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8/21 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:57pm bbt Joe is out of the DR, goes to HOH but we get FOTH

Jenn/Ash at HT, Jenn felt Brit was sincerely shocked about renom today.

10:00pm bbt HOH view is back, JOe is with Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane, topic is back to Jenn complaining about being nominated, noticing Frank/Boogie are campaigning for votes for Boogie.

10:05pm bbt Brit says Jenn told her she doesn't want to say anything bad about Boogie because he already won this game once. Ash asks Jenn if Ian went upstairs(nope, just inside out of sight).

10:10pm bbt The house is divided along alliance lines: Shane/Dani/Dan/Brit/Joe in HOH, Jenn/Ash on patio, Frank/Boogie last seen doing laps in BY, Ian out of sight.

HOH crew trying to decide who is more 'at fault' in the eyes of Frank/Boogie/Jenn. Shane tells Joe 'you went from the worst position last week to a great position. You need to win HOH this week.' Joe says house will burn if he wins... if his blood pressure can take it.

10:15pm bbt Ash finds Ian in the WCA, laying down. BB:Frank, Mike, please put on your microphone. Ian:Microphones. That bugs me, I wish they had a button 'put on your microphones'. I sounds like Frank and Mike share one microphone.

Ash begins to read Ian's palm.. oh wow, wow you are going to live a long life. I can tell because I'm trained in this, prosperity, only married one time, no divorces. You're going to have alot of money. Ian:from this show? Ash:I can't tell that. You need to be patient... 3 children. Ian:3? That's 3 more than I want. Ash:2 boys, 1 girl, I can't tell the order. You're going to be happy, as long as you keep your free spirit.

10:20pm bbt Boogie joins Jenn on patio, both surprised Joe is with HOH crew. Jenn remembers when Shane wanted Joe out. Also she's upset with Dani, who tried to talk with her in K. Boogie:there are so many in here to hate. Shane doesn't think you guys will stick together. They think Joe is going to be helpful? All it takes is one HOH and everything changes. It's really just Dan who did this, he's the only one smart enough to do this. Shane is so stupid. [um, what about Ian?]

Boogie: Can you imagine being 21, 22, sitting in your small town, looking like he does? Go to Boston and make something of yourself?

10:25pm bbt Frank joins Boogie/Jenn on patio to bash Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit/Joe, who are all in the HOH bashing Frank/Boogie/Jenn.

10:30pm bbt Joe/Shane alone in HOH. Joe is preparing himself for their team to lose one along the way. Shane feels Joe/Brit are in best position, since Shane/Dan/Dani will go before them, that's 3 weeks.

Dan has gone outside, but skips the patio and heads over by the pool. Dani follows shortly after.

10:35pm bbt Shane:now I see why people go in the DR and cry and complain. What Willie dealt with was nothing compared to this.

Boogie:This parallels real life, I had a falling out with good friends/bartenders. A class action law suit was filed, I told my boys choose a side.

10:40pm bbt 4 feeds of Dan/Dani playing corn hole. A playful arguement insues over the score...


Dan:17-15, you're winning, I'm losing.

Dani:I only need 4 points!

(no points scored)


Dan:17-15? or 18-15?

Dani:oh that's right, I'm 18-15.

Dan:no, you said 4 points to win, so don't cheat.

Dani:I really have 18, no I have 18


Dani:it's 18-15 fool!

Dan:no, you said you need 4 to win

Dani:no, I said I need 3 to win.

Dan:no, 4, go

Dani:I need 3 to win, I'm 18 Dan! What am I 17 or 18? [more like 7 or 8 hehe]

Dan:fine, I'll give you 18, doesn't matter, I'm going to beat you anyways.

Dan:all the live feeders at home are going 'she only had 17' [i know!]

Dani:fine, I have 17, so be it.

Dan:'how could you let her have that extra point?' This is an intense game.

(no score on that round)

Dani:what's the score?

Dan:you have 18, because they wanted to give you the extra point.

Dani:you're sitting here saying I'm cheating.

(feeds cut back to Frank/Shane/Jenn on patio, then split to Ash/Ian/Brit in WCA)

10:43pm bbt Ian feels bad about taking part in the negative talk this morning, feels bad about his 'mountain bike' comment. Ash disagrees with the idea of jury being bitter, based on her knowledge of watching past seasons[she shows signs of strategy at times!] Ash goes for a snack.

10:45pm bbt [i just noticed Frank/Boogie are both wearing head bands]

Ash is back with a bananna, then goes for another, but drops it, so is headed to the SR. Each time she walks out, Ian/Brit whisper.

10:48pm bbt Boogie still working on his questions to ask Joe in hopes of getting his vote. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think they are going to take you to Final 5? Have you thought about the tv thing, because they can't help you with that. Do you think talking to the camera and baking a cheesecake to 700 people on the internet late at night is going to get you somewhere, because I'm in this business.

Frank:Let me talk to him a couple times first! [lol]

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11:07 pm BBT Ash pulls Boogie into the arcade room and asks him if he is throwing in the towel. Boogie says no and that it is part of his strategy. Ash says Joe is scaring her because he keeps running to hoh. She continues by saying she fought hard for Joe one of the weeks in this house and he is part of her original team they need to stick together.

11:14 pm BBT In the KT Frank tells Ian goal one is to save Boogie then get Dan out and maybe the other three will work with them. He says the option they have is that Jenn is upset and while they should not poke the bear, maybe they could rattle her.

11:19 pm BBT Brit in hoh tells Joe that not even 24 hrs ago Frank and Boogie were waiting in the BY for him to come outside so they could call him out on all his lies and bs. Thats why she came in and sat in the LR with Joe and Dan.

11:28 pm BBT Joe is telling Brit he is ready to draw the line and tell Frank and Boogie no more "closed door meetings" he wants all 5 of them (Dan Brit Dani Joe and Shane) to tell them where they stand.

11:42 pm BBT Ash and Boogie talking in KT about Ashes talk with Ian. She tells Boogie that Ian wants Joe out and that he isn't talking to him. Ash says she told Ian that other people have to go first but Ian didn't want to hear it. Boogie alls Ian and idiot and says yeah he wants Joe out but he wil be all buddy buddy with Dan and the other side.

11:49 pm BBT Ian and Brit on hammock. Ian says Ash has been following him around all night. Brit asks "why? To keep you from talking to me?" Ian says just watch. As he says that Ash sure enough come out and sits down.

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12:08 am BBT Frank goes over the fact that he told Joe that Shane was going after Joe. Boogie says good and they have to keep Jenn heated tomorrow. They want her to explode so the house will want her out. Boogie recaps telling Shane to save it at the POV ceremony when Shane tried to shake his hand. Boogie calls Shane a punk then washes out his dishes.

12:22 am BBT Boogie and Dani are talking on the BY couches. Dani says she didnt know Jenn was going up and if she had she would have told Jenn. Dani thought it would be Joe. Boogie says Shane made more enemies then he needed to then if had put up Joe. Now he has a lot of people after him. Brit comes out and it goes to small talk.

12:39 am BBT Dan and Shane telling life stories in Hoh. Brit is prepping for bed, Ian is headed to bed. Frank and Dani are in WA making small talk about when they are going to bed. Ash wakes up because she forgot to brush her teeth. Pretty calm night for such a dramatic day.

12:45 am BBT Frank joins Boogie in the BY and makes note of everyone going to bed early. Boogie says yeah good one less hr I have to look at their faces. Frank says yeah and Joe has been loggin in hours in HoH. Boogie says he is another Shane rider telling them we have Ashes vote im sure.

12:58 am BBT Boogies new plan is to pretend that he has a special power that would save him Thursday to draw Danis vote. He plans to call her nurse Murphee to shake her and make her think he has a power. (problem is He told Brit that he suspects this two weeks ago and Brit will let Dani know that)

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01:05AM BBT Joe, Dan, and Shane up in the HoH Boogie/Mike bashing a bit. They look for the spy screen remote and spot Dani getting some soda. Joe says no one should be left in a room together with them. Shane agrees. Joe says we're all 100% loyal and from here on out we all play to the best of our ability and that's it. Joe says we gotta go for it but I don't want to go for it with them. Ian and Britt's voice can be heard faintly on the feeds (they were in bed down stairs last we saw).

01:10AM BBT Down in the BY Frank is saying he's wondering what would have happened if he would have opened up a Pandora's box and it would have been something good for the house and bad for him. Frank explaining how PB worked in Vets/Newbs season in which Rachel and Jordan were able to hook up because of the duo's twist. Boogie wishes he could be a part of a Fast Forward. He won't be surprised if BB tells them that they're doing the vote quickly on Thurs.

01:15AM BBT Frank says he is surprised but he thinks Shane is a little scared of him. Boogie says he should be. It's been Shane and Frank winning everything this weekend. Meanwhile up in the HoH Shane says he hopes he gets to talk to Julie on Thurs. Dan says he thinks he'll get to. Shane is surprised that there weren't have-nots this week. Dani explains that it's because the HoH comp past the live evict. Shane says this week it'll be 8 people playing for have/have-nots. 1 of them will have to join the other side and should bomb the comp to force them to be have nots. (Unless it'll be individual based...) Dani points out that Shane hasn't been a have-not yet.

01:19AM BT Talk in the HoH turns to cast photos outside the front of the house. Dan says when you're evicted you sign about 20 of them next to your face and they are given out at the finale. Joe asks about the weekly HoH photos. Dani says she asked and most are loaded up on the CBS website. Joe says earlier today that Brit stuck her head out the door and told Joe the cookies were great. Joe was sitting outside with Mike, Boogie and Jen and Boogie asked if they were celebrating. Jen said something along the lines of "Celebrating...yeah...celebrating this whatever..." she grumbled out. Shane says they make cookies every day.

01:22AM BBT Out in the BY Frank is telling Boogie that Ash was saying how she was told/she thought that if she stands still "they" take digital photos of her. Boogie laughs saying this house is stupid. Boogie says the crew wants to finish this season off and pack it away for the year and start planning for it next year. People in this house don't realize that they're going to back home and their normal lives once more. If they're lucky they may get a small article in page 2 of their local paper.

01:27AM BBT Boogie wishes they could have found one or two more worth while players to roll with. Ian and Jen can't win anything. They wanted to work with Wil but then he flipped on them. The week they worked with Jani everything fell apart. Boogie points out that Frank has been on the block 4 times and is still in this house. Up in the HoH Joe asks Dan if he and Boogie will hang out after the season. Dan says maybe, Boogie will take time to cool off. They probably won't be BFFs. Shane asks Dan if he has Daniele Donato's number. Dan says no but he can probably get it pretty easy. Dani says "Yeah, you Daniele and me and Hayden can all go on a double date!" Shane says Hayden gets to pay. Dani says "Touche because he won" (Not exactly a touche moment...but good try).

01:30AM BBT Joe, Dani, Dan, Shane trying to come up with an alliance name. They put it on Joe to decide. Joe suggests Head Hunters and all point their fingers at each other's heads when they come up with something. Joe says "Clear eyes. Full Heart. Can't Lose." Joe says he worked on that with his kids. He would say "Clear eyes" and they would say "Full Heart" and he would finish it up with Can't lose" and they'd get it going in rhythm.

01:36AM BBT Switched feeds to the BY and Frank is called to the DR. Boogie stands up and says "Big fucking brother" and feeds switch to Ian, Brit and Ash chatting in the darkened Shoe room. Ash says she gets something out of her hair using Goop-on? Brit asks Ash and Ian if they have "stickers" in their yard. Ash and Ian says no. Brit explains that they are cactus like weeds that they have in Arkansas. Ash says "You know what I thought you were going to ask if you ever used sticker books" Talk turns briefly to it. BB calls Ash out for not having her mic on. Ian says "Yeah Ash get out...or get in my bed." Brit tells Ian not to be pervy. Ian says he's not. Ash comes back with her mic and gets back into the bed she was in and Ian says "Wrong bed Ash". No comments made by either girl. Ash appears to be in bed next to Brit (where Dani normally sleeps).

01:41AM BBT Feeds switch to Jen and Frank in the SR. Frank taking inventory to where everyone is. Frank thinks Ian, Ash and Brit are in bed just talking. Jen says yeah they're just shooting the shit." They leave the SR and head towards the KC. Boogie walks towards the bedrooms. Frank asks if he's going to bed. Boogie says he's going to stay up for a bit. Jen heads towards WA and Frank heads into BY. Feeds switch briefly back to Ian, Ash and Brit continuing to talk about random kids toys (Light Bright now). Feeds switch back to the BY where Frank and Boogie are. Frank says Jen was asking what everyone was up to. Frank says Jen said she heard him talking to Joe earlier. Boogie says wow she heard that convo? Frank isn't sure she heard the whole thing or just the part where Joe was talking with his loud mouth.

01:44AM BBT Up in the HoH Joe, Dani, Dan, and Shane continue to talk. Idle chit chats. Dani asks Joe for another story. Shane says not another Guenther story. Joe says he and Guenther were unseperable growing up.

01:45AM BBT Talk turns to how Shane had a problem with learning to take bras off one handed, especially when the clasps are in the front and they don't tell you.

01:52AM BBT Down in the BY Frank and Boogie are still surprised that Shane didn't stick with them, more rehashing of the same conversations. Up in the HoH Shane says that Boogie was staring at the memory wall for 2 hours today. Joe says an hour 2 separate times. Dani says what else..."Have you ever taken a girl's bra off and their boobs deflated?" Joe says "deflated?" She said no I mean if you thought she had big boobs and when she took her bra off and they were just padded. Shane says yeah and he's come across stretch marks that he's not been expecting. Joe says guys don't pad their stuff. Dani says girls do because guys can gauge girls chest sizes through their shirt, it's hard to judge a guy's size through his jeans. Talk turns to Ian's toe looking like it has fungus or something on it. Joe is disgusted (Pot meet kettle, when's the last time you washed your hands?)

01:55AM BBT Down in the BY Frank and Boogie chatting about using "Muppeteering" or "Jim Hensoning" in a sentence as a verb. "Did you see Dan and Shane muppeteering in the pool today hitting the basketball of their heads. Boogie says Ian gave him a magic eight ball answer today and Boogie was ready to throw him through one of the windows. "You're not gonna vote for me?! Well...I uh...."

01:57AM BBT Talk in the BY turns to how they wish they had one more player to give them something to work with this season. If only Jani would have worked with them. Up in the HoH has turned to a mature nature again.

02:04AM BBT Jen has joined Boogie and Frank in the BY, Jen sitting by the edge of the HT. Frank asks Jen if Dan went to bed. Jen says yeah (that would explain why the conversation turned the way it did upstairs, Dan doesn't normally stick around for those. Checked the wide angle feed of HoH and yes, he's no longer there, leaving Dani, Shane and Joe up there). Frank says they have got to be tired of Joe being up there. Jen says Joe's up there hooting and hollering and having the time of his life. Boogie says that's what they wanted. Jen asks Frank what he and Joe talked about. Frank says he tried pointing out that it would be 5 and 3 if he rolled with them. Brief FoTH and Jen has joined Frank on the loungers. Jen says that the Joe that she knows always runs to the opposite side of the house to tell everyone what is told to him. They spot Joe coming down out of the HoH and Jen says old eagle-eyeing it up.

02:08AM BBT Dani and Shane the only two remaining in HoH. Dani says she'd going to steal his bed. Shane acts distant/tired. Dani asks if he wants her to leave. Shane says no. Dani says Jen told her that she was safe this week. Shane says that's a lie. He told her she was not safe and if she wants to play like that then he'll call her out. Meanwhile down in the BY Frank says "America Shane is not Mr. Nice Guy like he thinks he is". Jen agrees and she's going to call him a liar tomorrow in front of everyone tomorrow (the timing here was pretty humorous within about a minute to two minute of each other.)

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02:14AM BBT Up in the HoH Shane says Boogie was pissed because he wasn't told he was going up this week. Shane says it's the rules of the game they're not allowed to tell anyone because they want to capture the reaction of everyone's face. Dani says Ian needs to step up this week. Shane agrees that Ian, Joe or Brit needs to win HoH this week. Dani throws out to Shane that he brought up Daniele Donato again out of the blue tonight. "Are you trying to upset me?" Shane says he likes the way she played the game. Dani says he's only seen a few of her episodes. Dani says she's going to throw out Hayden's name periodically. Shane says that's fine, he doesn't care. Shane says "Here comes the emotional Danielle again". Dani says she's not getting emotional (if this isn't emotion...then I'd hate to see what is with her...)

02:18AM BBT Down in the BY Jen and Frank have continued chatting about different aspects of the players that went down this week. Boogie comes back outside (He must've went in during a FoTH because I never saw him leave). Talk has turned to Ian. Jen says someone says Ian's name got thrown under the bus. Boogie says Ian is not even a factor this week (little does he know....). Frank says he isn't sure about Ian, but he's speaking so much with the other side and not winning things it's starting get on his nerves (correction...little do they know...)

02:24AM BBT Shane flips out the HoH lights and he lies down in the HoH bed with Dani. Shane says if Dani talks to Jen to make sure she knows that he probably told her she was safe before the noms. Down in the BY Frank wishes that family dinners would be over. Jen says thank heaven's above that Joe didn't cook tonight. Frank says it's because he's cooked everything in the house. He cooked turkey burgers earlier in the day and then opened the last of the turkey burgers for his cooking show. Stupid. Talk turns to his celebration cookies. Frank says they were peanut butter which are Shane's favorite. Shane says he's safe there's no reason to keep kissing his butt.

02:29AM BBT Frank, Jen and Boogie begin to bash Frank's choice in pink clothing and his necklace. One of them says he's dressed like a member of a boyband. Jen agrees. Up in the HoH Shane and Dani continue to play/flirt. Shane gets climbs up on top of her back to give her a massage. He begins speaking in a semi-comedic Gollum impression. Dani slips off her shirt and he begins to rub her shoulders and mid-back.

02:34AM BBT Down in the BY Boogie wonders why Joe couldn't have went up this week and everyone would have been happy. Jen says she legitimately doesn't think Brit had any idea about what was going to go down. Boogie says Shane has become Dan's pet vs. hers. Jen thinks Ian needs to feel the heat of the seat for a bit. Boogie agrees. Jen says she doesn't like the fact that he's playing pool with Shane and hanging out with people on the other side. Jen says Ian should be running around the house trying to hear what's going on and breaking up chats and stuff.

02:34AM BBT Jen spots Joe in the kitchen with his shirt on and a bandanna on his head. Frank and Boogie are disgusted. One of them spots a creature on the wall and Frank points out that the camera is trying to look at it. He lifts the awning up so they can see it. It flies down and slowly crawls up the wall. Boogie points out that it flew a bit.

02:43AM BBT Shane continues to give Dani a massage up in the HoH. Frank says he's going to head in and use the WC to chase Joe of to bed. Jen and Boogie stay outside. Frank asks Joe what he's up to with the bandanna. Joe says he uses it to sleep but he can't sleep. Frank takes a seat at the counter in front of Joe as he snacks. Frank says he needs Joe to saddle up with him even if Boogie goes home. He really needs him. Joe asks Frank how Jen's doing. Frank says Jen is heated yo.

02:45AM BBT Jen and Boogie remain silent in the BY and feeds switch to the HoH where Shane crawls off Dani's back and Dani crawls onto his back to begin massaging him. They can hear voices downstairs and they start feeling around for the remote but give up. Shane doesn't want to talk to anyone. Dani says the door is locked.

02:48AM BBT Down in the KT Frank and Joe still chatting. Frank says he's not even on the block and he's ready to work and deal. Joe mumbles something and Frank says "You think I'm gunning for people?" and Joe says no he thinks he's coming for other people by winning HoH. Jen comes in and Boogie is right after her about 2 minutes later. Jen empties/rinses her glass. Boogie heads into the WA. FoTH.

02:50AM BBT Feeds back and Joe is putting on his mic. Jen and Boogie nowhere to be seen. FoTH and we switch to all 4 feeds on Dani giving Shane a massage up in the HoH bed.

02:59AM BBT Super exciting feeds here. Finally 2 of the feeds switch back to the BY where Boogie, Frank and Joe are sitting on the loungers. Boogie pushing for Joe to keep him. Joe says it's a house divided. Joe says he needs to know where I sit on the totem pole in either group. Boogie says they saved him 2 weeks ago when they had the power. Joe says they said something supposedly changed and that's why he was saved. Frank and Boogie say no they had the power so it was their choice to pull him down. Boogie says if Brit suggested that she said to keep Joe that may be true. Wil became weird and then they realized that Brit was ok with keeping Joe so they ran with it. Boogie says Shane may have a nice room to chat and offer stuff in the HoH room...he may have some snacks up there but that totem pole is set. Whereas Frank and Boogie's totem pole is still being formed. Jen would have to go home for Boogie to stay. Ian is flighty with his magic 8 ball answers and Ash is well...Ash. Boogie says they know it's a hard sell against the HoH crew. Boogie says Ash has really started to build momentum in the house. Boogie says in regards to the totem pole, they're still trying to formulate theirs. They just started working with Ash and Ian is pissing Boogie off.

03:05AM BBT Boogie stresses that Shane and everyone may sound great for the moment but when they're out of the power, you're likely to be the first to go. You have Dan, Dani, Shane and Brit, they seem likely to be super tight. Joe says he's really looking for a home but he's rather this be a battle back and forth not flip flopping from team to team each week. Boogie agrees. Boogie says what else do we have, after this we have nothing. Boogie says in his previous season his alliance won four in a row before and when they finally stopped the line was drawn. Boogie says he and Frank were saying the same thing today. They have every intention of going after the other side of the house next week and even if they don't end up with HoH they'll be the targets over Joe. Frank points out that Shane has broken his promise twice to him this season.

03:13AM BBT Boogie says Shane and Dani have their showmance or whatever going down and Dan and Brit being up there as well just complicate things. Boogie says he's thoroughly shocked by Ash's turn around. She's done a 180 because she came to him and said that she wants to fight for him to keep him in the house. Boogie says that Jen may not be his biggest fan this week if she stays. He won't put words in her mouth. Boogie goes onto say that it will be 5 on 3 if they get rid of Jen this week when it comes to HoH. Joe says he wants to speak to Ash because if she flips on him then he'll be burned. Joe says he really questions how Ash will vote he's watched her very carefully (that's why they call you 'ol eagle eye) and she votes with the house. Boogie agrees that the three of them should talk to her later. Boogie again pushes how excited and ready to play that Ash is acting. Boogie says Ash knows that Boogie is a better ally to have in the house. He rehashes that he and Frank are a huge target to keep in the house. Joe questions whether the two of them will switch sides. Frank and Boogie crack up saying no they are not returning to the other side.

03:17AM BBT Joe says he's going to go to bed but he needs to talk to Ash to find out if she's making the permanent switch to Boogie's side. Boogie understands. Boogie warns him to watch what Dan says. Boogie says he's ready to make some moves. Boogie tells Joe to have a good sleep. Joe heads in. Up in the HoH Shane and Dani are cuddling in the HoH bed, Shane listening to music.

03:23AM BBT Boogie says they have to keep pushing the fact there is a line drawn in the sand. That's the selling point for Joe. Boogie says we called someone out while they were reading the bible. They've dug a trench and ready to win the war. The two go onto say how awesome this will be this week if they can save Boogie. Boogie says he's due for an HoH win. Boogie says Ash needs to hit on the points that Joe was questioning to help sell him. Boogie says Joe really could climb in the pecking order if he helps them pull this off. Frank agrees that Ash is the same way. Frank says you can tell because Jen is willing to vote out her friend. Frank says they did the same with Wil when he voted out Kara.

03:27AM BBT Having heard the conversation I think it is genuine that he is at least kicking around the idea. However it is only Tuesday. There's still plenty of time for him to flip back. Joe is one of those players that does go back and forth. Game play wise it certainly makes sense for him to consider the option because he is ranked number 5 in his new alliance with Shane, Brit, Dan, Dani. Not to mention Ian is still a part of the Quack Pack which also throws a wrench into Boogie's vote this week. RT @StaceyGFoster: @mortystv so hes jumping ship again r its he just sayn that so they will shut up?

03:32AM BBT Boogie is certainly invigorated after his talk with Joe and Frank tonight. Boogie says you never know with Joe still. He won't get his hopes up like he did this morning (when he thought Dan was going to go up as a replacement nom for Frank). Shane and Dani continue to sleep in the HoH bed. Frank and Boogie head into the WA. Frank begins brushing his teeth. Frank says what would be more awesome would be if Jen caught wind of this and blew up on Joe so he'd feel a bit more heat from her and want to get her out. Both agree that they need to get to Ash in the morning before Joe does so they can coach her a bit.

03:34AM BBT Boogie and Frank head into bed. All four cams now display horizontal HGs sleeping in darkened rooms.

03:36AM BBT Dani now getting up to head downstairs and to wash her face. She offers to tuck Shane in. She puts the picture of Dozer in bed beside him. He says Awww. He tells Dani he'll see her in the AM. Dani heads out.

03:41AM BBT Dani currently the only one up washing her face.

03:49AM BBT Dani still in the WA, she brushes her teeth and lets her hair down for the night before removing the polish from her finger nails.

03:58AM BBT Dani heads into the WC and comes out to wash her hands. She pauses in front of the mirrors and checks out her backside/figure in the mirror a couple of times before heading off into the darkened rooms. Once again, we have 4 cams displaying horizontal HGs laying in darkened rooms. BB sets the rest of the house to basic night-time lightning.

04:03AM BBT On that note we're finished for the night ourselves. Will Joe flip to the other side or will he simply tell his new alliance the Head Hunters (Dan, Dani, Shane, and Brit - even though Brit wasn't there to agree/name it) about what was said? Will Boogie's plan to go to Dani and hint that he may have a special power work? Or will someone call Boogie/Joe out leaving Boogie no other choice but to simply self destruct and make everyone's life miserable for his last couple of days in the house? We'll just have to wait and see!

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9:07 AM BBT

Frank and Mike talking to Ashley about working with Joe. Ash isn't buying it, he's sold her under the bus so many times. They want her to talk to Joe about keeping Mike over Jenn. If she agrees to work with Mike, Frank and Joe, "We can really do this!"

Ashley is very worried because he goes upstairs and spends, like 3 hours up there and there's very scary. Frank tells her that Joe ended up having an anxiety attack yesterday and the medic had to come and everything.

"He'll work with us but he has to know there's a side to come to." tries Mike.

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9:12 AM BBT

He keeps pushing; if Joe, Ian, Mike , Frank and Ash work together it will be them against Shane, Brit, Dan & Dani. They've got numbers and can totally do this! Ash sounds like she's coming around.

9:15 AM BBT


Ashley saying that Britney will put her up in a heartbeat. Joe only had 3 questions; 1. Where do I fit on the totem pole? Mike says nothing - there's no order over here, all you've got over there is this gay showmance, which isn't even a showmance, with her. 2. Are you going after me? Mike explains that he had mentioned his name a little bit yes. 3. Where are you going to go after this week? Next week? Ashley responds that he ought to know that they have loyalty on this team, look how loyal they've been.

"Now Ash is a f-ng gamer." giggles Mike.

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9:29 AM BBT

"What if it's double evict? Will you put up Shane and Dan?" Ash asks

"Well, I like the idea of Dan and Danielle, then one of our people wins POV and take Danielle down and put Shane up." Frank says "In the off chance that Shane does win POV and wants to save one of them we tell him that if he does it, Britney is going up."

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9:33 AM BBT

Mike and Frank discussing how all their best plans are made in the morning. Joe needs to get up to talk to them. This is why they wanted to talk to Ash this early.

"I'll throw him a good luck after I end up staying on Thursday." says Mike referring to Dan. "She says she's going to win it. Win this game." says Ashley about Danielle. "The difference between her and Dan is that he never says anything, she says it all the time that she's going to win."

"Oh I am so sick of her and her...(Mike does a Danielle making a duck face and primping herself in a mirror impression). Good luck honey."

"She asked me what she should be for Halloween - an Egyptian or (something else)?" Franks says "Who the f cares?"

"Whichever one shows the least skin honey. Oh look at me, I'm all fired up again!" Mike laughs.

They discuss how Danielle doesn't consider the last competition endurance and how dumb that is.

It's now Ian's turn. Ash starts with how she adores his childlike innocence. Next thing it's all about how egocentric he is. "The game is all about Ian for him." says Mike.

Frank observes, "He's more worried about how his facial expression looks than how his game is."

Mike then says that "Ian will be one of those BB players who gets all caught up in the internet aspect of it. There will be a few people online who make him feel, that validate him and will make him think it's real, that there are millions of them when in reality, it's only a couple of hundred. There will be like 10 or 20 people who tell him how funny he is, like Janelle.|

9:48 AM BBT

The patio three are discussing why BB wakes them up at 9 or 10 like they do. Ashley says it's because the East Coasters complain if there's nothing on. Frank says that the internet would be upset with Superpass if it was after Noon and nothing was going on. They all agree that this is the best time of day though.

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10:01 AM BBT

Ashley was hurt by Janelle, "When people don't believe in me or want to work with me I'm like whatever." She carries on "Janelle was nice to me and everything but it was like, fake."

"Yeah, so fake." says Mike

"I really like Britney she's super nice but I don't get why her and Shane pretend they aren't working together." says Ashley

"I know, yesterday I was talking to them and Shane totally let it out of the bag that they were working together." says Frank

"I am just so glad that the lines are drawn in the sand. No more fake f-ing conversations. Game on Trick!" says Mike of Britney

All three then discuss her "Let's play 20 Questions" role. They say it ends up being way more than that. "What type of personality traits are you trying to give me?" Mike wonders "I already answered that, pork chops." he laughs.

"I always thought the purpose of 20 questions was to ask them to get to something?" Ashley says

Mike starts singing the Captain America anthem, but confuses it with Superman "Here I come to save the day!!!!!" WBRB

Mike then asks Frank and Ash what they think about this line "Father Dan and his Altar Boy. I can say it without saying it, you know?"

Conversation goes back to Joe willing him to wake up so they can swing his swing vote.

10:08 AM BBT

"Shout out to Barbara on the live feeds!" yells Mike "Your daughter's a player in the game yo."

Frank adds, "Joe might be the swing vote but your daughter is the MVP, Yo!"

10:13 AM BBT

"Five on three this week and one of them ain't Shane. This is the week to make some plays." says Mike. "I want to grind their bones into dust and make my bread this week." says Frank [Channeling Papa Vicious here if you ask me - lol - ZuZu]

"Janelle fans on the internet are like, "Oh no Ashley, don't help Boogie!!!" They are all going to hate this." says Mike.

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10:21 AM BBT

"This is the most exciting time to be in the house." Ashley says

"Pandora's Box, Double Evictions, Fast Forward it's all so exciting." Says Mike

"That was my biggest worry," says Ashley "That I'd win HOH and it would a double eviction and I'd have to think fast and wouldn't know what to do."

"Well now you know, that's the benefit of working with a tight crew." Mike reassures her.

"I've got to get Jenn to fight with Ian." Mike muses "I mean, I love Jenn and all but I love me more."

"Well, she already believes he says stuff, it was me I think but she thinks he was up in the HOH talking about her." Ashley says

They talk about how many people are left with only 4 weeks left. Mike guarantees a double eviction this week. He wants to be here for that so badly, he just wants to be in the manic craziness. He loves nominating people live and evicting people live it's so exciting.

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10:33 AM BBT

Mike called to DR.

Frank gives us a monolgue, Good Morning Superpassers: Mama, Mama K. I've still got my work boots on....I'm going to work to try and keep Mike this week. We've been talking and putting what happened to us out there, that kind of stuff shouldn't stay in the dark. Dan played a dishonest game and he's not opening his mouth so he doesn't have to lie but Mike and I are playing an honest game and we talk, talk, talk because we've got nothing to hide. Look at Ashley Iocco over there, she's a real MVP, she's a real player. I should never have doubted her. A real MVP.

Ashley comes out.

"Speaking of the MVP here she is." Says Frank

"Are you talking to the live feeders?" Ashley asks "Hi Live Feeders!"

"How was the DR?" he asks her

"It wasn't really a DR." she replies and we get WBRB

It comes back on to them discussing how they were worried about Mike yesterday and how good it is to see him back up today, they needed him to be fun loving Mike. Frank asks her what her natural hair colour is. "Dishwater blond." she says "Like mine? With a little less red?" Frank inquires "No, I have red undertones."

"We're Twinkies!" says Frank and they launch into how that is a term meaning twins and they start talking about homecoming etc. Mike is back

Ian called to DR. Groans and gets out of bed.

10:43 AM BBT

Jenn called to the DR. The patio crowd hopes the DR fires her all up. They also think telling everyone she's going to float to the end is a bad game strategy.

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10:50 AM BBT

Shane was next to DR but is now out. Jenn, Ian and Shane seen in the KT. Ian heads outside to the patio. They discuss the DR calls this morning. It appears they've all been getting "check ups". They were asking Mike what would happen if he left before jury, was his Mom in LA - does everyone seem ok? WBRB Ian worries that this means that Mike is thinking of walking out. "OH no, we are planning on staying! Planning on staying."

"You're going to have to chill out on the Joe animosity, going forward he's going to have to be one of our soldiers." points out Frank to Ian

"Ok." says a very unhappy sounding Ian.

They proceed to give Ian all the reasons this is a good idea.

Dan up and brushing his teeth in WA.

10:55 AM BBT

Ian worried that Joe can't be trusted. They tell him why they think he will play along.

"The beaker is half full of liquids. Let's shake is up and see what the reaction is." says Mike.

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11:06am Boogie in by saying if he stays this week he wants the other side rattled this week when they go to the hoh comp. Ian says hell yeah that would be good.Dan is in kt eating cereal and reading the fruit loop box.

11:13am Frank talking to mike on by couch saying he loved it that they were all outside talking and dan was in the kt eating all by himslef.Ash is now in kt making breakfast for herself.

11:16am Frank says we just need to make it through this week and next week should be a double eviction. Boogie says yeah it is coming up probably next week it is coming soon . boogie says they are going to have to have a couple of double evictions in the next 4 weeks. he says i dont think they will have another indurance till the very end.

11:23am Frank says i want shane,dani and brit to be sitting next to each other on thursday . i want to watch their faces when you stay here.

11:32am Dan is in crane rm reading his bible. Ash is eating breakfast at the kt counter. boogie sitting with Ash watching frank cook him breakfast. Ian come in kt fram the by and gets a bowl of cereal and heads back out to the by.

11:53am Ian and Ash sitting on the hammock laughing at something. Dan in the pool throwing apples in a bowl

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12:04pm :brit in wa doing her makeup talking to frank. they talk about their cell phones and how to unl;ock them. Frank says he had to tell bb how to unlock his. Brit says they had to do mine in front of me cuz i couldnt remember. frank says they had to get numbers off my phone and i was worried i sent a text message when i was coming here and we get foth.

12:07pm talk continues about cell phones and how much Brit does texting , Frank doesnt like texting that much he rather talk on the phone. Jenn is now up and went to wc then washed her hands and looks like she is going back to bed. dan is in the pool, ash laying in the hammock in the sun, Ian is walking around the by talking to ash about pirates and noahs ark.

12:15pm joe is in hoh talking to shane. joe says boogie and frank woke him up at 3am and said ash wants to talk to you tomorrow. he says she will try to get me to vote for mike.

12:25pm joe is going down to try to hook up with ash and talk to her. joe says she is on the hammock and i will make it a public afair i wont do it just the 2 of us. shane says i have to see this let me get a shower and i will be right down there.

12:35pm :ash and joe talking in hnbr ash saying that she has always had joes back. ash is telling joe about the girls alliance and how jenn would hve gotten her out if they had a chance and how she has a better chance with boogie and frank. she says it isnt like boogie and frank are gonna win all the time we will have a chance also. but if i go over to the shane group i wont win. joe says well i will make a disision today but i have to talk to boogie again.

12:36pm ash tells joe we are in the best position in this house.

12:42pm Ash tells joe he is the swing vote in the house and joe says this may draw the lione if boogie goes we have a week if boogie stays here we might have another 2 weeks left here.

12:43pm : joe says i am gonna talk to jenn too and see why she is so mad at me. she said something about i told shane that frank cheated on the whole pov thing but i didnt say it shane says he didnt say anything.

12:52pm most hg outside in by sitting around general talk going on .

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3:02 BBT In the Immortal Words of Big Brother "Expect the Unexpected" .... Question mark in the Arcade Machine, HG's on Lockdown .... Jen Talking to Ash and ian confronting Joe .... Jen Fired up all Day about her nomination .... At this Point Frank Joe and Ian in KT talking Chicken Breasts , so what is will be .... Not to mention Joe keeps saying he will tell Frank and Boogie His "Answer" to who he will vote with all day and has yet to come forth ... Joe is now talking with Boogie about lies going around ... Like Ian is not with you Mike ?

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3:21 BBT Brit up with the 4 HoH (Brit, Shane, dan, dani) Crew saying about the Question mark box that it may be who gets the clue after lock down can ring a bell and go to DR and then all Hell breaks loose (We've seen this happen before in season 12 or 11 .. the one with Russell in it , sorry for my memeory, not as good as Ian's) (EVerytime we get talk of a pandora's Box we get cut away to other Folks in the House .... Jen and Ash talking about what to expect for votes in the WA

3:30 We still have Jen and Ash talking in the WA BUT in the Background we have heard 4 times now "You are not allowed to talk about production" and we have got no fishes , so it's not Jen and ash talking about Production

3:33 BY is Open ... no more Lock down

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3:02BBT Jenn repeating her convos to Ash. Ash says she is proud of her for fighting, she got the votes. Jenn says its scary, she hopes she has the votes. Jenn continues that its them two against her.

Joe pulls Ian into the HN rm. Asks him where his vote is....Ian says Keeping boogs. There are rumors but he is 100%. Dont know where he heard that, but keep Boogie around we can go farther. The other team is solid, you wont get in with them.

Jenn and Ash still whispering in Arcade rm. Mike talks to Joe. Joe says he is trying to figure a few things out. Joe says there are some lies going around, hearing Ian wont vote for you. Mike says Ian is voting for him. He gave them 3K and kept him in the game. He is not a good gamer but he is a good guy. They are just trying to get your vote.

Mike says the flipside is Shane will be on the side lines and they will have them shell shocked. Mike says maybe after this is over they can stay friends and do some business, Dan cant do that from Deerborn. If the gauntlet hasnt been thrown down by Thurs he will throw it down in his speech. Froogie wont lose two HOH in a row.

Saw how you stayed with Jani, told Frank you are smart enough to roll with them not the others. Mike going to talk about leaving then surprise!!! If we do this and then walk out and win HOH, they are going to F4.

In HOH Dani repeats her convo with Jenn to Shane, Dan and Brit. She reassured Jenn she had her vote. Dan says he told her too. If Joe would tell Jenn that Ash and Frank were campaigning against her that would be golden.

Ash tells Mike that Jenn told her that Joe said she was just a pawn, did it on purpose to secure Joes vote. The couldnt put anyone else up to guarantee Mike going out. Mike says its ok, you know he is going to do this. Joe likes the back and forth and everyone begging him.

Mike tells Ash that he talked to Joe and told him he didnt need to know either way right now. We keep trying, not going to give up. He is going to tell everyone what they want to hear.

3:24BBT Mike tells Frank Joe told Jenn she had his vote. MIke sits at table, Ian whispers part of his convo with Joe in SR.

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Jenn and Ash talk in WA. Jenn hopes Joe is telling her the truth. They keep working Joe, its a rap guys give it up. LD over, Jenn heads out to tan. Mike to Frank: next convo we have with him (Joe) we have to ask him what he is saying to Jenn. Then we will know. F'in pissed at the fat B*****d. so tired of this. Mike says he literally wants to go up and punch Dan in the face, If he could do it and get away with it he would.....Just kidding. He's so F'in smug.

Frank and Mike go back and forth telling each other what to say to Joe. BB says " you are not allowed to talk about production." Mike says I have these ppl. Outside Joe says he was cornered, he was sweating. It hurts that he (Mike) would go there. His palms got sweaty. He wanted to go..really? basically was saying he wouldnt talk to him outside the game.

Dan tells Joe that Mike has offered ppl jobs before and not done it. Dani says Mike cant tell you who you can and cant hang out with. Dan asks if he offered you F3, Joe nods, Dani says he did me too.

3:44BBT They wonder if they will get alcohol tonight. It will get ugly if they do. "They" will take it all. Shane says he has 4 beers upstairs, let them.

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4:03 PM BBT

Outside Shane and Dan talking about various sports. Dan is awful at golf. Shane doesn't play baseball.

Inside Ashley and Frank now catching up on the conversation he and Joe just finished.

Outside the yard we can hear a band saw buzzing.

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3:49pm BBT Joe says this lie will not go down w/o them know it next week. It will be turmoil they know they have told me everything. Dani comments that is cooler today then yesterday. she also needs to do some laundry. (yes the topics change that fast.)

Dani tries to get Joes mind off things by asking about his friend Gunther. Gunther is in China now, Dani says she's been there.

Ian says after LD he was outside looking for coins to use in the crane machine to get the ? out of it.

Frank pulls Joe in the Arcade room. asks him if he told Jenn she was ok. He told her she was safe. As far as he knows she is a pawn to go up against Mike and get him out. Joe tells him Ians vote is good. Joe wants Jenn to settle down and maybe not come after him if she does stay. Frank says its a huge decision for the season.

Joe says its wayingheavy on him. Frank says its the best option for him. Not going to throw a red herring out there, your vote matters to me. Mike is my homy, if you got our backs you are my homy.

4:00pm BBT Joe says there are some major flip floppers in here. Frank says if he gets HOH who do they think He will put up? Ian or Ash after the got their vote, no.

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4:07 PM BBT

Frank telling Ashley what they were talking about outside. How Joe and Jenn are working together. Frank says he reminded Joe that they stabbed him in the back twice. If he wins HOH next week then Shane and Britney will be sucking up to him again.

Silence has descended outside as Shane puts laundry in.

Danielle talking to Dan outside now. She tells him how Jenn thinks that Dan is the reason that she is put up. Danielle says that Jenn was telling her that she has to totally get away from Dan, that Dan will back stab her. She tells Dan that she has reasons to stay loyal to Dan and that Jenn needs to be cautious of what she`s doing because some of what she`s hearing about Dan is lies.

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