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Monday, July 15 Live Feed Updates


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8:06PM BBT Andy wants to know what they can yell out in the HOHR to break up the nail party. They all list off Diamond PoV, Nick is back, Double Eviction! Jessie is Helen's first guest. Aaryn is now there too and Kaitlin, the "coHost" has now arrived.

8:12PM BBT Jessie is telling Helen about her personal "slop freak out" like Amanda's but she had grabbed a hot pan. Amanda is in the SR looking for slop. She wants to make muffins. The mani/pedi's are underway.

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8:15PM BBT Aaryn is talking about zero gravity chairs at some salons. the boys in the BY are talking about candy, cereal, candy. Jessie was talking about her previous trip to LA and BB tells her to not talk about production.

8:18PM BBT Helen never wins money when she gambles, She knows her limit and she just enjoys it. Elissa is now in the HoHR. The guys are still debating the best candies.

8:21PM BBT Amanda is cooking in the KT. Amanda hums a tune, BB "Amanda, please stop singing" Amanda "You are just waiting for me to have a f**king meltdown aren't you?" Elissa is telling the nail party how much she loves playing Craps and how good she is at it.

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8:26PM BBT Helen welcomes the ladies to the party. "We are a part of a special cast, leave the game out of tonight and let's just get to know one another!" They are doing a question game where someone asks a question and everyone has to answer it. Right now the question is about gambling. Amanda is outside.

8:30PM BBT Amanda asks what they are talking about in the BY, they say candy. She says "Are you kidding? You are supposed to talk about p**sy when I am not around!" They laugh and she says she like the watermelon things. The HOHR convo is still about gambling and Vegas.

8:32PM BBT Helen says she loves Atlantic City, she loves everything about it. The beach, boardwalk, casino, shows, shopping, everything, even the "cheesyweesy" GinaMarie agrees because there is always something to do.

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8:35PM BBT Kaitlin started talking about her brother and his family, we get a brief FotH and then all 4 cameras are in the BY now.. They are still talking about candy and some cookies. Amanda loves cherry everything, Judd likes banana flavors. They all groan.

8:39PM BBT The Party wonders how much we see on the feeds. They are kind of creeped out by the fact we can watch them sleeping. In the BY Amanda is trying to get crude, the conversation has turned to how many races you have slept with. Howard is quiet, looking down. Spencer made a comment about a "blackfoot" (this is a native tribe) who was from the reservation and Howard is done, he gets up to walk around. The BY is quiet now.

8:45PM BBT The question game is done in the HoHR for now. Andy and Jeremy have made their way upstairs. In the BY Spencer asks Judd about Jessie and if he "touched her titties or fingered her 'cause if you do I want you to run to me and let me sniff them fingers" Spencer says "If she was sleeping with me she would have a big boner in her back."

8:47PM BBT Spencer says a girl needs to go next week. "Aaryn, kaitlin, GinaMarie I don't care what order they just gotta go!" Judd is keeping the convo light as he can. He is just letting Spencer talk a lot.
In the HOHR, the talk has turned to first jobs, Gina Says she is good with electronics. She leaves to check the chicken in the oven.

8:53PM BBT GinaMarie gets the chicken out of the oven "Howard can have, Spencer can not." as she walks upstairs again, As Jeremy is dishing up his plate he says "I'm gonna masterbate to this." Amanda says "EWWWW" She is ranting now in the BY. "You left me in a house with no slop and no vanilla protein!" She is right up at the camera yelling. There is no reply from BB.

8:58PM BBT Candice thinks the worst job in the world is the people standing in front of businesses with signs that dance around. She is complaining about it but sees that "you know people with disabilities or whatever can do this but....." she can't read the signs, she is too focused on how "stupid they look"

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#BB15 9:00BBT jeremy is getting two more pieces of chicken, while judd is getting a pickel spencer and howie are playing pool

spencer says he feels bad for jessie burning herself howie says shes on her period spencer says mccrea isnt mvp and so does howie they say it was

elissa. spencer says that he told h that they were safe with them that they wont come after them. now hes going on about the order they need to go out

aayrn kaitlin and leave ginamarie for last.

#BB15 9:05BBT spencer and mccrea and amanda are talking about the hoh comp this week and being on slop and that it gives you no engery to do anything

spencer says make sure you drink like three shakes before hoh comp just for engery. now they are onto chit chat candice comes out and saids theres a

party upstairs come on up mccrea and amanda are still on the hammock talking about the votes everyone else is upstairs all four cams are on mccrea and amanda

#BB15 9:11BBT jessie comes out and says jeremy is so annoying and amanda is like what did he do, jessie is like we were having an all girls nail party

and jeremy comes in and starts being an ass, we were talking about first kisses I was telling mine and jeremy calls me a whore, so I just walked out and shes

going on and on about jeremy now they are onto elissa they are saying shes just trying to stir up shit amanda says shitstirrs, mccrea is talking about her (Elissa) lieing all the time

she a pathalogic lier. amanda is now making up some kind of story about a baby t-rex mccrea is just going on about how much elissa annoyes him

#BB15 9:20BBt amanda is telling mccrea that she is really really scared of us, losing him mccrea is like well it has to happen at some point

we have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. that would be kick ass if we won it. amanda is like all we have to do is lay low and agree with people dont be

so powerful helen is now talking to jessie about what happen upstairs with kaitlin, and saying that kaitlin was saying that jessie is such a bitch, and they are just going on

helen is like Im so sorry that happen to you.

#BB15 9:30 BBT helen and jessie are going on about the party and helen is saying jeremy had balls crashing her party, we well have another party next week, jeremys going home,

amanda and mccrea are still going on about kaitlin now and the veto. mccrea is saying she screwed herself over. and jessie is still going off andy is out there with them now

#BB15 9:35BBT aayrn is onto the fish again and how the whites ones are still on the top, now they are talking about how long they have been in the house jeremy isnt in the hoh

now they are guess that there maybe two double evictions. guessing with the number of people left in the house now. andy is now talking to ginamarie and kaitlin about jessie and ginamarie

says lets go upstairs and thank her for the party and they go upstairs jeremy and kaitlin are at the chess table kaitlin is telling jeremy what andy said and shes like I didnt do anything

jeremy says shes a sad excuse shes a hoe you know it jessie is now talking to spencer at the pool table spencer trying to make her feel better

#BB15 9:45BBT elissa is now talking to judd on the couch talking about she dont mind being along all the time she just doesnt like people following her around saying bad things about her

judd is asking elissa if she won hoh who would she put up, she like kaitlin, ginamarie maybe. judd like not howard or spencer elissa like no. now shes talking about the party. and saying like its not ok

to asked me personal questions after being so mean to me (talking about aayrn) elissa is saying she wouldnt be around people like that and she talking about porcsa from last season

#BB15 9:54BBT elissa judd and andy talking about jeremy and how he told them about a girl, from high school that he took to his prom and how if she said no he would do a recording calling her a bitch

jeremy is called to the DR

#BB15 10:00BBT Helen is onto the spencer howard and the mc thing and how she cant trust them now its like what have you done for me lately and candice say janet jackson right

#BB15 10:05 BBT up in the hoh they are talking about past veto comps and elissa judd howie and spence are just talking on the couches

BB comes on HG this is a reminder sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms

#BB15 10:15BBT helen is now talking about her big nose BB"candice please do not obstruct your microphone" andy is called to the DR

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10:15-10:55 PM BBT Since our last update the party in the HoH has all but ended. Helen and Aaryn spent the last 15 minutes or so discussing how people are acting this week compared to last week. Also brought up by Kaitlin was Jessie being very sensitive. Helen recommends talking to her about it. Jeremy and Kaitlin move out to play a game of chess with Jeremy getting called out by BB for singing. Out in the BY Aaryn, GinaMarie, McCrae, and Judd are sitting on the lounger with GinaMarie cracking up at just about everything thing that comes out of her mouth. Andy is working out with the weights and he yells at Spencer telling him he doesn't need a spotter.

10:56 PM BBT Up in the HoH bathroom Elissa and Helen are chatting. Helen thinks that for their next girl's night they need to keep it to girl's only with none of the guys allowed (If they keep things going the way they are, there won't be any guys left!). Helen is going to go down to the BY. Feeds switch to Jeremy and Kaitlin playing chess. Intermittent FoTH. Out in the BY they are setting up to play some BBVolleyball with the hose as a net. The general mood in the house appears to be much less tense.

11:12 PM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to play chess. Out in the BY Howard, Elissa and Helen are playing BBVolleyball against Candice, Jessie and Andy with GinaMarie refereeing as she works out on the eliptical. Helen's team at one point had a seven point lead but Andy's team has battled back.

11:22 PM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin's chess game has ended with Jeremy winning. Jeremy tells Kaitlin she's getting better. They head down to the BY and lie down in the hammock. Aaryn joins them. Meanwhile BBVolleyball continues in the background. Kaitlin asks Aaryn what she and Helen talked about. Aaryn tells her that Helen was praising her for not picking any fights and how much happier the house feels as a whole right now. Aaryn states that she thinks Helen is just telling her this in case she (Aaryn) wins HoH so she isn't put up on the block.

11:27 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH while the hammock group continue to chat. Kaitlin says "she" will be mad because she's going to put Candice on the block but she has to do it. Aaryn says if anyone doesn't think that one of the three of them will be on the block unless they win HoH they're insane. Aaryn says she thinks "they" told Kaitlin they're in an alliance with her just in case she wins HoH next week. Kaitlin says Andy and Helen have apologized profusely to her with tears all week. She believes they're being sincere. Kaitlin doesn't think Elissa will leave the game until she's ready because of MVP. Aaryn says Helen told her 10 minutes ago that Howard and Spencer are not on her radar. (10 minutes ago you were sitting on the couch while Helen played volleyball).

11:32 Meanwhile on the couch in the BY Amanda is saying she competes to lose the most. GinaMarie heads over to join Aaryn, Jeremy, and Kaitlin on the hammock. Talk in the hammock has turned to Aaryn's nails and why GinaMarie's cuticles are dented. She wishes Nick was here so she could ask him. Jeremy says he wouldn't know. GinaMarie disagrees and says he knows everything.

11:37 PM BBT Back in the hammock idle chit chat when *Newsflash!* Aaryn says "You guys...one of the three of us have to win HoH next week and every week or we're going home. Talk turns to Howard and whether he throws comps. Jeremy and GinaMarie think he just sucks at everything. Being a football player doesn't mean you're good at anything. Kaitlin and Aaryn disagree. Up in the HoH Spencer and Helen are chatting. Helen is making sure Spencer is on board to vote out Jeremy this week. Spencer points out that he doesn't get a vote. Helen asks about Howard. Spencer says Howard is on board to vote out Jeremy as well. Helen points out GinaMarie and Kaitlin will probably vote to evict him (Spencer). Spencer understands.

11:42 PM BBT Spencer says if he gets HoH he wants to put 2 of the 3 girls up from the other side. Helen understands and points out that Kaitlin did the house a favor by using the PoV and she, Elissa and Andy told her that they would try to protect her to the best of their ability. Spencer understands. He points out that he'd like to try and keep GinaMarie in the house as long as possible because she is the least likely to win anything. Spencer says ultimately he would talk to Helen to pick her brain a bit. Helen says she can't control other people's HoH though (Smart girl...keep other HoH's blood off your hands).

11:47 PM BBT Andy comes up to the HoH. Spencer says he mentioned in The Moving Company about voting Helen out but it wasn't personal. He's not trying to gun after her. Down in the hammock Kaitlin hopes Jeremy is going to be in her Pandora's box. Aaryn says he'll know immediately if he's going to be kept for Pandora's box because they'll sequester him away to prevent him from seeing any footage of the show.

11:51 PM BBT Candice, Jessie bashing begins in the hammock. GinaMarie got in trouble for getting in Candice's face. Jeremy is amused that she (Candice) thought he would back down when he was calling her a liar but he didn't. Kaitlin chimes in about how much she hates those two. Meanwhile back in the HoH room Spencer, Helen, and Andy continue chatting about Jeremy and how much more in love he's been acting towards Kaitlin since she won the PoV.

11:57 PM BBT Jeremy called to DR. Aaryn is missing from the hammock. Kaitlin and GinaMarie continue to bash Jessie and her bouncing from guy to guy in the house and finally settling on Judd. GinaMarie says "Well she hasn't gone after Howard...but once you go black you never go back". Kaitlin says everyone thought she was riding Jeremy's coat tails and she almost won HoH and she won the last PoV.

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