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8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:04PM BBT: Ian, Danielle and Shane in the WA. Ian says he definitely has a tan, and that he's orange. Danielle says she looks like an orange oompah loompah.

9:05PM BBT: Breaking news! Joe's punishment is to hula hoop every time he hears military style music until the music stops for 24 hours!

9:08PM BBT: Ian says: "Last time I won HoH, my reign was over by now". Shane asks Danielle if she's showered yet, but she hasn't and tells him to take his time.

9:13PM BBT: Dan, Frank and Jenn are hanging out in the kitchen hanging out. Looks like they're preheating the oven to make some pizzas. Danielle and Shane make plans to share a bed tonight, because 'the guys' are wanting to get a bed in their room tonight. Frank says he hates this hat (carrot top). Dan asks when can he take it off? He says midnight tomorrow.

9:16PM BBT: Danielle is trying to boost Shane's spirits by saying he did really good tonight. Shane's hands are all torn up, and his skin is peeling off, says he needs polysporin on them.

9:18PM BBT: Jenn says the comp tonight was made for a lighter person, and Ian comments that it was a make-up for the pirate ship. Jenn is happy she doesn't have to go through hula hoop boot camp. Joe says the only bad thing is that it'll be at night.

9:22PM BBT: Ian says the pain he experienced on that pirate ship was just awful for a long period of time. He says he could have lasted another 2 hours during the comp tonight. Shane joins the kitchen crew, and shows everyone his hands. Shane says between his hands and his heels, he wouldn't have lasted 5 more minutes. Ian says he never adjusted his feet, and Shane pulled himself up off the pedestal using the rope and adjusted his feet that way.

9:26PM BBT: Ian comments that he focused on the O in HoH and never got dizzy. Jenn, Ian, Joe, Shane, Frank discuss what the punishment could have been. They thought it could have been Boogie.

9:27PM BBT: Ian goes through the old water bottles left behind by evicted houseguests, and takes JoJo's old one. Ian opens it and takes a whif of it, and says he might have to boil it.

9:28PM BBT: Frank asks Shane if he's still dizzy, but says no, that it's just the lights. He has his head facing the kitchen table and has his head in his hands.

9:31PM BBT: Danielle has now made her way into the washroom and begins de-oompah-loompah-ing herself in the shower. Joe is in the process of making 3 pizzas.

9:35PM BBT: Jenn says "It's going to be a bitch to clean up outside" and Joe says "Yeah, it aint gonna be done anytime soon". Shane, Joe and Frank help themselves to slices of pepperoni pizza. Ian says he's going to wait for the cheese pizza, which will be out in 2 minutes. Ian says that BB used to order pizza during long endurance competitions as a temptation to get down quicker, and we get FotH.

9:40PM BBT: Joe says he tried almost everything to stay on his rope and pedestal. Ian thought the box might be a trip, or a letter from home, but once he heard that it was a punishment he thought it might have been an alien suit. Joe wishes it had been, so he could have sold it at the end of BB. They discuss that Britney is off to see Ashley, but Shane says she has to wait because she has media day tomorrow, and we get FotH.

9:46PM BBT: Danielle has joined the kitchen crew and sits down at the kitchen table with some pizza. All 4 feeds are showing various parts of the kitchen.

9:51PM BBT: Danielle asks if they think Jodi would have gotten this far, and everyone is mixed on it, because she could have been a really social player. Frank is now laying on one of the sofas in the LR.

9:53PM BBT: Shane says Danielle was spinning really hard. Shane says when he crouched down, it felt like it was spinning much faster. Danielle would take the ship over the spinning comp tonight.

9:55PM BBT: Shane makes a comment about how BB must have tested the comp tonight, and wonders how long they would have lasted, and we get FotH. Danielle says that they're the final 7, and Shane says that it's crazy.

9:59PM BBT: Ian says they're almost on par with a normal season, and this week will probably be a double eviction (he's right!). Danielle demonstrates how to hula hoop and gives tips to Joe. Ian says that the producers probably wish Danielle had have got the punishment.

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10:03 PM BBT Gen chit chat at the KT table. Ian/Dani/Shane and Joe. Frank snoozing on the LR sofa. Dan not on feeds.

10:07 PM BBT Jenn sitting by herself in the side room. Talk of id there will be a HN comp tomorrow - they were not told that there would not be.

Jen standing in the MBR just in thought. Shane is reliving the comp in the KT with Ian.

10:16 PM BBT Dani is unpacking. Frank is moving around. Jenn is sitting in thought and cracking her knuckles. Ian telling the HG about past seasons when certain bedrooms were closed off.

10:21 PM BBT Jenn tells Dani that she has figured out a way to be safe. Dani tells her that she prob doesn't have to. Dani is embarrassed that she vomited twice. Dani now showing Jenn the dresses she brought to the house.

10:26 PM BBT Dan has made an appearance. Dan getting pizza. The HG talk about a game for the house for food such as the nasty shake game.

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10:31 PM BBT Dani talking to Jenn about her and Shane. Jenn says to tell Shane and she says she has. She says Shane has said he is afraid of the camera. Now discussion over where everyone is sleeping with the change of HOH.

Jenn and Dani talking about Brit not leaving Dani's side so she couldn't talk to anyone. In the KT the guys reliving the HOH comp.

10:39 PM BBT Jenn and Dani whispering in the MBR. Dani tells Jenn that Ian told her he is going after Joe and Frank. Jenn outlining her position when she goes to talk to Ian tomorrow. Jenn says Frank might know because he told her he didn't think she was going up tomorrow. A lot of whispering and mouthing of words

Jenn tells Dani that she told America that she loves Dani to pieces. Late night snacking in the KT.

10:45 PM BBT Jenn and Dani discussing the Veto ceremony. Dani tells Jenn that Brit asked her if she knew in advance about the game move. Dani tells Jenn that Britt snapped at Shane today about him saving his "little girlfriend"

10:49 PM BBT Jenn tells Dani that they have to keep watching each other's backs because it's working. Jenn says that Brit was pretty negative the last few days - they both feel they couldn't be happy the last few days because Brit would get upset.

10:54 PM BBT Gen talk in the KT about what CD Ian will get in his HOH basket. One feed only on the shoes on the SBR but no one is in the room.

10:57 PM BBT Dan and Dani in SBR. Dani tells Dani it should be Frank and Joe. Dan says they have to push hard for a QP reunion. Dan says he is getting to old for this game. Dani and Dan discussing the motion sickness.

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11:03 pm BBT Dan says the when Brit called him judas was fine. He was upset that she said he had a big ego. Dani leaves and Shane enters. They recap the comp. Tell each other they did good.

11:04 pm BBT Joe gets his first hula hoop alarm!

11:08 pm BBT Everyone is in the kitchen now trying to hula. They are all bad at it except Dani and Frank makes up excuses for why he’s bad at it. He says the lights make it heavy

11:10 pm BBT I retract my previous statement Shane tries the hula hoop and is amazing at it. Is anyone shocked? He is so good at sports.

11:16 pm BBT Joe pulls Frank into the SR and says tells him to just get close to Ian. Joe tells him even if he goes up he has the votes with Dani, Shane, and himself. Frank doesn't think Dani will vote out Jenn. Joe says he didn’t even think about that. He says to just work Ian

11:22 pm BBT The alarm sounds for Joe to hula! Frank says he looks like he is drunk trying to hula.

11:31 pm BBT Gen chat has fallen over the living room about schools and sports teams. Dani is washing her face in the WA. All waiting to see Ian's hoh then go to sleep.

11:39 pm BBT Dani and Shane just asked BB to turn on the trumpet music again (Joe’s alarm) and sure enough BB is happy to oblige! They played it a little longer this time too.

11:49 Pm BBT Still waiting on Ian. All of the HGs talking about Forest Gump and doing their impressions. Dani's sounds the best.

11:51 pm BBT Who wants to see Ians hoh room?!

12:00 am BBT Ian's letter: Hi, Ian, so glad you won HoH again. Congratulations. Hopefully this time you get to enjoy the room and all the perks. I had to explain to Grandma why you didn't get the HoH room last time. She was so disappointed but I told her this was typical of double evictions. We are so proud of you and 100% supportive of the decisions you have had to make along the way. You have so many ppl rooting for you, family, friends, relatives, close and distant, everyone. Dad and I miss you so much. Dad thinks you can go all the way and wants you to do it. You have been watching since you were 10 and know how to play the game. So play it! Remember, be smart and don't be afraid to make hard decisions that benefit you. We love you. Love, Mom & Dad.

12:06 am BBT Ian's CD was the Arctic Monkeys. His basket had rice crispy treats, Swiss rolls, reeses pieces, Chex cereal, M&Ms, Perogies, Instant pasta, Fresca, Diet MT. Dew, 5 beers, Two shirts, a stuffed snake, and Bismuth he pressed himself back home and this is what Bismuth is : http://bit.ly/d5csZg

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12:08 am BBT They leave Ian's hoh at his choosing and as they head downstairs the alarm sounds for Joe to hula! Ian can hula almost as good as Shane we learn.

12:18 am BBT HGs got alcohol right as they are all talking about going to bed. They plan to save til tomorrow. Jenn has already gone to bed. Frank is washing up and getting ready for bed.

12:26 am BBT Frank commiserating to Dani about being on the block. She tells him he isnt yet. He says its inevitable. He says that he will be on the block versus Jenn. Asks Dani who she will vote for in that situation. Dani says come on now and laughs it off.

12:32 am BBT More hulaing for Joe BB plays the alarm double time this time. It stops for a second he starts walking to bed , gets maybe a foot then the alarm sounds again!

12:38 am BBT Joe foes up and says night to Ian. Joe tells Ian he has three votes so whoever he wants goes. Ian tells Joe the only way he will go up as a replacement nom. Then oddly, the voice of BB comes on and says "House guests you are not allowed to talk about nominations" Everyone in the house doesn't get it and laughs a little. We are now getting breif periods of fish

12:40 am BBT Joe lays in bed and the alarm goes off again. He stands in bed and starts hula hooping.

12:47 am BBT Ian and Frank in hoh. Ian says he doesn't know if he will go for him this week because he has another week of not being able to play in hoh. Ian tells him to sweat it out anyway though. Ian thinks he could have worked with Brit and Frank going forward, Frank proceeds to throw Dan under the bus by saying Dan told Frank that Brit said it gives them two weeks to get him.

12:58 am BBT In WA Dan Dani and Shane speculating on what Ian will do. They decide they have to stick together. Shane says he trusts Jenn and would want to keep her longer then Joe the other two agree. Upstairs, Ian tells Frank that he doesn't want to waste his hoh on Frank because he cannot play next week. Ian says on the other hand if he lets Frank slide he could run all the way to final 2 and Ian will kick himself.

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01:03 BBT

Frank tells Ian that he wished he would've realized that he and Mike had his back the whole time and would've rolled with him right to the final. Ian says, "Oh I'm sure." Ian throws everyone under the bus again, saying that everyone else pressured him into what he did to Frank/Boogie.

Dan, Frank, and Shane are down in the WA trying to figure out what comps are coming up next. Shane asks, "Are we the only ones next for DRs?" Frank says, "Mm-hmm. It shouldn't be long though." Ian takes his laundry to the storage room (HOH gets laundry service!) and then heads back up to bed.

01:13 BBT

Frank/Dan/Shane complaining about how long the DRs are taking. Frank says they're asking them about so much because of the eviction tonight. Dan says, "Yeah it's been everything from Brittany to… " and we get FOTH. Meanwhile, Ian is up in his HOH room re-reading his letter from home.

01:20 BBT

Um wow… all cameras are on the HOH bathroom. This is very exciting...

Feeds come back. The guys are rehearsing BB trivia to pass the time. Danielle finally comes out of the DR and Frank is called in. Frank yells back to let Shane go first because he's tired. Shane says it's fine, then tells BB he thinks it's time for another trumpet (for Joe's hula-hooping).

Shane leaves and Frank starts telling Dan and Danielle what Ian told him earlier in the HOH. Dan asks Frank if he and Ashley made out. Frank denies it, but Danielle says Ashley already told her the truth. Frank says he keeps that stuff on the D L. Dan says, "You had a mini showmance over here." Frank agrees, "Mini…"

Frank tells Dan and Danielle that Shane made a deal with Ian so he's not going up. He thinks it's got to be him and Dan or him and Jenn going up. Frank says Ian also has a deal with Joe and promised his key would be coming out of the box. Danielle is surprised at all these deals Ian has. Frank tells them that he told Ian that he hated Dan. Dan says, "I can't believe he told Joe he's safe."

Frank tells Dan and Danielle to drop Joe's name to Ian and see if they can subtly put it in his head to get Joe out instead of Frank. Frank says, "You have to remember that if Ian thinks the house wants something, he'll usually do it." Dan says that's a good point.

01:43 BBT

Dan is up with Ian in the HOH. Ian tells Dan that he likes having Frank around because he's a bigger target than Ian is, but Brit told him to get Frank out asap, then Jenn, then Joe. Dan tells him that he's got no one in this game. Ian says Frank proposed them teaming up. Ian says he'd like the QP back together. Dan says, "There's so much trust there." Ian says, "Exactly."

Ian doesn't think he has a shot of winning if he goes to the final 2 with Dan. Dan says, "Are you sure? Why do you say that?" Dan reminds him that he duped Mike Boogie for half the game. Ian says that's true, but Dan played a better game, especially this week. Ian says he really wants to play to the end with Dan but he knows he'll lose if he takes him. Dan disagrees and says Ian has a good chance to win.

01:55 BBT

Dan says that Ian has a better chance w/ him than if he goes to the end with Frank. Dan thinks Frank will win no contest if he gets to the end. Ian disagrees - he says Frank has a terrible social game, "There's a reason why he's either HOH every week or on the block every week. Everybody hates Frank."

02:07 BBT

Shane's finally out of the DR. He joins Frank and Danielle in the WA. Dan and Ian are still upstairs in the HOH discussing strategy.

Frank gets called to DR. Ian (in the HOH room) perks up and asks Dan to wait until Frank is out of the WA and then to go grab Shane and Danielle to talk. All three hurry back upstairs for a meeting of the Quack Pack. Ian sets the camera to make sure no one interrupts them.

02:14 BBT

Ian says, "Okay I think nominations tomorrow are pretty obvious… Frank and Jenn." Dan asks, "May I ask why not Joe?" Ian says he'd like the option of putting Joe up as a backdoor if Frank or Jenn get the POV, but if Joe is up initially, Joe probably won't win the POV and they'll be stuck not being able to get Frank out. Dan says Frank wanted to know if the QP was still solid. Ian says it definitely is.

02:19 BBT

The QP is alive and well. Ian vows, "We might not have Brittany anymore… but the Quack… is back!" and Dan/Shane/Ian/Danielle all go, "Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!"

Dan/Shane head to bed. Danielle wants to make sure that Ian doesn't have a special deal with Shane. Ian says he doesn't and definitely plans to go against Frank. Ian tells Danielle, "Nominations without him (Frank) is like Easter without eggs… Ooh that's good, I'm saying that tomorrow (at the Nom. ceremony)." Joe's bugle sounds and he pops out of bed to do the hula hoop. Dan and Shane die laughing.

02:31 BBT

Dani comes into the SBR and asks if she can turn the light on to make her bed. The guys groan and say they're awake but why does she have to turn the lights on? Dani says she can't make her bed in the dark. They tell her that Joe just had his hula hoop again (apparently you can't hear it outside of that room). Meanwhile Ian is wandering around the house in his underwear for some reason.

Joe's bugle sounds yet again. Dan & Shane laugh as Joe almost falls off the bed. Dan asks if he's sleeping w/ the hula hoop around his head. The bugle stops & Joe lays down… then the bugle starts again. When it stops again, Dani says, "You're going to be up all night." Dan says, "No, WE'RE going to be up all night." Joe asks why they don't sleep somewhere else. Danielle says you can hear it everywhere.

02:48 BBT

Ian is playing air guitar and mouthing the words to his CD, which he's listening to with the headphones on in the HOH. Shane, Joe, Dan, and Danielle are asleep in the SBR (at least until the next bugle sounds, that is). Jenn is asleep in the MBR. And Frank… still seems to be in the DR.

02:55 BBT

I think it's safe to say the HGs are not going to do any more scheming tonight. They all seem relatively calm (if not entirely asleep) in their beds… so off I go to do the same! See you tomorrow!

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3:55 am BBT Ian awake and uses bathroom. Washes his hands and drys them on towel in HOH bathroom. Turns on light in HOH room. Pacing. Puts key around his neck, leaves HOH room, goes downstairs, goes to storage room, gets toothbrush and looks like toothpaste, stops and looks at photo wall, looks at something on counter, goes upstairs, pauses half way up to look outside, goes into HOH room, into HOH bathroom, puts down toothbrush and toothpaste, takes of microphone, Frank moment, back in bed.

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9:43 AM BBT

Joe in the KT making breakfast and coffee. He changes the garbage in the KT and washes his hands.

9:44 AM BBT

Frank called to the DR.

9:46 AM BBT

Shane tells Joe that Ian said he'd put Frank and Jenn up last night. "What I don't understand is why he won't put Dan up." Joe says "Unless he is a replacement nominee."

"Huh, I guess, huh" says Shane.

9:48 AM BBT

Joe says if he went up that he would need Danielle's vote and he's voted for her to go home twice. He says that Ian said Danielle was safe this week. So was he.

"You know if Frank goes up, and he sticks, we'll have to get rid of him." Joe says

"Well, let's cross that when we come to it." Shane says. "What games are left, the spelling, the OETV, the Gorilla. Can't really speculate."

9:54 AM BBT

HGS warned to get up for the day. We've got WBRB.

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9:54 AM BBT

Joe gets a Military Hoop Camp call. He can barely make it swing. WBRB must be from him getting the Hula Hoop out of the SR.

9:56 AM BBT

Joe in lounge talking to Frank. Tells him that Ian said Frank and Jenn are up and that Joe is next up. Frank says it's weird that he wouldn't be targeting Dan. Joe says yep, that is weird, unless they are paired up. Something else that worries him is that Shane and Daneille made a safe deal. Frank heard that too. He's suspected this since the beginning of the game.

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10:07 AM BBT

Everyone up. It's the last day of the carrot, Frank can ditch the suit later. Jenn, Shane and Joe hanging out quietly in the KT.

"Joe get out your roasting pan, we're having carrots for dinner tonight!" Frank comes into the room peeling off the carrot costume "This herbivore is back to being a carnivore!"

Everyone in the KT claps and Frank says that he thinks this is why they are all up. To see the removal of the carrot. "Ebay gold right there." Jenn says of the carrot suit.

They determine that noms will be at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. "So they got us up for that?" laughs Joe.

10:11 PM BBT

Frank stretching and felling awesome. "Carrot be gone!" says Joe. "I wonder why they chose that, I mean it's good, I'm sure you aren't complaining." says Shane. "I dunno" says Frank.

"you know what I really like, if I am out of English muffins I don't have to run to Kroeger" says Dan

"What now?" asks Frank clearly confused

"Everything we need is just in that room there. We just walk there and get it." Dan explains.

Frank tells them that they will get the BY back soon. They told him in the DR. The HGs were told that it is raining outside. They discuss tomorrow being Dan's birthday. "Old Man Dan" they call him. He feels old because he's married too.

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10:32 am BBT Joe JennCity and Dan on window cleaning duty this morning in the WA and KT

10;34 am BBT Dani still not up and about .... Jen had her usual H/N Breakfast .... Ian just coming down from HOH ... Noticing the Rest of the fellows , Dan Shane Joe Frank are all having Hearty Breakfasts (Not cereal) as if there my be a H/N comp Today and they wanna be "fueled up" for it.

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10:44 AM BBT

Ian, Frank and Dan talk about meeting girls and checking the 'suitability' of these girls. Ian says if they text "Heyy" (with two y's) they are in. They laugh.

Time for some Hula Hoop action! Joe has taken to turning with the Hula Hoop to make it spin. "Spin Spin Sugar!" yells out Jenn. Everyone clapping and encouraging him along.

10:50 AM BBT

They got three songs this morning; Britney Spears, another girl singer and Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" .

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11:00 am BBT The other singer was Justin Timberlake .... We are getting a lot of WBRB's cause of Shout out's .... Joe is the current culprit .. He is also telling his Kids what they should be doing as well.

11:02 am BBT Ian going for seconds on a Bowl of cereal ..... Jen is really in a Domestic mood today ... So far she's cleaned windows, wiped down the Bathroom , cleaned counters, and is now doing dishes (Bless her Heart as Frank would say )

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11:11am ian and frank sitting at kt , ian eating cereal and rocking, joe takes all ther old bread and bags it up for trash then takes it to sr for the trash.

11:14pm Frank washing dishes and yells oh shit. ian says what. frank says the toaster was on and burning this oven mit. he says i knew i smelt something burning and looked and it was this.

11:23am feeds just went to trivia might be a pandoras box as ian has been locked out of the hoh room.

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