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8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:15 PM BBT Still Trivia. Most likely the HoH competition.

9:29 PM BBT PORSCHE WON HOH. Feeds 1 and 2 everyone except Rachel and Jordan are in the kitchen and Porsche is dancing with the key around her neck. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Rachel and Jordan in the bedroom. Rachel is crying and Jordan is blaming herself for not doing better in the competition. Jordan and Rachel take turns insulting themselves for not winning any competitions for such a long time.

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9:32 PM BBT

Shelly lying on KT floor. She says she never loved snakes so much. Adam asks if he can still have Porsche's bed. Kalia and Shelly hug.

Rachel sobbing, "She just wants to see Brendon so bad."

Jordan "Listen, I haven't won a competition since the second week. My god."

Shelly, "You guys were all safe, I was going home if they won." She tells him that she won't say I told you so but...." He tells her it was nothing personal. She knows. They hug it out.

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9:38 PM BBT

Kalia unpacking in CBR now. Rachel sobbing still. Jordan saying they know everyone is being fake and they just have to stay away from everyone and try to enjoy themselves.

Adam telling Porsche that Day 55 was her day. "This Porsche can drive 55." he quotes Van Halen which is totally lost on Porsche who responds, "This Porsche can drive 90." Her and Adam dance and celebrate in the hallway.

9:42 PM BBT

Trivia has returned.

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9:45 PM BBT

Jordan now packing Jeff's stuff up. "Stop crying, it will all work out. Just stop crying." Rachel sobs, "I wish Brendon was here. What if.." "We can't talk about what if anymore. We lost, let's just get on with it." Jordan also commenting on how picky Jeff is with his stuff.

Porsche whispering to Shelly in MBR.

P: You ok?

S: I'm just chilling out.

P: [can't hear over the icecubes/whispering]

S: Yeah. it's very mature. For god's sakes.

They have a giggle that Porsche won HOH. She sees Rachel coming "pretend your sad." The two of them sit looking morose as Rachel storms through.

S: I just want to go outside and smoke.

Porsche heads back out to the KT where she does a victory dance at the camera "Dani! Dani!"

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BBAD Coverage from 10PM- 1AM

10:02PM BBT Jordon and Rachel in the bedroom. Jordon is packing Jeff's things, including the bottle of wine he was saving. She wants to get it to him at the hotel because she knows he's going to get drunk.

10:06PM BBT They go in the bathroom to pack more of his stuff [toothbrush, razor, etc.] Jordon remembers about Jeff's BB bag.

10:07PM BBT Kalia and Porsche in the kitchen talking. Adam walks in playing with a little green whirly twirly spinning toy. Porsche is called to the DR.

10:10PM BBT Kalia said the toy reminds her of the yodeling guy from TPIR. Adam starts whistling the song played on the Price is Right when the guy yodels and climbs the mountain. [There go my cockatiels again. Go back to sleep, please.]

10:12PM BBT Kalia wants to go outside. She puts some makeup on first while talking with Adam. They decide it is probably better that Adam did not win the Veto competition. Kalia tells him about a dream she had a while ago. In her dream, all her friends and family were at her wedding i a fancy hotel. The BB show was showing and Kalia got locked in the room. When she came out, all the HG were up high on the balcony. A group of school kids came through like they were on tour. She was very upset when she messed up a competition. Porsche said your wedding is downstairs. Kalia's friend was smoking a cigarette and it blew up and caught on fire. Kalia:"It was ridiucuous. Isn't that the weirdest dream ever?" Then Adam tells her about one of his dreams.

10:18PM BBT Jordon and Rachel come in the kitchen. Rachel asks her if she wants some ice cream. Jordon said no. She wants out of the house and asks Adam how many days are left. He said,"21".

10:22PM BBT Jordon, Adam, Kalia and Rachel in the kitchen. Kalia washing dishes and starts to sing quietly and tells Adam she has a Cream song in her head. Adam siad he has seen Eric Clapton in concert at madison Square Garden. The circus had just left so the arena smelled.

10:26PM BBT Kalia gets something out of the fridge and leaves the door wide open while she does more dishes. Adam sitting at the kitchen counter making something out of Bendaroos. Kalia takes the bowl of tea bag cards to the round table. Jorodn goes in the kitchen. Adam suggests they get things out of the storage room now so BB will refill it tomorrow.

10:32PM BBT Adam and Jordon are in the kitchen. Adams is consoliating Triscuit boxes (emptying half full boxes into other boxes) to take up less room on the shelves. He asked Jordon if BB is going to give them less food now that there are less people. Jordon said she doesn't remember.

10:38PM BBT Jordon has tears in her eyes and is sitting at the kitchen counter playing with her hair without saying anything.

10:39PM BBT Kalia is at the round table playing with the tea bag cards. [i just lost a whole hour of updates when I had to leave suddenly to take care of something outside.].

11:34PM BBT Adam is in the kitchen cleaning while Shelly watches. Shelly asks him what's with all the cleaning. He said it's something to do. They wonder when Porsche can get in the HOH room. Shelly siad there certqainly wont be anymore yelling so that's a good thing. Adam said now it's time for crying. Adam told Porsche her pizza is ready. Porsche said [in the Mario accent] she is just gathering her things for when she is allowed in her ivory tower.

11:38PM BBT Jordon says it was so stupid of her to get the POV question wrong. Rachel talks about "effing" Dominic. Rachel said, "That stupid snake thing...my stomach hurt so bad I couldn't do anything. Just think if we go to jury they'll be like eh...what are you doing here? [talking in the Mario accent]... Oh you know double eviction." Then she mocked Dani saying, "You spend your entire summer writing Jeff and Jordon a paycheck." They bash Daniele saying she is so stupid. Rachel: "If she cares about the game so much why'd they call her like two days before. They called us way before that."

11:43PM BBT Rachel misses Brendon so much. She feels like it was her fault that Jeff went hoome. Jordon assures her that it is not. She should have gotten that question right. Rachel said if Brendon and Jeff were here, they would have killed "it". Jordon asks Rachel about the jury house. Is it boring? Rachel, "No 'cuz there's stuff to do. We can watch movies and read stuff." Then they talk about how Jeff is going to make Dani's life hell in the jury house. Jordon: "Do youthink people hate us?" They could here loud cheering when Porsche won. She questioned if they were clapping because Jordon got it wrong. Jordon said it is hard to be positive when it is "like this".

11:48PM BBT Rachel: "What if it's like Porsche and Kalia at the end, or Shelly and Porsche?" Jordon doesn't care if she goes to the jury house. It would be better than being in the house because they can watch movies.

11:51PM BBT Rachel is bummed because she didn't know what was in "stupid" Dominic's "stupid" speech. Jordon asks if she looked psycho today? Rachel said not psycho, but livid. Rachel sits up in bed while Jordon is lying under the covers. Jordon asks, "What's tomorrow? Have/have not?" Rachel said it's going to be fun watching people sit around eating and getting fat. Two people's butts have gotten huge. Jordon said she will pick a money prize over the Veto. Rachel told her how Brendon chose the Veto in their season and got knocked out. Jordon said Jeff wanted to come back really bad to try to win it so Jordon came with him. Rachel's theory is that she and Brendon should have just gotten knocked out early and gone to jury house because "competitors dont' win it- floaters do."

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11;38 BBT

Rachel and Jordan pity party iss in the bedrooom..Rachel is saying she was shaking so bad..she couldn't do the snake HOH...Both are talking very defeatist...going to jury...

Rachel mocking Daniele...

Jordan...joining in....

In the kitchen Adam and Shelly doing what they do best...hanging out with the power crowd licking ass....


11:41 BBT Adam making excuses why he sucked at before and after.....Shelly saying she's shocked when he went out...

Shelly saying everything worked out like it needed to work out....Shelly explaining how well porsche did in POV during telecast...

11:43 BBT More POV comp talk...

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11:57 BBT

Rachel saying that you can't be a competitor only a floater to make it to the end..

They are talking about HOH and the snake..Jordan says it was luck but Rachel says a lot had to do with attitude.."because you had to focus"

Jordan says she doesn't know what Dani said to make "everyone turn against us"...Jordan says Dani "is walking away with nothing"...after Rachel said she got greedy as Jordan questions why dani didn't just work with them...

Jordan 'we have veto you can pull yourself pff the block"

Jordan and Rachel decide they will take the prizes and let them take the punishments

12:01 BBt they are discussing if Adam was the person with them "i think we have to go on something" Jordan says as they discuss game and the POV....Rachel says she's going home...Jordan trying to get Rachel to win veto saying "there's a possibilty" both can stay....."you really think that" and Rchel says "OK"...Jordan "its wortha try...you never know"..that's a possibilty" as the discuss POV

12:03 BBT Jordan says she would save Rachel and Rachel says she would let her do that ...they whisper inaudibly...

Jordan says to keep their mouth shuts...lay low...

12:05 BBT Jordan wants to be off LD...

Rachel's wheels are spinning...

they are talking about Dani being gone and not having to hear shocker...

Rachel wonders if they can get Porsche to put up only one of them and Jordan says "i doubt it"...

12:07 BBT Pity party continues...

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11:56PM BBT Rachel asks Jordon who Porsche is going to put up. Jordon says, "Probably you and me." Adam is called to the diary room.

12:05PM BBT Jordon wonders when they are going to be off of LD. Jordon said she is glad Daniele is gone...."shocker". Jordon and Rachel are both sitting up now. Rachel is wearing her boots in bed.

12:08PM BBT Porsche is called to the DR. Both Jordon aand Rachel lay back down and are quiet for a while. Rachel said it feels like she hasn't seen Brendon in ages.

12:10PM BBT Kitchen: Shelly, Kalia, and Adam talking about Rachel and how she tried to make a deal with them. They hear someone coming and think it might be Porsche. They start talking about her. Kalia said Porsche was wearing her bikini because she wants to work out. Kalia mocks Porsche saying she asked if Bob Hope is the host of the Price is Right. They think she is smart, but a maniac.

12:12PM BBT Porsche comes out wearing her bikini top and asks who wants to see her HOH room. Everyone goes upstairs. "That's my little brother Austin, that's me and my dad, that's my best friend, Nicole..." Porsche got her own Bible, a new shirt, slippers, Skor candy bars, "bitch mints", ice pops, sneakers, her favorite tea, cheese (not pub cheese), homestyle chicken noodle soups, a party tray and a Rhianna cd. She is really happy and excited. She read her letter from her brother. jello, captain Crunch, instant noodles, Crest White strips (that turned out to be Breathe Right Strips instead).

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12:15 BBT "who wants to see my HOH room"

everyone heads up to the HOH room..

in they go....Porsche is showing off her pics...Kali moste excited to see them

Jordan wearing her snot face in there...Rachel looking bored...

Kali is over by the food while adam opens the fridge....bunch of cheeses and that put a smile on Rachel's face...

12:18 BBt Letter time form LIL Bro:

"you'r actually doing it...don't worry enjoy your stay..."team Porsche for life...love Austin"...short and sweet

going over snacks...{seems BB is getting stingy with HOH baskets}

12:20 BBT Porsche says bb gave "breath rite" strips instead of the ones that pull off the backheads...

Kali asking all the questions..."rihanna" CD

12:22 BBT Porsche mentions the "sneakers" BB bought her and FOTH back and Rachel and Jordan have bolted..

Porsche says she's got the "lucky ring" Janelle gave her.."ahhh how sweet" shelly belts out...

Porsche go no alcohol drinks.....even though she gave BB a "list"

12:24 BBT Kali talking about Jordon getting riled up and subject changes..

12:25 BBT smoozin...and Shelly wondering when BB will open the door to go smoke...

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12:23PM BBT Porsche got a stuffed dog that looks like her own dog. She also got a caramel apple and everythin gon her wish list. Porsche lies down and says that picture of me is hilarious. There is a picture of Porsche at her Prom. Shelly said she looked much older in the picture. Shelly said Porsche's younger brother is so cute. Shelly said that Austin and Porsche look so cute together in the picture of them.

12:27PM BBT Jordon in the kitchen crying while making some powdered Iced Tea.

12:25PM BBT HOH room: Shelly picks up a picture of Porsche in a tree when she was about 5 years old. Kalia told about a roomate of hers in college who snore so loud that Kalia gave her Breathe Right strips, but they didn't work. Porsche gave Kalia some of her breath mints.

12:32PM BBT Rachel and Jordon in the kitchen. Rachel: "At least if I had left I could be with Brendon and be happy instead of being miserable here for another week." Rachel is wearing a blue ski cap with a yellow B on it. Jordon strats to cry again and says [about Shelly], "The part that really aggravates me is that I felt like I could trust her 100% and she is probably like, haha...jokes on you." She talks about how much she cared for Shelly when she gave her the phone call from home. She said it was all a lie. Jordon is crying really hard and thinks she must be getting to a breaking point because she felt like she was going crazy earlier. Rachel said she knows how she feels. Jordon wishes she could get a break and feels very aggravated. She wants to go outside because she feels like she is trapped. Rachel agrees and said the worst part is we signed up for it.

12:40PM BBT Adam is called to the DR. Jordon said she won't be able to talk in the DR because she is going to cry the whole time.

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12: 27 BBT

Rachel and

Jordan sitting in the kitchen and jordan crying her eyes out over Shelly, she can barely get it out, she says she jsut trusted her sooo much and while she was saying nice things in the about her Shelly was laughing to herself thinking what an idiot she is, eating her soup and crying, says she hates cryin over it and maybe its cause she was at her breaking point and she was already flustered because she felt she did terrible and ppl are counting on you, and so the shelly thing prolly threw her over, and noone cares when you are tyring your hardest, and they don't care and well they can just jump around from person to person, and she says I did something nice and I get a fing unitard, she says I am not really complaining but give me a break, she said earlier that she had wanted to talk to her family too and she also felt bad for Shelly and gave her the call because she thought she was such a nice lady, she knows they are calling dr's and does nto know if she can go in there as tshe will be crying the whole time.

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Rachel says vad part is we signed up for it, then laughs a sarcastic laugh. we keep getting music. Jordan is starting to go into the ugly cry, and Jordan says she feels stupid, and it is not all Jeff and Rachel says well lets talk about it, we just lost 3 comps in a row, jeff left,and she says she feels soooo stu[id, and she just wants to fo home and see her mom and her grandma and her dog, and Jordan says she should know how this game goes, and Jordan says the mental part of the game is just draining,

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also Rachel thru in there that a woman that Jordan felt really liked and cared about her lied and hurt her, so she would be crying too. Rachel says just think Jeff is drinkin a btl of wine now is gonna get to see Brendon and they will be makin jokes, Jordan says she just doesn't care anymore and will not be sayin much.Jordan cannot quit crying, (I am typing in the dark so it may be weird spelling at times fatcat), they are gonna go lay in the purple oom together, Rachel says the jusry house is prolly nice and that Jeff and Brendon are prolly gonna have some fun for a change, Jordan says it is hard because daniele won and all her ppl are still here and Rachel in a real moment orf clarity says they are all losers wanna bes and she Jordan says she wishes she would have believed Rachel on the shelly thing, that they made some big mistakes on her assumption about Shelly,

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12:44PM BBT Jordon still crying. She thinks this is going to be the longest week ever. Rachel is trying to cheer her up by telling her they can lay out, workout twice a day and sleep like evryone else does. "Think about it- Jeff is probably drinking a bottle of wine right now and they are talking to each other in their Mario accents. They will probably do guy stuff like play video games, get drunk at night and steal all the alcohol from Daniele. It will be awesome."

12:46PM BBT Jordon goes to the sink to do the dishes, still sobbing.

12:48PM BBT HOH room: Kalia lying on the couch and Porsche in bed. Kalia saying that Adam asked if it was "her" [who?] idea to put up Lawon. She thinks that Lawon wanted to go up on the block to take one for the team. They talk about the bottom row of HG's pictures looking really empty. Kalia talks about voting Jeff out. She thinks she heard people groaning in the studio audience, but Porsche said they were clapping. Porsche was surprised people in the studio were allowed to clap like that. They talk about the HOH snake competiton and how hard it was. Porsche can't believe how empty the house is now. Kalia: "What did he say when he left? He hugged everyone and said something to everyone and looked at me and said, "And you, too."

12:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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12:50 BBT

Kalia talking about Jeff's eviction...Kalia though she heard wow...but Porsche said she heard "clapping" and the audience was happy

12:52 BBT

Jordan crying "look at Adam he's not even talking to us"...Rachel says"none of em are talking to us" just Kalia...Jordan "we did so bad" about HOH....Jordan "a day like today" and Rachel says they needed to win double eviction...

Jordan said "we should of known" about Shelly and Jeff says they were just naive...

12:54 BBT Jordan says they never had a deal with Dani and Rachel thought and Rachel says Dani was just trying to get inbetween "the four of us' and Rachel says her and Bren would never turn on us...

Jordan tells her that she thoought Brenchel were gonna strike at double eviction...

Jordan says it would be nice to "win something"..."we don't stand a chance unless we win every week" and Rachel says "we have no chance you're right"...

12:56 BBT TRachel says they are voting her out if she on the block on Thursday and Jordan gets depressed "i'm here for a week"

Rachel says "we need a coup d'etat...diamond power of vet or the forrtune teller" to give them a power..

Its not gonna happen Jordan says...and Rachel agrees going on as the worst final four....and say only fat loser will watch them a...

12:59 BBT Jordan asks dis Dani really think she could get her vote after what she did to Brendon...Jordan "i didn't think Dani was going to be like she was"...."they used Jeff to get rid of her"..Rachel "shelly and Adam...yay"

1:00 BBT more of where everything went wrong talk continues...

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Jordan says she is also pissed because Adam thru the comp and they think that Porsche gave him some heads up that adam was safe and he just gave it too her, and now Adam wont even talk to them, they are really seeing them for what they are, Jordan is down on herself because she has done so bad and she thinks that her and Jeff are sooo naieve and believe the best in ppl, Jordan says that Dani was gettin into their heads, Rachel thought Dani had made deals with them , they are really talkin over the stuff that was their downfalls, Adam does noting that does not benefit him, Jordan says last week was great we were on a high and now there is just not a chance because Shelly is with them and the Rachel says well youre right and even if Adam won the veto he prolly would not take jordan off and ad Jordan says good because she wants to go to the jury house were ther are no camera and not be around these ppl and it makes them sick that this is going to be the final 4. Rachel says Adam sucks and so does shelly and adam is because he does nothing and shelly lies about everything and says what a great career woman she is, blah blah, and jordan says shh, and Rachel says i dont care if she hears me what is she gonna do put me up?? Now they are going over dani final plea to get Rachels vote and Rachel says all that Dani said and it upset Rachel but after she talked to jeff she was ok, they are saying that Shelly and adam just used Jeff to get rid of Dani, but that it wouldn;t matter, if it had been Kalia it would have been Rachel and Jeff, no matter how you look at it, but jordan says maybe I would have won Jeff would still be here, now going back to the counting veto that Rachel missed,

Thry are talking and worndering why they are sooo obcessed with dom, wouldn't it be nice if the fortune teller would turn on right now and say rachel and jordan I am giving your girls a redo on hoh, then Rachel says do you think that Adam would keep you over shelly after the fight from this morning, Jordan says maybe, then Rachel starts plotting, they are sorta plotting, trying to come up with something

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1:03 BBT Rachel seems to be getting her head back in the game saying they need to win the veto....and says they have another shot at HOH next week...

Jordan seems alright but says 'if we suck at the veto..there nothing we can do"

1:05 Rachel trying to guess the POV...OTEV rachel says..."we have a good shot a winning"Rachel hope is "climb a rope or run a mile' something "they can't do' or an "obsticle course"

Rachel "i used to be so good at questions" she says she doesn't know what happen "i do" she says "stupid Dominic questions..I'm cursed"

1:07 BBT Rachel is trying to guess their moves "if they try to backdoor me" she can win veto and pull Jordan off the block"...

Jordan says "we'll talk to adam" and Rachel says "i don't trust him" she wants to be backdoored...Jordan "what if you don't win the veto" and Rachel empahtically says "i will"

Jordan realizes her make up has been teared away.."i look like crap"


Jordan says she might not play in veto and Rachel says "i'm guranteed to play in the veto" Rachel seems to be getting more fired up

another foth

1:10 BBT feeds return..Rachel lamenting herself over "dominic" questions..Jordan wants to go to bed she doesn't feel good...

and leaves purple room and lay down...Rachel wants to put makeup on to go to DR later...

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it's 3:30 in the am and I am up and there is music like crazy on the feeds so I am out of here, sorry, hope I can sleep now, I have the BB theme in my head the music has been on soooo much, I'll leave it to steven night owl,lol see ya

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g'night fatcat

1:39 BBT

a lot of FOTHs...and its probably because in the BY they are discussing survivor....its Adam and Kalia and Porsche..

Adam talking about Dani's threats of Dick not liking him...Adam is like "oh well" and says he jope sDani vote for eviction "wasn't personal"

1:41 BBT talking about friends after the show...

out walks shelly {and the vomit rises up in my esophagus}....he lights up and talks about how PT and Cassi are excited that they all got through..Adam says "we all got back together" and are celebrating they defeated...Shelly says she didn't realize "getting off the vet train woould end up like this"..and Kalia "i got of it earlier than you did" {hmm she was connected to Dani until she was evicted delusional tub o' lard"

1:45 {i'm out listening to these masters of the game...night all}

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