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9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Rachel: I dont know what I do that pisses people off so much.

Jor is silent.

Rachel: Is it cuz I run my mouth so much.

Jordan: you do say what you want to. she goes on to say how she likes her and that she sees she is nice now but didnt when she first came in.

Jordan wonders who her replacement would have been if she had gone to school instead....WBRB

Adam tells Porsche that she does need to campaign. He feels that they do want to keep her.

Porsche: Kalia said she was told that she is not the target.

Adam: I didnt make a F2 deal with them, there is still much going on to do that. Rachel cant play in this HOH.

Porsche: my shit is happening the same why Jeff and Dani went out.

Adam: that is not how it is playing out. Unless they are lying to me.

Adam: you do it in a fair and honest way...wait wait...you do it how you have to do it.

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1:10pm BBT

All 4 cams are still on backyard with Por and Adam talking about the last veto comp.

Adam, "I have a feeling they are going to call me in DR, Kalia is prob in there saying i cant believe he did that to me" He says sorry, I can be a mean girl too"

All 4 cams on Por doing dishes, Adam walked out of room, but no cams followed

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Por going upstairs to HOH

Por: I am starting the campaign trail (in a baby voice) and brings them all kinds of stuff like face strips and white strips and nose strips

Jor: well you cant vote us out if you want to stay

por: and there is tanning oil for ya'll to use

Por: So how do we make it to final 4?

If I stay next week then I will help make the beautiful girls to final 3 (again in a baby voice)

girls all laugh

Porshe kissing ass with bribes of pretty teeth and faces

they are going back and forth about is it keiths angels or adams angels. They are discussing who they thought come up with it first.

Jor and Rach talk about thinking the newbies were really couple outside in life and the vets didnt know. They thought por and keith were boyfriend/girlfriend outside the house because how cozy they were together. They mention how DOM said he had a big secret they would find out about him, and cassie did too. Dom said he was going to drop a bomb on the house (They are talking about how DOM is a 25 year old virgin - who the hell cares, and why would the vets care??? I know I dont! lol)

Por: is begging for votes in a baby voice and giggling everytimes she talks game

Por: Maybe shelly and dom are mother daughter

jor: what??

Rach: they arnt even the same skin color

maybe he was adopted? shelly said maybe he was

Por begging to know what they are doing, doesnt look like Jorchel is giving it up.

Rach talking about how julie said always pay attention to how you vote because of the golden key. Rach said that always sticks in her head

Jor says that feels like soooo long ago

rach and por agree

Por says she can see how close jeff and jor got in the house being stuck together for so long.

talk about interviews after the show that lasts 2 days

jor says they ask the same questions over and over again

Rach said they kept asking me over and over how it felt to be the most hated player on big brother ever (Shelly took that role over rach, so dont worry! -Loripav)

Jor said thats just rude

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1:28pm BBT

All 3 cams on HOH

Jor Rach Por still talking in hoh

Talk about the show and Julie and how it is hard not to look at julie and look at the camera

Talk about how Rachel calls Brendon, brennon

jeff has always told rach forever is a long time

jor if u met his friends in chicago, they are all very hard not sweet, very loud and rough and cussin

Jeff was never raised with girls around

When Rach would get mad at jeff she would say jeff, you never had sisters! and jor would always laugh

bren hates kissing rach with her retainer. Like make out with it Jor says eeeewwww i wouldnt want to with mine in!

jor says how jeff jokingly makes fun of her with her retainer in

Por said that she is the only one in the house that never had braces or retainer

Jor really? they are perfect! rach agrees

por admits she had filing and bonding done

More teeth talk

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1:11PM BBT: Porsche goes up to HoH to bribe Rachel and Jordan with things Jordan says Adam is the only guy left in this house Porsche says if I stay next week I will help make the girls stay next week for final three

1:16PM BBT: Rachel saying Keith came up to her and asked her did you promise Porsche the golden key rash says she was like uuhhhh and she laughs Porsche was laughing also now talk about Dominic and Shelly being mother and son Jordan says I think Shelly was just saying that he was adopted

1:18PM BBT: Rachel says well at least you have a golden key for your shadow box and the first golden key Rachel says Julie said someone will get the golden key and I had to think who we could trust and your the only person we could trust at the beginning of the game Porsche so that's why you got the golden key

1:24PM BBT: Porsche Jordan and Rachel talking about getting interviews with Julie and how they tell them to look at the tape but it's hard to when you see Julie on the screen

1:26PM BBT: Jordan talking about Jeff's friends from Chicago his friends are hard and loud and they cuss at each other and all and I think it's because he hasn't been raised with girls

1:28PM BBT: Rachel talking about how Brendon doesn't want to have make-out kisses with her retainer in so she has to take it out Jordan says gross I would never leave my retainer in Porsche says I guess I am the only one that's doesn't have a retainer in here Jordan says you never had braces or a retainer Porsche says no

1:33PM BBT: talk goes to boob jobs and what kind they each have weather it's saline or gell and what happens if you pop a boob Rachel says you can wake up one day and have a boob gone Jordan says I have a boob card with the DR and size on it Rachel says me too so they will know how to take care of them if something happens

1:36PM BBT: Jordan asked Porsche and Rachel if they wrapped their boobs when they got them done Porsche says I had mine super wrapped when I got mine for two weeks Rachel says I got a drainage pipe she goes to details about the drain pipe she tells Jordan how there is still scars from it Porsche called to dr

1:38PM BBT: Jordan and Rachel go in bathroom to show each other their scars from their boob jobs now Jordan and Rachel are showing Kalia who just walked in HoH

1:43PM BBT: Porsche out of DR back on HoH with Jordan Rachel and Kalia still talk about boob jobs just repeating themselves to Kalia

1:53PM BBT: girls now talking about manicures and pedicures and going on a dream vacation that is 5 grand for a week for a couple and weather they are an all occlusive one or not

1:57PM BBT: Porsche and Jordan and Kalia talking about Rachel's picture and how good Brendon looks in the one picture that he has hair in Kalia says we was starting to think Adam was looking good till we seen Brendon's picture the other night Jordan starts laughing and says at least we all agree that Brendon looks good in that pic

1:59PM BBT: Rachel asking Jordan if Jeff has chest hair Jordan says no he shaves it but sometimes he has a little hair Rachel says Brendon hates hair Jordan says my brother has like a rug on his chest and one time I waxed it Kalia says did you trim it before you waxed it Jordan says of course

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2:05PM BBT: Jordan called to the DR Porsche Kalia and Rachel talking about only 10 more days in the BB house Rachel can't wait to see Brendon Porsche wants to get a message to her friends for finale to get them all in la

2:09PM BBT: Rachel says she just wants to know who Shelly is Kalia says Shelly is a mom from Louisiana and was a fan of the show and just wanted a break for the summer Rachel says but she travels to china every month Porsche talks about the food she never had before Rachel says that was all a lie Kalia says Shelly said she was a meat potato kind of girl so I don't believe her she has had a lot of things

2:17PM BBT: more talk about Rachel's pictures in HoH room Porsche talking about how Rachel used to wear her makeup Rachel says I love wearing all that makeup but everyone says I wear to much so I don't wear as much anymore Kalia says I like it that way with a lot of makeup but I am used to being in theater so we use a lot and I like a lot

2:31PM BBT: general talk about food and what Shelly would eat and drink Rachel asking if Kalia thinks Shelly will gain weight in the jury house because she lost so much and she would always get up and have buckets under her eyes and she would put makeup on to hide them

2:32PM BBT: Adam and Jordan downstairs talking Jordan says we are not keeping her here do we want to keep one who lies and can get all questions right or someone who doesn't bug me campaigning

2:34PM BBT: Porsche comes out of DR now joins Jordan and Adam in spaceship room Porsche asking if they are going to work out today Jordan says I like to workout and sweat in the sun Adam says he is waiting till the sun goes down some

2:44PM BBT: Rachel and Kalia general talk in HoH about getting apartments Jordan changing clothes in bathroom area getting ready to go outside to work out Porsche in bathroom area popping pimples Porsche says I am pretty sure Adam is voting for me I just need you to vote for me now and we won't have to go to a tie breaker they leave bathroom area go to kitchen Jordan yells for Rachel btu Rachel doesn't hear her

2:46PM BBT: Porsche goes to talk to Adam telling him she went on her campaign trail and took Jordan and Rachel some crest white strips and nose strips and offered then clothes and champagne Adam laughs and says well make em look good and that might be what works but I think you will still be here Adam says people are going to vote on who they like more and they like you

2:47PM BBT: Adam says you can't tell them a lot let Kalia keep digging she is digging her ditch and let her dig dig dig Adam says the more Kalia says the less she says

2:50PM BBT: Adam tells Porsche I had to do what I had to do and you have to do what you have to do Porsche says first is the HoH competition then the veto the first to worry about is the HoH to me Adam says there is only 3 people playing you have a 20% chance as of Thursday's night and then after that it is 25% then next week is 33% chance Adam says I just need to know what it's like to have my own bathroom

2:55PM BBT: Porsche leaves Adam to take his nap she says she is going to go nap in the sun Kalia and Rachel in HoH talking Rachel tells Kalia that next HoH she knows Kalia will win and knock her out and she will go to final three and won't take Adam Rachel says what about your final two deal with Adam and Porsche Kalia says there was no deal I never shook on anything if I shake on it then it's final you see how Jordan has never been on the block because I had a deal with her and she never won anything but I kept her safe

2:58PM BBT: Kalia says when I have a conversation with you it's with you there are a lot of liars in this house I did have a deal with Adam but it was done when I voted him out but Shelly left Rachel ask did you say send Jordan to jury because she wants to go see Jeff Kalia says I said Jordan didn't want to be here anymore she isn't playing the game she doesn't wanna be here so lets get her out Kalia says I can't change and you can't change the things that have been done in this house and I winked at you and all because I deserve to be in this house I do I have fought to be here and it hurts a lot that people want me out

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3:00 PM BBT

"I don't see how you wouldn't beat me? You've done so much more than me in this game. " Kalia says "I'm not going to take you out and I'm going to win Fing HOH this Thursday. I'm so pissed." Kalia crying."I'm calling in the favour of putting up Lawon. I will absolutely truly win this. I don't know what else to say. " Kal keeps at it

3:03 PM BBT

Jordan telling Porsche that it looks easier than it is on TV (Playing the game) . They are outside.

3:04 PM BBT

"I will shake on it with you right now. A final 2 deal. Right now." Kalia "I don't want to shake on a F2" Rachel says."I am just asking for the one thing, one thing I deserve. I truly believe I deserve to be in the final 3. I truly do. What is so awful about keeping me here?" Kalia keeps at it.

"Look Kalia I know that you feel that way but I feel that Brendon got to be in the F3 or Jeff. But they aren't" Rachel says

"If I'm gone I don't get anything. Brendon still has hope, you. Jeff still has hope, Jordan. All I get is my stipend and a Caribbean vacation!" Kalia yells.

3:10 PM BBT

"This is the position I'm in. I knew that coming into the season that Brendon and I were the biggest targets. And Jeff. Not Jordan, she's like the golden elephant. She sits on the block golden. And I would say that to her face. Dick and Danielle, kind of targety..." Rachel explaining why she can't weaken her position.

3:13 PM BBT

Rachel has been explaining to Kalia all the moves she's made in the house against Rachel. All the work she did with Dani to get Rachel and Brendon out of the house. And then she put up Lawon even after Rachel warned her. Kalia not getting it.

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3:27 PM BBT

Kalia trying to put doubt into Rachel's mind about Jordan. "Obviously Jeff will be working the votes in the jury house."

Kalia saying, "I sat down there and I was crying to you and I said Good God!" and we get WBRB. She's tearful and saying that judging by who's in the jury, it must be an honour to be there.

Rachel tells Kalia she has to convince Jordan and she has to convince Adam. "Why did you say I'm not going to win POV next week?" Rachel asks Kalia "Because I'm going to win it! You wouldn't expect anything less from me but a fight." "Well, umm.. " Rachel

"If that's what you are to me, that's what you are to me and I'm going to roll, ride or die with you." Kalia says about an alliance she is in. "I'm okay talking to Jordan to. I'm comfortable with that."

"She's not very happy with you." Rachel says

"WHY? Because she heard I was trying to get Adam to use the veto? Why wouldn't I?" Kalia says.

She wants something about the Fortune Teller that makes Rachel laugh. "I'm not joking. I'm so serious." Kalia says.

3:32 PM BBT

Kalia says she can't understand what else she has to do to convince Jordan. She's spent the whole game protecting her.

Rachel says it's hard to protect someone else. The hardest part of being HOH is that you have to stand up.

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4:00 PM BBT

R; Did you hear us?

J: No I was laying outside.

R: Do you trust Porsche?

J: I don't. I don't trust Porsche either. Kalia is totally lying.

R: How bad do you want to make it to F 3? What if we keep Kalia. Adam hates Kalia really bad right now. If he wins HOH next week he gets Kalia out. He and Porsche are close.

J: I was thinking the same thing outside.

R: I'm so scared Jordan. I'm not sure. I think if Kalia wins on Thursday she will get rid of Adam.

J: Are you sure?

R: No but I think there's a good chance.

J: Porsche's attitude is something else. She said something outside.

R: I don't know and I'm so scared.

J: SO if Kalia wins, and if it's questions then she'll definitely win.

R: Are you sure that HOH doesn't play in POV?

J: Yes because last time when it was the 4 of us Natalie stayed inside.

R: If it's Mash Ups Adam will do really well. If Kalia plays she'll do really well. If Kalia wins than Adam will go. If Adam wins than Kalia will go. But with Porsche

J: If Porsche stays one of us is going.

R: Right, if Porsche stays she's in good place.

They go on to discuss what Kalia and Rachel talked about. "I'm not making a F2 deal with anyone, cause I'm in a F2 with you." Rachel laughs.

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4:14 PM BBT

Por (outside) saying that Kalia thinks she has no hope now because Rachel called Jordan up right away.

Porsche asks Adam if he thinks she should tell Rachel and Jordan about the Pandora's box twist? or did her tell them already. He says "Kalia told me about the queen, I didn't tell them about the queen. That's not my thing."

He says Kalia may have already done so. Desperate times make for desperate things.

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4:24 PM BBT

She's going to try to create some sort of doubt about me. Or you. Says Adam.

Jordan telling Rachel how if it comes down to Rachel, Jordan and Kalia - Kalia would take Rachel out. It it was Porsche. Porsche would keep Rachel.

Rachel thinks Porsche is going to try to buddy up to Adam. "OH Adam save me!"

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4:34 PM BBT

They just got the news about tomorrow. "Tomorrow's an HOH and Wednesday is an eviction? Shocker!" yells Porsche.

"You mean there's a veto then another HOH on Wednesday? O-M-Gina" says Kalia

We have to make all these decisions tonight. We need to get everyone, not everyone up here, but to figure it out . Jordan says.

4:35 PM BBT

Rachel and Jordan call Adam upstairs. Ask his opinion about keeping Kalia. They run him through the scenarios they just went through.

Adam says he doesn't care. He's all in with them. Jordan is sorry she keeps annoying him with this. She just feels like she's getting punished because she won before.

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4:40 PM BBT

"But Adam, keeping Porsche is not bad for you. " Rachel says "I know going against Porsche would be a crap shoot. I'd have to screw you guys over and there's not a lot of place to win over the jury right now." Adam responds.

4:42 PM BBT

A: Did she break any deals with you? (He asks Jordan of Kalia)

J: No...

R: That's right because she had me Brendon and Jeff to go after.

Kalia and Porsche upset that Adam is upstairs talking with Rachel and Jordan.

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4:49 PM BBT

Adam: If you feel that you owe it to Kalia then vote for her to stay. If you don't think you owe it to her then don't.

Jordan: She voted Jeff out and I feel bad about that but

Rachel: You need to figure it out, that's what we're telling you here now. You have to make up your mind next week is going to go real fast.

They guess that they will get Friday off after 3 straight days of competitions.

Downstairs Kalia announces that she hates red shirts. They are assholes to wash.

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4:55 PM BBT

"Where's the manual that you guys got because I'm obviously not reading the same thing. " Say Porsche. We've got a lot of WBRB so it's hard to follow convos.

Rach comes out of DR. "Hey guys it's picture day! Put on your continuously awesome gear and meet me in the BY! I'm not even kidding!"

"Well lets go have a fucking picture day. My stomach is killing me." Kalia bitches. Adam gripes that his awesome gear is sweatpants today.

4:59 PM BBT

They all change into their Jessie provided "Continuously Awesome!" workout gear. The logo is falling off Rachel's "I think it's an iron on patch." Rachel and Adam are changing pants as they had the wrong ones.

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5:18 PM BBT

Rach takes a picture of Adam kissing Doms photo. Now one of Jordan kissing Jeff's pic.

"I think Adam should be in the Kissing Jeff Picture" Rachel says.

He ends up taking one picking Jeff's nose.

In CBR Kalia and Porsche complaining about what to wear for pictures.

Rach has to write her blog and hasn't thought of what to write yet. Rach, Adam and Jordan take a picture of the three of them holding up three fingers (f3). Don't let the girls see that one! Adam laughs.

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6:43 PM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 on Porsche and Adam walking/trotting laps in the BY. Feeds 3 & 4 on Jordan and Rachel and on the purple lounge. Jordan is admitting to Rachel that she regrets having to break her promise to Kalia. She admits she knows Khalia would have put her up if Rachel and Jeff hadn't kept her safe this far. Rachel has concerns that Adam is not trustworthy. Jordan doesn't. She trusts him. Jordan is very concerned the competition will be questions and Khalia would win under those circumstances. Both ladies believe that Adam is in the best spot right now. Whether Khalia or Porsche win the comp tomorrow Adam is sure to be chosen for final 3 over them.

6:50 PM BBT Rachel is considering denying to do an HoH interview with Julie if asked as punishment for not being asked on any of her previous HoHs.

6:55 PM BBT Jordan leaves and Porsche comes in to sit with Rachel. They expect that it will be a tie breaker tomorrow and Porsche promises not to put Rachel up if she breaks the tie in her favor. Porsche says Jordan voting to keep Khalia is just for her jury vote. Rachel tells her that the jury if full of people that wouldn't vote for her. She's burned too many bridges, especially with Daniele.

7:03 PM BBT All 4 fees on BY. Just general chit chat. Rachel approaches Porsche. R:"Are you sure if I do this you won't vote me out?" P: "If you do this for me, of course." R:"You know, if Miami screws over Vegas there can't be a winter music conference or an electric jam."

7:19 PM BBT All 4 feeds following Adam around. He is reliving the visit with Tori. "Oh Tori, here is my duck.....what a loser I am."

7:27 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Adam and Rachel in the BY. General chit chat about the first few days in the house. Rachel called into DR and Jordan comes outside and sits with Adam. Jordan feels sorry for Khalia and Porsche. She says they will be devastated when they see how bad Daniele talked behind their backs while they went on worshipping her. Adam states that Shelly only went to the Daniele bandwagon because she felt Daniele was the only one who could break up Jeff & Jordan. He states when asked he said he would seperate Jeff or Jordan by beating them in the end, not by betraying them. Adam "you don't play the game on paper, you play the game on the field."

7:39 PM BBT Feeds still on Adam and Jordan in the BY. They are anticipating a true/false competition. They briefly recap past competitions to prepare for questions about it. Jordan "Don't tell Porsche any of this." Rachel comes out for study group too. They are reciting HoH winners/Veto winners/ and eviction days in a matter of seconds. {Actually very impressive-Goldylucks}

7:53 PM BBT Jordan, Adam, Rachel discussing their good bye messages to former HGs. This goes on for a few minutes before BB finally reminds them that's not allowed. Rachel knows she has been particularly mean in hers and is not looking forward to facing everyone afterwards.

8:05 PM BBT All 4 feeds on the BY with Rachel working out and Jordan on the hammock. Rachel is quizzing Jordan on key dates in the house.

8:20 PM BBT All quiet in the house.

8:27 PM BBT HGs put on ODLD.

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8:32pm BBT

Por adam jor in kitchen getting some grub

Kalia is sleeping

Por in bathroom

Houseguest please go to the backyard this is a lockout.

Por said aw man I was just about to get in the shower

Jor says rach is in the shower

Adam, "why are they locking us out in the middle of the night?"

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8:43pm BBT

Talk about sports and fans Jord said jeff took me to a hockey game in chicago, and the fans get REAL into it they go da da dunt da da dunt (singing the anthem when they win) and it went to wbrb (living in chicago all my life, i atest it is true. We are die hard sports fans - just ask jeff :))

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