT Aaryn continues to point out to her that there is no reason for these rumors to be started now. Aaryn points out that people are speaking behind her back saying that GinaMarie only speaks about Nick and isn't even acting like she's playing the game any more. Which is hard because someone like Jeremy wants to be here and play the game. GinaMarie says if Nick did say something behind her back it was because he didn't want people to know that they were close. Aaryn says she's giving up because nothing she says or does is going to make her realize the truth and she's going to look the other way.

12:54 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy comes in with Kaitlin hot about something. She says everyone is being catty high schoolers. GinaMarie was going to ask the have-nots if they can have something but Kaitlin stops her and says not to do it because they're inconsiderate. Aaryn and GinaMarie question what they were saying while they were on the hammock. Kaitlin says she can't pin point anyone thing. Finally she says they were making fun of Nick. GinaMarie decides that she is going to go sit out there and listen to them to see if they say anything. When she goes outside Kaitlin tells Aaryn that they were making fun of GinaMarie. Aaryn says she's been inside the whole time trying to get her to see the light.

12:58 AM BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn talk about what the other side has promised them. Aaryn says she was promised to be kept around for a long while as well. GinaMarie comes inside and asks again what was being said. Jeremy and Kaitlin tells her to give it up. Elissa comes and Kaitlin tells her she's eating the cookie dough straight. Andy comes in and Elissa tells him goodnight. Andy says he's not going to bed. Elissa says she is and wonders why it's always about him. Out in the BY Amanda, Spencer, Judd, Jessie, Candice and Howard are chatting about their first night in the house. Apparently when Julie called Candice's name she started walking into the house. She says there was a pause after her name so she thought it was time to walk in. Spencer laughs and says you were supposed to wait to walk in as a group.

01:07 AM BBT Andy, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Aaryn are in the KT. Jeremy is making himself a sandwich and Kaitlin is making something on the stove. Jeremy tells Andy you're supposed to put the cheese away when you're done with it. He says he didn't pull it out. Jeremy knows and was just giving him grief. Meanwhile out in the BY Spencer, Howard, and Candice are chilling on the couch. They agree to call the lighter blue blanket "Nick Blue" because it's unique enough to be his. People can be heard playing pool in the background along with the chime of the washer/dryer.

01:16 AM BBT Idle chit chat around the house. Jessie and Elissa have gone to bed. Out in the BY Candice asks about the average length of time for a sex session. Howard says if he's trying to put her down for the night 45 minutes is good for him. Helen, Spencer, and McCrae in the background laugh hard. Spencer says his love life is a comedy and Howard's is an action flick.

01:29 AM BBT Feeds were on FotH for about 5 to 10 minutes. No apparent reason. Feeds back with Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae in the hammock and GinaMarie, Jeremy, and Kaitlin in the KT. GinaMarie says she needs to get make-up on for DR and that they'll be calling Kaitlin in soon. Kaitlin says she needs make-up. Spencer called to DR.

01:32 AM BBT Talk out in the hammock is about what life is going to be outside the house. Aaryn says Ian has said he gets caught off guard when random people call his name. Amanda says that will be weird. She tells Aaryn and McCrae that they will be memorable from this season. Aaryn says "Yeah...the racist one...thanks a lot tailhole" (not really tailhole). Aaryn says she hadn't had to reference that conversation that night until...and we get FoTH. Feeds back. Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae get told to "Stop that!" while playing with their mics. Amanda says she wasn't playing with it and she should get apologized to.

01:37 AM BBT Up in the HoH room Helen is talking about how she wants this to be a nice experience because this is like a vacation from her life. Other than the Candice fight the first night everything has been mostly people. Back out in the BY Aaryn asks Amanda and McCrae if they like Candice. McCrae says yes and Amanda says it hesitantly. Aaryn questions if it's forced. Amanda says yes and she points out that Howard and she is getting lovey dovey. Aaryn says she doesn't like being in their room with them because she hears the cameras spin and twirl towards their bed. Amanda asks if they kiss. Aaryn says yes and makes kissing noises. "They probably do more..."

01:43 AM BBT Aaryn says she can't handle GinaMarie any more. Amanda and McCrae feels that way too. McCrae says it's going to be a funny segment. Amanda and Aaryn say they've told her to her face that he wasn't all that interested in her. Talk turns to Jessie being crabby at her since the blow up in the colorful room the night Helen got HoH. Aaryn says "You know...the night Amanda went off the hook on me...thanks a lot Amanda..." she giggles out. "You scarred me for life. Everything you said made the show and is documented...you called me out for talking about Kaitlin ruining my bathing suit...I was boiling. Amanda laughs and said it was the wine.

01:55 AM BBT Meanwhile in the WA Judd and GinaMarie are talking about the upcoming schedule for the week. PoV ceremony tomorrow and BY lockdown Wed night or so for the next HoH competition. Both hope it'll be a luck based game that they hope they can win. Out in the BY Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda continue to talk about mistakes they made early in the game by making friends with the wrong people.

01:58 AM BBT In the chair room, Kaitlin is going through the sheets Jeremy pulled out of the dryer only to realize some stuff is damp still. They begin to make the bed. Kaitlin jumps into his arms. Now she's going to change. Out in the BY Aaryn says people she's being called a bully unfairly. She says she never bullied people into getting their votes. She said Candice shouldn't talk about people and not expect consequences (Just wait...yours is coming...). Amanda says talking about Candice gives her a headache. Andy and Jeremy wander over. Aaryn and Jeremy wander off. Amana begins to rehash their conversation with Aaryn to Andy.

02:11 AM BBT In the KT Aaryn is playing a game with the mugs. She puts a handful of nuts under three separate mugs and spins them around without Judd looking. She has him pick the mug and acts surprised he found it. She has him close his eyes and spins them around a few more times. She calls Spencer over and shows him. Finally Judd tells her he knows that she has some under each of the mugs.

02:14 AM BBT Out in the BY Judd walks out to Amanda, Andy and McCrae on the hammock. Amanda cusses wishing she could have 5 minutes alone. Judd starts bombarding them with the beach balls. Spencer joins in the fun as well. Amanda begs for 5 minutes alone without the kids harassing her. Andy says he's not going anywhere if she's going to ask like that. The beach ball bombarding continues for a bit longer before she finally asks Andy politely to get up. He says he's probably going to bed. Amanda says good. Andy says he'll get up in 20 minutes though and start harassing them again. Judd starts attacking Andy with the beach balls now. Andy drops to the ground, crying out "My hand! I need to get inside!"

02:19 AM BBT McCrae gets up to go get a blanket for he and Amanda. Screams and shouts can be heard in the house. Switching feeds they're doing the thing with the nuts under the mugs to GinaMarie. She's bouncing all over the KT screaming and shouting about how awesome she is. They convince her to do it again and she of courses gets it again. They try once more and she refuses. Jeremy lifts the mugs to reveal the nuts and she laughs and gives him a bear hug and then starts to talk about how good she is. It becomes apparent that she is doesn't get it and Jeremy explains it to her once more.

02:24 AM BBT Out in the BY McCrae and Amanda are swinging lightly in the hammock whispering. GinaMarie's voice can be heard in the background. Jeremy and Kaitlin are in bed in the darkened colorful room. Back out in the BY Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are chatting. Andy is ready for bed.

02:36 AM BBT In the darkened colorful room Howard and Candice are chatting. Howard is having a hard time keeping his mic on him. Candice tells him to turn it sideways. He gives a "That's what she said...". Andy comes into the room and Candice says hello. Candice says "Howie thinks I'm high maintenance". Andy agrees with that statement. Candice tells him to wash his sheets with all the funk going around. Andy says he will and he's a bit buzzed from the alcohol. Words ensue about him not sharing. Andy points out that he was a have-not for too long and to stop talking because he's going to bed. Candice says they're the only ones in the room and they're talking about sex. Howard says "No we're in bed and we're going to sleep because that's what you do!" They have a good laugh and Candice gives a "Shhh!" to Howard. Howard says he will not be Shhhh'd! Andy gives him a Shhhhh! from across the room.

02:44 AM BBT Feeds switch to Aaryn making her bed. She says her comforter is out on the hammock so she's going to have to steal it from them but she's trying to not make waves. She flips off the light and heads out to grab it from McCrae and Amanda. Judd and GinaMarie are sitting on the couch chatting. Aaryn heads in with her comforter and McCrae and Amanda join GinaMarie and Judd on the couch.

02:49 AM BBT On the couch talk has turned to trying to quit smoking and Nick. Amanda asks GinaMarie if she's mad at him for not coming clean about things. GinaMarie can't get mad if there's stuff he didn't tell her. If he straight up lied then she could get mad. If he just didn't tell her things because it didn't come up then she can't care. Amanda brings up the fact that he tried to split the house apart into two. GinaMarie wasn't aware of this and doesn't think the house was that split up. GinaMarie brings up that he even said she was disposable at one point. Amanda asks if that makes her mad. She says it doesn't because everyone has to go eventually.

02:55 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are on Jeremy and Kaitlin in bed in the darkened chair room. Aaryn walks in and says the room is awful quiet. Jeremy says it's because they were talking about her. Back out in the BY GinaMarie is talking about how great it is to be in the house. She loves the fact that she has got to meet all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Judd understands. McCrae says that's a great attitude to have. Amanda stays quiet. GinaMarie says ultimately she's still playing a game and she may be mopey for a couple of days but she'll get over it.

03:05 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda are going in for the night. GinaMarie is going to join them and take off her eye-makeup. GinaMarie mentions that she wishes they could see her sparkling personality in the form of her sparkling clothes but unfortunately they can't. Instead she's wearing tan khakis "Thanks ma!" she shouts out. Amanda while brushing her teeth "We look like such scrubs right now...we look like homeless people". McCrae says he looks like this all the time. McCrae is really hungry.

03:09 AM BBT Meanwhile in the darkened chair room they (Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin) are having a discussions about strippers and knowing strippers. GinaMarie just took some Advil. Judd wonders if he should put another load of towels in. GinaMarie says no because they'll end up just staying in the washer all night and being gross. washer and smelling bad. Amanda and McCrae heads into the lounge. Amanda says GinaMarie is "cray".

03:19 AM BBT Judd is sitting on Aaryn's bed talking. Apparently he kicked over a glass in the HNR and spilled water everywhere. Meanwhile back in the lounge McCrae and Amanda are kissing (...and after hearing about McCrae's pickle, olive, grapefruit, and milk breath...I'm nauseated). As if on cue...McCrae pulls away and starts burping. Smooooooth.

03:22 AM BBT Aaryn says there was one time she pulled her groin and David asked her if she needed Neosporin. Kaitlin asks if he was serious. Aaryn says he was. Jeremy asks if she laughed at him. Aaryn said no but she couldn't handle him. Switching feeds back to McCrae and Amanda in the lounge Amanda tells McCrae that he looks worried. He's not. She asks if he's tired. He is but he doesn't want to go to bed.

03:26 AM BBT In the chair room the conversations have mostly quieted down save a few whispered words here and there. Someone can be heard snoring faintly in the background. Back in the lounge room Amanda has climbed on and straddled McCrae's hips with her own. She asks what's wrong with him. Nothing is wrong with him. They begin kissing again.

03:38 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to make out in the lounge room on feeds 1 and 2. On feeds 3 and 4 we have Kaitlin and Jeremy in their bed and Aaryn in her bed. Occasionally we can hear people wander through.

03:54 AM BBT More of the same for the most part for the past 15 minutes. Feed 4 switched to Candice and Howard sleeping in the colorful room. Feeds 1 and 2 are still on McCrae and Amanda are in the lounge room. Amanda has been grilling McCrae on why he has been in a funky mood all day. She asks repeatedly. He denies anything wrong. Talk has turned to McCrae and he thinks that she's "...at home having fun". Amanda clarifies this is an ex-girlfriend. He says yes. She says he called her his girlfriend today while playing pool. He says that was a mistake. She's definitely an ex. Talk turns to him being messy. He says he's not here to impress anyone. She points out that she's here and if she's gonna be with him he should be clean.

03:59 AM BBT Amanda says he's bumming her out so she's going to bed. He doesn't respond to the statement at first. She quizzes him and asks if she's bumming him out. She then speaks up and says we should keep talking about your ex-girlfriend and home because that just makes me feel great. McCrae is confused. He heads into the WA to brush his teeth. She heads off to get clothes to wear to bed. She dresses in the WC. She continues to grill him about what's wrong. He says nothing he's just miserable on slop.

04:07 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head into the HNR to sleep, Judd appears passed out already. They tell each other goodnight. It's taking them a while to get comfortable on their plane seats.

04:15 AM BBT We have all four feeds on sleeping HGs at this time. On that note we're done for the night. Have a great Monday everyone!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Guest 6Borders

7:20am BB Time

Someone is up and making something in the kitchen (it's either Aaryn or GM...the lights are not on, which is strange).

It's GM. She got something to drink, set the empty glass on the counter (because they never do dishes) and headed for the WC. She comes out and does a less than cursory hand wash and heads..probably back to bed but we're not seeing it on camera.

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Guest 6Borders

7:26AM BB Time

Jessie is now up and goes to the WC. She goes to the kitchen for something and back to the bedrooms

{the kitchen and living room are dark...don't recall that happening before}.

Jessie is tip-toeing thru the Have Not room (maybe trying not to disturb those sleeping). Looked like she might be getting some items for ALD's...stay tuned as the tension mounts on that one!

There is stirring/stretching in one of the bedrooms...I think it's Jeremy and Kait. Some shifting also in the Have Not Room {Which really does look like an airport during a massive flight delay/cancel}

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7:30am bbt I see 4 cams of sleeping HGs...

8:15am bbt we have fishes... it may be wake up time in the house...

8:30am bbt Feeds are back and the HGs are up!

F1/2 Helen/Elissa in HOH discussing what Helen will say in the POV ceremony ("Jeremy, take a seat"). Helen feels Kaitlin is working with them, so she isn't going to make a big show out of the POV ceremony/putting Jeremy up.

Elissa comments how odd it is to see a cd player.

F3/4 Judd/Andy are on patio talking. Judd says a girl told him "there are a lot of things you've said that I've caught on to". Judd isn't sure what she means by that. "I told her I'm going to bed... it's creepy".

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Guest 6Borders

8:23am BB Time

Good morning...the HG's are up and running their mouths already.

Helen and Elissa in the HOH room discussing something that sounds catty.

Elissa says she guesses the CD player is Big Brother tradition.

Backyard: Judd and Andy talking on the couch, then Andy goes inside and Judd moves into the sun {early mornings can be a bit chilly even in S. Calif}

Color Bedroom: GM is laughing with Candace

I think she said she slip-sheeted someone. GM is looking for something {or someone} in and under the bed.

They tell Andy he was "snoring to the highest level". Candace said she was going to get up and hit him but she decided to let him snore it out because he was real drunk.

They say "will the real Slim Shady..." and laugh and start sing-songing. BB tells them to stop singing.

GM is laughing hysterically at something which she is reliving and they start singing again.

GM says "listen, listen, listen...that girl is poison and it's shady but it's over now"

GM says she loves that song...they start to sing and then someone screeches.

8:41am BB Time

Jessie joins Judd and McCrae on the BY couch. They ask Jessie how she slept and she said ok but her hair was stuck in a sticker.

Discussion about what time they all went to sleep. McManda went to sleep at 4 and Judd about 3:15am.

8:44am BB Time

Backyard couch discussion is about Willie (Season 14) head-butting someone and getting expelled.

Judd had a dream he ate real food.

All but Judd are smoking like chimney's.

Elissa is doing dishes in the kitchen and talking with Amanda about what time they went to bed.

Amanda is looking for something to eat and comments something "smells like butt".

Elissa says her face feels so moisturized for the first time in a month...Amanda says hers feels like the French Fry tray at McDonalds {I assume she means she feels greasy}

Elissa says she is dying to hear Country music.

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Guest 6Borders


BB calls Helen to the DR. Elissa says "uh oh, I wonder if they are going to do it right now (the Veto ceremony).

They laugh because they both just got up and look like it!

BB tells the houseguests to do something (thought it was lower the blinds but everyone is going outside).

BY couch: Amanda goes out with her coffee and asks why there are an F-load of cigarettes on the floor. Judd says he did that and gets a broom.

Amanda says no way is she going to take a cold shower and it was "so cold last night".

Discussion about how funny Andy was last night when he was drunk. Jessie says he was "all fiesty"

Amanda says the songs were all for Kaitlin this morning (That Girl Is Poison; something by MnM...)

McManda discuss songs. McCrae goes off singing {BB must be slow on the button this morning because he is not hollered at by BB -6Borders}

Amanda says she wishes she had brought a wet suit "for multiple reasons" {I'm a surfer and I'll fill you in on those if you are interested}

8:565am BB Time

General ADL's and product discussion in the bathroom (something called "Heavenly")

Amanda says she hopes they (BB) are not going to be upset about her taking a little bit (of time before doing something BB asked them to do I guess).

8:57am BB Time BB announces fresh batteries in the storage room

8:57am BB Time BB says please stop singing and one of the girls says "that's us" {my feeds must be delayed or BB is}

Elissa says "day 25"

Backyard: Amanda and Judd on the couch discussing Judd falling over things at night and Amanda says carrots are supposed to make you see better. {sounds like Judd was wandering in the dark looking for a carrot..maybe in a dream}

Judd says he wonders what the means.

Judd/Amanda discussing telling GM there were 8 ppl (who voted Nick out) and he had no special power.

General teasing about Nick and GM..Amanda says she hopes they find out Nick is married.

9am BB Time BB calls Jeremy to the DR.

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Guest 6Borders

9:02am BB Time

Andy joins the backyard crew.

Amanda is relating how she was trying to make GM feel good about herself over her loss of Nick.

Amanda says GM was talking at foghorn levels that would wake sailors in Australia.

Amanda does an imitation of GM {hope we don't have reprocussions about that one...she's mocking GM's voice}...says GM is such an idiot over Nick.

Judd and Andy say omg this conversation really did happen. Amanda says they (BB) are probably making GM look like a psychopath. Judd relates a conv. with GM that when you get out lots of people will want to meet you and GM said they already do, that she has to swat them off like flies.

BB hollers at Aaryn, Elissa, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda to please change their batteries.

Amanda, Judd, Andy reshash the votes and the consenses is Nick would have been voted out anyway.

They both tell Judd Kaitlin won't put up Judd...she has bigger fish to fry.

Amanda says she told Aaryn to put up Candace and Howard!

Amanda says she will feel so much more safe once "he" is gone...Amanda says she will really be afraid that Kait doesn't use the veto that someone else will go home. They discuss the votes and figure even if it's a time Helen will break the tie and they will be safe.

Amanda is discussing Jeremy campaigning wearing the baby bonnet and diapers.

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9:03am bbt Amanda's imitation of Gina explaining how her/Nick knowing each other in the house is equivalent to 6 months to a year outside the house... "Everyday we are in here is 24 hours, 7 days a week... 3000 seconds, carry the 2, divide it by 4, multiply that by the big size of my heart, that's like 6 months to a year I've known Nick!"

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Guest 6Borders

9:20am BB Time

{site just threw me out so I will try to recap}

Discussion about Aaryn and her raciest comments....Amanda says she's the least raciest person. DR asked her about it and she had a black cousin.

Amanda says she's never been so dirty (because she's a have not) and talks about taking a PuertoRican shower. They say that's raciest and she says it's not, there are no PuertoRican's in the house and she was just kidding.

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Guest 6Borders

9:22am BB Time

Discussion about beds and Jeremy having the Have Not Pass.

Amanda says even if you have the pass and there are no beds you are sleeping in the Have Not Room

Amanda says Jeremy is the least deserving of having the Never Not pass....how people say they deserve to be here.

Says Jeremy keeps saying that and she feels he's the least deserving...he doesn't know the game and only watched one season...says go live on your f'ing boat.

Discussion about the Moving Company alliance and how Jeremy thought he could do anything he wanted. Amanda says alliances that are made so early usually don't work out. Discussion about past alliances and why they didn't work.

Andy says Fartsville USA should be responsible for getting Jeremy out. Then Andy says the Julie Chen alliance.

Discussion about Julie's HOH discussion with Helen this week. Amanda says "is that starting"

Andy says if he could he would relate what Helen said about David. Says it wasn't mean but is really going to make him think.

Amanda wonders if they are going to do America's Player this season. They think it would be Candace. Amanda says it will be so obvious who was America's Player because except for a couple of real good liars in the house.

Andy thinks GM would be hilarious as America's Player.

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9:12am bbt Gina tells about a guy named Matt who won Mr Toronto. Others ask how Matt will feel about her/Nick?

GM: Well since I didn't hook up with Nick, but I guess since he sees that I like him, I don't know how he's gonna react. Which, me and Matt we weren't like really 'together together', so I don't really know what to expect from him.

Elisa: You were just friends?

GM: We were a little more than friends, dating/dating

Candice: like lovers?

GM: yea, if it was more, obviously I wouldn't be with Nick, so it wasn't like official, we just kinda hung out, you know? But I did meet his family, they were pretty cool.. if it was more serious...

Jessie: if he had put a ring on it

GM:(laughs) well kinda but

Elissa: how long were you together

GM: just a few months

Elissa: that's what you gotta say, if you like me, you gotta put a ring on it, or you are gonna move on to the professional roller blader

Candice: rollerbladed to your heart

(they are all doing hair/makeup in good moods, having a good laugh about GM and her relationship)

9:15am bbt Candice says how she can't believe she figured out the MC. Gina feels she should have figured out why Nick would disappear at times in the house, it was to meet up with the MC! Gina shares about figuring out an ex was cheating on her, then realizes today is his birthday... "Happy Birthday you piece of *&S%" and she laughs...

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Guest 6Borders

9:28am BB T

Discussion about GM, her car, and Amanda imitating her accent. Andy says it was cute this am..GM woke him up to dance with her. Someone says I wouldn't call it cute...Andy says it was cute.

Discussion about the wake up music. Amanda says "do you really think that is for her"...Andy says the theme was.

They discuss the buttons BB needs to push ie: "stop that". McCrae says he's asked in DR to see it (the control room? after the show). They wonder if there is one person assigned to each of them to push buttons with their name on it.

9:31am BB Time. Andy is relating being asked to leave a conversation in the cockpit room. Spencer says there are a lot of disgruntled houseguests!

Amanda lets us know that she can't poop and it's been two weeks. Amanda says most Asians "and this is a stereotype" get rashes when they drink alcohol. The others say they have not heard that. Discussion about what countries fit in and qualify as "Asian".

Andy is trying to remember how many Asians have played the show. He mentions Jun and Jee (Xfactor season) and discussion turns to past seasons. Amanda said the X-Factor would suck.

Amanda says in the early seasons she thinks the show was more popular...says it's such a "cult show".

They discuss ratings and Andy says BB is in the top 20.

Amanda says BB has the biggest popularity because of the live feeds.

Discussion about BB vs Survivor...that on Survivor you can interact with the crew and you can't on BB.

Andy wonders if Julie Chen is still shaky about hosting and knowing the players. Spencer says she's smart woman and up on her shit.

Amanda relates the little shows she hosted and it gets easier as you go along {someone posted them week one over no the forum if you are interested -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:37am BB Time

BY discussion continues. Spencer says he wonders what percent of the population will laugh at something he says

Amanda says all her jokes were sexual...her mom and dad are going to think she's a whore and says "my mom knows I'm a whore anyway'...shouts out "hi mom"

Amanda says Judd is like Alice on the Brady Bunch.

Kait says she needs to go paint her nails {Kait looks like she is either going to or just coming from a fancy cocktail party} She leaves to paint her nails and Amanda comments on how skinny she is.

Andy goes to get something to eat.

Discussion about their clothes. Amanda has clothes she hasn't worn yet.

Amanda says "I can smell Candace from here"...yells at her 'are you wearing "Angel" (perfume). Candace says she is and says you can smell it from over there???

Amanda comments a dumb-ass beetle just flew into the way.

McCrae says he had 3 protein shakes a day...Andy says that's a lot of protein.

General chit-chat about whether protein does you good if you don't do anything.

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Guest 6Borders

9:44am BB Time

Helen and Kait in the bathroom discussing when Kait comes off the block. Helen says she is not going to make a replacement speech...just say "Jeremy please take your seat and be polite"

Helen says she wants Kait to understand why she is doing this (putting Jeremy on the block).

Helen says one thing she has not done {yet} is lie!

Helen is graciously sharing her HOH...says it's Kait's HOH room as well as hers and she wants her to take a bath, share the food etc. Helen tells Kait she is co-HOH this week. Helen says they will host a nail party one night.

Kait leaves.

9:47am BB Time

In the bathroom Aaryn is speculating on how much money they have made so far.

BB tells them they are not allowed to talk about production and calls Kait to the DR.

Jeremy says "enjoy the process".

Jessie (I think) says "just leave the faucet on!"

HOH room: Helen is holding court with Candace, explaining her conv with Kait and why Jeremy needs to go.

Helen says she is trying to be supportive of Kait and she's going to host a nail party with Kait because she doesn't want her to be sad...says they are giving Kait an olive branch, and put her up on a pedestal for a little while (for using the POV).

Helen says people wanted Howard out but she didn't do it because Spencer was equally culpable.

Helen says she had to make some deals with Kait to make sure Kait takes herself off or her HOH will have been for nothing.

Helen says it's symbolic that Jeremy goes out on Elissas MVP and Helen's HOH!

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9:38am bbt Kaitlin joins Amanda/Andy/Spencer/McCrae, they all compliment her on how nice she looks. She tells them story of Kait/Elissa related to Elissa seeing Kait's perfume bottle:

Elissa: is that what that perfume smells like? I don't like it.

Kaitlin: Really? I do.

Elissa: Oh, is it yours?

Kaitlin: Yea

Elissa: Oh it smells good on you!

(all laugh)
Kaitlin: way to put your foot in your mouth!

Amanda: At least she tried!

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9:44am bbt Helen/Kait in HOH, Helen gives Kaitlin a pep talk leading in to POV ceremony

Helen: This is huge for the house, and I'll tell you, I've talked to everyone, saying you are safe the next few weeks, or we are MVPing them out of the house, I've talked to Elissa, you are safe, I don't even want Kaitlin on the block, some have said what if we need to use her as a pawn? If numbers go down that is fine, but we can't vote her out. You have me, Candy, Elissa on your side. Andy/Elissa almost won that POV. We have people that are strong physically, mentally, and are very loyal, so you have that in your back pocket. Do this for us, and we will do this for you. I owe you, I have your back, as much as I can, as long as I'm in this house. I was gonna have this whole spiel, but I'm going to be respectful, Jeremy take your seat. I want you to understand, I know you care for him, if he is the one for you, he will be here at the end of the game. The game won't be here if you don't do this. Your game has gone exponentially in your favor. The one thing I haven't done yet is lie, I told Jessie to vote Nick out, I told her if she didn't vote with us, she would be the next one out. Now Spencer/Howard are on our list. I want you to host a nail party with me up here. This is your HOH as well, this is defining the next few weeks. I love you.

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#BB15 10:04 AM BBT Helen and Candice in the HOH talking about Aaryn's behavior. BB calls for an outdoor lock down. Candice goes to get coffee.

#BB15 10:06 AM BBT We have trivia - veto meeting may be starting.

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9:50am bbt Helen tells Candice about her talk with Kaitlin
I'll tell you this, people wanted me to put up Howard, Aaryn and Howard. I didn't because I wasn't comfortable without telling you/Elissa first. Also because I hadn't talked with Spencer first, and I felt they were equally culpable, and so why one and not the other? They would both have to go on the block, but I didn't know if Elissa would put the third on the block. I know a lot were upset with me that it wasn't Howard. If it had been Howard, he would have used it(POV, if he had won) and then I wouldn't be in this situation, but hopefully she(Kait) will(use the POV on herself) and it won't matter. Otherwise, the house will blame me for not putting up Howard. So, I've had to make some deals with her, because it would be my fault if Jeremy didn't go out, I could just see it. But if Jeremy goes out, they won't care. I think it's kind of symbolic that he goes out on my HOH and Elissa's MVP. I've been told about the things he's said about me, and he says it's his age, being 22, but it's narcissism, and a personality deficiency. I feel bad for his mom, with this being her favorite show, and her son acting so poorly.

Candice: I hear what you are saying about Kaitlin, but last night she was still talking about how if she wins HOH, what it was going to be like up stairs, a party and they will all be together again. Just want you to know they are still all clicked up

Helen: well that's interesting

Candice: She's still hooked up with Aaryn

Helen: well I'll tell you this, she told me she was going to be nice to Aaryn until she walked out the door. She didn't feel right leaving her alone. So maybe that was part of it in the back of her head. GM... I like her, but people want her out, she's a lot of fun, but I'm going to do what people in the house want. When Nick walked out the door, that was her worse move, the way she acted towards everyone. I've never seen Judd so upset, she dug herself in a little there

Candice: she's milking that a little bit, she can't possibly be that.. carrying his hat around for the camera, it's symathy

Helen: I'm thinking of using her as a pawn the next few weeks, unless she wins HOH

Candice: if Aaryn wins, she's coming after me

Helen; last night when we were going to do make up and you were in DR, Gina asked if we should wait for you, so...

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#BB15 10:56 AM BBT Feeds are back and Helen is dancing. Judd says a successful HOH. Helen says that everyone played a part in getting this to work.

#BB15 10:59 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy talking. Kaitlin says it isn't fair. Jeremy says yes it is. It isn't right that they strong armed her but it is fair.

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Guest 6Borders

10:57am BB Time

The feeds are back. Jeremy has lip prints on his cheek.

Elissa and Amanda are in the storeroom talking about the veto and "protection"

Helen is called to the DR.

Kitchen: Jeremy wanders thru with Kait...says "do you think they are doing a luxury for me"

He is wandering around the house looking for something or someone...asks if GM's in the bathroom and goes to HOH.

He finds GM and Candace in the HOH..says he wants his "chicken parm" GM says in a little bit and Jeremy goes back downstairs.

Jeremy tells Kait she better stop (pouting).

Jeremy looks at Amanda's face and says it looks more like a dry patch than ringworm.


11:04am BB Time

The backyard is open and Jeremy announces it to the house and Amanda in particular.

Aaryn is doing her hair and Amanda make up (or something). McCrae asks about her Star Trek (or Wars) dress and she says she will dress up for him tonite.

McManda are singing (I think it's them)

Jeremy is looking for his "ma-fin'g cologne"

11:07am BB Time

HOH Room: Candace seems to be boosting GM's ego (again) about Nick.

Candace is trying to explain how they didn't know each other...Nick never thought he was leaving...same old rehash.

Candace says Spencer/Howard are men and Jeremy is a boy and that's why Spencer/Howard voted the opposite {makes no sense to me but...!}

Jeremy comes in still looking for his cologne. GM offers to go downstairs and look for it and then fix his chicken parm.

Candace continues to rehash why Nick was evicted and GM is wondering if "she" is trying to help GM get over Nick or what.

Candace is still trying to explain it...she says zone everyone else out and keep your special moment!

GM is about to go on a crying jag...her heart is broken, blah blah!!!

11:12am BB Time

Lunch preps going on in the kitchen.

11:14am BB Time BY couch: Judd, Jeremy, Amanda......

FOTH on all feeds

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