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Monday, July 8 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
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Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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Guest 6Borders

8:13am BB Time

The lights are on but nobody is up.

Elissa, Candace and Helen are stirring the the Have Not Room.

Elissa says her eyes look like she's been hit with 3 Mack Trucks.

Howard just wandered into the bathroom.

Elissa and Helen are mumbling..something about Final 4 and Survivor

Elissa is telling us her husband took his business client to the golf course and they said "my son just did BB Brother" (it was Hayden's mom)...Elissa says this is a true story.

Elissa says she thinks his mom works at the golf course. Helen says "wow"

Elissa says their houses are within 5 minutes of each other {she related that this was in Arizona..they must have a lot of houses}

8:17am BB Time FOTH again on all feeds (BB must be hollering at them or giving instructions)

8:18am BB Time:

Helen has staggered out of bed. Says she is so tired.

Someone says "why the heck are we having the veto ceremony at 9:30?" (sounds like GM)

Spencer is out on the hammock in the BY talking with Howard.

Spence says they can knock out 2 of them...says trying to bring 5 dudes into the top 9 is going to be tough

keeping two of the off the block.

Spencer says week two with a house divided they need to merge again....says Amanda is going to cut a deal and he doesn't care what McCrae says because right now he doesn't have her (Amanda) under control.

Howard says he is going to (work out maybe?). He says I might do this and then go back to bed.

Spencer says he's going to meditate...Howard says "understood"

Howard greets Judd.

8:22am BB Time

Nick is up and making something in the kitchen.

The girls are up in the Have Not Room...Helen is told she looks really skinny. She says "welcome to the slop diet"

Helen says could this show be harder.

They talk about Hayden playing Survivor and that he's doing really well {really, where did that info come from...did I miss a season of Survivor???} and what do that get, a million dollars?? Elissa said that would be so crazy if he won Survivor and Candace says no one has ever done that before (won both BB and Survivor)? Elissa says no one from BB has ever played Survivor and that is the extent of her cbs facts.

Discussion about Hayden's girlfriend Kat (former Survivor contestant) playing with him and Elissa say it's

Blood vs Water!

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Guest 6Borders

8:27am BB Time

Nick and Aaryn are in the kitchen slurping cereal and crunching loudly.

Spencer is in the hammock meditating

Nick finishes and actually washes his dishes (shocker)

BB tells Elissa, Amanda, Jeremy and someone else to do something {I can't hear over Nick's running water}

Spencer wanders in and GM is up and heading to the bathroom.

Nick says he's going back to bed, but he was just hungry.

Nick asks "they said an hour and a half?" and Aaryn says yes. Nick heads back to bed

8:30am BB Time

Amanda is changing batteries in the storage room then goes back to bed.

Spencer is also back in bed...he says "they said an hour and a half"...it's confirmed by Amanda and they all attempt to go back to sleep

Judd and Candace start to whisper something and we go to FOTH.

Candace is now taking an ironing board to the bathroom.

Someone is running laps in the yard (probably Helen or Elissa).

Andy is doing ADL's...he's been wandering thru the house brushing his teeth.

Judd comes into the bathroom, wishes everyone a "mornin' ya'll"

8:34am BB Time

Elissa is changing batteries in the storage room and taking to someone I cant see.

She gets her vitamins {apparently they are chewable} and leaves with some bags of something

Jeremy and Kait in the HOH bed. She is saying something to the effect that "...she just looked at me and...it was weird

She and Jeremy snuggle...Kait says "what a crazy bitch" and Jeremy says "what a crazy whore"

Kait says no one in their right mind would put up Jeremy and he says yeah they would.

Kait says she hoped P (production) laughed when she put his name up in the DR. Aaryn says "I laughed"

Jeremy says "she just thinks she's a bad-ass player and she's so stupid"

Aaryn says if it was her she would have put Candace up and "she can't talk anyone into anything obviously"

{in case you have not guessed by now, they are Elissa bashing.. -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

8:39am BB Time

HOH Room: talk is about what they are going to wear. Aaryn says she is not dressing up,

Aaryn says if Elissa throws a curve-ball and puts her up she will have to dress up.

{I would think Elissa has already made her nomination in the DR by now???}

8:41am BB Time

Colorful bedroom: there is noise like either very bad snoring or BB is running a saw behind the walls.

Jessie is brushing her hair in bed.

Candace and Elissa are doing ADL's in the bathroom and talking with Judd. It's about Survivor again. Elissa says it's pre-taped and she thinks they might be down to the final 4. Elissa says Hayden was final 4 and everyone thought he was going to win. She wonders what Hayden looks like skinny after being on Survivor {where are they getting this information from???}

Elissa says Survivor is only a month right...Judd says 39 days.

Elissa says "I think my sister could do Survivor" {I disagree...personally could not see Rachel living without her make up and hair extensions for 39 days - 6Borders}

Talk in the bathroom as to whether something was blood or gatoraide on something last night. Elissa thinks it might have been a popsicle...discussion about who was eating popsicles and they think Amanda and ...?

8:46am BB Time

Howard and Helen are running laps in the backyard (at least Howard was...Helen is still running).

8:48am BB Time

Howard is now running again with Helen in the backyard.

The girls are still primping in the bathroom and talk is what ingredients are in the creams and lotions.

Elissa is analyzing one of them {sounds like she really knows this stuff}

Someone says "that's disgusting",,,Judd mutters something about 17 days ago

GM is asked how her hand is.

Elissa says she can hardly walk...she has every kind of pain and sore. Says the flight has been delayed and cancelled...been pretty unbearable to miss your flight every night (talking about the have not beds I guess).

8:52 am BB Time: BY: Helen is still running and Howard joins her again after a break!

Bathroom is still ADL's, general chit-chat, discussing the blood/not blood (I guess on the bathroom counter)

Nothing exciting is going on yet {and probably won't until the mean kids get up}

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Guest 6Borders

9:01am BB Time

BY: Helen and Howard have finished their run and are now doing weights.

Helen is laughing and says you belong in the have not room! She does a few more reps with eights and then goes to do push ups

{I have to say I don't think in all the seasons of PB&J and slop that I have ever seen anyone handle it better than Helen..6Borders}

Helen says tomorrow she is going to try the real kind of push ups.

She goes from push up to side-to-side sit-ups and then stretches.

9:05am BB Time

GM is back in bed in the Color Room.

Candace & Jessie are doing hair/make up in the bathroom and Judd is lounging watching

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Guest 6Borders

9:09am BB Time:

Helen and Elissa are discussing Veto speech...Helen says just be a good sport about it.

Elissa is practicing her veto speech..says she will say "Jeremy I don't know why you would not use the veto and me and I appreciate it very much"

They discuss "she" probably does not even know what the veto is (Kait I think because they say she is just there for the showmance"

BB says "Elissa..." She says "yes???" BB says "Elissa, please go to the diary room"

BB next says "Helen, don't hold your mike in your hand"

Judd is bugging Elissa about Kaitlin {Judd is on the paranoia train again..I think trying to get Elissa to nom Kait with the MVP}.

Elissa says that is too risky.

Elissa says she definitely expects to go up when Jeremy uses the veto.

BB hollers at Elissa again to go to the DR. Elissa says "hey BB you are going to have to bear with me because my life in the BB house sucks". She is putting on make-up {I remember when Janelle used to do that and make BB wait while she finished her make-up before going to DR}

9:17am BB Time

Nothing exciting going on. Candace still doing her hair and Howard lifting weights in the BY.

Judd continues to wander aimlessly!

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Guest 6Borders

9:31am BB Time

Elissa is back from the DR. She and Helen laugh about something but I didn't get it.

Jessie is sitting on the BY couch smoking and Howard is still doing work outs with breaks

Elissa is fussing with jewelry or something in the Have-Not Room and putting clothes away

Elissa goes to the kitchen (looks like for a knife or tool to repair whatever she is trying to fix)

Elissa goes to the bathroom. She and Helen are discussing (again) her Veto speech.

Elissa says she is just going to make a joke..that America would like some humor {thank you Elissa, we sure would..-6Borders}

Elissa practices a somewhat catty speech and Helen says "no don't say that"

Discussion about make up they like or don't like...some makeup brush doesn't dry well and the girls don't like it,

sample size eyeliner "they" gave Elissa.

9:40 am BB Time

BY: Howard is still working out. Jessie is lying in the hammock. Jessie says she's not going to lie, that it's hard living with so many people who are so messy.

She says it will get easier when they are less people {she seems to feel she's going to be around for quite a while}

Howard says it's the same 5-6 ppl who are always doing the cooking and cleaning. He says he doesn't mind cleaning but he doesn't like cleaning up after other ppl.

Jessie says today she is just not cleaning and they can all live in filth.

Howard says he might just get a cup and a plate for himself. He says the same 10-11-12 ppl, well same 10 people just know someone else is going to wash it.

Howard says he likes order. Jessie says she keeps a clean house and Howard says he could tell.

Howard says his mama taught him to take care of his stuff....says she has good home training and Jessie says "I get it from my mama" Howard says "absolutely"

9:44am BB Time

Candace is trying to help Elissa fix whatever jewelry she is trying to fix. Candace says "actually a boy could probably do that"

The discuss a belt Candace has and she says she got it at some really cheapy store!

9:46am BB Time

Howard and Jessie in the BY discussing prayers and psalms between Howard's work-outs!.

Jessie says she really likes psalms. Howard says his tatoo is from Psalms 10, 30 and 5 (I think I got that right))

{There is absolutely nothing else going on right now. The BB House is the Big Boring House this morning -6Borders}

9:49am BB Time

Amanda is up running her spiel to Elissa about how hard they are fighting to keep her in the house.

It is hard to hear them as they are running water continuously.

Helen is ironing...says he can't know that we are (on to him I think).

Elissa says she wishes they had a good curling iron.

Helen comes over and whispers something to Amanda

Elissa says Jeremy is using the veto on her and she's back on the clever speech she is going to give.

Whispering I can't hear...Amanda says Candace has been throwing her (name) under the bus. Elissa says "really"

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Guest 6Borders

9:53am BB Time

Jessie and Candace in the hammock discussing how nasty the house is and who cleans and does not clean.

Jessie says BB should just give them plastic cups...she might go to DR and ask for plastic cups/paper plates.

Says they prob won't give them paper plates because they want the HG's to fight over the dishes.

General discussion of cleaning/not cleaning and the sandwiche Jessie made yesterday.

9:56am BB Time

Back in the bathroom Amanda and Helen continue hair/chores.

Helen whispers to Amanda that they have to make sure he doesn't know so he does not rat them out to the other side.

(I think she says Howard knows...not sure who "he" is she is referring to...sounds like maybe Spencer)

Helen says she thinks Spencer is making this stuff up. Says Candace knows Amanda is part of "us" and Candace says Spencer told her to vote out Elissa and Candace is pissed {sounds like Spencer's train might be headed for derail}

Helen says "we have her vote, we just have to make sure he does not know anything"

Andy comes in. Amanda says "sorry Andy if we were being loud" and he says "no worries"

Amanda is wasting water again while she fixes her hair...the faucet is open full blast and running {everyone please complain to BB on behalf of California that the HG's are wasting our water. Seriously we have a shortage and huge fire danger -6Borders}

10:02am BB Time

Howard comes in to take a shower. Talk of how late everyone was up last night!

Amanda says they went back out...Amanda is finding more gray hairs...says she is tired!

Andy is yawning. BB tells Andy to put on his mic

10:04am BB Time

Jeremy is up so the rest of the "Bash Bunch" (Aaryn, Kait and Jeremy) should be up and descending from the Ivory Tower HOH soon.

BB reminds Jeremy to check his batteries!

Something is boiling on the stove ...either slop or lima beans?

10:07am BB Time - {pretty sure the hour and a half BB told them they had before the POV has come and gone}

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Helen tells Amanda that Spencer is lying when he tells her that Candice is after her (Amanda). She confirms that Candice is with them and likes Elissa now. Andy joins them in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Candice and Jessie are having a regular conversation regarding Candice’s moms.


Howard is now about to shower after working out. Amanda is getting herself ready for the day although is tired after going to bed very late and waking up too early.

Jeremy is actually quiet. Helen is ironing and mentions how she normally just gets things dry cleaned so ironing isn’t needed.

Helen asks Andy if he’s Irish. Andy says he’s not. She says people think he is. Amanda now pulling gray hairs.

Elissa making something with slop. Smiles.


Candice found out she was adopted while growing up when she and her mom ran into a neighbor who asked if she (Candice) was the one she adopted. Although she views her birth mom as a mom, she doesn’t call her that. She’s Tracy; she wouldn’t be the one she’d call if she was down and out. The one Candice would turn to is her adopted mom who she feels is her real mom.


Aaron and Kaitlin are asleep in hoh room. Jeremy walked in and headed to the bathroom. When Kaitlin sees the shirt Jeremy has she tells him not to wear that for ceremony. He wants to since it’s a “joke”ceremony. Kaitlin says her mom is going to be watching.

Jer leaves room. Kaitlin tells Aaron that she can never bring him around to her family because her mom would be ugh!


Candice and Andy on hammock talking about all the bullying that is going to happen. She says she doesn’t take to being bullied, and that she doesn’t want to be part of a group that does that.

Amanda and Spencer whisper game talk. Spencer reassuring Amanda about things and that they are good.

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Going to do a summary recap from late last night:

11:00pm bbt HGs are playing charades, McCrae is up... tv show... 2 words, first word is... "BIG"... they start guessing... Biggest Loser? Big Bang Theory? Big and Tall? Big Large? Biggest Loser? Big Lowbowski? Big Love? Big Hair? Big Furniture? Big Brown Couch? Little Big Man? Big House? Big Friends? Big Lovers? BIG BROTHER!

11:02pm In HOH, Jeremy is guaranteeing Aaryn isn't going anywhere, she isn't a target. Aaryn is worried because 'they' aren't going after Jeremy because they are afraid of him, and won't go after Kaitlyn, so she is the target.

11:03pm Amanda has decided to go skinny dipping. She's covered her nipples with bandaids and shows off in the HOH. "It's not showing boobs if you don't show the nipple. Gina admits there are pictures of her "like that, but I was painted." Amanda sitting topless on the HOH bed, Aaryn says 9 million people are going to see her. Amanda says they won't show it on tv, Aaryn says only on the feeds and google screen caps. Amanda tries to convince Aaryn, GIna, Kaitlin to do the same, they finally agree when she suggests they dress in bra/panties/heels.

11:15pm After time to primp, Amanda, Gina, Aaryn, and Kaitlin join the other HGs in the BY. Amanda reveals her "outfit", then goes to the hottub. The others aren't so eager to show off.

11:35pm Jeremy finds Kaitlin in the HOH bed and they continue their showmance. Helen/Elissa/Howard meet in the kitchen, Howard says he's realized it takes about 3 days for the sleep deprivation to set in, and then everyone in the house has an early night and sleeps in. Helen/Elissa go to start a game of chess.

11:40pm Jeremy assures Aaryn everything will go according to plan this week. Aaryn leaves the HOH, Jeremy/Kaitlyn continue their showmance in the HOH room.

11:45pm Amanda opens the HOH room door, says "oooooooh", and joins Aaryn/McCrae in the WA, where they discuss if BB will need to blur Amanda for the tv show.

11:55pm F1/2 Aaryn, Gina, Andy at HT discussing the BB BBQ HOH comp, F3/4 Howard watching Helen/Elissa play chess.

11:59pm Aaryn goes to her HOH room, interrupts Jeremy/Kaitlin showmancing in the HOH bed to get a blanket. Aaryn leaves and Jeremy/Kaitlin resume showmancing.

12:01am F3/4 Jeremy/Kaitlin continue their showmance with some very heaving breathing.

K: We should maybe take our mics off.

J: Why? It doesn't matter at this point does it?

K: Mabye.

J: Maybe?

K: This is national television

J: Yea this is national television

K: It's ok, we are just making out.

J: But we are making out hard-core.

K: Do you want to stop?

J: Do I look like I want to stop?

Meanwhile... F1/2, Howard/Spencer meet up on the patio, watching others in the BY but talking strategy under their breath. Howard states he would be ok if they win HOH again next week and target Amanda. Howard feels McCrae/Amanda should win Oscars for how they are playing each other.

12:04am F3/4 Elissa/Candice in HN discuss Nick breaking his word to Elissa last week by voting for her after saying he was going with the house. They agree Spencer, Jeremy and Nick are working together. They are hoping votes to evict Nick would be Candice, Andy, Howard, McCrae, Judd, and Jessie/Amanda?

12:07am F3/4 Helen joins Elissa/Candice in HN, they continue to count votes to evict Nick. They are very suspicious of Spencer, and worry that Howard is getting close to Spencer. They want to let Andy know.

Meanwhile on F1/2, Nick is talking strategy with Spencer in the WC.

12:17am F3/4 Helen/Elissa/Candice still talking in HN.

F1/2 Spencer and Howard meet up, discuss when to get Aaryn out(next week?) Gina passes by and talk quickly changes.

12:21am F/12 Gina joins Howard/Spencer, the guys tell her the plan is to evict Elissa this week. Gina is on board with this plan.

12:25am Howard/Spencer/Gina disperse, Helen/Candice/Elissa still planning damage control if Nick is voted out.

F1/2 Aaryn/Amanda/Andy/McCrae talking about nothing on the hammock are joined by Howard.

12:29am Gina goes to HOH, finds Jeremy/Kaitlin still in HOH bed, tells them Andy has been shook up for days cause he knows Elissa is going. Jeremy says he will be down in 5 minutes, GIna exits.

12:32am F3/4 Howard joins Helen/Candice/Elissa in HN room. Howard tells them Gina is 'gaming Nick' and would vote him out.

F1/2 switch to Nick/Spencer talking game, but then immediately switch to talking BandanaBall brackets when Judd joins them.

12:35am Helen questions to Howard if Nick is related to Dan Gheesling? That is the reasoning being used by Elissa to nominate Nick and target to evict him this week.

12:38am Howard leaves, Helen wishes the eviction was Monday. "Once we are solid, we shouldn't talk about it at all."

12:43am F1/2 Howard/Spencer on patio, Howard shares with Spencer all that was said by Helen/Candice.

Howard: "Sometimes it gets so simple, I just need to go to sleep. I don't want to get complacent though. But this MC thing, this could be something classic, to run with it? So often it get's broken down. 16 people in the house, and 5 people..."

12:55am F3/4 Judd came into HN room, mumbled something incomprehensible and left. Nick enters, asks to speak alone with Elisa, so Helen/Candice leave. Elissa tells Nick she's trying to find out what the house says regarding the MVP renom. Nick asks if she's still honoring her deal, based on how the POV went.

E: I definately want to, the only concern I have is when I went to you about Kaitlin, you couldn't look me in the face and tell me 100%..

N: I don't want it to be somebody that it's obvious that we had a deal. If you put up somebody others don't want, it would be a better game if it's a low key player.

E: I'm not taking out little floaters, I'm going to break up a showmance or a big player.

N: You made big waves last week, people are scared of you, you are you, you're a threat. You come in, make a big move, 2nd week, make a small move and build trust. Let's make a deal.

E: I feel we had 2 opportunities, I didn't put you up and you voted to evict me, then I came to ask you about Kaitlin and you wouldn't say 100%. I heard you weren't trying to throw the veto.

N: I couldn't tell everyone, that puts me in the hot seat.

E: To be honest, I don't know that I trust what you're saying... I'm not putting Jessie or Candice up. Kaitlin is the option.

N: Do you want Kaitlin? I'm not saying no to Kaitlin

E: Obviously, if I'm saving you, you vote with me. But I asked if you are voting me out, and you said you weren't sure.

N: Anytime I approach you, people talk, they assume we are conspiring against the house.

E: You said last week you were voting with the house.

N: The house told me they were voting you out!

E: I feel you are smart, I don't think you didn't know people were going to vote David out... you still voted against me, that doesn't show loyalty... I've got to get ready for the DR, thank you for talking to me.

(Elissa starts to walk out)

N: Are you going to answer my question?

(Elissa leaves the HN room and goes to the kitchen. Nick follows her)
E: I did answer your question, I told you I'm going to go with the house.(repeating to him the answer he gave her last week about how he was going to vote!)

(Nick retreats to the cockpit room and sits alone, deep in thought)

1:13am F1/2 Gina joins Nick in cockpit, he tells Gina he talked with Elissa, who was unwilling to work a deal with him. Gina gets emotional, Nick tells her to stay calm, be around the people who want you around, don't go into isolation, David slept all day. Aaryn comes in and Nick says 99% chance he is the replacement nom, the only thing he can offer this early in the game is to offer deals. If we want Candice out next, we need to work deals with everyone but Candice... tell everyone if you will keep me(Nick)..

1:19am F1/2 Aaryn tells Nick she still doesn't know for certain who the votes were last week to evict David. Nick shares names of HGs and how they voted(getting it wrong, either because he doesn't know for certain or to cover his own tracks that he voted to evict David). Nick asks Aaryn who she has made deals with? Aaryn is 'sure' of everyone but Candice.

1:22am F3/4 Jeremy/Judd meet in the SR, Jeremy wants to confirm Judd's vote, saying all those others are sketchy and promising Judd a Final 4 deal.

Judd: Since day 1 you were my boy

Jeremy: If you vote with us, I'll vote with you every time.

Judd: I don't even know how other people are voting.

Jeremy: Don't worry about other people, just worry what you are doing, and what you are doing is voting with us, right?

Judd: Why wouldn't I?

Jeremy: It would be stupid if you didn't

(after they bro-hug it out and Jeremy leaves, Judd paces the SR some and thinks for a moment before exiting)

1:27am In kitchen, Aaryn informs Jeremy that Gina is crying because she knows Nick is going up. Jeremy joins Nick/Gina/Andy in the cockpit, where they are talking about hosting gigs and nothing important.

1:35am Jeremy/Andy leave Gina/Nick in the cockpit room, where they go back to discussing being social with the ones in their voting block to make sure every is on board... Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer... lots of compliments from Nick about how social Gina is with people.

1:39am cut to Howard/Judd alone on the patio

H: The thing about it is, me and Spencer, we try to make it like, it's kinda like you, you was honest, I think that was the best thing for you, after the HOH competition, but we couldn't do that, with Elissa saying she's going to put up Nick, me and Spencer we kinda have to be in the middle, and make them think we are in the middle, without them thinking that we are in an alliance somewhere else. So us staying away from you, keeps it from being like me, you and Spencer.

J: that makes sense (I'm not sure which way Howard is leaning on this vote and which group he is trying to trick)

H: Then you've got McCrae too. I don't want that to be something that they pick up on, but we've got the numbers, so as long as we at some point come to an agreement on whatever, like we've got this opportunity now, we can talk when no one is paying attention.

J: I understand 100%. I just don't want to play for jury. I want to win stuff. I'm not here for jury. I'm not here to be 14th either

H: I think you'll be fine, I think if she puts up Nick.

J: I'm gonna get heat again Wednesday, I'm kinda nervous about that.

H: Why are you gonna get heat?

J: Cause they think I'm voting with 'em. Don't they think you're voting with them?

(I'm trying to figure out who is they? Aaryn/Jeremy or Aaryn/Elissa?)

H: I think that, you know how last time you admitted it? This time don't admit it.

J: yea....

H: It helped you last time.

J: Here's what I was thinking, but this is kinda selfish, if she put up somebody else, and Nick stayed, nobody trust Nick on either side, and I could blame it on Nick, but it's also dangerous to keep him around, because he goes in the DR 20 times a day, he doesn't do anything, he doesn't talk game, so somethings fishy, they think he's a plant in the house. So maybe there's a twist with him, cause why else would he get called in as much as Elissa?

(based on that logic, I'm thinking they are talking about going against Aaryn/Jeremy and voting to evict Nick?)

Andy walks outside, looking at Howard/Judd and laughingly calls them shady, crosses the BY, to the hammock where Spencer/Amanda/McCrae have been laying.

J: I just can't have people doubting me.

H: Right now, no one can be fully trusted, but one thing that can be trusted is numbers...

J: If we can trust our numbers until we get down to the nitty gritty....I just feel like the bottom of the totem pole and that sucks

H: oh absolutely

J: But we are committed to our thing, that's the smartest thing, cause then we control the MVP vote.

H: mmmhmmm

J: and that's what I want

(ahhhh back to controlling the MVP vote, so they are talking keep Elissa and vote out Nick)

H: If we keep her in the house, to keep the MVP vote.

J: She's nice to me.

H: oh yea, she's nice to me too, I like her.

J: It makes me sick, when people say how awful she is, and that she makes waves in the house.

1:58am Spencer/Andy/Amanda/McCrae on the hammock

Andy: Nick is going up. Just so you know, Helen controls Elissa. Also, Helen thinks Nick has a relationship with a former contestant.

Spencer: Personally, I'm of the opinion that doesn't make a bit of difference.

Andy: Well, but it does, because he could easily get MVP. I mean, that really makes a lot of difference.

Spencer: If Amanda is Dick Donato's love child, she could get it. If there's 2 why can't there be 3 or 4? Statistically, we would have an advantage. If was was someone, I probably wouldn't even tell all of you, just because of how things get out, and you have a target on your back.

McCrae: I would hope HamsterWatch would push for me, but I don't know...

Amanda: Everyone just pussyfoots around this place, I can't keep my mouth shut, so I'm just going to walk away.

2:08am Andy/Spencer on the hammock

A: I'll do what the group wants to do, but I feel like our formula is working, it's smart to take the MVP and use it to our advantage, and I don't understand why we would give that up. I feel like Elissa is being portrayed as the victim, and I think America loves that.

S: It will be interesting to see how she is portrayed.

A: She doesn't talk to anyone, she sits and reads, and people are mean and bully her.

2:12am Amanda/McCrae in the SR

M: Why are you so antsy?

A: Because Spencer is a liar! That's why I had to walk away!

M: Can you please just put on a face

A: I know you want me to stay quiet, but I don't see what the harm is in my saying, I heard you wanted to put me up if you get MVP and you think you have the votes, I heard that you are saying that. What is wrong with me saying that?

M: Because then he's going to flip and go I know she isn't with me so I will throw her under the bus.

A: If he doesn't someone else will.

M: That's why we need to keep him close. It just looks bad.

A: I didn't say anything.

M: But you walked away.

A: I'm not going to pussy foot around

M: Then I may have to drop you by the way-side.

A: WOWWWWWWW (and she walks out of the SR)

2:16am Helen/Elissa/Candice/Howard in HN room

Elissa: Nick was trying to get me to not put Kaitlin and put up Candice or Jessie or Amanda, cause he is working with them for sure

Howard: As long as the people on our side know what is going on, we are good.

Helen: McCrae, Amanada, Judd, Jessie, Candice, Howard

Howard: and Spencer

Elissa: Spencer, we are wavering. If we all stick to it, we are the final ones, and then we can reevaluate, but if one person breaks.

2:17am Amanda/Judd in the SR

A: I've heard Spencer is trying to put one of us on the block and make deals with Jeremy, like put Amanda on the block then work to get the votes to vote her out.

J: Howard said someone thinks that I'm shady, I don't think it was you and McCrae... they think that I'm with them, I'm going to get all the heat, but I'm not going to tell them my vote

A: Spencer is shady, wanting us to vote Elissa out, trying to throw me under the bus.

2:21am Howard/Aaryn in HOH

A: I can't believe she would put up Jeremy to play POV, and then to put up Nick.

H: I don't care who she puts up, as long as we have the votes to get her out. She's brainwashing them about saying Nick is involved in a twist, so I wanted to let you know, anyone with any sense will vote to get her out, so the game will be fair.

A: Between you and me, obviously Jeremy and Kaitlin have a deal. I'm kinda 3rd wheeling it right now, so I need other people to work with beside them

H: I want you and Jeremy and Kaitlin to know, just cause I hang with them, I don't really trust Elissa, I like to stay close to see what is going on. I won't promise you anything, but you are the strongest woman in the house, you've never been on my radar...

2:24am Andy/Amanda/McCrae in SR
Andy: I'll admit, there are benefits to getting rid of Elissa this week, but there are HUGE risks. And if Nick stays this week, and next week I go, I will be SO MAD at myself. There's just been something about him. Spencer keeps saying, there's a chance we get MVP, and I say there's 100% change Elissa gets it.

Amanda: If Spencer turns, and it looks like he has...

Andy: Today he's said he doesn't want to talk game until the POV ceremony, and I'm thinking, all you wanted to do was talk game with me... If we need to call him out.. if any of us get HOH next week, we may put him up...

2:38am Aaryn/Gina in HOH

A: I think that Kaitlin thinks that I'm trying to move in on her

G: If she says anything, I'm on your side.

A: Honestly, I don't care about Jeremy. After this game, it's not like that, this is strictly for my game-play. And she's like going to for sure think it's because I want him. I don't want him, I want my game to stay on point. And as long as she is here, he is going to be distracted, and she's going to be more important than the game.

G: Because she doesn't know the game.

A: Because she just got picked up at a bar. Shocker, a bar.

G: Actually, I think it's more of a strip club, I mean I don't know what she is like as a person, I think she was dating the guy who owns it.

(In walks Kaitlin and everybody is all smiles/laughter about Gina's hair being a mess)

2:43am Amanda/Howard in the SR, Amanda pushing the "Spencer is sketchy" story, Howard agrees to vote out Nick and keep Elissa. Howard says he will talk with Spencer and have him talk to Amanda, says they have a strong side but we have the numbers. Amanda wants Howard to be there when her/Spencer talk.

A: You don't think the MVP might put you up? You're strong, they could put you up, and you wouldn't know who to go after. MVP is going to go after the strong males.

H: This makes too much sense not to work.

(Amanda leaves, Howard laughs and scratches his head in amusement)

3:00am Lots of HGs still up tonight, none of the important swing votes talking strategy

3:14am F1/2 Nick/Gina talk to Judd in the cockpit, Gina tells Judd she won't say he made a mistake voting out David, but hopefully he will be with them this time. Judd says he would have let them know before, but there wasn't time to tell he had switched his vote.

F3/4 McCrae/Amanda/Spencer/Howard on the patio

H: anybody that is opposite of them, if you have the numbers, you've got to go with that right now.

A: We did it, we got one out the first round. Think how satisfactory, we all go the same way, we got the shadiest one out of this house. We won't have to worry about 'who is going to win MVP?' He's a big player in this house. If he goes, we have even more control over this game.

H: I know he's a good competitor, but why is he so big in the house? He's only won 2 things. He barks a lot, and then everyone grabs on to him, he's got 3 women, 2 for sure.

3:16am Spencer/Howard on the patio

S: It's tough, because she's right, it's common sense. But she's playing a different game than the three of us.

H: But that's the sacrifice, I feel you and me are making, being honest with Jeremy about it.

S: I don't trust Helen at all. And I'm gonna tell her I don't trust her.

H: Use that against her as soon as Elissa leaves. We heard and we know you said this, this and this...

(so maybe Spencer and Howard and the Moving Company are still on the same page)

3:34am Howard/Nick in the cockpit

H: McCrae may not have as firm a thumb on Amanda as we think. She was flipping out about Spencer. So here's what we think...we get out Elissa this week, because that's what the moving company agreed on. Spencer had the idea, him, me, McCrae, Amanda, move over to the other side, be 9 strong, get rid of everyone outside the 9, then use the Moving Company to backdoor everybody inside that 9. That gives us the numbers and the power to stay on that side. But, we don't think Amanda trusts Spencer, and she won't go for it. But if she doesn't, we need to tell McCrae she needs to go, and we can keep things like it is.

N: I want her to go next week. Jeremy and I already talked about it. If him or I win HOH next week, we will put her up.

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Guest 6Borders

10:22am BB Time

Jeremy and Jessie on the BY couch discussing Jeremy' speech.

Jeremy yells to Kait "do you want to hear my speech" and she says something I could not hear but apparently it was a "no"

Jessie asks why she is upset and he says she is always upset about something...probably the shirt he is wearing.

He says it's a joke ceremony so he might as well wear joke clothes.

Jeremy says You gotta play and have a little fun.

Jessie says 90% of the game is comps and good relationships and other other 10% is knowing when to say something and when to not...says Jeremy needs a little work on that.

Howard joins and Jeremy says he's is only going to tell his speech one more time.

His speech is he is not going to use toe POV on either of the other two, he will use it on himself and let the games begin.

Asks Howard if there is anything he thinks he should add. Howard says {I think it was sarcasm and if so I love the way Howard does it} it sounds perfect and it should get at least 3 different reactions

10:27am BB Time

Candace, Andy and Jessie in the hammock discussing that the 3rd nomination is probably already in.

Andy says if she's gotta go she's gotta go. Jessie says it's scary because she corners everyone...says it's better for everyone's game if she just leaves {the "she" of course, is Elissa}

Andy says David pulled him aside and asked for his vote..David told Andy he was going to be gunning for Elissa and Helen (and that's when Andy changed his vote). Andy says it's a fine line to walk...he's ready to just go with the house this week and just get her out. Says the game is still early so don't count yourself out {sounds like Candace is to be the 3rd nom}

Jessie says sometimes she thinks she would be happy just to make sequester but then tells herself no to go for the money. Discussion about whether 5 or 7 have to go before jury because it's the biggest cast ever.

Andy says everything can change at the drop of a hat. Jessie says it's weird cos those numbers are people.

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Jeremy and Howard both want Amanda out sooner than later because she is too smart.


Jeremy believes that McCrae is wrapped up with Amanda and can't see things as game because he doesn't have luck with women outside of the house. Jeremy says that he'd drop Kaitlin since he knows that outside of the house he can get who he wants.

Amanda and McCrae come out and join the two on the couch.

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Guest 6Borders

10:34am BB Time

Jeremy, Howard on the BY couch talking about deals and votes.

Howard says he and Spencer have everyone (in their pocket??? I didn't hear what he said)

Howard says it should be smooth sailing to the final five (for the MC & their extended alliance)

Howard says bring a girl in and that girl should be Aaryn...Jeremy says Aaryn is the strongest girl in the house mentally and physically. They say she didn't even cry when David left {I thought she did}

10:36am BB Time

Jeremy and Howard discuss if he (McCrae?) was in this game w/out her (Amanda ?) he would realize what they realize.

Howard says it's hard to talk to him because he doesn't want to threaten him...says everything else is perfectly placed.

Howard says Spencer says it's all because of one frickin' girl and he needs to drop his nuts (I think they are taking about McCrae)

Amanda joins and asks if she can sit with them because she is going to smoke and does not want to blow smoke on them. McCrae is there too, yawning.

Jeremy puts a bandana around his head and asks if his karate kid is complete.

Jeremy is holding court again with his phenom {in his opinion} veto speech..says it's short and sweet and so perfect and he's wearing what he is wearing (shirt unbuttoned, headband...)

10:41am BB Time

Helen and Howard head to the HOH room. Howard is acting like he came to use the restroom but he wants to talk to Aaryn and Kait. Tells them he doesn't think Jessie approached her (prob Elissa). There was so much noise if he said something significant I didn't catch it.

Howard goes to the chess table with Helen. Says he (Jeremy) wants to use Helen for the other side and is not going to come after her (she has to go around the chess table and sit next to him to hear him because there is so much noise from the kitchen). Howard whispers something I couldn't get and they start a chess game.

10:44am BB Time BY Couch:

Someone (Candace I think) says I will either go big or go home.

Discussion about having to take a brand name off sunglasses (I think Amanda says using hand sanitizer)

Jeremy asks (again) how his karate kid outfit looks {please BB get this over with so we can move on from this discussion -6Borders}

Amanda says she is going to shower today and asks if it's Tuesday..she's told Monday.

Spencer joins the BY couch crew. Discussion turns to movies {with every other word being the F-word, which I am pretty sure was not in the movie}

Amanda informs us she is "Tirrrrrrred"

Spencer continues to explain movies {I don't think there is a movie he hasn't seen}

10:48am BB Time

HOH room: Jeremy joins Aaryn and Kait...asks if he can put on some make up too.

Asks what would the karate kid wear, tell me that...says he needs to start eating healthy..asks what is today "Monday?"

Jeremy is called to the DR and says "ok my dude, I just need to feed the fishies"

He does and one of the girls says "I could never bring you around my family"

We go to FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

10:54am BB Time

BY couch: Howard, Candace, Spencer and Amanda

General chit chat about have-nots...Candace says Wed she is going to have the biggest breakfast (when he goes off have-not)

10:57am BB Time

BB announces an outdoor lock down..tells the HG's to go outside and close the sliding glass doors

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10:02am BBT: amanda and andy in wa .elissa and helen in hnbr getting ready for the day
10:08am BBT: candice talking about her family and being adopted and her herritage.jessie asked if she holds resentment towards her mom. candice says no i dont really have any. elissa is making slop in the kt.
10:15am BBT:jessie asking candice what her relationship is with her syblings. candice says with the boys it is great.amanda is in the wa doing her makeup.
10:20am BBT: aaryn is now up in hoh rm candice and andy in the hammock andy says he hates people going around mocking people. jeremy and jessie are on the couch in the by eating.
10:26am BBT: elissa asked amanda if she kept up with survivor amanda says no then helen and elissa explain to amanda what survivor is all about . amanda says oh no that is not my kind of show.
10:33am BBT: candice andy and jessie on the hammock talking general talk. jeremy and howard on by couch talking about mccrae and others and them neededing to go that they cant be trusted. he says that wanting to keep amanda around makes mccrae a little shady.
10:39am BBT: amanda and mccrae are now on the by couch with jeremy howard got up to take his dishes back in the house.jeremy telling amanda he is wearing his shirt unbuttoned and head band on for the pov ceremony. howard goes to hoh rm to use the wc. kaitlyn and aaryn are putting on their makeup.
10:50am BBT: jeremy in hoh talking to aaryn bb calls jeremy to the dr and we get foth.
10:54am BBT: kaitlyn in wa curling her hair. helen comes in and kaitlyn says i am like freaking out right now. most hg in by sitting on couches just general talk.andy getting coffee as ginamarie comes through and andy tells her she looks lovely today.

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Guest 6Borders

11:36am BB Time

Feeds are back and it looks like Nick or GM might be the replacement nominee.

{just an observation...he looked none too happy and Judd I think was telling him he will be alright..Nick and GM were sitting on the living room couch}

GM and Nick hug in the living room and then go into the Color Bedroom to talk.

Nick says something about composing yourself and we have 2 full days.

Nick says he wants a nap and lies down. GM is swinging her hair and says "do I look like a barbie doll"

Nick is mumbling into the pillow and obstructing his mic and even GM is having trouble hearing him

BB tells Nick not to obstruct his mic.

GM is going to go outside and Nick says "wake me up in 30"

Jessie comes in and asks "are y'all ok?" and they say yes

Discussion about GM's Barbie Skirt...Jessie says "you look so much like barbie"

11:45am BB Time FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

11:48am BB Time

McCrae and Amanda in the bathroom...Amanda says Candace just told her that Jeremy said McCrae and Amanda devised the whole plan (to get rid of David

11:49am BB Time

BB calls Nick to the DR

BY Spencer is telling Jeremy how "she" threatened him...cameras switch to the HOH room so I can't hear the conversation

HOH GM, Aaryn watching spy screen. Aaryn says something was "sketch as F"

Now they are saying it doesn't matter because "she" is leaving next week {apparently now Elissa will be staying this week and leaving next week???}

GM says she thinks they have Judd and Andy on their side because everyone knows what they did last week.

Kait says I don't know about Andy but for sure we have Judd

Andy comes in and they say "we were just talking about you"

Elissa bashing continues...it's just more of same and really not worth reporting over and over

11:54am FOTH

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[i keep having trouble accessing the fan forums... The page just wont load, on any browser.. Sorry it took so long to upload these..]

9:20AM BBT: Helen and Elissa are in the HN room chatting. Elissa gets called to the DR. "You're going to have to bear with me Big Brother, because my life in the Big Brother house sucks". Howard is working out in the BY. Helen and Candace are in the washroom getting ready. Candace is curling her hair. Candace says that she has to eat some real slop today because she feel like she's going to pass out. Judd suggests she eat some liver and Candace says she doesn't eat that stuff. He suggests the lima beans, and she says it's all carbs.

9:32AM BBT: Howard comes inside and tells Candace she looks good. Candace thanks him, and says she's been getting skinny because she's not eating real food. Jessie takes her food out to the BY couches. Howard does some laundry, then starts working out again. Elissa and Helen are in the HN room. They go over what Elissa will say during the POV ceremony.

9:47AM BBT: Jessie finishes her meal and heads over to the hammock and lies down. Jessie says that it's so hard for her living here with so many people because it gets so messy. Howard hates cleaning up after people, but it kills time. Howard tells Jessie the power of prayer. He says prayer can do what the power of God can do.

9:58AM BBT: Jessie and Candace are chatting on the hammock. Helen is ironing in the washroom, and Amanda does her ADL's.

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Guest 6Borders

11:54am BB Time

HOH: One of the girls wishes they had eye pads. Kait and Aaryn say there were texting 24-hrs a day (I guess before coming into BB)

Kait is listening to music. General chit chat about texting and replying.

Aaryn says someone (bf or ex maybe...or David?) is probably done watching at this point...says someone probably thinks she's a bitch on the show {wait until she gets out!!!}

FOTH again

11:58am BB Time

Spence and Amanda on the BY couch...Spence says "I'd love to see her walk out the door"

Amanda replies "I don't think she's that big of a threat yet" {at this point I have no idea who "she" is}

Amanda asks McCrae if he is going in the pool. Spencer calls across the yard asking if there are any shady spots over there. He doesn't get a reply so gets up to see for himself.

Spencer is talking to McCrae (who is in the pool). Says "she" came and threatened him and said that McCrae and Amanda were coming after him and it didn't set well {I can't hear the rest because of noise}

BB hollers at Nick to put on his mic and we get FOTH

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#BB15 11:01 AM BBT We have trivia. Jeremy is in the R and the veto ceremony is about to start

BB15 11:26 AM BBT We currently still have trivia.

BB15 11;40 AM BBT Feeds are back. Camera 1 is on Nick and Amanda is telling him not to worry

#BB15 11:42 AM BBT Gina and NIck are now in the bedroom. Nick is telling her to take a moment and compose themselves. He says that they have 48 hours.

#BB15 11:43 PM GIna asks Nick and Nick says they were a target from the beginning. Nick is the replacement nominee. Gina says she hates weak people. She wants to be the prettiest and the best

#BB15 11:51 AM BBT Andy and Elissa in the HN room. Andy tells her it should work. It's a matter of everyone remaining loyal.

#BB15 11:52 AM BBT GIna in HOH with Aaryn. GIna upset about Nick. Aaryn tells her that Elissa has been making stupid decisions. Aaryn says that if Elissa comes into HOH, she will ask her to leave.

#BB15 11:56 AM BBT Gina, Kaitlin, and Aaryn talking about tthat they text 24/7. Gina says she will wake up in the middle of the night and text and go back to bed. They can't beleieve when people tell them they didn't respond because they didn't have their phone ob them. They say that's not possible.

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Guest 6Borders

12:03pm BB Time

Jeremy is working out with weighs and Elissa (who is doing Yoga) says "you just try to start fights with people all the time"

He says "that's exactly it!" {shades of Howie and April}

Jeremy calls out to ask if they are going to finish the game tonite (bandana ball I guess).

12:16pm BB Time

Candace is called to the DR

Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae are still talking by the pool. (the plane noises makes it hard to hear).

I keep hearing "final 9" and Spencer says "don't talk to her"...says it's a weird situation and it will take them a while to figure it out...conversation is interrupted by one of the girls calling out something. Jeremy says he'll take care of it and calm your horses little pretty (at least that's what it sounded like)

(feeds are freezing so I have to reload and refresh)

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Guest 6Borders

12:27 pm BBT

BY couch: Elissa and Andy are talking. Elissa is rehashing Jeremy being a bully and attacking women and Andy agrees.

Jessie joins and Andy goes to wash up some dishes {I guess he's elected since Jessie declared herself on strike from cleaning the kitchen this morning -6Borders}

Elissa really likes Jessie's crocheted shorts. Jessie is relating how she tried to fit everything in her suitcase.

Elissa says she thinks she figured out why Kristen always wore her pants so high/wore yoga pants...because it's easier to hold the mic pack. Howard agrees.

12:31pm BB Time FOTH

Spencer talking with Howard in the lounge. Howard is talking about "one frigging girl" and she doesn't even like him (I think this is a McManda discussion). Andy joins and they say how hot it is.

Andy says he thinks "they are getting skeptical of everyone"..."says everyone's names get thrown around"

Andy says because "they" hate Elissa so much they can get whoever they want out every week

Candace joins. Andy says he is going to go outside and get super heated up.

Candace joins and they tell her she looks good in her swimsuit...says don't spend too much time in the sun if she goes outside. Howard tells her force yourself to drink water.

12:36... a couple of FOTH's

Spencer says he's close to hot dog and a nap..Howard says that's how he feels.

Andy is going to take a shower...says there better be a pizza left for him on Wed or he's going on a murderous spree

BB tells Candace to put on her mic and she says "sorry big brother"

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Guest 6Borders

12:40pm BB Time

FOTH again

Spencer, Howard and Candace in the lounge talking. Spencer says he could fall asleep right there and Howard says he needs food first. Candace says "we could put on our sunglasses and pretend we're talking" Spence says his snoring would give him away.

Spencer says they will wait until the dishes are done before going in the kitchen to fix hot dogs {and also because all the work will be done and they will just go mess it up again}

12:44pm BB Time FOTH

General chit-chat around the pool. Jeremy says he needs to get in touch with his emotional side.

Aaryn tells us that when she joined McCrae in the hammock he repositioned himself so he was not touching any part of her...Amanda says good job. Amanda says she likes the feminine touch which is why she sleeps with McCrae...laughter.

BB hollers at Aaryn to put on her mic.

Discussion is about some book someone wrote and all the sexting messages. Jeremy read it on the plane and was laughing to hard all the other passengers were looking at him. The book is a free IPad book but Jeremy can't remember which one...says it was free because it was all the stuff that didn't go in the regular books {I have no idea who this author is}

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12:01pm BBT: nick is in the br going to bed.spencer and mccrae at the pool whispering.
12:08pm BBT:jeremy working out in the by while spencer and mccrae are talking by the pool . they are whispering cant make out what they are saying over the planes flying over.
12:14pm BBT: andy is in the hoh talking to aaryn.. aaryn saying people are coming up to her asking her why kaitlyn thinks she is running this house.feeds switch to helen and elissa in the hnr helen saying we have the votes to get nick out then we can start winning some comps here.spencer is at the pool talking to mccrae howard and jeremy about them joining up with jeremy kaitlyn arryn nick and gina and run this house.
12:18pm BBT: howard says they are shaking it up early and i didnt think it would happen this soon but its whatever ya'll want to do.and howard leaves the pool.
12:23pm BBT: candice and helen are in the kt cooking slop and lima beans. and eating and complaining about the messy kt. they cant even get to the microwave.
12:27pm BBT: elissa sitting in by jessie came out and elissa says she likes her shorts.they are talking about the clothes that bb took from them and we get foth.
12:35pm BBT:andy , spencer , candice And howard in lounge talking about staying out of the sun cuz it drains you bad.most hg are in the pool helen is cleaning the kt .
12:46pm BBT: spencer, candice and howard in lounge rm just talking general talk.most hg at the pool general talk also as elissa does her yoga.
12:56pm BBT: all hg lounging around with general talk.

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