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Monday, July 8 Live Feed Updates


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Guest 6Borders

12:50pm BB Time

Candace is talking about someone who had gastrointestinal bypass...says her biological family eats crazy shit.

FOTH cuts in and out

Poolside Jeremy is saying he sold everything in his house, even his artwork. Jeremy says maybe they will bring one of his paintings if he gets FOTH...shouts out to BB to tell his mom to send a paining.

Amanda says she wonders if BB just calls the family to send stuff when you get HOH or if it's being held and we go FOTH

Back and Jeremy says beer tastes like "piss in a can" McCrae says 'even dark beer?". Aaryn tells how many calories some beer has (FOTH)...back and Amanda is talking about a sweet beer...then says she would love to have a bottle of champagne. Jeremy says it burns his throat (FOTH). Discussion about how long the audience (TV viewers) have to wait to find out who gets HOH.

12:56pm BB Time

Jeremy is saying Elissa is telling everyone that Jeremy has a baby and he's hiding it from everyone...says she is trying to throw me under every bus she can. Jeremy says he's heard every story about Candace throwing him under the bus.

He says she is going up to every person trying to get them mad at him and it's ridic...says she told ppl Jeremy voted David out and David was his first friend in the house. Jeremy says "she's going home next...I'm putting her and Andy up"{apparently Elissa is staying this week and Jeremy is convinced he will be HOH next week! Heard those plans so many times in 14 seasons to know that usually doesn't happen -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

1pm BB Time

Discussion with Howard, Spencer and Candace about have-nots. Spencer says probably after jury there will be no more have-nots... said it would be a lot more $$ (for production) if they were all eating 3 meals a day...Candace thinks have nots is for the tv and stress. Discussion about ppl who smoke running out of cigs.

1:04pm BB Time

Andy and Elissa in the Have Not room discussing who Elissa would get a letter from if she was HOH...Rachel or her hubby {seriously....that's a choice???} Elissa thinks Rachel might come back in Pandora's Box or something.

Discussion about how tough Rachel was and what a fighter she was in the game.

BB tells Elissa to put on her mic.

Candace is telling a story about someone who "fell in love with all the black girls and said I'm moving here" and we get FOTH {given the recent fall out from the house I have a feeling this is going to happen pretty often any time a subject even remotely comes up about race, etc}

Poolside McCrae tells Amanda she thought he was going to kill Spencer over the snoring.

Discussion in the pool about HOH...someone getting territorial (hard to hear...airplanes).

BB tells Amanda to put on her mic.

McCrae tells Aaryn she is much stronger physically and emotionally. Aaryn says when she gets emotional she gives herself a few minutes to gather it and then she gets over it {apparently for everything except Elissa bashing}

1:11 pm BB Time

Helen, Jessie and Elissa are doing dishes {Jessie dishes strike didn't last long}.

Elissa says she is definitely ready to eat regular food.

1:16pm BB Time

Kitchen: the girls have just finished cleaning and Jeremy comes in the make 5 sandwiches (and mess up the kitchen again). They thank Helen for cleaning and Helen thanks Jessie for help.

The girls say they really need a vacuum.

Helen says she really thought there would be a cleaning service for the BB House {I guess even really intelligent people are entitled to one completely ridiculous thought once in a while...6Borders}

Helen says on the show the house always looks spic 'n span clean {something I never saw in 14 seasons}

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#BB15 1:02 PM BBT Candice, Howard and Spencer in the CP room. They are talking about the HN. Candice counting the hours until she can eat. Spencer talking about the cost of groceries. Now talking about how crazy being on slop makes you.

#BB15 1:06 PM BBT Andy and Elissa talking in the HN room. Andy asks Elissa if she won HOH who does she think the letter would be from. She feels they would probably get one from Rachel just because of her history with the house. She tells Andy that she appreciates him so much and his support.

#BB15 1:20 PM BBT In the KY - general lunch prep. No real talking going on.

#BB15 1:25 PM BBT Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae are in the pool. Talking low. None have mics on so difficult to hear. Sounds like they are referring to a comp.

#BB15 1:39 PM BBT In the KY Jeremy is making Aaryn eggs. In the Pool Elissa, Amanda and McCrae talking about liver and if they still sell it in restaurants.

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Guest 6Borders

1:36pm BB Time

Poolside: McCrae says he hates mice and shit but if it comes down to it he will eat anything.

Discussion of Have-Not food...they talk about the liver in the 'fridge (apparently nobody is eating it).

McCrae says he might just fry it up and they girls say it's too old.

Elissa says she actually doesn't mind being a have not except for not being able to poop.

She says she's never even pooped in front of her husband (I think).

Discussion is pate...that it's basically liver mush!

1:41pm BB Time Discussion about having to have energy in the DR earns us FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

Elissa is telling McCrae being a have-not is not fun. McCrae says he's going go f'ing nuts when he's on it.

Says he's going to go cook up some liver...Elissa says she is hungry (not for liver)

Kitchen: Aaryn says she forgot to tell Jeremy one little thing. It's more Elissa says this/Elissa says that and don't believe her...Jeremy says she is gone anyway.

1:45pm BB Time: Aaryn has now cornered GM and Nick about McCrae...Nick says he's basically going to sleep during the day and then about 4pm he will start talking to people one at a time for the next two days. FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

1:48pm BB Time

Nick and GM talking in the Color Room.

Nick says "she is going to get caught up in all her lies" {I wish they would use names...there are way too many "he's" and "she's" in this house}

GM starts to explain...FOTH..Nick says what we don't want to do right now is...Nick says be cool

GM says she is naturally F'ing charming and this is cake for them and not even a job {hope she can put that on a resume when she leaves the BB House...-6Borders}

Nick says Jess doesn't worry him but he wants to be on her good side. GM says she doesn't want to bombbard ppl but give her a clue...says she's not going to make any deals.

Nick says first 24 hrs lets be cool with everyone and then make deals if they have to make deals after that.

GM says she needs to get them last minute...late tonite and early afternoon before they start the comp

Nick says sleeping until 2 is a good move

1:54pm BB Time

Andy says the kitchen looks sooooo clean. McCrae is making liver pate (I think).

Spencer says the kitchen smells like shit.

Elissa asks Helen if she has ever heard of liver mush. They think Elissa is making it up...Andy says no one in the house has ever heard of it {I never heard of it}

GM says McCrae's liver looks like it has a heartbeat..McCrae says it's his own Frankenstein

McCrae says it smells awesome {I am sure he is either lying or lost his sense of smell about 300 pizzas ago -6Borders}

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#BB15 1:46 PM BBT Aaryn talking to Gina and Nick. Telling them Elissa's strategy for putting NIck up. A little unclear what strategy was but Nick says he needs to learn the names of everyone who did so he can talk to him. {Sounds like Aaryn told him HG gave his name to put up.]

#BB15 1:51 PM BBT Gina and Nick still talking. Gina tells Nick this is cake for them. Nick says that her true personality will shine because they have information. GIna lying on the bed with her arm over Nick's legs. Gina tells Nick that Amanda is good with them but to talk to her anyways.

#BB15 1:54PM BBT Spencer and Andy talking. Spencer says he is willing to keep his options open. Andy says he is worried as he wants to go far with Helen but concerned they will go after her.

#BB15 1:58 PM BBT Andy and Howard join Nick in the BR. Andy tells him to do the Jessie method - just sit back and don't say a word. She got zero votes. Nick says he is just going to chill.

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Guest 6Borders

1:59pm BB Time

Howard is talking with Nick in the Color Room about getting "her" out vs keeping her {pretty sure Amanda is the new discussion/target}.

Howard says it can't be personal, told him she doesn't like you and just wants the showmance (Amanda or Kait???)

Nick tells Howard the 2-day plan of being cool tomorrow and then making deals. Nick says something about "the Fake 5"

Nick says on his list was David and Elissa

Howard says we have Helen, Helen is not a problem and Nick says "cake"

Howard says if they have to drop her (Amanda) McCrae will just have to deal with it and if they have to become 4 and bring a girl in that's what they will have to do.

Howard says "one damn person week two and it's 4 girls against 5 guys..."

Nick says the original plan and once we get the sides and right now Candace is on his (something I missed) list..

Jessie is an honorary member of (sounded like Blond R Us) and Howard says she is just a vote right now

Nick says he can talk to anyone right now and it's an easy pass. They fist-bump and Howard leaves.

2:07pm In the hallway Howard signals to someone and then goes to the bathroom to use the WC

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2:00pm BBT:nick telling howard that today he will talk to everyone and tomorrow deals will be made.he says he wants to pick people brains and see where they are at.mccrae and amanda are making food to eat and elissa is getting a drink in the kt.

2:06pm BBT: howard telling nick that kaitlyn and jessie are just votes for them right now and amanda she has got to go soon. he gets up and leaves the room and nick is now by himself laying in bed.amanda is cooking fish in the kt and helen is cooking slop balls. jeremy is in hoh waking kaitlyn up and making sure she is ok. she ask what time it is and he says a hair past a freckel. then they start kissing alot.

2:11pm BBT: jeremy goes down to the kt and shows gina a sharp like tac and says this must be what you got in your heal before she says oh i bet it was but it hurt. helen says to jeremy that she is making slop balls for the hvnots. jeremy says the kt smells a little fishy

2:11pm BBT: jeremy goes down to the kt and shows gina a sharp like tac and says this must be what you got in your heal before she says oh i bet it was but it hurt. helen says to jeremy that she is making slop balls for the hvnots. jeremy says the kt smells a little fishy

2:23pm BBT: andy,mccrae,jessie,kaitlyn and jeremy talking about organic foods and how much they cost. they say they should grow their own veggies. jeremy says instead of paying seven dollars for taco bell go buy a bag of fruits.

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#BB15 2:32 PM BBT In the BY McCrae and Kaitlin talking about places near where they live. In the KY Amanda is cooking fish and discussing food with Nick.

#BB15 2:40 PM BBT Feed cuts to Andy and Kaitlin on the BY Sofe talking with Jeremy. JEremy is saying he isn't raciest. Kaitlin syas it was a different era. Says that her Mom was 38 when she became pregnant with her. Says she called her Dad in Korea where he was stationed to tell him and her Dad said it wasn't his. Says she was an accident baby. Sibling is 10 years older. Now we have FOTH.

#BB15 2:46 PM BBT Jeremy, Aaryn, and Andy in BY talking about gay marriage and adopting babies. Jeremy talking about how people can have babies. He says you can adopt or get someone's eggs and mix them with sperm and put them in someone's stomach. Jeremy feels that it's no ones business if someone is gay or wants to adopt. Aaryn says that she knows someone who donated enough of her eggs to get breast implants.

#BB15 2:52 PM BBT We are getting FOTH several times as the BY HG talk about different celebrities possibly being gay. Now such Helen bashing. Some talk about that she smells. She is lying by the pool. Jeremy says that Helen keeps running her mouth says he warned her to knock it off or he will cut her.

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#BB15 2:57 PM BBT In the BY Aaryn tells the others that she really only cares about meeting Janeille and hopes Janielle likes her. GIna wants to meet Carmen Electra

#BB15 3:05 PM BBT Aaryn running through dates - Andy telling her if she is correct. Andy now helping her. In the KT Nick and Amanda telling life stories. Just gen chit chat.

#BB15 3:11 PM BBT At the BY couch the came cuts in and Aaryn is saying that there should be an All Star of the most annoying people. Cam then cuts to Gina at the hammock with Kaitlin. GIna tells Kaitlin that she doesn't shave her armpits - she tweezes them.

#BB15 3:14 PM BBT Kaitlin and Gina talk about how they can't stand Candice. They says she is fake. And can't stand the term BF. GIna says she has been with a guy for 6 months and won't refer to him as a boyfriend. Kaitlin agrees. Says that she won't refer to a guy as a boyfriend even being together for a long time. Now some ex-boyfriend bashig and we get FOTH. We are back. Gina says Candice tries to act white and then flips and goes ghetto. Kaitlin says that she doesn't feel bad that she makes fun of her, Gina says she doens't make fun of anyone in the house {really?]

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3:31pm BBT: kaitlyn , jeremy and spencer in pool. hg in kt eating and general talk. amanda going out to do laundry.

3:33pm BBT: ginamarie is now in hoh with aaryn laughing . ginamarie brings fish in the room and aaryn takes it out and sits it on the checkerboard saying she is not having any fish in her room.

3:40pm BBT: candice , amanda and mccrae on by couch talking about how it sucks to have to pack when your niminated. amanda and candice now talking about having periods and amanda says she was actually like a week pregnant when she was in casting calls candice says you lost it. amanda says yeah i was on birth control.

3:42pm BBT: candice says i wanted a baby once i actually tried but then i started traveling and i liked it so much so i am gonna wait till i am in my 30's. she says she is ready to meet someone now and settle down but i want to be his baby for awhile first then have a baby. amanda says yeah wait babies take alot of time and you loose alot of sleep.

3:45pm BBT: andy is now in the hoh rm with aaryn and ginamarie.aaryn says judd almost made me cry. you know he was suposed to be my boy forever.andy says i hope i have proven this week that i am 100% . aaryn says yeah you are good.

3:56pm BBT: candice is telling a story about her relationships as elissa and amanda and mccrae listens. ginamaroe, andy and aaryn in hoh just general talk and alot of repeating themselves.andy in wa and howard and helen in kt.

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4:07pm BBT:arryn saying if elissa had come to her and admitted that rachel was her sister and told me that she didnt want to be asocciated with rachel that she wanted to play her own game i would have respected her more.

4:12pm BBT: arryn says everyone swore on everything that they didnt vote david out and if nick sided with elissa then why would he be on the block this week? ginamarie says we will find out thats for sure. andy says i cant wait to watch the show i am so excited.

4:16pm BBT: spencer and judd laying by the pool. judd asked so are we voting out nick? spencer says thats the plan. judd says i wish it was someone else and another week but thats the plan.

4:25pm BBT: aaryn telling andy and kaitlyn that when they get out of the house they can type thier names in google and pull up every pic of yourself on there .

4:27pm BBT: hg were told by bb that the schedule has changes so nick gets an extra day in the house. aaryn says i am pissed i wonder why they changed it up. then she says probably to give elissa an extra day to try to stay.

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4:38PM BBT: Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlyn are in the HoH chatting. They're chatting about how much Rachel was hated when she was in the house. Chat changes to spray tanning. Jeremy didn't understand how it worked, and Aaryn explained it to him.

4:48PM BBT: Gina Marie and Judd are in the pool. Gina Marie says she wants to win HoH so she can dye her hair. Jeremy and Kaitlyn lay down on the HoH bed. Aaryn has joined Gina Marie and Judd by the pool. It's hard to hear what Gina Marie is saying because she doesn't have a mic on. Gina Marie kisses the duck that's in the pool.

4:55PM BBT: Aaryn does her own version of Bring It On's roll call, and we get FotH. When feeds come back, Aaryn says she feels almost everything she says is from a movie. She leaves, and Amanda sits down beside the pool to chat with Gina Marie. Amanda says she's voting with the house this week.

4:59PM BBT: Looks like the housemates are about to go on a lockdown. Don't know if it's inside or outside, as the feeds cut to FotH after Gina Marie asked.

5:08PM BBT: McCrae, Amanda, and Elissa are siting/laying down on the BY couch. Elissa says that her and Helen tried to sleep on the floor, and BB told them to stop that. She feels she hasn't slept for 2 weeks now. Andy and Helen are in the HN room talking. Andy tells Helen that she's good. Helen says they have to backdoor Spencer with MVP next week.

5:12PM BBT: BB announces that they are on an indoor lockdown, then feeds cut to FotH.

5:23PM BBT: Elissa, Candace and Spencer are hanging out in the chair bedroom. Elissa demonstrates how Gary Glitter from Big Brother Canada got put on slop and freaked out. Elissa said they have it worse than they did. Feeds cut to Amanda and McCrae in the washroom. Amanda is plucking his eyebrows.

5:28PM BBT: Andy and Judd join McCrae and Amanda in the washroom. McCrae complains about how it hurts. Andy asks Amanda to pluck out one hair on his eyebrow so he can feel how bad it hurts.

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7:08PM BBT: Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlyn are in the airplane room. Jeremy says he can't see anyone but them winning. He says they shouldn't even be worried about going up on the block because they'll be winning HoH. Jeremy says they'll be winning HoH and MVP and control the house. Jeremy says that America loves little couples.

7:13PM BBT: Kaitlyn, Jessie and Andy are hanging out in the HoH room. Andy says that at least this gives Elissa a chance to plant more seeds. Thet chat about the rumour floating around the house that Nick is related to one of the producers. Andy says that he doesn't care if someone is related to someone else, as long as they're on his side.

7:23PM BBT: Gina Marie and Aaryn are in the storage room. Aaryn says he walked in on Jeremy and Kaitlyn in the airplane room and Jeremy was angry. Aaryn says that she had a conversation with Kaitlyn upstairs right before, so now she knows she can't trust her. Aaryn says that if she gets MVP, Kaitlyn's going home. Jeremy is ruining her game. That was her last straw.

7:43PM BBT: All 4 feeds are on Howard and Jeremy playing pool in the BY. They then change to Gina Marie and Nick in the airplane room. McCrae and Amanda are in the chair bedroom. Gina Marie and Nick make plans to talk to certain houseguests.

7:48PM BBT: Nick makes plans to talk to Andy first. Nick says he wants to talk to Amanda before she runs out of cigarettes. Nick speculates that Amanda and McCrae are fighting because Amanda looks mad a lot of the time, and McCrae is following her around. Feeds cut to FotH. Might be something to do with the multiple reminders that sleeping is limited to the bedrooms.

7:57PM BBT: Nick is going to talk to Andy first, then McCrae, then Jessie. He throws the idea out for talking to Helen, even though she can't vote. Nick says he knows what he's doing, and knows how to talk to Jessie.

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8:10PM BBT: Jeremy and Howard are playing pool in the BY still. Candace, Spencer, Gina Marie and Nick are in the kitchen. Candace made chicken, and Gina Marie says it tastes better than Popeyes. Candace says that they have to save some of it for tomorrow night when she can eat regular food. Nick has a bite and says that it needs marinara sauce. It's chicken, vegetable oil, seasonings, and flour. Nick says it's outrageously good, it's better than Chick-a-Filet.

8:26PM BBT: Not too much happening. Howard and Jeremy are still playing pool. Candace is still cooking. Jeremy found some electrolyte packages that the HN's could have. Helen says she'll bring them in with her to ask if they can have them for sure. She says Elissa went in earlier to ask for something like them. Spencer and Howard are sitting down at the table eating. Judd makes himself a plate.

8:35PM BBT: Looks like the indoor lockdown has ended. Amanda and Elissa are sitting on the couches outside. Amanda asks Elissa would care if she went home, and Elissa says she wants to stay. Amanda says she doesn't want her to go. Amanda says that she feels Jeremy is bullying and threatening people to vote Elissa out. McCrae joins them on the sofas. Elissa says she wasn't going to put Nick up, but when she went to him before putting in her nomination and asked him if he would vote out Kaitlyn, and he said no, he needed time to think about it. Elissa said that broke our deal.

8:41PM BBT: Amanda asks Elissa who she thinks will get MVP if she was voted out. Elissa says probably Andy or Helen. Jessie comes out with chicken and a glass of milk. Amanda says that's the weirdest combination ever [i drink milk with every meal. That combination is not weird to me]. Amanda and McCrae go inside to get their own chicken. Spencer and Howard come out and sits on the sofa. Elissa heads inside for some slop balls. Jessie asks Spencer if he's ever had a friends with benefits. Spencer says yes. They chat about the difference between FWB and a relationship. Feeds cut in and out, so it's hard to follow the entire conversation.

8:54PM BBT: Amanda and Elissa are in the kitchen cooking. Feeds cut to FotH because Amanda was singing. Feeds come back for a few seconds, and Amanda asks if Rachel got offered things after the show, or if she seeked them out. Elissa says "well.." and then the feeds cut to FotH again. Producers are on the ball tonight.

8:59PM BBT: Aaryn, Andy, Gina Marie, Nick, Jeremy and Judd are in the HoH room. Aaryn says she saw Amanda shave her entire body in the bath. It was the most fun and hilarious thing she's seen in the house. Gina Marie says she does photoshoots in lingerie and swimwear, what she wore yesterday didn't bother her.

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#BB159:10BBT up in the hoh is andy jeremy, aayrn just talking,
out in the BY candice spencer, amanda are just talking forth

#BB159:20 BBT feeds back in the by is howie, helen who is talking about sounds
like gas companies and candice and jessie is there too

#BB15 9;30BBT sounds like pip talk time for jessie in the By from
howard, and helen and candice. Elissa is also in the BY

#BB15 9:35BBT talk in the BY turns to having babies, and elissa starts
to talk about her husband to candice

#BB159:34BBT jeremy and mccrea are in the room talking about amanda who thinks
that jeremy,nick and spencer are working together, and jeremy says something
about numbers they are whispering nick is now talking to andy in the lounge
andy is saying he feels find with nick you dont have anything to worry about
its cool mccrea and jeremy talking about the bible?? jeremy lets just wait and
see what happeneds with the next HOH now back to amanda, talking about making a deal
with nick, jeremy is saying the amanda is smart, andy and nick are talking about the MVP

#BB15 9:45BBT jeremy and mccrea are still talking about amanda and nick and andy are now talking
about HOH next week andy is talking about who he can trust. Nick is now on to Ginamarie and how he
can trust her andy agrees now is saying elissa doesnt have anyone on her side, andy is saying
what scars me about keeping you is all the people you have on your side, nick is saying the he wont come
after andy next week if he keeps nick.

#BB15 10:00BBT Jeremy is now in the By on the hammock with ginamarie and aayrn looks like they are getting
ready to play ball andy is still talking to nick now saying how no one really knows who elissa is jeremy is saying how
people are now scared of us and how they are trying to f*** us up and telling aayrn that she is the strongest person in
this house aayrn is saying that she wants to make it to final 3 and she just does want anyone to f*** up her game

#BB1510:05BBT Mccrea is in the SR with amanda they are talking about the vote amanda says
she will leave it up to you, mccrea now says they have to go with them (meaning the MC) I just dont
want them to go after you next amanda why would they do that walks out leaving mccrea alone in the SR
nick and andy are still talking stuff in the lounge room still the same stuff andy says he now voting elissa out

#BB1510:10 BBT Howard now saying elissa is going this week to mccrea, jeremy comes in says we got to wait until
the hoh spencer is in the room to jeremy to howard go push the dr button now jeremy and mccrea we have to wait
week to week it changes, talking about amanda now if she figures out about the MC they have to let her go now spencer
elissa trust him thinks hes voting for her to stay, now back to amanda jeremy we have two girls that are on our hit list now
we have to break down the elissa group first they have to go candice come in talking stops

#BB15 10:15BBT both talks break up boys now go out to play pool elissa is out in the BY on the
coach with judd and mccrea aayrn walks in ginamarie and jessie are on the hammock
#BB15 10:20 BBT not much is happening now
have not are waiting to eat at midnight

#BB15 10:20BBT ginamarie and jessie are talking about the mvp and saying that their group is
just going to keep going after elissa if she doesnt go this week because the mvp thing is so unfair
to them and their group mccrea and amanda are in the lounge room talking amanda is telling mccrea that
she wants elissa to stay alittle bit longer nick is now in the have not room talking to helen
saying that hes not companing agaist her, helen saying that the house really likes you Im just going to
lay low they say im safe Im just the pawn.

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Just to clear this up, Last night durning my posting the live feeds I saw spencer come out of what looked like the toilet area with a shampoo bottle in his hand putting the cap back on and putting it back into the have not shower, I just natually figured that he peed in it. I could not figure out why else anyone would take a shampoo bottle into the toilet with them. I did not know for sure what he did with it in the toilet, I just saw that he had it with him. And thats what I was reporting. Sorry if this caused an uproar. But thats just what I saw.

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#BB15 10:20-11:00 PM BBT Nick has been making his rounds trying to secure his votes and get a feel for where people are standing. During this time he finished up his conversation with Andy and spoke with Helen. They agreed that they would not campaign against each other but certainly would campaign to stay. Nick basically gave Helen the same speech he gave Andy telling her that he doesn't enjoy talking about poop and sex and things like the rest of the house. Elisse walks in and the conversation pretty much ends. He heads out to the BY to talk to Gina.

#BB15 11:10 PM BBT Nick rehashes the conversations he had with Helen and Andy to Gina. On feeds 3-4 between 11:00-11:10 PM BBT Gina professes her interest in Nick as more than friends. Nick agrees (but seems very McCrae like) about this and tells her this as well. Nick says he wants to finish his arm work outs and Gina heads inside to the HNR and asks were Elisse is. Helen tells her that she's in the restroom and Gina says quickly "If Elisse goes this week and you need someone in your corner Nick and I have your back. I love you so much!" Helen points out that she has no one after Elisse goes home. Conversation quickly over. Judd, Aaryn, and Gina are bored wishing they had alcohol.

#BB15 11:15 PM BBT Gina heads back into HNR to talk to Helen and is sweet talking Helen once more telling her that she knows Elissa is probably a sweet girl at home with friends and family that love her, but in this house she wants it to be a fair game (MVP). Meanwhile Elissa is at the KT sink washing something. Back in the HNR Gina says she's not coming to Helen for a vote to keep her (because she's not on the block obviously) but she just wants her to know that she's always thought she was a good person and she loves her. The conversation is quickly over again.

#BB15 11:18 PM BBT Meanwhile in the Lounge Aary, McCrae, and Amanda are chatting. Gina comes in looking for Aaryn. Aaryn is planning on heading outside soon. Aaryn says Jeremy turns on people very quickly and if you're not constantly watching him you lose control of him. Talk turns to how Kaitlin freaked out over the MVP this week. A conversation that she had with him was about how expected to get MVP this week because America loves showmances and he has one with Kaitlin and then America loves powerhouses which he is as well. Aaryn says she feels invisible to him. Talk turns to how little Kaitlin knows about the show. The first episode she watched was in sequester. Whispers get very soft with someone's mic rubbing against their shirt/pillow.

#BB15 11:23 PM BBT Out in the BY Howard and Nick were working out. Feeds switch to Helen lost in thought in the HNR with Elissa staring at her. Helen wishes Jeremy wouldn't have won PoV. Elissa says last time she put David on the block hoping he would win and they could backdoor Jeremy but that didn't happen. She didn't think it made sense to try it again ( -so this time you put him on the block so he could win it himself? How was that any better?) Back in the Lounge Aaryn feels like someone is really getting in the middle of it (Kaitlin?) and she doesn't know what to do. Jeremy won't listen to her. Amanda says both of them are acting very stand-offish which makes it even worse.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @dimminger: @mortystv. And that explains why he's all of a sudden 'into' Gina! --Gotta keep the girls close!

#BB15 11:29 PM BBT Feeds switch to Howard and Gina in the hammock in the BY. Gina told someone that Howard is cool as heck (not those words) because he let her jump on his shoulders minutes after entering the house. Gina says you can't believe everything that is circulated around the house. Gina says she tells Helen all the time she's beautiful and such a sweet person because she always cheers on the house and that's why she sent Jeremy into talk to her the night they got into it. Nick interrupts the conversation asking where something in.

#BB15 11:33 PM BBT Back in the lounge, awkward silence with the mics turned way up (my poor eardrums!). Aaryn breaks up the silence by saying she didn't want to carry someone through the game which she was going to end up doing anyway. Aaryn says it's so awkward being in her own HoH room. Aaryn says her and Kaitlin started off this thing cool together. Amanda gets called out to move her mic higher. Aaryn says she and Jeremy think a lot alike when it comes to the game but there's an awkward thing between them that shouldn't be there. Aaryn says every time she tries to bring it up to him he shoots it down. McCrae wonders if he should try and talk to him.

#BB15 11:37 PM BBT Talk in the BY by Gina and Howard is about how Aaryn is sleeping down stairs leaving the HoH to Kaitlin and Jeremy. Back in the lounge McCrae gets up and Amanda heads into the photo booth leaving Aaryn on the couch briefly. McCrae comes back and says "he's pooping but he'll come in". Amanda comes out of the photo booth. Some quick whispers about why "they" don't trust Amanda and McCrae. Jeremy comes in and they tell him they want to work out the kinks. Jeremy says Elissa is going home this week but they can't really think that far ahead because you could lose sight of the now.

#BB15 11:42 PM BBT Amanda asks about the trust issue. Jeremy says they all need to stay strong because the other side is trying to break the strong players up. Andy comes to the door and Aaryn says "are you kidding me?" He asks if he can come in and Jeremy says "No....yeah of course". Jeremy turns the talk to Candice stirring things up as Andy takes a seat in between Aaryn and Amanda. Jeremy asks Andy if he is still with them. Andy says yes. Andy wonders who is next after Candice. Jeremy doesn't like to think that far ahead. Yeah Candice is on his radar but that's because she's stirring the pot. As long as he doesn't stir the pot he (Andy) won't be on his radar. Helen scares him because he's a genius. But he doesn't know if he'll even be here in the future. Jeremy rehashes the fact that no one knows how the house is being portrayed outside of it.

#BB15 11:47 PM BBT Jeremy says Elissa poison and she's always talking about people. Aaryn says "she's so trashy...". Jeremy says when they have the reunion and they ask about getting Elissa out they can all say they took her out. Jeremy says there are people like Elissa every season and they're going to be taking her out week 2. Jeremy and Aaryn agree that if she were to make it to jury they'd leave the house and tell BB to take away their stipend. Aaryn says she'd leave too. Jeremy is ready to go play pool. Jeremy walks out and Andy says he's going to vote to evict Helen and Amanda and McCrae laughs. Andy says if there's a single vote for Helen he'll laugh and tell everyone it was him. Out in the BY Judd, Andy, Nick, Jessie, Howard and one other person hidden behind pillows on the couch. Talk turns to the have-nots having only one day left. Andy can't wait. His first food will be pizza.

#BB15 11:54 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH Andy is talking about doing improv when he gets out. Back in the WA McCrae and Amanda are whispering while straightening her hair. Spencer walks in and they ask what's up. Spencer said he just beat Kaitlin at pool and the rest of the house is making fun of (not those words) Jessie. Amanda says yeah because she's so boy crazy. Kaitlin walks in and Amanda asks her where she's been all day. Kaitlin says she was napping.

#BB15 11:59 PM BBT Out by the BY talk is about the kind of guys Aaryn dated and Gina chimes in by saying she had dated a super douche and that Jeremy would probably like him and laugh at everything he said. Judd walks over and they ask if he's checked the SR for alcohol. He says yes and he's talked to DR. Aaryn says if there's a girl in there right now and they send Jeremy in it's game over. Jeremy says it's a dude. Judd says it's a girl and he asked. We get FoTH (expected from production talk). Feeds back and they're laughing saying "You know you're in trouble when they call your name out like that". McCrae asks what he was talking about. Feeds switch to the HT. Gina asks why they're saving Gatorade bottles. Aaryn says Nick is saving them for Bandanna Bowling. Aaryn is whimpering that she feels like she's in a fish tank and hates all of her fellow fish. She wishes she could bite their tails off.

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