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7/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:41pmfeeds are back Jani says frank will backstab you to brit she says that frank is working with boogie frank talking to shane shane says brit told her to do whatever helps your game and says we will talk Boggie comes through they ask him if he is working out he says no not right now

8:44pm jani asking Brit if shane will work with them if joe comes off the block brit says i dont know i have to talk to him more

8:46pm Joe and Ashley have been nominated for eviction this week

8:49pm Brit says she feels so bad for ashley please give her another hug for me i feel bad for her she was blind sided

8:51pm Brit says maybe Shane can win the pov then we can talk and figure things out jani says if joe wins pov brit interupts and says if shane wins pov then says joe is so mad though and boogie was smiling

8:52pm Jani says do you understand why we stiopped working with you in week one Brit says we know its because of willie but we had to stand by willie no matter what and shane feels you made a deal with him and then he couldnt trust you

8:56pm Dani asking Ash in kt if she is ok Ash says yes Ian sitting at table rocking in the chair Brit andf Jani still in hoh rm talking about shane and dani talking alot and dani has talked to brit alot about the gam,e but nothing about coaches coming back in the game brit says she really tried in that comp on the butt scooter

8:58pm Jani says i want to talk to shane too and please tell him we want to work together this could work very good

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9:07 BBT: Britney and Shane back in HoH. Britney is trying to Danielle up to the HoH to try and calm Danielle down. The house will be getting a Sushi party! Danielle finally arrives in the HoH! And we get WBRB...

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9:03 PM BBT Brit and Shane in HOH talk about who is upset about the noms. Shane tells Brit that he didn't want to go against her but he didn't want to burn bridges with two coaches.

9:07 PM BBT Jani and Joe in the lounge. Jani tryign to coach him on what he has to say to Shane to keep him safe. Joe says he needs coaching his heart rate is way up.

9:11 PM BBT Dani arrives in HOH room. Everyone has cornered her. Shane tells her he made a deal for their safety for next week and we get FOTH.

9:18 PM BBT Feeds back. Shane explains to Dani that he had to make a deal - they are down to one coach each. They explain Boogie's team hates Jani. Dani says that boogie/Jani were just joking around.

9:20 PM BBT Jani and Wil in lounge. Jani tells Wil to lie thru his teeth - they have to save Joe. She says to tell Shane that they aren't mad and they deserve it but they will offer a 3 week deal. Jani tells Wil to keep his mouth shut and just pump him up. Jani says they should stick to at least a 1 week deal.

9:25 PM BBT Jani complaining that her legs hurt so bad. She took 3 advil. Now Ash has joined Jani in the lounge. Ash is upset because Joe cooks and everything and they will vote her out. Jani assures her she isnt the target. Jani says that she is tired of Franks smelly teddy bear, his outfits and awful hair (As Jani sits in her dirty comp clothes)

9:33 PM BBT Ash in HOH with Shane. She says that she is okay and understands. Says that she went to the DR and had a good cry. Say s that Dani did it last week and she can do it this week.

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9:15 BBT: Feeds are back! Danielle said she's not mad, she's terrified. She knows she's safe this week, but she's worried about next week. Britney and Shane say she needs to win HoH and if she doesn't, Boogie's team will be going after Janelle's team. Danielle is worried if Frank wins HoH, he will put up Janelle's remaining two players and she would be next to be nommed if one of them comes down.

9:19 BBT: ...And the feed changes to Jenn and Joe on the living room couches. Jenn says anything could happen. And Joe says they could be backdooring Frank. Jen says, "Ding Ding Ding!"

9:21 BBT: Back to the HoH. Danielle doesn't understand why Frank wouldn't want to go after Danielle. Shane says he said he would be going after Janelle. Britney confirms this, but says he could be lying. Danielle says everyone was trying to convince her that Frank and Shane have a final 2 deal. Dan comes in. Britney wants to go get hummus and chips.

9:28 BBT: Britney just going on and on about the same stuff she's said since the nomination ceremony. She leaves to get her hummus. Ashley comes to the HoH. She wants to let them know she's not mad, but worried everyone will vote her out cause Joe cooks for them. Shane says Joe and Wil are very upset and Ashley told Wil not to make this into a bloodbath. Britney comes back and says it's so weird down there and Ashley agrees. Ashley says Joe kind of knew he was going up, and since Ashley wasn't as upset, he thought she already knew she and him were going up. No one (The HoH crew) knows why Wil is upset.

The have nots have Cereal and salmon.

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9:35 BBT: Ashley says she doesn't feel like she's on the same page as Joe and Wil, but she needs to be. Shane asks, "Do you?" Topic quickly changes to the dent in Ashley's forehead and how sweatbands look good on her, because it hides her dent. [Ashley is being a good sport about being nominated... or she's just dense. -jky2f]

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9:42 BBT: Janelle is now in the HoH with Shane, Britney, and Ashley. Janelle says she deserved having two of her players nominated for turning on Brit's team during week 1. Ashley leaves to get food and Britney leaves to make coffee. Janelle and Shane pow-wow. Janelle wants to work with Shane and Brit again. She says Shane reminds her of herself because he comes out playing "balls to the wall". She says they worked with Boogie only because they were "pushed" together because of what happened with Willie. Janelle says Joe and Wil aren't mad. She says Joe is acting mad because he wants Frank to think he's going home. Janelle says she doesn't respect players like Ian and Jenn who just sit around. Shane agrees. Britney comes back in. She brings back the coffee because if leaves it, other people will use it. [LOL] Janelle says Wil and Joe are pissed because Boogie and Frank are laughing and smiling and Ian has been throwing comps, except the last POV.

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9:37 PM BBT In WCA - Jani sits with ice packs. Joe tells her he is either winning POV or they are taking him to the hosp. trying. Jani telling Joe how sick she is of Frank again. Joe says he may be able to talk Shane into putting up Frank. Jani says he wont be able to.

9:40 PM BBT In HOH - Brit trying to give Ash a pep talk that they will be friends outside of the game. "I love you" going around.

9:44 PM BBT Jani heads to HOH to do damage control. Jani tells Shane that she deserves it and she is sorry for what they did week 1.

9:48 PM BBT Jani still selling what she told Joe/Wil she would do. How unfair that she was forced into everything with Boogie and she hates him and they want to work with Shane.

9:49 PM BBT Jani says that Joe and Wil are not mad at all. Joe is pretending to be mad. Jani says that they want to work with him regardless.Jani says in her season she won 7 comps and thats why she relates to Shane. She hates floaters.

9:55 PM BBT In the KT - gen chit chat and eating going on. Discussion now about the fight between Willie and Frank in the BY.

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9:50 BBT: Janelle explaining to Shane about BB7 and how she was played by Mike. Janelle says if her team comes off the block with the POV that Shane would be safe for a couple more weeks. Shane asks, "Even though I put up 2 of your players this week?" Janelle says of course. She says if Frank goes home and one of her players wins HoH, Jenn and Ian would definitely been put up. Janelle wants to gain Shane's trust and wants him to trust her. She says if one of her players go home and Shane and Frank are put up, Frank wins HoH, what will Shane do? Janelle says this would not be a one week thing, it would be longterm. Janelle mentions that Ian would be dangerous later in the game with puzzle challenges.

Shane: "I'm sorry for throwing you under the bus."

Janelle: "No, it's ok! I love TV time!"

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10:00 BBT Dani and Ash in bathroom talking chit chat. Jani and Shane in HOH talking options. Joe comes in BR and is asking Dani if she would save him Dani tells Joe not to worry, she won’t tell anyone. Tells Ash it’s going to be scary tomorrow. Feels like tomorrow is a huge day. Jani leaves Shane in HOH. Dani and Joe heading to arcade room to talk.

10:03 BBT Joe tells Dani and Ash that Frank’s already made a deal with Shane. Brit up in HOH with Shane giving her a recap of Jani convo. Says he committed to nothing. Brit says she told Boogie that things were getting crazy. She wanted him to know that Jani was up there talking. In arcade room, Dani says if she wins veto, noms will change. BB yells at someone who is singing.

10:10 BBT Spycam in HOH is not working. Brit and Shane wondering if Dani has a deal with Jani. They believe Dani will protect Shane, but is nervous because she has no deal with Boogie’s team. (Jani called to DR) In Arcade room, Dani is still talking to Ash and Joe about POV and trying to figure out what will happen. Shane and Brit saying Wil is acting like a jerk not talking to anyone.

10:13 BBT Shane and Brit talking about how Wil and Dani haven’t won anything. Brit saying she hopes Shane doesn’t get burned next week, but he had to do something, and he cant help it that 6 people in the house cant be trusted. Shane hoping Dani will win SOMETHING. It’s nice to have a final 2 deal, but it’s useless if they don’t win anything.

10:14 BBT Arcade room crew still hashing out what they think will happen with POV. Joe says “I personally will never vote for you. I can’t speak for my team, but I will not”. They are trying to figure out how to get to Final 4. Shane and Brit talking about how Ian and Jenn haven’t done anything in the house either, that Boogie has carried them. Brit says they have to do away with the Coaches Comps at some point cause it’s like 2 POVs.

10:17 BBT Joe thinks Jani is still upstairs talking to Shane about getting Frank out. Meanwhile, Frank joins Brit and Shane in HOH. He was nervous about noms. Says the mood downstairs is still tense. Arcade room crew is breaking up now. Dani and Ash hug before leaving, Dani also hugs Joe and the 2 girls leave Joe.

10:25 BBT Wil, Boogie, Dan and Ian at the kitchen table chatting, no game talk. In HOH, Frank is talking about Jani’s team and how they Jani is treating members of her own team. Frank says Wil is mad at him. Brit saying Shane and Frank have handled themselves with class thru the whole thing. Meanwhile, Ash grabs Wil and goes in arcade room. She’s trying to get his vote.

10:28 BBT Wil calls Brit a snake. Says he is going to talk to Shane tomorrow one on one. Ash saying Frank’s been acting cocky the last few days. Meanwhile in HOH, Frank, Brit and Shane saying Jani is acting shady and has been for a while. Jani and Joe joins the crew in arcade room and Joe tells Wil and Jani that Dani plans on using POV if she wins.

10:31 BBT Jani telling Wil he needs to schmooze Shane. Wil says he’s not kissing his ass. They tell him he has to be nice and make like everything is good. He’s worried that Shane is going to save Frank. Jani says they need to make Shane feel safe from them and he might put Frank up so they can get him out. HOH feed switches to Dani and Dan whispering in bed.

10:37 BBT Dani and Dan stealth whispering. Can’t hear a thing from them. Joe finds out that Frank is in HOH and tells the rest in the arcade room. Says they are a team for sure. Dan is saying something about Dani can’t go up because they control the votes. SOOO hard to hear them. Ash is saying they think Jenn is getting mad because Boogie and Frank are close like the new chilltown.

10:41 BBT Wil says the person who makes him sick in the house is Brit. She is two faced and obnoxious. They are responsible for getting Cara out. Dani and Dan still stealth whispering. They may be talking about the next HOH comp and what kind it will be. Wil leaves the arcade room, leaving Ash and Jani.

10:44 BBT Dani and Dani break it up . Wil rejoins the girls in the arcade room. Dani heading up to HOH. Jani tells the feedsters to open a thread saying “Frank Sucks, please cut your nasty hair”. Talk in HOH room turns to Brit’s Nine West shoes breaking and we get FOTH.

10:47 BBT Ash saying “What if they want me to be the one who leaves?” Jani tells her they have the votes to keep her and not worry about it. Wil still playing with his hair. Ash saying “Frank put him on the block, why didn’t he put him up?” Jani says she had to save Wil…she knows they wanted to put him up. They talk about how disgusting it was kissing up to Frank last week. Jani says she hopes Joe can lie good.

10:50 BBT Frank leaves the HOH. Shane tells Dani Frank said Dani is the strongest female in the house and that he proposed a final 4 with them. Joe returns to arcade room, tells them he hasn’t gone up to talk to Shane yet. Says he isn’t kissing his ass til they have POV. Jani says he needs to sound genuine cause if Shane wins, he might use it on Joe.

10:56 BBT Jani coaching Joe on what he should say to Shane. Telling him that it sucks having to tell someone they’re great when they aren’t, but its part of the game. Jani says you need to make it happen. Joe says it sucks. They hash it over and over again. Pep talk continues. Joe repeatedly making the sign of the cross as he leaves the arcade room to go upstairs.

10:59 BBT Frank and Boogie in shoe room now talking about conversation with Shane. Boogie says he’s going to steer clear and let Frank do his thing. Frank saying Brit made some good points about Jani, noticed she was buddy buddy with him this week. Meanwhile in HOH, Dani leaves Joe, Shane and Brit to talk. Shane telling Joe why he put him up.

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11:05 pm BBT Instead of takin Janis advice and being sweet Joe goes up to Hoh and says he was mad at first and says they will have to send him to the hospital before he loses POV . Joe also says he wants to work with Shane. Joe will not split from his team but will vote seperate if his team is taking a vote about something.

11:12 pm BBT Shane is putting a lot of heat on Joe talking about Joe and Franks teams joining last week. Joe says his team made that deal and that he was strong with them. Joe says he will be just as strong for Shane.

11:19 pm BBT Joe leaves and Dan enters Hoh. Shane recaps Joe convo saying his not impressed with how Joe is handling it, being on the block

11:26 pm BBT Shane trying to decide who he will pick if he ges HG choice for veto says he will pick Dani or Ian. Dan doesnt like it says it will expose their alliance but goes with it grudgingly. Downstairs in WCA Jani asks Ian if he could see Howie from BB6 and Ash as a couple. an sounds grumpy about it and Ash tells Ian not to get jelous he talks about kristen BB12 all the time

11:29 pm BBT moving to LR Ian says he hopes he doesnt go on block against Ash after veto. Ash says going up was the best thing that could happen and that it gave her the kick in the butt she needed to play the game.

11:44 pm BBT Hoh crew talking about the party they won they won a sushi party. they are talking about dressing up. In arcade room Joe is recapping convo with Shane to Jani

11:54 pm BBT Dan is convinced about the next ?Hoh being endurance and thinks its Danis comp to win. Conversation switches to watching Ian on spy screen and Brit recaps all the weird stuff Ian would do . They all start laughing cause Ian takes his key out of the wall and kisses it. Joe on arcade room tells Jani that she needs to tell Shane that Frank is going to backdoor him if given the chance. Jani heads upstairs.

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12:03 am BBT Jani having a pow wow with Joe and Ash saying Shane had to have made a deal with boogie for both her players to be up. Ian enters arcade room and they speculate about what POV will be

12:11 am BBT Jani is "coaching" Joe and Ash in arcade room on vocab used in competition puzzles and events in the house. Jani is quizzing Ash and Joe on things like what was first vote? she says it was 5-4 (its was 5-3)

12:21 am BBT Jani still training Joe and Ash for future comps in arcade. Brit in Hoh talking about her husband and how they have known each other forever but he is not the same guy she was engaged to from BB12.

12:29 am BBT Brit in hoh telling Shane its funny that Jani all the sudden wants to talk to them. Then Brit and Shane start quizzing Dani for the next Hoh comps same way Jani was training her team.

12:34 am BBT Shane says he trusts Franks loyalty. Dani replies with do you want to play with him or not play against him? Shane just says yeah i know and conversation ceases

12:37 am BBT nevermind Brit goes to DR and Shane immediately tells Dani we can get Frank down the road. Dani says if they have the chance. Shane says that with he and Dani working together it gives him two chances to work together he can also back door Frank if he has to.

12:40 am BBT meanwhile in arcade room Jani and Joe are Frank bashing saying Frank is walking around at ease thinking he is safe. Jani calls Frank a womanizer and a Dbag

12:44 am BBT in Hoh Dani and Shane agree that if they are ever win POV they will always take each other off the block and not care what the house thinks. Shane says that if Dani had gone before him in this past hoh he would have thrown it for her. Shane says he would rather be the swing vote. They are cuddling in Hoh bed while having this discussion being very flirtatious while talking game

12:57 am BBT Jani starts talking to us live feeders asking us to help Joe this week and to pray for him. Jani wants to wipe the smile off "Boogers face" says shes not going after Shane and is willing to work with Brit again. Joe says they need to stay around to ruffle feathers in the house. Jani giving us play by play on CC it was using body parts to touch an object of some sort. Brit went out first then Boogie then Dan. Jani says she Likes Boogie more then Frank because we know where Boogie is coming from and Frank is just sleezy

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8:00 am BBT Just tuned in and Lo and Behold I see Jenn Mike and Joe up ... No Talk as of yet but Joe is Reading the Bible and Jenn doing some KT clean up... Joe said He Tried to sleep in the HN room ... (They went to bed at 3:30 am BBT with Jani and Wil) but He's been awake the whole time, so we will have to see when the Fatigue hits him , Possible a bad sign for Him in the POV Comp

8:05 am BBT No Talking going on ... Boogie is at the KT doing his almost like "Robotic" same ol same ADL's he does every morning .... While Joe is laying on the LR couch reading the Bible and Ted is sitting in an eviction chair, Overlooking everything (Smile) Have not seen Jenn in a bit , so will see if she's still around or gone back to bed, possibly

8:11 am BBT Joe has quit reading, eyes are glassy, yawning , eyes keep closing , Wonder when BB will yell "No Sleeping, other than in Bed"

8:15 WBRB

8:24 am BBT Feeds are back .... Looks like it was Wake Up Call I see Frank and Dani and Joe now are up and walking around, it's not 100% official yet because they haven't shown the BR's yet to see if the Lights are on ... It's Official BR Lights are on ... Noone is talking at all, yet...... Boogie showering ... Joe in HN room digging for Clothes

8:31 Frank puttering around the KT waiting for the coffee to finish Brewing

8:35 Ashley up and Feisty this Morning says "Frank we shoulda Evicted your ass first... then giggles" and Frank says "Girl it ain't my ass u need to worry about this Week" Just Playing with each other.

8:36 am BBT I swear I just heard them call Shane to the DR ? then we get a Brief WBRB .. Feeds are back

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8:41 am BBT Boogie says to Ashely and Frank " She's Meditating before she turns into Beast Mode today for POV" Boogie and Frank are doing Shout Out which means .. U Guessed it ... Lots of WBRB ... OK Feeds are back

8:45 am BBT Frank left his Cellphone on and Boogie jokes that he'll have at least 2,000 messages when he gets back. Only Folks up are Joe in the KT and Mike Ashley and Frank in the LR ......and Mike once again revising the Bible and saying.... That look Here.. Ashley, it's OK to get Drunk on wine

8:57 am BBT Joe and Ashley at the KT table .. Joe having Froot Loops ... there whispering but I heard Joe say "He wants this POV so bad so he can shove it right in "there Faces" ... NH's can have cereal and salmon this week ?

9:00 am BBT and WBRB (GM ZuZu)

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8:54 AM BBT

Joe eating cereal and reading from a green laminated sheet at KT table. Boogie flipping the bible pages in red chair in LR with Ted in the other hot seat.

Ash and Joe now chit chatting at KT table. They need another hour of sleep for today.

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9:02 am BBT Joe goes into the Arcade room to pick up the Glasses from Him, Wil, and janie's Talk before they went to bed at 3:30 am BBT ... But it's not like Joe is gonna do dishes ... he just drops them off at the sink

9:05 am BBT Joe makes his way back to the Arcade room and lays Down and once again his eyes are getting Very Heavy much like before Wake Up call when he almost fell asleep on the LR Sofa .... The other Feed is on the HG's in the Boom-Boom Room sleeping with the lights on

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9:05 AM BBT

Joe laying in lounge looking pensively into the distance. Or maybe he's just tired.

Have Nots asleep in the Have Not room.

We can hear a plane or some outside noise on the feed that is definitely not coming from inside either of these rooms.

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9:16 am BBT Wil is up and Making Coffee ... Boogie talking to Frank saying" It would be great if you or Ian wins POV ... it would Blow "them" (Jani's team) outta there minds

9:20 Boogie says " Don't get Jeff fired up again Deb (Most be production)' ... Jenn doing her make-up in the WC

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9:17 PM BBT

"30 minutes" Frank says after we get WBRB - what that means is anyone's guess.

Frank and Mike discussing the noms. Mike advising him to go up to the HOH and try and make up his points but not to make up any lies. "It's Amateur Hour" up there says Boogie. He starts to read to us from the bible "Discharges that lead to uncleanliness" and the whole section about women's monthly cycles. He says "They do not mess around" He and Frank discuss how they stoned people and everything.

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9:22 AM BBT

"Happy Birthday Wil!" He's 25 today. Everyone giving him hugs.

He does a little song and dance in the KT.

Mike asks Shane how he slept last night "Pretty good". Wil left something on all night.


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9:21 am BBT HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL .... Hugs and congrats all around

9:25 am BBT Dan has Made his way onto the KT Scene looking wide awake and dressed Spiffy this morning

9:27 Jani and Joe in the Arcade room ... Jani says She's a Lil Nervous and Frank says Yea Gotta WIN this thing

9:30 am BBT Will Miracles never cease Brit is up and getting Coffee

9:31 am BBT Shane is at the KT table but I swear i heard them call him to the DR an Hour ago, so He may just be getting out

9:34 am BBT HG's are still on Indoor Lockdown (Like ya hadn't guessed it already <Grin>) Lots of Folks up but Very Little Talk

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9:27 AM BBT

Dan starts his morning with a bog glass of ice water.

Janelle goes and sees Joe in the lounge. "How are you feeling, I bet you didn't sleep last night."

"I'm fine, just ready to win." he tells her.

Frank making breakfast, Brit in for a coffee "Morning Brit!" he says cheerfully. "Yeah." she mumbles back.

He's going to have eggs, grapefruit and some salmon on the side. "That smoked salmon is off the chain." he tells us.

Back in lounge, Janelle hopes Brady is on the internet lighting candles because they really need to win this one. Joe just has to figure out what to tell Shane.

Shane is up and ready for the day. "Happy fricken birthday! It's Wil's birthday!" he says as he claps and gets the rest of the house to celebrate in round 2 of Happy Birthday greetings.

Joe thinks Frank and Boogie will vote him out.

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9:38 PM BBT

Wil called to DR. "Another day, same outfit." he sighs. "At least you're consistent." says Shane

Ashley talking to Frank. "I was told Frank wants me out because you're a floater and that hurt my feelings."

"Who said that you?" he asks

"I tell you after POV." she says

"The only reason I'm not on the block is because Janelle totally through me under the bus which is why you are in this situation this week."

"How did she throw you under the bus?"

"Right after winning the HOH she was right up there saying that I had to go that week. She told Joe the same thing."

He assures her that the nominations will stay the same but that she is safe this week. He had his back covered before Janelle even won HOH/

She thinks everything sucks because she's always been put into a boat with her team and everyone hated JoJo and Willie and she had to keep it low, they were the ones everyone was after, it wasn't that she was a floater. She was in such a pickle.

Wil comes out of DR and interrupts the convo. Frank tells us he got salmon oil on his shirt and thanks heaven they left the SHOUT stain remover in there. He also found his snack.

Ashley going into SR, Frank asks her to get a bio pack for him. She asks the birthday boy if he wants one.

Wil making weird voices and Frank says, "That shit;s too funny."

"No it's not, shit's smelly and gross it is." Wil replies in that voice. [i think he's trying to be Golem from Lord of the Rings? - ZuZu]

We learn that right before early morning challenges Frank gets "Booty Sweats" and Wil has to figure out what's going on down there, he's stopped up. Frank tells him to take a fiber tab. They discuss the flavour (a little less chalky than tums) and Wil goes to take one.

Mike telling us a story about hiking - beers, no cellphones, waiting 2 hours for a tow truck, everyone doesn't all fit. Another truck has to show up. blah blah blah

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9:50 AM BBT

Ashley telling Team Janelle about her conversation with Frank. "How can they think I'm not with you guys?"

Janelle telling her to get info out of him. "I already know, he wants to keep nominations the same."

Janelle wants to get this clear again.

Frank and Danielle talking in mirror as they get ready. He's telling her that she has to be with him/them. Telling her that Janelle is the reason he was on the block. She's doing it all over again this week with Shane. Saying what a big threat he is.

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