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7/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:50 BBT

Wil and Janelle privately discuss next week. Wil wants Willie out, but Janelle says its too early to go back on their alliance. Wil suggests getting on Frank's good side if he stays, but Janelle says the problem with that is he is 100% tied to Boogie.

They thank god for Joe, and agree he's very trustworthy.

They agree Frank should be gone, and that Willie is a dumbass.

Wil says JoJo already says she wants Kara out, and they're going to do whatever he says. At this point, Janelle's team has to go with keeping Frank because that's what Willie wants.

Janelle says that Willie is a complete dumbass because Boogie is going to come right after him.

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12:00 am BBT BY crew Willie Ash and Dan talking about how they feel about men crying Willie says its okay for men to cry just not a sunsets or anything, Willie said the movie the warrior got him good made him cry like a baby

12:06 am BBT Jani in BY telling Dan this is her first cigarette in 7 yrs since BB all stars says she brought them on BB7 to barter for votes and it did not work.

12:08 am BBT Foth...

12:13 am BBT Our have nots are haves!! Jani taking advantage of the time to talk game with Dan in the BY Telling him no one is going for Dani asking him to lay low this week and go with the majority in the house. Dan acting defeated saying he wont stand in the way for her chance at 100k. Jani trying to look out for Wil saying shes looking for Boogies team next.

12:17 am BBT Dan and Jani join everyone in the kitchen we see our former have nots enjoying steak and potatoes as their first meal thanks to chef Joe

12:20 am BBT Foth house again Jojo is saying names that didn’t sign releases

12:29 am BBT Wil and Willie in BY talking about how exhausted from the game play which makes Willie start in again about the coaches making them play harder faster Joe comes out and they warn him not to talk game as they are tired of it which he decides to then say that he is looking at the other alliance and tired of the mud flinging so he is talking game and Foth starts

12:35 am BBT Dan to Jojo in lounge "those who think they are playing as teams are getting duped"

12:38 am BBT Wil tells Joe the second Willie heads upstairs he doesn't trust Willie Joe says stay with him for now and stay under the radar. Meanwhile in lounge Dan is telling Jojo that shes just like he was on BB10 and she says everyone is cliquey feels like she has no one

12:40 am BBT Jani in BY recapping convo with Dan during chess saying Frank has to go but out of their hands at this point

12:41 am BBT Willie in Hoh telling Ash he wants final three to be Him Ash and Jojo but final two to be him and Ash

12:45 am BBT Joe and Wil telling Jani they dont trust Willie telling her he had a meeting with Boogie and that Willie is playing all sides of the house. In Hoh Brit telling Willie the vote shouldnt be a big deal she doesnt get why this is a big deal says they have rationale behind their noms. Jani in By saying as if she can hear (what Hoh is saying) that it seemed like a good idea to wipe a team out at first but at this point she doesnt know

12:48 am BBT Willie telling Brit and Ash that he thing Jani is playing for just Wil not Joe or Ash

12:53 am BBT Jani saying she would like to target Frank again next week if they get Hoh Joe agrees also says Wil plays with his emotions on his sleeves needs to pretend more

12:57 am BBT Hoh crew continuing to bash Janelle saying she keeps Joe in the dark and she keeps sneaking around with Dan wants to keep Kara and that Jani is going to target Willie cause of his alliance with Frank

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Sorry this is out of order:

10:20PM BBT: Janelle and Wil continue to talk about how stupid Willie is.

In the bathroom area they're talking about astrological signs and horoscopes.

In the backyard, Dan asks JoJo how much would it take to stop her from doing promotional events. JoJo says 1 million. Janelle says she came into the house to win money for her daughter's college fund.

10:45PM BBT: Not much going on. Ian and Frank are playing pool, Dan and Janelle are upstairs playing chess, Willie is outside doing laundry, and Boogie is talking about production and stuff like banner planes so there has been a lot of FotH.

11:10PM BBT: Joe and Frank are talking about becoming an alliance. Joe says Willie knows he is talking to Frank. Joe doesn't want Boogie to be part of it. Joes wants to hear that Frank won't "fuck him over," and that next week he can't say, "well, I have to put you up, I need to know you have my back, not just for this week but 'til the end." of course Frank agrees.

Meanwhile, Willie is off trying to make an alliance with-- [wait for it... ] Boogie.

11:20PM BBT: Boogie tells Frank that they have this in the bag- high fives and he leaves the room.

Janelle wins the chess match against Dan. Willie and Ashley talk in the BY. Ashley tells him that Joe told Jani that there were no deals with Willie - just talking.

Midnight: The Have-Nots get to eat!

While the new "Haves" are pigging-out in the kitchen, Janelle is taking advantage of the time to talk game with Dan in the BY, telling him no one is going for Danielle asking him to lay low this week and go with the majority in the house. Dan acts defeated saying he won't stand in the way for her chance at 100k. Janelle trying to look out for Wil saying she's looking for Boogies team next.

Dan and Janelle join everyone in the kitchen we see our former Have-Nots enjoying steak and potatoes as their first meal thanks to chef Joe. For dessert there are chocolate chip M&M cookies.

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01:04BBT Britt, Willie and Ash in HoH discussing how Jani is letting Kara being voted out destroy their alliance. FoTH soon after.

01:09BBT FoTH finally lifted. In the HoH: Britt saying Jani and Boogie spoke outside the house, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Boogie and Jani might work together. Willie saying they can't work with Boogie either.

01:10BBT ‎In the hammock Dan and Dani chatting. Ian brought up the fact that Dan was AP in his season and won $20k. Danielle unsure why he would say that to people.

01:14BBT Willie trying to give Britt and Ash a pep talk saying everything will be ok. Britt says Jani and Dan were whispering in the BY while she was playing pool with Ian and she couldn't believe it. Britt believes Dan and Jani are working together. Willie suggests that Dan HAS to go then.

01:16BBT Dan and Danielle still in hammock talking. Dan says Danielle shouldn't be worried if Kara goes home. Danielle says the house expects her to go against them (the house). Danielle tells Dan that Shane told her yesterday that if Frank goes home to not be shocked. Dan questions when the conversation was had.

‎01:19BBT Britt and Willie teaching Ash in the HoH how to lead people in conversations in the house so it never comes back that you suggested something, point out odd/weird things and let the person figure it out on their own. Willie and Britt tells Ash to not talk to Joe until a move has to be made because he is so loyal with Jani.

01:22BBT Dan and Danni still in hammock talking in hushed tones. Jani, Ian and Boogies voices heard elsewhere in the yard. Danni says the only benefit to working with Boogie's team is Frank. Dan says once someone else starts a movement against the strong side of the house then it'll be time for Danni to move. Danni asks Dan what he thinks Boogie and Willie were talking about. Dan isn't sure. Danni rehashes that Frank told her that he would cross him (Boogie?).

‎01:27BBT Britt, Ash and Willie continue to Jani bash in the HoH room. Britt says Wil is good at controlling his emotions and acting like things are alright even though she is sure that he and Jani were trash talking her. Britt heads down to DR leaving Willie and Ash alone. Willie says that they have to make moves against other people before moves are made against them. "If we have to take out Jani's people first we will...". Ash agrees. Willie says Ash working with him and Britt's team is HUGE. "You're my girl, if I see someone gunning for you I'll take the bullet for you and stop it." Ash tells Willie that he's smart, Willie disagrees and says he's more people smart than book smart. "...and I'm sexy too."

‎01:31BBT Danni and Dan still talking in hammock. Danni says "Frank said today..." half a dozen times before saying "...and this is no lie... Frank said today that there is a line drawn in the sand between Boogie and Dan and he hopes that he gets to stay." Dan says he should talk to Kara but Danni says she's asleep. Dan says he's going to go tell her goodnight. Danni agrees to stay behind on the hammock for a minute or so before getting up. Danni whispers "Dammit?" in the mic after he's gone.

01:33BBT Frank shoots up in the bed (in the Shoe room) when Dan walks in and says "Who is that?!". It's pitch black. Dan whispers goodnight to Kara before walking back out and heads back out of the room and the cameras follow him to the WC.

01:36BBT Meanwhile in the HoH Willie, Brit and Ash continuing to complain about Jani's fracturing of their alliance. Britt does not want to work with Boogie because he's a liar. Britt wants to confront Jani.

01:40BBT Dan asks Joe to talk to him in the game room (GR). Joe says "Obviously you've heard the news. I've tried everything...I've tried everything!". Joe rehashes that Frank is telling everyone that he is pulling away from Boogie. Joe says he can try to talk to Jen because she sleeps in his room. Dan asks how many opportunities will the house get to remove Frank from the house, especially without a key around his neck. Joe says "We're missing something...why won't they get rid of him." Dan says it sounds like they might have a deal. Joe agrees.

‎01:44BBT Brit, Ash and Willie still in the HoH. Britt says "if you don't want to be my friend that's fine. I'll continue to roll with Willie and you (Ash). Mike, Dan, and Jani have something outside the house. I feel like the outcast. I know they call me the dumbest one..." Willie and Ash agree that they feel good about making it to the end together. Willie spots Jani coming up to the HoH on the TV. Jani says she wants to get her PJs on. Jani says "Every time I say something about BB, he corrects me! He's a freaking encyclopedia!" Chat turns to a Survivor player "Shannon Elkins, that's my boy!" says Willie and we get FoTH.

01:54BBT Feeds are back. Britt, Willie, Jani, and Ash. They are discussing HoH perks including letters and we get FoTH again briefly. Jani says in her first season for her call to home she asked to call someone that was evicted the second weak to ask if someone had their baby. Jani walks out and Brit begins her Jani bashing again. "She doesn't cry...she has a baby and she hasn't cried yet. I've cried twice because I miss my husband and my dog!"

01:57BBT Jani and Danni now on couch in bathroom. Jani says she doesn't think Kara is staying. Danni acts shocked. "Dan told you that right?" and Danni says "No." Jani says she doesn't think Danni will go home next after Kara goes home.

02:00BBT Britt called to DR. Ash and Willie left in HoH. Ash says she's not looking forward to Kara going home because Wil will come crawling back to her. Ash wishes she was on Britt's team with Willie. "Janelle sucks." Willie rehashes that they have to stay two steps ahead of Janelle. Britt returns to HoH "Guess who's downstairs whispering to Danielle?" Willie guesses Kara. "Nope, Janelle!" and we get FoTH.

02:02BBT Meanwhile downstairs Jani and Danni continue to whisper. Danni says "...something something come after you." and we get FoTH again.

02:07BBT Danni asks Jani if people are targeting Dan or Kara and her. Janelle says she doesn't know. Danni continues to whisper in super hushed tones (making it very difficult to hear her especially considering she keeps squirming in her seat making her microphone rub against her shirt and drown out what she's saying). Danni asks when Willie made the decision. Jani said today.

‎02:10BBT HoH crew continues to Jani bash with Britt leading the charge. Jani now talking about Danni about her ring that her dad got her. Jani asks Danni about why she's not close with her father and begins to tell the story about how her father wanted her to go to Sunday School with his 50+ group. (This story has been told once before to Dan).

02:16BBT After a brief FoTH Ash is in the bathroom talking to Danni. Ash asks if she is sad and Danni says yes because she feels like she's the last to know everything. Brief FoTH and Ash remains standing, rubbing her lower back and Danni continues to sit, gazing off silently.

02:18BBT Jani has joined Britt and Willie in the HoH room and commented about the fact that she was only allowed 2 bikinis. "They're so strict." Britt complains about her feet hurting and Willie offers to rub them jokingly and Britt says "No, I'd probably die!". Jani asks Willie if he knows Johnny Fairplay and Willie says yes before we get FoTH again.

02:22BBT Jani and Willie talking Survivor. Willie says "Fiji sucked...with Eli..." and is cut off by FoTH.

02:24BBT Feeds back with cams 1 & 2 displaying 3 of 4 beds filled in the Spiral room. Cams 3 & 4 display Willie and Britt chatting. Brit is glad that they let the have-nots eat. Willie agrees and we get FoTH again.

02:31BBT Feeds back briefly. Cams 3 & 4 are Britt and Willie talking about a rope game from her season. FoTH again briefly and Willie and Britt are talking about competitions from her season. Jani walks into HoH and asks if everyone is already asleep. Britt says yes and Jani replies with lame! Jani walks out of HoH down to the kitchen and Dan asks to chat with her in the GR. Cams 1 & 2 bouncing between the Spiral room and the Stereo room showing people getting ready for bed.

02:34BBT Jani and Dan talking in the GR. Dan says he's going to get a vote to save Kara. Jani asks how. Dan says he's going to pull folks into a room over the next couple of days like he did in his season with Keisha. Jani says it's entirely too early in the season "It's week 1! We can't flip against our alliance this early!"

02:38BBT Willie and Britt continue to chat in the HoH. Britt says "she" (Jani) is trying to get Shane's vote to save Kara this week. Willie disagrees. Britt says she's still trying to swing the vote to keep Kara. Willie says Jani thinks she has Ash but she doesn't therefore she won't try to drum up votes from Ian or Jenn. Britt asking where Jani went. Willie flips on the TV and scrolls through the cams. "Where did she go? Who is she talking with?" Britt asks. Willie says she's probably smoking in the BY.

‎02:41BBT Meanwhile downstairs in the GR Jani and Dan continue talk. Dan says he's going to get the vote to save Kara. Jani doesn't think they should even be having this conversation. "It's dangerous for my team, what if the vote flips somehow?" Dan says he can get the vote from JoJo. Jani says JoJo is tight with Britt and Willie. "She thinks she has a Final 3 deal with them" (Willie has said on numerous occasions today to Ash, Britt and JoJo that it's the three of them to the end. Jani rehashes the story that Willie lied to her about the Brigade offer from someone. She says she asked him about it and he said no way has he been approached by it, but Joe says Willie was there.

02:45BBT Britt and Willie continue to Jani bash in the HoH. Down in the GR Jani and Dan continue to talk. Dan swears he'll have the number of votes on Wed. He knows JoJo he can get a vote from her. Jani disagrees. Dan says JoJo needs to start thinking about what does Frank sticking around benefit her. "She came to me wanting to talk to me earlier." Jani tells him to start talking to her then. She still thinks that JoJo will vote with Brit and Willie. Dan says when he pulls folks into a room to try and drum up support for Kara he'll back off it doesn't look good.

02:53BBT Jani asks Dan what's up with Boogie. Dan calls him a maniac. Dan says Shane and Willie don't care about JoJo. Meanwhile back in the HoH Britt asks Willie if Jani is anywhere near. "I need to talk to you about something. I swear you can't tell her what I'm telling you. You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you." Britt tells Willie that she and Jani talk about a possible twist involving the coaches coming back into the game. Britt says Jani is screwing over her team in an effort to build up a stronger force in case something like this happens. Britt says boogie agrees about the twist. First she says they expect it to go down week 4. Then she says week 2 or 3. She tells Willie she asked to review her contract and we get FoTH briefly.

‎02:55BBT Britt says Jani thinks this twist will occur and that's why she's partnering up with Dan. Willie asks why she'd do this. Britt says it's because she knows this will occur. Britney says they had to sign something in their contract and we get more FoTH.

03:01BBT Feeds back. Britt asks Willie what he thinks. Willie is seriously bummed out. Willie and Britt go downstairs and Jani sneaks out of GR without anyone seeing where she came from. All 3 go outside and Dan sneaks out of GR and heads off to the WC.

03:07BBT Willie, Jani and Britt in the BY. Jani and Willie smoking as Britt and Jani rehash things from their previous season. Willie sitting in a chair silent, gazing off at a camera above the BY door. Willie gets up to head back inside to the WC after finishing his cigarette.

03:11BBT Britt and Jani continue to talk in the BY about previous competitions from their seasons. Willie makes his way upstairs to the HoH. He turns on his spy screen and lies down in bed, camera flips to it briefly showing that he's watching the walkway outside his door, staring at it silently. Clearly lost in thought. He flips through the channels briefly, again camera displaying it. Now he's looking at the large table, counting places on it. (Whatever Britt told him seems to have completely flipped his demeanor.)

03:15BBT Willie gets up and walks out the door to his HoH and gazes down at the large table. Mutters "shit...". Very much lost in thought still. Cam 4 briefly shows us the spy screen still displaying the table down in the kitchen. Meanwhile out in the BY Britt and Jani chats about antique shops and their favorite styles. Jani likes French Country with a Modern Twist

03:19BBT Willie stands on the balcony outside the HoH looking down over the kitchen/dining room. The camera slowly pans out and takes in the scene. Cam 4 flips back to his spy screen. We walks back into his room sighing and climbs into bed briefly before getting back out and getting his shoes on heading to the BY door. He sticks his head out and asks Britt to come talk to him when she gets a chance. He takes a seat at the large table, lost in thought as he stares at the memory wall. Britt and Jani continue to talk in the BY about their favorite home design styles.

‎03:30BBT FoTH briefly. Britt and Jani head in from the BY. Willie gets up from the table and stands on the balcony overlooking the rest of the house. Willie asks Britt to look at the memory wall and tell him what she sees. Britt says to stop looking at it because Jani will realize what he knows. Jani goes into the HoH Coach room to sleep. Britt says "We've started piecing things together and this is what it is." She mentions that she didn't want to come back to play this game. She expected to play the coaches game only. Willie says "I have to rethink this whole thing over. The whole deck has to be reshuffled. This changes everything." Britt tries to calm Willie down. Britt says when they first moved into the house there were four spaces covered up with keyholes next to them. Willie thinks she should tell everyone because it will make her look better. "Everyone will know what the coaches are doing to us..." Britt says she thinks "Big Brother is listening to us and they're not gonna..." FoTH.

03:32BBT Feeds back with Willie telling Britt she has to tell everyone what's going on. "If you tell everyone what is going on then they will respect you for what is going on. They'll then realize that the coaches are behind our madness and this everyone running around will stop!" Britt says she thinks Jani wants Kara to stay because she knows she can beat her in the end.

03:33BBT Willie tells Britt to sit everyone down tomorrow and point to the memory wall and point out all the keyholes and tell everyone you think those key holes will be filled with keys in the next couple of weeks. "Let's go outside and chat." Jani in bed sleeping.

03:35BT As they walk into the BY Willie tells Britt that Jani was downstairs talking to Dan. "I saw him sneaking out of that room.... You're the bottom of the barrel baby." He goes onto push Britt to tell everyone tomorrow because everyone will stop listening to their coaches and stop running around. Britt doesn't think she has a chance to win the game if she comes back. Willie disagrees. Brit says if she doesn't win she wants him to win.

‎03:38BBT Willie says the coaches are scrambling because they're getting ready to go in the game. Britt asks what if it doesn't happen. Willie says "If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen!" Britt says Jani got upset today because today Boogie says if he would have been in last season's cast he wouldn't have worked with the vets so Jani thinks he'll come after her first.

03:40BBT Willie says "The other coaches are going to freak out on you asking why you did that. Tell 'em you did it because the other HGs needed to know. Tell them that in front of the other HGs! The math doesn't add up. This is happening. We're on Day 10 with only 9 people remaining (9 to evict before the season finale?)." FoTH off and on.

03:43BBT Willie says the rest of the house can take down the other coaches. Brit responds with "3 of the best players to ever play this game?" Willie responds "Yeah! I'll hang onto whatever I have to however long I have to. I smoke and don't work out, but I know I can do it! Jani is coming after me next week. I'm her next target! You have to tell everyone!" Willie expects to get called into DR any moment. Britt says she can't tell everyone what is going down because the other coaches will come after her first.

03:46BBT Britt and Willie head back inside and we get FoTH. Willie pushing Britt to tell everyone. Britt says she can't do it. Willie says she'll have the house backing her. Britt says she's nervous about Boogie and Dan coming after her. They head into the HoH room. (Isn't it great being a night owl?)

‎03:48BBT Willie follows Britt into the bathroom in the HoH and pulls the door closed, whispering quietly. "Don't make me start talking. Boogie and Dan can't f*** with their team any more because their teams won't listen to them any more."

03:55BBT Britt says Jani told her that she wanted to tell Will about the twist and that "you should tell Willie". Willie says she already told Wil. Britt says Jani turned her back on her tonight to make a deal with Dan. "You have to tell everyone. Point to those keyholes! If you tell everyone now they'll start taking out the weaker players in an effort to maybe take out a coach before the twist happens. If you drop the bomb now the players will stop listening to their coaches. I'm always thinking. This takes pressure off me because they'll get the weaker players first!" Britt asks what if it doesn't happen and Willie says then that's good and least we stirred the pot. Britt says there are 2 missing weeks somewhere because 9 people make-up the jury and the jury never starts before week 4. Willie says tell everyone when the music plays in the morning.

03:58BBT Britt and Willie continue to chat in the HoH bathroom on cams 3 & 4. Jani sleeping on cam 1 in HoH coaches bed. Shoe room on cam 2. Britt worries Jani will hear their conversation. Willie says she'll hear about it in the morning. Willie has her back. He'll tell the other coaches to F*** off. "You HAVE to do this. If you're not up when the music plays then I'll get you up!"

‎04:05BBT Willie continues to try to motivate Brit to tell everyone today, telling her that he and the rest of the house will have her back. They finally depart for bed. "You have 4 to 5 hours to rest before we do this." Britt says she feels like she's going to crap her pants. All HGs now in bed.

04:20BBT Want to see if Britt tells the rest of the HG's about the possible twist today? Why not try the feeds free for 3 days. Use this link http://bit.ly/PcpmG0 and our site will earn a commission!

05:08BBT All HG's remain asleep. Cam 1: Shoe room. Cam 2: Stereo room. Cam 3: Willie in HoH bed. Cam 4: Spiral room

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7:35 a.m. BB time

Looks like Boogie is only one awake on the feeds.

He's in the backyard lowering all the awnings.

The day begins

Now Wil joins Boogie in BY for a morning smoke

Talk begins with work experience.....

Wil quickly turns the talk to game.

He says he just feels like something is going on.

He can't explain exactly.

Can't make out if he means the Newbies or little

groups of both.

He says it just weird... can't figure out what's up.

Players talkiing to players they never talked to before.

( IMO ) Maybe he's just picking Boogies brain or mad because

he doesn't have as much control as he thought he did)

He says HG's are scrambling, readying themselves for something

that they have planned. Or maybe the producers have something

they're going to pull / a Twist ??

Didn't sleep well at all last night.

Boogie just saying stuff that's in the middle of the road.

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8:41 AM BBT: "Good Morning Houseguests, It's time to get up for the day." FOTH

8:49 AM BBT: The feeds are back and Wil, Frank, and Shane are in the kitchen fixing breakfast. They are complaining that they got Shania Twain for their wake up song this morning. Shane is squeezing OJ. "I'm going to feel like a woman all day because of that song." says Frank. (LOL) Frank and Wil go outside and Shane is left squeezing his OJ. JoJo comes in to get coffee and starts talking to Shane about the have not room beds. Shane says he is getting used to it. They are talking about Shane, Boogie and Willie getting called to the DR at about 7:00 AM BBT. Shane says that they are probably getting everything they need for Wednesday's show. "Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about production." JoJo moves on.

8:54 AM BBT: Switching feeds. Wil, Joe, Brit, Boogie, Willie and JoJo are all outside chit chatting. Everyone greets JoJo. Willie asks her why she didn't sleep in the bed with him and that he was going to take advantage of her last night. JoJo sais she will be there tonight. JoJo asks Joe why he is so quiet and he said that he doesn't talk for the first hour. JoJo says 'poor thing' to Willie for not being able to shave. The HGs joke about Boogie's birthday bash. Wil asks about Janelle and Britney says that the lights reminder was probably for Janelle. [There appears to be a lot of tension in this group...]

9:00 AM BBT: Switching feeds again. Willie in the Kitchen talking to Shane and Britney. Willie was in mid-sentence saying that things are crazy. "If we dont do this, I am going home. He is going home" says Willie. Britney says that she doesn't know that thats the case. Britney pulls her boys into the arcade. Brit says that several coaches know. Brit tells Shane that the coaches are going to come back into the game to play and thats why they are setting the game up the way that they are.


9:06 AM BBT: We are back to some whispering. Willie says that he just wants Britney to come off looking like a good person. [because of the FOTH, nothing is making sense... Sheldon] Britney says that everyone is saying that someone is coming back, but no one is coming back, the coaches are coming into the game. She says, 'Why else would they give us keys?' They put the 'evidence' together more. Shane says that they aren't going to just hand the coaches 100k just for coaching. Willie says that they are going to play for half a million dollars. Shane asks Brit if she thinks it was just a way to get them into the house. Brit says she knows some stuff that she can't talk about and we get a small round of FOTH.

9:10 AM BBT: Talk is about Joe. Shane said that Frank was talking about something of an alliance... Frank also told Janelle about it. They are just talking in circles about it. Britney doesn't want to be the one to break the news because then everyone will hate her. Shane said that they should spread a rumor. Britney says that they have to use Frank because he already knows. Brit says that she thinks that the coaches are doing what they have to do to get by. Britney says that the other coaches don't like her. She says that Janelle doesn't want Kara to stay because down the line, Janelle Dan and Kara want to align later on down the road. Talk stays on Janelle wanting to keep Kara.

9:16 AM BBT: Britney wants to talk to Boogie about this twist. Willie says to strike a deal with him and Britney says no, just to see where his head is at. Britney goes and gets Boogie. Willie and Shane leave. (For the past few minutes, the audio is on this convo but the picture is outside) Brit says that there is a rumor in the house and that Frank has mentioned it. Boogie asks what rumor. Britney says about the coaches coming in the game. Boogie says that they have put enough confusion on the viewers already. Boogie says that without a double eviction it plays out perfectly. Brit points out that jury starts out 2 weeks early. Boogie says its so complicated with the whole set up and that the contract was all about coaching. Brit mentions the last byline of the contract saying that they can change anything at any moment. Boogie says he is thankful that he isnt in HOH. Boogie says that the more they talk about the rumor the less it will happen even though they wish it would. Boogie says that the rumor didnt come from him.

9:22 AM BBT: Talk turns to how Boogie is coaching Frank. He says he told Frank to just lay back. Boogie says that he is playing this game as a coach and that this week is all about survival. Boogie says that he wouldn't be surprised if Frank is leaving and that Boogie doesn't want to be another annoyance upstairs for either Britney or Willie. Boogie says that he never told Frank about the rumor and that Boogie wants it to happen. Boogie says that it wont happen with all four coaches in the house [sounds like a ploy to get Dan out of the house... Sheldon] Boogie changes the conversation to the eviction and how it will cripple Dan severely. Brit says that she needs to calm down Willie. Boogie asks why and Brit says that he is going nuts over the rumor. Boogie asks why anyone that is locked in the house know anything more about the game. Brit and Boogie leave the arcade and go to the kitchen for breakfast.

9:28 AM BBT: (I still have picture of outside and audio of the kitchen...) Boogie and Shane are making omelets. (Finally the picture and adio sync.) Boogie is asking for a small pan. Wil is in he kitchen now. JoJo comes in for more coffee. The game talk has come to a screeching halt and now its just general chit chat about breakfast.

9:41 AM BBT: Nothing to report... Still breakfast chit chat. 9:47 AM BBT: Same stuff... There is a group in the kitchen talking about the color of Britney's nails. {I'm off for the morning! Have fun LFUs!!}

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7:50am bbt

Willie is up now and on the patio with Mike. After Brit telling Willie late last night about the possible twist of the coaches entering the game as players, today may prove to be interesting!

Willie tells Mike "something is going on in this house", refering to his talk with Brit. Mike asks if something happened last night? They agree it's too early to be making 2nd and 3rd plans already.

Willie:"It's wierd"

Willie's paranoia has Mike trying to do some coaching, asking Willie who he feels is coming after him?

Mike:"Unless I'm in the dark about something, I think you set yourself up nicely with your HOH".

Willie:"Something just doesn't make sense, it's not even the players, it's the coaches"

Willie tells Mike "the numbers don't add up", refering to the number of players/weeks left.

Mike:would you play differently if people come back?


Mike:Are you catching people in secret conversations?

Willie:All day long!

8:10am bbt

Willie doesn't understand why Jani is so upset about Kara going home this week, or why Jani is playing so hard to keep Kara. Mike still doesn't see Willie's concern from the coaches returning angle, or at least isn't letting on to Willie. Mike tells Willie he is smarter than most newbies.

MIke:Remember this about Jani. She didn't get to F3 without some strategy, but that isn't her strongpoint. She may be playing too hard too early.

Willie:I'm in the game. Jani isn't in the game. Why is she playing like she's in the game? (He's hinting all around the twist idea, but not coming out and telling Mike)

Willie heads to DR, Mike stays on patio, content with the alliance he has formed with Willie. Ashley is out of the shower, working on her nails, and Kara was seen using the WC.

Willie goes to WC, passes Ashley and says:Today is going to be a crazy day. It's not going to be beneficial to you, or me, or anyone in this house. Willie enters WC, and Frank enters the room, waiting for WC.

8:52am bbt

Back from WBRB, the house is up, thanks to Shania Twain("Man, I Feel Like A Woman" is mentioned).

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9:20 am BBT Willie, Shane, and Brit in the Arcade room Freakin over the "News" that the Coaches coming back as Players in the Game ... ( DUH did BB really think us Superfans couldn't figure it out that the numbers didn't work out right when we heard this coaching idea and the number of Newbies coming in (11 ) ) ... Now there all discussing how to handle the situation and Shane says the most sensible thing and that is .. "Hey we got the Numbers" ...

Cameras have switched to all Backyard, but we keep hearing the Audio from the Arcade room about the Coaches. Brit just invited Boogie to the Arcade room for the Pow-WoW

All 4 cams are showing the KT with Willie and Shane but Audio is Brit and Boogie in the arcade room. Boogie trying to down play Coaches entering the game with his usual slick turn of words

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9:25 am BBT Boogie doing his Masterfull Job of changing the Primary Subject from coaches entering the game to talking Players ... Frank is a really good Guy and I will just play this game as a Coach till further notice

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9:04am Willie Brit and Shane in lounge talking brit telling Shane that the twist is going to be that the coaches might be coming into the game and we get foth

9:10amWillie telling Shane we have to stay strong Shane says we have to prepare ourselves for this Willie says yeah after this week we have 10 people left in this house Brit says there is more that i am not allowed to disscuse with anyone and we get foth again

9:12am Brit saying if she tells the whole house about the coaches coming into the game then all the coaches are going to be coming after her

9:15am Brit says she thinks the coaches are doing what they need to do to get by untill they enter the game then they are going to hate me she says she thinks janelle and dan are planning things together Shane says i think so to

9:18am Brit steps outside and ask boogie to talk to her for a second boogie says ok they head to the lounge brit tells him there is alot going on in this house there is alot of back and forth between people and alot of sneaking

9:19am Brit says there is a rumor in the house and i think Frank has been talking about it Boogie says a rumor of what she says of the coaches coming into the game Boogie says i dont know any more than you do

9:21am boggie and Brit saying if the coaches dont come back in the game then jury starts next week Brit says when they are down to 9 players they start jury Boogie says the more we talk about it the less chance it is going to happen

9:25am Boogie says he would love the coaches to come into the game as players but until one coach leaves and at least 4 players leaving i dont see that happening

9:30am Brit now joins the by with Willie Wil Jojo and Joe drinking coffee and talking about Willie chain smoking already this morning Boogie and Shane in kt cooking breakfast

9:36am general chat in by with Frank Wil and Jojo talking about movie sales cooking in the kitchen with Boogie Shane and Bri

9:46am some still doing breakfast in kt talk in by still on movies and tv shows

9:52am Shane says can you believe this thursday is an eviction Frank says yeah Shane tells frank he is doing good he keeps going and that most people get depressed and take themselves out of the game but you havent you just keep going Frank says yeah have fun

9:55am Shane Wil nad Joe talking about if the coaches come into the game it isnt fair boogie and dan already won games Shane says Boogie is paranoid Joe said Dan and Boogie arfe going to try anything they can before eviction man

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10:19 am BBT Jen in the Shoe BR doing her make-up .. while in the KT Shane is doing a good cleaning job from when he cooked his Breakfast while Brit and Wil on look ... Kara comes in to the KT and gets a Big bear Hug from Wil .... while Jo-Jo is in the WC getting cleaned up in the distant ... Feeds are on Shoe BR and KT so not much else to report .... FOTH

10:23 am BBT Joe and dan in the SR ... Joe says Willie was cussing at Brit and he doesn't know why .. Dan says just stay chilled ( as we all know a secret can not be kept in the BB House , so the countdown is on till everyone finds out about Brit, willie, and shane discussing earlier about coaches coming into the Game) Brit keeps rubbing her eyes and temples, as she always does when She's stressed out

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10:32 am BBT Jo-Jo, Willie, and Mike Boogie sleeping on BY Couch ... Joe enters into the scene and with all of Willie's stammering and figgeting he's dieing to bust out the "secret" ... now it begins Willie is lecturing the folks about playing there game and F++++ the coaches game otherwise we will be sitting on our asses. Willie is into a Dieatribe about if Coaches do come in we need to boot them out quick..

Folks if U don't have the Live Feeds //// Today is a good day to get it here cause the stuff is gonna hit hard and soon .. http://bit.ly/PcpmG0 ... it helps to keep Mortys site strong by signing up with this link

BTW as U can see I am not a Fast typer and don't get a down a lot of the Whole conversations, I mostly get the juicy tidbits. What I'm saying is that it matters not your typing SKILLS as far as being a Live Feed Updater ... what matters is just feel free to do it , cause this is a case of every Lil bit helps ... so feel free to jump in and report whatever you see and hear. I had to say this cause I am seeing less Folks Updating and we need all the help we can get ... TY all for any paticapation .. On Last thing I've been on Morty's site for years and years and it's one of the best ... thats why I always donate some amount of cash to help keep the site going . ALL this Bandwidth ain't free Folks . So if u enjoy the feeds and the Site as much as i do then feel free to donate even a Few Bucks to the site . The Link is on the Main page ... Left hand side.... (Unsolicted Testimony - Tony)

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10:51 am BBT Seems like the words Freakin Out, Parinoid, and Willie is the theme of the morning ... Wil and kara are now discussing it in the Arcade room. Kara says that if Boogie comes in the game that he doesn't need the money and has to go .. Kara also says she is upset with Brit not liking her and trusting her.

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Dan, Jani, and Brit in the BY ... Dan is saying that Frank said that he wants to call a meeting to let everyone know to Play there own game and don't be a sheep to the coaches .... Brit is really stressing and says She wish we could just have a Day off from the Game

10:59 am BBT Willie is Holding Court up in the HOH Bed and Preaching the Dont follow the Coaches speech ... Dani is saying i wish people would tell me about this stuff going on. Jen Wil Ian Jo Jo Frank Joe and Ashley are all involved in this HOH conversation and there alll spewing out about we need to stick together

11:14 BBT Switched over to the BY feeds with Brit Jani and dan and they seem all mellow now ... There talking about relationships and who's watching the feeds back home and how dan met his wife, through one of his Football players He coached. Ok now time to switch back to the firestorm that is going on in the HOH discussion about them all playing there Game .... Joe says we can listen to the Coaches about how to Play the game as long as it doesn't interfere with how we play individual ( Geez what a novel and Level headed concept LoL )

11:20 am BBt we are getting FOTH AUdio while showing the HOH Party .... seems to be Breaking up ... as Willie is getting out of bed and putting shoes on

Still No Audio but Shane and Kara are confirmed as being in the HOH as well ... Willie faked me out, He is only going to the HOH WC (Wash Closet= Bathroom, for the unintiated (Smile))

11:21 am BBT OK no Fake out this time the HOH meeting of the Newbies is over and Willie seems to be at least the temporary leader, probably cause he's HOH this week but they all agreeded on Playing there own Games and sticking together ( Is that an oxymoron ... HHMM)

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Guest Kekila

10:06 AM BBT Brit/Wil in KT discussing possible comps. Gen movement round the house

10:15 AM BBT General ADLs going on in the WCA - Brit and Shane discuss putting away the dry dishes in the KT

10:29 AM BBT WIllie and Jojo in the BY couches. smoking. General talk about family.

10:32 AM BBT Willie in the BY - telling Joe and Jojo that the coaches are running the game. They have to play their own game. He says that the same thing happened last year when the vets returned. All the newbies fell in line and were starstruck.

Joe says that Jani is not doing that to him. Says maybe they should call a house meeting and tell the coaches to back off. Willie says they need to stay strong. Jojo agrees.

10:45AM BBT Wil says that for 24 hours he isn't going to talk game. Paranoia is running everywhere around the house Wil says. In the BY talk of Survivor contestants.

10:50AM BBT Wil and Kara whispering about the house. Wil says Frank is running all over the house. Sounds like Wil talking about Willie and that he thinks he can sway their votes. Difficult to hear - he is really whispering.

10:51 AM BBT Kara tells Wil she is not gunning for Frank. Even if he puts her up on the block she isn't gunning for him.

11:00AM BBT Brit/Jani/Dan in BY talking about Willie's frustration.

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11:33 am BBT so all the meetings have broken up and so now Jani has Joe in the Arcade room trying to tell him she wouldn't work with Boogie and As the World turns Brit has Jo Jo and Kara on the hammock talking away about how she is not sure if the coaches will come into the game. Seems like there is a campaign of Mass Confussion going on.

11:43 am BBT Those of you who know survivor would recognize the Look on Willies face as he sits in the HOH Bed all alone combing his mustache with the remote control. Now Shane pops in and they tell each other yea weeezzz cool Bro

MEANwhile Jani speaking in Her soothing voice in the arcade room to Joe, telling him that there was nothing in the contract for coaches to come in the Game.

11:54 Shane purposes an alliance of him, frank, willie , and jo jo . Now normally I wouldn't report this but right after wake up call this morning Willie said to Jo Jo, I thought you where sleeping with me last night and Jo Jo said i just fell asleep on my Bed but tonight for sure , so I don't know if it was kidding or not but we will have to see

12:01 am BBT It seems to be as if all the Coaches except Boogie are trying to soothe Frayed Nerverves!!!!!!! Brit up in the HOH with Willie and Shane ... Dan with kara in the arcade Room .... Jani in the BY with Wil, Ashley, Joe///// ... An all 3 Groups are Basically the same conversation .... Denying Coaches rumor and trying to plant seeds about who to evict , some say Kara some say Frank and some it depends on which Group of folks there with ( Dang the Game is on Strong right from Week 1 , WOW)

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11:02am Willie has called a house meeting without coaches Willie telling hg they need to play their own game and not the coaches game they need to pretend the coaches are not there Kara says the coaches need us more than we need them

11:04am Willie tells hg to build your own alliance dont build the coaches alliance frank says if you tell your coaches everything then they are gonna know everything when they come in the game and thats not good willie says exactly

11:07am Willie says we are all gonna go to the nut house if we let them drive us crazy (talking about coaches) ... coaches are in ther by Brit is paranoid saying she thinks she hears yelling in the hoh room

11:09am Wiilie says dont let the coaches tell you who to vote out cuz that isnt helping your game its helping their game only we have to start playing our own game not their game

11:11am Joe tells Willie maybe he is playing the game to fast Willie says yeah maybe so but this has to come out joe isnt convienced at all Wil says this has to come out Joe saying i dont want you working deals that i have to back up

11:15am hg still in hoh saying they dont need a coach Brit says people need to stop talking about their coach and play their own game Wil says we need to tell the coaches you already played this game now its our turn

11:16am Wil says i dont know what any of you think but i am taking a 24 hour break from talking about this game willie says yeah if they come to you wanting to talk just tell them i am not talking game right now

11:27am all hg still in hoh room listening to willie repeat himself and talking about survivor and how aliances work coaches ar in by alone talking about wedding photos

11:29am hg leaving hoh room now some walk outside Brit says is the meeting over Jojo says yeah just had to get the tention out Brit says Kara you ok she says yeah i am fine

11:34am :Joe and Jani go inside to talk alone Joe tells Jano that Willie sayd we need to cut the coaches that yall are coming into the game soon jani says really but the contact i sighned said and we get foth

11:36am Joe is repeating everything Willie said to Jani .. Jani says i can never work with Dan and Boogie Joe says yeah and willie told us all that he is russles brother thats why i was going home first then things chaged

11:39am Jani telling Joe that she signed a contact saying she doesnt get to enter the game she says i dont even get to vote for a winner in this game i dont even get to go to jury hmmmm wonder where Willie got this Joe said i dont know

11:43am Jani telling Joe she wonders what Boogie thinks about all of this Joe says he dont know he is alseep he doesnt even know the meeting happened Joe tells her that they are suposed to cut the coaches off Jani says willie is NUTS!!!!

11:45am Joe says you was never told once about being dropped in the game Jani says no never Joe says i wonder who is telling him this Jani said maybe boogie is dropping this on him

11:50amShane and Willie is hoh talking about who is good and who will help them Willie says the best thing for me in this game was to have this meeting

11:55am Jani in by talking to her team Joe AShley and Wil she is telling them Willie is paranoid cuz his power is over it is over he has nothing else to say and no more power ya'lll have the votes not him

11:57am Joe asked Jani if she gets dumped in the game is this an alliance Jani says heck yeah and Wiilie and Frank are gone

11:59am brit says she is gonna sit back and not say anything that her and boogie are not worried at all its dan and jani that are scrambling with their people

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12:30 BBT The Dan Kara and Dani Meeting is still going on in the arcade room but the topics remain consistent ... Coaches entering the game, How to Vote out Frank, and sticking together. Wille anmd Ashley in the BY with Willie preaching the same ol " we gotta stick together speech .. oooo yeah and we gotta stay strong .... Seems Willie is digging all this Drama and trying to manipulate people . Every Group He speaks with He seems to include them into some kinda alliance ( Can we all say " Over playing the Game too soon" )

Meanwhile Frank and Joe are in the Shoeroom BR and Frank is trying to get a promise of cover me this week bro and i got your back

One more time "Meanwhile" Ahsley and jani and tanning in the BY and looking Fabulous. Ashley Talking about spray tanning and Jani talking margirita's and pina colda's ... so things are seemingly mellowing in this corner of the House

Now over by the Pool Ian and Brit are Chilling together .... Ian says Willie needs to chill the F*** OUT !!!

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12:38 BBT Much a bunch of Lunch Time at the BB House ... Kara Jo Jo Willie Dan Joe Shane and dani in the KT. No Game talk just pigging out time . Whoops Wille slips int the WC and starts talking with Frank trying to tighten an alliance with Frank, as Frank is Brushing his teeth and splattering on Willie ... Ya outta see it ... Funny as Hell

12:59 BBTFrank talking with jen in the Shoe BR telling Her he can't trust Willie and Shane and that he Trusts jen and Joe the Most .. Frank says he thinks Willie is behind all the Turmoil in the House and he feeds off of it. Jem is agreeing with everything and says she Has Franks back. Frank says He doesn't care about people who win compeitions but He cares about people he can Trust. he also says that the reason he believes Willie wants to keep him is that, Willie thinks Frank would be a bigger target than Him

1:05 BBT Willie holding court again in the HOH Bed with Jo Jo as his audience and he says He mis-trusts Joe the Most and willie is rattling off names of people who would support him if he got nominated next week. (Yeah Right LoL) Now in the BY Brit and dan talking about what a Dumb Move willie is making having the House meeting this morning ... it was like drawing lines in the sand.. Dan saying Russel was a loyal player and Willie doesn't seem to be following his lead

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12:09pm Brit asking Shane if he can tell Dani that Kara is going anyways and have her vote our way Willie counting how many votes they have for thursday

12:10pm Willie telling Brit that Ian asked to talk to him later Brit says yeah talk to him get in good with him cuz i am good with Ian

12:14pm Dan Kara and Danielle in crane room talking Kara says Frank is already out the campaigning to get votes Dan says dont worry

12:16pm Kara saying Everone is talking of keeping Frank in this house even my friends in here arent giving me their votes i dont think

12:19pm Willie is going outside to smoke Shane is going to go tan they leave Brit alone in hoh Joe Frank and Jenn in show rm talking Frank says i think that meeting hurt me more than helped me joe says he isnt happy with the situation he feels they are being bullied by willie

12:20pm Joe saying willie is stiring crap up starting crap at every corner like evel dick did

12:22pm Frank ask jenn to give him and joe a few minutes Frank says i have your back if you still have mine frank says he just thinks willie is paranoid but he still wants to work with him

12:29pm Joe saying Willie is just playing to hard to fast Frank says if we get the votes to keep me this week who you want to work with Joe says we got Jen you Wil ashley and me thats 5

12:31pm Joe says dude if i see you toying with Willie after this deal i am done with you Frank says no i am done with him too Joe says i will go around and get the votes to keep you Joe says they should have the votes

12:45pm Jani and ashley laying in by tanning Ian and Brit sitting in outside chairs talking about Boogie Ian says boogie tells him that if he messes up he will tell me and boogie asked if i was ADHD Brit says no way really wasnt that offensive to you he says kinda but i got over it

12:47pm Ian fixen to go make him some lunch most hg are already in kt making lunches and just general chat going on

12:54pm ian and jani talking about past bb seaons while sitting by the pool ian says he thought season 4 was a mean season he says bb season 3 was his favotire season

12:56pm Frank in shoe rm talking with Jenn trying to get her vote and telling her they will work with Joe and win hoh next week and then put up Willie and Shane

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1:22 BBT Joe and ian out by the Pool and joe asks Ian if he Trusts this person and that person and Ian Finally says I don't trust anyone even my Parents hahahaha!!! Ian does say that He's absolutely voting for Frank to stay

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1:06BBT Willie and Jojo talk in HOH. Willie says if some one drops voting for Kara to leave he will be the deciding vote. Jojo says she is getting closer to Kara but she is voting for game.

Brit and Dan in BY. Brit says she is tired and down right now. Last thing she would have done as a coach is call a house meeting.

Dan says he doesnt get it, his brother was such a goooood player. The dude was loyal to the end for his team. Willie has already pissed ppl off which Russ never did. (what show was Dan watching?)

Frank tells Jenn that he got nervous when Ash and the other girls went to HOH last night. Thats how Russ played Survivor, he found some girls he could manipulate. Jojo is a sheep for sure, Ash is sorta. Dani, Kara are sheep.

Brit says Kara has handled herself well for being on the block so long. Jani comes out. Dan says he feels the 3 of there were just out here talking like this.

Dan says he truely believes that in the next 24hrs there will be an explosion. Kara goes to HOH tells Willie she doesnt want bad feelings between them. Willie says he wishes the coaches werent playing. Coaches are making plans with other coaches to tell ppl what to do.

Kara says we were FORCED to play in the first HOH, we were playing for a key. Willie says he doesnt know where things are going this week. After the vote the sides will be known. Kara says she feels expendable even to ppl she is friends with. Willie sees coaches talking to only one player then run to another player only when they need to.

Willie: coaches talk together for hours, they are not supposed to be playing together, they are supposed to be against each other. Willie hates when ppl try to control him. Willie feels better after the meeting. Willie says it would be stupid to not take out the coaches if they can.

Joe and Ian pool side talking about food. Brit asks Dan who his team would go after. He says Mikes team.

Willie tells Kara to go get all the votes she can. He dont know whats going to happening. They agree they dont know who to trust.

Willie says "Wish these F'n coaches weren't in the game. Stop bringing back old ppl." They hug. He says hope you dont hold it against me if you go. She says she wont.

Wil, Joe and Ash talk in crane room. Ash says Frank is not good for any of them. They talk about who promised Frank his vote. Say Ian will NOT break his promise. Joe saying he is going all in with Frank. Ash saying he (Willie) is scared, his power is over. Wil says they should discuss things before telling the coaches.

Joe says Willie just put a tag on his head. Was playing a good game then he blew it. They are going to vote to keep Frank. This is the right thing to do, get the F away from Willie. Joe says diversity is their group, diverisy wins this game. Wil says Willie looks down on women.

Ash tells Willie that "They" want her to get rid of Kara. Willie says we will see how the house divides after the vote. Ash goes to Joe says Willie keeps asking if they are going to try to take Frank out. I was just playing dumb. Joes says stay were you are. If one of us wins HOH we will say see ya.

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2:05BBT Jenn and Wil talking about Willie playing the game too hard, Jenn said that was her biggest fear to come out playing hard too soon

Wil talks to Jen. Going to keep it hush hush between the 6 of them. Jenn says he set himself up to fail. Wil says he played to hard to fast. Jenn: if the target wasnt on his back before it is now. Wil: it was threat threat threat. Jenn: he said, if you havent been talked to you are a pawn.

Will is very angry about Willie calling people "sheep" and how Willie put a target on his back saying that

Frank tells Willie that Mike isnt really talking to him. Willie says he got to stay strong. Please God dont go tell Mike what I am saying. Frank: you see Mike? he's down there sleeping.Willie counts 5 votes for Frank to stay. Wont say who that 5th vote is, but it will make the house crazy trying to figure out who it is.

Brit walks in, saying she is tired, she is done with this game right now. Willie says Frank has an alliance now not a team. Frank is just going to lay low, if he gets the votes he knows where he stands. Willie says it will tell the truth on how the votes go. When they find the leak they will have to plug it.

Jojo, Dani and Ash in hammock saying the coaches are acting weird now. Dani hates being awkward. Jojo says just keep doing what your doing and dont think about it. Dont give a F who likes her and who dont. Dani: well I do. now I am all freaked out about the meeting.

Willie: Thurs will come and Jani will feel like she was punched in the jaw.

Willie says Joe is going home next week. He is on the wrong side, him or Wil. Willie worried about Ash staying true. Frank will keep me if I go up.

Brit asks what she is supposed to do with Jani?

Willie: dont sleep with her F that bitch. Willie: i like my team. I got Jojo, Ash, Frank, Shane and Ian maybe.

Brit: Wil is out back working Jenn right now.

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2:23 PM BBT - HOH Room

Frank and Willie are promising each other to work together to the end. Willie even brings up final two.

Frank: Who I was working with… I don't want to work with them anymore. [i got the feeling he was talking about Janelle's team, but I didn't hear the beginning of the conversation.]

Brittany is chaperoning. Frank points out that Janelle's team is "thick as thieves".

Brittany: Mmm-hmm… to each other.

2:25 PM BBT - Frank leaves. Brit tells Willie she's worried about his plan. He says not to worry - that he's got Ashley.

Brittany: Joe's with Janelle.

Willie: Yeah I know. Joe's going home next week.

Willie and Brittany don't trust Janelle because they say she's cozying up with Dan's team now. Dan doesn't know yet that Janelle was once tight with Brittany's team.

Willie: I didn't like my team before. I like my team now. I got JoJo… I got Ashley… I got Frank… Uh… uh… Shane. And Ian maybe. We'll see.

2:29 AM BBT - Meanwhile in the Lounge

Ashley and JoJo are discussing the situation. They want to go with Willie to the end.

JoJo: Even if it's just Final 5, type of thing… I mean, the fact that his brother was on Survivor and nearly won… I mean he's knows his sh--.

Ashley: I don't trust anyone, I don't trust Joe…

JoJo: Or Jenn!

Ashley: Or Wil.

2:35 PM BBT - JoJo can't stand Danielle - she says she's a loser who can't play the game and can't get a guy either. Apparently Danielle likes Shane and Shane can't stand her (according to JoJo).

JoJo: I think she wanted to be a have-not just to share a room with him [shane]. How pathetic is that?

Ashley: I agree with you 100%.

JoJo says she was excited about Willie saying her, Ashley, and him, and Ashley agrees. They do want Kara to stay though, so they're going to try to flip a vote to save her. They want Ian and Danielle up next week, with Danielle going home. JoJo really wants to win HOH next week in order to execute this plan.

JoJo: I'm not playing how the coaches want me to play. I'm just doing my own thing, you know.

Ashley: Yeah. I actually think Brittany's the chillest coach.

JoJo; Yeah…. that's the good thing about Brittany… she kind of looks at us [newbies] all as equals, you know?

2:43 PM BBT - JoJo and Ashley start talking about Joe being an alternate and the camera's jump to the kitchen really quick. The audio stayed on though so I could still hear them. JoJo says she just found out last night about that but didn't want to ask too many questions because the producers would shut her up about it.

Shane gets called to DR and JoJo wonders why he gets called in there so much.

JoJo: …like 10 times a day!

She wonders if Shane's doing a twist in the game or something.

2:45 PM BBT

Meanwhile… Ian is cleaning the kitchen and Boogie is at the kitchen table.

Boogie: So anything new in here? Or just status quo?

Ian says he needs to grab a drink from the storage room and he'll be right back.

Shane walks into the kitchen. Looks like the other house guests are in the backyard walking around. Shane gets called to DR again. Kara, Danielle, and Ashley walk by. Ashley heads towards the bedrooms and Kara and Danielle start talking about Shane being in the DR a lot - they think he's America's Player, which Shane [jokingly] confirms when he gets back out of the DR.

Ian comes back into the kitchen and can't seem to figure out how to work the microwave. It makes a weird beep and he mutters, "Let's see… I wonder how this works?

JoJo and Ashley wonder through again. Boogie is still at the table just watching everything. Ashley says she has heartburn.

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