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8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:17 BBT

Rachel and Jordan in bathroom doing hair/makeup.

Shelly, Porsche and Kalia in HOH takling strategy. (Before, Shelly 'joked' that she's voting for whoever gives her the nicest gift and Kalia mentions giving her Kalia's bracelet. Shelly says she doesn't need to do that.) Kalia pulls out the colored stones and they go over ideas for next week. Kalia thinks Jordan will stick to their previous deal, that they will never nom or evict eachother. Pors and Shelly tell Kalia not to believe that now, this late in the game, but Kalia insist that Jordan should stay loyal.

Shelly says they need to get Rachel out next. Kalia says the likelihood of Adam winning a comp soon is very low.

Jordan called to DR.

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9:15PM BBT Kalia, Porsche and Shelly are in the HOH room talking about possible scenarios. They are using the little playdoh HG "stones" to make visuals for the various possible scenarios for the final 4-3-2. Shelly joked that she could leave all of her class at the door and kick Rachel in the shin. Kalia is all for that. Porsche said Shelly said should tell Brendon that Rachel is pregnant. [and we get WBRB]

9:20PM BBT Still talking strategy. Kalia has a white bandage on her left arm. She must have gotten hurt today during the competition. Shelly leaves the HOH room to go get her medicine. As soon as Shelly leaves, Kalia and Porsche start talking about a scenario of which Shelly is unaware. WBRB

9:25PM BBT Porsche and Kalia in HOH room. Porsche thinks that opening Pandora's box made her only be able to get second place. Kalia thinks that the final three competition will be an endurance comp. She said the bad thing about her winning next week is that if she puts Jordon up as pawn [hard to follow what they are saying because I can't see the playdough HG "stones" so I don't know about whom they are speaking.]

9:27PM BBT Adam, Rachel and Shelly in the kitchen. Adam is sorting the tea bag cards. Adam: Do you think we will have tea bags in the jury house? Shelly: Shoot we will have real cards in the JH. Rachel and Adam are making new tea bag cards to replace the damaged ones. They discuss needing new colors.

9:30PM BBT Porsche and Kalia in HOH continue to talk scenarios.

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9:20 BBT

They girls see Adammaking cookies on the spy screen and Shelly leaves HOH. She says she's waiting for the alcohol.

Kalia whispers to Porsche that Shelly doesn't know about this (maybe that they made a 'deal' with R/J, in case they won the veto).

Pors says Jordan and Adam already talked and are cool and Kalia says that doesn't mean they have a deal. Kalia says Jordan already told her that they (P/K) are safe and Pors says she needs to talk to Rachel to make sure she's still good.

They continue going over possible scenerios.

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kalia shelly and porsche using buttons going over who should go next. The see adam on the tv monitor making cookies and cheer.s Shelly leaves to get more medicine. Kalia said to tell adam to save her some dough. Shelly says she can't wait for alcohol.

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9:32PM BBT Rachel comes into the HOH and asked if they have any nail polish. The door was locked and she commented about it. P said she had locked it earlier and forgot to unlock it. Rachel gets ready to leave the HOH room and Kalia said she is welcome to stay. Rachel goes back downstairs to work on the tea bag cards.

9:34PM BBT Shelly in the kitchen helping to paint the tea bag cards with nail polish. Shelly sarcastically said that at least she learned how to draw with nail polish while in the BBH.

9:36PM BBT HOH room: Kalia talks to Porsche about voting Adam out so they would have four "girls" in the final 4. They talk about what they will say to the rest of the HG.

9:43PM BBT Shelly still working on the tea bag cards. Adam doing dishes.

9:45PM BBT Kaila to Porsche: You can't tell anyone this, but earlier today the scorcer's lips were moving, but no words were coming out and the sign was gone. Shelly was in there watching him. I shut the door so no one woudl come in."

9:47PM BBT Porsche questioned why Jordon was so happy before the competition. Kalia said because Jordon doesn't care anymore and wants out of the house.

9:50PM BBT Kalia said she is going to take a shower, and goes downstairs to eat cookies with milk first.

9:52PM BBT Porsche said her birthday is in exactly two months. Adam brings cookies to Kalia and Porsche. He told Kalia that he saved the extra cupcake mix for her. Adam said it's weird that you can hear people taking in the kitchen from the HOH room. You can't hear what they are saying, but you can hear sounds. P said you can hear if you lay on the floor. Adam told her that's because of the vibrations.

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9:45 BBT

Kalia tells Pors about the fortune teller (FT) moving earlier and Shelly being in there with the door closed, waiting for a power or something to happen. Kalia says there used to be a sign that said 'do no disturb' on the FT, but now it's gone. She thinks that maybe BB moved it when they were on HOH LD earlier.

Kalia thinks Jordan doesn't care that much about winning and just wants out of the house.

Jordan still in DR.

Adam, Shelly and Rachel in the kitchen.

9:48 BBT

Kalia says about finding a way to keep Shelly and Pors says that would be ideal. They say they need to talk to Adam. Pors says this isn't the F4 they wanted (K/P and R/J) but they have to do what they have to do.

Kalia says Shelly still hopes there's a power with the FT and both Pors and Kalia say yes, please BB, give Shelly a power. Kalia says how awesome would it be if on Thursday, J/R take themselves off the block with the veto and Shelly stands up with a power and puts them both back on the block.

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10:00 BBT

Rachel fixing the cards that they made out of teabags to play poker tonight

Jordon still in DR

Porshe in HOH talking to Adam about how you can lay on the floor and hear people downstairs

Kalia and Rach talking about singing and we get WBRB

New to doing this people but I will do my best :o)

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Welcome loripav! Thanks for updating!

10:01 BBT

Rachel, Kalia and Jordan at the dining room table talking about Rachel's wedding.

Upstairs, Adam and Porsche talking. He says he knocked on the HOH door yesterday when she was in Pandora's Box and he heard, above the speakers, 'It's up to you to decide about the money'.

Shelly in DR.

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9:57PM BBT Jordon comes in the kitchen and is surprised that it is 10:00. She asked Kalia if that was her "tootin" or "pootin" [couldn't understand her] during the competition. K said it was Porsche because she ate beef jerky.

9:34PM BBT Porsche talking to Adam in the HOH room about the next Pandora's box. Adam said if he gets locked in and the rest of the house has a margarita party, Porsche needs to save him a glass.

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10:02 - 10:13pm BBT

Jordon out of DR

Jordon, Rachel, Kalia talking in kitchen about the veto

Jordon asked Rachel was farting Kalia said she never farts (jordon called it pootin')

Porshe and Adam in HOH Adam says he needs to put on lipstick and kiss some ass cause he is in a house full of women

Porshe saying that Rachel said she was not dropping from veto comp

Adam says nominations should stay the same unless you want to backdoor someone.

In the kitchen Rachel talking about getting married in Dec in mexico at the riviara mia? in Mexico for $2500 you get all inclusive Shelly and

Kalia are there. Rachel is in a hurry to get married because she loves the title of fiance and would like husband more

Rachel needs to do her nails more bren/wedding talk from rach

Up in HOH porshe talking to Adam about Pandoras box now talking about veto and she new rach would be good because she held on to the banana so long

Porshe says isnt it weird how comps are set up for the people that need them to work in there favor and we get WBRB

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10:17pm BBT

Porshe Adam in HOH talking about getting to know people

Adam says with Keith when you lie and lie you forget your lies Porshe says she hope Shelly doesnt hold her going up against her in Jury

Adam said he thinks the vets are probably going to be judging on gameplay

Porshe said Jeff was her biggest obstical and now she can win lots of vetos and hoh's

Porshe said physically jeff would kick his ass in comps but he couldnt mentally break him

said if he used the veto to actually save her when she needed her then things would be different

she and kalia where just pawns in his plan

porshe says they are going to use veto (duh) so Adam said that he knows that that Jor and Rach hate shelly so it

sounds like he isnt worried but is still doing a little ass kissing just incase

Adam said if he wins he wants to put up rach and jor and if one comes off the kalia will go up as a pawn

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10:16PM BBT Adam in the HOH room. Adam commented on how funny it is that so many of the people in the house like purple. Adam: Worst HOH of the season? P said Dani's was the worst.

10:21PM BBT Jordon and Kalia talking about going to the jury house.

10:23PM BBT Porsche and Adam talking scenarios. They talk about Jeff. Porsche told Jeff that she wouldn't put him up but had no choice when the time came because of her alliance. She wanted him out to end his dictatorship and his telling everyone what to do. P: He's not my dad.

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10:22 pm BBT

Porshe talking about how awesome it was winning the veto that sent jeff out she kept it cause its purple

Back in the kitchen:

Jordon talking to Kalia about her season the last day about how it is when you go out by Julie

Jord saying how its weird seeing the first couple people that left it feels like there new all over again and how

she feels bad because how you want to talk to people from jury

Jord Kal saying keith is gonna bash the vets

jordon kalia still talk about her season

Adam porshe still in veto talking about what happens with future comps which ones you have to win yada yada

Porshe saying next week will be a cakewalk to get rachel or jordon out they want 2 to 1 against jordon

adam appologizing to america for making jordon who is americas sweetheart cry but its a game he goes into detail and we get WBRB

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10:31PM BBT P and Adam in HOH talking now about Dani and the game strategy they had before she left. Adam had told her the night before that he would not vote for her to stay because he didn't trust her.

10:40PM BBT Jordon and Kalia talking about their first impressions of the HG. Porsche remembers noticing Shelly because she is so tall and was wearing an orange shirt. Lawon stood out because of the way he was talking and his body language. Kalia thought Porsche's dress was terrible and commented on the fact that Porsche wore another one like it later. Kalia talking about Lawon as a partner. Lawon told Jordon aobut Lawon volunteering to go up on the block. When Kalia told him not to say stuff like that and he said he had said it because he wanted to prove that he would support her. Jordon asked why he had put on such an act saying this is BS. Kalia thinks he realized that he was out of his element and thought the twist idea was that whoever left would be offered a chance to come back in.

10:50PM BBT Kalia remembering the pink shirt Lawon was wearing the first day. Jordon thought he had a nice body. Jordon doesn't understand why he wore such tight shirts...like a kid size. She doesn't like it when men wear tight shirts.

10:51PM BBT Porsche and Adam in the HOH talking about how important it was to get Jeff out because he was so strong. P talking about the fact that opening Pandora's box was the biggest game move mistake she has made. She hopes the jury will understand that she made a mistake. P talking about when someone told her that she has to pick sides. She said she didn't want to pick sides in the beginning. "You are not going to tell me what to do."

10:57PM BBT Adam said there was no way he wanted Brendon and Rachel in the house together.

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11:06PM BBT Porsche decides to take a shower. Adam goes downstairs. Kalia goes straight upstairs and Adam told her that Porsche is going to take a shower. Shelly said the whole contest today lasted 32 minutes. Adam: Do you think it would have been the same Veto even without the duo twist? Because all it really was was us hanging out with our old partners. He means- if Porsche hadn't taken the box.

11:11PM BBT Porsche and Kalia talking in the HOH bathroom. P is telling Kalia what she and Adam talked about. Kalia hopes Rachel doesn't get any power from the Scorceress. Porsche: Seriously , if nothing happens with that scorceress you really have to win HOH. Kalia goes in the shower and talks with P with the door cracked. K is still fully clothed and gets called to the DR. K: You're kidding me. I just washed off my makeup." She contemplates shutting the shower door as if she was in the shower, but P said she had better go because BB can see her.

11:19PM BBT Rachel, Jordon and Adam in the purple room. Adam asks Rachel if she would come back if BB asked her. She thinks BB wouldn't ever ask her out. If she did come back for an All stars she thinks she would be the first one out. Brendon wouldn't let her come back because she gets so psycho. Rachel said she would love to do Survivor because it's only 38 days. Then she said that she is retiring from reality shows. [Are we going to see Brenchel and their baby in a reality show?]

11:24PM BBT Kalia goes to the DR. Shelly is listening at the door.

11:26PM BBT Adam, Jordon and Rachel in the purple room talking about first impressions of the HG. R thought Porsche was going to be like a sweet college girl because she was wearing a Suzi Homemaker dress. Dominic thought Daniele was Dick's girlfriend. R and J say how totally different she looked than during her season. After seeing Dawon in his flowered shirt and Dominic in his suspenders Adam wondered where all the cool people are. Adam thought Jordon was taller than she looks on TV and Jeff looks shorter. Jordon belches and says she drank a glass of milk. She thinks she is lacotse intolerant and doesn't know it. They talk about Cassie and how much she looks like a runway model.

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11:36PM BBT Shelly heats coffee in the microwave and sits down in the livingroom by herself.

11:38PM BBT Jordon and Rachel talking in the purple room. Adam leaves to get a drink. He said they should have kept Dominic instead of him. He said, 'No matter how much you guys make fun of me, my friends are way worse." They talk about HG lying about their jobs. Jordon: What if Kalia is a famous broadway star? Rachel: She has a blog. Adam: A dog? R: No a blog.

11:45PM BBT They talk about Adam's job. Rachel thinks he is really someone famous. "Maybe you are the one who won the contest before the show started." Adam: People come in here and stay the night and do competitions. Camera switches to the HOH bathroom and the shower door. You can't see anyone in the shower but the camera is glued to the door [waiting to catch her naked?] You can hear toenail clipping. Porsche walks in with wet hair. [she wasn't even in the shower so why was the camera glued to the door?]

11:51PM BBT Jordon saying how pretty Rachel is with less makeup. Adam: You're a pretty girl. I'm a pretty girl. We're all pretty girls. Then they talk about redheads. J thinks Nicole Kidman has beautiful hair. Adam said he met Julia Roberts and she is beautiful....and the camera switches to Shelly standing by herself at the kitchen counter with her coffee and cigarettes waiting to go in the DR.

11:57PM BBT Adam siad he hated Natalie from Jordon's season because all she did was start fights and run out of the room. Jordon said she was quiet during her season and now she is a little more talkative. R: A little? J:In a bad way? R: No, but if you were that quiet this season, I don't think we would have been friends. J: You don't like quiet people? R: No, it's not that. I just like outspoken people. [me, too]

11:58PM End of BBAD

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12:15 am BBT: BY was opened and Adam runs outside. Shelly takes this opportunity to plant a seed to Kalia, that Adam has a special power. (aka. Why you should be voted out Adam instead of me lie.)

Shelly is called to DR.

Jordan and Rachel sit around the hot tub and the other house guests meander in and out. Nothing but random chatting.

1:10 am BBT: Shelly out of DR. Adam on hammock the rest still around hot tub. Shelly starts doing laundry and Porsche joins her. They talk about not giving up and to keep on fighting.

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1:18 am BBT

Rach Jord Kal and Por sitting around hot tub talking

Kalia trying to name drop with out name dropping she says she would never date usher then says she is tired

Kalia still yapping now about her taking the pill and spotting, and her friends period that would last 2 weeks

Rach thinks she got bit by an ant

Shelly outside now asks if she wants her to spray

Adam laying in hamock silent

Kalia doesnt like chris brown he hurt Rhianna and broker her heart porche said he broke her face kalia yapping about how his fans would call in the radiostation and blame rhianna

more chris brown rihanna talk he couldnt perform at grammys

Shelly and porche talking shelly tells her she will not go down with out a fight because there are 2 people at home that wouldnt want her to

Porshe went inside to put away laundry

shelly folding laundry on pool table

Kalia talking more about celebrities and she knows them all and she knows everything anytime someone trys to talk about something kalia jumps in and knows

everything now she is talking about man in the mirror by michael jackson and his performance

Porshe back by the hottub with kal jor rach

Girls talking about going to bed we get WBRB

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1:28 am BBT

Jord Rach in bath washing face getting ready for bed Jordon tells rach that she asked adam if they are still with them Shelly came in and they stopped talking and are talking about face soap

Rach borrows eye makeup remover from jor (they are becoming besties and I love it Jeff and Jor did a great jon molding rach)

11:33AM BBT:

Kalia in by talking to Adam outback and says she thinks Rachel has a special power

Jordan and Shelly about to talk Shelly asked for 5 mins and she agreed Shelly kissing ass!!!

in have not room Shelly says she is shaking Jordan asks if she is going to jump down her throat? she says no

Jordan apologizing for going off on her in the purple room and she said Shelly you are an adult and I'm sorry my mom wouldn't be proud of me going off jor:since week one u were we were together she said Shelly reminded her of how she felt when she met Jeff on there season with the trust she goes on to say Jeff said we have been together since day one we gave lots of pep talks, and how they stuck up for Shelly and how Daniele was going to sell out Kalia and Porsche to go with Jeff and Jordan the thing that upset her the most is Jeff thought Adam didn't give the vote and thought Shelly voted for him to stay Jordan would overlook what Shelly's lies were by making excusing for her in her head she could of saved Brendon but she stood up for Shelly to stay Jordan goes on to say that Jeff and Jordan were with her 100% and she stabbed them in the back when they found out the day of that Shelly was campaigning to keep Daniele

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Jordan says she feels like she could of talked to Shelly about everything she told DR that she was mom away from home and she totally stabbed her in the back

Shelly saying she didn't plan this or she wasn't" talking behind there backs Shelly says she will see that she didn't say anything not one comment not one zing not nothing agains Jeff and Jordan she is now crying and saying that she put Jeff and Jordan up on a pedistal since day 1 she was asked before coming in the house who was her hero and she said Jeff and Jordan saying she will be so pleased about everything she has said about Jeff and Jordan she has never done anything but hold Jordan and Jeff in the highest regard

Shelly says she came up to Jordan Shelly saying how she overheard her and Rachel call her a a bitch Jordan said she didn't the person she wants to see win the game (jord) Shelly saying how she came two days before live show about a conversation she had with Rachel and Rachel said she had a final 3 deal and Rachel can beat Jordan in the end Shelly crying and crying (she didn't cry once until they one PoV)


jor to Shelly why turn on us to go to Daniele Shelly I came in the house with one alliance and that is her family my goal into coming into this house was to get as close to something for her family to make things easier on them towards the last week it was very clear to me that I was pushing u and Jeff in front of my family and putting them ahead in this game Daniele did not cme to me once she never asked me to do what I did Jeff said Adam is my boy and Adam said he is skeptical of me. Shelly told Jordan she told Adam we are not going to beat Jeff and Jordan lets go to other side the Shelly said she went to Daniele and said how do I keep u in this game Daniele swore on her grandma she would take Daniele to final two Shelly saying she needs to take money home to her kid. Shelly said her move was to be Jeff and Jordans trojan horse Jeff and Jordan said she would never go up and they put her up with Cassi she felt safe but she still went up and didn't hold it against her or Jeff they get to have not and Shelly gets accused of throwing have not competition with the shots Shelly was devastated but still holding Jeff and Jordan in the highest regard Jeff was leading telling everyone what to do where when why he was the leader Shelly made the decision to go outside the box and she tortured over the decision and the only thing she cares about is being Jeff and Jordan's friend in the end she made to make a name for herself and play strategy crying crying kissing ass kissing ass

jor to Shelly why didn't you come to us u would really trust Daniele? Shelly throwing Porsche Kalia and Adam??????? totally throwing all of them under the bus she wants to be with class like Jeff and Jordan then Shelly says then u go off with Rachel Shelly now Rachel bashing to Shelly and saying how it hurt Shelly that she partnered up wth Rachel (omg is this wacko serious???)

someones gotta take over this is a much watch and post my hands are cramping!!! flashback alert flashback alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1:30am BBT - Jor and Shell in HN room. Jor apologizes for what she said to Shell, her mom would be upset. Shell said she had every reason to be upset. Jor says that she had been with them since day one, they had given up all the promises Dani provided to stay with Shell and Adam. and then when everything was going the way Shell and Adam and JeJo's way, Shell turned on them. Jeff walked out the door thinking it was Adam who voted against him.

Crying, she said she has always held Jor in the highest regard, never called her a bitch, or anything Jor has called her in the last few days. Jor says says she never called Shell a bitch. Shell cried that the biggest pain to her is that her mom, dad and husband saw what Rach & Jor did after they thought they were hurt, went with a person who was part of the plan 100%, that was their choice in the game, she is not with them (Por/Kal). Shell says she came to her a few days before the live show and told Jor that she was uncomfortable with Kalia and she could win in the end. We get FotH and then Shell tells Jor about her thought process. Her alliance coming into the game was with her family, not to do what happened, but to get as close as she could for her family. It became clear to her that she was pushing JeJo ahead of her family, everyone in the game ahead of the two people who matter most (Josie and Tony).

Shell said Dani never came to her, never said a word. Jeff was saying that Adam was his boy. Adam was in the discussion with her and Dani the entire time. She told Adam that they could not beat JeJo to the F2, she went to Dani and asked what she would do to help her get something for her family if she kept Dani and Dani promised to never nominate her, throwing Kalia under the bus. Shell said she knows she can't win challenge, that's what she has to overcome.

She chose to use her social game and strategy, aligned herself with JeJo. She said that week 1 JeJo promised they would never nom her but week 2, they put her up to get Cassie out. You did what your alliance told you to do. Then you accused me of throwing the HN comp, but even though I was absolutely devastated, I still held you in the highest regard. Jeff was the leader of the alliance, running the game, who did what, when and how.

That's fine, I chose to be in that alliance. I made a decision to go outside of the box on my own, I tortured over the decision, I didn't want to lose you two as friends, don't care what you said, what you did, I really enjoyed meeting JeJo and feel like a fool for trying to make a game move, the only way I can make a name for myself at the end of the game is to make strategic moves and playing a social game, all I have done is stand up for people, help people, put everyone else first Until that one day. It's been torture. Jor says we have been very open to you, why didn't you just come to me and tell me how you were feeling instead of what we saw as going behind our back and being sneaky? I wasn't sneaky. But you trusted Dani?

I didn't trust Dani. Do you really think I wanted to align with Kal, Por, Dani? Do you listen to what comes out of their mouths? Their arrogance, the disrespectful for the game? And you latch on to the one person Who has been worse for the game, who has said and done horrible things in this game? Shell says she knew there would be a cost for making a game move but she looks like a fool at this point, she was playing for her family, Jor gave her a phone call and she will forever be indebted for that, it has nothing to do for what she did, she took it as this is who Jor is. Jor says in this game you never know anything, my decision to give you the phone call was instant, not game.

Jor says she felt that she had stuck up for Shell, she genuinely cared for her, talked to when she was upset, talked through the door. And then she tries to keep Dani and votes out Jeff? How was she supposed to feel? Shell said she absolutely sees that, has every right to feel that way. But at some point in the game you have to take the persona out. I never take the personal out in my real life. But in order to have a chance, she had to do what she did, not a personal move against them. She apologized to Jeff in the GB message, and at the end of the game she would have made a personal decision to take Jeff and not her because she's playing a game personally, that's who she lives for every day.

She was doing the same thing. She can play with Rach, she can do whatever she's going to do, Jor has been a tremendous asset to Rach, but what Shell did wasn't equal to all that Rach has done. The only people she cares about at the end of the day is to pick up the phone and call JeJo. Jor says she was really mad at first, but she's over it. It really hurt at that time, I felt that everything they had shared was fake. Shell said she didn't back stab Jor, she stabbed Jeff. Jor says Jeff knew he wouldn't make it to the end. Everyone promises F2 but Jeff felt like he helped everyone... Shell asks if Jeff felt he was helped by anyone? Jor says she can't speak for Jeff.

Shell said they took Adam's word and started shouting at Shell and he never gave her a chance to explain. And it was an accident that she told Rach that Jeff threw veto and Rach used that to make a deal with Dani. That's her prerogative, and that's fine. But Rach was not on her side. Shell says she'll take the blame and suffer the consequences but hers was not the only name on the paper. But it hurts on the personal side and she is truly sorry to have hurt her, it was never her intention to hurt her, she thought she knew Jor before she walked into the house but didn't really until she met her. Out in the world she would have her back to the end of time. She wants to be able to tell her husband and daughter that she tried and did her best.

It will take time but all she asks is to give her the benefit of the doubt, there are still a lot of agendas out there and if there is any way Shell can get Jor to the end, she knows that Jor and Rach will probably vote her out this week but she is not on Kal/Por/Adam's side. If she goes home, she goes home, but the least she can do to make it up to her is to try to help her get to the end. She has no interest in making things worse on her than it already is, Kal, Por and Adm are figuring out their strategies, she did what she was asked, what she thought was best, and in the end she hurt the two people she didn't want to hurt in the game.

There really is no way to justify it. She has tried to talk it out with the "professionals" and can't. She doesn't know what she needs to do outside of the house... Jor says she doesn't hate her because of the move, she was just hurt and felt back-stabbed. Jor says she didn't know she could scream that loud, it seemed like Shell wanted Por to win, not Jor. Shell says no, but it doesn't matter, she has every right to feel that way. Jor says she's not upset that she made a big game move.

Shell says would you tell the other team what your play is? Adam didn't and he was part of the conversation. Jor says we could have made a F5 deal instead of a F3 deal if that's what she wanted. Jeff came back to the game because he wants a family one day and wants to start it off right and Jor came back for that. The way he went out was just like, wow. We could have all talked about it and come up with something. Just because were here together doesn't mean we were going to win. Brenchel were also tough together. Shell said she never thought Jeff and Jor would walk to the finish line.

Jor brings up Dani's speech and Shell said she had no role in that. Jor is glad Dani is in JH with Bren and Jeff because they are killing her (not literally). Jor says that Shell never acted like she was doubting it. Jor says she's not like that, they would have listened to her, they have always been honest and straight forward and who would want to follow Dani. Shell said she never wanted to follow Dani. Jor says that Jeff thought he had everyone's buy in on the move to BD Dani, it was not his move but the team's move and that really hurt him. Shell said Dani did plenty wrong. And people worship her, says Jor. I don't said Shell, everything they do upstairs is Dani Dani Dani, what would her moves be. Shell says the thing that will give her the most joy is for Jor to see that she is not part of that.

Shell says she doesn't hang out with them, she has been alone, doesn't do things with them, doesn't listen to them, she's been locked in the house all this time and all she wanted to do was to get to Jor but she respected that she needed her space. You said that Jeff wanted to win the game so they could support the family and that's all I wanted. They will get their family one day and its the most special thing, she never meant to take it from her.

Shell tells her she has to go fight. Jor says she doesn't care about winning this year. Shell says she needs to now. It's going to be hard, says Jor. Shell says if you want to take any advice from me, you need to change your attitude and take the Jeff attitude because she can get to the end. Go after it. Do not let people who have no respect for the game and are not playing for the right reasons win this game. Make your alliance you and Jeff and win it for him.

Stop saying you can't and start doing it. I will be the first one to stand up and cheer. Not for the money because you are a great woman and I'm sorry and hope that one day you will forgive me. Jor says she already has, she is sorry for what she said as well, and we've come full circle.

hell said that nobody will hold it against her, America adores her and Jeff. It stinks, says Jor, it's a game, and sometimes you have to take out the personal, like you said, and play the game. She can't speak for Jeff but that's how he is when he's hurt, he gets mad. Shell says that what finally turned her was that without asking her, he tore into her and never considered she might not vote him out, he never let me explain. There was no getting through to him and The only thing I could think of when he gave his don't let 20m change the game speech was that if I keep Jeff he will come after me now. Shell says an alliance can't win, only one can win but she never got the chance to explain to Jeff. When all is said and done, though, I got the chance to play this game with the two greatest people, JeJo. Who did I want to least play like? Rach. And who did I least want to play with? ED.

Jor does admit that in DR she said Shell took the knife and stabbed her in the back and she's going to take the knife and stabbed her right back. Jor and Shell hug it out. Jor says she hates that she's so snappy this season. Shell says that Jor is so sweet and kind it makes it hurt even more, she is salt of the earth, she is at her breaking point because she gives, gives, gives , she gave up her summer to help Jeff, she gave up her phone call, but she is a star, she has so much to offer. Thank you, says Jor, you do too. Jor apologizes again. At this point they have both repeatedly apologized to each other.

Jor says once the game is over, other than having a few words with Dani, I'm done with what happened. I'll walk out and not look back. I was worried if I talked to you in the last few days I would still have been too angry. Shell says never in her life has she cried as much as in the game. Jor says she too has spent a lot of time in the DR. Shell said she would choose friendship over money every time and she tried to go a different way and it wasn't worth it.

2:30am BBT - Shell warns Jor again that Rach will poison her with the thing she has said. She needs to protect herself against Rach as well as push herself further. Jor apologizes again and they hug it out one more time before leaving the HN room.

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