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8/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00pm bbt Brit joins Mike/Wil/Ash/Dani on the patio, discuss Jani's exit. They all agree it was classy. Joe/Dan/Jenn are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

9:10pm bbt Dan joins the patio crew, Ian swings on the hammock, Frank joins Joe in the K, then heads out to join the group. Mike/Britney mention how frustrated Ian was when Britney knocked him out of the HOH comp. The conversion is aimless chat, with long breaks between comments.

Dan:The feeders are getting a show tonight.

Britney:Right, don't everyone talk at once.

[seems to be the calm before the storm that will happen once Frank gets his HOH and the scheming can begin for a new week].

9:15pm bbt Wil, Frank, Jenn all enter K, no comments to/from Joe, until finally Joe asks Frank if he wants to work out tonight. Frank wants to wait until he gets out of the spiritard, which he is still wearing(well, half wearing). Joe says he owes him a royal breakfast, although it didn't work out well for him the last time(Shane put Joe on the block week 3).

9:20pm bbt Joe/Brit/Dan/Frank/Mike/Ash on the patio. Mike asks Frank his guess on pictures this time. Frank guesses kid pics, one with him and dog.

9:25pm bbt Wil/Dani pass in the hall, Dani seems worried about the fan backlash she will get for Jani leaving. Wil:You vote out her and everyone loves her, but she was so catty. Dani joins Jenn at hot tub to soak their feet. Dani asks if people see her as a mean person. Jenn says no, adds you get out of this game what you put in it. Jenn feels bad for looking in Jani's eye and saying "you're good".

9:30pm bbt Ash joins Jenn/Dani at hottub. Jenn explains away guilt of voting out Jani... you need to break it down like you do to your kindergarten class... Jenn/Ash continue to stop Dani from beating herself up over Jani leaving.

9:35pm bbt Brit leaves general chat by Dan/Frank/Joe on the patio to join Jenn/Dani/Ash at the hottub. Soon after, Wil joins them. Brit says she's sad about Jani leaving, and would have liked to win HOH to get letter/basket of goodies. She felt she amped herself up to much for the last question. Second place is first loser in the BB house.

9:40pm bbt Wil feels it's hard watching HGs walk out the door. Part of him would like to go out with them. Brit says in jury you can listen to music, watch movies, read books. Can't talk to family, but do get an extra HOH letter. Hottub crew speculates if BB will do Fast Forward this week, before jury starts. They think there has to be a FF and Double Eviction. Wil wants to see Jodi walk back in the house. Britney isn't sure she even talked to Jodi. Dani/Wil agree she had a bad attitude, feel she played 'the race card'. Brit will be shocked if she watches the first ep and realizes she talked with Jodi.

9:45pm bbt Shane joins the hot tub group. More FF discussion, Dani explaining it to Shane.

9:50pm bbt Brit keeps talking about how Jani 'knew the coaches were coming into the game', causing FoTH each time. Ian gets called to the DR.

9:55pm bbt Dan/Frank discussing if Brendon would have lasted longer in BB11 if he hadn't thrown POV to keep Rachel in the game.

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10:02 PM BBT Talk around the HT why Willie carrying the laptop and items in his bag. Wil thinks he was trying to make them think he had a special power.

Everyone just chatting in the BY - FOTH on and off- HG talking about people in the casting department.

10:10 PM BBT HG talking about what they miss. Jenn misses her phone, Dani misses music, Brit misses her facial machine.

Frank is called to the DR room. The HG cheer - it's almost time. You can hear Frank wake Boogie up but don't see him - all other audio off. Now we have Dan and Shane playing ball in the LR.

10:17 PM BBT Who wants to see the HOH room? Frank is out with Ted in tow - Ted has a matching spiritard

10:22 PM BBT Everyone looking at pictures and laughing. He hass a picture of Nanna. He got Snapple - sushi - Ice cream etc. Lots of cheers. Here is his letter: Oh how I have missed you these last 30 days. I never knew I would miss those 7Am calls -haha. Christian is on a mission trip. We are in a drought right now. We are so very proud of you. Remember to mind your manners. Love you -you precious human being. Love Nanne

The mission trip is in the Dominican Republican. Shane is out of HOH already.

10:26 PM BBT Shane is back in HOH. Brit has gotten into the snacks . Wil and Ash hang out on the bed. Jann asks for a treat. Dan enjoying his CD. Frank stoked - he got his jump rope.

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10:19pm bbt Frank's letter from Nana: Oh how I've missed you these past 30 or so days. I love and miss you much. I didn't know I would miss those 7am calls so much! haha! Well let me see, what's new? hmmm Chris is in the Dominican Republic this week on a mission trip, but Daniel and Jonathan are here. It's been unbearably hot and dry. We are in a drought situation, and everyone is coming for feed. So we are busy, busy, busy. We are all so very proud of you. So know that win or lose, you have done an admirable job. I'm going to go for now. Sweetie, remember to mind your manners. Gotta run now, I love you, you precious human being. Nana

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10:34 PM BBT Ash telling the HG that she used to work a match-making booth. Wil says to never pass up a chance at a charity ball. Boogie saying he is tired and would prefer to put off the poker game but will do what they want.

10:39 PM BBT HG say they are tired and a few file out of the room. Ash is out first with Wil. In the WA Wil is mocking "I just love this room"

Wil and Ash talking in WA. Wil says he heard something about Shane. Ash says they want Joe out. Wil says he wants to get rid of Boogie and Dan first. Ash agrees.

10:45 PM BBT Dani comes down to the KT and tells Wil that Joe is just sitting there awkwardly. Wil gets called to the DR. In the HOH Frank jokes he will sleep all day so her doesn't have to wear the unitard.

10:50 PM BBT HG slowly trickle downstairs to get ready for bed. Alcohol has arrived! Frank says he is going to wait til he gets in the hot tub and drown his sorrows.

10:54 PM BBT Joe and Shane head to the side room. Shane tells Joe that he voted out Jani because Dani asked him to. Shane promises that he had no ideas it was going to go 8-1.

Shane tells Joe that it was about Jani telling rumors and lies about everyone. Shane says he had no idea how Boogie and Dan were voting. Joe says he would have voted her out if he had known.

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11:06 pm BBT In hoh Frank Boogie and Dan talking Janis eviction. Boogie says BB world just got rocked! Frank says the DR is trying to get him to say cheesy lines like " Jani may have been an all-star but im the all-star" he says he just cant do it. Dan says yeah thats Jesse (BB10 and 11) stuff.

11:18 pm BBT They move on to making fun of Joe and his weird stories. Mike starts talking about who to put up. He says Joe for sure but if he wins pov then Wil has to go. Boogie then switches topics once more about what order people should go in. He is testing how tight Dan is with Brit and Shane by saying things like "its going to be hard to se Ash go before Brit and Shane" Frank says "yeah Jenn too." Dan kind of ignores them and goes back to this week and what to do. Frank says we should bring everyone up and see if Shane volunteers to be a pawn.

11:26 pm BBT Dani and Brit in SBR talking about whether or not Dan threw Hoh. Brit says he just never gets emotional but he acted so mad after Hoh comp. Dani says he wants to see Chelsie he didnt throw it. Brit says she is homesick but she has to perk up and be happier tomorrow. Feeds switch to Joe Wil Ian and Jenn discussing personal things Jani has said. Joe is acting mad about it. He says he had no idea she said that and thats personal stuff that shouldnt be said. They are referencing things she said about Dani being Fat. Wil is talking about lies Jani has told to him and said she was going to tell him.

11:39 pm BBT In Hoh Boogie tells Dan to reassure Dani that they are still tight because she has the personality that needs it. He says that with so many people in the house still its hard to always get to her when she needs that reassurance. Boogie says he is cool with the four of them (Dan Dani Frank and Boogie) are the sub group of the six. They are just worried about the Shane factor with Dani. Dan says he will reel her in this week and sow her up in the four at the end of the week.

11:47 pm BBT Downstairs in HT Joe gets called to SR and the second he leaves Jenn and Will look shocked and say he (Joe) doesnt even understand what happening here. Shane says "yeah i know the week 2 after i voted for Kara over Frank I was going on the block. How does he not get it?" He comes back and they discuss wines like nothing was ever said.

12:05 am BBT Lots of singing going on giving us lots of Foth. We come back the HT crew is talking about being stoked to make it this far. Joe tries to stir the pot a bit by saying Frank told Jani he had a showmance and that if he leaves he will out it, Jenn says he is just talking about the bromance dont be silly. Hoh crew recapping the comp Ian is now up with them too.

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12:25 am BBT The MBR is also full of HGs getting ready to sleep I think. Well not really.... Dan and Dani go into MBR where Wil Jenn Shane Ash and Ian are all humming the BB theme. Production gives them a knock it off! and the whole room starts to Crack up.

12:39 am BBT Dani Ash and Jenn went into WCA so Wil Ian and Shane decided it would be fun to scare them when they came out by hiding in the KT. Wil i think went for Ash cause she came out first. He didnt get her so well but he made the other two girls suspect nothing when they came. Ian and Shane popped out from behind a corner and scared the crap out of them. they are now finally settling into beds. for the night. Every last one of them oddly enough.

12:45 am BBT all four feeds on HGs falling asleep. Dan Joe and Dani are our lonesome stragglers whispering and giggling a little

12:57 am BBT not a peep in the house and im in shock….

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01:07AM BBT All four feeds display sleeping HGs. The occasional fits of giggles from Dani have finally ceased and we have a light snorer in the SR. We'll continue to update you on everyone's sleep progress and WC visits as they occur throughout the night.

03:49AM BBT All HGs continue to sleep. Shane is a bit on the restless side tonight.

02:19AM BBT Wil whispers something to Ash and they get up out of the round bed and head into the kitchen. Approx 30 secs later Jen follows. Jen heads into WC and Wil appears to be making a cup of tea. Ash is pissed because when she saw the doctor he only gave her a shot on one side and now he has to come back tomorrow and give her a shot on the other. Wil's turn for the WC while his tea is in the microwave. Ashley scraping icing right off the cake and eating it with the knife they use to cut pieces of the cake. She puts the knife back in the cake.

02:25AM BBT Wil out of the WC. Wil and Ash discuss where they are going to hang. Wil suggests outside since they are not on LD. Once their tea is finished they out to the loungers in the BY. Brit left a plate outside. Ash loves the tea. Talk turns to what Frank and Boogie is going to do. Wil can't believe Dani and Frank are still playing with their coaches. Wil and Ash knows Boogie threw HoH to Frank.

02:29AM BBT Ash and Wil want Dan and Boogie gone. They'd like to see one or both of them go home during a future FF competition. Wil says Ian is obsessed with the Coaches. Ian made a comment in the HT earlier that he wouldn't be able to go back "on his boys". Wil and Ash don't understand the obsession with playing the coaches game. Wil wishes Joe wouldn't suck so bad because they could use him in their alliance. Ash doesn't want to go on the block this week. Wil doesn't think she will. Wil thinks he will. Ash disagrees but can't explain why. Wil thinks if Joe is on the block next Thurs he'll be go home.

02:34AM BBT Wil worries that Boogie and his team are all still working together. Ash doesn't think Jen is. Wil says Jen doesn't talk negative about Boogie. Wil wants to work with Joe but he can't trust him but he's alone so they should try to get him. Ash wants to BD Dan this week. Wil doesn't think Frank will. Ash disagrees. Ash and Wil don't care about Joe ending up at Jury if he does end up there because they were on his team at the start of the show. Ash and Wil agree that Ian is a lost cause and hasn't won anything yet.

02:39AM BBT Wil wonders if Brit is a lost cause. Ash thinks Brit would work with them if Dan and Boogie left, but she's spiteful. Dan has Dani and Ian that would never vote for him to go home. Mike has Frank and Ian that would never vote him out. Ash would like to work with Shane because she doesn't think he cares about the coaches. Wil agrees saying they have to wait to talk to him though just because they don't know if he would take the info back to the coaches. Wil wonders if Jen is still a possibility to work with. She's the only one they can trust. Ash thinks Jen would burn the other side of the house if given the chance. As these two run through scenarios both continue to play with their hair.

02:43AM BBT More scenarios and discussions as to who to work with. They think Boogie and Frank are up in the HoH plotting (2 cams on these two and 2 other cams on sleeping HGs.) Wil spots someone go to the bathroom. Talk continues for a moment before Wil sees the mysterious WC HG come back out. It's Joe. He doesn't have his mic on. Brief FoTH. Wil and Ash don't know what to say to him (Joe), they wish they didn't get stuck with him.

02:46AM BBT Joe back outside with Wil and Ash. Joe asks if they slept. Wil and Ash said they were only laying on the bed, tossing and turning. Wil says they were just trying to figure out what will happen tomorrow. Wil thinks they would be on LD if there was going to be a competition today. Joe says they locked it down at 5am for the Band (HoH comp). Ash hopes the competition today is one that involves eating. Joe doesn't want it to be the nasty shot competition. Awkward silence.

02:52AM BBT Wil asks Joe if he's talked to Shane. Joe says yes. Wil asks what's going through his head. Joe says Shane thinks he is going up. Wil acts shocked. Wil thinks he might go up. Joe thinks he will because he was the 1 vote for Jani. Wil doesn't think they will send Joe home this week "It would be a waste of a week". Joe is most upset that he didn't know that Wil and Ash were voting to evict Jani. Wil says if word would have gotten back to Brit and they were keeping Jani then he'd become the target. Joe agrees but is still upset. Joe and Frank begin to discuss who made the deal and for what to send Jani home this week. Wil, Ash, and Joe agree that Dan, Dani, Shane and Brit are all working together. Joe wants to know what the deal was that caused them to turn on Brit. Joe says they'll find out tomorrow (tonight after noms) where everyone stands. Joe says he wasn't aware that Jani was saying bad things about Dani. He just found out tonight.

02:57AM BBT Wil gets up and heads inside (tea refill?). Wil back with a bowl of something. Joe the other two that Frank was telling Dan earlier that in the Vets season someone had the chance to get Brendon out but they chose not to because it would take a larger target out of the house. Joe doesn't think Frank will take out Shane. Wil agrees that Shane isn't going up. Joe says noms will be Joe, Ash, or Wil. Wil agrees that Joe hit the nail on the head. Wil says the other side didn't want them winning HoH today so they put the two of them against each other.

03:00AM BBT Joe repeats that he and Wil will be up on the block or put a combination of the three on the block in an effort to BD someone unless they decide to flip on the deal that may have been made last week. Ash shifts uncomfortably in her seat (pain from her back).

03:05AM BBT Ash goes to stand up and Wil asks where she's going. Ash says to get Advil. Wil points out that she had some less than a couple of hours ago. Ash grumbles, holding her hip. Ash says she needs her shot for her other hip today. Joe asks what the cause is. Ash says it's a muscle spasm. Joe asks if it was a cortisone shot they gave her. Ash agrees. Ash thinks she needs to sleep to get away from thinking about going on the block today. Wil agrees to head in. Joe says he's going to stay up because he'll bug the heck out of Dan if he tries to lay down right now. Wil and Ash head, cleaning up their dishes and tell Joe that Brit left her plate outside today and she should have to clean it up. Wil and Ash head to bed.

03:06AM BBT Cams 1, 2, and 4 display HGs sleeping in darkened rooms. Cam 3 shoes Joe laying out on the lounger in the BY, popping his knuckles, counting things silently to himself.

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03:16AM BBT Joe stands up and heads inside, going straight to the WC.

03:17AM BBT Joe out of the WC and takes his mic off, pausing a moment to look at the memory wall. It looked like he was going to reflect for a moment but instead he continues on heading towards the bedrooms.

03:20AM BBT All four cams now display HGs laying in beds in darkened rooms once more.

04:01AM BBT ALL HGs continue to sleep in darkened rooms. A light snoring can be heard from Joe.

04:13AM BBT Joe is up to use the WC, skips the sink on his way out and heads into the kitchen to grab himself a snack.

04:20AM BBT Joe is still up and munching on an assortment of snacks, drinking from is water bottle occasionally.

04:22AM BBT Joe looks at the memory wall briefly before returning to his snacking.

04:27AM BBT Joe back to bed.

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10am bbt All HGs are up, doing ADL, most in K/LR, small talk but nothing really to report. Frank did mention 'they' said the comp would be by noon [so expect a H/HN comp in 2 hours?]

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10:10am bbt Mike had a dream last night, at Dan's school football game, kid got hurt, real short dream. Dan dreamed he was in hotel, Brit was on top floor, a study hall. Dan was on first, plain white, wearing only boxers, asked guy for directions, the guy took him by thumb and said "you're coming with me"

10:15am bbt Brit/Wil/Frank looking at Jani's b/w wall picture. Ashley called to DR, and WBRB again. Ash has had back pain all morning that BB doesn't want us to know about. HGs aren't allowed to discuss it either.

10:21am bbt Back from WBRB, and Brit decides Wil should not spell his name William, but going forward he should spell it Wilham. "Why 2 Ts in Britney? Exactly, that's why I only have 1!"

10:25am bbt HGs discussing dogs brings WBRB(dogs have to sign waviers too?) They are all sitting around waiting for the H/HN comp.

10:30am bbt Wil tells Brit he thinks she knew the coaches twist to enter the game. Brit says Jani told her about it day 2 or 3, Jani's logic made sense, but Brit had reasons to believe the opposite, based on what she was told in the negotiation phase... WBRB

10:40am bbt 10 minutes of WBRB...

10:44am bbt Back from WBRB finally, Joe/Frank are alone in HOH, joined in conversation...

Joe:You can tell that they know[in DR?]

I would rather go home, than have to play his kind of game. That's just the way it is, if I'm HOH, that's who I'll be gunning for. And I'm saying that, you might have a deal with him, I'm just being honest, this is who I do not want in the game. [who Joe? Say his name again please! For us.] I can't change that, I've thought about it over night, is it smart to say this, not going to bs you... if Jani said some of the things he said she said, I don't know them [all during Joe talking, Frank is giving yea yea agreement].

Frank:Trust me, I haven't forgotten that he was lying to me and Mike, to our face, just a little over a week ago. It's only been 8 or 9 days. And there are some people in this house whose original plan this last week was me, I haven't forgot that. If you go up, it's only because it's the easiest way to not rock the boat these first few days before the POV. I'm probably going to have to do that, but it doesn't mean you're the person I'm trying to get out.

10:48am bbt Frank continues to tell Joe he doesn't feel Wil is trustworthy at this point. He downplays that Wil voted for him this week, since it was 8-1, Frank had the votes anyway. Joe points out he did save Frank once, and "keep in mind, I'm a loner. Things can look pretty, but it's never bad to have an extra person. I'm resigned to the fact that I can't win BB, due to my age. I'm looking to get to jury and get Wil out."

10:54am bbt Joe ends his campaigning to Frank. Back downstairs, Dan/Mike helping Ashley walk and deal with her back spasms. [Danielle is sitting on the couch looking like A.she wished she had back spasms so everyone would give her the attention, or B.She wished she could offer her own medical advice without revealing her Nurse/Kindergarten teacher lie?]

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11:02am frank talking to Boogie and brit in hoh about his conversation with joe . he told frank he was to old to fight like this

11:10am Frank in hoh saying that jani will be calling willie saying we should ahve brought this house down. brit says i didnt say go back on the plan . Boogie says no i dont think joe and wil are together and ash is disabled right now and ian we have on a leash no pun inteneded and laughs

11:12am Dani comes in to the hoh brit asking her to come back so they dont think they are woirking together . dani says they are all asleep but eagle eyes (joe) brit says ok. boogie says i think 2 are goign to go home next week. dani says what do you think they are going to do with ash ? boogie says i dont know maybe just not let her play.

11:13am Frank says Joe told him he hopes everyone doesnt think he is this mean outside of the

11:16am Dani says what are ytou thinking frank? frank says joe and someone else Dani says you dont know who else? frank says no not right now

11:19am Boogie saying joe goes on the block and the only way to hide our alliance one of the 4 of you will need to go up also but none of you want to vollenteer and obviously it wouldnt wqork to put me up as a pawn either.

11:22am boogie says we will just put up joe and wil an d roll with that and if julie chen comes on thursday and says this is fastforward then we take wil out with the first vote and joe with the next . Brit says yeah a frazzled joe for hoh and pov he wont make it

11: 25am hoh talk turns to pov and who will play Dani says ash wont be able to play . boogie says right shane is playing for sure and frank and if their names can be pulled it will be 6 of them against one. brit says ian said it might be a nast drink pov this week Boogie says it might

11:30am Wil now joins hoh rm talking about joe and talking about almonds and snacks

11:33am Frank and Wil talking about dreaming about their teeth falling out as they eat beef jerky and pretzel m&m's

11:36am Brit telling everyone in hoh that the fish pick up rocks and throw them because they are hungry and when fish poop the others go over to smell it and then moves .

11:40am frank and brit now talking about all of Franks pictures in the hoh rm. Joe is in the sr getting advil he leaves sr goes to lvrm and takes them then lays down on the couch.

11:49am back from foth Ian has now joined the hoh now talk is about a frat party . Brit still eating snacks and we have foth again

11:54am Ash still laying in the wa joe and wil comes in asking how she is she says fine Joe says i talked to Frank and i am deff going up and i think it might be Wil also. Frank and Shane are deff working together now.

11:57am Joe says he is debating weather to take a shower or not. Ian says he is ok with going on the block against Joe. Boogie says yes he past the test Ian is more than happy to go on the block and if Joe gets pov he is happy to go home.

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12:07pm everyone leaving hoh rm but Frank and Ian and Mike Brit goes down to check on Ash and to go to the wc

12:13pm Boogie and Frank in hoh . Boogie says i like how we bring up the pawn shit and no one wants to do it . frank says i will be honest mike i would like to send dan home this week if the chance comes up he says 3 is a crowd and he still says that. mike says who you put up against him ? frank says take joe down against ian and they will vote dan out i dont trust him

12:15pm Wil joins the hoh and tyells Frank if you want to put me up against joe i am fine with that. boogie says we like you but there are other dueos in the house and right now with everyone wanting joe out then it will be good to put you up there and if you win pov Brit is someone i would like to moninate also but you know obviously if he puts you up there are people that might try to send you home and we dont want that we would like to work with you some.

12:16pm BB tells Wil to put his mic on he leaves hoh and boogie says we got to see who his target is and we get foth

12:22pm Wil leaves the hoh rm Frankl says ok if we put wil up he is coming after us hard core. boogie says yeah i can put up with joe anotyher week he has to go. Frank says who do i put up then Boogie says put Ian up hell put me up i will play for pov i dont care. Frank says i dont know that that will work. boogie says Wil is a flipper frank says he is a flipper and the only reason they all over there are following him is because we didnt get them yet

12:24pm Boogie says f it get shane to go on the block as a pawn and thats one less person to play in pov and if shane pulls a hg choice then he can choose me to play and we backdoor wil. frank says you are on board getting dan out right? Boogie says yeah yeah but we need to get others out first.

12:28pm Boogie says lets get brit and shane up here and see if shane will go onm the block with joe. boogie says want me to go get them Frank says brit made coffee let me go get a cup and says shane is asleep though as he leaves the rm and goes downstairs and we get foth

12:31pm dan now in hoh talking to Boogie. boogie telling him that brit told them they might want to get wil out first then wil came up and was twirrling his hair and said he isnt making promises for anything then we asked wil who he would put up and wil said he isnt answering that question. Dan said what is he going to do roll with ashley and jenn if he would just play nice he would have been fine.

12:37pm Brit jenn , Ian and Dani in wa watching shane nair his chest. boogie frank and dan still in hoh talking about who and who not to put up for noms today. Dan says joe came up here with a tude Boogie says i think he just feels comfy like Jani did but he shouldnt feel that way. Frank says i think it is best to take wil out this week and joe next week so neither one is in jury and foth again

12:42pm Wil and Ash now in lvrm on the couches talking saying nominations today .Brit is now in hoh again Boogie telling her that they would like to put duos on the block but that isnt the best thing right now Boogie telling her his conversation with wil and how they will get wil out this week and joe next week . Brit says wil thinks there is no way in the world that the 6 of us isnt working together she tells then that wil told her he is worried he will be put up this week and brit told him i am too and wil told her no your not. brit says he isnt dumb dan

12:47pm Wil telling Ash that if he goes on the block with Joe he will be leaving this week Ash says no your not. in hoh rm Boogie, Frank, Dan and Brit waiting for Shane to come up to talk

12:53pm Boogie in hoh getting snacks from Franks basket and said he heard the fishtank make a noise and thought it was his blackberry for a second. Brit says oh a cell phone what a luxury. Mike leaves the hoh rm to go get water.

12: 56pm BB calls Frank to the dr he is getting ready to go down to dr now . Wil asking Boogie and Ash if they are ready for this Ash says i wish i could do this.(ash has been to dr several times today for her back hurting)

12:59pm hg getting ready for food comp to start soon

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1:00BBT-3:00BBT 1:02 Jenn, Ian, & Dani in WA. Boogie, Dan, Wil, Ashley sitting in LR. Britany & Shane can be heard in the KT. Just random conversations. The HGs are waiting for the food comp to begin. 1:12 Frank comes out & announces that its time for the first Have/Have Not comp of the season. Feeds go to trivia. 1:49 Feeds still on trivia. 2:28 HGs still @ H/HN comp.. Feeds still on trivia. 2:53 Feeds still on trivia.

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3:14pm feeds are back Jenn wearing a cowboy hat and a westen shirt Brit is mad that someone kept screaming at her she says when we first got in i didnt think i would make it out of the pool and i think the americas choice was pretty good.Boogie says joe can cook it 100 different ways Brit says yeah deep fry it cod can be cooked all different ways

3: 17pm Brit telling Ash and Jenn she doesnt eat much anyways . hg got cod and pepperment sticks for have not food(. looks like Brit and joe are have nots for sure)

3:19pm Boogie in hoh with frank now Frank yelling saying joe said put me on the fing block and vote me out since i am a have not. Frank says he wont make me feel bad for putting him on have not.

3:22pm Dani and Brit talking about how rude Joe was in the comp. Brit says i wasnt trying to do a sucky job i couldnt help it if it was moving 50 pound barrels across the yard i would suck i weight 94 pounds grow up ( Brit ,Joe, Jenn and dani are the have nots)

3:26pm Jenn in hoh talking to Boogie complaining about joe yelling at us and and wouldnt listen to anyone . Boogie said why didnt he run? Jenn said i dont know why but he pissed me off.

3:30pm Joe and Boogie in kt cooking cod Joe telling him how to squeeze lemon on there

3:41pm Joe says we needed it so bad but my arms were hurting so bad and i am glad we dont have no ciggaretts in here anymore my lungs were burning but they are getting better now.

3:44pm Frank and jenn in sr getting food to fix ( correction: jenn is not a have not) Frank says they gave us a bunch of yogurt and shit. Brit and Dani in sbr putting danis clothes away and talking about the drawers being packed full. wil now joins shane and frank in sr putting foods in fridge.

3:49pm Brit and ian in hnbr Ian tells her to check out pillows and where a blanket is brit says i knew you would hook me up friend. Dan and jenn in sr talking Dan askeed what happened Jen said joe was yelling at the girls bad and i said something to him and he got mad but the problem was we had ashleys bottle.

3:52pm Dan says you cant treat people like that you know Jenn says no you cant and he is not a team player and leaves the sr. Ian helping Brit in the hnbr more telling her to hook the blanket up at the top and you wont slide brit says sweet. brit goes to kt and says eewwww this has peppermint on it. she says throw that away and they will give us more.( peppermint on the cod)

3:55pm dan and brit in sr brit says i can still have my coffee and my dessert coffee cuz we can have cinnamon. dan says you are taking this weel and if you take it well dani will take it well so stay positive for her.Joe in kt cooking cod telling others there is cod in the freezer but its fresh .Brit comes in saying dessert coffee if haynes has coffee haynes can survive.

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4:03pm Joe has made some fried cod brit tries it and says yeah this is good he says wait till you try the buttered cod tonight brit says why will it be the best thing that ever touches my tounge he says no probably not but it wont taste like fish.boogie is eating cod also right now says america gave fish 2 weeks now.

4:06pm correction: Britney , Joe, Danielle and shane are the have nots for the week . America gave then candycanes and cod for the week.

4:10:pm Dani sitting at the DT eating a candy cane .Boogie , Brit Dan sitting eating . Joe meets Frank in sr frank says putting you up for eviction is mostly the houses choice but we dont want you to go out pretend that you are going home go ahead and try to get the votes but we will try our best to get you to jury ok Joe says ok lay low and you got it and walks out of sr.

4:13pm Wil in Wa flat ironing his hair everyone else in kt talking about making dinner tonight and some eating Ian rocking in his chair at the DT again Frank and jenn keep singing. Deani gets up and goes upstairs

4:15pm Brit heads to hoh also asking frank whats the deal Frank says wil came in talking one on one and he was being like a little more open. he told me this time that me and mike will be safe next week f he wins and he said well frank i just had to vote wioth the majority that one week. he said he told will that he has to do what he has to do and if you go up and go home then thats what happens . Ian come in to hoh to plead his case now too.

4:17pm Ian asking Frank what he is thinking Frank says i cant say what do you think i am thinking Ian says joe going up and maybe Wil. frank says maybe that might be close.

4:23pm Ian says if i was you i would put Wil on the block and get that tumor removed. brit saying how bad joe is in the house. in the kt joe is making more cod and salads for the haves and we get foth

4: 26pm just general talk now in the hoh rm. brit heads downstairs where joe is making food. boogie now goes to hoh rm shane joins them Boogie ask shane if he wants fish tonight shane says i have no choice boogie says you will lovce it.

4: 30pm : Joe talking about making good old fashion style fish and chips. Joe says i just realized we cant have fish and chips no flour for have nots but i will still make it for you guys. he says he will just cook different things all week cuz he will need something to do while being a havenot.

4: 35pm in hoh rm talking about snapping fingers Ian says he cant snap like a normal person. Ian talking about what bed to sleep in tonight. Frank says you might not want that one bed kara slept there and she is gone jani slept there she is gone. Boogie says i will take it and laughs. Boogie says wanna try it tonight Ian and if you dont like it we will trade tomorrow. dani asking what about her have not bed Ian said brit took mine it was already premade and joe just threw his stuff in there.

4:39pm shane asking how they might have portrayed ashley for this have not comp if it might be her being sick or hurt since she wasnt allowed to play and we get foth

4: 43pm Joe says he has to put that tape stuff on his hands again so he doesnt taste stuff this time being on slop cuz he wants to do a cheese cake again. dan is washing his dishes. in hoh rm they are talking about what others have gotten from their hoh baskets boogie says isnt fruity pebbles that willie always wanted frank says no that was fruit loops . Ian says i once had to have my stomach pumped from eating to many frut loops dani says wow Ian and boogie says damn Ian how many did you eat he says alot.

4:47pm Joe goes to hnbr and lays down on the bed that brit made for mherself after checking all the other beds then gets up and leaves to go back to the kt.

4: 49pm Joe now in crane rm by himself. Shane , Dani, Boogie Frank and Ian in hoh just general talk going on while boogie listens to the cd. Jenn is in kt cleaning .

4:59pm Wil and Jenn in kt talking . wil says i know things will turn around tomorrow they always do . and we get foth again

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5:06 PM BBT IN HOH Ian explaining different comps. Ian is explaining it is time for a certain type of comp. Frank and Shane help. Frank says that BB told him 30 min but it's been almost an hour.

5:13 PM BBT Wil snacking in KT - Jenn doing dishes. Dan announces he is going to lie down. Frank says something about they told him 30 min and we get FOTH. Now the HOH HG talking about the HN comp. Ian says it was way better then the cow comp.

5:20 PM BBT HG talk about who would get to play in POV and who noms would pick. Frank ask who they think he is nominating. Shane guesses Joe and Wil - Frank says yes and we get FOTH.

Brit in HN room asking Joe which HN bed is his. Brit says she might try to take a nap on it. Joe trying to give her hints on the worst way to sleep on the bed.

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5:28 PM BBT Jenn/Ash talking in SBR. Ash says she wanted to talk to Frank. Jenn offers to help her upstairs. Ash says that's ok. She will just leave it up to God. Ash says she is embarrassed that this whole thing happened with her back. She knows it will be fine tomorrow but..and we get FOTH.

Ash is up and walking through the KT. She is heading up to HOH - Jenn right behind her in case she needs help. Ash says has to walk like a cat. Jenn says that's ok - be a cat and we get FOTH.

5:36 PM BBT Ash in HOH and starts to talk to Frank. Frank tells her she isn't going up. She starts to giggle and said she thought she would be up with Joe.

5:41 PM BBT Wil and Brit talking in HN but can not make sense out of anything as we get FOTH every 15 seconds.

5:47 PM BBT Dani/Brit/Wil/Jenn talking in MBR. Dani says she didnt get a chance to talk to HOH. Talk about who took what bed. In HOH Ash still talking to Frank.

5:57 PM BBT Dani/Brit are playing some sort of "imaginary mall shopping" game. In HOH Frank listening to music and Boogie sleeping.

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6:01pm Shane,Joe and Ian are in the kt talking about bartending shane says he used to flip the bottles and serve them he is filling a water bottle to show them how its done

6:12pm We now have trivia nominations should be getting underway!

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7:44 PM BBT We are back! Ian asks Frank if he doesn't get picked to play Veto can he host. Wil and Brit mocking BB. A poker game going on in HOH. Joe is prepping dinner. HOH group looks happy. Wil/Brit/Joe in KT quietly talking. No confirmation yet. Joe just said he may be home this Friday so Joe is definitely up.

Wil and Joe are on the block. Joe just told Wil he could be home on Fri or he would. Brit complaining about being told they have been then half way. She feels it is a slap in the face.

7:51 PM BBT Joe making HN dinner for Brit - Wil asking other Hg if they want him to make them chicken.

7:59 PM BBT Poker game still proceeding in HOH - no game talk. Cooking in KT.

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8:06 PM BBT

Boogie telling us another one of his wonderful him stories. Wil took a shower after the comp. Brit sings. We get WBRB.

Comes back to Britney nodding her head. "I wonder if they'll put her chip in the bag." we get WBRB.

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