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8/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:54 pm bbt, ian, shane, dan and britney in back yard playing badmitton. Frank and Jenn having private conversation in back yard chairs, cameras are on the badmitton game so far...

Joe is the net referee! O serving 11, sounds like Dan and Britney are winning.

10:54 bbt, Boogie joins Jenn and Frank, but no audio heard at this point.

10:57 bbt, Jenn, Frank and Boogie are talking about musicians that they know and Boogie talking about a trip he took to Australia.

11:01 bbt, Ashley has joined Frank and Jenn, Boogie took his dirty plate into the house. Ashley tolded to "please put on your microphone"

11:03 bbt, Jenn asked what the badmitton score was, told 15 to 4. Now chit chat between Ashley and Jenn about not much of anything...

11:05 bbt, Mike called to Diary Room. BB14 being boring this early in the season is so disappointing. Jenn and Ashley talking about how well Britt plays badmitton.

Frank talking about how he hates to take showers at night because he has to wait for his hair to dry. Frank states that he stinks and has to "wash his ass and his balls" Jenn says that she has to wash her ass too.

Jenn talking about someone named Ben Moody. who was engaged, and when he found out somethings while on tour and "was out"

11:11 bbt Ashley goes back into the house...leaves Frank and Jenn alone...who are still watching the badmitton game!

11:12 bbt Ashley returns from inside with a glass of Water. Jenn asks "where is danielle",

Danielle is observing the badmitton tournament from the hammock

11:15 bbt Frank goes into take a shower!

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10:36 pm BBT Frank goes over his conversations with Joe and the fact that all he was looking for from Joe was honesty and he got that. Brit understands and says she feels like sometimes this place (the bb house) is a dream that she is going to wake up from and say "that was ridiculous"

10:40 pm BBT Brit exits and the guys look at each other smiling. Frank says shes easier to talk one on one with then the others. They agree Shane and Dani are tougher to work than Brit. Frank recaps an earlier conversation with Dani.

10:45 pm BBT Froogie decides they have to be the last people Shane talks to tonight and the last before POV ceremony in the morning. Dani is chasing Brit all over the house for no apparent reason.

11:02 pm BBT All HGS are outside. Dan and Ian are losing to Brit and Shane at badminton 15-4. Joe is doing the officiating which Dan keeps calling into question. Jenn Frank Boogie and Ash are talking music. Dani is in the hammock watching badminton.

11:29 pm BBT Dan gets called to the dr which he ignores in favor of badminton. Boogie thinks he derves a penalty nom forit. As Boogie says that Ian twists his ankle and falls to the ground.

11:37 pm BBT Ashley recapping her talk with Shane and Jenn says that hers was pretty similar. Ash says she feels like they did work and that shes confident they will get their way. Ash doesn't want to get ahead of herself like she did last week when she though Frank would use POV on Wil but she is excited. Jenn says yeah we need Boogie around one more week so we (her or Ash) can put him up. They laugh and talk about food.

11:40 pm BBT Ashley recapping her talk with Shane and Jenn says that hers was pretty similar. Ash says she feels like they did work and that shes confident they will get their way. Ash doesn't want to get ahead of herself like she did last week when she though Frank would use POV on Wil but she is excited. Jenn says yeah we need Boogie around one more week so we (her or Ash) can put him up. They laugh and talk about food.

11:46 pm BBT Joe told Frank he missed all the fun while he was in the shower. there was a medic who came in and wrapped Ian's foot Frank gets mad and says everytime!

11:53 pm BBT Frank Boogie and Ash on BY couches making small talk about Frank's life. Shane and Dani are playing pool not really talking at all.

12:01 am BBT Dan talks to Ian about the endurance comp from his competition and how it affects him now. Dan says when he drives for a medium period of time his leg falls asleep now.

12:09 am BBT In the BY Brit tells Ian that Dan is in just as bad a position as he is and that Ian will have to burn bridges at some point. Ian just nods. Brit says she does't want Ian throwing comps. He says he wont.

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12:24 m BBT Ash is talking to Boogie about chipotle. She knows someone from the bad girls club and they go to chipotle all the time. That gets them talking about the bad girls club and who has made it after the show. Jenn says she knws one of the girls too. Boogie says it is the dumbest show on tv. She says girls just look trashy that go on there. Ash moves onto other reality shows.

12:45 am BBT still the same around the house BY couches talking reality shows. Brit goes to hoh. Her and Dan discuss how awkward Boogie and Frank at with them. Dani walks in and Dan asks whats new. Dani says they are selling the same story. Dan says anything you need me to clear up? Dani says nope. Dan and Brit then move on to talk hoh and that if Frank wins they hope he puts up Dan and Joe this way Dans side will have the numbers.

12:55 am BBT The quack pack minus Ian are all in the hoh room going over conversations that they had with Froogie Jenn and Ash today, all of which involved throwing Dan under the bus. Brit starts the Boogie bashing by asking why he needs to do a wardrobe change into his chilltown gear before his DR sessions. She says that he is a 42 year old man what the heck is he doing with all that stuff still it just isn't cool anymore.

1:00 am BBT Dan talks about brining Joe in as a buffer for votes. Brit says she doesnt want him to know about the core four and Shane agrees by saying he is just a little too crazy to bring in. He continues lets just let him think he is in.

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01:00 BBT

Quack Pack (minus Ian) discussing the game in the HOH. Brit says Ian wants Joe to go next. Brit told him Frank was more dangerous and Ian said he'd rather let one of them go after Frank. Danielle said Ian was so scared to get blood on his hands. Brit: "He does NOT want to do the dirty work." Dan: "He will vote the right way." Brit: "Yes, that's true."

Frank/Boogie down in the SBR discussing when they want to talk to Shane next. Boogie thinks probably tomorrow morning would be better b/c he doesn't like to bother ppl right before they go to sleep. Sounds like Boogie wants to offer Shane a place to stay in LA and a job if he does what they want.

The Quack Pack thinks Joe is very volatile - changes his emotions a lot. Apparently he's currently upset with Ashley, but that could change, Dani says. Brit says Ashley doesn't trust Jenn b/c she doesn't know if Jenn is really w/ Froogie or not. Shane rehashes the conversation when Boogie suggested to Ian that he put up Brit/Shane. Qu.Pack laughs and wonders if Boogie realizes Ian isn't working 4 him anymore.

Danielle thinks Ashley threw the POV comp. Brit says she doesn't think so - that she's pretty dumb IRL. Dani says no she thinks it's an act. Brit/Dan remark about how she's treating Ian. Dani says Ash said she's been in a shomance with all of Boogie's team -- Boogie, Ian, Frank, & Jenn. Dani doesn't believe her. Brit says Ash is super 2-faced -- said she saw it in how she treated Janelle before.

01:24 BBT

Brit talks straight to the camera to us Live Feeders… says Ian is upset at missing us b/c he broke his leg and can't be here right now.

Shane reiterates his plan - that he's going to put Jenn up to replace Frank. Shane wants to practice what he's going to say at the ceremony. Dan asks him what his reason for putting her up is. Shane says it's to secure the votes against Boogie, but he's not sure how to word that. Dan/Brit/Dani give him ideas.

Meanwhile outside on the couches, Frank/Joe/Jenn are talking about how much Wil lied about everything. Joe says they'll probably watch the show later and discover how much more people lied about that they didn't even know about. They say how funny it is that so many HGs lied about their profession. Frank laughs and says he didn't have a problem just straight up admitting that he was unemployed.

Frank wants to go upstairs. Joe says he thought Dan was in the shower, but to go ahead if he wants. Frank goes over to do laundry. Meanwhile, Brittany says one of them should go check on things downstairs, so Dan volunteers to go down. Brit wants to make sure Joe isn't being buddy-buddy w/ Frank and them.

Dan says the Eagle Eye report is that Joe was outside talking to Frank and maybe Boogie. He says looks like everyone else is asleep. Says Joe say him looking for him. Shane says he thinks Joe is just trying to be nice so he can see where Frank's head is at. Dan tells Shane to see if Joe brings it up tomorrow so they can find out what they were talking about.

Frank's kicking himself for not trying to get Dan out when he had the chance - says he told Shane not to miss this chance to get Dan out this week. Frank wants to work w/Joe & Joe says possibly but he wants to wait until after the POV to decide anything… says Shane wouldn't even tell him if he was safe this week so he's gotta wait & make sure he's not gunning for him b4 he decides if he wants to work w/ Dan.

01:54 BBT

Frank heads towards the HOH. Dan tells everyone not to volunteer any information - just see what he says. Frank comes into HOH and conversation turns to Ian and badminton. Dan puts on the headphones to listen. Brit heads downstairs to the KT.

Brit & Joe go into the arcade to talk. Joe says he & Frank didn't talk about anything very interesting - just that he should vote w/ them… that they'd toss Jenn b/c they'd rather work with him. Joe says he remained really non-committal but friendly. Brit tells him that Froogie said the same thing to everyone (promising final3).

02:05 BBT

Frank heads to bed. Meanwhile in the HOH, Dani/Frank/Brit talking about what it's like living in the house vs. living outside the house. Frank wants to know what it's like going from being in the house to not. Brit says it's not bad - once you're out, everything will feel normal again.

Shane/Dani head to the KT. Dani says she's craving cereal. Brit/Frank in the HOH talking about Ian's ankle, junk food, and general chit-chat.

Frank/Brit/Dan general chit-chat about college/high school and how small/big their hometowns are. Shane and Dani are outside talking to Joe about Frank and his conversation w/ him earlier.

02:28 BBT

Dani asks Joe if he trusts Froogie - Joe says of course not. Shane tells Joe that Froogie promised all of their team the same thing. They all say they also don't really trust Ashley either. Shane wants to know what Joe would do if Frank wins HOH next week - Joe assures him that he's with them to the end - that he'd never go with Froogie.

Joe says he was loyal to his Janelle team, but he never really felt comfortable around them. He didn't like how they much they lied, etc. Joe's excited to be on a good team (w/ Shane, Dani, etc) - he asks how to go about getting Frank out next week - put him up or backdoor him. Dani says either way could work but it'll depend on the week and the situation. Joe agrees & says it'll need to be a group decision.

02:48 BBT

Brit wonders where Dani and Shane went, so her and Frank head downstairs to find out. Frank's surprised to see Joe still awake too. Dani & Brit head in to get ready for bed. The guys start talking about the POV comp. Brit & Dani in the WA talking about Froogie - Brit says it's irritating that Boogie isn't even fighting for himself - making Frank do all the work.

03:00 BBT

Shane and Frank are outside on the couches. Shane's telling him that he's told Dani he's got to consider putting up Dan this week b/c it's a good option. Frank nods and agrees. (Everyone else in the house is either sleeping or getting ready for bed).

Shane promised Frank a jury vote and Frank said it's mutual. Shane's trashing-talking Dan and saying he doesn't trust him. Frank's all excited and really wants to work with Shane. {It's hard to tell if Shane's just telling Frank what he wants to hear, if if this is how he really feels.}

03:15 BBT

Shane continues throwing Dan under the bus, but his body language suggests that he's lying to Frank (arms crossed tight, etc). Frank's body language suggests that he's totally being truthful (a very open relaxed posture), which seems to suggest that Shane is lying through his teeth about wanting to work with Frank and Frank's eating it up.

Dani comes back outside. Talk turns to body size and Dani says she wishes she could be happy w/ what God gave her. Shane/Frank assure her that they don't like skinny skinny girls - some guys do, but a lot of guys don't. Dani's like, "Really?" She says a lot of girls wish they were itty bitty, but Shane/Frank say that's not really what guys want.

FOTH for about 5 minutes now. Not sure what's going on.

03:39 BBT

Feeds are back. Shane and Dani are in the HOH - can't believe Boogie keeps going for the money instead of trying to win HOH. Shane's listening to music and he and Dani are trying to figure out what the next competition is going to be.

03:49 BBT

Dani worries about what Boogie said about her being a floater. Shane says that's ridiculous, "Who has he gotten out? Willie and JoJo. Who have we gotten out? Janelle and Boogie!!!"

Shane/Dani talking about how Britney didn't even try to win HOH this week, which kind of bugs them. Also Ian saying he doesn't want blood on his hands even if he wins HOH really bugs them. Dani says, "That's fun. I'll win HOH. I'll get rid of all the bugs in this house!

Correction… Dani said: "That's fine. I'll win HOH. I'll get rid of all the bugs in this house!"

Dani tells Shane that is bugs her when he calls her needy when she asks him to do stuff for her. Shane says he just does it because he likes to get a rise out of her. Dani says, "Why cuz I'm cute when I'm mad?" Shane nods, "Yup!" Dani gets more annoyed, and Shane laughs. Dani, "Do you really think I'm a needy girl?" Shane, "No. Not really. I think JoJo was needy. Not you."

04:07 BBT

Dani and Shane keep flirt-fighting in the HOH room. Dani says thanks for letting her sleep in there. Shane turns out the light, but they keep bantering back and forth.

Shane says they can't let the other side get out Dan or Brittany. Dani agrees. Shane hopes Boogie won't start spreading personal rumors around about people when he realizes he's going home.

04:15 BBT

Dani reminds Shane that they can't tell Joe too much too soon. Shane agrees and tells her how Joe said he wouldn't decide who to put up w/o talking to the group. Shane keeps asking Dani if she's really a Kindergarten teacher and she keeps insisting that she is, but he doesn't believe her.

04:23 BBT

Dani/Shane talking about BB and gameplay and what an interesting game BB is. Dani is rubbing Shane's head. They start talking about what happened when during the game so far.

Shane keeps mentioning BB production and we get FOTH quite a bit. Shane gets annoyed and says he's just going to go to bed b/c BB can't yell at him to be quiet when he's sleeping. Dani says, "No we'll just talk about something else." Shane is worried about putting a target on Dani's back if they have a showman. He wonders if Jeff/Jordan were obvious about it or not, during their season. Dani says they were.

04:38 BBT

Dani & Shane in the HOH talking, talking, talking. Dani says she knows Shane like the back of her hand. Shane says if he saw anyone talking trash about her, he'd step in and stand up for her.

Dani/Shane snuggling now - not talking anymore. Dani had said she was going to go downstairs to sleep next to Brittany, but looks like she might just fall asleep in Shane's arms.

04:47 BBT

Dani gets up and Shane offers to walk her to the door and she says no b/c he looks comfy. Shane says he'll need to talk to her after noms tomorrow b/c there'll be a lot of backlash. She says of course. Dani goes downstairs and sits at the KT table with her head in her hands for a second, then gets up and goes to the WA.

04:56 BBT

Dani tip-toes through the living room towards the bedrooms. She stops and looks at the camera and put her finger up too her mouth as if telling the cameras to be quiet. Then she heads into the SBR and crawls into bed… which I think I will be doing too, now! Good night, my Twitter friends!!

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9:03 AM BBT

Caught a glimpse of Mike running laps.

Jenn and Ashley up and talking on the patio. Their conversation is going in and out as we get WBRB. Lights are still out in the house.

9:00 AM BBT

Jenn talking to the cams as Ashley goes inside for something out of the SR.

"I've got that Gaga song stuck in my head. Come on and play something today so I can get it out. 'Rumour has it' by Adele would be awesome today."

Ashley comes back out. She says that no matter what, she would never put up a girl. Jenn says she likes Britney but she really digs Jenn. They are talking about how Britney can't see what they can see, how she can't see what happened last season happening again.

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8:13am bbt We have FOTH, followed by movement in the BB house! Boogie, Ashley first up, followed by Jenn.

8:30am bbt Boogie on patio talks to himself(and us, about his POV speech?) "A french philosopher had a long quote, I'm going to keep it short, and in english..."

Boogie:Dr Will, we have a big one today brother, really wish you had come along, twice as hard as allstars, no where near the finish line, you are certainly glad you stayed home. What a big moment today, come on Shane, swing it my way brother

8:34am bbt Ashley joins Boogie outside, he explains to her this year/time on the block is so different than his other two times on BB. BB2 there was no POV, he went out early, Allstars he cruised to end.

8:36am bbt Ashley says she plays percentages, really thought last week Dan was going. Boogie says it's his fault, he trusted Dan, knew him outside the house, imagine if he did this to us, what he will do to the rest of you? Frank would have done it if I had let him. The downfall was Wil came to HOH and coped an attitude.

8:38am bbt Jenn joins them on patio, Boogie feels if Shane won't put up Dan, there is chance Joe goes up. The 3 rehash Wil last week, coaches twist, decision to keep Dani(and Dan) week 2, Wil's lies

8:44am bbt Jenn says Frank went to talk with Shance late last night. Boogie feels this morning is important, last one to talk with Shane. Boogie says he talked to Dani, tried to work things out with her, said he ended with a thank you for helping with his ear. He shares with Jenn/Ash his suspicion about Dani being a nurse

8:46am bbt Ash asks about Dani's loyalty to Dan. Boogie says his biggest hurdle today is Dani begging Shane not to nominate Dan.

8:48am bbt Boogie:Dan's always going to come up first when people start going at those guys, is probably what's in her mind. If I was her I'd think maybe Dan should go and I can blend into the background, let the bigger people battle. She's going to be a target if she's a duo with Dan, and a duo with Shane.

8:55am bbt Boogie asks Jenn/Ash if they will talk with Shane this morning? Jenn will if opportunity presents, but won't run to HOH, she feels less is more. Boogie says Shane has to feel good he knows how votes will go, he can move on. Jenn:Maybe it's good you put Frank/Mike up together because you found out important info. Boogie says he will reinforce that point with Shane today.

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9:12 AM BBT

Jenn talking with Mike about how she observed Frank being "on it" last night. He wanted to know if everyone has been keeping words in the HOH ear.

She goes back to talking to Ashley about a conversation she had with JoJo about how they all have personality issues in the house. They all have "Issues"no one is walking around here "like Jesus Christ walking on water". The point she is making is that other people had a different impression of JoJo than she did. She actually pointed out to JoJo that while she could tell her all sorts of things about her and her life, when questioned, JoJo couldn't tell her anything about Jenn. "That's because we're always talking about you." Jenn had pointed out. Ashley laughs. "I told her she has to try to get to know other people in this house to get along better."

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9:27 AM BBT

"Ashley cooking it up." says Jenn as she watches Ash makes a breakfast bowl (?). They are so fun to make!

She tells Ash about the time she had a band (missed who) arranged to play and they hollered out on the stage to come to the Virgin record store to see them for a signing. Jenn was upset because she had to hire extra security and the teeny bopper fans trashed the place.

Frank is now up. They ask him how he slept, "Pretty good, burning that midnight oil."

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9:32 AM BBT

"I just found out what soul food is recently," Ash says "you know how Frank thinks I'm crazy because I believe that if you eat when you're happy it doesn't stick to you."

"That's not why I think you're crazy." Frank jokes

"Well if you eat then, when you're happy, it makes you happy, it feeds your soul. What is soul food anyways?" Ash asks

"Southern food, same idea." Jenn and Frank explain it to her.

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9:37 AM BBT

Frank and Mike talking outside. Frank tells Mie about the conversation he had with Shane and Danielle last night. Danielle told them that she had to review whatever decisions she had to make "Boom! That's great news right there!" says Mike.

They discuss how Dan wasn't really talking yesterday and how that impacted everything. Mike is going to keep pressing that pressure point with everyone. "Yeah, well especially when he's walking around acting all holier than though and everything." Frank says. They talk about how he avoiding them but walking around to see where they are. At one point Dan came into a room and Mike pretended to be asleep to see what he would do - it was nothing. After they turned the lights off last night Mike saw something really creepy; a woman's face in the window and she was filming, closing in on sleeping Frank. We get WBRB.

Mike points out that Ian and Jenn are done with Dan. They think they can get Jenn on her side, now that she's super motivated. MIke says that in the past Dan got Jerry's vote by saying good night to him everynight, no matter what. "Pay Boyle, Pat Flynn, sorry your boy just made a move too early." Mike says to the camera "I respect it but.."

They now talk about being F3. It will be an epic battle! Frank thinks people are rooting for them, that if they are in the finals televisions will be on everywhere. "I know I'm not popular like some of the nice people," Mike says "but I am just playing the game and trying to keep it real." "Audiences aren't like they used to be," replies Frank "People are loving this stuff!"

Mike says he's really surprised about the amount of gaming that Ashley is doing in the past few days. She told him that if someone is talking to you they should be talking game. "Oh sweetheart, I'll be right in your ear, talking game all day!" he laughs. He mentions the Wiz again and how they told him... WBRB

Inside Ashley and Jenn are still talking just general info about the various

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9:56 AM BBT

Joe talking with Frank and Mike about Ian. They say he is pretty non-committal. He won't discuss what he is going to do. He just needs to make his mind up. "I think he's got his mind made up, he's just not saying anything." says Joe. Joe is asking why his name comes up. When he addresses it the first time there's a few seconds of silent. "With Joe on the jury means some fair meals." says Frank "And a fair vote!" pipes up Mike. They are telling him that he's only coming up as a back-up, the plan is for Dan.

Joe points out that the physical aspect of the game is only 50% maybe, it's more 60/40. The rest is "Can you navigate this house?"

"It's true, those competitions are only about 5% of the game, the rest of the time, 95% is the conversations you have in this house." says Mike.

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10:16 AM BBT

Ashley loves cats that act like dogs. Jenn is telling her how her cats always wake her up.

Ian in the SR. Frank talking on the patio to us. What his future plans might be. It's a lot of what he has already said with Mike. He likes Shane but it takes him too long to make up an answer. Working with him is risky. He doesn't like working with people like that.

Mike goes upstairs to the HOH to see him. It's probably his last chance to talk to him "before this happens" he expects it will happen early this morning.

"Janelle tainted my reputation in the game....she painted this image and then it grew and grew and then this little thing with saying Britney's name it grew and grew but at the end of the day you spent 40 some odd days with me." WBRB

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10:28 AM BBT

Mike has a lot to offer he's super loyal, he's not going after Britney and that's all he's got to say. He had earlier talked about Dan again. A lot of rehashing what we've already heard. Shane closes it out with "I have to do what's best for my game."

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10:33 AM BBT

Joe puts on a white shirt. He's now in the SR ironing it.

Outside Ian telling them about how Dan asked him last night if he was up for trading beds last night. "Ashley was there and she said "it's because frank farts right?"" Ian tells us.

Mike is on edge about the ceremony. Shane gets called to DR and he jumps a little, "F! Do you think that's it?" Frank laughs, "No, it'd be me."

10:40 AM BBT

Dan sitting at Kitchen table with a glass of ice water and rapping his knuckles on the table. No way of knowing what he's thinking. Now he's in the WC.

Joe comes in to WA "Nice Shirt Joe!" Frank exclaims.

Frank heads upstairs and we get cams of HOH washroom.

Everyone just getting ready for the Veto ceremony.

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10:48 AM BBT

Joe gives a shout out to his kids and tells them to have a fantastic first day back to school. Gives them a list of chores to make sure they do and to really enjoy their day.

10:49 AM BBT

Frank up in the HOH. Shane just finishing up his ADL. "15 minutes dude." Shane says "I know that was a quick heads up!" Frank replies.

"I just.. Ahh, I was gonna tell you I kind of want Mike to go home just to mess with ya." jokes Frank. "I really just wanted to be the last one up here before everything. I've been telling you the same thing for a couple of days, that hasn't changed."

10:54 AM BBT

Shane and Frank talking about others. Shane pointing out to Frank that he really likes Mike and Britney - they just won't lie. That's the thing, if you just don't lie about a move you made in this house you can still be trusted and work it out. Frank saying how Dan lied about certain things and wouldn't own up to stuff.

Shane saying that he's leaning one way but if he did it (put Dan up) he'd be "castrasized" Britney really wants to believe and trust in Dan. If he did it, she'd disown him. He has to do what's right for his game though.

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11:53 AM BBT Jenn and Ashin side room. Jenn is nominated.

Boogie and Frank talking in the SBR. Boogie is saying Shane is a phony. They say they are going to tell Brit that they no longer have her back.

Boogie very upset - says he needs to calm down before he interacts with the HGs.

11:57 AM BBT Ash comes in to tell Boogie she is sorry - says the positive energy didn't help. Brit and Jenn in the side room. She is hugging it out with Jenn. Jenn says she can't talk to Shane right now.

Ian takes Jenn to the side room. Ian tells her it was not a good decision. Ian calls Shane a scumbag. Jenn says Dan threw her under the bus.

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12:01pm enn goes to hoh and says shane would you like to tell me whats going on he says i was in a tough spot and i didnt need you to go around doing boogies dirty work she says i wasnt he says you was going around getting info and taking it back to boogie .

12:04pm shane telling jenn to gomget votes and he put her in franks place because i thought you could get the votes it was between you and ian and boogie already threw ian under the bus . jenn s ays he threw me under the bus too. shane says i like you jenn its nothing personal jenn says i like you too. shane said i just put a big target on muy head by doing this . jenn said you sure did.

12:09pm jen goes in sbr now to talk to boogie and frank she says i am so sorry and gives boogie a hug. frank says he knew he wasnt going to put dan up there. jenn says yeah he said brit didnt want dan on there. she says i walked in the kt and told dan imhope you make it to the end and walked out and was singing the song " you look so pretty digging your grave" and we get foth

12:14pm Jenn tells boogie i am sorry its us . boogie says yeah yeah sweetheart it all good to bad it all has to come to an end and its better this week than next week for me and bb calls boogie to the dr.

12:17pm most hg in kt eating or preparing food. boogie sitting in lvrm alone sipping his protien shake.

12:21pm ash and dani in crane rm talking about jenn being all upset. ash says i think she knows she is gone that is the plan right. dani says yeah of course it is.

12:34pm ash says i just knew for sure i was going up. she says this game is hard. dani says i wanted joe to go up but that didnt happen.

12:35pm frank says you can take your appoligy and stick it you made us look like yoyos boogie says if you think you will look bad on tv wellmyou mlook like dans bitch. and you better hope that your boss wins hoh this week cuz frank is still here. frank says and dan was number 1 on my list now he is 2 shane says ok thats fine frank.

12:39pm brit in crane rm with ash and dani. brit says i feel so sorry for shane. dani says shane has had it do rough in this game. in kt jenn says she is going to go get in a shower. boogie says what is great for you three is you go to the end with one of them then you have 3 votr\es against them for scumbagging. he says team boogie congrats guys i will enjoy it from afar.

12:42pm Boogie says dan good job for letting shane do your dirty work. ian says i think making lunch is the best move you have made all day shane says what ian says nothing.

12:46pm frank says joe works out pretty good for you though. boogie says they have nothing to offer you over there they will be nice to you but they are tight . frank says you knmow mike and i will have your back and we will roll with you , you said you wanted someone to roll with right . joe says right. boogie says sleep on it but if i am still here next week and they win us 2 will go up you wont go up.

12:49pm :joe says give me 24 hours and i will not drag it out i will tell you yhes or no then let me see what they have to say. boogie says ok ok and if i stay here we might go up but we plan to win and we can get dan this time.

12:53pm : joe leaves the sbr . frank says we have been in this fing spot before and we made it. boogie says dan wont even look at me frank says i seen that. boogie says the only way this works is an absolute threat and i want to be there for it unless you have a problem. frank says of course. he says just a nice threat is all we need. frank says i want to sit in lvrm and they leave the sbr.

12:57pm jenn in wa asking joe if he told boogie that she was giving info to boogie about what was said in the dairy queen? joe says no. jenn says ok i was just asking a question. joe goes back to kt.

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1:00PM BBT-3:00PM BBT

  • 1:00- Boogie, Frank, & Dan are sitting in the LR. Boogie is teasing Dan about hiding their alliance well. Ashley, Britany, & Dani are in the WA going over what Joe just told Dani & talking about how tense the house is.
  • 1:04-Britany & Ashley are in the WA trying to stay away from Frank & Boogie so they wont get yelled at. Britany looks worried & somewhat upset.
  • 1:12- Boggie , Frank, & Joe in the LR. Boogie is trying to convince Joe how Dan plays & that he is just using people to get to the end. Boogie wants to vent to someone instead of sitting around waiting to go home.
  • 1:20- joe is up in HOH complaining to Shane about Jenn saying Shane told her he said she was gathering info for both sides. Joe is mad & wants to go off on Frank, Boogie, & Jenn. Dan says he told them being upset is fine but being a bully is not. They talk about how upset Jenn & Ian both are.
  • 1:26-Britany & Ashley are @ the hammock talking about Boogie & Frank going off after the veto ceramony. They dont like the way they are acting .Out @ the hammock, Ian & Jenn are discissing what a hard choice he has this week w the vote. In the AR, Dan is talking to Dani who is crying about some things that were said by Boogie & Frank.
  • 1:32- Dan tells Dani that Ian is doing good pretending to be so upset. They cant believe BOOgie & Frank have not figured Ian out yet. Dani is still crying over B&F comments about her.
  • 1:40-Britany is in the LR talking to Boogie & Frank. They are questioning her part in Dan not going up. She says she knew nothing about what he was going to do. Britany says she feels bad for Jenn not having a clue she might go up.
  • 1:48 In the LR, Frank & Boogie say Shane has thrown her under the bus many times & they would never do that to her. They are really upset that Shane wouldnt be honest w them & YoYoed them . they are really trying to get her tp work w them. She isnt commiting to them @ all.
  • 1:55-Dan & Dani are still in the AR & she is still crying. Dan is teaseing her & trying to make her feel better. Joe comes in & says he really wants to blow up @ Frank & Shane. Joe wants to call a meeting to show the divide in the house. Dan is try to talk him out of calling a meeting. He says it will happen naturally.
  • 2:03- Ashley , Ian, & Jenn are in the WA getting bathing suits on. Frank comes in & when Ashley leaves, he tells them if he has a chance to throw HOH to them he will.
  • 2:06-Britany is in HOH telling Shane about her talk w Boogie & Frank in the LR. Shane tells her about Joe wanting to call a meeting to show the divide in the house. They Cant understand why Jenn is soo upset about being put on the block. They think that she is soo upset because she was working w F & B.
  • 2:13- Joe is now in HOH w Britany & Shane. He says again how much he just wants to go off on Boogie & Frank & brings up calling a meeting to show how the house is divided. They all disciss Ian & Jenn being upset & really go off on Jenn. Joe is tired of both of them & doesnt trust Ashley either. Joe says he heard Jenn say she is going to go off tonight.
  • 2:19- Jennis tanning by the pool & Ashley itanning ina chair under the shade by the pool. Dan& Frank are in the pool not talking. Boogie joins Ashley in a chair by the pool. Frank gets out to go eat a salad. Ian has been called to DR.
  • 2:23- Britany, Shane ,& Dani in HOH. They are still talking about Frank & Boogie going off on people earlier. They then go off again about Jenn & her being upset about going up. Britany says that Jenn thought she could play BB & never go up, have a paid vacation, & win prizes.
  • 2:30- Britany is telling Dani that noone has personally attacked her they are just trying to get her vote. Dani is getting really upset w Britany & says she doesnt feel she can express her honest feelings if people are going to keep judge her. Britany tells her she is just emotional & not to take what Boogie & Frank seriously or personally.
  • 2:35- Britany doesnt like Dani's comment that she is a target because she is actually noone's target. Britany says she is the one that is a target not Dani. Britany says her comment is stupid.
  • 2:40- Britany is really trying to get Dani to understand that its just stratagy on Boogie & Franks part & not take the BB game so seriously. Dani feels that Britany gets really mad at her when she gets upset. Britany says she doesnt mean to be that way but she does hear that from friends in real life.
  • 2:46- Ashley, Jenn, Boogie are all still tanning by the pool. Dan & Joe are in the pool talking about TV shows. IN HOH, in the WA there, Britany & dani are back to bashing Jenn, Boogie, & Frank again.
  • 2:50- In HOH, Dani & Britany think that the next HOH wi:l be cornhole. Dani just wants to talk about feelings. Dani really believes that Britany, Shane, Dan, & her will be lifelong friends.
  • 2:54- Britany is worried about the question mark in the AR. She thinks it might mean a special power. They dont like how much fun Ian is having pretending to be so mad. they think it shows another side of him they didnt know about. They already know he can lie & play both sides of the house very well.
  • 2:58- Ian, Shane, & Dan in the pool playing their own version of basketball. Joe, Jenn, & Ashley are tanning. Frank& Boogie are on the couches outside talking but cant be heard. Dani is in HOH & Britany just got called to the DR.

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3:04pm most hg laying in by sunbathing. ian , shane and dan in pool playing ball.

3:23pm jenn is putting sunblock on Franks back. Ian is in the hottub. Joe is in kt looking through fridge. Shane was called to dr.

3:27pm Boogie says to Jenn , just so you know i am gonna make a half hail mary attempt at staing here and if i stay and lose hoh obviously i will go up. jenn says yeah. boogie says if i leave you know i am deff gonna spend time with you after. Jenn gives him a big hug and says yeah we will do that. Boogie says ok what do i need more ice maybe.

3:33pm Joe is headign upstairs to hoh rm to listen to music. Jenn and ash in kt making food. Shane is in dr. everyonbe else either napping ,laying in the sun or in the pool throwing apples. no one is talking at the moment.

3:40pm brit goes to hoh asked joe what he is doing, he says nothing just listening to music there is complete silence at the pool and you can cut the tension with a knife. Brit says yeah i know and how can jenn be so mad at everyone. she should be running around here happy she isnt going home. brit says i think she is mad cuz she is up against a team mate.Joe says she needs to chill. brit says i am baffled joe just baffled and we have all week and its just monday.

3:47pm Ash and Jenn laying down in bed and they start singing and we got foth for a second . shane in hoh rm now Brit asking what everyone is doing so shane fills her in on where everyone is. Joe gets off the bed from listening to music and sits on the couch saying he cant sit down there listening to jenn and ash. Shane says man jenn is being a bitch. Joe says all she has to do is sit back she is a pawn thats it a pawn.shane says boogie doesnt care about her anyways but she doesnt see that.

3:50pm Ian in the pool talking to Boogie saying he bets joe is upstairs trying to get me put on the block now . ian says now they have dan , Brit and shane and dani and joe who knows he says no they probably have joe too. so they got 4 now.

3:53pm dan now joins hoh group . dan says whats up? joe says i cant handle this. the new rule is noone in the house can ever be alone no one.

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