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Tuesday, July 2 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

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12:02 AM BBT Aaryn says he pushes and pushes for a relationship but she doesn't know anything about him and she is getting turned off by his lack of goals. GM says give it time and try to get to know him together but she doesn't think it'll happen that way. She's stuck for the moment. GM says they have a solid 6...the strongest 6 in the house. The walk out of the WA.

12:11 AM BBT Feeds begin to intermittently freeze again. In the BY Jessie and Elissa are talking. Jessie says she's been blessed with beautiful looks and girls get jealous of her at times. Elissa asks why she feels lonely. Jessie says she feels like the only one in the house without a partner. Feeds switch to Aaryn visiting with Kaitlin and Jeremy in the hammock. Aaryn says she doesn't feel compatible with him. Kaitlin asks if she told him that. Aaryn says yes but they're going to be in a flirtmance. Aaryn tells the two of them about the kind of guys she's dated and Jeremy says maybe it's time for a change.

12:18 AM BBT Kaitlin reiterates that she wants a man that's going to be firm and demanding about what he wants "Go get that can out of the water!" not "Good job honey, you tried..." Elsewhere in the house Candice, Nick, Spencer, Helen, Howard and Andy are talking about sex and dating with minorities in the chair room. Andy had a black phase in college. Spencer says he was prepared for sex with a black woman to be ground breaking but instead it was like "Meh..." Howard and Candice says he was digging in the wrong lake.

12:23 AM BBT In the BY they are playing a game by calling out TV shows in alphabetical order. They get to the end and they've decided they're going to do characters now. Switching feeds Aaryn and David are in the kitchen. Aaryn hates someone because David heard her whispering and he could tell when he looked at her that she was whispering about him. Aaryn is looking for something to eat.

12:27 AM BBT Jeremy is called to replace his microphone and he says "Just a minute, I'm comfy!" Kaitlin tells him to get up and they both manage to hit their heads together. Jeremy ends up on the ground, rolling around exaggerating. Kaitlin tells him to get up because it didn't hurt her. Meanwhile the TV character game continues on in the BY.

12:29 AM BBT Aaryn is "still going to lose it" in the KT over whoever said whatever as she is making herself something to eat. Howard is getting some chips.

***Tweet Reply*** RT @skberry64: @mortystv Am I the only person who's waiting for David to start speaking like Jeff Spicolli? Aloha Mr Hand

12:37 AM BBT The character game continues in the BY, there is no game talk ongoing at the moment. Howard and Aaryn are in the KT making themselves something to eat. Aaryn randomly throws something on the floor (it almost looks like a shoe?) and Howard laughs and he says I like you. Since Day 1!" Aaryn says she likes him too. Feeds switch back to the chair room. Howard, Helen, Candice, and Andy are in there. Spencer just walked out. Idle chit chat.

12:44 AM BBT Spencer and Nick in the SR whispering. Spencer says there isn't a move that will be made in the house without them hearing about it. Nick says he has the Blonde Brigade locked down but they're driving him crazy. Spencer says he's certainly more mature than they are. Spencer says they are going to go down as the strongest alliance in BB history. Spencer says Howard needs to stay off the radar which he's doing a good job of so far. Spencer says he's going to talk to McCrae about Amanda because Amanda wants him out. They need to concoct a deal to get Nick and McCrae and Amanda to work together so he vanishes off her radar for a period of time.

12:50 AM BBT Spencer says he and Nick are the thinkers in this game. He doesn't know where McCrae's head is at besides focused on Amanda's chest. Spencer tells Nick people don't trust him because they don't know where his head is at and he should talk a bit of game but not reveal anything. Tread carefully. Spencer says they're goal is to keep each other's names off nominations radars. Nick agree. Spencer exits the SR and returns to the chair room without batting an eye while carrying an apple. Helen catches him and tries to talk game, he tells her not now. Talk turns to the ratty state of his shoes.

12: 58 AM BBT In the BY David, Jeremy, Judd and Jessie play pool. Jeremy is...being himself flirting a bit with Jessie and she doesn't appear to be having any of it. She comments that if people would have her back in this game she'd be better. Jeremy says he doesn't want negativity on his team. Jeremy is called to the DR to replace his mic. He tells them to wait. Jessie tells him he should go. He says his pool game is more important. He is called again and he goes this time asking Nick to replace him while he's gone.

01:00 AM BBT Up in the HoH room Andy, McCrae, Amanda, and an unknown body are trashing another HG. Someone that apparently said they have a trainer at home and they don't need it. Down in the BY pool continues on with no real single conversation happening.

01:07 AM BBT Andy, McCrae, Amanda and <someone> are in the HoH running scenarios for the week. McCrae says every season there's always a person you don't want to win HoH one week and they always do...he fears this will be the week Aaryn wins it. Down in the BY GM comes back outside. Jeremy whispers something about "She's gone to the dark side" and the feeds switch to Elissa and Jessie sitting on the couch. Jessie says she feels like she's going home this week and this would be a great time to impart some of her Rachel wisdom on her. Elissa stays quiet.

01:16 AM BBT Elissa and Jessie chat about previous HGs. Jessie would love to have Dani come back in the house. Jessie met Jeff once and he wasn't as sweet as he is portrayed on TV. She thinks Hollywood and California may have jaded him some. Elissa continues to slowly probe her for information about Jeff by asking about what he looks like. Jessie says his hair was grey and he should dye it. Elissa asks Jessie if she thinks she should go home over David. Jessie doesn't want to answer the question because it's a trick question. Elissa continues to probe Jessie. Jessie feels that she deserved to come down more than Candice because she had a bigger word than Candice. Elissa asks if she tried hard in PoV. Jessie did. Elissa asks if she tried for HoH. Jessie did and she didn't expect to go up on the block for week 1. Jessie feels everyone has more strength in this game. Elissa asks if she is a bigger threat because Rachel is her sister. Jessie says she does have an advantage because of it. Jessie says she feels like she's connected with Elissa because they're both in the same boat.

01:26 AM BBT (Elissa is talking in a very soft...quiet...almost sex line operator tone...just listening to the feeds without watching her I can't help but feel she's trying to pick Jessie's brain and plant ideas in her mind.) Jessie says the house will be nervous with the two of them sitting on the couch in the BY. Elissa asks why. Jessie says because they're going to wonder what they're talking about. Elissa wonders why that matters. Jessie said the two of them sweated all week so now it's their turn to sweat while they chat. Elissa asks if she likes Jeremy. Jessie says she won't deny it. Elissa asks if they made out the first day or two. Jessie says no and asks if that's a rumor. Elissa asks Jessie why she didn't try to align with anyone. Jessie says she didn't try to align with Elissa because she thought she was teamed up with Amanda. Elissa asks she ever thought about being on the bachelor. Jessie says no but she'd rather be on the Bachelorette "Not one of many girls but the one girl". Elissa asks if she thinks she'll get famous from being on the show. Jessie says "You tell me." Elissa says she's never been on the show but she's a huge fan of all the fans. (Smart...smart girl! - Niteslacker)

01:33 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH Kaitlin and Amanda are chatting. Kaitlin is waiting to see McCrae (he's in the shower I believe). Amanda asks Kaitlin if she was an alternate. She said yes because she was told that. BB tells Jessie to move her mic. Back down in the BY. Elissa says she was shocked that Jessie called her out for not watching season 12. Jessie didn't remember the question earlier. Now Jessie is saying that she wasn't trying to improve her game at all by bringing it up. Elissa asks how she found out that she was Rachel's sister. Jessie says there were rumors. Elissa asks who started the rumors. Jessie won't say because she's afraid Elissa will use it against her. Elissa says she won't. Jessie laughs and says if you were smart you would. BB calls Jessie out for playing with her mic. She puts it down briefly before picking it back up and starting to play with it again. Elissa asks Jessie what did she hope would happen when she came in the house. Jessie says she was hoping to make friends and enjoy herself. Elissa says "...and have a showmance...". Jessie agrees and then makes a divebomb sound. Candice and Helen come out to ask about the sleeping arrangements. Jessie is playing with her mic again.

01:39 AM BBT BB calls Jessie out for playing with her mic. Jeremy runs his mouth in the background about not obstructing your mic because they want to hear what it is you're saying. Elissa tells Jessie that she should go after Jeremy if she wants him. Jessie says she doesn't really want to waste her time on him. Jessie tells Elissa "I know what you're doing Elissa..." Elissa asks what. Jessie says you're probing me for information so you can use it against me. Elissa says she's not. Jessie says she is and she's twisting her words. Candice gets up and walks away. Elissa says she was just having a conversation. Jessie says she felt bad for her and was talking to her because no one else would. Elissa says she's trying to talk to her about her showmance and she wonders why Jessie is trying to pick a fight with her. Jessie wants to change the subject. Elissa says that's fine. Talk turns to where they shop and where their clothes come from.

01:48 AM BBT Jessie says she's going to sit in the HT and it was nice talking. Elissa agrees and brings up the fact that they certainly don't know each other. Jessie agrees but says she didn't say she did know Elissa. Elissa disagrees and says yes she did because she called her out for trying to talk game but that simply wasn't the case. Jessie just wanted to know more about her showmance with Jeremy. Jessie says Jeremy and Kaitlin are the showmance. Elissa heads in. Jessie has a seat next to the edge of the HT. Someone calls her out for getting yelled out for playing with her mic. Talk quickly turns to what the conversation was about. The HT crew consists of GM, Spencer, Andy, Jeremy and Aaryn. GM gets hostile saying neither David or Jessie are going home and she's pissed at Elissa for trying to start things. Jessie tells them she called her out on it. Jeremy says his nipples hurt because of all the negativity. He doesn't feel like things are going down the way everyone thinks they are.

01:51 AM BBT Up in the HoH Nick, Amanda, McCrae, Kaitlin and Howard are Candice and Elissa bashing. Kaitlin says Elissa was randomly walking around the kitchen eating random things while staring at them hard. Kaitlin says she's hardcore crazy. Candice bashing continues about her being awkward. Howard says Candice didn't have two words for him until she got on the block. Down in the HT Elissa bashing is going on as well.

01:58 AM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda thinks everyone needs to worry about the Madhatter. That's their next problem. Kaitlin is worried about Andy being a wild card. Nick says they have 8 solid votes to send Elissa home this week. The group all agree that they were Rachel bashing the first 24-48 hours. Down in the HT Aaryn is called to DR. FoTH.

02:06 AM BBT Feeds back and Elissa bashing continues in the HoH. Judd comes up looking for his glass. Kaitlin tells him to sit down. Judd says he came out of DR and everyone is fired up. "GM is fired up outside about her as well". Down in the HT Jeremy and Jessie are talking. Jeremy is saying he'll calm down if it'll mean she comes around more. She doesn't care what he does. Jeremy wishes she would come around more. Jessie wishes he would shut up. GM walks by with someone saying she'll buy her own plane ticket home she doesn't care. Jeremy tells Jessie to tell him to shut him. She does. He continues talking. Candice comes over to the HT from the couch and says Jessie is a great player. Jessie says she feels like she ruined her game by not caring tonight.

02:10 AM BBT Andy walks up. Talk turns to home briefly. Andy tells Jeremy not to drink the Elissa Kool-Aid. Jeremy says he's not drinking it. Andy says she just wants to stir the pot. Jeremy says he knows Elissa is getting $25,000 if she makes it a certain length of time in the house. Judd walks out and he mumbles saying everyone knows she's going home. Jeremy and Jessie brings up the fact that she's walking around the house not crying, but in fact smiling. Spencer walks out to the hammock and Jeremy joins him. Jeremy says Elissa has to go home ASAP but this week is certainly David's week.

02:15 AM BBT Kaitlin and Nick in the SR whispering, Kaitlin is shaking something so it's incredibly difficult to hear what she's saying. Nick is saying he is trying to get GM to settle down her gameplay because she's becoming way too amped up. Kaitlin says Jess is an emotional bomb and she fears that she will get put up if she wins HoH. Nick worries that people are saying he doesn't talk Kaitlin says keep doing it they will protect him.

02:23 AM BBT Talk in the SR is building up their own egos and how strong of a three way alliance it is (Nick, Jeremy, and Kaitlin). Nick says Jess loves hates him. Kaitlin says Jess just wants attention from the guys. Nick says the problem with that is that GM gets mad. Kaitlin says she'll try to talk to "her". Kaitlin and Nick feels like they're in High School again. Kaitlin says Jeremy is a very intelligent person but sometimes he says things that makes her annoyed and she wants to tell him to shut up. Talk turns to food. Out in the hammock Jessie, hugs Jeremy. Spencer says watch out this girl's crazy. Jessie is headed to bed. Spencer is headed in but Judd stops and asks if he's going to bed. Spencer says no because he's a late nighter. Jeremy was following behind but then Howard said something so he hung back at the pool table. Feeds switch Jessie brushing her teeth. Judd comes in looking for a pool partner. Judd, Howard and Spencer are playing pool.

02:27 AM BBT Spencer says GM is fired up because he thinks she has a crush on Nick. In the KT Kaitlin, Andy and Nick are chatting randomly about food. Nick wants to come to see Andy in Chicago and open up a bar tab just to see him get drunk. Kaitlin wonders what she got cut on in the SR. Andy says he's been secretly planting razors around the house. Kaitlin hates him.

02:32 AM BBT Kaitlin joins the guys in the BY. She asks the guys if they could teach Jeremy to be quiet. Spencer says "like me?" Kaitlin says "Yeah, any of you!" Howard asks Kaitlin if all girls in Minnesota look good like her. Spencer heads in side. Feeds 1 and 2 are on a darkened chair room. Feeds switch to Jeremy in the shower and Nick chatting with him. Spencer asks what they're doing before heading into the WC. Meanwhile out in the BY pool continues with Andy showing up briefly on the cam before heading inside.

02:33 AM BBT Nick and Andy are now at the KT counter talking about Nick being a coffee freak. He has numerous kinds of coffee at home and can make it different ways.

02:40 AM BBT Spencer tells Kaitlin in the BY that he's glad that Kaitlin was ok with him turning her down on the first day. That could've been really awkward for the season. Kaitlin says she's been trying to get Jeremy to hook up with Jessie everyday since they got in the house just so she'd be less crazy. They have a good laugh but then Kaitlin says "No really, you don't understand, I'm being serious!" (Clearly she's not)

02:42 AM BBT Nick and Andy continue bonding in the KT. Currently Andy is talking about how amazing it feels to improv. Out in the BY talk has turned to Kaitlin and her last relationship. She doesn't feel like she was respected in her last relationship.

02:44 AM BBT Jeremy joins the BY crew. Someone starts dropping beats and we get FoTH. Feeds back quickly and Jeremy and Spencer are on the couch while Kaitlin, Howard and Judd continue to play pool.

02:48 AM BBT Nick and Andy continue to chat in the KC. FoTH. Feeds back quickly. Spencer and Jeremy discuss what this weeks HoH may be this week.

02:54 AM BBT Chat between Andy, Nick and Kaitlin in the KT. Nick brings up a name and we get FoTH. Out in the BY Spencer, Judd, Jeremy and Howard were all sitting on the couch, chatting. No game talk.

02:58 AM BBT Talk in the KT has turned to previous seasons. Nick says HoH is such a double edged sword because you have the power one week but then lose it the next. Out in the BY Jeremy says he's heading into bed. Howard just wandered in as well. Spencer says he doesn't think he can stay up til for 4 am himself. Howard is back outside.

03:02 AM BBT Talk on the couch in the BY has turned to game. Spencer says David has to get out next week and Aaryn the following week. Judd comments on GM breaking down today saying she misses her friends and family. Spencer says he certainly help her with that by sending her home as well.

03:06 AM BBT Jeremy, Kaitlin, Nick and Andy in the KT chatting. Intermittent FoTH as they talk about production. Kaitlin says she was followed around by a creepy old man while she was in the hotel for three days. He was asking her different things about what she was wearing and he finally got kicked out of the hotel. Andy and Kaitlin says they were moved groups during pre-sequester.

03:09 AM BBT Amanda is called to DR. She's not happy as she's trying to do put on eyeliner in the WA mirror. Back in the KT Andy, Jeremy, Nick and Kaitlin continue to chat about their sequester. Andy asks Judd if he remembers seeing him. Judd says yeah but they changed him as well. Kaitlin goes in to brush her teeth. Judd and Andy head outside.

03:11 AM BBT The BY group has expanded to include Andy, McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Jeremy, Howard, Candice and Nick. Idle chit chat. (So much for going to bed!)

03:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch to other sleeping HG. Out in the BY...Spencer says they should talk about Nick. Candice asks if he's out there. Spencer laughs and says no, what do you think. Candice turns around, realizing he's out there and everyone has a laugh. Nick farts. They have another laugh. Andy says it smells like bark.

03:20 AM BBT Talk in the BY has turned to various kinds of drugs and the experiences they've had with them. Everyone is talking over each other and it's difficult to really follow any single person.

03:30 AM BBT Talk is winding down a bit. Assortment of conversation over the past 10 minutes or so. The most amusing was Spencer picking up his mic and telling BB to call Candice to the DR so they can cover veto rules with her once more. Judd tells Candice if she wins the veto and she uses it to take a friend down she and the friend would be safe. Andy says you also get a nobility badge. GM comes outside to get Jeremy. She's stressing out again. She needs to go home. BB calls her out telling her to put on her mic. Jeremy is telling her to calm down. GM says Jeremy reminds him of her brother and that's why she likes him. GM really needs to go home.

03:33 AM BBT Jeremy is giving her a pep talk telling her to hang in there and the bad things may come but the good things come along as well. Elissa is going home this week. Jeremy reminds her that she said her period may be starting soon so that may be causing this stress. Jeremy tells her that she deserves to be here. Take the good with the bad and ride it out a little bit. GM says she has happy people at home and not the crazy stuff in the house. Jeremy says this is an experience in the house for him as well.

03:45 AM BBT GM thinks everyone is going to call her a scrub. She's not used to wearing these other kinds of clothes, her nails aren't done, she doesn't want to be a scrub. Jeremy says anyone would be stupid if they said they didn't want to be with her. Jeremy says clothes don't make the person, they're just external. GM says there are cameras all over the place and it's freaking her out. Jeremy points out that it's different for everyone and everyone is just as amazed that they are there at times. Jeremy says she's a good creature. He understands she has a good circle at home. He knows they'll have a good circle here but they have to get some of the rats out. GM says she's a good person with a good heart. She says the sneaky stuff is beyond her. GM says she's been gone for so long she's afraid people won't like her. Jeremy says she can come to Texas any time and she can be his honey boo. GM says something about her ex or other players talk negative about her. Jeremy says her ex is her ex for a reason. Jeremy says he's straight facin' her right now. She's gorgeous without makeup. She's her biggest enemy right now. GM thinks everyone is cool as heck and wants everyone to have fun but she doesn't feel like the house is. GM says when she was teaching dance and she had a parent question the length of time it took to change tap shoes on 30 4-6 year olds. Her director approached her and that's when it began to feel less like fun and more like a job. GM says there is too much negative energy in this house right now.

03:49 AM BBT While covering GM and Jeremy BB has come over the intercom numerous times reminding people they can't talk about production or their DRs. We also get a new one that makes even Jeremy and GM pause and say "What?" BB says "Judd. Do not lie on your transmitter." (I assume they're talking to the BY crew because it's certainly not GM/Jeremy). We're at FoTH for the moment.

03:52 AM BBT Candice is called to the DR. Jeremy continues to try and calm GM down in the lounge room. Out in the BY Spencer is leading Candice bashing. Amanda is heading back to bed. Brief FoTH.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @KKL_fan: @mortystv thank you for all the work you do keeping us updated - Thanks for the kind words! We love what we do!

03:57 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in bed in HoH with the lights out. GM and Jeremy continues to talk it out in the lounge. Jeremy tells GM that the house is built to crack people and they brought in Rachel's ugly sister to make it more miserable. GM goes to get some Advil before going to bed. Jeremy heads off to the rooms as well.

04:01 AM BBT GM crawls into bed. All 4 feeds on sleeping HG for a short bit before switching to the BY crew which consists of Kaitlin, Andy, Jeremy, Spencer, Judd and Howard. A DR tale ensues and we get FoTH.

04:05 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about one of the showmances (McCrae and Amanda?) and an awkward situation that includes the DR somehow. We keep getting intermittent FoTH which is making it difficult to follow. Judd asks Jeremy about GM and he said she's alright. Intermittent FoTH.

04:08 AM BBT Andy heads in to bed. Talk on the couch consists of Jeremy, Howard, Kaitlin, Spencer, Candice and Judd. Topic of choice tonight is Elissa and her plastic surgery. DR calls someone out for talking about DR. It wasn't the BY crew.

04:15 AM BBT ***FLASHBACK ALERT*** I just flashed backed to Camera 4 at 3:33 AM BBT and it's certainly Amanda and McCrae. Amanda says she didn't need to give a soundbite because apparently McCrae did. She asked what he said and BB reminds "Houseguests" not to talk about their DR. Amanda says imagine her boyfriend and his family watching and what they're going to say. She questions why he said anything. Amanda thought they weren't going to talk about it. (This is definitely the awkward silence). Again BB reminds that "You're not allowed to talk about your DR with other HG's." Amanda lets out a string of expletives. Amanda is now crying and she doesn't want to hurt her BF and all of their friends and family are watching and it's a horrible horrible thing to do on television. Amanda says he has naked pictures and videos of her and she's worried about that because he's very spiteful. Amanda says it was just a kiss. She has questions she wants to ask but she can't because of BB.

04:21 AM BBT Still following the Amanda/McCrae flashback BB reminds them that they are not allowed to talk about their DR. Amanda wants to go outside and for McCrae to come to. McCrae says they'll figure it out and Amanda says they can't talk about DR. Amanda heads out with McCrae following shortly. Kaitlin asks what's up. Amanda doesn't want to talk about it. Judd points out that they were called into the DR in the middle of the night. Amanda says yeah. Awkward silence. Spencer is weirded out and is afraid to say anything. He feels like mom and dad are fighting. You can hear a hint of static one of the mics and Judd now called out for lying on his transmitter and it breaks the silence with everyone bursting out into laughter.

04:22 AM BBT Coming back live we're currently FoTH.

04:30 AM BBT Feeds are back. McCrae and Amanda are in bed in a darkened HoH room whispering on feeds 3 and 4. Meanwhile in the BY Howard is heading into bed leaving Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer and Judd behind. Judd asks for the schedule for the week. Jeremy says HoH is on Wed obviously. Judd thinks it's Monday. Jeremy gets him straightened out.

04:32 AM BBT Nick is in the KT making something eat. BY crew talking about music.

04:36 AM BBT Jeremy talking about his family growing up and we get FoTH.

04:40 AM BBT Feeds back...bodies under the covers in the HoH. Definite kissing sounds with Amanda whispering and giggling. FoTH again.

04:45 AM BBT Feeds back and their heads are out from under the covers although Amanda's hand is suspiciously close to McCrae's pelvic region under the covers. Amanda asks how he's going to sleep. McCrae says guys go to sleep and it generally just goes. Amanda says the house will be interesting today. Amanda whispers that they are trying to make it into...<pststssptpsps>. Just before heading out to the BY feeds Amanda asked something about Sequester. The BY crew still consists of Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer, Judd and Nick. Talk is about Nick shaving his body because it feels better and he feels like he sweats less. Jeremy says he doesn't sweat. Kaitlin is ready for bed.

04:49 AM BBT Spencer stands up and Kaitlin asks if it's bed time. Spencer says he loves everyone to death but he's gots to go to bed. Nick is looking to have a bowl of cereal before bed. Spencer says to Nick "That was weird wasn't it" Nick says "Yeah super weird." Spencer motions for him to head into the WA. They head in there whispering. Spencer says he's hoping that whatever it was will piss Amanda off. The backdoor opens and Spencer quickly scrambles into the WC. Nick starts brushing his teeth. Judd comes in and starts doing the same himself.

04:52 AM BBT Judd and Spencer are brushing their teeth in the WA. Nick uses the WC briefly and washes his hands. All three exit the WA together. Spencer heads into bedroom. Judd hangs out with Nick as he's making himself a bowl of cereal.

04:58 AM BBT Cameras 3 and 4 are on darkened rooms although someone on camera 3 grumbles out wishing the light would turn off. Back in the KT Judd and Nick are randomly talking. Judd is heading to bed. Nick should be shortly behind him after he brushes his teeth for a second time. On that note we are finished for the night!

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8:20am BBT HG are sleeping

9:00 am BBT We have FOTH, morning wake up call?

9:15 am BBT HG are staggering around..."I SAID the Bedroom lights MUST say on." David changes his batteries, the camera zooms into a blue card on the counter but I couldn't tell what it was. McCrae changes batteries and the camera zooms in on a box of Raisin Bran...camera man must be bored.

Mc changes batteries and the camera zooms in on a box of Raisin Bran...camera man must be bored. Judd and Helen brush their teeth, Spencer is laying in the hammock. Judd lays down in the HN room, the BBH has gone quiet again.

9:35 am BBT Helen tosses some clothes into the HN room, Howard comes out and they high five. Helen is about to get her run on. She saw the 3 suitcases in the SR and it makes her sad to see anyone go.

9:38 am BBT Helen cries to Howard/Spencer, says Davids mom will appalled at the way he has acted. They talk about Mc/Amanda spat last night, they can't have Amanda upset.

9:43 am BBT Spencer says Mc needs to get refocused. Howard joins Helen in her run. She is doing crazy 8's around the lawn furniture she set up

9:47 am BBT Helen tells Spencer that things get easier as the house gets smaller. Right now "they" have to depend on us. She says Mc needs to turn things around.

9:52 am BBT Howard rejoins Helen after changing his shorts, he does about 12 laps and has to take a break. Helen hasnt changed her pace.

9:55 am BBT 2 cams on Helen/Howard running--we get them coming and going. 2 cams on sleeping HOH.

9:57 am BBT after 30 laps Helen takes a water break, she talked Howard into doing the last 3 laps with her, he is really winded. He did about 18-20 laps. Helen starts in on the next 30 laps, with a water break in about 20 laps. Howard is still gasping for breath.

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10:15 a.m. BBT

Helen and Howard still only ones awake.

Taking a break from exercising.

Helen asks Howard if he can help her build up strength in her arms.

She picks up her kids and such... but can't pull herself up on an exercise


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10:03am howard stops running and helen says good job howard . howard says i will get there she says yeah you will get there. he says i am used to the heat just got to get my muscles used to it they keep tighting up on me.
10:07am howard says his quads are tight helen tells him to stretch them and that the last ten will be a fast 10 laps and will be over in 5 minutes. she says tell me when your ready, howard says ok and helen starts running again.
10:15am helen is now done running and high fives howard he tells her that she is amazing.bb tells helen to put her mic on she says its ok and then oh sorry bb i guess it fell off during my run.
10:28am howard has been doing weights now helen is doing push ups and howard is telling her to to push and good job.
10:40am howard still working out in the by. all other hg still in the beds sleeping.
10:47pm howard is done with his workout and is now getting clothes to change into and helen is in the shower. all other hg still sleeping.
10:52pm howard is in the kitchen fixing food he tells helen he is making rice and eggs if she wants some she says no i think i am going to relax with coffee before i eat but thank you he says alright then.

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11:19am: helen is in the kt making coffee. howard walks into the kt saying this is weird helen says i know it is weird they all stay up till 4 or 5am
11:26am helen and howard talking about about supporting each other and doing things in a christian way and not being mean and rude about other people.
11:32am howard is washing his dishes and helen is eating she says this is good do you cook the rice then cook the eggs in it he says yeah. conversation now is about keeping emotions together in the house.helen says yeah when i cried the other night was not me howard says well with not eating and this house its understanding. howard says well my momma told me take care of yourself first.
11:33am howard says we have to close this door to keep flies out. he says this isnt the cleanest house. helen says yeah jessie and i cleaned the fridge the other day and howard says he seen them. howard says i wish we had more ice i like alot of ice in my drinks. helen says me too.
11:45am howard and helen sitting at kt table just talking about football and clubs just general things.
11:47am jessie is now up heading to the wc helen and howard tell her goodmorning.
11:53am helen and howard now cleaning theor dishes. jessie is in wa getting ready for the day.

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12:03pm bb says attention hg there are fresh batteries in the st room.

12:06pm judd is now up asking helen if she just got up she says no she has been up for awhile now her and howard. she says we been up for about 2 hours or something. kaitlyn is now up also heading to the wa.

12:08pm helen telling jeremy that the eggs are frozen and if you crack it it comes out like a whole yolk jeremy walks away mumbling and goes to the wa

12:10pm candice is now up and in the kt helen heads outside with howard. kaitlyn and jeremy are laughing in the wa as jeremy brushes his teeth.

12:19pm helen talking to jessie in the by about working enviornments. jeremy and david are in the kt. andy is in the wa.elissa just walked into the wa and sit down and is waiting her turn for the wc.

12:24pm kaitlyn and candice taking showers. david jeremy and judd in kt talking and making breakfast. ginamarie is sitting in her bed yawning.

12:33pm bbt most hg in kt making breakfast and drinking coffee just general talking going on

12:38pm bbt spencer judd and jeremy on the by couch talking. bb tells judd to check his mic and they all laugh.

12:42pm bbt: david asking if they seen any actors on the studio as they was coming in the house judd says he seen some and even seen betty white spencer calls him a fibber and we get foth.

12:52pm bbt: most hg in the kt eating talking and planning on playing a game with a hackysac and a cup.

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1:06 PM BBT Jessie and Kaitlin are in the BY sunning. Talking about the HG and who has been playing the game. Jessie says she is scared to win HOH for next week.

Kaitlin tells Jessie that everyone wants Candice out. Jessie says she would feel terrible putting Candice up because they were on the block together. Kaitlin says that there is motive since Jessie wasn't taken off the block.

Jessie and Kaitlin continue with their assessment of the HG. Saying that the HG are talking crap and putting targets on their backs. They head into the pool saying it is to hot to sit outside. In the WA - Elissa and Aaryn do ADLS

1:21 PM BBT The girls in the pool tell Jeremy that Elissa was searching for info last night. Asking about a showmance etc. Kaitlin says she told her that she knew what she was doing.

In the WA David and Aaryn talking in general - Aaryn wants to hang outside for a bit and then work out sometime today. David whispered something but we couldn't hear it.

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Aaryn tells David that if he wants to be an actor it's easy. You take classes and audition - she can help with that. It's not hard at all. Tells him she does 12 hour days on commercials. It tedious but if he stays in classes, he will be picked up quick because he is beautiful.

1:36 PM BBT N HOH McCrae and Judd are talking about being final 2 together. Judd heads out of the room. Various rooms have HG getting dressed. Aaryn in the WA still telling David about someone who creates "stars".

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Guest 6Borders

1:40pm BB Time

Pool: Helen is talking about her dad having cancer...says production told her they would tell her if it was bad.

Andy (I think) asks if she would be motivated to leave and she said if her dad was on his death bed she would hate it but she would go because she's an only child. Helen says she's talked to the producers about it.

Discussion if any HG has ever left the show for something like that. They think it has happened and discuss a time when someone's dad died in an accident and they (BB) didn't even tell the HG (not sure who they are referring to and there is a lot of noise so hard to follow conversation at times).

BB calls out Jessie for obstructing her mic {how many times is that now?}

1:45pm BB Time:

BY couch: Amanda, McCrae, Candace and Jessie. Amanda is tying a hat on McCrae.

Talk about hats they brought/didn't bring.

Amanda says she is so F'ing ready for tomorrow.

Candace says her hands are really brown. Says her birthmom is super super light...the palest of the white ladies.

Amanda shouts to someone off camera...asks "your middle name is Alexander right"..it's confirmed (still don't know who)

and she says she loves the name, it's so powerful.

Candace says she loves the name McCrae...it's so cute and McCrae says thank you.

Candace says her name was going to be Ingrid when she was adopted.

General discussion about nicknames. Amanda hates the nickname Mandy.

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1:43 PM BBT Helen in the pool talking about if her Father's health gets worse, she will have to leave. He is in chemo right now. He is 83 years old.

Spencer says that if anyone in his family passes away, he doesn't want to know. There isn't anything they can do.

1:50 PM BBT In the pool, the HG talk about what their families thought of them being on the show. They talk about trying to explain what the show is. Now talk about what celebrities they would like to see come into the house.

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Guest 6Borders

1:49pm BB Time BY:

Amanda says they should name all the big cameras. They begin to name the cameras after creepy uncles.

The cameras are now Uncle Albert, Uncle Hunter, and Aunt Bertha. The little security cam is Uncle PeeWee.

{as bored as they are, they should try listening to themselves}

Talk turns to how well they slept/didn't sleep...Spencer was snoring...the usual night time complaints basically!

Pool: they are discussing movies. Jeremy is attempting swimming moves in the pool (I heard "syncronized")

David is telling him that was a good one. Jeremy does his version of a whale splash.

David is lying poolside trailing his hand in the water and looking incredibly bored.

They are all taking and shouting over each other so it's hard to get individual conversations but I seriously doubt it's very important!

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Guest 6Borders

1:56pm BB Time FOTH

1:57pm BB Time:

Aaryn uses the pool shower...someone remarks "that think is cold huh?"

Poolside talk is still about movies and actors.

Amanda says The Goonies is her fav movie of all time ( think she has mentioned that before)

Jeremy (I think) says he's a Josh Brolin fan {interesting because when I first saw him he reminded me of a Brolin}

Discussion is now if you like the original (actor in a film) or the person who did the remake.

Andy is working out on the eliptical and I hear Judd or McCrae....says "I just wake grumpy" (must be McCrae)

Candace is going to make lasagna tonite but will have to use Penne pasta and Feta cheese...says it's her story and she's sticking to it.

Andy is still working out but joins the conversation about movies.

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Guest 6Borders

2:05pm BB Time

Just general talk at the pool...nothing exciting {they are all talking over the top of each other}

BB tells (Helen I think) not to obstruct the mic.

Jeremy (I think) says Footloose is one of his favorite.

McCrae is on the couch yawning and looking BB BORED!!!

He gets up and says now he has the muppet babies song stuck in his head. Looks like he is getting ready to get in the pool.

Andy is still working out {he's been on that a long time...I'm impressed}

All the HG's are just lounging in the pool or sunning {I can confirm S. California is having a heat wave so they are not just whining for nothing about being hot!}

2:13pm BB Time Poolside"

Discussion is which actors are also good singers.

{this is pretty boring so I will take an updating break until something good happens...6Borders}

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2:02 PM BBT Just general conversations. Lots about actors and actresses. Nothing major.

2:10 PM BBT #BB15 Talk of actors/actresses and movies continue. Andy is working out.

2:24 PM BBT #BB15 Movie talk still going on. Spencer throws out an actor or actress and they discuss.

2:28 PM BBT #15 Elissa heads to the WA to wash up after exercising. We have a brief feed of a camera in the wall moving along the windows. In the BY movie talk continues.

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2:38 PM BBT #15 In the house, the camera is panning the memory wall. In the BR , Kaitlin enters and says something to Candice who is resting. Can't hear her as she doesn't have her mic. BB asks her to put it on and she says "Sorry BB".

2:46 PM BBT #BB15 BB calls Amanda, McCrae and Andy to put on their mics. Amanda calls out that she lays on her chest all the time.

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2:56 PM BBT #BB15 One camera on Candice sleeping and the other cameras on the HG in the pool talking about - you guessed it - actors and actresses. They have moved on to what costumes of characters they would like to wear.

2:59 PM BBT #BB15 They have now decided that the Progressive girl earns millions of dollars for being that character. Now talk of Julie Chen and being married to the head of CBS. GInaMarie didn't know that.

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3:08 PM BBT #BB15 In talk of Walmart and what they carry in their stores. In the KT Jessie is making a tray of peanut butter on celery. Licking her fingers after she spreads the PB on each piece.

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3:27 PM BBT #BB15 Nick is teaching David how to match potato wedges. Kaitlin is working on making meatballs. In the BY Aaryn talking about the commercials she has done. Spencer says he did a commercial once - for BB.

3:37 PM BBT #BB15 We currently have FOTH. HG were just general chit chat before they went to FOTH.

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3:40 PM BBT #BB15 We are back from FOTH. Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin and McCrae in the BY talking about one of the female HG disrespecting Aaryn by telling her she wouldn't reach her goals in life. Kaitlin says that is the most disrespectful thing to say. How can anyone say something like that to someone they have known for 10 days.

3:47 PM BBT #BB15 Helen and Jeremy at the pool talking about breaking hearts. Jeremy says he has never had his heart broken but he thinks he may have broken the heart of one of his girlfriends. They talk about how hard it was to see that.

3:51 PM BBT #BB15 Spencer and Jessie on the hammock telling the story of Princess Aaryn and Prince David living happily ever after. Now Spencer is knocking out the Star Wars theme on the hammock. They have moved on to guessing the shapes of the clouds.

3:57 PM BBT #BB15 Elissa and Judd in the SR. Judd tells her to try and get the numbers right now. Elissa says if she has to threaten if she wins a power she will put them up - she will. Judd tells her to work on the numbers for now. BB calls for an ILD.

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Guest 6Borders

4:15pm BB Time

If you've just tuned in we have had FOTH for several minutes.

{the girls had seemed to be getting ready for something so maybe there is a comp or something}

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4:30 PM BBT We currently have FOTH

4:48 PM BBT Still FOTH

5:02 PM BBT #BB15 Still have FOTH - Unclear what is happening in the house.

5:03 PM BBT #BB15 Feeds are back. Helen and Candice are talking in the BR. Helen tells Candice to stay low. Candice tells her the others were talking about it last night. Candice asks Helen if Crae wants this. Helen says she can't say much at this time. Candice says she can't wait until "she" goes.

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Guest 6Borders

5pm BB Time

The feeds are back!

Elissa and Helen are whispering in the bedroom. Elissa has a suit on which looks just like Aaryns.

Bathroom: Judd is singing "shady folks, shady folks...cos 5 people are voting for "cam"?

Someone says they told someone to vote for Courtney {not sure what that was about...maybe a luxury comp and they will get a movie or something???}

Lounge area; McCrae, Spencer and David are hanging out discussing different companies. Spencer is talking about a friend of his. McCrae says he got into production because his parents didn't want him to be miserable...says as long as he's happy what's the difference? {I still think McCrae works for Woodbridge Audio in Minneapolis and owns the pizza company he "delivers for"}.

McCrae is hoping the service tray is for the 4th of July. Says it looks waiting to be busted up {I guess that means it needs to get used...I don't speak "under 25"}

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Guest 6Borders

5:09pm Have Not Room:

Helen and Howard are talking. They seem just ready to talk game (she says Jeremy came to me...) and Kait (I think) came in. Helen is changing...says "if I can change in front of Howard I can change in front of you"

Helen is modeling the dress and says maybe she should wear something else. Kait says "yes to the dress" {I think they are selecting clothes to wear for the live show tomorrow}

5:12pm BB Time

Andy and Nick are talking in the HOH room. They seem to be discussing set and it's so crazy how they (BB) cover up the back yard. Andy is so excited for tomorrow...says it will be fun.N

Nick discusses a bottle of citrus-something that comes from Trader Joes. Says makes it think BB has access to Trader Joes {duh, I live in podunk and we have 4 TJ's here}.

Andy says he loves TJ's...they discuss the bread and chile-lime cashews.

Helen comes in to use the HOH bathroom.

Andy is relating a story about a guy he dated last year and he ate all the chile-lime cashews on the train.

Andy says omg that is the worst story {I have to agree}.

Andy says he never gets called to DR. He was supposed to get called right before the meeting (so the FOTH was prob instructions for tomorrow). Andy says BB promised he would get called first to DR next time but doubts he will.

Andy asked Nick if he gave him candy would Nick eat it...Nick says depends on what kind Andy gives several kinds and Nick says no, no and no. Nick says if he gets candies in his HOH basket he will give them to Andy.

Helen comes out and Andy asks her what kind of candies she likes.

Aaryn comes out of HOH bathroom (guess she was showering in there).

5"18pm BB Time - We have FOTH again.


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