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8/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Jenn and Dan talking with each other about how Ian has grown so much since coming into the house.

Jen is explaining what being straight edge means to Dan.

Janelle suggesting to Danielle to put Boogie up. Danielle asks if Janelle would ever go after her. Janelle says "you? why would I go after you. We're working together."

Both girls agree Ian was super sweet to take the dog punishment from Jen

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Danielle wants to know what Frank's face looked like when she won. Janelle said he was SUPER PISSED.

Janelle repeating, once again, how much Frank has GOT TO GO. (For those of you without feeds, she's been saying this, on repeat, for the past couple hours).

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9:02: Frank is in the BY wearing his spirit tard with Joe, Dani, Ash Shane & Wil at the hot tub, he is being told he pulls of the look with his outfit

9:04: Frank is saying he will have to watch what he eats because of the size of his suit & that he will only work out at night, Ash said they have to get him a better suit than that & we get fish

9:09: Jen & Dan in one of the downstairs bedrooms, Dan is explaining his take on his coaching.

9:11: Jani & Britt in the Bathroom saying they are going to be up all night. Britt leaves the Bathroom and Joe comes in.

9:13: Wil is drying off by the pool table in the BY, Mike & britt are running laps.

9:17: Jani & Wil are in the bathroom, Jani said Mike is pissed because he got played. Jani is saying that if you blindside people they will not vote for you in the jury. Wil does not want to go home, they are counting votes.

9:23: Wil is saying that Joe was telling them last night that they have to get rid of the coaches. Wil saying that Jen said she wil never vote against him. Jani is trying to figure out why Joe is saying this, that he is making himself such a big target. She wants to know how he would feel if she got together all the girls in the house and said we have to get rid of the guys...that would be targeting him. Wil said he couldn't believe he let Frank talk to him like that yesterday, Jani asks about what and wil says he was upset about them trying to get rid of him.

9:27: Jani saying she feels so sick, she ate to much again. Britt comes into the bathroom and starts talking about seeing how she wishes she knew how wil would look if he ate like she did & didn't exercise. She is whispering now, very hard to hear, Britt just got told to put on her mic.

9:36: in the BY at the HT Britt is giving Ian crap for making rude noises, He says sorry but she still goes on. Britt must have her mic off again because she's hard to hear. Ash and Britt are talking about cooking, Frank joins them at the HT and says "Hi there dog!!

9:43: Dani in the tub in the HOH bathroom, Jani sitting chatting with her, Dani is saying how much Frank has to hate her because she put him up and made him wear the spirit tard, Jani says he has to go. Dani asks how Ash will vote and Jani says she will vote frank out. Then they count votes and say they have enough to get him out. They are saying he is going to get evicted in that purple thing and they laugh. They are saying Ian is pissed about the $5,000.00. And they go back to trashing Frank. Jani said she was praying during the POV please let Dani win!! They are saying Dan is super pumped but not Mike. Jani saying he has this thing with women, he has no female friends. Dani said he said something like somethings retarded when she walked by with the veto.

9:47: Dani is asking Jani if Mike said anything when she won the veto, we had fish so couldn't hear the answer. Dani asks Jani who she would put up, jani lists who she wouldn't and get called to the DR.

9:50: In the BY Frank is taking Ian for a walk, they go to the kitchen, Frank barks a few times and they go back outside, Ian is pouring soda in his dog dish, then picks it up and drinks from it.

9:55: Ash is at the HT talking to Mike about will being his best friend and Mike tells her they met on the show, Ian is just sitting cross legged swaying side to side. Ash says a lot of her friends don't understand her life. Frank just brought one of Ian's bowl bach - he went inside and washed it because of the ants. Frank tells Ian he is a good boy!

9:59: Frank is telling As & Frank at the HT that his mom got laid of at a job and was going to take a part time, so he offered her to spend that time helping watch his son and he pays her. He said it works out good. He wanted to take her on a cruise and surprise her with the offer so she wouldn't have to go back to work but he got his BB call so he just told her. Joe just took Ian to the washroom, Ian asks joe to give his leash as much slack as he can (while he's in the can)

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Boogie and Frank pitching to Dan the alliance of 6-- Shane, Brit, Dan, Danielle, Boogie and Frank.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Brit agree Frank and Boogie would be loyal to them.


Danielle and Shane alone agree they trust Boogie way more than they trust Janelle.

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10:06 pm BBT HT crew breaks up Ash asks Ian if he wants to go in for anything. Ian says sure and as they walk by Frank he says "Hey your dog almost bit me!"

10:16pm BBT Boogie starts pleading with Dani in Hoh. He suggest Jani going up for Frank first. He calls Jani dangerous. He tells her that they will vote out Jani and then Dani will have 5 warriors playing for Hoh next week that will keep her safe. Dani says she knows that Boog and Frank hate her for all the events this past week. He acts surprised and says no way its all water under the bridge.

10:22 pm BBT Boogie says that if Jani goes no one is going after Dani or Brit they are going to go after Boogie Frank and Shane. Dani seems receptive and would like to cut the drama in the house. Boogie says it would blow Joes mind and mess his world up.

10:29 pm BBT Dani says Boogie needs to talk to Dan and then she will talk to Dan about it. Boogie says that Brit is game as long as Boogie can put it in motion. Dani goes to get Dan.

10:36 pm BBT Boogie recaps the JAni replacement idea to Dan. While Dani verifies with Brit what Boogie said about her being game. Dani also recaps the rest of the convo with Boogie and seems to genuinely be interested. They start then talking about how shady Jani is for having deals with everyone.

10:48 pm BBT Wil enters arcade room and lets Dani know that Boog and Frank are talking to Dan. Wil then confirms that he and Jani are good and sorted things out and Wil now hates Frank. He calls Frank a Dbag. Dani confirms Wil is good no matter what he is saying to Dan.

10:56 PM BBT Boogie is now pitching the idea with Shane in the Hoh room with Dani. Shane calls Jani a liar and two faced. Boogie throws Ian under the bus for getting Frank nomed last week and he wouldnt care if they got rid of him or Jenn

11:01 pm BBT Dan Brit Shane Dani pow wow has started. They are deciding if the Boogie plan is a go or if the plan to evict Frank is a go. They are all going over the pros and cons of each side.

To be continued…..

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11:06 pm BBT Dani Shane and Brit all seem Pro working with Boogie. Bashing Jani calling her dramatic. Brit says if Jani doesnt go and wins HoH 100% chance two of them go up. Dan is the only one who sems on the fence. he says that with Jani we know what we get we know she goes ant talks to everyone to cover herself. Brit says Dans insight is very important to her.

11:14 pm BBT Frank and Boogie in arcade room talking about pitching everyone. Boogie feels confident that it will work they just have to get her from now to mid day Monday (pov ceremony) They seem to be legit in what they pitched Dani.

11:20 pm BBT after a few moments of silence Dan says that is how good this guy (Boogie) is, Two hrs ago we were all fine with sending Frank home.

11:28 pm BBT Dani is brainstorming to tell Ian their deal is going on. Then tell Boogie their deal is on too. Dani suggests taking Jani out just so Boogie can't work with Jani then they flip on Boogie and Frank after Jani is gone.

11:35 pm BBT Dan says we are putting a lot of faith in a guy dressed as a dog. then they shift back to being pro Boogie. Dan says then you are putting a lot of faith in a man that has stabbed a lot of people in the back. Dani all of a sudden says some famous last words.... "we only need Frank and Boogie for one more week"

11:52 pm BBT Jani and Ash head into Hoh and talk turns to idle chit chat. Boogie in Frank talking in arcade comparing this season to last saying BB got what they wanted this year that they didnt get last year. Last year the vets decimated the newbies whereas this year the vets had to build relationships with the newbies and the lines are blurred. Talk turns to speculation about pandoras box twists

11:59 pm BBT Ian gets brought (lol) to the Hoh room and they are talking with him about Jani and Frank. He says that he is tired of Jani and her comments. Shane asks how Ian feels about Frank and Boogie. Ian says he likes Frank and is tired of Boogies comments. He says Boogie put all his eggs in one basket and when his basket goes home I bet he comes to me thinking I'll be his golden boy.

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12:28 am BBT Ian has now been presented the idea about keeping Frank this week. He seems a little on the fence. Dani flat out asks him what he would do if he were Hoh. Ian pauses and thinks about it for a second. Then says he would take Frank down. He is on board with the ultimate goal

12:40 am BBT all game talk seems to have dispersed and Brit Jani and Ian are downstairs talking about Ian being allowed to have a cookie tonight vs tomorrow. Brit is down for tomorrow. Ian is down for cookies tonight. Dani and Shane cuddling and talking about the veto comp in hoh

12:56 Shane is talking about how well Dani did at the endurance comp then sounds bitter when he says "at least your hoh will mean something." Rest of HGs in KT saying they want stir fry for dinner. talk moves to BY whre Wil is talking to Jen about Dani. Wil says she promised him all over the place that he was safe then bam he was up on the block. Joe puts Ian to bed outside and says if you need anything bark

12:59 am BBT Wil in BY says a first timer has to win Hoh next week and that he is completely happy he gets to play his own game now.

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1:16 BBT

Brit and Ian say they are most comfortable with each other. Brit says Shane is more loyal to Danielle than to her. Ian agrees he's most comfortable with her as well. Brit seems back to wanting Frank out over Janelle, but it may be too late since Danielle and Shane are up in HOH discussing the BD of Janelle and how it will benefit them.

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one last note before bed at around 1:15 am BBT Brit starts second guessing the plan to oust Jani while playing pool with Ian. She also tells Ian that he may feel like the low man on the totem pole but he isnt . Brit know Shane is more loyal to Dani then he is to her.

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Posting ths by using flashbacks because I really wanted to know what happened last night after I went to bed and I thought others might also.

2:31am - Shane and Danielle still discussing putting Janelle up. Danielle concerned with what Janelle will say to her.

2:32am - Dan walks into the room and listens to what Ian said to Danielle/Shane about Frank/Boogie possibly rallying votesto keep Janelle. Dan disagrees. Then Danielle throws out taking Wil down and putting up Janelle to secure Boogie's vote. Danielle and Shane keep running scenarios and Dan not saying that much. Danielle tells Dan that Janelle told Britney her nominations would be Joe/Jenn if she won HOH. She doesn't believe that. Looks like Dan is waiting to talk to Danielle and BB miraculously calls Shane to the DR.

2:37am - As soon as Shane leaves Dan asked Danielle if she wants him to bring the hammer now or later. He tells her she needs to calm down. Danielle says tomorrow, Dan says no. He tells Danielle she is telling a roomful of people that Janelle will put them up and says "who cares? Who cares if she puts up Shane and Britney? She's not puttin you up. I guaranfingtee she is not putting you up. But, you just blew that." Danielle asks if he thinks Britney is going to run and tell Janelle. Dan says no but now if you don't do that Britney's going to say, oh well Danielle doesn't care that Janelle is going to put me up. "If it benefits you, let it benefit you. I guarantee Janelle is not going to put you up."

Danielle asks if she thinks Danielle asks how he is so sure Janelle won't put her up. He says "because I know." He tells Danielle she keeps catching herself saying it's not personal but it is personal. He tells her she cannot play this game personally. She says, it's not and says, "Dan, can I talk?" Dan says no because she's been up here with her boyfriend for four hours and he hasn't been able to talk to her. She says strategically, Janelle is a bigger competitor than Frank. She is afraid Janelle will come after Dan. Dan says she won't.

Danielle then backs down to Dan and says she doesn't care, she'll keep it the same. She wouldn't put Janelle up if she isn't going home.

Dan tells Danielle he doesn't care who goes up but Danielle needs to look at what benefits her. He tells her what matters is how she plays the game and she's playing it personal. He says she did great in the competition but the inside stuff she didn't do a great job.

He tells Danielle that Britney hates Janelle because Janelle turned her back on Willy. He says Britney plays this game personally and she taints Danielle. He says Britney lost the first time because she played personally.

Dan says the wheels are in motion now and it's going to be very difficult to stop. Danielle says no, Britney said maybe they shouldn't put Janelle up because they can't secure Frank/Boogie's votes and what if Boogie wants to band with Janelle.

Dan says that's another thing. You're making a huge assumption that Janelle/Boogie want to band together. Danielle explains this is just what she's seen. She thinks Janelle's actions are fishy. She thinks that the fact Janelle didn't want Boogie to be mad if she cheered for Janelle means she wants to work with Boogie.

2:44am - Danielle says Boogie has nowhere else to go but to Janelle if Frank's out. Dan says "....trust her" (didn't hear the first part). Danielle asks, "you think so?" Dan says "trust her, trust me."

Danielle talks about taking Wil down and making a deal for Danielle/Dan. Dan says then she has to throw Britney under the bus. Dan questions Danielle on the scenarios. He counts the votes to oust Janelle if she's up against Frank: Britney, Dan, Shane, Ian Boogie. Dan says that will expose Ian. He asks what she would tell Boogie as to the reason she is taking down Wil instead of Frank. Danielle says to tell Boogie it's to secure the votes and not make their obvious alliance. Dan likes that spin.

Seems like Dan is now on board with wanting Janelle up against Frank.

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its 9:00BBT and the HG are sleeping away.

9:37BBT BB letting them sleep in on a lazy Sunday.

10:00BBT Ian moving around in his dog house. Mike gets up, uses WC, makes coffee and checks on Ian. He does not need go to for a walk.

10:02am BBT Ian says BB put all their effort into his punishment and none into Franks. Production should be ashamed of themselves. Meanwhile Frank comes out of WC in just his undies. FOTH

Frank gets his spirit tard, takes it to the LR so he can see what he's doing to put it on. He complains about butt cheeks for a week y'all. meanwhile Ian sits in his dog house drinking water from his dog bowl. said he slept great.

( Let me see if I can describe Ian and Frank. Ian has on a short sleeved, short legged brown one piece outfit with a tail. He has a hat with long puppy ears. He has to have someone lead him by a leash if he leaves his dog house area.

Frank has on a purple one piece unitard with a white cheerleader skirt sewn onto it. Its to small so he has to wear it open in back and the skirt hangs below his butt cheeks. He cant get a better fitting one until tomorrow.)

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2:50am - Danielle is now talking about all the competitions she won and how much stronger she is than Frank. Dan says her idea to make a deal with Wil if she takes him down is good and asks her what she'll say to him. He says not to tell Wil who she would put up.

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10:20amBBT FOTH...wake up call?

MIke tells Dan he wants them to be a core group, be the brains and make it happen.

10:42am BBT HG are up doing ADL, Ash has Ian's leash. lots of FOTH.

Frank wonders if he has to wear the spritard for a full week or for a BB week. Ian talks about when past HG have gotten out of wear it.

Ian says his dog house was getting hot but they gave him all the bottled water he could drink. He thinks the whole thing is comical. He slept the full night, no wake ups at all.

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Brit has Ians leash, he moves her coffee cup so he doesnt spill it when he moves. He is one side of the counter while she is laying on the seat. Wil says he lost it last night, he was hysterically laughing.

Mike says welcome to another boring Sunday in the BBH. Jani and Mike talk about Dr.Will telling horror stories about cutting cancer off ppls lips so they dont lay out as much as they used to.

10:58am BBT Wil takes Ian to the SR to change his batteries. Mike says he just cant bring himself to walk a human around on a leash, even in fun. Says bets if you offered him 2G's he would stay in it.

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11:05AM BBT: Britney is in the kitchen with Will Joe, Ashley and Ian talking about one time when she got sick and was vomiting and her brother videotaped it. Danielle just strolled through the kitchen . They are talking about their Christmas experiences, Britney saying she used to get up at 5am. Ian is saying when he was 15 his friend and him videotaped a movie about a killer teddy bear.

11:09AM BBT: Frank, Boogie and Janelle in the BY on the couches talking about exercising and burning fat. Boogie thinks that two workouts are best and Frank says in the house it works and Boogie agrees that you can't do it in realize outside the house.

11:14AM BBT: Dan and Ashley in the bathroom area doing their morning routine, while Danielle watches. In the kitchen Dan, Ashley, Ian, Britney and Wil fix breakfast. Dan goes outside. to the BY. ...and we get FotH

11:17AM BBT: Britney still in the kitchen saying she had a dream that Will and her were trying to kill each other and then they played for the PoV in New York. Britney singing about coffee and we get FotH. Just Ashley is at the table and Wil and Britney in the kitchen still chatting.

11:23AM BBT: In the BY Frank, Boogie, Janelle,Danielle and Ian are sitting and barely talking. Ashley Joins them and pats Ian on the head. Frank, Boogie and Janelle get up and leave. They comment that it is a really hot day and Ian says at least the kennel is shaded. Danielle leaves and Dan comes and sits down Dan asks Ian if he can play pool, Ian doesn't know so Dan takes the leash and leads him to the DR to see what he can do.

11:28AM BBT: they wanted to know if he could go in the pool and didn't get in the DR. Dan, Ian and Ashley are back at the couches in the BY and Ian goes through exactly what happened week by week in another season. Boogie comes back and joins them. it is one of the seasons Chilltown played in. Boogie gets told to put on his mic.

11:34AM BBT: Britney, Wil and Danielle at the DT and Frank and Janelle are in the kitchen discussing Janelle getting baby pictures and announcements. Janelle saying it is very expensive and she has no right to all the pictures. Will says it's strange for that to happen (most photographers have that policy, you need to buy them). Britney says she worked it out for her wedding that she got them all.

11:41AM BBT: Danielle Dan, Ashley and Ian at the couches in the BY and Boogie running, Ian is still running through previous seasons and the order things happened. He does have an amazing memory - but how is it under pressure? Boogie comments that whoever is here for a fast forward better be ready for a heart attack. one of the girls aks if it's a live show and they are told yes.

11:50AM BBT: Frank still in the kitchen and Wil, Janelle and Britney at the DT. They are talking body size of the men that have played and are currently playing in the game. Britney says Hayden was more the size of Shane., but not like Lane. Britney saying one time Lane put all the weights in the BY on and lifted it. Britney saying that on her previous season her roots were about 1 and 1/2 in and she was trying to hide them, then BB did a shot of her head from the back so everyone seen it. She is complaining she had asked for a clip and they gave her one that did not match the color of her dress and she was so embarrassed,. She is saying her and Kathy both only had a grey dress left that they hadn't wore and that BB had to buy Kathy another dress because they couldn't wear the same color. Britney says Cathy would talk a lot of crap all the time and when Bren Dan would walk by she would shoot him with a finger gun.

11:53AM BBT: Britney is saying the most excited Cathy ever got in the game was a luxury competition. and they were in cop cars and had handcuffs. Cathy's team didn't win.

11:57AM BBT: In the BY Danielle Dan, Ashley and Ian are still at the couches, Dan is putting on sun block. Ashley asks Ian if he is comfortable and he says he is OK. They ask if he has eaten yet and he says no, that he is OK. Then they ask if he can use utensils and he says no. Jenn joins them on the couches.

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12:05pm BBT - Mike says not many first generation Americans and Boogie has to explain to Ash that it is parents born in outside the US. Dr. Will was born in Italy and Jun was born in South Korea. Ash said her best friend's family had a Nielsen box but Ian says that they can collect that info from the DVR and cable boxes. Janelle and Brit in WCA; Janelle blew her nose and Brit putting stuff on her face. Ian tells Ash he went to a casting call to be on the show. FotH. When we come back, Dan is saying the proof is in the dog pudding.

12:08pm BBT Ian had read free chapters from a how to get on TV book. Talk turns to Dan's eBooks and web site on how to get onto RealityTV. Wil in WCA, adjusting his boxers and his hair. Ian says he did not wear a Tulane shirt, just a polo t-shirt (not sure what that is). He had a beer to celebrate his 21st birthday, had been 21 for 2 weeks before going to the April casting call during spring break. His friend Cliff is smarter than he is was supposed to go, a more interesting guy, but probably would have said no. FotH.

12:12pm BBT Shane now working out. Jenn comes to BY couches, makes Ian get up off the floor so she can get by him. Janelle makes her way outside with a glass of water and grabs some suntan lotion. Boogie talking about his appreciation for cheerleading, he was the base of a pyramid and was shaky. Danielle tells that she fell off a guy during a cheerleading incident and her face got torn up. Shane showing Dan how to do a workout. Wil on his back on a towel by the pool, showing how not to do a workout. Janelle the same. Brit in a chair by the pool.

12:20pm BBT - Couch Crew comes inside for a bit. Shane whispers to Boogie that he thinks Dani is on board with keeping him safe. Danielle brings Ian inside for a bit then leads him outside. Joe now lounging outside. Ian now sitting beside the pool, danging his hind paws in the water, Ash kind of holding his leash (it's looped around her hand but she's tuned out under the sun). Dan jumps in the water and splashes Ian and Ashley and dog's don't like to be splashed. Inside, Shane talking to Boogie about eating sweets and restaurant foods. Shane balances pasta with chicken and broccoli. Talk turns to food Mike serves in Geisha House.

12:26pm BBT - Shane wants to move to CA so they talk about that. Boogie says this is the second time he's left his business partner in the lurch for BB. Mike opening up about his personal and family life. Shane says he feels he is getting older and staying in the same spot he was in 5 years ago. Shane had tried to get out of his rut before and the company he worked for went bankrupt. Mike says you can make $100-$250 a night on tips as a waiter. Shane wonders about the girls. Mike says oh yeah. Shane says with all his mortgages, he pays out more than he takes in each week.

12:30pm BBT TFU - Janelle and Dan talking about someone who does BB interviews, Dan thinks she's nice but Janelle says she was not nice to her. Don't know who they were talking about. Boogie tells Shane he's toned it down from his party days now that he has the baby (his mom came out to CA to help out). It changes your life, Mike says. Dan has Ian's Terry the Duck. He has 9 more at home. Janelle starts asking Ian about Survivor. They both loved Survivor Pearl Islands, how they got thrown into the island in expensive clothes. All they get is sunscreen and feminine hygiene products. Everything else is a luxury.

12:34pm BBT TFU Shane says one of the houses he was flipping was scheduled to close on July 25th, so if it did, he's out of a place to live (he was living their during the renovations to save on rent). Shane up to HoH where Danielle was changing into a suit. He is exhausted but feels better after working out. Brit and Janelle talking about delivering babies. Shane delivers the message that Boogie wants to talk with him and Danielle. Shane says he led Mike on to thinking Dan wasn't on board to saving Frank. Shane says he could be just saying that he wants to work with them.

12:40pm BBT TFU Ash now in the water with Janelle and Dan. Danielle tells Shane Frank is not coming off. She is planning to take Wil off and put Janelle up and she says she got Dan to agree to it. But if they don't vote Janelle out, she's F'd. Well, screwed. She shouldn't swear. She apologizes to her mother, saying sometimes there's just not a better word. Shane says he is 100% behind Danielle. Shane calls it the Three's Company alliance, three players and 3 coaches, though Brit doesn't know that he's stepping out on her.

12:45pm BBT TFU Shane hopes HoH is a Knockout comp so they can keep their team in charge. They are two powerhouses. Like Brenchel, Danielle says. No, people hate them, Shane says. Danielle says we don't kiss and alienate ourselves. Shane goes into the HoH bathroom and Danielle warns him there are cameras in there, to use the shower. He does so successfully. Haven't been missing anything in the pool. When there is talk, it's not of any substance. Danielle says she would be getting her classroom about now, so obviously he knows her true profession.

15:47pm BBT TFU Janelle saying that due to some incident, ex-HG cannot ever sit in the audience, even for finale. Frank and Jenn on BY couches. Frank says even when I'm watching porn, I can't stand butt sex. Apparently he was dreaming of JoJo last night. His dreams are so vivid but they always stop before the action gets good. Last night the dream stopped when he went out looking for a condom in his truck. Danielle out by the pool now. Joe dangling his feet in the water. Brit on her stomach on a lounge. Wil also on a lounge. Puppy Ian not in sight.

12:52pm BBT TFU Brit heads over to couches, said that Ian had to go sit in his dog house because of a bee and he is highly allergic. Frank tells Brit about his dream and she asks if JoJo put cigs out on his chest? Frank says he's not into that kind of stuff so he doesn't dream it. Brit digs into the details of Frank's dream. She says that the brain is not capable of creating a stranger in a dream, has to be someone you've seen. Sometimes she dreams her husband looks like Brad Pitt. At least he was being safe in his dream, Frank says.

12:55pm BBT - TFU JoJo would have been naked on the counter during Spin The Bottle night. Brit says look at Ian sitting in his dog house, looking at the kids playing in the pool. Boogie tells of his fist time in the pool with his son, Brady, on a trip to Vegas. They had a Disney float. Start with babies in the water young, a year old, so they become comfortable in the water. The BY crew say it's too hot to be out by the pool. Wil gets up and Brit tells him she likes the faded color of his shorts. He says he's going to walk around and Brit agrees to join him. Jenn is going to get food. Frank goes inside, asks Wil how his ass looks. Wll says he will pay alot of money for an ass like that some day.

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1:04pm BBT - Jenn got tired of looking at the candy and took it to the SR. Frank is tried of the off the shoulder look and pulls the top of his spiritard down. He and Wil talk about body hair and shaving. Yes, Wil shaves his legs and Yes, Frank trims his chest hair.

1:11pm BBT - Dan only on ein the water now, Jenn making some eggs. Dan says his wife and her family is from Michigan. Ian rockin' in the dog house. Joe on the loungue. Shane and Danielle sunbathing on towels, Danielle on her back, Shane on his stomach. Frank heads over to an empty lounge and drags it into the sun. Janelle inside. Joe says he dreamed he was home in his own bed and he woke and no no one was home. Ian says his worst dream was the first night in the HN room. That's his domain. And we all know how dogs like to mark their domain...

1:16pm BBT - Jenn has scrambled 2 eggs, 2 sausage patties, and toast into a bowl. Dan says he was only on slop 5 days during his first season. They start talking ages and Joe insists 40 is the new 30. Joe says Dan will feel like a kid when he gets onto the field with his own kid one day. Boogie joins Jenn at the table while she eats. He was in the DR but now Dan called to DR. Dan goes for one last dip in the water before heading inside. Shane rolls over onto his back. Dan is not in any hurry - grabs something to drink then his shirt before finally going to the DR.

1:23pm BBT - Frank gives a shout-out to the clouds, says come back, it's freakin' hot out here. Ian needs some inside time so Ash gets his leash and brings him into the SR. There are 4 cans of nuts, Ash finds. Shane is up off the towel, Frank shading his eyes from the sun but making sure the rest of him gets a nice soaking. As and Ian being a selection of food into the KT. Looks like it's cooking time as they clear out Jenn's dirty cookware. Jenn is there and gives them cleaning suggestions for the cutting board. Joe has a towel over his face. You can tell it's Joe by the ugly strip of hair below his lip.

1:27pm BBT - Frank is suddenly talkative. Says his parents have to be embarrassed he's wearing this spiritard. It wouldn't be so bad if the skirt was a little higher. Janelle now in the KT talking with Ash and Ian. Wil joins them. Danielle sitting by the pool, feet wet. Shane back on his back under the sun. Ash dicing tomatoes, complaining that her back is so messed up. Everyone things she's lazy but she really loves working out. This is your opening, Ian, have her show you how! Instead, this is an inopportune time to be peeling an onion.

1:32pm BBT - Wil's neck hurts. Janelle's back has been hurting, her whole body aching after the endurance comp. Discussion turns to The Friendship or as Janelle said, The Nerd Herd. Brit has changed into walking clothes. But she left off her microphone. Wil and Janelle share the fingernail touch and the hand hug. Janelle and Brit stretching in the LR. I think Brit's pants need more blue sparkle. Danielle outside is doing the opposite of stretching and it involves sunglasses and a t-shirt over the head. Shane making sure his arm pits get sun too.

1:38pm BBT - Dan walks through the LR and upon seeing the girls stretching says Lamaze Class. Janelle says this is NOT Lamaze Class. Joe is up and heads inside. Janelle and Brit seem to be doing more of a workout than stretching. Dan back outside, singing so we get FotH. Danielle is up, Shane is out, Janelle and Brit are working out, led by Janelle. They choose dancing over lunges. Let's Samba! Danielle has her feet in the water. Shane is now up. And BB reminds them to put on their microphones. Brit & Janelle make up music to dance to. Shimmy time. Wil is working out.

1:42pm BBT - Shane and Danielle now both in the pool. Frank is jogging. Joe sitting on the pool edge, food by his side. Better wait 30 minutes after eating before going for a swim, Joe. It's lunch time in the LR too. Well, lunge time at least. Joe thinks next year BB will go back to a regular cast and stop messing with it. From your mouth to BB's ears, I say. Inside, Brit says she is feeling the burn. Or is she only telling Janelle what she thinks she wants to hear? Shane and Danielle are comparing what hurts still from the endurance comp.

1:48pm BBT - Time for some floor exercises inside. Jenn walks past. They don't invite her to join them and she doesn't ask. Frank setting up the weigh bench while Wil is running back and forth. Joe slips into the pool and joins Danielle and Shane. Inside, Janelle and Brit are lifting their legs and squeezing their butts. Outside Shane is talking about how he's going to switch up his facial hair for the live show. Janelle starts the last exercise, the Rainbow, because she knows this is hard for Brit. Danielle slips below the water's surface and then asks Joe to tell her a story.

1:53pm BBT - Janelle lied as they move onto an inner thigh exercise. Joe telling a story about his wayward youth. Danielle and Shane are enthralled. Joe promises he will not exaggerate the story but will stick to the truth. He and his friend sneak out of the house at 2am, they were about 14-15, not even drinking, heading downtown and meat a guy (Bubba Jewel), the town drunk. And we get FotH. So much for the story of Bubba Jewel.

1:55pm BBT - Feeds come back and they are driving Bubba Jewel's car, 3 sheets to the wind and Gunther's house is all lit up. So they try to sneak through the BY and pretend they were right outside the house the whole time. They park 2 blocks away, leaving Bubba Jewel passed out in the car, they are sitting on the picnic table outside making up a story when Gunther's father comes out and says Joe Joe where you been? We're just sitting out here talking, Joe said. Oh good, because your sister snuck out of the house and we don't know where she is!

1:59pm BBT - Joe concludes his story that they never found out what had happened with his older sister and her boyfriend that night, but he and his friend never got caught. FotH.

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2:04pm BBt Jani and Brit doing stretches. Brit feels Jani will win HOH, who would she put up. Jani says she doesnt want it, she will throw it to Brit. Jedi training later tonight.

Brit says there are ppl in the house who never talk game to her, she is not afraid to put them up. Three ppl have to leave before Jury. Jani says if Mike should go before Jury. He will never vote for a girl to win, he is such a sexist piece of garbage.

Jani: Wil would want the guys out before them. Joe has stopped talking to her. She would not mind putting him on the block. Jani says if the HOH is knock out who should take out? Brit says prob better Brit wins it over Jani. Brit says Dani and Shane would work with them later, they are good at their word. Trust them for a week here or there.

In BY Ian says he would take the dog suit for a week over the HN bed.He is glad he gets real food not dog food.

Brit admits she has piles of dirty clothes all over the house. We hear Jenn talking music but cant see her...oh she is at the table with Dan.

Ash keeping Ian company in his dog area. Brit says Frank is going to really smell, he is going to put the unitard on delicate while he is in the pool and taking a shower.

2:19pm BBT Brit/Mike and Dani talk about the HOH shower. They like the monsoon setting the best. chat turns to how often they shave their legs.

Dani says Day 30. WOW. (how many are left??)

Going to skip the pubic hair discussion for you. It changes to sororities. Dani starts to list some off....she lost me on the second one.

2:31pm BBT Dan still at the table enthralled by Jenn talking music. Frank done with his work out. Jani takes a nap.

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