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8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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10:20BBT HG still sleeping

10:26BBT We have WBRB, lets hope its a wake up call.

10:42BBT still WBRB...nm, they are awake. Adam and Shelly outside. Kalia and Porsche in HOH bed.

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10:49BBT Adam to Rach:People are going to love you, people are going to hate you. You can't let it get to you. People hate you for being a competitor, thats their problem. What you are outside the house is not who you are inside the house.

Adam working out, Shelly smoking, Rachel puts contact in while sitting on her made bad then takes her dirty laundry to washer, says good morning to Shelly on the way.

Rachel asks Adam and Shelly if they are sore. Asks how Shelly's back is. She says doing better.

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11:25 PM BBT

Adam telling us how after a run at home he'd be stopping for a whole wheat bagel, cream cheese and sun dried tomato. Although this weekend he'd probably be sitting in Baltimore traffic hungover as he'd be leaving the wedding of his friends.

Shelly asks him why he's so down today. He replies that going back up, the uncertainty, que sera sera, he has a rosy outlook on life and knows that no matter what, nothing compares to what he has waiting for him outside of the house. He's also a little bummed out that it's too hot to hang outside. He is missing his fantasy football drafts.

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11:37am BBT adam just got out of the shower. i hear jordan ask shelly, "did you get your abthing suit on?"

kal in HOH brushing her teeth/washing her face. por feeding fish. por now brushing her teeth.

adam getting dressed and shelly changing(into swim suit?) in the bathroom.

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11:41 AM BBT

Adam out of the shower in WCA. Porsche and Kalia up in HOH doing their ADLs.

Jordan walking around the pool then slips in to cool off.

Adam cooling off in KT - facing the back corner at the table.

BB calls an outdoor LD. "Motherfuckers!" says Adam. (it's too hot outside today)

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11:45am BBT shelly and jor outside. jor getting set up to lay by the pool. and now she's in the pool.

adam is sitting at the table in the corner of the kitchen with his back to everyone. no idea what he's doing.

BB just announced outdoor lock down. adam ran back to his room to get something. rach outside now and kal and adam getting last minute things(drinks, etc) to go outside.

shelly and kal running(yes, shelly was running) back to the room to get something they forgot.

BB told adam to stop singing.

everyone now outside. not too much talking going on. pretty boring actually.

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2:14pm BBT

Rach, Por, Kal, Shel in BY playing cards on the couch

Jor in pool

Adam on lawn chair talking to Jor about why people are upset with Rach

Jor asked Adam so shel and adam just decised not to work with the vets. Jor said so if I keep u you wont work with me?

Adam said he couldnt, Jor said she talked to Shelly and Shelly said she would work with her

Jor says it would be a slap in the face if she kept adam if he didnt work with her

Jor says him and shel havent had to win comps cause they where pretected by everyone

Adam says they will talk and hash everything out when they have time

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12:37 BBT

there is a lot of talk going on right now between rachel Jordan and shelly, shelly is promising the world to them, and out side Porsche is talking to Adam because he is going to have to choose a side, I guess JOrdan tols him shelly was willing to work with them and he wasn't , that is a problem Jordan told him, so now he is puffing on a cig like there is no tomorrow outside with Porsche, and back in the bedrooms Shellyis giving her biggest speech ever to work with them again, she says she will go out of the game befoer f2, but she would love to stay here and just play and she believes she wil not go to the f2, oh trying to now listen to Porsche and Adam, talking about shelly lies, and adam says he does not want to get his hands dirty but will have to most likely, either way Porsche says he can get 50 grand, plane going over, Porshce going into the game and sayin g actually saying she Porsche has had to pick up the pieces of this mess of a game

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12:35 PM BBT

After a healthy workout Adam is having his 'power booster' i.e. a smoke. Porsche comes out and he says that he thinks it sucks that he has to go against Shelly and he doesn't want to bash the person he is going against. It's hard for him now. Porsche tells him that he shouldn't make any deals with Rachel and Jordan and go back on them or it will not be votes in the jury house. Adam knows that Shelly will offer them the world. He will have to offer them something.

In the CBR Shelly is asking Rachel and Jordan what she needs to do to consider keeping her. Rachel says that she ® is now the biggest target in the game. Jordan says that she knows that Kalia and Porsche are just going to take Shelly along with them. Shelly says that Porsche is going along with that plan for now but wants to keep Adam by herself. Shelly does not want to walk out of this game with them thinking she's the biggest piece of shit in this game. She won't play the game with them (kal/Por) she wants this chance to redeem herslef. She's offering her protection for now, it des her no good to turn on them.

Adam telling Por that he wants to work with her to stay in the game. She tells him he has to win HOH to show he can do something and that if he makes a deal with them, he's gone. He says he's in a tough spot because he doesn't want to do that (turn on Jordan) but he gets it. Porsche reminds him that her main allies were Brendon then Dani and she's having to rebuild. Adam says it's funny that she a 23 year old is giving him a 40 year old advice. She says that it's not advice they've just been living the same experience.

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Rachel saying that they need the votes and if Shelly is saying yes and rachel says if you are true to your word that would be a huge help, and in front of my family, my little girl, and my parents I swear I will not go against you, you will have my vote, but Rachel is saying when it gets down to it you have to think about the whole picture, we have all made ,mistakes, Shelly is saying once you keep me I become a number 1 target, they dissagree and say they Jordan and Rachel willstill be the tagrgets, shelly says she has no deals with anyone ( lie lie)Porsche looks on her as a mother, they all think I am going home says shelly, but I am not just gonna do that say well, then she switches mid sentence to say she could just take her fate, I did what I did, and take my punishment, she is now offering to throw hoh to give them better power to put up who they want, she does not know what else she can offer, she is saying my word is on tony and josie and her mom and dad, and Rachel is asking can you put everything behinde us?? and move forward, and if you stay this will be a clean slate, shelly has no desire to leave at the end of the game and have animosity, talking she has to build up the trust again , that you can pick up the phoine and call, life is too short, on and on(we will see if she runs to the other side)

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Everyone in the game gets caught up in the game and makes mistakes ,my moments are over and I just wnat to continue forward and leave with friendships, Rachel says she has to say that she shelly wants to make it to f2 because everyone does, shelly is rebutting saying she would not do that and if they cant trust her from this point then dont do it, and her backside is in their hands at this point, ( she is very convincing) Rachel asking questions if I had not won this veto would you have listened to me when I would have come to you and asked for your vote, and Shelly says she felt she needed to make up for what she did to jeff, she is saying she is alone (not true, I wish she would quit embellishing) Seh says she is not gonnna play both sides of the house she is saying once and for all she will be playing for them, Rachel says they also need ppl to play that are gonna win, snd shelly breaks in and says I have not been good but she promises to bust her ass if that is what they nees, she does not want Kalia or Porschne in the last 2 seat and not adam either because Kalia thinks she is running the game, adam has done nothing and neither has porsche , shelly saying Kalia thinks she has played the best game so far hands down, she is saying I do not know how you would think I would go down the same path again, Rachel saying her and Jordan will have to talk, and Shelly agreeing

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12:47 PM BBT

Adam ends his conversation with Porsche thanking her for understanding. He was basically telling her that he had to work to campaign to stay in the game.

Shelly telling Rachel that she needs to put a little good faith in her and trust her. If she can't trust her than do what she has to do. She doesn't expect them to roll over, she knows she has to earn their trust again. She's offering to play the game for her.

Rachel: Can I ask you something? If I didn't win the veto and I came to you with you saying that I needed your vote would you have listened to me?

Shelly: For the Veto?

R: No for the votes to stay.

S; I've told Jordan after last night that I will play to make it up to you. I don't know what you want me to say. Yes, I would have said you had my vote. I'm here saying I'm willing to play for you. If you need a pawn, you need to put me up, you do what you have to do. I know you think I suck at competitions but I try. I know what my body can handle. I do not want Porsche in the last two seats. And Adam, I love Adam as a person but I don't think he's playing the game so I don't him to win the game. Kalia thinks she's running the game, she's telling everyone what to do, she thinks she's got it all figured out. I don't want those three people to win the game.

R: She won an HOH then a Fast Forward.

S: I don't know how you think I would go down the same path again. I'm not an idiot I'm an adult.

R: I think Jordan and I will need to talk. I mean it's only Sunday.

S: I get that, and if you can't...then I want to enjoy my last week here. I want to have fun with you guys. Ok? SO thank you for listening.

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12:56 PM BBT

Jordan goes to Adam. Shelly just came to us to plead her case, I want to hear what you have to say for yourself.

Adam: I know it's difficult to campaign against someone and I don't want to play that game. I just...

Jordan: I know and I want to talk about deals and stuff..

(They get interrrupted)

A; Let's talk about it later when we can talk and stuff

Rachel: Yeah let's do that.

Jordan and Rachel go back into the HNBR

J: Both of them are protected by both sides no matter who we get rid of. After all this they both have options with both sides....I think we should keep Adam..... It could be personal on my part... I don't think he's got a deal with Kalia.

Sounds like Jordan doesn't trust Shel, she didn't buy the apology 100%

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ok shelly left and the girls are getting ready to go outside and talk, and Jordan says we really have to think about what is best for us, Rachel says no matter what, then I coulnt hear, now Jordan is saying to adam that they have to talk because shelly jhas pld her case and he says of course she has, then he starts with you know how i dont like to say why someone deserves or does not deserve to be here (wrong start adam) then they tell him we can talk later and they go outside as he was cooking

they are gonna do pros and cons on adam and shelly, they say that shelly no matter what they say they are both protected on both sided, they are not believeing that they are not working with Porsche and Kalia, Jordan telling what she said to adam. Jordan says we have to set aside personal and think about this game , we know that we are target, and if she had not won that veto Rach would be going home, Jordan does not think Kalia and adam have anything (wrong)Just because Kalia had made the statment that they did not know how much adam was with them, talking about their her and shellys talk from last night., talking about they put shelly up 2nd week and used that as an excuse and Jordan said that that was to get rid of Cassi, and she was sfe, Jordan says she is really not sure she can trust shelly, they think Kalia and Porsche are just going to carry either adam and or shelly to the f3, they are the true targets,

the girls are thinking and saying they have to think about who would be best for them to take with them if they win hoh, they are throwing around who is beatable in vcomps, and rachel is saying adam has come close shelly has won nothing, and that they know last comp will be endurance, but not what kind of endurance, and adm cannot do itmhe has fallen off evey time, RAchel bringing up how adam knows questions and that scres her, they are comparing Dani stories

they are need ing to hear asams side, they kepp moving aroud with the blanket and their mics, it is hard to hear, they are fast whispering.

Jordan bringing up a good point that shelly says she will throw the hoh but it doesnt matter because she is protected by them regardless, adam too

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during the dbl evictions happened it was porsche kalia and shelly who were conferring, adam was not involved in that they think adam threw that comp, and rachel said that is why she asked the question of shelly would you have voted for me if I had come to you and had not won the veto, they keep remembering all the lies and things shelly has told and that Rachel had told them her and Jeff that shelly was lying and they didnt listen,then they both say almost at once shelly needs to be the one to go, quot moving the blankets and mics, Jordan saying shelly listens and is always very paranoid. now discussing adam, they say he wished them good luck

Jordan says hey we both know that they arew working with both of them.

Jordan saying shelly is a really good talker and that that is what helps her get further and makes yo trust her, Rachel says I have never trusted her, and Jordan says I knwo, then they say if one of us wins hoh, for sure she will be with us, but they also are saying they think adam knows he is going to f3 with someone

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saying they have to win this hoh and the veto and it would put them in a great great spot andit would be them in the f3 and if it was them, then they could poss pull it off, who they pic this week will effect hem next week, adam seems to be more trustworthy as Jeff always said he was true to jeff, but Rachel says they have never talked game and tho Porsche has always talked game with adam, they think adam think utimately Porsche and Kalia is stronger when in reality alot of their wins included luck, and adam was with them in the purple room after the dbl eviction. moving the blankets and mics, hard to hear

still not knowing whether they trust shelly because she has gone back and forth this whole time, and here they are rachel and Jordan have been together this whole time fighing together, adam is gonna do what is best for adam

they are thinking that both Kalia and Porsche have deals with adam and shelly

they think that shelly thinks ultimately she could win in the end so this is why she is trying tso hard to get them back

if they were in f2 it would not matter about the votes, but they agree that they do not know how dani will vote, the Jordan goes onto tell Rachel that even last night shelly said that Rachel was the one who is lying on Jordan and Jeff, the Rachel says dani told her she definately has shellys vote to put out jeff, they are really comparing all the stuff inside and out

they are figuring out how shelly takes one little thing and turns it around to make it look like that peroson is against htem or doggin on them, Jordan asking rachel what her person thought is on who to keep and they are both saying adam, they know that neither one of them are with them but they do not trust shelly at all

saying if they got down tof3 with shelly they would see a different side to her and they would and could be in trouble

saying adam is less of a manipulator, and adam told the truth about the flip and Jordan says do you think shelly woulda told us that??

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saying that shelly has spent a lot of time with the others up in the hoh and had not spoken to them until Rachel won the veto and Jordan says she does not have a good vibe about shelly and says lets not tell her anything about what we are thinking, and I guess they are going back to when Don called shelly out way back then but Jordan sis not understand, and about cassi who was her partner and she supossedly really liked

Jordan thinks shelly will use more personal stuff to get to them to make them feel bad, then saying shelly has a bog house a great job, and Rachel does not feel bad at all trying to play for them because they really need the money to start their marriages and families.

Jordan saying Porsche is acting cocky and Jordan does not like her attitude, and jeff used to say all the time porsche has a little tude, Rache;l says she does not take most of what she says personal but she doesnt like the flaunting of the hoh win in their faces, now talking about how they all love dani, and whay was shelly up their bein all bff with them

jordan says shelly is just a really good talker and how the difference is you can see what adam is thinkin all over his face and that he is gonna do what is best for him, but both Brendon and Jeff thought highly of adam

they feel shelly will stab them both in the back if she gets the chance

{ok my friends, I dont want to leave but I am going to the movies and have to get ready, someone take over , this is good stuff, im out fatcat }

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