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9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:50 PM BBT

Rach/Por playing cards. Jordan would go to a nude beach topless but would put seashells on her nipples.

Adamethius! Jordan yells out. Talk to me. "Ok Jordanus, tell me about your first BF" He was 14 she was 12 it was homecoming.

Jordan got her first kiss at 13. At the movies. She had butterflies like no other.

Jordan and Adam try moving the Hammock closer to the couches. "Stop That!" they get from BB. Jordan tries to move the work out bench over. "Stop That." BB says. "I'm not allowed to move this over either? " Jordan asks "No." BB replies. They all laugh.

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9:44 PM BBT

Jordan and her GFs used to walk into other schools parties saying "Eyes forward, backs straight, acting like you own the place." They all laugh at her.

Porsche telling stories about going to parties on "Millionaire's Mile" where she'd look down the street at all these fancy houses and say to herself "Yeah, I kinda like this."

9:48 PM BBT

It is groovy hat night. Everyone wearing their favourite groovy hat. Rachel's BFF was named Amanda. They'd drive to a college where he BF was. She drove 4 hours away to a party. When she got home her Dad was like "SO, you had fun driving, hanging out at Amanda's house?" he checked the odometer obviously but he never called her on it.

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9:55 PM BBT

Rachel and Kalia talking about sorority girls and how catty they all are. "What are you doing here?" Adam in the background starts with "Oh my god Becky, will you look at her butt? How big it is?" [which made me burst out laughing, it's the beginning of the "I like Big Butts" by Sir Mix Alot video. Well played Adam - ZuZu]

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11:55pm BBT

Kalia and Adam outside. Kalia says I HAVE to show you something that no one knows about. It is HUGE but I cant tell you until everyone is sleeping. He asks for a hint she says no.

Jor says she is going to bed, I think Rach is to

Por joins adam and kal in backyard and says gonna use the veto tomorrow and smiles he chuckles.

Rach joins them outside. They are all saying they would do amazing race in a second but not survivor Kal says Big Brother are for the people that are to spoiled for survivor.

Kal talking how the nail polish is cheap and she just did her nails yesterday and she is redoing them already.

Rach Adam Por Kal all getting a game of poker going

2 cams on Jor going to sleep

2 cams on backyard couch with the rest playing poker they start singing wbrb

feeds back general chit chat at the moment

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Most of the time between 22:00-24:00 the Hg have discussed Movies, TV shows, cute celebs, clubs, friends etc. no game talk until a brief segment where the girls left Kal and Adam alone in the bY:

23:50 BBT Kal tells Adam that she has something to show him- its the one thing in the house that NO ONE knows about.

She says that he has to wait until eveyone goes to sleep first though

Kal asks Adam if he is ok - he seems stressed and she doesnt understand why he would be stressed. He says he is just sore from working out

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12:05am BBT - Rach up to HoH feed the fish. Adam, Por and Kal on the BY couches. Job done, Rach is back down to the BY, making jokes about evicting the fish. Jor in bed in the MBR, lights out. Looks like its cards outdoors. Just don't ask Rach to Go Fish. Rach says she asks for Disney music every morning. Kal says they have had some Disney music.

12:15am BBT - Adam heads inside for snacks. Kal wants chocolate. Now Kal up and to the KT. Checks herself in the mirror and is back out. She thought she might have broken a tooth on the frozen candy.

12:30am BBT - Rach is out on an Ace. She's dealing now. But I'm going to fold and save my chips for tomorrow.

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1:04am BBT

Jor and Rach sleeping

Adam Kal Por sitting in the backyard on the couches playing cards. Porshe and Kalia are being extra special to Adam.

Kalia goes inside for a minute

Porshe to Adam, "If you use the veto on her she will shake on it"

Adam keeps whispering "doesn't matter, doesn't matter" over and over.

Porshe asks Adam can I make you breakfast in the morning, he says no that is not necassary. She asks him if there is anything she can do to pursuade him. He says no. Not to worry he says I know it is easier said then done, but dont worry cause it doesnt matter.

Kalia back outside game continues


game over porshe saying she is going to bed. She goes inside. Adam lighting a cig and Kal stays out to talk to him.

Adam has hearburn. Kal kiss ass. Kal so u want to know my surprise secret? adam, yes. Kal I am inclined to show u something after you know this u will no every aspect of my game and u will understand why I want you to know the reason I want u to use the veto on me. I took the chess pieces to throw off people. we also hid the grill behind the palm tree and then they took it. the chess pieces have been in the storage room so she is saying shelly lied about where she found them

adam says that kal is sneaky (I have no idea why this is helping her case. Adam asked why she took that stuff and she said she took the queen to use later but she has no idea where the pawn is. (I have no idea how this helps her case maybe i missed something another night)

Kal says if she made it to final two she was going to say where it started and where it ended and was going to set the piece down. Kal is throwing rach under the bus and is trying to convince him to use the veto. Adam gives kal a high five and says food for thought and went inside to the bathroom

Kal in kit

adam in bath

jor rach por sleeping

kal goes to bath to take off make up. Looks like they are going to get ready for bed also.

good nite peoples

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7:50am BBT

Adam gets up, changes batteries, uses WC, lets the awnings down. then has a smoke.

8:05ish BBT

Kalia wakes up, finds Adam in BY tells him about a nightmare she just had about her dogs. She goes back to bed.

Adam: Day 66 the grovelling beings. I am cracking the F up (he says with a smile)


He goes inside, grabs some Tums, passes Porsche who says she didnt sleep well. He says sorry & climbs back in bed. Porsche changes batteries and also goes back to bed.

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9:35 AM BBT

Adam talking to himself in BY. " 21 days later. Day 66" rubs head and sighs. Kalia /Porsche brushing their teeth.

Porsche and Kalia getting ready in WCA. Jordan came in and Porsche said "They said they wouldn't give us much notice"

9:48 AM BBT

Kalia mouthing at Porsche in WCA mirror. Can't lip read so no update, sorry.

9:52 AM BBT

Kalia telling Adam her stomach is wonky. His is too. He's not sure if he should eat or not. Kalia tells him to make Gingerale out of Sprite and Coke. Says her bar used to do it to people all the time.

Adam goes into WCA now that all the girls are done getting pretty. Rach offers him HOH room to escape or hide if he needs it.

Kalia out back talking to self. Says it's POV Ceremony day. Otherwise known as "Find out your fate day"

9:57 AM BBT

We can hear construction sounds in the background. Jordan yells down at Adam "We still good?" He laughs. Kalia practicing her veto speech.

Rachel and Jordan talking about various things Adam has said. It all boils down to will he or won't he take them to F3. Rachel just wants to make sure he earns his place in the Final 3. Did Porsche earn it? She asks?

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10:05 AM BBT

"SInce we don't really know if we can trust Adam anyways, if we win and we can pick btwn Adam and Porsche, do you think Adam would be the best one to take?" Rachel asks. "Yeah, in endurance he's always the first one to drop. In questions you are faster. Porsche is good." Jordan says.

Jordan says that it would be too close in the comps with Porsche. She would rather Adam go versus Porsche. At least he was willing to talk. He really wanted to be here and play the game. She just wanted to be here and lay out and cook and see what it was like to have room mates. "Do you really want to give someone $50k for that?"

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10:35 AM BBT

HG talking about what happened while they've been in the house. They think Casey Anthony was found guilty. Kalia says it's possible she didn't all they have to do it prove there's a teensy bit of doubt.

10:37 AM BBT

Rachel asks Por if she looks like a teacher in her dress. "No you look like the teacher that slept with her student in that dress." Por replies. "Hey!" Adam says sharply. "What you didn't hear about that?" Por asks "Yeah I heard about that but she doesn't look like that." Adam defends her.

Kalia talks to Porsche - she's worried that he doesn't know what he's going to do yet. Jordan checks in with Adam one more time. Adam asks her to come outside with him because he doesn't want to be left alone with them. "Adam, I'll give you your necklace right after ok?" Jordan says "As long as I don't use the veto." Adam replies. "OH if you do I will kill you!" Jordan says as Rachel laughs.

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11:36am BBT

Kalia goes into the colorful room. Still no sign of Rachel and Jordan.

11:38am BBT

Rachel and Jordan in the HOH bath. They are thinking that Adam isn't taking them to the final 3. They think he's going to take Porche.

11:41am BBT

WBRB. Adam and Porche still chatting in the Lounge. Rachel and Jordan trying to remember what happened in the final 4 veto in their respective seasons.

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10:13am BBT: Jordan and Rachel talking in HOH room about F4 scenarios. Jordan tells Rachel F4 HOH cannot play in veto. Rachel asks if she's sure, Jordan says "positive." Jordan says that's why it would be better if Adam wins HOH so that Rachel and Jordan can play against Porsche in POV. [This is not correct - in Season 11, Natalie was F4 HOH but didn't play in F4 POV because she opened Pandora's box and forfeited her right to play in the POV. Otherwise, all four people would have been able to play.]

Rachel and Jordan continue to talk about this and Jordan then says she's almost positive that F4 HOH does not play in veto. She tells Rachel not to tell Adam. [Hopefully she asks the DR so she doesn't throw F4 HOH to Adam thinking she wouldn't be able to play in the POV as HOH.]

They continue to talk about POV and how they think Porsche will do if it's faces [morphed faces challenge].

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Feeds back. Kaial in HNBR looking sad.

Adam talking to Porsche. It hurt him to tell her that he wouldnt use it on her.

Adam: when 4 make a deal and 2 go back on it its over and you were part of it. I owe you a vote. When Kal made a deal to save her over Lawon she went back on it. The second she knew she didnt need the vets anymore she flipped.

Porsche: it was before then.

Adam: I am telling you things that better not make it back to her. The exact same speech she gave me is the exact same one that Dani gave me.

Porsche: people put me in there too. I was really really close to Lawon. I was 3rd wheel with Dani and Kalia. I have played this game, people think I havent.

Kalia knocks on purple room door where Adam and Porsche are talking he asks for a few more minutes.

Rachel and Jordan in HOH--Adam wont take us to F3, he wants to take Porsche.

Jordan: Porsche may take me before you.

Jordan: all we have to do is ask him if he and Porsche have a deal, he cant lie.

Adam to Porsche: thats why my speech was, they have kept their deal to me and you didnt.

Adam: she held onto my necklace. told her if I use it keep it, if I dont give it back. Kalia is digging her ditch.

Porsche: now I have to campaign to Rachel.

Adam: I cant say none of us havent played this game.


Jordan: we dont know if Finale is that Wed, it could be Sunday.

Rachel: I dont think it will be another FF it could be a double. (they still dont know there is an eviction tomrrow)

Adam: sorry if my speech seemed a bit against you, it wasnt. It was sorta against Kalia.

Adam and Porsche hug and she leaves purple room.

Kalia asks Por to come talk to her when she is done changing. Adam tells Porsche to not be offended that he is going to HOH.

Jordan thanks Adam. Rachel says his speech was awesome. Kalia goes to SR to get tissues. Jordan is cold but doesnt want to go down there cuz Kalia is in there. The batteries are low in the screen remote they cant change the channel. Adam says switch the batteries around...that didnt work.

Kalia to Porsche in HNBR.

Kalia: I layed my heart on the line to him and he just stepped on it. I dont want to talk to him.

Porsche: Now I have to talk to her.

Kalia: I take it as a huge compliment that everyone wants me out. It means I am a threat. Will take that over being a coward.

Porsche goes to hug her, she says no no no hug, I wont stop crying. Porsche needs a hug tho so Kalia gives her one.

Kalia: I will never vote for him to win. Dont care who he is up against, Jordan or Rachel I will not vote for him. Dont respect him. And he runs right up to HOH. Thinks he will be a celeb. Wait till he finds out how people out there feel about him.

Kalia tried to into DR few min ago they wouldnt her in. She's saying she wont stay out there and talk to those people, its not worth it.

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Porsche: I told him to let me know if I need to wear my striped dress.

Kalia: I am furious with Adam. Furious. she cries.

Kalia: I shouldnt even campaign to him, should campaign to Rachel and Jordan he will do what they want anyways. If he tells them about the Queen it will just show he is the lamest excuse for a man ever.

Kalia: It wouldnt matter if he were up against Sadam Hussien, I wouldnt respect him. Its been a fight to get ppl to see our side of the house is strong.


Adam tells them that Jeff explained everything to him. Kalia is playing Danis game. She lied about hiding stuff. If that is how she is outside the house, I feel sorry for her friends. (Both sides repeating things already said.)

Adam: sighhhh I feel so much better.

Jordan: you can come up here and talk about anything.

Kalia wants to just have fun for the rest of the week.

Jordan tells Adam they are serious about F3.

Adam: TY. He told Por she really has to fight to stay here, they all do.

Kalia: When I win Americas Player I will be able to use that for my apartment, my stipend...WBRB


Kalia goes over her evicion night speech. Its the compliment on them thinking she is a threat thing. (I'm getting dizzy going back and forh) they are all repeating now.


Things have settled down, we keep getting WBRB.

Adam explains how he has many female friends. Fara knew this before first day. His girls taught him about Karma. He goes for smoke

Porsche cooking (dont know what but now I want fried Potaotes) Kalia telling her she is trying to soften the blow in case she does go on Thursday. Kalia going to make eggs on an english muffin.


Kalia to Adam: I am pissed, I am upset. Everything she told him was true. (with cry in her voice) Felt like the ran the whole thing. Four people put their hands in.

Adam: four people are only as strong as the Four. I gave my word to the four and the four didnt back me up.

Kalia: you want to play with Rach?

Adam: I want to beat Rach.

Kalia: I dont know if should even campaign.

Adam: You need 2 votes. Its either 1 to 1 or 2 and a break.

Kalia goes over how Jordan got carried and Rachel was a disaster. How they didnt have golden keys, they fought their asses off etc (with cry in her voice again)

Kalia: I take it as a Huge huge HUGE sign of respect that people think of me as a threat.

Adam: you didnt have a chance to prove yourself and then when you had the chance you did it.

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12:47pm BBT

All 4 cams are on the kitchen on Kal and Por Kalia says, "I can't even eat, I am like seriously forcing myself to eat"

They are heating up food. Porshe says, "It sucks knowing that you can go home" (Bet Jeff would have a difference of opinion)

Kalia taking he food outside to where Adam in smoking.

Adam, "do you want to talk to me?"

Kalia, "Well, I am upset, I have a hard time asking people for things and I laid it all on the line" as she starts to tear up

Adam, "My speech was directed toward Rach and Jord"

Kalia "I feel like the whole game we have been railroaded and we came together last week, and now we are in the same spot"

Adam "I gave them my word. The two that backed me up, and helped me, so I kept my word"

Kalia, "You want to take rach?? really, you really want to take rach??"

Adam, "I want to beat Rach, I want to prove that I am the best one in this house"

Kal "You got a girl that already won, and her boyfriend carried her this whole game, and you got rach who everyone hates. You must really think low of us that you are picking that over us. It might not be what you mean but it is how i am taking"

Adam "I want to beat a vet"

Kal "I take it as a huge sign of fear that people want me out because I am a leader not a follower, it means people fear me"

Adam chuckled (as did I)

Porshe comes out with her food and breaks up the talk. Talk switched to upset stomaches and medicines.

All 4 cams on backyard

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12:52pm BBT

All for cams on HOH room on Rach and Jord

Jor: Por is good at skill, I hope it is golf

Rach: This Golden key twist really changed this game up

I had to work really hard to stay here. All 4 times on the block I really had to campaign. She goes on to say how Dani was like "It is up to me if you stay or go, you know that right"

What do I do that pisses people off, is it my mouth?

Jor: I think so. You used to say stuff. If we get to the final 3 you can say what ever you want

(They both chuckle)

Jor: Jor didnt think that Rach would be a nice person. She asked Jeff if she really thought Bren and Rach wanted to work with them at the begining with the banana contenst because noone had a chance to talk. Jor said I can see now you are a real nice person. Jor trusts Rach 100% and Rach trusts Jor 100% Jord says I wonder who they would of got if I decided to go back to school instead of coming back on the show and we get WBRB

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1:05pm BBT

Feeds back and Adam and Por outside talking about how Rach is a total emotional player (por said that) and Adam is talking to Por how she can campaign

Por says Rach and Jor said Kal is not the target. Adam said when did they say that and Por said before veto

Adam told Por that he told Rach and Jord he couldnt make a final 2 deal. Dont be fooled by Jord she is playing the game hard even though she had jeff to protect her she had to protect her as well. except she couldnt play in that veto to help jeff that had to be a horrible feeling just like when rach and bren couldnt play in the cornhole when bren new dani wanted him out.

They could be lying to me adam says and if they are then good for them.

Por I know kal is going to do everything under the sun for votes

Adam says why did they get rid of shelly? shelly promised them everything under the sun, but she could not trust her. I am almost certain it is you staying unless they are lying to me.

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