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when there was talk of an all stars Marcellas said he would not be doing it and that he would be hosting House Calls  :cry:

I love Marcellas, never saw House Calls. I think Amy would be a great side kick for him. No, i'm not saying that because I'm partial to the name. I just think she's a crack-up.

that would never happen they don't like each other. I liked Marcie on his season of BB but don't like him on House Calls.

Sorry not up on my BB Gossip, I thought they were friends.

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Just in case anyone looked at the CBS site for the scheduled time for HouseCalls... they have it incorrectly posted at this time. Hopefully, they'll correct it soon enough.

The times circled in red at the bottom are CORRECT. fyi

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Housecall hosts are going to put their guesses of who gets evicted in which week in a enclosed envelopes. Then, only open the evicted house guest's envelop when that house guest is evicted. They are trying to see if they were right. They asked the viewers to do the same. So, since I don't have envelopes around, here are my guesses...

Week 1: Ashlea

Week 2: Howie

Week 3: Ivette

Week 4: Janelle

Week 5: Michael

Week 6: James

Week 7: Jennifer

Week 8: Sarah

Week 9: Eric

Week 10: Kaysar

Week 11: Rachel

Week 12: Maggie

Winner: Beau, Runner up: April

I don't think any pair will make it together. Most house guests already know there are pairs in the house other than them. They will take down the pairs by evicting at least one of them.

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I'll play - sounds fun.

1. Ashlea

2. Jennifer

3. Howie

4. Janelle

5. Eric

6. April

7 Michael

8 Rachel

9. Ivette

10. James

11. Beau

12. Sarah

Runner up Kaysar

Winner Maggie

No reason for any of the guesses - just cme to mind in that order

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1. Ashlea

2. Janelle

3. Howie

4. James

5. April

6. Jenny

7. Ivette

8. Sarah

9. Eric

10. Micheal

12. Kaysar

13. Racheal

14. Maggie

From 2 on my guesses, but #2 we've heard people talking about it. And #3, are my hopes and dreams... LOL I don't know that I want to stick to these picks, but these are it for the momment.

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Did Howie take off Ashlea's sweater while she was sleeping? It was said on there that she woke of crying thinking Howie took off her sweater, while she was sleeping. So did he? Anyone know?

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Guest ranster627
She came into the kitchen very upset. She said when she woke up Howie was in bed with her and her shirt was pulled up. Eric and Rachel told her they didn't think Howie had tried to seduce her. Ashlea was in tears and said she felt violated (maybe not the exact words).

Ashlea's reaction this morning made me 'suspect' her sexuality. Her reactions at even having found Howie in bed with her were very strong and appeared (to me) to be toward the male gender as a whole (to me and IMHO) ALSo.. I have been wondering about Janelles oriention. She told Kaysar last night she felt like a piece of meat when men hit on her.

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Tamossa... I read that she was crying but, that her sweater was "half-way up"... I didn't read it as noone says he did it but, that she was assuming he had.

Note to mod: Is there a mix up cause this thread is about Howie... not housecalls?

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Guest majinlong

Hey guys, I was on House calls today I was the 3rd caller from Miami. My name is Darrell. Check it out. HEH

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Wouldn't you think if Ashlea was telling the truth that Howie would have been gone faster than she could open up her mouth??????? The "people in the back" would have noticed something going on.....

Who thinks she is telling the truth????

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Okay who voted in the poll MArcellas was talking about?? MArcellas the #2 greatest player? He was entertaining on the show I will give him that but the 2nd best player? Anyone who does not save themselves with the golden pov does not deserve to be on that list

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