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9/8 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:01PM BBT: Feeds are live again. Jordan is ironing in the bubblegum room, Adam, Porsche and Rachel are playing cards in the HoH.

9:04PM BBT: Adam Rachel and Porsche in HoH playing cards Adam says the blog he did was weird because he had been away from a computer for so long. He wrote about how much he missed Farra and thank you for supporting him and what an awesome summer it was and something about all the HG and his brother and boss.

9:07PM BBT: Adam says honestly I am not looking for anything to come out of this if it did I would go for it but not expecting anything Porsche says Letterman he is talking to you.

9:11PM BBT: Adam saying for the record I did not take anyone's stuff this season I thought it was rude and I knew Daniele was taking stuff and I thought she might be mad at me and hide my cigs for voting her out Rachel says why did they hide stuff Adam says they would hide it before HoH to throw people off

9:14PM BBT: Adam has a little clown doll he is playing with he says maybe if Jordan leaves I will send this with her to Jeff he says no not really ( so Jordan has been nominated)

9:22PM BBT: right now we only know that Jordan is on the block nothing has been said about playing PoV yet

9:38PM BBT: Adam asking the girls what time their curfew is tonight Porsche says 12 midnight Rachel says you guys don't have to pack till Thursday Adam says yeah you may or may not be with us Rachel says I may or may not

9:40PM BBT: Adam now feeding the fish and asking BB if he can just have the room for the rest of the summer Porsche says we can share and take turns in this room Adam says I am still the HoH till the next HoH is crowned

9:44PM BBT: OK Rachel said congrats to Adam and Porsche, so Porsche won PoV and is guaranteed F3.

9:53PM BBT: Adam and Porsche talking about Jordan winning two years ago and Adam says yeah f=give someone else a chance to win Porsche whispers something and BB says Porsche no Rachel ask what BB said no for Porsche says nothing

10:08PM BBT: Adam Porsche and Rachel still playing cards in HoH no talking going on Jordan in bathroom area changing clothes

10:14PM BBT: Jordan walks into HoH Adam tells Jordan they are playing rummy instead of gin Adam says so who is going to get a question tomorrow Rachel says we all will Adam says seems like a week and Kalia left yesterday Jordan says am I going to follow her tomorrow Adam says well Porsche you could use the veto on Jordan

10:15PM BBT: Rachel says if she used the veto on Jordan then she goes on the block Adam says yeah then Jordan would vote instead

10:17PM BBT: Jordan asking about the bottle of wine she has wanting to know what bag to put it in Adam says you have win Jordan says it's Jeff's and I want to take it to him Adam says awwwwwwww

10:22PM BBT: Adam Porsche and Rachel talking about punching things all season Adam says the only thing he punched was in the clown competition Jordan back downstairs laying down

10:26PM BBT: HoH crew talking about tori Spelling and the metal t-shirts Rachel says how many people get to meet tori spelling Adam says not many

10:36PM BBT: Rachel is downstairs getting a drink Adam is also getting a drink. Rachel goes to take Porsche a drink Adam says we have so much food left Rachel says yeah we do Adam says we still have one Coors light left Rachel says yeah drink it Adam says no not tonight

10:38PM BBT: Adam goes in HoH Porsche says I like it small victory Porsche now listening to music and dancing Rachel returns to HoH with Porsche's drink and some grapes and says these are a healthy snack

10:56PM BBT: Jordan in bed for the night with lights out Adam Porsche and Rachel still playing cards in HoH

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23:00 BBT Por gets called to DR - A/R continue to play cards

23:05 BBT or goes into BR and asks Jor if she feels like hanging out - Jor says not really - Por tells her to enjoy her rest

Adam tells Rach in HOH room that it sounds like Por will be voting out Jor

Por tells R/A that Jor is in bed already and wants to be alone.

23:08 BBT HOH crew go over the major fights in the house this Summer

23:17BBT Jor tossing and turning. HOH HG discussing how exciting the shows are this week

HOH HG rehashing who did what to who this season

23:22 BBT It appears POV was questions - Rach says Dom was her downfall again today

Adam says that Kal was his demise today on a question about himself?

Veto was questions.

23:33 BBT HOH discussing the jury house and how the evicted HG are acting towards each other

Adam showing off his photos - showing he had braces

23:45 BBT Adam says that of the remaining HG he has the least exciting life

23:51 BBT HOH HG still playing cards. Jor still in bed

23:56 BBT Rachel just said that Veto took place last night

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

Reminder: this thread is strictly for posting direct observation of the live feeds (and After Dark).

For discussion amongst yourselves regarding events going on in the house, please visit this thread in our Discussion forum (where your posts have been moved to).

Thank you.

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10:43am rach is up packing her clothes jor laying in the bed watching her adam in kt making coffee rach says og jor this part sucks jor says what are you talking about rach says packing and going and stuff

10:45am jor saying she blew the compatition she says i suck and if it was kal here you would be going home rach but thats ok i suck rach says jor i am glad your my friend

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7:08 PM BBT Feeds return. All 3 still hanging on. Porsche says she is hoping she doesn't get sick. She says she ate too much. Adam is grunting and seems to be in the worst shape. Rachel looks like she's napping, her eyes are closed and her face looks very calm.

7:13 PM BBT Adam asks the 2 ladies how they are doing and both say they are fine. Adam "I'm not gonna lie, this sure isn't easy" Porsche "my shoulders are hurting, I wasn't kidding about needing a massage." Rachel stays quiet, in the zone.

7:15 PM BBT Adam grunting and breathing very heavy. visibly struggling and cussing under his breath. Porsche "Hang in there Adam. Rachel "Fight". Adam looks like he's in a lot of physical pain.

7:18 PM BBT Adam "Jesus.....God Damn It....Fuck" Grunt grunt TRIVIA

7:25 PM BBT Feeds return and Adam is down...wrapping up in towels. He lights a cigarette "Fuck" and goes to have a seat. More TRIVIA.

7:31 PM BBT Feeds return and the mixer is moving up. Porsche responds in what can only be described as the squeel of someone afraid of heights. Adam "don't look down" Rachel "now this is big brother". The mixer goes down and back up again. Both ladies have their eyes closed. Porsche "is it going up or down?" At this point, with the constant spinning, they can't even tell which way the mixer is going. Someone [i believe Porsche] says "I can't feel my hands" Adam "Good job girls."

7:36 PM BBT Porsche "Adam, I know you're sore but don't let me drown in this. I may need your help getting down...I'm scared to let go" TRIVIA

7:40 PM BBT Porsche is shown down. Adam is helping her. Adam "Good job Rachel". Rachel "what time is it, I wonder how long." Porsche "sure wasn't 17 hours" Rachel thinks they were up for maybe 20 minutes. All Adam wants to do is yank the cover off the hottub. His legs are really sore.

7:45 PM BBT Rachel comments it's awfully quiet now. Adam "because we're the only ones left" Rachel "the 2 cocktail waitresses and the metal guy" Adam "the one that likes cocktails". Rachel heads in to the shower and Adam and Porsche agree that Rachel could have lasted a lot longer. Porsche tells Adam that if part 2 has anything to do with using their arms then he will beat her.

7:51 PM BBT Porsche and Adam are inside now and he's doing the slow agonizing duck walk of pain. Rachel comments that is was an all body part endurance. Adam felt the pain in his legs, Porsche the arms, and Rachel felt it in her stomache.

8:00 PM BBT All is quiet again. Rachel removes her bags from the SR and starts to unpack. Porsche is in the shower. Adam is slowly pacing the bathroom waiting for his turn. He's still in a lot of pain.

8:04 PM BBT Rachel has been a good sport...no gloating, no celebrating in front of the others....but she does do one mini dance in the SR and a single Yeah and heads back into the bathroom. Adam call Rachel a beast and a warrior. Rachel says her technique was to make a little curve in her spine and just let it go fast.

8:10 PM BBT Adam is in the shower, complaining to Rachel. "Big brother had to know I was in this competition, giving us 3 inches to stand on." There's a lot of general chit chat about previous season endurance comps and they agree, they aren't the toughest when it comes to endurance this season.

8:26 PM BBT All is quiet. Just general chit chat and competition rehash. Adam realizes that exept for Vetropolis in which he hosted, he played in every single competition this season. They count it out....Adam played in 26 of 27 comps, Rachel 21 and Porsche 19. Adam "We all earned our spots here, I don't care what anyone says."

I'm out

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7:31 PM BBT

Mixer going higher now. Spinning faster. Both Rachel and Porsche have their eyes closed.

At last glance, Adam was smoking.

Rachel could be sleeping she looks so calm. Porsche's discomfort is a little more visible on her face.

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7:40 PM BBT

Porsche down. Rachel wins round 1!

7:41 PM BBT

Adam wants to crack open the hot tub his legs are really sore, he had to stay on the balls of his feet. Once he burped he knew he was going to be sick. Both of them have congratulated Rachel.

"Final 3 you guys!" Rachel says "I've never made it this far before. They do listen to us Porsche, they gave us a mixer, they know you love to bake."

Porsche looking for cold packs. Adam tells her they are in the SR.

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7:46 PM BBT

Rachel wishes he had put her bun on the top of her head, it was preventing her from getting her head in a comfortable position. Rachel goes inside. "Anything with arms Adam you'll probably beat me." Porsche says.

Rachel getting in shower.

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