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9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:01PM BBT: Frank and Shane are in the BY talking. Frank says we can't trust Dan. Shane says I don't even talk to Dan much since he did what he did to Britney. Frank says yeah. Shane says weather you back door him or I backdoor him it doest\nt matter but he has to go.

9:03PM BBT: Danielle and Jenn is in the bathroom area Danielle says tomorrow I want to get super tan Jenn says stay with me I am supper tan. Danielle says you are super tan. Jenn is fixen to tease Danielle's hair. Danielle says do you know how big my hair is going to be? Jenn says it is going to be very big.

9:06PM BBT: Frank and Shane talking about how strong Danielle is and how smart she is. they say that have to get the lil dude out soon 'cause he is smart at this game ( taking about Ian)

9:11PM BBT: Joe in the BY at hot-tub telling another story of his friend being a lawyer. Dan, Danielle and Shane in bathroom area talking about janelle. Dan says he can't hardly remember who she was in the house. danio says she left day 34. Dan says this is what day 60? Danielle says yeah. Shane says seems like so long ago.

9:14PM BBT: Frank and Joe talking aboput how many votes they need to go this week. Frank says 3 votes. jow says I don't want it to go to a tie. Frank says nobody wants to go home on a tie breaker. Joe says it's crazy we are back on the block togather again. Joe says I am not talking no trash this week.

9:17PM BBT: In the bathroom area Shane , Danielle and Dan talking about Shane and Danielle making out. Shane says I kissed her on the neck and she left. Dan says you said Danielle you didn't want to make out on camera but there are places in this house with no cameras.

9:18PM BBT: Dan says lets speed this up a lil the feeders at home want to know is this a showmance or a nomance. Shane says it's a nomance. Danielle says you didn't want to sleep in my bed you slept with dan.

9:21PM BBT: Danielle saying she didn't know that Shane tried to make a move on her. Dan says don't be inocent with this sarah palin look with them glasses on then he laughs. Shane says I did try to make out. Dan says just make out under the covers. under covers no camera out from under covers camera.

9:27PM BBT: Frank joins the bathroom area and says one thing in this house I just don't want to come out as a douchbag.i don't really consider Willie as a douchbag but he was mean.

9:30PM BBT: in the by Jenn is working out and Ian is rocking in the hammock. In the bathroom area Dan , Danielle Shane and Frank talking about Joe and how he would stick his finger in things to stir it up and wouldn't think about it. Danielle says please stop I am going to be sick as Shane is gagging.

9:38PM BBT: Joe comes in bathroom area and Dan tells him that he just smoothed over the little romance thing. Joe is holdinmg a bottle of wine trying to find out who all is drinking tonight.

9:40PM BBT: everyone goes to kitchen those that are drinking are getting beer and wine then everyone is going to the hot-tub for the drinking and they talking of Shane and Danielle making out tonight.

9:43PM BBT: Dan Shane and Danielle taking shots of beer. Dan says here is to the final 7 and they drink. Shane says to all the BB fans and the HG that have left before and they drink another shot.

9:48PM BBT: Dan is in the hot-tub. Joe sitting at the hot-tub. Jenn working out in by. Shane now getting in hot-tub with Dan. Danielle was called to the DR. Frank and Ian making cereal in kitchen.

9:50PM BBT: Danielle is now out of the DR Shane says hurry up we have drinking to do. Danielle now getting in the ht.

9:54PM BBT: Dan is playing match maker for a showmance in the hot-tub. Dan is going over a senerio on what will happen on a date with Shane. Frank comes out says he is making Chex mix for the drunk couple. Dan gives them one of his beers so they will have more to drink.

9:57PM BBT: Dan and Frank saying what Danielle should feed Shane on a date in Alabama. then says she should take him to a motel and treat him proper. in the house Jenn is going to the shower and Ian is making toast.

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22:01 BBT

Frank is studying the Memory Wall intently. Meanwhile in the HT, Dan and Joe are trying to get Dani and Shane drunk. They're discussing a future fake date that the two of them are going to go on.

Frank's been working on a yummy concoction in the KT to eat. Looks like it's almost done! Outside, the fake date planning out in the HT continues.

22:13 BBT

Frank's chocolate Chex mix is done! Yum yum! Ian says it smells good. Jenn walks by, heading towards the bedrooms. Meanwhile at the HT, Shane and Dani are trying to decide on steak or chicken for their fake date.

Frank joins the crew in the HT. Dan and Shane love the Chex mix he made. Conversation turns to skiing. Dani says there aren't any snow-covered mountains in Alabama. Shane says there is lots of skiing in Vermont, where he's from. Dan heads inside and Ian comes outside. Dani calls Ian over and says he should be social with them.

22: 21 BBT

Frank asks Ian if he is starting graduate school in the fall. Ian said no, he's going to be a senior. Frank is confused, "Wait, am I dreaming this? You told me you graduated high school at 16, then college at 20, and now you're heading into grad school!" Ian shakes his head, "Nope." (If I remember right, Ian DID say that, but he was drunk at the time. He confirmed to Dan the next day that it was a lie.)

22:27 BBT

Frank and Dan go inside and are discussing Danielle. Frank thinks she's undecided on her vote and is probably playing Shane. He wonders if she'll ever trust Dan again and Dan says he doesn't think so. Ian comes in and the conversation goes back to food. Dan is feeling an apple to eat. Frank says the best part of the apple for you is the skin.

Frank asks, "So you're serious about us going to the end, right?" Dan says, "Yeah of course." Frank says everyone he's trusted in this game has put him up the very next week. Dan wonders if there's a secret power in the house this week. Frank thinks Ian might, but he wouldn't be acting so nervous if he had one. Dan thinks Julie probably would've told them if there was a new power.

Frank wants Ian out next week. He says he and Dan are both playing veto next week so they can for sure get him out. Dan agrees. Frank says it's best if Shane wins next week, then him, Jenn, and Danielle playing the next week and one of them can win that week.

22:44 BBT

Frank's plan is to get either Ian or Shane home next week. Dan says they don't need to bring that up to people yet, and Frank says yeah they can wait to discuss this more. Dan heads outside with his food. Meanwhile at the HT, Shane, Dani, Jenn, and Joe are discussing hugs. Dani says she hates half-hugs because they seem so pitiful, "I give either bear hugs or no hugs."

Danielle thinks Justin Beiber is cute. Jenn says, "Nope. He looks like a lesbian." Dani asks, "What about Katy Perry?" Jenn thinks she's hot but she's not really that attracted to her. Jenn starts telling which celebrities she thinks everyone in the house remind her of.

22: 59 BBT

Dan and Ian are playing pool. Frank and Joe are playing cornhole. Jenn and Danielle are discussing which celebrity Dani looks like - Dani thinks she has the body of either Kim Kardashian or J-Lo. Jenn thinks probably J-Lo.

23:09 BBT

Dani headed inside to put on deodorant and perfume. She says, "I can't believe I drunk a whole bottle of wine," and heads back outside. Shane is trying to hula-hoop. Frank and Joe are still playing cornhole. General chit-chat.

Joe and Shane are playing Frank and Jenn in cornhole. Dani is watching. Looks like Ian and Dan are still playing pool.

23:26 BBT

Frank is called to DR so Danielle takes over for him in the cornhole game. General chit-chat.

Dan asks if Dani's already. Shane says he thinks she is, "She only had 2 glasses." Dan sticks his head outside and asks her to drink to some water. Shane chimes in too and asks her to get a drink. Dani asks, "Why is everyone bugging me about that?" Shane says they just want to make sure she's okay. Dan, Joe, and Shane start cooking/eating.

Meant to say… "Dan asks if Dani's alright." She's been drinking wine and is pretty silly right now. Dan and Shane keep trying to get her to drink water but she doesn't want to.

23: 41 BBT

Dani complains that the cameras have been following her all night. Shane says, "The live feeds are off tonight. They're doing maintenance." Dani says, "Really??? Oh good." Shane says, "Yup, they told me in the DR." Dan and Danielle are playing rummy and Shane is making a tuna fish sandwich. Danielle keeps baby-talking. Shane asks her how much she drank. Dani says, "I drank the whole bottle [of wine]."

Joe joins Ian at the hammock. Ian asks Joe what side he thinks Dan is on. Joe isn't sure but said he's noticed that Dan has followed Danielle around all night. Ian says there's no way that Dan's getting Danielle's vote. Joe agrees.

Ian says, "Dan is working me. What do you think he'll do?" Joe thinks Dan will vote to keep Frank, which he thinks is weird because Frank can't help him next week. Ian thinks maybe Dan would help Frank to appease Jen. Ian says, "Once you hit final 6, it's win or go home. I was thinking end-game earlier and I realized I either have to win each week or go home."

Ian wonders who they should get out next… Jenn or Dan. Joe says Dan, of course. Ian says, "But he's a meat-shield." Joe asks who's more likely to win HOH, Jenn or Dan. Ian says it could easily be anyone, but if Dan wins it, he could convince him to put up Shane and Danielle b/c they're the obvious pair.

23:58 BBT

Joe says Frank has escaped the block so many times, "They call him Houdini!" Ian says, "Yeah well… Houdini died young." Joe laughs, "Really?" Meanwhile the rummy game continues at the KT table. Frank and Jenn are in the KT getting something to eat/drink.

00:03 BBT

Joe pledges absolute loyalty to Ian, "If I learn something… you're the first person I'm going to tell about it." BB tells Ian to exchange the batteries in his microphone. Talk in the KT turns back to which celebrities the HGs resemble. Dani asks, "What about Denise Richards?" Jenn says, "Yes! Wild Thing!" and Dani starts singing, "Wild thing… you make my heart sing…"

Dan and Frank are cooking hot dogs. They make Dani one too. Shane and Jenn are at the table too. General chit-chat. Ian heads back outside to the hammock. Joe heads back towards the bedrooms.

00:16 BBT

Danielle says she's tired of the wizards watching her. Dan says, "That's what you signed up for." Danielle says, "I know but it's because they think I drank too much." Dan says, "Didn't you?" Danielle says it was only a bottle of wine.

Ian is beside himself with excitement at most likely getting Frank outside this week. Joe says, "Do you know how many people have tried to get him out?" Ian starts reciting half the house…

Ian says, "I got the perfect line to say to him [Frank]… 'You always talk about wanting some JCT… now's your time.'" Joe asks, "What's JCT?" Ian says, "Julie Chen Time." Joe laughs. Ian says, "Say hi to Brittany for us!" Joe says Brittany will be so happy to see Frank out of this house. Ian agrees, even though she'll probably hate being 3rd wheel in the sequester house with Frank and Ashley.

00:29 BBT

Joe wants to make up a name for their final 4 (Ian, him, and I think they're including Danielle and Shane). Ian says, "Shane said the other day, 'QP… Quality Picture' That'd be a good one." Joe likes it, "Or we can be, 'Quality People'". Ian says yeah and they decide to ask the others later. [because Ian is covering w/ the Quack Pack alliance initials, this makes me think he's stringing Joe along.]

Frank says "Father Dan… will stab you in the back and kiss you in the front." Ian says, "Yup! That's Dan!" They think Dan's a more evil player than Boogie even because he seems so nice, but he'll stab anyone to get further in the game.

Sorry… actually Joe said that Father Dan comment. I'm a little sleepy tonight.

00:48 BBT

Dani and Shane come outside. Joe says they can have a meeting real quick. Ian asks her what their name should be. Dani says, "The Quad!" Everyone likes that. Joe says, "Okay y'all. It's us four." Dani says, "Who am I on a team with?" Shane says, "No not cornhole, we're talking about our alliance." Shane wants to make sure Dani isn't going to work any more w/ Dan. Dani says, "Are you kidding me right now?"

00:55 BBT

Joe and Shane go back to playing cornhole and Ian and Danielle start whispering on the hammock about making sure the Quack Pack gets to the end. Ian says, "As soon as the last person who's not us goes out the door, we need to start quacking… Quack Quack Quack."

01:03 BBT

Danielle and Dan in the SBR. Danielle says she's just been acting drunk but she really only had a glass of wine. Danielle tells him Joe wants Dan & Jenn to go up next. They're whispering pretty softly, but I think they're comparing notes about everything everyone else said tonight. Dan says they need the final 3 to be her, him, and Jenn. Danielle agrees.

Dan says Shane can't be w/ them in the final 3 because he can't beat him. Danielle says she likes him but she knows for her strategy that Shane has to go. Dan says it would be ideal if he wins next HOH, then Shane, then Danielle. That way they can maneuver themselves into the finals easier.

Dan says, "Worse case scenario… if you and Shane are put up together, there's no way you'd go home." Danielle says, "Unless they know I'm still working with you." Dan says, "That's why I'm still trying to make it look like you and Shane are in a showmance." Dan thinks Shane likes Danielle as a friend, but for Dan/Danielle's game it will work better if the house thinks there is more between Danielle/Shane.

Dani tells Dan that everyone thinks he's going to pull a fast one on nom day and try to get Frank off the block. Dan says that's way too risky; he would never do that. Danielle says Shane hates Frank b/c Frank flirts w/ her a lot. Dan says Danielle better not stab him in the back. Danielle swears she won't & it scares her that he keeps asking her that.

01:18 BBT

Ian/Shane come into the SBR. Ian wants to make sure that everyone's voting Frank out. Everyone says, "yeah yeah yeah." Ian says, "Everyone just needs to be on the same page for sure. As of right now… everyone's voting Frank out, yes?" Everyone says, "Yes." Ian heads upstairs to bed. Shane asks if Dan/Dani want some time. Dan says "No I was just making sure she was okay." Danielle goes back to acting drunk.

Shane leaves and Danielle and Dan go back to discussing strategy. [Danielle's not-drunk voice comes back.] Shane comes back and Danielle instantly changes back to her drunk voice and starts complaining about the stuffed animals that Shane keeps throwing at her. Shane asks her if she wants some water. Danielle says, "Hmm?? Oh I'm fine… I'm fine…" and giggles.

01:29 BBT

Danielle heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Dan heads back to SBR and gets into the bed Danielle usually sleeps in (It sounds like she's going to sleep next to Shane tonight). Shane laughs about Dan pretending to be him last night and getting Joe to tell him who he's putting up. Dan says he doesn't believe a thing out of his mouth. Shane agrees & says Joe needs to go next. Dan says, "He's such a liar."

Dan tells Shane he wants them three to go to the end (Dan/Danielle/Shane). Talk turns to wondering if Frank will be mad at being completely blindsided. Meanwhile, Joe and Frank are chilling on the BY couches. Frank sounds tired and says he hates this part of the week, "Especially when I'm on the block…"

01:40 BBT

Dan says, "The best thing for us was Brittany leaving" because of Ian and Brittany having a final 2 deal. Shane agrees. General game talk outside in the BY between Frank and Joe. Joe says it sucks b/c no one wants to commit to anything this early in the game but he'll try to work on them tomorrow. [if he only knew how many alliances there really were floating around this house!]

Shane turns the light off in the SBR. Danielle comes back in and gets into bed. Shane jokes, "Dan and I were thinking… Joe's gotta go this week. We're voting him outside instead." Danielle lets out a very loud stage whisper, "No! Frank's gotta go!!" Shane says, "Shhh…. Geez, I was kidding!"

01:52 BBT

Frank heads inside to get ready for bed. Joe gets up to follow him and says to the camera, "Good night, Super Pass! We love you!" [Looks like this crew is winding down for the night, so I think I will head to bed too. Happy Labor Day everyone! Thanks for watching BB with me today!].

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12:29am BBT:

Card playing going on inside with everyone except Joe and Ian. Joe and Ian are outside talking about Frank and random other things about the house.

12:32am BBT:

Joe believes that if someone was put in the house to be the evil one, it must be Dan because he comes off as being so nice but isn't. Now discussing how Frank basically messed up his game by keeping Dan last week. How without that decision Frank would not have been the one getting evicted. Ian tells Joe how he had wanted Boogie to pick Joe instead of Jen. How if he had their team would have been hoh.

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2:17 am BBT – While in bed with lights out, Danielle and Shane spooning each other with Dani rubbing her thumb on his while holding Shane’s hand. Shane rolls over and takes a drink and lies on his back complaining that it’s freaking hot. Once settled, Dani holds his hand, smiles, and then kisses him on the cheek and whispers something into his ear. She holds his hand and traces on his chest. They fall asleep on their backs holding hands...

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8:46 am BBT WBRB Possible Wake Up Call

9:00 am BBT Lights are on and 7 HG's are Home but still hanging out in Bed except for Jen who is lowering down the awnings in the BY

9:03 am BBT Dan and Danielle switched Beds last night so She is snuggled up with Shane

9:06 am BBT Round 2 of WBRB .. Back and Jen hanging by the Hot tub .. Then Round 3 of WBRB ... Back and Ian sitting up in the HOH Bed .. Now Ian decides to jam out to some Arctic Monkey on his CD Player

9:15 am BBT Jen Heads back inside and crawls back into bed .. Lights are on , all HG's in Bed with Ian Listening to Music

9:16 am BBT Round 4 of WBRB ... Back and Ian headed for the HOH WC (Reminder ::: Today is Blog (can't wait to read it) and Pic day - LoneTWolf ) We are back and things are still the same

9:23 am BBT Ian getting Dressed .. while Jen is staring at the ceiling while laying in bed ... Ian Feeding the Fishes

9:28 am BBT Ian Kicked back on the HOH Couch contemplating things while waking up fully ..... Ian "Please go to the Diary Room"

9:33 am BBT Ian Mistakenly heads for the SR then goes "OOPPSS" then heads in to the DR door

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9:36 am BBT Ian out of the DR .... Joe "Please come to the Diary Room" ... and round 5 of WBRB ..... Back and Ian heads back to bed while Frank goes to the WC

9:45 am BBT Frank heads into the KT for some water, Ice and to make coffee and in the Process "Rips a Loud one" "Cuse me' says Frank

Joe come back outta the DR and Tells Frank he got 4 votes (To Stay) last night (Jokingly) Frank says you broke our rule about no campainging after 1 am BBT Ha ha !!

9:50 am BBT Frank Tells us to tell Joe to shut the F*** up for doing shout outs ( Talk about the kettle calling the Pot Black , after all of Franks shoutouts this season haha - LoneTWolf )

9:56 am BBT Frank and Joe in the BY couches being a bit testy about going after votes on a "Worthless Tuesday" Now frank doing shout outs ... Short WBRB .. Frank wants Rich (Production) to call out a Live show for tonight .. Both Guys are HOPING for a Short week ... and they realize that one will be going to Jury this week and the other will be on the Block again Thursday . Frank says things are gurggling "I'll be back in a Movement "

10:00 am BBT Joe says says this is his Kiss butt day and to just confirm he has the votes to stay . Joe says his day will consist of Cooking today ... Joe says maybe he should take Franks' Gig and Just Fart on him and everyone else since that is Frank's speciality, since Frank cooked up Hot Dogs and Onions yesterday

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10;04 Joe now Lives in a Lil town outside of Chicago (45 minutes) called Sherwin, Indiana ..... Joe says i gotta keep working ... No Jury House for me ... Gotta be in it to win it

10:11 Frank is back and says " I am so tired of asking for votes after 5 times on the Block' One time I ask and is 85% and next time its 80% .. "What the F*** happened " ... can I get a handshake on it it ....a Life swearing committment ? Joe says today is his Pool day and Franks says Today will be a work out day for him.

10:14 Franks wants to know if we LFU play a Drinking game whenever something is mentioned .. Like Levi's name. Joe says that boy better not have let the battery run down down on the 4 wheelers and changed the oil ( I swear in the piece we saw Levi was only like 10 yo ... Right ? Geez - LoneTWolf)

10:18 am BBT Frank says "I might have to offer my first born child for some votes this week .... I aint got no smokes to offer"

Now Joe and Frank ragging on Dan for putting them up as Block Buddies this week .. Frank says if ya vote me out Dan i promise Jen won't work with you Dan

10:21 am BBT Frank playing the What if game if Brit had stayed over Dan... Frank just told Joe .. "I hope people want you Joe out more than me"

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10:25 am BBT This is Hi-liarious Frank and Joe are openly discussing who they need for votes and they anit hesitating to say that they want each others people to vote with them... Frank is hoping Ian will break the tie in his favor for votes ..... Frank also says I'll work with Ian .. You gotta have a short term memory in this game .

Frank heads inside ... Joe calls him one Cocky Mo-Fo and I got to prove him wrong

10:32 am BBT Joe Heads inside ... Frank back outside on the Couch ... Frank Misses Brit cause she could manipulate the House and votes ... Joe is a snake and BS's everyone .... Frank talking about putting on a different mask to talk to everyone indiviually and it get so exhausting Physically and emotionally .. sometimes its just so difficult to deal with ... I didn't wanna lie a lot coming into this House but everyone bounces around from alliance to alliance ever 6 days and its so hard to keep up with and ya don't wanna lie cause your ex alliance member could be on the other side next week ... i have been on the point of a breakdown for weeks , i put on a smile but being on the block so much is really harder than we (LFU) could possibly know.

10;37 am BBT Frank missing Mike but believes he can Trust Jen to go to War with him ... Folks like Shane and Dani have no idea ... I could go to work for them ... Frank saying I put up Dani twice ...Thats hard .... Mike put dani up to getting Jani out so Dani aint all that

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10:40 am BBT Frank says to all of us " If you tried out before .. keep going it took me 3 times" I've had the full BB experience except being a H/N and I would take that over on the Block anyday .... Let your Love shine through for the Game as your trying out and when you come in be yourself .. Passion for this game has helped m,e .. people see it and respect it.

10;43 am BBT Frank says " If i can make it through till Friday , I can do it, I can win it .... I really don't wanna win the first HOH I am eligible for this week but I do need to rock out some POV's ...Frank wants to win the HOH after the Double eviction show and the POV so he decides who goes home .... I really don't want Joe going home this week so I can stroke his ass in comp's .... But one of us gots to go Son.

10:47 am BBT Frank says " Maybe my best final 3 would be Jen and Shane ... now Frank is getting into too much hoping and wishing and planning and stuff that aint even close to being decided

Franks ticked that they found Dani from a dating show when there is "All of us out here who would give anything to be on BB"

10:50 am BBT Frank makes his way to the KT ... Then WC.... Joe is back in bed

10:56 Frank outta the WC .. Washes his hands and Heads back outside to the couch

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11:03 am BBT Frank says" I think I have Jen Shane and maybe Dan ... This is De Ja Vu from 5 weeks ago and I thought I had Dani's vote then after Thursday show (The Rest Show) I found out different ... Hope it doesn't happen again ... Hope I stay on a 4 - 0 vote this week which is very possible ... Then that vote back then after that Ian puts me up ... i guess the proof is in the Pudding this week, then thats when i found out Ian was a rat .. I won POV then People saw my passion and get inspired to wanna work with me ...This Guy if ya can't beat him .. I wanna roll with him .. I'll find out Thursday ... If i stay then it looks really good for me... Noone would put me up except maybe Dani .. She still hasn't choosen between Shane and Dan

11:05 frank says "the uneral wasn't needed by Dan cause all he needed to pull me aside and tell me what he told me ... I don't know if Dan can get Dani back ?" It makes no sense to burn bridges , I just don't understand it , It baffles me. (Thats why Dan is who is is, a Graet Player -LoneTWolf)

11:06 am BBT Why did i have to get put in the house with a 21 yo Kid (Ian) .. I'd wish we hadn't picked him for our team ... I'd rather have had Willie ... Who Knows ... I'd be going home looking back at my mistakes ... Frank hoping we havee seen something he hasn't, so he's safe this week but he doesn't feel safe ... Ya just don't know anything for sure in this house ... calls everyone except Jen Dirt Scalawags, for sure.

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11:10 frank says" The "Dick" in me wants to stay and put Ian up and when he comes to me then i would say "Sorry Son" ... Ian shoulda put up Dani and Shane then he woulda been making a Big move. Kid made a sis .. Dumb move this week .. So worried about people liking him .. Of course the Mike and Him move was a Dumb move ... Ian wanted to be in with the Cool People thats why he did what he did but Mike and I woulda taken him to the end and woulda taken him to Final 3 but we all have seen whats happened.

11:14 am BBT Now noone wants Ian around with all the Memory comps coming up.. Frank says to continue " Mike and I coulda rolled with you winning comps , everyone else gets scared of you"

11:16 am BBT Frank heads inside to the WC then back to the outside couch

11;19 am BBT Why do people have to be so wishy-washy in this house .... Ian is toast since Brit is gone .... But hey why hasn't dan thought about taking Ian ... he could win ... Frank says he would Vote for a Non-Liar to his face ... I have told a few "Porky Pines" (Lies) since i been here ... Hopefully Dan and Shane will be on the Block Thursday then It would be me and the rest ... Now Frank going over Jury votes ... Frank doubting Dan taking him to the final 2 ... OK ( At this point Frank continues to ramble on about scenarios , only if he knew the Truth about the other HG's, he'd just sit there and be depressed- LoneTWolf)

11:31 am BBT Frank continues the what if game and says what a waste to get rid of Wil .. I shoulda put up ian and Brit .. or Dan ... I should do a workout .... I'm tired YOOO !! ... He heads inside to prepare for a workout

11:37 am BBT Dani up and in the WA Getting her faced washed up ... Frank and Her the only ones up .. everyone else still in Bed

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11:41 am BBT Frank and Dani talking in the WA ledge (I wish Dani would put on her Mic) Frank asking about votes .. Dani being non-committal .I can't catch the conve word for word but here is the Jist ... Frank is spilling the Beans about him and Dan's convo after the Funeral and He's telling Dani that Dan really meant the harsh words he sais to Dani .. A Great Convo (I hope someone is getting it down) Dani is obviously ticked off .. she says i believe you cause noone else new but Shane... Dani says Frank is very observant for noticing how much you notice how i count things and do puzzles and Jedi training ... dain says she believe's Frank and that she justs needs time to absorb it and she calls Dan a "Son of a Bitch"

11:58 am BBT Franks says i been waiting for you to pull the trigger on either Shane or Dan and Dani says No choice .. Shane has been there all the way for me.. Dani admits even though she coulda won the Punishments POV .. he plan was to throw it to Dan ... Frank said he had a small deal with Brit cause we can't get you out. Dani says don't BS me Frank about telling lies in this game cause we all have. Dani is turning the questioning back on Frank .. Saying Frank and and dan had the Final 2 deal . Right .. Frank saying No .. I was just waiting to see what panned out.

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12:05 BBT Defintly talk to Shane today Dani says Frank ... Frank going to work out now .... Honestly Dani doesn't seem shocked by all this and seems to be taking it in stride but it was a really heart felt convo between Her and Frank as she continues to do her make-up on the Ledge WA area

12:09 BBT Frank says "Shane is such a Loyal Guy" and I so wanna make it further ... Dani asking can you see the rash on my neck and Frank says a Lil ... Dani says Frickin' Dan. Dani promises to tell Frank before Thursday about the Vote as Long as you don't make a scene about it ..... and WBRB !!!!

12:12 BBT Frank really continues to work Dani about the info from Dan and she says there is no way you could know without Dan telling you ... Frank jokingly tells Dani after she knows about his receding hairline that he "Might have to vote her out" and Dani says Frank thats not something you tell a pissed offf Girl when your on the Block ..... Frank Leaves the WA

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11:05pm frank still talking to the cameras in the by. he basically is repeating himself alot. he thinks he has the votes to stay this week over joe.

11:09pm frank says even when i was on the block against janelle i still didnt feel safe and you can never feel safe i9n here. all these people are scallywags except jenn and she is a good girl. he says if i stay this week and next week i can win the pov then someone will say i want to work with you this week and i will say to late son.

11:11am Frank says if i was Ian i would have put danielle up if jenn came down but he didnt he put joe up. he says the kid( ian) made a dumb move this week.

11:14am frank saying he and mike would have taken ian to final 3 if mike was still there then they would cut him. he says ian could have won alot of these later comps and could have gone to final 3 but now i dont know if anyone will take him.

11:21am frank says i dont know what else i can say to make these people believe me. shane and dan hopefully they will go after each other. if i stay this week we can get ian out then shane and dan go after each other.

11:29am frank says if i come home thursday i am two weeks away from being in the finale and thats what kills me.he says if i stay i am going to get ian gone next week. i know dani will be good and some of these memory comps but i think i will be better.

11:30am frank says after the battle of the bands comp if i had known what ian was up to i would have put up dan and brit or dan and ian. i wasted an hoh on wil.he says ian the sneaky lil rat.

11:32amdani is now up in sr changing her batteries. frank goes to wc again.

11:46am frank telling dani in wa that he knows that dan told her she was dead to him as a stratagy and he knows that dan told her to throw a veto so dan can win it but he said that brit got in her head and told her not to throw it. dani says i know dan and there was nothing else in the conversation. she says i know how dan works and he throws people under the bus.

11:48am frank says i knew how upset that you was after the funeral of dan and i told dan to go smooth things over with you. dani says you told him to? frank says i think he was going to anyways. dani says but what did you say to him? frank says i just said dont let this hurt your relationship go talk to her. dani says uh huh.

11:49am frank says we need to keep all this on the dl. dani says duh. franki says shane wants dan out and i am just putting the cards on the table. dani says wow.

11:51am dani says so he still doesnt trust me after all this stuff. frank says i just wanted to be up front with you dani, i wanted to tell you and everyone is asleep so this was the time and you know jenn and i love you to death and want you in this game.

11:53am dani says did you say you wanted me out this week or last week frank. frank says absolutly not you can asj jenn i might say things to other people to get votes but you can ask jenn she knows the truth.

11:59am dani asking frank if him and brit had a deal. he says well she came to me after the hoh and shane came in and said like you know we couldnt send you out so we want to work with you

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12:17 BBT Dani sitting on the WA Ledge .. Legs crossed swinging her foot and in deep thought and she looks pissed off with no one else around ... Looks like Franks Talk mighta worked .... (will all see soon enough-LoneTWolf)

12;25 BBT Dani still stewing on the WA Ledge, not finishing her make up ... Frank in the BY jumping rope ... Ian up in KT .. Dani hollers will you say Hi to Cole and my family (In the Blog) ... Dani sniffles a bit

12;27 BBT Dan in WA talking to Dani she's repeating the Convo with Frank she just had but it's definitly not word for word, yet but she is spilling many of the beans, so it looks like Dani is still on board the Dan Train

12;33 BBT OK Dani is spilling all the Beans , (I stand corrected) ... Yes Dan I really do trust you says Dani

12:36 BBT It's hard to hear with Dan and Dani experts in Whispering .. but in reference to Frank's discussion she said " I Knew he wasn't that smart"

12;41 BBT Dan goes into the SBR and grabs the Red Bandana ... he seems preturbed in the KT and says "Time for damage control" and then says something about Jen ? He heads to the BY where Frank is at and Dani is still in the WA fixing her face now

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12:46 BBT Dan on the Couch talking to Frank and he's lieing about saying Frank has Dani's vote and that he is not that close with Shane to get up in his face about a vote for Frank. Dan doesn't want Frank questioning votes anymore ... Dan doing his masterfull job of damage contorl with Frank ..... "You are not allowed to talk with other HG's about your Diary room discussions" ... Feeds cut away for a minute ... Now back to Frank and dan talking in the BY

12:54 BBT Dan using His Social game and talking to Frank about how great a Job of Building a House of cards last night ... really feeding Franks ego .. Franks biggest smile of the morning .... Frank back to working out

12;57 BBT All 4 cams on Dani in the WA brushing teeth since Frank and Dan where discussing DR stuff

1;02 Shane and Jen up and with Dani in the WA ... Dan Come to the DR

1:13 Dan asks how do you think I should tell Joe ... See what he offers .. Frank is out of HOH this week ... All this talking to Frank ...Dan telling Frank 4-0 this week on votes .... Dan is manipulating BIG TIME trying to keep Frank off of Dani and Shane's back ... ( I can't help but tell the truth here, no matter what is being said - LoneTWolf) Frank believe's moving forward that the POV is the most important comp going forward

1;19 BBT Frank believe's the next Comp is the Puzzle with mixing up faces , which really doesn't fit into a Double eviction night, going forward, Takes too long

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12:03pm frank says i have played an honest game. dani says come on frank dont tell me that you have played an honest game no one in this house has been completly honest. dani says was ya'll, gonna trade wil. frank says no . dani says brit was gonna trade me for willie. dani says so you and dan have a final 2 deal. frank says i didnt say that. she says you didnt deny it either.

1218pm :Ian is now up and moving around. frank is in the by working out. ian now in by rocking in his hammock.dani sitting in wa on longer looking like she is mad and thinking.

12:29pm dan comes to the wa and dani tells him some of what frank has said this morning. dan goes to wc and then comes back out for the rest of the story.she tells dan that she asked frank if he and frank had a final two deal and she says that frank told her no that he wants dan gone.

12:36pm dani telling dan that frank is going to get shane to make a final 2 deal with him. dan is whispering so low you cant hear what he is saying.

12:41pm dan tells dani she has to use some of her relationship with frank to see what he will tell her.dan leaves wa and goes to sbr . frank still working out in by .

12:43pm dan now goes outside and asked frank what time he got up . frank says about 8 this morning. bb tells frank to please put on his mic. dan sits on couch in by watching frank run.

12:47pm dan says i tried talking to dan lastnight while she was am little tipsy. frank says i talked to her a little this morning and she doesnt care for joe.frank says god we should be looking pretty going into thursday. dan says it should be 4-0 come thursday. frank says he got a lil worried the other night when he seen joe walk out of your wroom and then comes back to get his mic then shane comes out.

12:49pm frank says joe is going to work on you today dan. dan says if i keep you in this week then we dont have to worry no more right? frank says you save me this week and we are solid gold.

12:53pm frank telling dan he needs to get up earlier in the mornings cuz he misses his and mikes talks in the mornings so he needs someone to talk to.

12:59pm all 4 feeds on dani brushing her teeth and posing in the mirror.

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1:22 Franks quote of the day a Fromance (Friend) beats a showmance ..... Ian has his camera and already has done his Blog.

1;25 BBT Joe and Jen having a "Benifits" meeting of keeping Joe in the Arcade room. Joe talking on a spinning wheel not making a lot of sense to start with ... Then Joe says Dan goes up not jenn if he's here. Joe's full intentions are something about the Grand scheme of things and How things work out ... he knows Shane and Dani aren't taking him anywhere. Very confusing stuff. Joe seems intimidated by Jenn but wants to know if he is going out .. Jenn says sure and Joe says we will revist all this come Thursday morning.. They finish with a Big Hug and Joe is awkward with it.

1;36 BBT It's all about Picture taking and Posing so no Game talk that i hear but stand by (It's just been a real insecure morning for Joe and Frank )

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1:16BBT Dan asks Frank how he should play it to Joe. Frank says tell him Frank doesnt have the chance to win. Tell him you are up in the air about it. Dan says, see what he can offer for Frank sitting out HOH.

Dan says his biggest regret was not playing as Shane for a few minutes, letting him talk and then turning on the lights. Dan says you and Jenn are working together, Shane and Dani are together, Ian is in a bad place.

In Arcade room Joe tells Dani that Frank is trying to tell Dan that Jenn wont work with him. Joe is still going to ask Jenn. Its better if Frank thinks he is safe. Dani says oh I know. Dont worry there is no way me or Shane will vote you out. Joe says Ian is fine, he is good with us going to F4.

Joe may say to Dan that one of the most competitive ppl in this house wants you out. You are in position to get him out of the house w/o a veto. You have two weeks to get rid of him, do you want to let that slip by. then we will know where they are by their votes.

Joe says thats my sales pitch. Dani says dont worry. Its HOH camera time

1:25BBTJoe pulls Jenn into the Arcade rm. Joe laying his life pitch, planting the seeds. Frank told him he (frank) has Jenn. Joe tells her he ratted out his own partner (Ash) for her. Jenn says Wil had warned her about that. Joe says all that week Frank campaigned against her, he likes Frank so this is hard.

Jenn asks if he would be coming after her. Joe says no but he would be coming after Dan. Jenn says thats Dan not me, we paid off debts there. Joe says not putting up Dani right now either. Ian breaks in with the cam and clicks a quick one saying "Busted"

Joe says he has to get a win. He tells Jenn that about that Veto thing, there was never a word said. He fought hard for her, he told the whole house. That was a week that made him mad.

Joe asks if she would let him know. Jenn says oh yeah. Ian gets into trouble for climbing. Jenn says Mike was just sleeping while his minions did his work. Joe doesnt hold any ill will for her, he has to make his selling points. They share a big hug. Joes says his 4th time on the block, he has learned to handle it well. Now lets go get some pics.

1:43BBT Smile, cheese, check it, delete, retake. They are taking turns posing or taking pics. They did get Ian in the hammock.

1:55BBT Most of the pic taking is over, they all check out the more then 66 pics they took.

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2:03BBT Joe outside sunning, its snack time for the rest. Dani and Shane play cards.

Ian has to return the camera. Dani and Shane teasing back and forth during their card game. Dan puts the smoothie thru the blender again.

Jenn and Joe talk about Ash, Jenn says she expected Ash to float farther. Frank and Shane talk about wrestlers, how Owen Hart died when his equipment failed when he was coming down from the rafters.

2:18BBT Shane losing at the card game, he keeps complaining about not getting decent cards, Dani hoarding the Aces. Shane rummies and leaves Dani with a handful of cards. Dani has 130pts, Shane has 80 pts. That hand goes to Dani.

(Sorry dont know whats is up with the double spacing)

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2:35BBT Jenn says she thinks Dani is gaming it. Jenn will find out after a convo. Dan says he shouldnt encourage her drinking. Tuesdays are like a day off for Jenn in real life.

Jenn tells Dan about a gig she really loved but coudnt get paid for the life of them. Dan says from Trump? She replies Yes! enn says she finally got paid but told them she wouldnt work there again. She had to get nasty to get the money.

Dani and Shane continue the card game. They are using stones to keep track of the score. Jenn and Dan continue with the gig talk. Dani and Shane continue with the card game...Shane winning, not bad for his first time playing he says.

FOTH for about 3 minutes and when they come back up, we can see the blind coming down on the sliding glass door. Looks like they are LD.

2:52BBT Frank in the shower, card game continues. Jenn grabs something made out of slop to eat.

2:55BBT NEWSFLASH: Frank puts on deodorant!!

All cams follow Frank to music rm, he razzes Dani as comes thru on her way to bed in the sneaker room. All cams stay with Dani in bed.

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3:01PM BBT - Jenn in the KT talking with Frank about his workout. He's making a salad.

3:08PM BBT - Joe and Shane in the HN room talking about votes. Shane thinks Frank is a physical threat and a social threat because he takes whatever someone says and uses it against them. Joe says it's Frank's worst nightmare to be evicted by Ian's HOH.

3:11PM BBT- Ian tidying up the HOH room making quacking sounds. Cam 4 on Dani in the sneaker bedroom staring into space. Joe, Frank and Jenn in the KT. Joe says he already talked to Dani and she is on board with keeping Joe. "She told me she is keeping me," Frank retorts.

3:13PM BBT - Shane joins Dani in the SBR. Shane asks if Dani was sulking because he beat her at gin rummy. He asks what she is thinking about; she says a lot of stuff. Frank cornered Dani in the bathroom this morning and told her she is smart and offered her a F2 deal. Shane keeps asking her to speak up because she's speaking so quietly but I can still barely hear her. Dani told him the only time she was on the block was at his hands. Dani tells Shane Frank is trying to separate them.

Shane is pissed off because Frank uses everything you say against you. Dani adds that he was making up stuff about Dan this morning. Joe told Shane that Frank is making deals with everyone and if Shane hears anything, ask Joe and Joe will let him know. Shane can't wait to see his face when he's gone. They can't flip their vote, Shane says firmly. Dani: Hell no! Shane says if they didn't have the QP, things would be getting confused but for now they want to keep the QP under the radar.

Dani says the reason Ian keeps saying "I just need to make it to the F4" is because he thinks he can beat the rest of the QP. Shane would rather go against Joe and Jenn than Ian and "muscle thing".

Frank started calling Dani by a new nickname today: Dani girl. Frank told Dani that Shane suggested an F4 of Frank, Jenn, Shane and Dani. Shane did, throw him off. Frank misses his cuddle time with Ashley, so when Dani dumps Shane, he can move in on Dani. Shane: Sorry, man, you're too cocky for this game. You're too good at it. Frank tried to guilt Dani, he tried out for 3 years. Dani didn't want to hear it, she gave up a lot to come to the BB house. Shane says Frank hasn't worked for 3 years. Dani says it's because he doesn't have to. His nana let's him run the company that his tenants pay into so he makes money off of that. "Must be nice," Shane mutters.

Dani: "Did get you get asked (in the DR) about me as a nurse?" FoTH.

3:23PM BBT - All 4 feeds switch to the KT, and BB reminds: "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Joe says, "It's not us, we're too busy eating." By process of elimination, the KT crew of Joe, Frank and Ian figure out who BB was yelling at.

3:26PM BBT - Dani and Shane talk about how much they know about each other even though they never met outside the house. Shane says he's a bit more outgoing without the camera's around, but mostly the same. Dani says she hasn't done anything to be worried about. Shane says he hasn't either. Shane stares at the ceiling and says "I never knew there were drop ceilings in here". "Like high school," says Dani.

Dani feels bad Shane was tossing and turning all night. Frank comes in and tells them turkey burgers are ready. Shane had a tuna sandwich, but Dani wants one. Shane says they fell asleep holding hands last night. Dani apologizes, laughing, and Shane tells her it was fine. Dani had the weirdest dream last night, and she never dreams. Ever. It involved Shane, and Dan. She never remembers them either, and this one woke her up. They were in the house. She seems to be trying to get Shane interested in it, but he changes the subject.

Shane says this game does psychological stuff to you. Cut off from the rest of the world. The game gives you such a unique experience that you cannot explain to others. Dani says it's a complete mental game, cause all you do is lay there and think. Dani says it's a bit easier for her because she lives further from her parents. Shane says he lives in the same town as his parents, with his sister. Dani is excited to live with her first cousin because he is family.

3:32PM BBT - Frank heading to the DR to ask for dominoes (the game). Ian says it's late enough in the season to ask for real playing cards and some games. They usually give something to stimulate the HG's, Ian says.

Joe heads to the SBR. He begins tidying up his clothes. He tells Shane and Dani he only came in to make Frank nervous. Shane jokes that they are thinking of switching their votes. Dani: Don't even. That's not nice.

3:38PM BBT - All 4 feeds on the KT. Ian is sitting by himself at the table, rocking. Frank on the LR couch. All is silent.

3:39PM BBT - WBRB.

3:44PM BBT - Ian and Dani in the KT. Dani eating. Frank called to the DR. Dani has never been to Ikea. Ian says 2 of the matresses in Skid Row are from Ikea.

Dan by himself in the arcade room. Shane in the SBR.

Dani loves the LR, HOH and KT (decor wise) and hates the bedrooms and the bathroom and the arcade room. Frank made his request for dominoes while in the DR.

3:49PM BBT - Dani finished eating and is headed to the SBR to lay down as there is nothing else to do. Frank is considering it too - he is so bored.

3:50PM BBT - Dani and Shane in the SBR talking about what to say to Frank.

3:53PM BBT - Joe back from his shower. Shane asks if Joe gets changed in front of the cameras, and Joe says no. Dani taunts that he has before. Shane wants the BY to open up so he can work out.

3:56PM BBT - Joe done getting dressed and heads back out of the room. Dani says if Frank comes in they have to pretend to be asleep.

ILD is over! Dan and Jenn are in the BY by the pool. Dan telling Jenn that if she can get Dani, they are solid.

Ian comes outside, commenting that they must have vaccuumed again as things are moved. Ian and his monkey are on the hammock. Jenn heads inside.

3:58PM BBT - Dan playing basketball. He says they should have a renegade meeting soon, just to touch base. Dan asks Ian if he thinks Frank realizes he is leaving. Ian says he thinks Frank knows, or at least expects it. Frank said "I don't want to go home to Ian's ass."

[Great, this new hammock is making noise already. --BBLuver]

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4:21 PM BBT

Ian and Dan discuss when the new Survivor will premiere and the returning med-evacuees.

Shane and Danielle sleeping. Shane has a stuffed puppy dog on his chest.

Most of Ian's clothes back at Tulane are American Eagle and Polo so he has to go get them. His laptop too.

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