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8/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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11:05 PM BBT Dan and Boogie hashing out ill feelings in SR. Boogie is super upset about Frank being the target this week He doesnt believe Dan wants to work with him. Dan says why would I fight for you not to be nominated if I didn't want to work with you? Dan continues by saying with Frank here he doesnt think Boogie will want to work with him or take him over Frank in the final. Boogie says if I win POV Frank is coming off I know its a long shot but it is what it is.

11:15 pm BBT Boogie asks Dan if there is any way Franks safety can be assured and have him work with Dan too. Dan says he is open to it but can i at 28 and you at 42 take him out when we need to? Boogie says yeah im not F2 with Frank . Boogie continues by saying there are so many other less loyal people to be gotten rid of first. Dan says he is open to keeping Frank if Boogie is open to appearing to work with the other coaches.

11:19 pm BBT Brit Shane and Dani in Hoh all come to a consensus that they dont trust Wil and will work with him on a week to week basis. Brit seems the most apprehensive by Asking Shane and Dani who they trust more then Wil

11:24 pm BBT Boogie tells Dan that it didnt make sense for Dani to not be honest with him and Frank about being evicted last week. Says it also doesnt make sense for Dan if Dan knew Boogie was joining the game. Boogie tells Dan that he is vindictive and would have tried to get revenge for Frank against Dan and Dani

11:29 pm BBT Brief Foth and all four feeds return on Hoh where Brit is mapping out all events in BB house thus far. She is training him for future comps.

11:37 pm BBT Dani comes back to Hoh says she was in DR seeing the medic about her arms (she hurt them during hoh comp) she had deep tissue compression injuries from holding the railing for over 3 hrs at her elbows last night.

11:46 pm BBT Wil Joe Iam and Jenn are all in HT Joe asks Wil if he is surprised by noms. Wil says no and that he thinks he is walking out the door because the pawn always go home. Wil says Dani said he was supposed to be safe during Hoh comp but then told her no worries if she has to nom him.

11:57 pm BBT Dan joins the HT crew and they laugh about Ian being buzzed after three beers. They are now just all rehashing Hoh comp and how brutal it was. Hoh crew talking about how gross digornio pizza is and who they would make have nots if given the chance.

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12:04 am BBT Jani and Brit in KT talking about Boogies feelings being hurt Jani says she wishes Will was here to talk sense into him. Jani is annoyed that the HT crew outside (Wil Jen Ian and Joe) are campaigning against coahes.

12:12 am BBT Boogie rehashing his convo with Dan to Frank. They agree that Dan is shady. In KT Brit says there is no one in the house to work with. Jani tells her we need to stick together with just a few other people. Brit asks but who to chose from? FOTH

12:20 am BBT Dan enters Hoh and tells Shane and Dani that Ian is part of an anti coach meeting in the BY. Shane asks if it is a good idea to bring Jani and Boogie on board with them if it is going to be players vs coaches. Dan and Dani say no immediately and that it would only work if Boogie can bring Frank with him.

12:30 am BBT Frank tells Boogie that he heard Wil say hes the pawn and that Wil said all he tried to do was make a big move and it bit him in the butt. Boogie says just be cool about it and let it go because if Frank comes off the block they want Wil to feel at ease with Frank next week.

12:35 am BBT Shane and Dani in Hoh agree Ian isnt trustworthy as he was part of the anti coach meeting Dan walked in on. Brit says she isnt so sure and she will talk to Ian and see where his head is at

12:42 am BBT In WCA Jani asks Wil if he is going to bed. Wil says yes. Jani asks if she can talk to him before he heads to be. Wil says hes had enough game talk for tonight and rejects Jani. Jani pulls Ash into arade room and asks her whats going on with Wil , Ash says no one tells her anything she feels isolated they both dont know if they an trust Joe anymore.

12:45 am BBT In hoh Brit says she doesnt trust Wil. Dani says other people need to go before Wil. Brit says if she wins Hoh she is targeting Wil, then says Frank needs to go for sure too and is at top of list. Brit leaves and gets face mask and when she gets back she informs Shane/ Dani that Ian said night to her nicely and Brit doesnt think Ian is the schemer that they are making him out to be.

12:55 am BBT Brit in Hoh asks Dani to make a list of three people she wants gone. Dani says Frank Jani and Boogie. Brit says Frank Joe and Wil are going to come after me. Dani says Jani is going to come after me. They both agree Frank is number one again.

12:58 am BBT Joe stops Dan in front of the Hoh door and tells him that Will is stirring up trouble about how close Dani and Dan are.

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8:20am BBT Wil and Mike in crane rm. Wil says Jani feels the coaches are targets. Mike says todays POV drawing is vital. Mike says if he is here next wk what foundation does he have with the coaches for trust. He cant make an alliance for a day. He told Brit he isnt making deals, not speaking to Dani. Tells Wil he wont run to them out of fear.

Mike says Brit is worthless. Wil says she is going to run and hide behind ppl like she did before.

Wil tells Mike he is a bridge not burned. He is not going to play like he did before. Mike tells him he didnt do much damage with him. They have this thing in the past, they can work on that.

Mike says he thinks he can patch things up with Dan. (they must have had wake up call already..BB reminds them the bedroom lights must stay on during the day) Wil says he is not going after Dani. HG are slowly getting and it brings their talk to an end.

8:43am BBT Wil and Jani speculate on what the POV comp will be. Wil is good at puzzles. Jani says she thinks it will be mental because people are so sore.

BB's been calling them to the DR early. Frank at 5:30, Wil at 7:00. Wil and Frank cooking. Jani sitting at table.

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Its 9:00am BBT. Frank making steak and eggs for him and Mike. Wil had an egg bowl. Jani laying on couch in WA.

Wil and Jani talk in crane rm. Jani says the other teams are still together but their team is falling apart. Wil is trying to start from scratch on how he plays.

Wil says you cant trust Joe, Jani says he wont even talk to her now. Jani tells Wil that if she gets HOH next wk she wouldnt put them up.

Jani says she has no one that wants to work with her. Doesnt know if anyone would save her with POV if she was on the block. Jani going to ask Dani if she wins POV can she save Wil. Wil says do what she thinks is best for her. If she wants to do that it would be awesome.

Jani says if Mike saves Frank thats bad, really really bad. Its obvious they are working together.

At the table. Mike tells Frank that Jani is doing a good thing with the anti Frank thing. They need to talk to Dani. By them not talking to Dani she feels they are after her. Dont flatter yourself honey you are just a bug on the bottom of Mikes shoe.

Mike feels Jani is corunning shit with Dan right now. If they can get Frank off and guarantee the 5 votes he thinks he can talk Dan into BD Jani.

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9:18am BBT Wil and Mike still at table. Mike thinks it best to talk to Dani alone. Hopes to get Dans encouragement by saying they could knock out Jani.Jani doesnt like it cuz Frank has her number. Frank says if he could get his toe in he could get her back on his side but Dan would have to help with that. Mike says she's a C***, she knows you have her number.

MIke says there are so many oppurtinites to shuck and jive, there are so many ppl on that board. He could put up Jenn, willing to do what ever at this point. Important thing right now is making Dani feel comfortable.

Jani goes to Dani in HOH asks if she plays in POV can she use it on Wil. Dani say yes. Jani says that way they can get rid of Frank. Jani runs down and tells Wil.

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Mike goes to HOH tells Dani that they felt betrayed. He felt they worked a bit to keep her and Dan in the game. at one point they could have gotten Dan out by evicting her instead of Jojo. Mike says its all water under the bridge, its a new game now.

Mike explains how he was thrown for a loop by the many events of the past few days. The moral of the story is he thinks they can mend fences and work together. He didnt want to talk yesterday, didnt want to one of those ppl that run to the power. His convo now is more genuine. Anything can happen now. Dani days Dan told her they talked but not what was said. Mike was hurt when his key was last and his main man was on the block. Dani tells him that if she wanted him on the block he would be there now.

Dani tells him she had no idea what she was going to do sitting there on the couch before votes. She was relieved when Julie said there was no vote. She was hurt when no one came to her and asked what she was going to do.

Mike tells her he was not mad at her, he was mad at the whole situation, they knew all along this was going to happen FOTH He wouldnt have tried so hard in the Coaches comps, wouldnt have shown he was such a competitor. He does think they can work together, wants to patch it up with Dan.

Mike says it was true that he said if Dani wanted to talk to them she would have to come look for them. Mike stressing he was still spell bound by all that happened Thurs night.

Dani tells him she didnt make any deals and wouldnt tell any one who she was nominating. she doesnt think its fair that others say this or that one is being nom. (while Mike is talking he keeps picking at the couch, looking to the side) He says he thinks he is in a much better place then he was 24 hrs ago. Dani says Dan advises her but she is her own player. Dan never told her what to do with the votes. Mike says he is done with the anger, ready to play.

Dani tells him that if Frank had talked to her he probably woudnt be on the block. MIke says there is alot of game between now and Thur. It changes. She is in a great position now and it could get better.

He tells her Jani is a power player, she gravitates to the power. Her problem with Frank is he has her number. Mike goes on to tell her all the good things Frank did during his HOH.

MIke says he understand Dan wants to work with Jani. Dani says dont put words in ppls mouths, to ask Dan.

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9:55am BBT MIke leaves. Dan comes up to use WC, Dani tells him their convo, while Mike goes tells Frank. Dani gets called to DR.

HG are at the table or in the K, waiting for POV player pick ceremony. We keep getting random FOTH.

10:07am BBT Trivia

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10:05 AM BBT We have trivia - picking POV players.

10:34 PM BBT Feeds are back. Frank says that he and Wil have played in every POV. In the KT talk about Joe making BLTs and who is having one. Jani and Wil talking in the arcade and Dani/Brit talking iin HOH. No one has mentioned any players outside of Wil and Frank but that we already knew.

10:38 PM BBT Ian comes to HOH to talk to Dani. Brit says something to him about keeping the noms the same (Ian may be playing). Discussions about what the POV may be. Brit says that she has been told since her forearms are so sore - she has injured the nerve. Jani has said something about Jenn winning POV . No confirmations at this time though.

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10:40 PM BBT Frank says not a single coach was picked. Ian tells Brit that whenever he comes in to where Boogie is - he stops talking. Boogie going over POV Shane and Jenn playing.

10:48 AM BBT Frank in the HOH room. Discussing why he felt he was safe and it turns out he wasn't. Frank says the past is the past and he can let that go. Frank says he was hurt by Dan as well. Dani says if you want to be mad - be mad at me but Dan didn't really know. She says she never told Dan because Dan was never in the mix.

In the KT Brit, Joe and Ian talking about Ian being a little tipsy after the beers last night. Joe says that its a good thing Ian isnt playing POV after drinking. Sounds like the POV players are Jenn, Shane (confirmed), Ian, Frank, Wil and Dani. Brit asks Joe for her pre-natal vitamins. (TUrns out they are just vitamins but she is preparing for the future)

10:57 AM BBT Frank and Dani rehashing everything from the past few weeks. Dani feels that she is an easy target because she never blows up but that doesn't mean she is not going to fight.

11:02 PM BBT In the KT discussion of babies and their diapers and vomiting. Joe doesn't change diapers. Boogie says he can't believe it. Brit says her hubby can clean up any vomit at all. Jani says that she left her hubby for 24 hours with the baby since he said it was so easy. Jani says he begged her to come home and hasn't said a word since.

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11:05 AM BBT Dan joins the talk in HOH. Frank trying to sell him staying and protecting them. Says that he wants to work with them. Dan tells him what proof do they have that Frank wont come right back at them. Frank tries to explain his side.

11:09 AM BBT Jani telling Brit that she had to breast feed every hour so she had to "whip it out" right there. She said no one cared. Otherwise she went to guests rooms (she is talking about parties that they would go to right after her daughter was born) She tells Brit that breastfeeding makes you hungry and tired.

11:12 AM BBT In HOH Frank talking about who might possibly win POV - It is Jenn, Ian and Shane plus Wil, Frank and Dani. Going over the Zing Bot comp from last year.

Dan asks Frank if he wins POV and comes down - who would he want to roll with. Frank says Shane, Dani, Dan, Boogie and Brit if needed.

11:17 AM BBT Frank asks if Jani is a possible replacement nom if he or Wil comes down. Dan says he isn't sure.

11:22 PM BBT In the KT Jani says that she hates people who post everyday on FB. Brit hates people who are married and post sexy pictures (swimsuit photos) to FB. Joe says he can look thru his FB friends and pick out who will be divorced. Jani says she doesn't go on FB much anymore. We get FOTH as Joe starts to name a FB friend who is gay. Joe doesnt want his wife to have it. Brit hates that people who post to people who dont have FB - such as "Happy Birthday to my Grandpa" and Grandpa doesn't have FB. Same as people who wish thier kids HB and they dont have FB.

Jani tells Joe that Brit heard he was going to come after the coaches. Joe says that's a complete lie (Jani upset that people are planning to come after the coaches).

11:31 PM BBT Jani arrives in HOH along with Brit. Jani says she came in for Twizzlers. She grabs the bag of twizzlers and helps herself. Discussion about ants and Brit hates sand. Dani hates that you cant sit in the ocean because the sand fills up your bottom.

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11:38 AM BBT n the HOH room talk of sports and flirting and high school. Wil, Ash and Jenn napping. In the KT Ian is eating cereal and rocking back and forth.

11:46 PM BBT Brit and Jani talk about how much they loved being cheerleaders in HS. Dan is sleeping. Frank yawning. Jani and Brit discussing how they liked being able to wear the uniforms to school and how they each got the cheerleading magazines.

11:50 AM BBT Brit talking about the cute stuff she owns and her hubby bought for her. Jani was asked a question and Jani says she can't say much. Brit says they live in fear of the live feeds. Jani tells Frank about her nanny that she has at home - her name is Madelyn and we get FOTH for a minute. When we come back Frank talking about possible POV games.

Talking about showering. Frank says he usually showers twice a day. Jani complaining that she only has 1 bar of Dove soap and someone used it and got pubs hair in it. Brit says thats disgusting. Ian joins the HOH. Brit says she buys her hubby Dove Men. Jani says she needs another bar of soap because her bar was abused.

11:56 AM BBT Jani brings Dani into the arcade room to ask her about if Ian was going to use the POV is he wins it. Jani wants to know what Frank said to Dani. Dani says that Frank apologized. Jani says she is so nervous about Ian possibly winning. Dani announces that she is trying not to be stressed as she already has IBS. Dani goes back to HOH and Jani heads to the KT. She tells Dani that Frank is in HOH and then Frank comes out of one of the BR. Janie tells Frank that she is sore still.

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12:00BBT to 2:00BBT by cajunpug.....

12:00BBT Ian Dani Dan Britany in HOH discussing Joe saying he never said he wanted the coaches out. Frank & Janelle In the bathroom talking. Frank tells Janelle if she can promise not put him up that she will be off his list. Frank says he wants to work w the coaches.

Janelle says she has noone who would pull her off the block. Frank wants to work w Janelle & move past there issues. They both know that Joe wants the coaches out.

Janelle & Frank still in bathroom , Frank still trying to get Janelle to work w him. Janelle cant seem to get past previous comments made by Frank. Their talk keeps getting stopped by people coming in & out. Jenn & Ian moving around the house. Dani, Dan, Britany in HOH talking about Joe & his comments. Dani says if someone comes off the block, she is putting Boogie up.

Frank & Janelle are still talking in the bathroom. Janelle thinks Ashley is the only one who might want to work w her . Frank feels his only option is to work w the coaches. Dan , Dani, & Britany are in HOH discussing wwhat the POV comp might be. Ian is walking around the house. Wil is in the KT getting something to eat. Ashley has just got up. All other HGs asleep.

12:47BBT In HOH, Britany & Dani keep bashing Janelle for being downstairs talking to Frank. They feel that Janell is shady. Dan says that she is acting like Willie trying to be safe w everyone. Frank & Janelle's conversation is over.

1:00BBT Wil & Joe at KT table . Wil feels that if he & Frank stay on the block, he will be the one to leave . Wil Feels Frank can get votes easier than he can. Britany comes down from HOH & Joe tells her Jani confronted him wBritany saying he was coming after the coaches. Britany says she never said that & doesnt know why Jani would tell him that.

1:12BBT The Janelle bashing continues in the HOH between Britany & Dani. Downstairs, the HGs are beginning to wake up & move around. Shane , Ashley ,Wil, Joe are in the Kt eating. Frank is done taking a shower. Ian laying on big chair in the bathroom. Boogie up & to the DR.

Janelle in the sneaker rm telling Ashley about her conversation w Frank. She doesnt want to work w Frank & Boogie. They agree to team up & work together.. Janelle doesnt understand why Wil is so bitter towards her. Ashley says everyone is afraid Dan.

1:40BBT in the headphone rm, Wil & Jenn are talking. Wil says Janelle is going around the house lying & starting rumors. They say all she talks about is herself. They both feel Joe is being very cocky since nominations. Wil says Frank isnt wasting any time talking to people. Wil feels Janelle dosent like it if she isnt the center of attention. Wil hopes the nominations stay the same if he does not win the Veto so hopefully Frank goes home . Janelle & Ashley are still in the sneaker rm lying in bed talking. They feel that Wil put himself on the block by pretending to work w Boogie & Frank last week. They both know that Wil doesnt trust Janelle. Jani & Ashley want to work w Dani & Shane & hope that Frank leaves this week.

Frank & Jenn in Arcade rm. Jenn says that she has always been a team player. She feels that Frank & Boogie have only been out to help each other. She tells Frank why would she still have his back now when she has never felt Boogie or Frank have ever had her back.

Frank says they probably wont play Veto until 3 or 4 BBT. They stll hear building going on outside. Frank trying to reassure Jenn that he has always had her back. He didnt relize that he didnt still have Jenn & Ian on his side.

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2:04pm Frank says dan told me and mike that we was good and even dani told us that ... thats why me and mike was like omg jen says i didnt think you was origianlly going home but i think they pushed and pushed and pushed and i think they was gonna keep joe

2:06pm :jani ash and brit in shoe rm talking about joe going crazy jani said i told joe to lay low just lay low jani says joe said he would call a house meeting now ash says no one is threatened by joe

2:13pm frank tells jenn that he thinks dan wants to work with boogie and wants me out of the way thats why i am up frank says jenn just be careful about what you say to who if you let them know you want the coaches out then you will be up next 2 weeks ago i told jani i wanted coaches out i was joking but now i am up because of that

2:14pm frank says we got to think smart on who to work with now its tuff here we were final 8 and now we are back up to 12

2:21pm frank and jenn hug and frank says i need to win that pov right now i am 0 for 3 right now as they leave the crane rm

2:23pm Ian is pacing back and forth and walking in circles in the hvnbrm mumbling to himself while most hg are sleeping and dani shane and joe in lovrm general talk going on

2:30pm :hg in lvrm talking about college mascotts ian still in hnbrm walking in circles making funny loud noises

2:35pm brit talking about elephants are not mean animals they are nice now if i stabbed its baby it might attack me but elephants are nice now if its a wild cat in a cage i would be afraid or a razorback i would be scared they are mean but elephants are nice

2:36pm brit says an elephant let reese witherspoon sit on its trunk and she was fine joe says i would let her on my trunk too

2:38pm brit says ok if you put a tiger and an elephant in a cage the tiger is coming out cuz elephants arent mean dani says if a cat and an elephant in a cage the cat will die the elephant will take a foot and smash it

2:44pm Dan is in the wca shaving frank comes in and says i just want to clear it up for you if you think i was after the coaches i am not janelle just took things wrong

2:46pm dan called to the dr frank walks in the wca and ask frank what do you think it will be frank says i think a puzzle and we get foth

2:47pm shane goes to sr dani is in there he says dan should be coming out soon are you excited dani says yeah

2:49pm most hg in lvrm talking about the little mermaid dan come out of the dr and gets his tennis shoes and goes back in dr hg waiting for dan to come out now so the pov can start dan is hosting

2:57pm we now have trivia pov is starting

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4:31BBT Feeds cut on for a split sec. could not tell anything. POV is over, but still trivia

4:34BBT Feeds are back. Brit is in the kitchen. Wil and frank are sittting at the table.

4:36BBT BB: "Dan please go to the DR." Frank "Good job hosting dan.

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Janni, Danni, and brit are in the SR.. seems like they are all very happy (i doubt frank won then)

Brit: "Boogie has been sooo mean to Ian. He has been making fun of him"

Jani, brit, and danni are talking about how they are going to start doing cheers, and toe touches whenever Frank gets evicted.

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4:41 pm BBT: Sounds like Danielle won POV! Danielle, Jani, and Britney are in the storage room super happy, and laughing about one of the guys (possibly Frank) having to wear a cheerleading outfit and getting booted in it on Thursday!

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4:36BBT Feeds back, Brit, Wil, Frank and Mike in K, general chat. Ian comes in. Dani in HOH. there is snack packs of chips in a tray on the seat at the bar.

Dan and Jenn wonder into kitchen. POV is hanging on the memory wall. Dani sings....FOTH

Dani, Jani, Brit in SR. Jani telling Dani they totally underestimated you. Brit is so happy for her, they hug. Looks like Dani won POV.

Mike and Frank in crane rm. Frank telling him his convo with Dan earlier.

Jenn won a trip. Frank took some money. Ian pacing.

4:48BBt in the SR. Dani tells Dan she could do it. Dan says each throw she got better and better.

Shane got a VETO ticket. Dani says Mike was livid. Dan tells her to squeeze the veto for all the protection she can get.

Dani says Frank is going to Sparetard out the door by a girl and he hates girls.

Jani telling Wil that Dani told her she had a target but wouldnt tell who it was. they talk how Dan is getting Dani to do his dirty work.

Jani hates to say it but Frank is better then Mike. Jani says they should talk late tonight.

Frank chastises himself for not winning that comp. Mike says she was good, she went for the middle numbers.

Frank comes up to HOH where Brit and Dani are. Dani says sorry she gave him a Humilitard.---Spirit tard. they wonder if it will be like a cheerleader. Brit says more scary, its called a Spirit Tard.

The talk about what the tard could be. the hat could be a pompom. Ian has to live in kennel for 24 hrs. If he comes out of it he has to be on a leash.

Brit says she has to burst the bubble, its not really 24 hrs, the time started when the comp ended not when they open the kennel.

frank hopes its red not yellow. Ian tells Mike he took the kennel to give Jenn the trip.

Ian gets to eat regular food but he has to eat it out of a dog bowl. Ian thinks the kennel will be outside.

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5:15BBT Frank and Mike going over possible votes.

in HOH Brit asks how many votes they need. they need 5. They could votes, with Joe they have 7. Jenn might vote to keep Frank. Brit says finally they get to get rid of this ogre.

Frank says they need to talk to Dan, get him in on this Bramuda Bromance. Frank has been on the block 3 our of 4 times.

back in HOH. Brit talking about how Mike was yelling at Ian while he was throwing balls in the comp.

Dan says the first throw was a crap shoot but after that it was skill. Joe kept calling it a crap shoot. Brit says Joe was crazy, he kept saying something about kitties and titties and milk.(I have heard the saying...Tough titty said the Kitty when the milk went dry.)

Brit says she should go lay down down stairs. Dan says she may not want to be seen around them so much.

5:27BBT Dan/Dani talking about Frank/Mike.....Mike/Frank talking about Dan/Dani.

Ian comes to HOH. Dan tells him nice job. Ian says it was a crap shoot. Dan tells him it was the first shot but not after that. Ian asks him about that comp during Dans season.

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Ian goes over who won and gave what to whom in Dans season. Brit asks what Ian is thinking. Ian says hope Jenn enjoys her trip and Wil enjoys his 5K.

Ian informs us there was a first in the BBH today. Frank is the first male to wear the unitard.

Dani asks Ian if he still feels the same. Ian says to keep the noms the same and their deal...Yes. Ian doesnt know if he can have a bath or shower while he has the dog stuff on.

Ian says the spirit tard will go high on ebay. the banana suit went for about $1500.

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5:45BBT back in the crane rm Mike and Frank continue the gripe session. Frank says they should be more like Survivor comps.

Frank and Mike move to the LR couches. They wonder where everyone is. In HOH. Ian says he has the FF HOH questions figured out....they rhyme. Brit asks Ian what he would do after Frank goes and Mike comes to him. Dan tells him Mike will ask him about his vote.

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6:03pm dani Ian and dan in hoh ian says you are the hoh i stayed up there for 3 hours on the ship and i couldnt save me and frank both

6:05pm ian says if all of us stay close with one person with someone who isnt in the alliance it would seem like a pairing and then 2 would go up and one of them would go keeping our alliance safe dani says are you still close to ash ian says i am tight with ash

6:06pm dani says you can take jani to dan ian can take ash and dani says she is close to jenn and shane can get close to joe

6:09pm Ash and Wil are in crain rm whispering about wil being on the block again wil says really if he had kept his mouth shut he wouldnt be on the block now

6:11pm Ian said he wanted to work with a wise man and he thought it was joe but he learned joe was not wise dani says even if frank doesnt go you think Boogie will still come after me Ian says yes he will still be after you

6:13pm ian says he is waiting to hear Ian go to the dr and Frank go to the dr he says i feel like a total smuck

6:17pm Ash in crain rn telling wil and jen they have toi stick with their coaches and not act like joe in hoh Dani asking Ian if anyone in the house think there is another pairing besides me and dan Ian says no besides frank and Boogie

6:22pm ian thinks Frank is a fan favorite Dan says think so ian says yeah dani says who else ian says shane Ian says i didnt come here to play for 25 thousand i came to win

6:24pm Dan leaving hoh heading downstairs dani says thanks Ian !! Ian says why in hell did Frank take the veto dani said i dont know if he would have asked i would have told him take a prize but he didnt ask

6:29pm :Ian says i am the first person in bb history that vollentered to take a punishment dani says i feel like boogie was being mean to you cuz you did nothing wrong and you being a dog doesnt effect boogie he isnt losing anything by doing that . ian says jani told him that she would be up late tongiht to take him for a walk dani says i will be up late too and i will wake up and take you to pee do you get up top pee in the middle of the night ian says yeah dani says no worries i will wake up and check on you

6:34pm dani now listening to music wil ash and Jenn heading to kt to eat Wil says i am hungry and we get foth

6:36pm Ian goes down to kt and ssays i hate that country music and tells everyone that dani is napping

6:38pm ian in hnr telling about pov to the camera says dani claimed pov he got 24pm hours of being a dog and we get foth

6:54pm :Ash ,wil,frank, and Jenn in kt eating snacks everyone else in the house are taking naps

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7:00pm Ash says to frank that this is why we should all be having sex with each other in this house so we wouldnt eat so much

7:02pm Frank called to dr ash, brit,wil and jenn says here it comes its time for the spirit tard

7:12pm :jenn and wil taking all the candy they got from the veto comp to the sr so they will stop eating so much of it

7:16pm frank comes out of the sr wearing a spirit tard he is wearing a purpe unitard with a whit skirt and purple pom poms everyone is laughing

7:18pm Frank running artound waking everyone up so they can see his spirit tard

7:20pm Dan and Ian asked Frank whats the ruils of his spirit tard he says i can take it off when i sleep and when i get in the pool so i will spend alot of time in the pool ian asked what about the ht frank says i dont know but i aint really a ht kinda person

7:23pm Frank says he has to wear the skirt down some to cover his junk up he says he asked dr to get his second one with the skirt up a little higher

7:28pm most hg in kt setting the table getting ready to have dinner frank and Boogie in lvr Boogie says so do you have to carry the pom poms at all times Frank says yeah and says he better not leave thursday and have to go talk to Julie in this (Frank sitting in noms chair with legs open wide)

7:39pm hg are sitting down to dinner general talk going on

7:40pm Ian had just been called to the dr hg says uhoh he is getting his bowl Brit says he is not allowed on any furniture

7:45pm hg eating turkey burgers while waiting on ian to get out of the dr with his dog collar on so they can watch him eat from his dog bowl

7:52pm Frank says it looks like he is a saggy cheerleader Brit says very saggy Boogie says i think they will dress him up and move him to the by Brit says thats what i think the kennel will be in the by and he will have to sleep out there

7:53pm Ian comes out and says hey guys who wants to see your dog and hands Dan the leash asking him if he would like the honors . they ask where is your dish ian says in the by we are suposed to go out there and we get foth

7:55pm by has a dog house with a white fence near the ht hg waiting to go out to see

7:58pm hg going outside now Boogie says oh shit thats a big dog house everyone laughing and barking Ian says omg this is better than the have not bed

7:59pm Frank says he can have a nice dog house but you cant swew my fing skirt up a few inches Ian says put my turkey burger in there ity has to be served out of the bowl hg say that isnt to bad

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