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8/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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4:05 PM BBT

Jenn laying in the sneaker room talking to the cameras, "It's ok, we're survivors, we'll fight it out."

Danielle, in HOH room calculates that Boogie is walking out with fifty-two fifty this week.

4:07 PM BBT

Outside Frank and Ian guess what the next HOH will be. Frank just hopes it won't be a "Guess what America thinks type quiz." Ian is going to hit the pool, thanks Frank for the chat.

Upstairs in HOH Shane says to Joe, "I"m so glad we have you. More and more I'm glad of it. If there's a quiz, we have to all get up here and study. It could be a before and after or it could be America's Choice."

4:10 PM BT

Shane says outloud, "Well Boogie, you just got sent home by Captain America!" He can't wait to be sitting on this couch, in this room, looking at pictures of Joe's kids. Going on about what a monumental moment this week is Shane says, "Hopegully the ratings will go up this week. Oops, sorry I can't talk about that. Sorry Big Brother. It'll be an exciting week for sure, hopefully it makes for good watching."

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4:15 PM BBT

Frank and Britney talking as Frank has a swim. He's doing some damage control. "Sometimes Mike says stuff and he gets in the heat of it, he says personal stuff and I can't control what Mike says." Frank is concerned that people made him and Boogie looked like fools, like dancing bears. "Don't tell me I'm the last one you want in your ear when you've known all along what you wanted to do. Just tell me." Frank says of his conversation with Shane before the Vetop Ceremony. He's upset that people just didn't tell him what was going on. "People let us go on all weekend and think like we were making moves. Don't play us like a YoYo. We're playing a game, it's not like we;re going to leave here and be walking down the street and beat on people."

Britney gets why he's upset and reminds Frank that she was unhappy with the way Shane played too. "It's like he was afraid to say it was his idea and that's why he put it on me. That's why I was so upset." Frank gets that.

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4:25 PM BBT

Both Britney and Frank keep hoping to find the Coup d'Etat in the DR when they go in there.

"So probably no family dinner tonight huh?" asks Brit "I don't see why not, I'm not afraid of anything." Frank replies. Brit says she's not fearless like Frank, her plan was to hide on the WC until everyone calms down.

Britney has gone off to curl her hair. Frank and Ian talk about whether it's called supper or dinner. Frank explains that supper is at 5 o'clock and dinner is at 7 o'clock. Ian says his Dad would always say if he wasn't good he was going to bed without his supper, never dinner.

4:30 PM BBT

Britney telling Shane about what Frank says. How the only thing that really made Frank made was that they didn't tell him Jenn was going up. He just wanted them to be straight up. Joe says they need a name for their new alliance of 5. "The Furious Five" suggests Shane. Brit comments on Dan being outside now making things uncomfortable between Ian and Frank. Britney comments that Ian is being a little douche. He's carrying on and being a bit one one to her too. He really should think about it, two of his people are up. "Same for Ash" points out Shane.

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4:35 PM BBT

Jenn talking to Dan outside. He says he's already been friendly, he doesn't know if she was told not to talk to him or whatever. "No not at all she says. I told you that I thought you were the most dangerous player in the game and I've said that to your face so I don't feel bad about anything I said."

Dan just goes with this info, "Cool." Then Jenn points out that Shane opened Pandora's Box by saying her name. She's just up against Boogs but she hopes he's the target but she wishes she knew about this. Dan asks her to keep checking in. He gets that she's pissed. He does like her, sometimes people get pissed but he doesn't think she's the type of person tol hold on to this. Etc etc. Jenn telling Dan he can clarify with Frank and Boogie that she never ran to them with any vital information. She hasn't run anything, she doesn't know anything. Vital information, she's heard that term before so she knows where it's come from. She just wants him to know that she wasn't giving the guys information to discuss and she's not playing both sides of the house.

4:42 PM BBT

Jenn asks Britney if she can have a few minutes of her time when she's free. Jenn goes and lays on the sun chair. Inside Frank makes dinner. Earlier he was speaking briefly with Mike and telling him about his convo with Brit. He tells Mike that she ended the convo by asking if he thought Julie would wish her a Happy Birthday on the show. He sneers and says to Mike, "I felt like saying, "Fuck your Birthday.""

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4:46 PM BBT

Jenn and Britney head inside to the lounge to talk. Brit says that from a non-strategic point of view she's sorry for Jenn, it's not personal and it sucks to be on the block. She's really sorry for that.

Jenn brings up the "Vital Information" comment again and how she knows where it came from but she doesn't have any info. She asks outright for Britney's vote. "I"m going to ask you right out to vote for Jenn City" She explains that Shane opened Pandora's Box and that once she gets pissed, she doesn't get unpissed. If Britney hears stuff, she's just talking, she has nothing against Brit and she knows how upset she gets with this stuff.

Britney reminding her that Shane put her up because she's close with Boogie and that's probably why. She had told Shane she didn't want to know what he was doing and told him that because of what happened earlier. Jenn totally gets that.

Jenn goes back to how she thought she was playing the game straight up and she doesn't appreciate being up on the block. She can't speak for other people's actions. She's not going to say stuff against Boogie, he's won this, he's got a gorgeous baby to go back to, she hopes that because he is a strong player that might swing a few votes for her. She was just wishing that Shane would have said, "Hey, it's you. You were a part of that team before and that's it."

4:56 PM BBT

Jenn now giving Ashley the overview of all of her conversations she just had.

Outside Brit and Dan talking about Memphis; his wife and wedding.

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5:05 PM BBT

Brit and Dan talking about how how badly Mike took this decision. He cornered Dan and is challenging everyone. Brit is annoyed but she's not but she is.

5:05 PM BBT

Frank joins Ash and Jenn out on the hammock. He's bothered that he got called out about bullying people earlier today but they were played like dancing monkey's. If everyone had just told the truth then he and Mike wouldn't have been so heated up this morning.

5:09 PM BBT

Dan knows for a fact that there are 2 winners who don't have any of their winnings left. He doesn't know about the guy in jail but he knows of two others. To him, it's just such a gift, he never wanted to waste it. Britney thinks that Ryan spent too much. He spent it cash. They don't have debt like that. They don't have a car payment right now.

Jenn telling Frank she knows it was Joe who sold her out. He's the one who uses the term "Vital Information". Frank still carrying on about Shane and how he should have just told Frank the truth.

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5:25 PM BBT

Britney telling Ian the she, and others think he's being really mean today. His behaviour is pretty uncalled for, being mean to people when his doesn't have to be.

5:28 PM BBT

Ian feels bad about the shots he took earlier. He wasn't thinking They want Joe to stay away from panick mode though.

Frank brings out a tropical punch lollipop and gives it to Ashely. tells her to dip it into the tea, that it's yummy like that. She does. They agree to share it. A whole one upsets Ashley's stomach.

8:32 PM BBT

Danielle was upset with Brit because she wasn't empathetic enough towards Danielle. "I don't get why if Frank and Boogie said you had a third leg, and it's obviously not true, you care about it at all." Danielle thought that Brit thought she should never be upset at anything.

5:36 PM BBT

[brit may have just come up with the perfect game plan - ZuZu] "I brought my wedding video so if I go to the jury house I'm going to make each individual person watch it separately and then we will go in a room and watch it and have a discussion about it." says Brit.

Frank and Ashley chatting in hammock: he asks if it's selfish if he hopes if he ends up in the jury house that she eners it shortly after. "Let's up we don't get there!" Ashley laughs.

8:40 PM BBT

Frank and Ashley breaking down the house as it stands right now. They say that Joe is in big trouble no matter which way he goes. He needs to understand that they are drawing a line in the stand and from this point forward there is no going back. Ashley wondering about Joe, he's the swing vote.

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5:50 PM BBT

Brit has been telling us a very long story about how her and Ryan met and started dating and then dated all the way through the High School and into College. They attended every school dance together, all three proms each.

Frank and Ashley still talking game but mostly it's Frank telling her how everything is going to roll out.

Dan called to DR.

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6:00pm BBT Frank is po'd cuz Shane new last night who he was putting up but this morning acted like he didnt. (They are sharing a sucker) Ash says he (Mike) will be so mad when he goes home.

Shane and Dani in HOH. Shane says Frank my come to them after Mike is gone. Right now Dani is voting out Mike. In BY Frank telling Ash he and Mike need to dial it down to about a 4

Shane tells Dani that if Frank gets HOH, he is his # 1 target. Frank tells Ash he was contemplating using POV on Mike. Ash asks if you can do that. then she goes on to say he could use it and be safe or not and go home. Thats too scary. Frank says he will get to jury now.

Dan in HOH says he likes to add some stuff to things when he has some power. Dani says Jenn not talking to her, she thinks Dani knew about nom and didnt tell her.

The hammock and the HOH are going around and around, same stuff different hour.

Dan says Ian has 2 or 3 weeks w/o anything to worry about. Dani says Ian is playing selfishly, he is excited that he is getting this evil side. Dan says he wont be the evil person.

Dani says Ian figures as long as he keeps selling them info he will be sitting pretty. Dani says Ian says if he wins HOH he will not put up Frank. Dan says that was a one week thing. Dan says if he doesnt put up one of them it will show everything, he doesnt want to win HOH.

Shane says they could light a fire under him before HOH. Dan says this is his first time to prove anything to them, by voting our way. they will know how he stands if he wins a HOH or a POV. Dani says she has not trouble calling him out or punting him across the yard, she is sooo mad.

6:29pm BBT Dan says Editing will make it look like this is all Ians idea from the start. In the hammock Ash and Frank continue to chat, she is telling things that happened weeks ago, she cant remember all of it.

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6:35PM BBT - Shane, Dani and Dan in the HOH room. Dan says if Frank is gone, he would not feel comfortable if Ian won HOH. If someone in the Quack Pack doesn't win the next HOH, one of the 3 in the HOH room will go home.

Froogie in the sneaker bedroom. Froogie says if they let the heat die down again, there's a chance they can secure the vote. Frank hates the idea of kissing Joe's ass, but it may be what they need to do. Joe told Froogie he is more comfortable with "them" due to the tension; Froogie called his bluff.

6:42PM BBT - Danielle, Dan and Shane going over possible questions for this week's HOH. Dan says 70% of Dani's edit is likely the showmance, the other 30% is a strong player. Shane says they need to do jedi training. Dan says another possible competition could be "Before and After the reset button was hit". Dani gives Dan the play by play up till today's date.

In the SBR, Frank is telling Boogie that Jenn thought Dani knew she (Jenn) was going up last night and didn't tell her. Jenn is calling Shane "Stupid Shane" instead of "Sugar Shane". Frank says they need to be "team team team" with Joe cause that's what he needs to hear. He'll be #3 no matter what side he takes. Froogie then Joe, or Shane/Dan then Joe. Frank wants to use the fact that there is four of them to get Joe on their side. He'll have a better shot at final 3 with Froogie and if he makes final 3, they can make it sound like he'll go farther.

Frank heads back to the kitchen, where Joe is cooking. Boogie follows moments later. Brit joins them, and general chit chat ensues. Joe is making chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies.

6:53PM BBT - Boogie joins Jenn in the BY. Jenn tells Boogie that she chatted with both Brit and Dan to get them out of the way. Boogie says they must be telling her that she's only a pawn. Jenn says she hasn't heard that yet. Jenn told Dan she hasn't talk to him in the past 48 hours because he seemed to be in a funk and she didn't want to bother him. Jenn told Dan if she does stay, she'll be out for blood. She thinks he's the most dangerous person in the house. He didn't say much to Jenn besides he really likes her, why weren't they talking, he does care. Jenn says Brit is just distraught about the fact that Jenn was going up on the block. Brit told Jenn she didn't know. Boogie says Brit should have gotten involved to find out who Shane was putting up and then warned them. She's her own target.

Jenn says she can barely look at Joe. Boogie says he doesn't even want to look at anyone right now. Jenn agrees and says "Mike, please stay in the house."

Frank called to the DR.

Jenn says Shane is not that articulate when you speak to him. Jenn can't stand people who can't get to the point and explain it. Jenn is freaked out because no one is talking to her so she thinks they want to send her home. Boogie says no, Dan is that good. They know Jenn isn't going to buy it, so they're not going to sell it. Boogie says they should have put up Ashley. It's going to be awkward in the house until Thursday.

Boogie says last time he went home, he went to a green room and his family was there. WBRB.

6:58PM BBT - Jenn already told Frank that she will stay by his side, no matter what. Jenn says that Shane and his alliance are stupid and Boogie thinks they are annoying.

In HOH, Dan, Dani and Shane are making up a super complicated acronym to help them remember what happened in order.

7:01PM BBT - Jenn and Boogie have threatened Shane with the fact that he cannot play HOH next week, and they say that his alliance only feels safe when Shane is in HOH. Shane is confident in his decision, they recap. Boogie tells Jenn that Dani was crying earlier. Jenn wants to make her cry more. [How mean -- BBLuver] Boogie recounts the comments Froogie made to make Dani cry, downplaying it to Jenn.

Joe and Ashley join the BY crew. Talk turns to general chit chat.

Jedi training still going on in the HOH room.

7:05PM BBT - Shane wonders if they'll get any alcohol tonight. Dan thinks there won't be a division, people will just take it. Shane and Dani are heading to the kitchen. Dan asks them to sit in the kitchen where he can spy on them from the spy cam in the HOH room.

7:08PM BBT - Brit, Ian, Shane and Dani in the KT. Shane relays Dan's message to Dani about sitting where he can see them. Brit is cooking, Ian trying to help her. Just general chit chat going on.

Still pretty quiet in the BY. Joe goes inside to check on his cookies. Boogie says Danielle will have 5 'celebration' cookies and bring them up to HOH. A lot of bitterness going on. [Do they forget that the entire point of BB is to get nominated? -- BBLuver] Boogie says he'll take very few friendships away from the game, but wants to have friendships with Jenn and Ashley. Ashley can't wait to do Chipotle dates.

Boogie says there is nothing in the house to parallel his real life. He doesn't understand why people get so excited to throw apples into a bowl (the pool game). Jenn says she is grateful to have met Boogie. Jenn says she's happy to have met Ashley, Ashley feels the same. She's excited to go to the city to visit Jenn.

7:15PM BBT - Shane and Frank in the arcade room. Shane understands he is Frank's #1 target, he made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Frank feels like Froogie was hated that morning because they felt like dancing players all weekend. Frank wants to be told things straight up. Shane knows he is at the top of both Frank's and Jenn's lists. Frank says he hates that because that is what Dan wanted. Shane says he stuck his neck out for his alliance, but now he is taking the heat for it.

Shane says Mike threatened him a bit. Shane says he'll tell Frank more about the alliance if Boogie leaves, but not with Boogie in the house. Frank will be able to see when he gets home and watches the show, says Shane. Shane blindsided the whole house, no one knew what he was doing. Replacement nom was totally his decision. Shane says Brit leaving would have hurt his game, so he tried to make the decision that was best for him. Frank hates that they'll pick each other off (Froogie vs Shane/Dan) and a floater will likely win. Shane thought of that too. Shane is glad Frank came to him, no hard feelings and he understands that he is the #1 target for Frank.

Shane mentions a conversation that he had with Dani before the ceremony that day about working with Frank once Boogie was out but he understands he burned that bridge. Frank says once Boogie is gone his game will be different. It has to be. Shane says if Frank wants to work with Dani/Brit/him, he's not sure how that would work since Frank says he cannot work with Dan. Shane weighed his options and his decision is that he wants Boogie out. Shane knows how much Frank doesn't like Dan. Shane did what he had to do to protect himself, and his alliance with Brit since she heard her name come up. Shane said even Dan might backstab him still.

Frank says maybe he can win and get Dan out and then come back to that conversation with Shane. Shane says he knows he can't trust Dan now, but he will once Boogie is gone or once Frank watches the show. Shane doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus but he made the decision with information that was valid. Frank went up against Boogie because they have a strong bond and Shane didn't want him up against a floater and riskn beating the floater. Shane didn't want Boogie coming after him or his alliance. Shane doesn't know where Jenn's head is at, but asks Frank to tell her it's not personal. Shane says he'll be mad if he's BD, but if he is up on the block, it is what it is. Shane wishes he could have told Froogie where he was going with POV, but he had a hard time deciding and was up till 4am thinking about it.


7:27PM BBT - All 4 feeds on the BY. Dan and Boogie in BY on the couches, awkward silence. Joe has hit feet in the HT. Someone is working out and there is a horrible squeaking noise.

Jenn, Frank and Ashley are in the KT. General chit chat.

7:33PM BBT - Frank goes outside and yells "Awkward city in the backyard, yo!" Ashley goes to sit with Joe in the HT, Frank on the couches with Boogie. Frank and Boogie begin to talk about workouts they do outside of the BB house.

Joe and Ashley talking about music in the HT. They mention there is only a month left in the BB house.

7:36PM BBT - Shane and Dani come outside to play pool.

Boogie looks at Frank and says "I hate these people." Frank re-counts his conversation with Shane. Boogie says there is something about "them" that Joe feels safe with. He doesn't understand why. Frank says Shane implicated Joe as his biggest target in their conversation. Froogie wants to tell Joe that to try and turn Joe against Shane and that alliance.

Boogie clarified what the squeak was: Fucking hammock.


7:43PM BBT - Ash, Ian, Brit and Jenn in KT. Ian uses the oven mitts as a puppet for Ashley. Brit and Ian tell Ash they made chicken using Wil's recipe but they messed it up. Dan and Frank join the KT crew. Brit is testing a piece of chicken to see how it tastes. Dan says he will eat it either way. Ian and Brit both taste it and deem it "pretty good".

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7:47PM BBT - Ian wants perogies. Brit doesn't know what they are. Ash describes it as noodles with potatoes in. [it's dough with potatoes in it -- BBLuver] Ash tells Brit she'd love it because it's total carbs. Brit would love to get them and will when she gets home. Ash hopes they never change the honey bears that honey comes in into anything else. She loves the bears. Brit hopes Ryan had a good first day of school.

The HG's mimic Ian's twisting of his ankle. "Medic medic medic!" Dan says whomever is working in the control room needs a raise and co-production credits. Brit asked Ian about dropping a clock on his foot; Ian begins to tell Dan a story of when he was a kid and dropped a clock on his foot.

7:54PM BBT - In the BY, Froogie are disgusted that Joe is the vote they are worried about. Boogie says it doesn't make sense for him not to join their side, which is what burns him the most. It's not like they're trying to pull one over on him. Froogie were so inflated before the POV ceremony this morning. Some comment about production and WBRB and feeds switch to the KT.

Dan is telling a story about football days in school. Apparently they're telling stories about the worst pain they've ever felt. Ash says her back issues in the BB house.

Frank called to the DR.

7:58PM BBT - Brit got hurt a bunch of times as a kid but doesn't remember them. She cracked her head on a cart at WalMart and has a scar on her forehead.

Frank again called to the DR. He has made his way to the KT to join the conversation, so he is closer.

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Super complicated acronym from earlier:

The bears and horses watched the burglar who stole chips to raise money for the hockey teams weight lifting fundraiser to pay for the juggling pirates baseball players who played for a band that loved lemonade that was made by robots who lived in the swamp in a candy forest.

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8:04pm BBT HG in the K talking about the worse pain of they have had. Dani and Shane playing pool . Ash goes outside, comes back in. Frank says she cant make up her mind. Ash says its awkward everwhere. Ash going to give a yoga class to Brit and Jenn. HG in BY wonder if they have seen the plane that takes the HG out of here.

Brit says she has done a few chores today, she emptied the WC trash and is now rinsing Jenns plate.

8:15pm BBT Time for yoga. Ash moves one of the sunning lounges, they take their shoes off on one side of it and walk "into" the yoga room. Brit says its like they are 4 and playing house. FOTH

Mike going on about Ian being with them. Frank says he looked over earlier and Ian had on Memphis' hat. Frank doesnt expect Ian to be mean to them but dont be all buddy buddy.

8:20pm BBT Frank says Dan studied all the seasons, Will never lost his cool. Mike says I will make him lose his cool when I tell him I will go home and F his wife. Frank says he got upset, cuz he is playing nothing like Dr. Will did. Mike says he will smash the pool trophy before he leaves. Franks says no, they will take it out of his check.

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Mike will tell Joe that if you're going to roll with them but you have been around the block a bit, all you care about here is cooking. Doesnt he know I could help him out with that? So many ppl here that cant help him.

Mike says he got excited when Jani went but now they duped us. When you make ppl coaches and they put their game on blast then they come in with 8 others, there is no where to hide. Mike: look at him playing pool with him. Such a P***y. (talking about Ian) Frank tells him he almost used POV on him. Mike says no he was just talking.

Over in the yoga room, they stretch and roll and bend. Pool game continues. Lots of FOTH. Frank says he is glad now they didnt have that blow up with Joe yesterday, he wouldnt be with them now.

Ike says he would stand up on live tv on Thurs and say as the owner of 17 resturants, this chef is not good at all. It would crush Joe.

Going to let Mike and Frank cuss away. Every other word is a cuss word. Ian comes over and Mike asks him if its part of his game to hang out with them. Ian says he is not going to stop hanging out with ppl, he hung out with Willie the night before he blew up.

Ian has no issue playing pool with him. Frank says every minute is game in here. Ian says he wont stop hanging with them. Mike says the yoyo thing is not game, just trying to make them look like fools. He is not a good person, they both have a fake routine going on, dont get fooled by them. Ian says he is not going to dick around on ppl.

Mike warns him to becareful. Ian says this morning he got caught up in the moment. Mike says dont get tricked into being pool buddies and he gets sucked into the seat. Ian says he has never experienced the orange seat (Nom chair BB14).

Ian keeps repeating he will continue to hang out with them. Frank and Mike repeat to not get sucked in, they have his worse interest in mind.

8:49pm BB Frank says he will play pool any time with him, they go to play right now. Frank asks him if he wants to work out with him and Mike later but Ian cant due to his ankle.

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Ian and Frank go to play pool.

Brit explains to Ash and Shane in the K how she had to do deep breathing during her yoga class. Ash says her heart is gong to jump out of her chest, she has drunk soooo much coffee.

Frank and Ian play pool. Frank tells him they are being nice to Joe to get his vote. Ian says oh he knows. We have lots of FOTH.

8:58pm BBT Dani in K putting dishes away. She tells Joe she doesnt know what to do, she just tried to talk to Jenn and she just walked outside with talking to her. Joe says maybe they should just change side. Stress is killing his head. he has a bad headache.

Joe says to give her a day, she wont even look at him right now. Back from FOTH and Ash tells Brit she will check in with her before votes if something changes.

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