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9/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:37 HG's are discussing roasting garlic and a restaurant called "Stinkin' Rose" Por comments on 3 people having 4 lounge chairs. Adam remembers fights over lounge chairs when there were 14people.

8:44 Adam discussing cornhole game w/ Por. Convo moves to Funions and Fritos.

8:56 HG's are done bbq'ing and are now preparing their meal. Rach announces there is nothing in the SR.

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21:02 BBT P:Its amazing how sloppily I eat in the house. I know table manners tho

The alcohol has arrived!

21:15 BBT The HG admire their tye dye shirts

Looks like they are going to play cut throat first before their nightly card game

21:25 BBT HG playing cut throat and discussing prev HG who they would not want to be in the house with

21:30 BBT Por talking about how excited she is to see who from her list comes to see her for the finale

Por name dropping about the DJs she knows and friends she has

21:36 BBT Por/Adam talking about the packages that BB put them together in. Por did not like motherly types and she got Shel

21:46 BBT Adam telling the girls the things that the live feeders hate. Singing and camera talkers

21:49 Adam has won the first game of cut throat. Moving on to game two (try and hold back the excitement)

21:53 BBT They make a toast to the last night drinking in the BB house for this summer - A/P pretty certain they would be invited back for All-Stars

22:01 BBT P/R talk with very poor English accents. Adam goes for another beer

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8:10 a.m. BB Time

4 cameras showing darkness .... and a couple of lumps under the covers. OHHHH one lump just moved.

(I imagine they won't be letting them 'sleep in' today. Going to be a busy day)

(Adam's probably dreaming about bacon

Rachel is probably dreaming about 'Her Man'

Porsche dreaming about all the fame and glory she'll have when the show is over)

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10:17pm adam por and rach playing pool still talking in accents betting cokes with shots they owe por a coke rach did not win her coke rach says she cant believe the final show is on wednesday

10:19pm adam says just think in 48 hours one of us will be a half million dollar richer no wait i will be a half million dollars richer

10:22pm por says my butt looks good tonight well it should zingbot liked it too adam says i dont think zingbot liked it por says it looks good i look in the movie and it looks good adam says i think all of miami likes it rach says adam

10:46pm hg now playing cards on by couch and yawning por and rach wrapped in blankets while they play

11:05pm rach says i think its dumb they go and order different food por says jeff doeswnt like ordering the same thing so he orders one thing and jor another plate and they dont share por says sharring is ordering different playes and what the woman doesnt eat the guy eats adam laughs

11:08pm adam says when farra is at my house she lays on the couch and i sit in my chair sometimes i snuggle on the couch with her but at her house we sit in a couch rach saying her and bren eat on the bed or couch then we go on the fllor cuz we dont want to get the sheets dirty adam says then what do you eat oooooo and they laugh

11:28pm adam in wc por and rach laying on by couches por says how do you think i got this gig rach says janelle por says no i went to auditions just like everyone else did

11:45pm hg back to playing cards on by couch

12:05am hg go in the get ready for bed rach took shower blow drying hair now por brushing teeth adam flossing teeth

12:10am por getting a drink forgot she didnt get the pimple cream for her forhead runs to wca to apply it adam in bbr going to bed

12:15am adam and por in bed rach still in wca getting ready for bed

12:30am all hg in bed with lights out adam talking about guys that are nurds and out drinking him

12:45am all hg sleeping for the night

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Feeds back....They have been in HOH this whole time. Rachel says almost 2.5 hours, they could have watched a movie.

Porsche goes to change into bathing suit, Adam has a smoke. Porsche comes out, asks what Rachel said. Adam says she is so over her, sick of her, doesnt want to see her win a F'ing penny. some of what she said last night sank in. some times it takes some time for things to sink in.

Adam: If you take me I will do my best to get you to win the 500K. Do what you got to do, but know that you have my vote.

Adam: I lost all respect for her. Some of the things she said to both of us and things she said before hand....done...done


Rachel comes out, they talk about her suit fading. She gets told to put on her mic. Adam tells Porsche to make it worth his while tho.


Adam will grill later. Says he is going to get in the pool today, will prob be last time. Porsche and Rachel sunning.


Porsche and Rachel sunning, Adam in the pool, we can hear Julie say "the 7th member of the jury" WBRB, come back and guess HG didnt hear it. (sometimes there is bleed over and we hear things we shouldnt :) )

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Adam gets out of pool, has a smoke. Rachel has sunscreen in her eye & her bathing suit is too tight. asks when they are going to bbq

Porsche has decided to wear the long dress, that way if she has to stand and talk to people she can do it in her wedges not heels.

Adam asks Porsche what he can do to have her take him to F2. Porsche says she has convincing arguments for both.

Rachel comes back out. they talk about what to put on the grill. Adam does a few lines from Cheech n Chong Up in smoke.


The HT is rumbling and the pool is gurgling. Adam puts the hose in the pool to fill it up and flips the screen the HT (my ears TY)

Boys will Boys of any age...Adam takes the hose out of the pool and poses with it. Talk about Peeing in the Pool!!!!


General chat about Adam DJ days in college. Rach DJ in Vegas for a bit but didnt like it.


Adam wonders if he still has a job. Says that with him being gone so long they may decided they can do with out him.


They talk about what they had to do before they were picked up for the show. General chat

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Adam talking about person at work, Adams PW for something at work was BigBro13...(BB slow on the button, not getting WBRB)

Hose has been running in the pool all this time, Porsche gets in, says its cold. Rachel says they will prob cover it for the winter.


Rachel: when I said that thing about how Porsche got picked, I am sorry I didnt mean to upset you.

Adam: my question for you is what will it take for you to take me to F2.

Rachel: been thinking about it alot, have to think of votes. I dont think I have the votes. Think you are tie breaker. If you hate me and you vote for her. Kalia, Shelly, Brendon, Jeff and Jor if its me vs you.

Rachel: being honest please dont share this with Porsche. I have worked so hard, always been target, on radar, had to win comps to save myself. had more ups and downs.

Adam: why do you think you were a target.

Rachel: I was a competitor, I had Brendon and I was a bit mouthy.

Adam: your good bye messages could be the last impressions they got and dont know who you can make them see your case.

Rachel: what do you think.

Adam: what i think doesnt matter. I have been on your side this whole game. When Brendon left alot of people turned their backs on you. Look at who helped you along the way. could use that to jury. You stuck with people in the game and were loyal to them. We stuck together when Brendon came back and then went out again.

Adam: I know if I am in the F2 I didnt earn my spot. If someone will vote for someone that didnt earn it...They arent a fan of the game. Would hope that Dani being a fan wouldnt vote for someone that didnt earn it.

Rachel: if I had won that veto and it was me you and Jordan. It would be 100% no question in my mind.

Adam: Porsche stepped up/kudos to her. The house is against you. I made it no secret to her that I was back with you guys. You and Jordan were so good to me, we were working well together.

Meanwhile outside Porsche gets up and comes inside....Adam asks Porsche how she wants her BBQ. Rach says if Kalia would have won OTEV it would have been totally different. Por: I prob wouldnt be in F3. but we would all go crazy playing the what if game.


Adam uses his fist to tenderize the chicken. Rachel and Porsche both eat some Parmesan cheese from container.

They have the food ready to grill, Adam/Rach head out to BY. They find ants, Adam going to spray off the grill first.


Adam tells Rach that he would love to be in F2 but he blew his opportunity by not staying on a mixer long enough, not being able to hold his breath long enough. Does he deserve to win 500K? No.

They go inside for more stuff. Rach tells Porsche to come outside. Porsche tells her, she asked Adam if he was still fighting for second. He answered her did she expect him not to?

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Rach called to DR. Rach: shoot, its so cold inside and I have no make up on. Por to Adam: That must have been some talk if they called her to DR right afterwards. You ddint tell her I didnt deserve to win did you. Adam: No thats not how I am.

Adam: My plea to get to F2 you have to respect. Por: did she say she and I had a deal? Adam: she said something about it. but If she takes me I wont plead her to the jury but I will you. Thats between just us. I didnt have to tell you that. Por: Oh I know.

quick WBRB Adam: If I dont go with you, you have to make it worth my while. In every interview you do you have to Thank Adam for helping you along the way. What would be more awesome would be me sitting next to you when you win. Por: some ppl in there can be swade but the vets wont be easy.

Porsche: what ppl say in their firey good bye speech is not necessarily how they're voting. Porsche LOL...She is putting the chair back in place and it doesnt really matter, they are never moving it again.

Adam: thats more $$ then I have now. For what I do thats a lot of money. He doesnt have boobs to make him money. Porscher: Hey that was the best advancement she made.

Adam plays the newbie card, How awesome it would be to have 2 newbies. Por: that would be very cool...but..She said that lot before she knew he was working with Jeff and was so close to Jor. Adam: ppl never asked me if I was working with them. Had a deal with them week 2.

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Rachel jogging while Porsche shaves her legs in the WCA sink. Adam was in WC.

Porsche has begged DR for a good razor for days...she just cut her leg on that cheap razor.


Porsche weights 130, Rachel weights 135 and Adam weights 205. they think the scale is wrong by 10lbs. Rachel has run 30 laps going to go run 10 more.

(all yours sci go for it)

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8:14 BBT

Rachel doing laps in back yard. Adam in shower. Porsche shaving legs. Talking about the jury house. A:"would you rather be first in jury house or in final three and come in third?" P:'Final three. I came for the comps."

now talking about survivor and the differences in how everyone gets to play every week.

Rachel joins them in bathroom and is stretching out.

Bad accents are coming out again.

(just popped in for a minute and saw no one had posted for awhile. Doesn't seem like we missed much.)

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8:40 p.m. BB Time

Rach ran another 10 laps while Porsche took a shower.

Rach done and back in Bathroom chatting for a min with P

Adam in kitchen.

For a minute Rach was looking in her drawers trying to decide either what to wear

tonite - or tomorrow - or maybe what she should start packing.

(lol seems like she'll decide later)

Adam now at what must be his dresser putting things in order and packing a few things.

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8:46pm adam says he has a pack of ciggaretts left he is asking the girls does he open em tonight or wait till tomorrow and pull them put and ask dick if he wants to smoke with him and says but will that be before or after dick punches me and he laughs

8:49pm rach says por before you pack your ahir stuff can i use your shampoo adam says you want to use the last of my body wash por says arent you taking a shower tomorrow adam he says yes but he is using something else bb says por put on your mic girls say adam we cant play cut throat tonight we have to wash our hair adam says thats the lamest excuse from a woman

8:51pm adam says we used to have 14 people showering and the water used to get cold por says true it used to get cold rach now in the shower adam laying on wca lounger por brushing hair adam says do you think fans created a fan page about the heavey metals por says yeah i bet they did

8:56pm por popping pimples in the mirror adam cheering pop that zit pop that zit por says i just hope it doesnt leave a mark tomorrow but i bet it will adam says dont you have cover up por says yeah

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