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8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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1:40 BBT

Adam enters the HN room to talk to Jordan and Rachel. They ask if he has a F2 deal with Kalia and he smiles and stutters. They say it's okay and he says Kalia presented it to him, but he doesn't want to sit next to her. They thank him for telling the truth.

They say had they not won veto, Rachel would be going home this week. Adam says that was the plan.

Jordan says about how Adam and Rachel don't really talk and Adam says it's just awkward sometimes.

Jordan says if they keep Adam, he can't turn on them and says he said the newbies were working together to get the vets out. Jordan says if he'd rather work with the newbies, that's fine, they won't hold it against him, they just want the truth. Adam says the newbies wanted him to vote Jeff out, but he didn't and after Porsche won HOH, they approched him again to work with him. Adam says that things are different now in the past couple of days. He says R/J are straight forward and the other girls are not.

Jordan says not to repeat this but says Kalia wants to talk to J/R and make a F4 deal with K/P. Jordan says she doesn't know what's true, but if they made the F4, then K/P want Adam out next. Adam says there's a lot of BS going around right now.

Jordan says she has a good history with Adam, especially with him and Jeff. Adam says his arms are hurting from getting pulled (from both sides of the house).

Jordan says Shelly promised to throw the next HOH to R/J and Adam says will she throw it or just suck?

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1:47 BBT

Adam tells the girls to go on trust. Jordan says this is an important decision. Jordan says if they save him again...

Jordan says how they all used to work together and why would Adam drop R/J, who have been true to him, and go with the other girls.

Jordan says they can't let Kalia or Porsche in the F2. Adam brings up this F2 with Kalia and doesn't know how that got around and Rachel says Shelly just told them. Adam says it's BS b/c Kalia came to him about it and doesn't know how Shelly found out and he feels like he's being played again.

1:50 BBT

Jordan says Shelly told them that Shelly and Adam never had a deal together and Adam laughs and says maybe not an actual deal, but how she always said the two of them should be in F2 together. Adam says he used to say that Shelly was his best friend in the house and that hurts.

Jordan says a newbie is going home this week and considers herself close to Adam and he agrees.

Adam says he had to work so hard to get in the house and the vets just answered a phone and are given a second chance. Rachel says she had to work hard last summer, too, when it was her first try at the game.

(anyone else out there??)

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2:02 - 2:20 PM BBT

Adam, Rachel and Jordan have formed an alliance.

Jordan says to Adam she doesn't want to play with someone who is just going to lie to her to get themselves further in their game.

Adam says if they take him this week then he owes them (Jor/Rach) .

Adam saying that when you are sitting in that chair..until Julie says you are safe, its not a for sure thing.

Adam asks Rachel if she's ever heard something she told him get back to her. Rachel says she knew it was Shelly.

Jordan says "We know that if we lose, we're still going out and ur safe. We need u 2 help us win so they don't get any power. "Adam says that Jeff told him that he'd show what kind of player he was when he had to make a hard decision , it's time 2 make it.

Adam says "There's been a lot of big moves in the house but the biggest move has yet to be made."

Adam thanks them for being straight with him. He says it's always been a good thing working with them.

Jordan and Rachel tell him to continue hanging out with the others and that he doesn't have to say he's with them .

Adam tells them if they want to play by telling Shelly they are keeping her he won't doubt them.

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2:20Jordan Rachel and Adam still talking. Adam is thanking them for being straight with them. Joradan says lets move on from here. Adam says he will still mope around like he is going home. He says let Shelly think I am going home. He is so mad because he called Shelly his best friend, we talked on the patio about everything. Jordan said she did that with everyone. Adam is telling them about when Shelly decided to turn on Jeff and Jordan. He says if you cant win comps you dont deserve to win. He says that he told Dani he was voting her out, and Dani said your signing a check to jeff and he said should I sign it to you?? Dani kept asking Adam why dont you trust me? I told her I found out she and dom had a final 4 with R/B.

Rachel says that 'i just wanna say I never had a f4 with them'

They all thank each other, Adam leave saying we are having Casadillas for dinner.

When he leave Rachel says' see, shelly cant even look us in the eye. I believe him but I dont know if he will keep me next week. Why does everyone think Kalia is this game player?"

jordan says because she got out jeff.

Rachel says 'shelly is gonna be gone'

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2:24 PM BBT

After Adam leaves the girls say they feel good about going with going with Adam.

Adam goes outside and sees Shelly who asks him where he's been all this time. "Cooking. Cooking and eating." Adam tells her. "Just cooking at eating huh? Is everyone sleeping?" Shelly asks. "Uh huh." Adam responds and changes the convo to the weather and general chat.

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2:25pm BBT Rachel and Jordan have finished talking with Adam. They believe Adam much more than Shelly. They said that Shelly could not even look them in the eyes when talking to her. Rachel is saying the Adam will keep his word for a week but they are not sure after that.

Jordan is saying that sending Shelly to the jury house would make Brenden and Jeff so happy.

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Adam leaves j and r in have not room and goes outside to smoke and talk with shelly Shelly asks where he has been

and he said eating and didnt tell her that he was talking to j and r

Adam said watching their season will be so much fun but he cant wait to watch the next batch of houseguests and just

laugh at them. No one understands unless they are in the game how it is

R and J still talking in HN room said they can trust Adam way more then Shelly and they feel better with Adam after talking to him

R and J talking about previous comps

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Adam is on the patio smoking with Shelly.

Adam says 'we signed up for this. All the critics and people who make fun of you. Be careful if people are bashing you, you know everything about you.

Shelly says tony will tell her fifteen was she could have won comps.

Adam says it blows him away that a celebrity is rooting for him.

Shelly says that she only cares about what her family and friends think.

Adam says celebrities are watching ME. they are watching me fall off a banana and tivoing it and watching again. A celebrity is going to say to me 'i loved you on the show' (roflmao) :animated_rotfl:

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J and R still talking previous comps

A and S in BY talking about yesterdays veto

P and K still no where on feeds

A goes back inside laying in bed and looks like he is thinking very hard

R and J saying there is no point in making deals with k and p they say if we have adam with us we are good

They feel better about A and say he is honest

R saying we HAVE to win HOH thurs they are jeti training

Shelly goes back inside

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2:43pm BBT

Jor and Rach still in have not room jedi training jor said she is really sore from the veto rach said she wasnt supposed to use all arms and hold on with your legs. Jor and Rach headng outside

shel grabs another pack of smokes from her carton and goes back outside

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2:46pm BBT

In the BY shelly smoking Rach doing laundry, Jor in kit getting something to drink and eat then is going in by to join rach

Noone talking kal and por still in hoh room

adam still laying down

jord making a sandwich

rach doing laundry

shel smoking

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2:55PM BBT

In the BY Jor asks shel if she is done laying out for the day shel said no she is just taking a break

shel tells jor she needs to know she will look out for her the rest of the game she doesnt want to hurt rach feelings but if it came down to the two of them (R and J) shel says she will pick jor

they are talking (s and J) about how boring it is when there is only a few people Jor says nat and kev where friends and she was by herself the last 4 days felt like 2 weeks.

Shel and Jor saying how nice it will be to get out of the house.

Rach joins convo asks where everyone is shel says k and p are upstairs she isnt sure what they are doing and adam went to bed

shel said she got the fortune teller to talk for two and a half hours and the do not disturbed sign is gone she waited 3 hours for it to try and talk but nothing happened. shel said it may be a monkey dance because it got her to talk to it ect shel said just so u guys know it works she doesnt know if it means anything but the sign is off and it works

shel said she got excited that she found a quarter and it stayed in and starteded going there is no message no power it could just be a hoax shel will show rach and jor when they let her back in the room she thinks someone was behind the wall controlling it she was begging it to do something (the fortune teller)

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2:50pm BBT Quick note before I cut the grass. Shelly out in the backyard telling Rachel and Jordan that the Fortune Teller is working and how it works and all the things that she told Porsche and Kalia that she would not do. Shelly says that she accidentally locked the door to the purple room and now they have to wait for BB to unlock the door.

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for the past hour..Shelly and Rachel talk about vacations in Mexico

Jordan and Rachel spent time in the pool chatting with Shelly.

Shelly gets called to DR, Adam comes outside.

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Jordan says she is nervous, she hasnt won anything since second week, needs to step up her game.

Jordan tells Adam about the jellybeans Kalia and Porsche use. Rachel says Shelly has spilled it all, but they havent said anything. Adam hasnt either. He says its so much easier watching on TV.

Adam feels like shit. Tells Jordan to not feel bad. When some one lashes out at you, you reacted. She thought things but didnt KNOW it

They discuss the last few evictions. Who was the real target. Adam tells Rachel if he had to go against either Jeff or Brendon he could do it but not against both. Someone else could have gotten Jeff out. Its frustrating when you trust someone and have them tell me they didnt trust me.

They talk about Shelly talking around questions instead of answering them. Jordan to Adam: we have been staying together so she cant get to one of us. Adam: I dont say a thing.

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Rachel asks Adam and Jordan to ask her straight out if they hear stuff she supposedly said.

Jordan: If we're gone, me Rachel, Jeff and Brendon, we'll vote for you to win. So you either win or you take second place - what do you want? That's how you play.

Adam: I want to earn my spot on that palladium. First or second I have to step up my game.

J: We need to be careful about Porsche she's starting to pick it up in endurance competitions.

7:13 PM BBT

Adam: How pissed would you be if you found out we went through a whole season and found out someone had a Pandora's Box and didn't take it?

Rachel: Why wouldn't you take Pandora's Box?

Adam: I know that's the game, why wouldn't you take the risk? If I had it I would take it. It would be something that's bad for me and good for you all. I'd miss the Margarita party and get an hour with Jessie. I bought this shirt for a margarita party. I'm such a loser...hey maybe I'd be stuck in a box with Dani.

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4:19 PM BBT

Adam telling the girls about the various Big Brother fan sites. What the difference between Live Feed Updates and Spoiler sites are.

Adam didn't tell his Brother about coming here, he was afraid he's update his Facebook with a status like, "I thought I was Adam's Big Brother but apparently he's got another Big Brother this summer."

He says Dani was "Being an Andrew" giving a big flamboyant speech because you know you're going home when she gave her veto speech.

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4:24 PM BBT

Adam says he's going to chill out for a bit. Says he might take a shower. "You should take a shower too, you do stink a bit." he tells Rachel. "I do?" she sounds worried. "I'm just bugging on ya.." he says and we get a Rachel laugh [There is something wrong with me that I've started to like that laugh... - ZuZu].

"I can hang out with you tonight," Rachel tells Adam "I can talk shit with you like Jeff and Brendon did."

Adam just laughs.

"So why did you never talk game to me before?" asks Rachel.

"Because I saw you as a strong competitor and I didn't want to give you my secrets." Adam responds.

"Is that the real reason?" asks a flattered Rachel

"Absolutely." Adam tells her and then goes into some different scenarios where he worked to her benefit but he couldn't tell her.

The conversation has gone back to how Shelly has done wrong in the house. Rachel thinks Shelly never liked her because she calls people out on stuff.

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4:42 PM BBT

Rachel and Adam are just chatting about various comps and whether or not people throw them. Rachel always competes. Sometimes she just sucks. Adam says he plays as hard as he can. "How does it look if you don't do everything to save yourself?"

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4:54 PM BBT

Kalia saying that she had the same conversation with both Adam and Shelly. Basically it's all a ploy to ensure that no matter what Porsche and Kalia are still in this house at the end of it.

They are wondering if Shelly will tell them what she told Rachel and Jordan - which they heard about through Adam.

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5:02 PM BBT

Kalia and Porsche just went through "who to keep". Kalia has concerns with Shelly. Porsche says she's all over the place. She's back and forth. Kalia worries about Adam too because Daniele never wanted him out - was it because of an alliance with Rachel?

Porsche says it may have taken her awhile to start to win stuff but she didn't get to play the first half of the game.

Kalia says They dominated the first part of the game, then we dominated, then we get to the fast forward and here we are. Now everyone wants to work with us, we have to keep it smart and remember that this is Big Brother and others are going to do what's best to cover their own butts.

"Even if they all turn on us or something, you gotta at least appreciate the determination." Porsche says. "That Pandora's box was so blas

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5:11 PM BBT

Kalia: You know if we make it to the end people are going to say we're only here because of Daniele blah blah blah

Porsche: I know

Kalia: It's going to be so hard to make an end speech, it'll be like Fuck you, Fuck You, Fuck you and Fuck You. I'm here and you're not so...whaaaat?

Porsche: (Laughing) Just because you gave me a key and made me sit out doesn't mean that I wasn't going to be playing with who I wanted for as long as I wanted and then brought it with challenges.

Kalia: In my speeches to Jeff I said "This is the house that Jeff built, but I had to tear it down."

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5:26 PM BBT

Porsche explaining that Adam tried to boost her up on her doppleganger dummy. She was going to be mad if he tried to help "them". "There wasn't anything we could do sooo..." says Porsche.

She and Kalia getting dressed for the day. "Everyone was so happy the day after double eviction, we were all glowing.. We did this" Kaila says "No WE did this." corrects Porsche.

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5:47 PM BBT

Adam was outside practicing his speech for eviction night. Then he comes inside and tries to talk with Kalia and Porsche who say they are making dinner and will be outside later. "He was so excited there, thinking we were going to hang out with him." laughs Porsche

Jordan comes through the KT and they talk about how big the house feels, how you can actually go somewhere and be alone now.

Porsche is cutting up a pineapple.

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