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9/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00PM BBT: Dan and Ian are in (separate) beds, chatting. Danielle isn't on any cameras, so she's presumably still in the DR.

9:10PM BBT: Danielle has emerged from the DR, and Dan gets called in. Danielle is in the kitchen making something to eat. She heads out to the BY and sits on the couches, and Ian follows her out. Danielle says that her anger at Dan has been going on for so long, that she expects him to cut her, but didn't expect Ian to cut her.

9:13PM BBT: Danielle doesn't like to be alienated. Ian says hes not alienating her on purpose, he likes her a lot. Shes mad that she didn't see it coming for her. Ian says things have worked out. Danielle asks Ian to just be honest with her. Danielle asks if Ian and Dan have had a deal since week 4, he says no his deal was with Britney. Danielle says she wont be mad at someone for being honest. Ian says he didn't know what was going to happen Thursday, he fully expected to go. Danielle sounds surprised that Ian didn't know about it.

9:15PM BBT: Danielle: "Please don't give me parables when you don't mean them. Ian, you have no intentions of taking me. You have zero. Tell me I'm lying. Please don't try to sugarcoat it because I can't handle it. That's why I haven't been talking to you, because I have nothing to say to you. I thought you were playing this game with ethics."

9:17PM BBT: Ian says he would have fallen on the sword for the Quack Pack. He repeats that he fully expected to leave the house on Thursday. Danielle isn't mad that Ian stayed, just how Dan did it, and how he did it without telling anyone.

9:18PM BBT: Danielle says that Ian has no idea how she feels right now. Danielle says up to the double eviction that Ian had an easy ride.

9:20PM BBT: Danielle says she's been battling since Week 1, and for her to go out like this, it's sickening. She had to start playing day 1. Danielle says if she leaves the house by Ian's hand, he doesn't have her vote. If she leaves by Dan's hand, she'll vote by how the speeches go. Danielle says that Shane probably wont be happy if she goes. Danielle says that Ian has a better chance against her than against Dan. Ian says he'll think about it. Danielle says she doesn't want an answer tot hat, she wont believe him.

9:23PM BBT: Danielle isn't getting mad at Ian, wont yell at him, wont be mean to him.. Ian says he did a lot for the quack pack. Danielle says she's not talking about the quack pack, she's just talking about herself and Ian.

9:26PM BBT: Ian says that if Danielle won the final HoH and took Ian, then she would win. Danielle: "I'm telling you right now from someones who's played the entire game, he will burn you so bad. He'll get everyone hating you. He'll tell lies".

9:28PM BBT: Danielle: "I'm really not trying to make you feel bad, Ian, I'm just trying to tell you what's on my mind. If you feel like I'm avoiding you, or not hanging around with you, this is why. I kind of feel like Britney right now in her first season, but even worse. I've been having to take sleeping medications at night, that's why I was just called into the DR-" FotH. "If you did take me, I promise you that I wont say anything bad about you in my final speech."

9:31PM BBT: Awkward silence. Ian says he wished they could all hang out like the quack pack days. Danielle cuts him off and says she'd rather hang out by herself all day every day until Wednesday.

9:36PM BBT: Danielle: "How would you feel if you were me?" Ian: "I felt like that in the final 4, when I thought I was leaving. I put the QP #1. Everything I did was for the QP. I fought for the QP. It hurt to see it end the way it did". Danielle: "The fact that no woman has won against a man, and you're taking one of the deadliest men to the final 2 with you? At least if Dan is in the jury, he's voting for you. After everything I've said to him recently, there's no way he'd vote for me."

9:39PM BBT: Ian says "I hope it doesn't come down to being personal". Danielle says "Oh, it will be personal. I've played this entire game personally"

9:42PM BBT: Danielle: "You think Shane's gonna want to vote for you if you cut me and take Dan? He'll be FUMING. He'll look at me and ask her who to vote for. Sorry Ian. If you take Dan, it will completely change my outlook on you. I'll look at you like I do Dan. If you cut me, there is nothing you can say that will change my vote. I will not vote for you."

9:46PM BBT: Ian: "When you used the veto on Dan, what did you expect to happen?" Danielle: "I wasn't gonna use the veto. Dan has blindsided me 3 times in this game. Shame on me." Ian asks her what the 3rd time was, and she explains week 2 situation where Dan said he wasn't going to coach her anymore.

9:49PM BBT: Danielle: My vote depends on who cuts me". Ian finds her reasoning odd. She says "Whatever. Whoever cuts me doesn't have my vote, and I'll make sure that Shane votes with me. At least against me you'll probably win 5-2. And I'd be okay with that, you fought too".

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9:52PM BBT: Ian hopes they can all be friends after this, and Danielle says "I don't know. I really don't know. I didn't mean to yell at you yesterday and I'm sorry for that. I just want space right now". Danielle heads inside, and Ian says "That's bullshit". He walks over to his hammock and starts swinging and talking to himself.

9:57PM BBT: Danielle flips her laundry and heads back inside. She walks around the house looking for Dan, but doesn't find him (he's probably still in DR). She settles down on the LR couch. Ian still swinging. She is waiting for Dan to come out of the DR. She needs to vent for 5 minutes.

9:59PM BBT: Ian: Playing the game with children. Are you fucking kidding me? Total bullshit.

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10:00-10:20PM BBT: Silence. Pure silence. Except for Ian's mutterings which you can't make out over the sound of the hammock.

10:23PM BBT: Dan has emerged from the DR. Dan walks past Danielle in the LR and asks if there's anything good of the TV. Ian came inside to go to the washroom (washed hands) and is now making himself a turkey sandwich.

10:26PM BBT: Dan asks Danielle if she wants him to read from the bible, and she says no, but he can sit with her in the LR.

10:28PM BBT: Dan: "People are watching us on TV, and we're watching the TV. We're watching the 'Paint Splatter Channel'. If you watch really close, the splatter changes every time."

10:32PM BBT: Dan: "Next to zero stimulation. Going from the Big Brother house to an insane asylum". Dan says they should put red dye into the pool, and part it like the red sea.

10:37PM BBT: Dan has now moved to the SBR and is reading the bible out loud. Danielle is still in the LR, and Ian is sitting at the kitchen table.

10:41PM BBT: Danielle is trying to get into the DR, but they don't let her, and we get FotH. When feeds come back, Danielle is in the SBR with Dan. Ian is making some more food. Danielle: "I am not happy with what I found out about the two of you. You two have been with each other since day 55". Dan: "That's bullshit". Danielle: "I thought you would have told me."

10:43PM BBT: Danielle wished Dan would have come to her saying "Ian just came to me with a F2 deal, but it's just bullshit' Danielle says: "Why didn't you tell me?" Dan: "I forgot. It's no different than you and Shane with a F2 deal" Danielle: "At least you knew about it!"

10:45PM BBT: Danielle says not to make her blow up, she has enough anxiety as it is. Danielle wants Dan to stop surprising her. Dan made sure she was going to sit next to a floater. Danielle: "He's not a floater! He's a genius!"

10:47PM BBT: Danielle is asking Dan to tell her all the things he's been lying about. Danielle: "What else am I going to find out when I watch the tapes?" Danielle says she made Ian cry. "I was super nice, and I apologized for yelling at him". She gives him a rundown of her and Ian's conversation.

10:52PM BBT: Danielle: "What else are you not telling me. You knew! Don't tell me you forgot! Why didn't you tell me?" Dan: "It slipped my mind, I was more concerned about getting Frank out that week". Danielle: "But it must have come into your mind since then!". Dan: "Are you surprised?" Danielle: "Yes!"

10:54PM BBT: Dan says he has nothing left to coach her on. Danielle says it doesn't feel like they were a team if he kept all this stuff from her all this time.

10:55PM BBT: Danielle feels like Dan is being a dictator, keeping all this stuff from her.

10:59PM BBT: Dan: "I'm just telling you this is where my head is at. I needed to change how I am playing the game. I understand why you're mad, there's a lot of lies to keep up with in the house". Ian walks into the SBR asking if they wanted quasidiyas, and Danielle JUMPS back to pretend as though they were laying down in silence.

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11:08 pm BBT Ian walks in with 6 beers and Dani and Dan are too busy arguing about what Dan has dpnt all season to care. Dani says she going to need a psych when she gets out of here. Dan says no you wont cause you wont be around me. He starts quoting the bible passage he is reading about faith and putting it in experience.

11:16 pm BBT Dani says she wants things to go back to normal. Dan says he didnt know if he was supposed to. She says fine we will go back to being stand offish. He says you know 4 years ago today I won? She says yeah I cheered for you and jumped up and down when you won. He messes nwith her and calls her a liar. They seem to be on more sturdy ground.

11:24 pm BBT Dani asks Dan not to joke with her about the game or betrayal. He says that she cant take herself so seriously or she wont make it out alive. She says she can joke just not about betrayal. He says we all gave up stuff to be here. Dani says that she has been betrayed more then anyone else. Dan says that it is the way the game goes.

11:33 pm BBT Dani says at least with me you know what you are getting. Dan says you know what you get with me, one big Pandora's box. Dani says exactly it could be anything. The sit in silence a moment while Dani finds some more words for Dan.

11:46 pm BBT Dani says why be socially awkward? Dan says cause when can I do this in real life? When can I talk about being elbow deep ion blood in real life? Dani says why would you want to? Dan says cause I'm twisted duh. I left my beautiful wife to be locked in a house for 79 days. He says I have done this not once but twice. Dani says I'm sorry. Dan says dont be I love it that is the twisted part.

11:57 pm BBT Dan and Dani talk about Dan getting chelsea to let him train Frank the dog and show him who is boss. Ian is rocking in the BY he yells out scumbag, then continues rocking.

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12:05 am BBT Ian is swinging while going over Dan and Danis logic. Dani says that she does not have womans logic she has a young immature childish girls logic. He keeps calling her a little girl and and childish. Danielle is a child that simple she is not a woman she is a girl. Ian says this is why I don't date. Ian says girl logic is going to cost him 450 or even 500k in this game. He repeatedly calls Dani a brat.

12:17 am BBT Dan is in the WA washing his hands Dani is reading her letters from home. Ian seems to be too grumpy with Dani to rock and has gone inside. Dan asks him a question and they head outside. Ian says she was rude to him earlier and recaps the earlier disagreement they had. He tells Dan the whole thing about her logic that he just told us. Dan just kind of sits and agrees. Dan asks why he told Dani they had a deal. Ian says he neither confirmed nor denied. Ian says he wants to just take his 50k and go home. He just can't handle her.

12:27 am BBT Dan and Ian are going over all the rude things Dani is doing. Dan is perpetuating Ian's talk. You can tell he wants Ian to hate her more and more to make sure Ian doesn't take her. Ian is hurt that Dani said she didn't know if they would be friends when this is over. Dan says she is being a baby she will get over it.

12:35 am BBT Dani is getting ready for bed. Dan and Ian are still going over Dani. Ian says it just gives him the wrong idea about girls. Dan teaches him how to deal or not deal with these situations. Ian says he went through this stuff with this ex and catered to it. Dan says she might come back after you win money. Ian says he wont give her the time of day.

12:43 am BBT Dan and Ian agree that while Dani made them second guess each other for a second as far as final 2 goes, they now know better. Ian is just going to ignore Dani and not deal with her. He keeps calling her a buzz kill.

12:50 am BBT Dan and Ian are going past juries and how bitter or not bitter they were. Dani is playing solitaire in bed. Very symbolic

1:00 am BBT Dan and Ian are going over heroes and villains survivor season. The go over various contestants from Russel, Boston Rob, and Parvarti.

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1:10 am BBT Dan ends his conversation with Ian and goes into the SBR and gives Dani a hug. He fills her in on his convo with Ian as well. Now he is alone in the Crane room thinking and holding his wedding ring. Dani eats crackers before bed.

1:30 am BBT No changes so far except that Dani now is fast asleep in the SBR . Oh wait now Dan is on the move from the Crane room to eat some candy then to the WA to take a shower.

1:44 am BBT Ian is rocking in the hammoc k waiting for Dan to get out of the shower so they can play a game together. Dani is out for the night it seems. Dan is using all of the water on the lot it seems.

2:00 am BBT Dan has now decided not to play with Ian and head to bed. Ian says night and he will be in soon. Ian goes back to rocking and mumbling to himself. The squeaking that the hammock does though makes it impossible to hear what he says when he mumbles.

2:10 am Dan is in bed in the SBR and ian is rocking before bed.

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9:04 AM BBT All 3 HG are still in snoozing mode.

9:20 AM BBT All 3 HG still in bed. Dani is very restless and moving about but still in bed.

9:39 AM BBT Still snoozing away. A few random shots with the LR camera - a plant etc. Just cameraman having some fun.

9:57 AM Dan and Dani seem restless. Ian just sleeping away. No one has gotten up though.

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10:02 AM BBT We have FOTH - wake up call?

10:14 AM BBT We are back - it was the wake up call. Dan in the WC and out - washes his hands. Dani is up. Do not see Ian on the feeds.

Ian's covers just moved. He is still snuggled in bed with the comforter over his head.

Dan talking to the feeds. Says Good morning. Says the wake up call included the Michigan State Fight Song.

10:19 AM BBT Dan sprays some food bowls and leftover food with a cleaner (guessing ants). Dani heads to SR and looks like she gets batteries or new mic. Dani heads outside to the BY couch and Dan putting in his contacts in the WCA.

10:25 AM BBT Dan and Dani in the BY. Appears during the wake up call Dan was jumping up and down on Dani's bed and stepped on her leg. Dan says Dani being dramatic about it. Dan says if you hear a Wheezer song you have to jump and down or you are not living.

10:30 AM BBT All four feeds on Ian in bed. BB asks Dan to lower the awnings.

10:33 AM BBT Dan and Dani going over what Dani does for a living. She says she primarily does the shots, wounds and meds.

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10:46 AM BBT All 4 feeds on Ian in bed. BB has called him to change batteries but he hasn't gotten up.

10:53 AM BBT Dani says that she has dreams when she sleeps. Now telling Dan that she asked him if he and Ian had F2 deal. Dan says she never asked. Dan says it wasn't 100% that he was safe when Ian was HOH.

Dan and Dani now talking votes. Dani says Dan has the votes from the jury. She won't vote for Ian and nor will a lot of them.

10:56 AM BBT Dan tells Dani that Ian may take her. Dani says that she has accepted she isn't going to F2. She knows now that they have had a F2 deal.

Dani says she is ok if she leaves. At least Dan will make the F2. Dan says that's not his goal that she leaves. Dani says if Dan can do it again, he will be the best player to play this game for sure.

11:00 AM BBT Dani tells Dan that if she goes home she just wants him to see them as a team effort and not that Dan carried her the entire season. Dan says he doesn't feel he carried her because without her he would have gone home week 4.

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11:00-12:00 BBT

Dani and Dan on the couches in the by. Dani doesn't know what her problem with Ian is, and she's not ever mean or sour, but she's just not happy, she is just fed up with Ian. Dan said it's understandable, you've been in a house with him for 72 days. I can't act nice or fake. Dan says that Jordan was like that with Ronnie, and she made fun of him for crying, and how she got fed up with him.

Dani says she doesn't want to make Ian's last two days miserable, but she doesn't want to talk to him and told him that and he teared up. She doesn't want to hear his crap about the Quack Pack, and that he's just added on to what she and Dan already had in season 3, and we let you think you put it together and you didn't, you were just our contingency plan. Freaking jerk, stealing my coach.

Danielle goes on a long diatribe about how evil Janelle was and she was over it. She freaking could not stand her, and she hopes boogie saw the dr where Danielle said she wanted to backdoor Janelle, even before they went to her with a deal. Dan said he's glad they (Boogie and Janelle )both went before sequester, because they were with their kids. Dani goes on about being glad she backdoored Janelle.

Dan and Dani start bashing Boogie's gameplay and being a jerk about Danielle's face and her rear end. She said she's going to attack Boogie at the Finale and call him out and make it super comfortable. Dan said that is a terrible decision, because how will Boogie react? Dan said it doesn't really matter. Dani said, "you just don't say that about a girl" Dan said, "okay, but what does confronting him do?"

Dani says, "For my peace of mind." Dan said, "If you don't believe it, why does it matter?' Dani said, I want to make sure no one else thinks it. Janelle said such crap about girls and how ugly everyone is, including Michelle from your season. She said stuff about me. Dan said, I don't think she would say that. Dani says, "Janelle says crap about everyone for no reason." Like Brit bashing Rachel level.

Dan says you cannot win on the internet, so you have to ignore it. Dani says, why can't I go on forums?" Dan said, "the internet is meaner to the girls in the house." He tells Dani how bad Brit got ripped on the feeds for being a jerk. He said they ripped on Jordan even, like looks and irrelevant things. People are brutally mean since they are anonymous.

Dani thinks if people aren't hating on her and not being rude to her, she isn't doing something right, and they are just jealous of her body and her personality. That's why she's so mad at Janelle for being so mean and witchy to her behind her back, because she was supposedly her friend.

Dan doesn't agree with that at all, and Dani said because you're a guy, if Chelsea were here, she'd understand. Dan gets an odd look on his face and quickly agrees with Dani. Dani continues to talk about how important it is to confront people who make fun of your looks. Dan says it's not relevant to the game. Dani says for me, it's huge. Janelle deserved to go for treating her poorly.

Dani says I can't think anyone is ugly, I can see the pretty in everyone, so it's offensive to me when people talk about my looks or anyone else's looks.

Dani says it's one thing to brag and be boastful about your own looks, but don't attack someone elses looks. It's just not right. It's not your fault that your hair is brown, or you have a big nose. You don't control that.

Dani brings up Shane's bed, and Dan makes fun of her for wearing his sweatpants for three days straight and that he left his lanyard there, and he's surprised she's not wearing it. She gets heated at him for wearing Shane's sweatpants, not for his memory, because she didn't do laundry. Dan still makes fun of her, and she laughs, but she looks offended. "You're just so happy that you cut him."

Dani says, "why would you not let me vent, and you went and got Shane's blanket from his bed, and made fun of me for wearing his sweat pants and making fun of me and Shane. You're such a jerk." Dan says, I being Shane's replacement for the people who want their daily dose of showmance. Dani rolls her eyes and huffs at Dan who is smiling.

Dan is still laughing at Dani who is upset. She changes the topic to flying back to Alabama and how she wants to get back to see her house. Dan says, "you don't want to see your family?" Dani said her family would be there for the finale. Dani reminds him she'll take two weeks off for her surgery. Dan said the only time he made fun of her is in the DR. Dani looks upset about that, and then feeds cut to fish.

Danielle tells Dan she had surgery on her chest, and two oral surgeries. Dan says, "Why don't you tell the live feeders about your surgery?" Dani says, "I don't want to, because it will be on blast." Dani says, Dani saw her differently after she told him about her surgery. Dan says, "huh?" Danielle says, "you start putting this crap on blast that I have fake boobs." She's getting upset at Dan.

Dani is pissed at Dan for making it a joke. It doesn't matter, but now Shane is gonna be mad I didn't tell him. Dan said it doesn't matter. She's mad at Dan for putting on blast for the internet that she has fake boobs.

Dan starts singing a song about Dani's fake boobs called, "Salina, Salina..." Feeds cut with Dani giving Frank the stink eye. Feeds come back with Dan saying that Janelle grossed a lot of money for stuff she wore in the house. Dani says, "that is disgusting, who would want Janelle's used stuff?" Dan said, "I'm gonna sell some stuff after the season."

Dani says she's not judgmental about what people like because Dan admitted he's still trying to finish his Magic The Gathering deck. She says, okay. Then she bashes Ian for playing Pokemon. Dan says, "that's like you and your obsession with Alabama. Give it up already." She goes on about her degrees and what she's doing in school and how she's great at juggling things.

Dan says, you should just drop out of Alabama. Dani goes off about how she's an alum and a current student and she's giving them her money, so she has to stay enrolled and she loves it, and she has season tickets to 'Bama football with alumni tickets.

Dan makes fun of Shane's "Bieber" haircut and Dani says I love Bieber. Dan says, I bet America loved Shane and Dani says I'm sure they do, or at least I hope so. Dan keeps singing Bieber songs, so they go to Ian sleeping on all 4 feeds.

Feeds back on Dani/Dan. Dani said if Ian cuts me, I'm expecting it, but if you do it, I'm gonna be stunned and pissed. She says that Dan is totally new this season, so she expects the worst. She says I think you ripped on me and Shane in the DR. Dan says if I did, I'm joking and I'm not allowed to tell you what I say in my DR. Dani is mad at him for using that as a copout.

Dan says if she's mad at him after the show, he's going to screen her calls. Dani says, "that's just fine, I'll ignore you too." Dan says, I'm gonna give your number to JoJo. Dani says, do that and I'll tweet your number to the world. Dan says if you did that, I'd never talk to you again. Dani says I won't, but do not give JoJo my number, I have nothing to say to her.

12:00-1:00 BBT

Dan acts like he doesn't believe Dani about not tweeting his number. Dani says, you really think I'd tweet your number? Dan says, "well you did make Ian cry last night." Dani says, "why can't you just be serious just once?" Dan laughs and says, "That's like asking a clown not to wear makeup." Dani rolls her eyes and says "stop." Dan says, this is why I didn't like joking with Brit, she didn't get my joking.

Dani tells Dan that it's not fair how well he can read her. Dan says he's going to make a collage of her photo faces. Dani says, do not do that. Dan says we're in a pandora's box, whatever we ask for will be created by the fans. Dani says, "I never asked for anything bad for you!" Dan says, "livefeeders, in case you didn't know, this is the look I'm looking for." He pulls a Dani face for the camera.

Dani says this is as bad when you told the viewers to make a pic of me and Shane to the Titanic theme song. Dan says, "yeah, and then we could act it out." Dani is annoyed that Dan is laughing about this and pulling pranks on her. He says it's just a game, that's why I said there is no room for showmances. Dani said, you pushed me into it! Dan said, "only because it was a nomance."

Dani says, "whatever, I wish I didn't have feeling in this game" Dan said, "that's what I've been pushing you towards since day one!" Dani said, "it's impossible." Dan says, "It will be better when you go back for a second time."

Dani says, "you would be asked on too." Dan says, "You and Shane are more popular, you'll make bar stops and appearances." Dani said, "no you'd be asked too." Dan said, "Oh yeah, when you and Shane break up in a couple months, that's true. There is no way you and Shane are staying together for two years." he starts chanting "NOMANCE NOMANCE NOMANCE"

Dani is upset at Dan for saying that about her and Shane. Dani tells Dan to change the subject. They talk about random things about why the keys have ropes on them, why bb wouldn't let him have two pairs of the same shorts, just different colors. Dani talks about going back. Dan says, "I'd rather ride off into the sunset, than be dragged through the dust." Dani says she doesn't want to go back w/out Dan.

Dan says, "do you think you have and a Shane a future? Do you think he's the man for you? What do you think of Shane winning America's Favorite?" Dani looks irritated at the questions. Dani says Ian won't win AC, he's too weird. Shane will win since Jeff was loved, Shane is exactly like Jeff, plus you screwed him over, so for sure Shane wins.

Dani says, "what happened to the Dan from week one who was sweet?' Dan said, people were trying to kill us from week one, I had to be more alert. Dani said, "so that means you can be less sweet?" Dan said, "no, I just didn't know you well, until week 5." Dani is upset that Dan said she lied to him about her being a nurse and not a teacher.

Dan says, "sort of how you got mad at me for not mentioning my final two deal with Ian?" Dani flips her lid, "Don't you ever compare my lie to that. That is huge, mine wasn't game related! Don't pull that crap with me, because I will blow up." Dan says, "you will not." Dani says, "you really think I wouldn't have stood up and yelled at you?" Dan makes fun of her for saying, were the antics really necessary?

Dani says, "you can change your stars." Dan has no idea what she's talking about. "You can be likeable, be nice. Be respectful and nice to people in your last speech. Someone once told me, people never forget how you make them feel." Dan said, yeah. I put a doll in your head and said look up before I evicted Shane. She knew what he was doing when he said blood on his hands to his elbows.

Danielle lays into him that a five second warning is not a warning and you did know before. Dani says, I couldn't do anything! Dan says, "that was the point. I wanted Shane out." Dan said, "Shane would've voted me out anyway." Dani said, "you don't know that!" The lying is unfair how many times you did to me, and I never lied to you." Dan says, "I lied to you once, when I said I'd keep Shane."

Dani says fine, "All the antics you pulled on me were unfair." Dan says, my antics were dramatic and chaotic and got you to final three!" Dani says, "so antics doesn't include lying to the one person who was loyal to you in the game?" Dani said, why can you lie to me and me not to you? Dani said, but you told me if I lied to you, you'd be mad at me. Dan nods and said, "but you didn't say that to me."

Dani says, I sincerely care about you and your feelings and you don't give a crap about me. Dan says, not true. I don't have feelings in the game, so I don't care. Dani says, why can't you play by the golden rule? Dan says, "there is only the golden power of veto in the game." Dani goes on a rant about how she gave it to him. Dan says, that was your choice and I never misted you. that's just me talking.

Dan says, I have no idea what the mist even is. They talk about Brit making fun of Dan about him misting Frank/Jenn. Frank/Jenn thought it was hysterical. Dan says, "she was just bitter." Dan says, Joe would never vote for him, he'd vote for you, then ian, then him.

Dan says, I have no idea what the mist even is. They talk about Brit making fun of Dan about him misting Frank/Jenn. Frank/Jenn thought it was hysterical. Dan says, "she was just bitter." Dan says, Joe would never vote for him, he'd vote for you, then ian, then him.

Dani says, "You would've beaten Shane in the first part of HOH, and I would've won the second part, and we could've cut him then!" Dan ignores her and talks about song titles and how Dani's mom would hate him because he's crafty. Dan is an indeterminable variable and she would hate that.

Dani threatens him that his mom would pull some recon stuff on him if he did anything shady in the final two part. Dan jokes, "good thing I have security" and she flips out about him not taking the situation seriously. He says, "so you can joke, but I can't?" Dan makes fun of Dani for not saying dumb ass, and thinking she didn't know how to spell, which is why she abbreviated it.

Dani compares Dan and her to Thelma and Louise and one is sweet and levelheaded, Dan cuts in with, "I'm the sweet and level headed one, right?" Dani continues, the smart one is really smart and crafty. Dan goes, "Does the smart one kill the sweet on in the end, cause of the insurance policy." Dani gets really offended that Dan would joke about that. Dani says, "stop joking about cutting me."

Dani asks Dan if he's getting in the pool, Dan says, after I make lunch. "Would you like an arsenic sandwich?" Dani laughs. Dan/Dani talks about Danielle getting into major trouble yesterday and that "Mr. Jim was not happy." Dani said, "I didn't mean it like that, but I heard what it sounded like, so I apologized." Dan is laughing at Danielle getting in trouble for saying she'd snap Ian's neck.

feeds go back to Ian sleeping, because Dan/Dani keep talking about things they shouldn't be.

Dan gets up to go inside and make tuna bagels for lunch.

Dani goes in the house, just as BB calls Ian into the SR to exchange his batteries. Dani pours herself a bowl of cereal. Dan asks her how much she loves the cameras. Dani says, "I'm tired of constant cameras." Dan says that one time he found a can of tuna hid in Boogie's drawer, cause he started hiding food after Joe was wasting it.

Dani goes in the house, just as BB calls Ian into the SR to exchange his batteries. Dani pours herself a bowl of cereal. Dan asks her how much she loves the cameras. Dani says, "I'm tired of constant cameras." Dan says that one time he found a can of tuna hid in Boogie's drawer, cause he started hiding food after Joe was wasting it.

Ian comes into kitchen and Dan makes fun of Ian for not knowing Tulane's fight song. Ian said, "that's not true, I said, "I think so." Dan says, "who cares? Disown him, Tulane!" Dan says to Dani, "Dani do you know what the capital of Eurasia is?" "Dani says, "No, what?" Dan grins and says, "Eurface!" Dani laughs. Ian says he almost caught a mouse last night with the pool skimmer.

Ian and Dani have left to separate areas of the house and Dan is left alone in the kitchen to eat his tuna (probably the longest period of silence he's endured all morning.)

Dani is out of WC as she's changed into a bathing suit. She continues to do ADLs.

Dan continues to bait Danielle into arguments, because she made a joke about Chelsea and Dan's marriage. Danielle said, "Geeze Louise, you've had a sucky attitude this week." Dan said, "oh you know sucky attitudes from all those students you have, huh?" Dani said, "you knew from week one I was a nurse." "No, Dani. I just found out today you were a nurse."

Feeds switch to Ian on the hammock rocking away. Dani joins him and groans. Ian says, "what's wrong?" Dani says it's too hot out. Ian says, he needs to go put suntan lotion on. Dani puts her stuff by the pool and lathers up her legs, chest, and arms.

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1:04 PM BBT Ian rocking on the hammock. Dani lying out and Dan playing in the pool.

Dan attempting to "ride" the giant inflatable ball in the pool. Dani counting how long he can stay on. His record is 4 seconds. He wants 10.

1:09 PM BBT Dani attempts it now to show Dan what he looked like. She can't stay on at all in her first attempt.

Dan makes it to 7 seconds and BB issues a "stop that

1:15 PM BBT The HG are watching a very low helicopter go over the house. Ian waves at them.

1:21 PM BBT Dan being creative in the pool. Says there was a dolphin and now making a shark cage out of the basketball net.

1:26 PM BBT Dan was underwater a long time not moving. We went to FOTH. When we came back Dan was askin g if they thought he was dead. BB must have called him to stop it.

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1:27 PM BBT Dani confirms that BB called him 3 times and he didn't move. Dani and Ian became concerned.

Dan and Dani throwing a piece of fruit back and forth. BB telling Dan to "stop that". Dan is hitting things with the fruit instead of letting Dani catch it.

1:39 PM BBT Ian is rocking in the hammock. Dan is snorkeling in the pool and Dani is sunbathing.

1:51 PM BBT Dan in the pool. Dani sitting in the sun and Ian is...rocking on the hammock.

1:55 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Ian rocking.

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2:14pm dani and dan still in the pool talking about deserts. ian still rocking away in the hammock.

2:25pm dani asking ian what kind of guy he sees her marrying. he says good looking and rich. ian says what kind of girl do you see me with. dan says someone who likes pokamon and internet forums. and is super skinny and red hair and is very pretty.

2:27pm dan get out of the pool to turn the water hose off and gets back in the pool splashes water on dani as she lays in the sun near the pool. she yells dan. he walks into the pool and throws water on her again she says dan you are getting on my nerves. ian says 2 more days of this shit left.

2:29pm ian is off the hammock walking to the mini fridge to get a drink of water in the by. dan says what is that ian says water. dan says tomorrow is the last full day huh? ian says i know i know.

2:32pm : dan is saying to the cameras if you are interested in dating ian set up a tweet and tell him your favorite pokamon.

2:40pm : dan says ian is the only kid born in the 90's who has ever been in the bb house. ian says thats true.

2:51pm dan and dani are in the kt cleaning up now. ian was called to the dr.

2:55pm dani now back outside laying on couch. dan in the kt after leaving the wc and washing his hands now going to the sr looking in the fridge.

2:57pm dani talking to cameras saying sorry people that i am boring i just had to get away from ian and dan i miss shane right now and am tired of dan picking on me.

2:59pm dan walks outside and ask dani who you texting? dani says texting i wish. dani ask dan what are you drinking he says sprite and a splash of orange juice. he says thats good. dani says it looks good. dan says you cant have any. dani says i didnt ask for any.

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3:10 PM BBT Complete and total silence in the BY. Ian rocking in the hammock and Dani on the couch.

3:14 PM BBT Dani called to DR. Dan comes out to the By couches and Ian is being Ian...rocking on the hammock.

Ian and Dan talk. Tired of the Dr sessions. Ian says he has explained 8 times how this is going down. They get a warning from BB.

3:17 PM BBT Dan/Ian talk about Dani being better today but Dan says she may be wound up when she comes out of DR.

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3:23 PM BBT Ian and Dan discuss the HOH Pt. 2 comp - BB acknowledged the teddy bear.

Ian's new favorite phrase is that things are "John Blaze". The comp as John Blaze.

Dan wonders if Boogie spiked Ian's glasses when he went out. (Boogie actually put them up for sell on Ebay).

3:29 PM BBT Dani has joined them in the BY. They watch a Southwest plan fly over the house. Dan says it's headed towards Hawaii. Dani says SW doesn't fly to Hawaii she thinks.

Talk about Dan's dog and how he isn't allowed on the bed. Says he doesn't behave well at home when he and his wife are not at home.

3:37 PM BBT Dan tells Dani that Janelle promised Joe one of her puppies as long as he would name the puppy Janelle.

3:40 PM BBT Frank got in trouble for not wearing his Spiritard because the live feeders were complaining.

3:43 PM BBT Dan talks about their families will be arriving tomorrow. Dani says it's so weird to think they will be in the area and they can't see them. They explain to Dani that only the top 3 HG families get to watch in the audience.

The HG wonder if when Willie left if they even let him sit down in the DR.

3:51 PM BBT Dan tells Dani/Ian about what used to be at the wrap party - props and the DR and slop for people to try. Says they don't do it anymore.

3:55 PM BBT Dani asks Dan what he is going to wear for the finale. He says his swim suit and the Mi. shirt. Dani tells him he has to dress nice.

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4:20 PM BBT

Dan and Ian discussing which Survivors they'd like to meet. The Hantz's? etc. General chat over past HGs and the wrap party. Danielle is doing laundry. Ian can't think of any past female Survivor's he'd want to meet. Maybe Amber and Parvarti.

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4:35 PM BBT

Danielle asking why they put plastic on the lights in the BY. "To mute them so they aren't super shiny and stuff" Dan explains. Ian points out that the elliptical hasn't been used since Jojo and Kara were in the house. Danielle says that she would use it if it worked.

Ian told Boogie that his breath was awful. He asked, "What toothpaste do you use before you go to bed?" Boogie got all offended and said, "What are you saying i have bad breath?" Britney broke into laughter when it happened, he did have bad breath apparently.

They are talking now about Boogie and his legal issues, without talking about it.

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4:43 PM BBT

Danielle and Dan making Ian guess what trouble Boogie had gotten in, the trouble Janelle was talking about which causes them to get "You are not allowed to talk about production."

Ian nearly caught a mouse but it's gone in the mouse hole.

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5:21 PM BBT

Ian talking to himself in the hammock but we can't understand it. Lots of breathing in, throat clicking and murmuring.

5:26 PM BBT

"Ahh, there's the mouse!" Ian yells and points "damn it" as it runs back in the mouse hole. Neither Dan nor Danielle stir at this really loud outburst.

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