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9/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Dan and Dani talking about making chicken while Ian does laundry. Dan says something about....our families can watch it, it will be Tuesday morning...FOTH

F3 talk about what to wear tomorrow. Dani will wear a pink dress, Ian his green dress shrit, Dan is thinking about his options.

Dani going to wear her red red dress on Wed. Ian is doing dishes. Dan thinks it odd that no one gets sick in the house. Dani says as long as one of them is healthy when they come in they will be fine. Dan asks about the stuff they touch in the comps that others touched. Dan is says that possible, but most germs cant live long on objects.

Dan says he isnt worried about Wed. Dani says she just wants it to get here. Dan says tomorrow will help. Dan is making whistling noises, he saw a bird. Dani saw a pigeon and the memory wall change before.

Dani says she is excited that ppl know who they are. Says The Talk, will know them for them not because Julie is on The Talk. Dan listens and says Ian is doing dishes, Dani says good, werent they all his? She did hers.

HG will talk to Julie Chen on The Talk on Tuesday. Dani goes on to wonder what it will feel like to walk out the front door.

Dani describes her new house to Dan. She is paying her bills from her savings, says she is losing money by being there. If she wins the half mill she will take a few weeks off, if she wins the 50K she will have to see what is left in her savings.

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Dan says he and Dani take turns doing dishes, Shane did dishes alot. They talk about Mike going to blame Dani and Dan for not doing dishes. That Joe was going to nom the ones not doing dishes and Dani was one of them.

6:38BBT Dan goes in to start the chicken, he ducks down behind the counter and scares Dani when she come in. BOOOOooo....EEEKKKKK

Dan says they didnt get a TY for putting up the awnings. BB Thanks them. Ian swinging.

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Dan and Dani banter back and forth while starting dinner. Ian put clothes in dryer and back to hammock.

They go to SR to get pasta sauce, they use spoons to taste test. They taste the first one, then dip right into the second jar with the slobbery spoon.

Ian mumbling to himself, cant understand him. Dan sings....FOTH

Dani standing over the stove...(guess she never heard the saying...a watched pot never boils.) Ian comes in and says they cant play pool anymore, they arent strong enough to lift it to level it off.

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7:10PM BBT: Danielle is leaning over the stove watching and waiting for her pot of water to boil. Dan is preparing food and Ian is sitting at the breakfast bar contributing to the conversation. General chit-chat including past seasons houseguests.

7:27PM BBT: Dan, Danielle and Ian are chatting about bullying. Danielle asks if it was hypocritical of Frank to talk about bullying? Ian and Danielle talk about Frank's power trips in the house.

7:33PM BBT: Dan and Ian are sitting at the kitchen table. Dan and Ian talk about how inconvenient that they cant google things in the house. Dan wishes he could google what other Ren and Stimpy characters there were. Danielle has now joined the two at the table. They're playing cards.

7:39PM BBT: Dan tries to argue that Danielle is cheating at the card game 'speed', but Ian says she isn't. Danielle tells Dan that her mind just works faster than his.

7:42PM BBT: Danielle and Ian tell Dan not to open the oven because that'll let all the heat out, but Dan does it anyways, wanting to see how it's cooking. Danielle says to look through the glass and calls him hard-headed.

7:49PM BBT: Dan and Danielle bicker about getting salmonella from uncooked chicken. Danielle doesn't think you can get it from uncooked chicken, only from the yolks in the eggs, but Dan argues it's from chicken. A quick google search says that Dan is right.

7:52PM BBT: Dan tried to cheat at his and Danielle's card game, and Danielle catches him. Dan jokingly pushes all the cards to the floor. Dan and Danielle raise their voices and argue about who's going to pick them up, and it catches Ian's attention outside where he's folding his laundry. They both pick up the cards and start another game.

7:57PM BBT: Dan beats Danielle at a game of speed, and Dan yells "SPEED CHAMPION OF THE WORLD". Danielle says he's only beat her once. Danielle doesn't like that Dan is hooting and hollering about how he won. Dan says she gets cocky when she wins too. Their dinner is now out of the oven, and they're now getting ready to eat at the table.

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