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9/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Just Fish on Showtime

The 2nd HOH competition is still going on. They are showing the fish tank.

Dani is arguing with Ian about a final 2 deal

Ian must have won Part 2

Dan and Ian are in the arcade. Dan celebrated Ian's win.

Making Dani believe they have a final 2 deal.

There were floors with different people like Shane putting tiles in different spots.

Dani is the bathroom looking angry while Ian gags soot into the toilet.

Dani says that Ian is lying to Dani. "If you take that man to the final 2 she will not vote for him and will make Shane and Ashley throw their votes.

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Dani says "I cant believe your turning into him {Dan}....Your lying to me"

Dan is in the Arcade laughing and celebrating.

Dani has stormed away from Ian after she threatens to taint the jury against him.

Dani is in the bathroom. Angry .....Ian and Dan head to the back bedroom. Ian tells Dan "I think you just won $500,000 for that"

Dan says to Ian "Cut her boyfriend I have no problem cutting her"

Ian - "she has told me that she will take me and that she hates you {dan}"

Dan - "i know she is being fake to me"

Ian says he knows he won $50,000"

Ian tells Dan to cool it for a few days.

Ian - "You had to climb ladders...ledges"

Dan - "did you tell here that you and her dont have a deal?"

Dan is trying to angle Ian to throw it based on Dani's threats

Ian - "you need to behave yourself because Im not dealing with that kind of shit"

Dan telling Ian "So if you vote her out then she is going to do that to you. "

Ian - "Yeah but i'm not throwing it"

Dan has set up Dani to threated Ian so maybe Ian will throw the final comp to Dan .

Ian goes back into bathroom. Dani says "you go ahead and make a deal with the devil?"

Dani days Ian i hope you will take me to the final two.....She tells him if he cuts her for that man she wont get her vote or shane's either

It's a plot.....Dani just came into Dans room and says I just yelled at him again....Dan is coaching her on what to say and how to be angry.....

Dan says Ian said "maybe I wont cut her"....Ian didnt say that

Dan leaves Dani alone....Ian is in the shower now

Dani alone in back bedroom thinking.

Dan is in the bathroom and Ian is showering. Dani still in the back bedroom alone thinking.

9:25 BBT - Dan in the bathroom laying down thinking and Ian is showering. Dani is in the back bedroom alone in thought. Dan is trying to use Dani to get Ian to throw the final comp to him by having Dani tell Ian she will turn the jury against him. Dan asked Ian "why is she so pissed cause she thinks it's over?"

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9:06pm dani says dan id you seriously think that ian is not taking you to the final 2 if you think so you are crazy. dani says ian if you take him to the final 2 with you then i will tell ashley everything that came out of your mouth.

9:08PM ian and dan in ar celebrating. ian told dan that dani must have hear them talking. dan says anyways congrats. IAN HAS WON PART 2 OF THE HOH COMP

9:10pm ian says i have black sewit in my mouth. dani is in the wa while ian is washing his hands and not saying a word.

9:11pm ian says i am going to wring his neck out. dani says why you made a deal with him. dani says ian i swear to god if you take that man to final 2 i will not vote for you and i will tell shane to not vote for you either. i swear you are turning into him. ian says i am not turning into him. dani yells WHATEVER and walks out of the wa.

9:14pm dan goes to ar door and whispers something to dan and points towards where ian is. dan leaves ar to go talk to ian.ian says her feelings are hurt and it just won you 500 k for that. dan says she is being a bay what was with that to come to me with that crap. ian says i came here for 500k not for nothing. dan says she isnt gonna do anything.

9:16pm ian is begging dan to not talk to dani and not talk about shane to please dont talk about them please. dan says ok. ian telling dan they had to climb a ladder to get up and down.dan says did you tell her that you didnt have a deal. ian says i told her that i was going to ring your neck. so please just be nice to her ok?

9:20pmdan is laying in the sbr alone. dani is sitting in the wa on the lounger. ian is in the kt pacing. dani leaves the wa and ian walks in he says i can wring his neck. dani says why you keep saying that you go and make a deal with the devil. dani says you made a deal with me. ian said i told you it was not a slam dunk. dani says you told me. ian says i told you it isnt a slam dunk i am considereing both options. dani says i am telling you if you take that man you wont get my vote either.

9:22pm dani goes to sbr and telling dan what she and ian have said to each other. dan tells dani what he told ian .

9:24pm bb tells dan to reattatch his mic. he gerts mad and walks out of the sbr. dani says his mic was on why did ya'll do that? dani sitting alone in sbr dan is in wa sitting, ian is in the shower now.

9:27pm dan sitting in wa talking to ian who is in the shower. dan says why is she so pissed ? cuz she knows its over?

9:31pm dan goes to the kt and smiles at dani sitting at the dt eating her cereal. then he walks back to the wa and sits back down.

9:45pm dani at the dt playing with a slinky, dan in dr and ian is still in the shower talking to himself but cant hear him with the water running.

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9:51pm :ian is now out of the shower and is getting ready to shave his face it looks like. dani walks through and went to the wc without saying a word. dan is now out of the dr and heads to the kt.

9:51pm dani out of wc washing her hands and not looking or saying a word to ian. bb calls dani to dr.

9:59pm : dan is making food in the kt , ian is pacing in the wa with a towel wrapped around him. dan goes to wa and tells ian it looks like he has eyeliner on. ian saysi cant get all that soot off me.ian says there where 3 rows and it was like consentration and here is what i did i started near the button and then i would erase the name and then i would know what one was right and i didnt even have to think i just knew it. and when i got to the top i knew. dan said you didnt have to go all the way to the bottom huh? ian says no he says each rung was like a ladder and there was a place for your hands. it was really cool though.

10:04pm Ian says i am not going to babysit you two for the next couple of days. dan says no i will give her some space tonight. ian goes to get dressed and dan is pacing in the kt.-

10:09pm dan telling ian that he had 600 dollars in his bank account now it is 50 k at least. ian says at least. dan says i wanted to come back and see if i could do this again and i did.

10:13pm dan says it depends who cuts her. if i cut her i have these people votes as he points to the momory wall and if you cut her you have these peoples votes he points to the memory wall again (cant see who he is pointing at) ian says man i trust you i dont think you would do anything wrong to me. ian says if she thinks i am mpicking her because she is a good persom\n then she is wrong this is not a good person contest.

10:15pm dan says if she says anymore to me and i win final hoh i will give her a speach she wont believe.

10:18pm dan says if she comes to me with lies about a crazy final 2 deal i will tell her its lies .

10:20pm ian says you will take me i will taKE YOU DONE DEAL. DAN SAYS I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP EASY TONIGHT. IAN SAYS I CAN SLEEP EASY AND YOU CAN SLEEP EASY DONE DEAL. ian says i aint gonna babysit nobody.

10:21pm : ian says god if i win can you imagine how pissed boogie will be?

10:23pm :ian says i am not going to deal with her screaming at me i wont put up with that shit. dan says i told her to chill. ian says just behave ok dan. dan says i will get cocky with her and tell her me and ian just won 50k i wont let her get cocky i will get cocky back.

10:26pm dan says man can you believe you made it. ian says yeah renagade made it to final 2 again chill town mkove the F over. and i want tshirts made saying renegades and quackpack on them.

10:31pm ian says there was 39 tiles that looked like liscens plates large ones and only 13 tiles were good then youhad to place then in order of peoplem evicted with jodi being number 1 and shane being number 13 they was all covered in black soot and wer had yellow towels to clean them with .

10:33pm dan goes to wa where dani is crying asking her what is wrongh? dan gives her a hug and says i wont let you down.

10:35pm dani is now in the shower, dan cleaning his dinner mess and washing his dishes.

10:41pm dan is sitting at dt looking at the memory wall , dani is in the shower still crying.

10:44pm Dan said "My best bet is to throw this HOH to Ian and let him take him to the final. My conscience wont allow me to not take her":

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10:43pm BBT: Dan's exact words are "If I wanna win this game, I gotta get to the end with Ian. That means I gotta throw it to him. Unbelievable. Insanity to throw the third part of the Final HOH. Absolute insanity. But, it's so insane, it just might work."

10:46pm BBT: Dan, "I'm here to win."

[i replayed back way before and way after and never heard him mention anything about his conscience not allowing him not to take Danielle so, if it was said I really missed it lol]

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11:01 pm BBT Dani retreats to bed and cries. Ian is rocking iat the KT and Dan is looking pensive on the LR couch. Awkward city tonight.

11:10 pm BBT Dani is reading her letter. She said I'm so sorry then continues reading and crying big time. Dan joins Ian at the KT and they begin the Dani bashing. Ian says this is not a good person contest period. He says she got beat and and douped in the same week and Im not going to babysit her Im the youngest one here. Dan says he just wants the finale to be here and for it to be over with.

11:13 pm BBT They are going over who is their "lock city" votes in the jury house. Brit is Ians and Jenn is Dans. Frank hates Dan Ian says so he is probably not lock city for you. Dan goes probably not and laughs.

11:23 pm BBT Ian and Dan going over old competitions and what types of live challenges they have had. Dan is encouraging Ian to sit back and count his money. He says yeah 54,632 dollars. Dan says or add a zero. Ian says look at all these badasses we have outlasted.

11:36 pm BBT The boys look at the memory wall and Ian is celebrating hard by stomping around and repeating dude over and over. He is acting ridiculously excited. (Think he saw what happened to Shane, Frank, and Brit because of Dan?)

11:45 pm BBT Dan and Ian are rehashing all the old moments in the house over and over again. They get to todays comp and Ian goes over every detail of the comp for Dan because he did not get to see it.

11:51 pm BBT Ian and Dan check to see if the lights are out in the SBR and they are not. Ian says he is worried his bear or his snake will be destroyed because of how pissed Dani is. Dan says she cant do that so dont worry. Ian says yeah she cant destroy people's things.

11:59 pm BBT Dan and Ian now playing chess.

12:05 am BBT Ian beats Dan at chess and they move to the WA on the way there Ian stops in the hallway in front of one of the wall mirror camera things and starts doing his 50k dance. He then dances the entire way into the WA where Dan is brushing his teeth. Dan heads to bed and Ian says he will come shortly

12:11 am BBT Dan and Dani do not speak as Dan turns off the lights in the SBR. Ian is at the KT rocking.

12:32 am BBT In the last 20 mins Ian has eaten a piece of candy and Dani has tossed and turned in bed. No other changes to report.

12:50 am BBT Ian uses the restroom and while washing his hands he mumbles to himself inaudibly. He is now pacing about from K to WA. over and over.

1:06 am BBT He is still going like the energizer bunny. Pacing back and forth. He got a glass of diet coke and then paced some more. Some think this is him plotting his big move to dethrone Dan. Others think it is him realizing he is one of three people left in the house and overconfident about being one of two come Wednesday.

1:15 am BBT He has used the WC five times in the last hr just so everyone knows 3 of these 5 times within the last 15 mins. Washes his hands everytime though so he has officially washed his hads at least 5 times more then Joe!

1:22 am BBT Dan gets up and uses the WA and laughs some more with Ian about how ecstatic they are to be final 2. Ian asks if Dannis is asleep and if his bear monkey or snake have been moved. Dan says no and Dani hasn't said a word to him since he win in there so he assumes she is out. Dan gets back in bed and Ian is back to doing what Ian does best without his hammock.

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1:32 am BBT Dani is now up to use the WC no words with Ian exchanged on the way there. As she walks back past we discover Ian is hoping the BY will open up so he can swing on his hammock. He tells her he will give it till 2.

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02:10AM BBT Ian has continued to swing on the hammock for the past 20 minutes or so. It sounds like he working on things to say to Jury or to the winner of part 3 of the HoH.

02:13AM BBT Ian off the hammock and headed into the WC.

02:15AM BBT Ian out of the WC and washes his hands before heading right back to the hammock.

02:30AM BBT Ian continues to swing and whisper off and on under his breath. Ian spots a mouse in the BY.

02:48AM BBT Ian continues to swing in the hammock muttering/whispering. One of the key phrases he is beginning to repeat to himself louder and louder each time is "Hook lie and sinker!"

03:10AM BBT Ian is still hard at work piecing together a speech or multiple speeches for the jury house while swinging in the BY.

03:14AM BBT Ian is up and out of the hammock and comments that nobody plays pool anymore. Ian heads inside to the WC.

03:18AM BBT Ian out of the WC and stops to wash hands. He heads into the LR where he gets undressed before heading into SBR where he finally crawls into bed.

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9:00 AM BBT All 3 HG are still sleeping away their Sunday morning.

9:16 AM BBT All HG still in bed - Dani lifted her head for a moment but that excitement is over and she is back to Zzzzzz.

9:30 AM BBT Still sleeping....waiting for the wake up call. Ian just moved but not enough to wake himself up from his slumber.

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10:00 am BBT As the HG's continue to slumber .. It's Good to See that the Ants Haven't carried away the KT, they found ants Frozen in the Ice last night .. How's that happen ? It's also Fantastic to see that the Backyard is OPENED UP ... Yea !!!

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10:03 AM BBT The HG getting a late morning snoozefest. Ian has covered his head with his comforter.

10:16 PM BBT In the BB house - still snoozing. Ian has uncovered his head and Dani has rolled over. Dan hasn't moved in the last hour.

10:28 PM BBT The lights have been on in the KT/LR area. HG still sleeping in the BR.

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11:09 am BBT O O O WBRB ... Wake Up Call

BTW The Fishes are looking Marvelous this Morning ... Swimming very Healthy and Playfully

11:30 am BBT Feeds are back and Dan is in the Pool wrestling the Alligator .. while Ian Lays in Bed staring at the ceiling with Teddy by his side

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12:03 BBT Observing how Dan has had plenty of chances to have at least a brief talk with Dani.. with Ian in the BY and he hasn't done so.

12:09 BBT Spoke too soon ) Dan in the KT allowing Dani to vent ... Shes depressed and on the verge of tears and bashing Ian saying " I've been saying for weeks Ian is a Demon" (This is a Good Flashback time to watch )

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