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  1. G & I are thrilled to be continuing House Calls. You may notice Richard Hatch was replaced after one season of Survivor Live. Gretchen & I are thrilled to announce we have signed on for THE NEXT 2 SEASONS! Because of the fans we are the top-rated show on CBS.com. That includes Survior Live and Soapbox. Soapbox's top rate show? The day I called in to talk about my 1st epi of The Bold & The Beautiful. I just want to thank you all for your support. Even my detractors! The more you bash it it seems the more people watch!
  2. Gretchen and I are both happily under contract for the next 2 seasons of House Calls!!!!!!!! Signed, sealed, delivered! Yippee!!! I'm very happy and grateful to the fans and CBS! Gretchen and I will also be doing red carpet interviews for CBS @ the Emmys this year! Please watch us!
  3. Thanks for getting it!!!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be funny. You know? Irreverent. Tongue-in-cheek. I try...
  4. Thanks Patsy! Love you! You know if you put it out there you have to be able to take it. And the "Beau show" was one of the highest viewed of both seasons! All the talk it generated has resulted in people watching it in the archive over and over. I love it, controversy & I didn't say a word! I'm sure Beau and I will be friends when all is said and done. After all we're both adults! And I really have no hard feelings about any of the HGs. House Calls and Big Brother are just shows. They are just entertainment.
  5. I like this idea! Howie and Janie are hysterical. I also think James would be great if I were ever replaced. He's sooo smart and funny. But I'm not going anywhere! I love House Calls. It's like summer camp for me!
  6. Enough said. House Calls is a funny, irreverent look at a reality show. As a producer as well as a host the one thing we strive for more than anything is humor. Fun. 99.9% of the people who watched the show w/Beau thought it was funny! That was my intent. These are very serious times. Lighten up people. It's just a show. It's coming to an end and I just signed on for next season! Until then keep watching and I'll see you all next summer! Thanks for your input! And for watching! It means so much to me!
  7. I thank you so much for that! I had fun but I can't believe she didn't pick my collection! I just shot my 1st epi of Bold and the Beautiful so please watch it when it runs!
  8. I went easy on Sarah because I liked her. I think she's a sweet girl. I also didn't have a problem with her game. As to her and James that is really her business. As far as Jenn I think Gretchen and I did a really good job within what we could ask. I wasn't a fan of Jenn and can not wait until the Town Hall Meeting when I can really ask the hard questions.
  9. Arnold Shapiro on House Calls tomorrow. I can't wait to ask him what the hell do they have to do to get a penalty nomination! And how Beau and April made it past the pysch tests.
  10. I'm plugging my show because I'm a member here. People are interested in what is going on on "The H.C. as well as BB. I didn't start this thread. Fans of House Calls did. If you wanna do a shout out on the show, buy airtime. We are looking for sponsors. G & I are expensive! LOL! And what change of policy are you talking about? I don't know any show that let's people advertise on it unless they are paying. It was never okay to do shoutouts. This season it got out of hand.
  11. Tuesday August 9th, Lynette Rice of "Entertainment Weekly" will be in & later this week we will have Shannon Elizabeth! Hopefully Ivette will be in Friday. & coming soon... KG...
  12. So I would say to those that had a problem with my post about being a "reality star"... It was meant to be tongue and cheek. As everything I do is! But let's face the facts the reason I got House Calls is I'm a "reality star". The reason that I'm here and this thread is now @ 7 pages is because I "lost" a fan. Is there such a thing as "reality stardom"? Mmmm... I don't know. I know people watch me, discuss me, love me or hate me. People I have never met. I know that everyday I live with the fact that I was a person who did a reality show. We all know the term is valid. It's tossed around like "porn star". You only have to do one adult movie and you are a porn star. You only have to do one reality show and... As far as the reasons for the start of this thread, I don't go on & on about who I would "do" on House Calls. Simply because there is no one in the house I would do. The guys are simply not as hot as last year. I think it is a part of Big Brother and House Calls who G & I, as well as the fans, find attractive. Big Brother is a funny, sexy, campy summer show. Everyone cares about Eric the hunky firefighter from season 3, or Hardy the hot actor from season 2, or the many other hot guys that the series has given us. And let's not even speak of the girls. The show is about the hook-up! We want to see that! Why on this very site there are Scott's Playgirl pics and video of Amanda & David having sex! BB is not a show for kids. The feeds are not for kids & House Calls is not for kids though I think we are tamer than the feeds and sometimes the show! Anyone with kids will tell you the internet is not the place for children to surf without supervision. But is House Calls really as bad as the porn sites or even the iTunes music store where you can go & watch music videos by eminem, 50 Cent and others? I also find it curious (as my fans have pointed out) that Gretchen spoke of "doing" me, her fiance and later in the season spoke of getting serviced by Ivette but that all seemed to go over everyone's heads! The gay guy says he would do someone and lo and behold the threat of a letterwriting campaign! As well as public admonishment. I am busy. For 3 months out of the year I am paid by CBS to eat, drink, sleep and live BB. I lead a blessed life. I enjoy what I do. I have a team of people who believe in me. Believe that I can be more than a reality footnote. The guy who didn't use the veto. Or the gay guy on The Surreal Life or grouped with other ex-reality stars. I spent 6 hours watching the feeds yesterday. I left my house to go to the doctor, have lunch with Lisa and back home to the feeds, the updates @ 4 sites and to chat with fans. I work hard on House Calls. I'm not just the host, I'm a producer. I'm passionate about that show. So yes I will defend it! It's good and G & I and the producers, cameramen, lighting technicians, grips, the whole team work hard to make it entertaining. So back on topic if you don't like me or House Calls don't watch either. You have that right. But I wish you would. Because "The H.C." is about the hosts, the series BB and also about the callers. The fans. It's a light-hearted, irreverent look @ BB, the strategies and the personalities that make it a great show.
  13. I just hope for every fan I lose I gain 100. I try very hard to do a good job and be amusing! Not everyone is going to get it but I hope most do! Respect and love y'all!



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