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  1. Didn't see that Tabitha, I got the idea just based on Jenn's comments to Caryn and Katie that maybe she was using Gregg. Anyhow, does anyone think there's something between Ian and Katie? Also Does anyone remember Ashlee's parting comments about regretting "Not becoming snuggle partners with Ibrehem" Does anyone think anything became of that?
  2. Amy

    Ron and Kelly

    After they way she whined her way through the race who'd want her. She was Awful.
  3. ME TOO :rofl I hope he DUMPED her :!: :!:
  4. This ROMBER FAN is happy for Uchenna and Joyce. As I'm sure all the other BUTTON Wearing ROMBER fans Have done Hears a cheer for U & J. U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, U & J, From All The ROMBER FANS
  5. Hey Ranster, Is it safe to say you're EXCITED!!!!!! Along with the rest of us!!!!!!
  6. Nebartist, great pic!! I'm choosing you to start the CHEER :!: :!: :!: :!: Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!! !!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!! Come on Moody and ScubaSteve stop chasing Rob and join in Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!! !!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Rombe !!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!! Let's Hear from XandraSkye and King of Reality TV now. Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!! !!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Rombe !!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!!Romber!!!!!! ROMBER WINS :!: :!: :!:
  7. Great Post Skye, Still hoping, praying, lightning candles and incense that Rob and Amber WIN
  8. I'm thinking they do WIN, since they are going to be on Regis and Kelly. GO ROMBER :!: :!: :!:
  9. Coby's facial expressions were a riot. I won't be surprised to see him sticking his tongue out at everyone. It's almost as if he's trying to crack people up.
  10. Amy


    I think Caryn deserves a ACADEMY AWARD. She was totally convincing.
  11. I think Jenn, she's ridden Gregg's coattails and now that he's gone I think she'll be lost without him.
  12. I'd want my husband, ofcourse after not seeing me for close to 30 days he'd probably just kidnap me, he'd want me home so badly.
  13. Big Brother definitly Everyone would be to much in Awe of ROMBER to do anything the first week and by the time they realize Boston Rob's strategy the show would be half way over.
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