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Tuesday, July 2 Live Feed Updates


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5:21pm BB Time

Feeds are back and then they are not!

5:23 pm BBT...only one feed is back. Bathroom with Kait and I can hear but not see GM.

Amanda is doing her hair {( think she gained some weight in the HOH room all week}

Amanda says "you know her best GM...as much as you can know a person..." (not sure who she is talking about).

Kait want to know how Amanda curls her hair (I thought she said "that straight").

GM says we only have a couple more hours and we need to think of some past things "in case we get chewed on it" {either my sound is bad or my hearing is going}

Judd says to someone they are a germ-o-phobe. Judd says he is kind of a germ-o-phobe. He relates a story about a guy at work who uses the bathroom and does not wash his hands because he hates soap.

Discussion about lotion.

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5:11 PM BBT #BB15 Helen and Howard in the HN room. Helen talking to him about numbers but difficult to hear as she does not have her mic on.

5:13 PM BBT #BB15 Nick and Andy in HOH talking about winning HOH. Andy isn't sure he wants to draw the line yet. Andy states that BB has closed the BY. They wonder why - if it will be for a comp.

5:19 PM BBT #BB15 In HOH - Andy and Nick talking about food and candy that Nick will/won't eat. On another camera, HG talking about car accidents. Spencer starts talking about a friend who got in an accident and we get FOTH.

5:28 PM BBT #BB15 Candice talking about her husband leaving her and the kids and then says she shouldn't even mention his name.

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Guest 6Borders

5:28pm BB Time:

Lounge: They are discussing their biggest fears

Spencer says he would not want to disappoint his parents.

Candace says her biggest fear is abandonment...like her husband leaving her with kids.

Spencer says he wants to be a great provider. Spencer says that everyone says it's harder to be a woman, having to put on make up and stuff, but he says you have a lot of pressure to be a provider. Candace says she thinks it's harder to be a man.

Talk changes to what kind of game show (I didn't get it) and talk of the live show and lockdown all day tomorrow.

Judd mumbles something about too much nicotine.

They discuss the HOH comp..Candace thinks it will be a quiz. Says her stomach hurts.

Spencer thinks it's "cooler than shit tomorrow"...his family will be watching him on TV.

Discussion about who in their family will be watching..Howard says his mom and his 2 sisters.

Candace says Facebook is going to be crazy when they get back to civilization. Says when she met her birth mom on Ophra it was like a 45 min...and she had all these people on her facebook "like HI".

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Guest 6Borders

5:34pm BB Time

Living Room: Jeremy and David are on the couch and Helen is taking about her kids and how much day care is and school is. One is $8000 a year and one is $1500 a year and her paycheck is taken up. Says in Chicago there is no pre-K. Says pre-K is cheaper than day care and he is in 3-month Summer Camp right now.

Jeremy says he thinks putting kids in daycare is smart because they are socially adaptable and "get that brain pumping"

{I don't think David said a word the whole time}

5:37pm BB Time

Bathroom: girls are getting dressed up for something. GM sprays her legs with something (spray tan maybe) and is blow drying her legs with the hairdryer. Discussion about some lotion and Kait wonders are they (BB?) going to buy it for her again.

5:39pm BB Time - we have FOTH

{good time to take a quick break and feed my dogs}

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Guest 6Borders

5:48pm BB Time:

Lounge: Spencer, Howard and McCrae are talking about who will be watching.

Spencer is now talking about a past relationship, talks about before he went to rehab, house was in foreclosure...etc

says he expected her to show up on the doorstep because she knows where the house is. Talks about how he can overcome so much shit, being honest with his family and friends (moral of the story seems to be that this ex served a purpose in changing his life and molding his life as near as I can figure).

Andy and Candace have joined.

Howard is talking about an ex-fiance.

5:51pm BBTime: Feeds switch to the bathroom and all cameras are there.

The girls are doing hair, nails and other girl stuff.

Jeremy (I think) says something about "her" breathing hard on the couch last night.

Aaryn turns around with a "she comment" (could not hear) and then says "she's in heat"

GM is shaking a bottle of lotion saying she can't find things and she does not have a lot left.

Kait and Jeremy are cudding on the bathroom sofa. She says she can't stand ppl touching her feet and he does it all the time. He says he will suck on her toe (or something). She says that's gross and fetishes make her vomit..

BB tells Candace, someone and McCrae not to obstruct their mics..tells Kaitlin to put on her mic. She says "sorry"

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Guest 6Borders

5:56pm BB Time:

Back in the "boy's lounge" Jeremy is talking about all the shit that goes around in the BB house.

Andy says in the meeting he thought Jeremy handled himself pretty well. Jeremy says he's a loose cannon and he will go off.

Jeremy says "she" is socially ignorant. They say in life you can walk away and you can't do that in the house.

Spencer is talking about people pre-judging someone they don't know. Andy says anyone who knows you knows you are not stupid.

Candace says it's unnecessary and team moral was high at that point. Spencer says "she is trying to get you to blow up"

Jeremy says it was not on camera...not on the live feed so that's why he blew up.

Andy says they can't even talk about voting off the Kardashians during rehearsal.

Andy says he voted for Courtney.

Jeremy says Kaitlin walked thru the storage room and into the back room. Says Kait was in there and he thinks production was giving her extra info. Andy says we already know that there is a lot that is unfair.

They talk about Elissa getting MVP...Andy says it was an unfair advantage. Spencer says it was unfair because America fell for it with Rachel on Twitter (getting votes for her sister).

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Guest 6Borders

6:03pm BBTime:

HOH room: McCrae and Judd are discussing Aaryn. McCrae said I didn't act like that when I was 22...says that was 4 years ago {I thought I heard McCrae tell someone yesterday he was 23}.

They are trying to figure where her head is at and how she is going to vote...Judd (I think) says he's been spending as much time with her as possible.

Judd says is she does not go home tomorrow it will be a travesty!

Judd is mumbling again {I agree we need close caption on this guy}

6:06pm BBT Andy and David are playing chess (seemed like Andy is teaching David to play chess but apparently it's vice versa).

6:08pm BB Time. Kait is doing GM's nails. They say HOH will be right after eviction {I'm wondering how many of these ppl have actually watched the show even tho they claim to be super fans}

BB tells Jeremy to "stop that" and he says "sorry my dude"

Helen and Candace are fixing food. Jeremy calls Helen a good wife. Helen says she didn't become domesticated until she got married. Says after they had 2 children they can't really go to a restaurant...most restaurants don't want you to come in with kids so she has learned to cook. Says if you go out to eat with 2 kids you have to go out around 5pm.

Helen says there is no relaxing..it's constantly watching that when you go out with kids.

GM says her nephew is not like that...he is so good.

Kait says they have 4 dogs and her mom will put her (nephew's) plate on the floor so he will have to eat before the dogs eat it {I hope CPS is not tuned in}. Kait says it's weird but it works.

GM says (someone) was 18 and his mom was still cutting his meat for him.

Kait (I think) says she didn't learn to do laundry until she was 19!

{Honestly, these people would not last 10 minutes in my house}

6:15pm BB Time:

Lounge: Judd and McCrae are inspecting the rack with the airplane on top and trying to figure what it is for.

McCrae says it just looks like it will get broke. Judd says "there are 4 of these..." and how many times do you hear (stuff like that I guess) in the house. Says maybe they need to start counting stuff.

They are discussing 2 weeks in the house. McCrae says in some ways it went by fast but in some ways it went by slow...they say because everyone is still here.

They are talking about tweeting. McCrae says when "she" tweets it goes directly to his phone (don't know who they are talking about...much be a past HG...maybe Rachel???). McCrae says "she likes me a lot".

Amanda comes in to show off her "make over"...says she feels like a woman again. They say she looks pretty.

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Guest 6Borders

6:20pm BB Time:

Howard and Spencer are whispering in the storage room. I can't get it all...hear Spencer say getting Helen and Andy out (I think)...Spencer says he's willing to sacrifice Amanda.

Spencer says Judd is a good kid but..

Spencer says they have to control the 3rd nominee!

Says the code is if you get offered something to drink by Nick in the next 20 min it's the code to talk. Howard leaves and Spencer pretends to be looking for something.

6:24pm BB Time

Howard has joined the crew in the lounge. Amanda says she wonders if "he" watches the live feeds...they think he does not have time (Dr. Will I think). McCrae says he never was HOH...just works people the whole time.

McCrae says they didn't even have veto back then...says this (the lounge area) was the HOH room.

Amanda says "what did they do build another level" and they say yes, they think Season 6.

Howard says something about a trap door. They are discussing past episodes, the money tree...Amanda remembers the Diamond Veto. They think America's Player screwed up their game.

Amanda is discussing (the secret pairs season or X-factor?} Amanda says Season 8.

Andy said "that's who I went to HS with" (didn't get who). Amanda says all the enemies went home first!

Andy says he played his first chess ever and got his ass handed to him.

Amanda says "if they are building now (for the HOH comp) maybe it is physical.

Andy is excited for it, someone else (not sure who) says he's not. McCrae says he hopes he gets to play in something cool. Amanda does not think it will be physical because they already had the physical strength and not the mental strength. McCrae says it could be a crapshoot game like skee-ball.

Talk turns to college: Jeremy is telling what he took/is taking. Andy wants to know what communicatiosn. he is taking.

He mentions a few, Andy says he loves persuasions.

6:33pm BB Time:

Bedroom: GM is lying on the bed looking contemplative.

Kait and Aaryn are talking dresses. Kait wishes she brought more cute dresses.

Aaryn says she thinks she looks tired w/out make up on.

Talk turns to beds tomorrow. GM says they should wait until they have the next Have-Have Not" to decide.

Someone says "try telling her that".

Amanda is there now and discussing an orange blazer she might wear with a royal blue tank top underneath and black stretchy pants {apparently the HOH comp is not going to be physical if they are going to dress up}

Nick is back in bed. I have not seen Elissa on camera for hours.

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Guest 6Borders

7:21pm BB Time:

{I'm back...apologies for the interruption in updates. For some unknown reason I occasionally get signed out of Morty's without warning{

It's dinner time in the BB House. It's nice to see them all sitting around enjoying a meal together {maybe BB actually does read the posts and feeds because this has been mentioned recently}\

Talk seems to be general chit chat. Amanda wants to know what year the Brady Bunch was...says "that explains the house"

We briefly get FOTH twice.

Looks like Elissa and Candace are doing the clean up and Jeremy is doing dishes. Elissa has been clearing the table {for the lazy folks with no training I guess}. Spencer takes his dishes to the kitchen and washes them.

Just general chit chat and laughter. Hard to get any specific conversation

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Guest 6Borders

7:28pm BBTime:

Dining Room/Kitchen: they almost all seem to be clearing and cleaning their dishes {maybe BB told them the feeder think most of them are slobs because this is the first time I have seen this happen{. Helen must have been cooking because she is now eating.

Bedroom: David and Kait are discussing the HOH comp. David thinks it's going to be a he-said/she said..Kait thinks it will be that two people go up, get a question and have to buzz in. Candace comes in and says she thinks it will be a quiz and the last 5 ppl who drop will be have-nots.

Jeremy says do you think they would do that even tho I have my slop pass and she says no you never have to do it (and calls him a name).

Judd comes in...Jeremy says kick off your shoes and get comfortable.

Kait and Jeremy are cuddling together in bed, Candace is in bed and Judd is lounging on the top next to her.

Candace says she does not care who she sleeps with and there is "ohhhhhhhh" from someone.

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Guest 6Borders

7:34pm BB Time:

Bathroom: GM and Aaryn are talking. GM is going to blow dry her hair and Aaryn says she is going to lie down.

HOH room: McCrae is talking to Amanda {surprise surprise}. McCrae says "he is not that good of a social player" (no clue who they are talking about}.

Amanda says it's been a good day, nothing happened today and she does not know why he is freaking out.

Amanda says Aaryn told her (something)...says she is ok with it as long as it's not her and then starts whispering. Amanda says if they thought I was conspiring with them she would not have told me that.

McCrae wants to know why she would tell Amanda that...something I didn't get about "a target"

McCrae is whispering and I can't get it except something about taking turns and he's not really worried right now.

Amanda says she is not worried right now {they are too hard for me to get so I hope someone with better sound is getting this}

Sounds like Amanda is discussing who she would put up (if she gets HOH). McCrae says put up Aaryn and Amanda says no because she is gunning for us. McCrae says he's going to poop and Amanda says that is a nice announcement.

Helen comes in and asks if she can wash her hands.

Howard comes in also and they are discussing voting. Helen says she hopes she gets MVP.

She says her DR was pretty good and BB says "you are not allowed to talk about production" {like we all don't know that and the ship has already sailed}.

Amanda says McCrae is farting and he is denying it {fascinating}. She says something about hanging out with Jeremy.

McCrae says "just be careful"!A

Amanda goes downstairs.

7:42pm BB Time

Bedroom has Andy, Aaryn, David, Jeremy and Kait (who are under the covers doing their own thing), Elissa Candace, Judd and joined by Amanda.

Aaryn is explaining to Elissa that they were fine sleeping in the bed and Candace wants her bed back. Elissa says "we just washed those sheets" and Aaryn needs to talk to Helen {the camera switches feeds and we get no more..probably because it's something that will make good TV} and we get FOTH!!!

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Guest 6Borders

7:45pm BB Time

Drama in the bedroom between Elissa and Aaryn over beds.

Aaryn says just because you were sleeping in this bed doesn't mean it's your bed...you don't own a bed here.

Aaryn says just because you are a mom...sorry! Elissa starts to leave and Aaryn says "you are a joke". Elissa retorts "you are".

Candace says they should go back to the very beginning and the original plan. Amanda says the whole thing is going to change tomorrow anyway. Amanda says she is just trying to be like a mediator

7:50pm BB Time: Candace says she respects people's things and her own things and if they want to borrow things they should ask for future if someone says something to just come to her and 9 out of 10, unless she can't talk about it, she will just tell them.

Jeremy and Kait just came up for air. Amanda says "I think they are just trying to stir things up"

Candace says is someone came to her and wanted to switch back beds she will be fine with it because whoever sleeps in the light room does not get good sleep.

Andy says if you can put towels on the seats in the Have Not room that room is dark and quiet and he's been sleeping well in there.

Amanda is saying there is an R and a B and one is for Rachel.

Amanda tells Candace she can come snuggle w/her and McCrae and Candace says she might do that.

GM comes in and Candace tells here "I am ready to get this party cracking"

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Guest 6Borders

7:55 BB Time

We have FOTH!

7:56: GM and Candace are now talking {I think they just switched bedrooms...hope someone can confirm}

We are back on the my bed-your bed discussion. Candace is recapping it for GM. Elissa joins (or was there all along and off camera). Elissa looks ticked off {can't say I blame her a bit} but is not saying anything!

Candace thinks they should have a rotating bed situation. Candace says they have not come to an agreement...they will probably just keep it as it until tomorrow when they get the new HOH and see the situation.

7:59pm BB Time: Back in the light room, Jeremy is telling Aaryn she had a solid statement and he concurred {must have been some meeting while we were watching fish}. Aaryn says she could not go thru (or do) that again.

Jeremy says "you are more than welcome to sleep with us tonite"

Aaryn says that might get a little weird. Aaryn says that's 3 and what is it when it's 4 (people together).

Andy says it's a "menage a cat" {sorry I don't have all those French accents on my keyboard}

Jeremy says 4 people is a straight up orgy!

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Guest 6Borders

8:03pm BB Time

Candace, Elissa come back into the light room. Talk is general chit chat.

Andy wonders what the weekly rotation will be like (for have/have not)

Aaryn says it would be easy for her (to choose have nots). Everyone who had not been one would be one and then she would ask for volunteers who would not mind being one {which would be anyone not in their right mind in my personal opinion}

Discussion about sizes of clothes and what sizes they are.

Aaryn says when they were measuring them for here (BB) she said every measurement was bigger than she was.

Andy says when she was measuring him she said he was heavier than he thought he was/put down and he was a little ticked off

We got FOTH instead of "not allowed to talk about production"

Spencer gets called to DR. Andy says he was promised he would go first and BB tells him he is not allowed to talk about production.

Aaryn said BB always tells Kait to put on her mic and the hg's are like "does she ever wear it"

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Guest 6Borders

8:29pm BB Time

{brief break for me...doggy med time}

Light room: sounds like they are playing Alphabet In Order Candy

McCrae, Judd, Nick, Amanda Howard, Andy...Howard leaves and they are on Q!

Light Room: Aaryn and David, Jeremy (I guess Kait is under the covers)

Jeremy and Spencer are recounting the first time they ever got drunk.

Aaryn is describing a bed she had with all these sheer curtains all around it...found out her HS BF was cheating on her and she went out and got drunk and threw up all over her bed decorations and had to throw them out.

Aaryn got drunk on some strawberry liquour (I think it's called Passion) and Kait is also talking about "Kinky" just came out with a passion fruit drink (or something).

Somehow chile dogs came up. Spencer (I think) says he doesn't know what he would do if a girl said "give me a chile dog" {no clue what this is a reference to}

GM says she wants to go home...the rest say you are going to get HOH and we are going to make you get HOH.

GM says Howard will be here HOH security and if you are not on the list you don't get in (to the HOH room).

GM says there is no I in Team but there is in Win (she can't remember what movie she got that from).

GM says she asked me to go get alcohol (in the DR) and she was like "I don't even f'ing drink". Someone says "who asked you that. GM makes a raunchy remark about "your f'ing sister..." which I am not going to repeat!

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Guest 6Borders

8:40pm BB Time

Bedroom...talk turns to sex positions. Aaryns says she does not want to talk about that.

She says "he farts every time he has sex" (she does not give "he" a name).

Lounge area: Nick, Amanda, Andy, McCrae, Judd (and Candace briefly joined then left)

I think the Alphabet game is now counties or states {I think they make up the rules as they go along}

Amanda has the letter U and wants to know if there is a Utopia...they help her and say there is Urbana in Ohio and we move on to V.

{there are only two cams on so it's this or the banter in the light room}

8:45pm BB Time: Light Room: They are doing imitations: Spencer just did Bill Clinton "I did not have sex with that woman" and the HG's say it was a good imitation.

Someone does Oh My Darlin' Clementine...Aaryn says that is the scariest bedtime story every..it's about a guys daughter drowning.

Kait appears to have fallen asleep on Spencer. {Either my feed is frozen or Andy is comotose with his eyes wide open}.

They continue to imitate different characters!

8:50pm BB Time

Back in the lounge the brain children are on countries by alphabet {they have gone international while I was away on another feed}

Bathroom: Elissa was either doing make up or wiping away tears {can't tell which but she does not look happy}

She starts doing her hair and them smiles widely {seems to be a Reily trait to turn emotions off and on like a switch}

and tells Howard he is amazing and she is blessed to have met him!

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8:42 PM BB TIME:

Spencer is commending David on his epic toots. Aaryn complaining tht prod wont give her glue for her jewels. Spencer asked if anybody can do impressions. Aaryn says tht she can do Bush and tht she likes Bush. Jeremy and aaryn ask for spencer's bill clinton impression. Spencer is pretty good at Clinton. Candice tells Spencer to FO when asked for an impression. Spencer ask David for an impression. David isnt forthcoming. Jeremy does a good one but nobody is clear who it is. On and on about movies.

Spencer says tht he graduated HS when aaryn was nine. Aaryn talking about awkward teen years.

8:54 PM BBT:

Elissa in WA curling her hair. Alone. Looking pensive. You can hear others in the background. Elissa looks deep in thought.

8:56 PM BBT:

Nick, Helen, Judd, Andy, Amanda and McCrae all together playing a word game. Nothing much happening.

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Guest 6Borders

8:55pm BB Time

Back in the lounge Andy informs us that he might self evict if he is not called to DR {BB please call Andy to the DR).

They are still playing the alphabet game {I have lost track of what they are naming and frankly I could give a flying HOH}

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9:05 PM BBT:

Howard and GM up from checkers to talk. Howard says tht candice wants her bed back,. GM says tht she and Nick sleep "good" together tht they dont even touch each other. FIddle with her powerpack. Jeremy called to DR. GM is going over the squares - she says tht her and nick bed has 7 squares and tht candice shoudl wait and see who gets HOH before bed change. She will probably just have Nick come up and sleep with her. Howard says that they talked and will figure it out tht it is petty. GM is trying to make it work. they are interrupted. Back to checkers. Spencer joins the game. She tells spencer tht he smells good - freshly done. Mostly game play no chitchat. They are eating cookies and GM laughs her laugh for Howard. FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

9pm BBTime

HOH room: Howard and GM pretend to play chess and sneak into the HOH. {I got really excited thinking there was going to be clandistine game talk but they are recaapping what I am dubbing "Season15 BB Bed Crisis...Take 10"...nothing to see here folks unless you are fascinated by the fact that one bed has 7 squares and another has 8}.

GM and Howard slink back to the chess board (probably so they won't get caught having that fascinating conv).

Spencer joins the chess players.

9:05pm BB Time {can you believe so much time as passed since I last informed you of the fascinating events in the BB House" Me either!}

Kitchen: discussing the comps while munching on food

(Jessie, Amanda, Andy, Nick, Helen, Judd and McCrae in case you need the kitchen cast)

And we got to FOTH, which is the most exciting thing to happen since last time we went to FOTH!!!

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GM was on the hoh explaining to Howard about the bed situation and he to GM that I think him Judd and one more guy would rotate and sleep with Jess in the have not room (I'm totally bad at this)

Mc Ray Amanda just and Helen are in hoh room making the bed up

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Guest 6Borders

9:08pm BB Time

HOH Room: McCrae and Amanda are on the HOH bed {what will they do next week unless she gets HOH...perish da thought...and BB needs to tell them not to obstruct their mics...and "stop singing"}

McCrae keeps looking at the spy screen as if it can look back {maybe it can}.

Any conversation between McCrae and Amanda is aborted by the arriveal of Helen (and ?)

Helen settles down to listen to McCrae's CD.

Amanda starts in on McCrae's fashion sense...talks about his party pants. He says "always on my case about something"

{I wonder if they were married in real life in some alternate time warp}

McCrae is packing his wordly goods in a black plastic trash bag.

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Nick and Elissa are talking! Alyssa's trying to see if she has the votes to stay buy

Nick is not confirming it He's saying that he's going with the majority of the house! But then he said in the end he's with her hundred percent

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Guest 6Borders

9:15pm BB Time

Elissa and Nick talking. She says she wanted to talk to him and he says I don't talk a lot of game.

Elissa says if they do vote me out and Anthony...Nick says who is that and she says Jeremy (can't remember names).

Nick says he is voting with the house {no clue what that vote is..not sure he does either or how the house is voting because these people have lost their minds Week 2}. He says 100% majority rules!

GM announces it's 9:16. Someone (not sure) says it's going to rain because his wrist hurts {my wrists ache and we are getting no rain in Central Calif or anywhere else in the state I am pretty sure} Nick says it always rains in June and they calle it June Gloom {we do call it that but GM points out it's July, which means I don't have to}

General discussing that that BB could have invested in a bigger hot water heater {if they would quit wasting water...but I digress!)

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9:08 PM BBT:

McCrae and Amanda to the HOHR. On the bed talking. McCrae says tht they are going to get killed. She asks why. He says showmance. Back and forth abt that a little bit. She says everyone is called to DR but her. Knock on door. Helen and Jesse. Jesse wants to listen to Regina. Amanda wonders if she is turning orange. Jesse says she cant believe tht McCrae never got pictures or anything. He says tht was a real bummer and he never tht he would be sad abt something so stupid. Amanda talks abt Elissa. Jesse does too. Says tht elissa picked the one activity that benefited her - doing her hair. Amanda is asking McCrae about clothes. He says tht he has to wear something that nick isnt wearing. Amanda suggests the blue. He says this one? She says no. the one they got you. Jesse comments tht the jeans are cute. McCrae sais he broke two cabinets. Amanda wants a cigarette. Jesse says she is this close to requesting nicotine patches. She is so addicted she says. McCrae says yeah. Jesse feels it isnt fair. Amanda says she likes that - McCrae's clothese choice. He says it is FU'd. She said they could wash it. They laugh. Another one FU'd. Amanda says this is boring watching you pack and she cant find her F****** flip flop. McCrae says Ola again. Spencer is here and says, alright you F****** entertain me. Jesse says last night of HOH. McCrae says yeah. Bummer. Jesse says you were great een though you nominated me. Spencer says you set the bar high. McCrae says thank you I hope the next person doesnt hate me.

Spencer asks Jesse hows her leg? She says ok. She talks abt the bandaid and spencer asks her if she is using neosporin and alcohol and he says shouldnt use alcohol. she says it is in the medical kit. Spencer says you cant use everything for particular things like alcohol in bloodshot eyes wouldnt work well. She giggled. Jesse really wishes tht they could go outside now. Spencer says he could use some hammock time. Spencer says looks like regina has put helen to sleep. they hum.

9:19 PM BBT:

All still there McCrae brushing teeth wonders abt tv on wall. Jesse curious abt contents of cabinets. Spencer ask the time. Jesse guesses 10:20. McCrae asks at night? He tht it might be 8:30. McCrae left. Don't know where he and Amanda are. Nothing significant happening.

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