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8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:20AM BBT: Shelly has been cleaning the by now goes inside Daniele was in the bathroom back in bed Shelly now back outside drinking her coffee

9:42AM BBT: Shelly doing laundry now all other hg still sleeping

10:07AM BBT: all hg sleeping

10:16AM BBT: Shelly is back up heading outside we have WBRB maybe wake up call

10:28AM BBT: Shelly and Adam in by talking Shelly says she understands about trust issues in this game and she wants to get them both far they have trusted each other the whole game Shelly says if we go the way we are going right now with me you Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and if we win HoH do you have the balls to backdoor Jeff Adam says I don't know

10:29AM BBT: Shelly says this tears me up but I came here to win so at this point here is the thing I am one of the most loyal person in this game I would give you the shirt off my back and I know you would do the same and there is no one I want pissed at me more than you Jeff and Jordan Adam says he is more scared of Daniele than he is of anyone else

1030AM BBT: Shelly says I understand I was the same way three weeks ago but there is a time to separate the men from the boys

10:32AM BBT: Daniele walks outside Shelly tells Daniele she is still trying to sell Adam on the plan but I am not a good seller Daniele says Adam isn't a good buyer

10:34AM BBT: Daniele talking about her week as HoH and telling Adam he was never her target Daniele says why in gods name would you want to keep Rachel nobody likes her everyone hates her and you hate her she says why would I go after you my intentions were never to go after you Shelly ask would the final 3 be Daniele says I don't know I am willing to talk about that I can say final 4 you me Adam and Porsche but we can talk about it I want to get Jeff out of this house why because people are worshiping him and we are signing his paycheck

10:37AM BBT: Daniele telling Adam that Jeff and Jordan will flip on him and she won't ever flip on him Daniele says are you worried Jeff will be mad at you come hang out in our HoH room Adam it's time time to make a big move in this game Adam says but if Rachel wins HoH then I am gone Daniele says who will Rachel put up if she did win HoH Adam says Porsche and Kalia Daniele says no she won't put Porsche up because she thinks Porsche is a ditzy lil blond girl

10:40AM BBT: Adam says OK what if Jordan wins HoH Daniele says imposable but if Jordan wins then who goes up I go up possibly Kalia will go up Adam says I will go and the following week if you can't get Jeff out that week in fast forward if Jeff wins the veto is fast and furious Daniele says fast yes but it will be physical to an extent but not that physical it will be quick

10:44AM BBT: Daniele says I will tell you right now I have nothing right now and whatever deals you two want to make I will make them and I will stick to them why would

10:44AM BBT: I turn my back on you guys Adam says let me say whats bothering me Adam says the whole thing you did with the Dominic thing there was a deal Daniele says there was a final 4 deal and Dominic was staying the week before she did say I don't know about this Adam dude there is something fishy but I don't know talk stops Rachel walks outside eating breakfast

10:46AM BBT: Shelly telling Daniele Adam and Rachel about her cleaning when she got up early and she had a bad headache when she got up so she started downing coffee to help Adam wants Starbucks Shelly wants to try it

10:51AM BBT: Adam talking about he hasn't done any monologs lately and talking about bands Shelly comes back out with coffee Rachel eating Daniele talking about her friends and where they work and we get wbrb

10:56AM BBT: Shelly talking about how dry her hands lips and feet are saying there is no humidity there

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11:14 am BBT:

Rach briefly walks away and Dani mutters for DR to please call Rach. Dani quickly tries to finish her pitch before she returns.

11:15 am BBT:

Rach is back with bible. Dani walks inside in a huff and complains to shelly about Rach. How annoying she is regarding asking Adam questions. Shelly says she's told Adam not to give them any info.

Adam stays outside and tells Rach that she must know what Dani has been saying.

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you have only missed, Dani, Porsche, Shelly hounding Adam. Rachel following Jordan. Kalia sleeping. Porsche wondering. Shelly smoking. Jeff got the HOH camera, they took pictures. Jeff tweeted. Kalia wearing Shelly bathing suit.

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Shelly thanks Jeff for making this week fun. He says he hopes next week is fun too. Shelly wants BB to make a mini key for daughter

Shelly and Jeff smoking. Jordan and Rach going to work out. Adam washing his spaghetti dishes. Kalia walked thru KT.

Shelly gave her red polka dot bathing suit to Kalia. Shelly has lost so much weight she cant wear it any more.

Jeff shaved, Adam went to HOH to listen to music, he rings bell...Jeff doesnt answer, Adam leaves. Jeff tells cam: He will think I got Pandoras Box. Let him put that in his head.


Dani finishes her cold shower, shaves her legs at the sink, sitting a KT stool.

Porsche to Dani: Adam said he doesnt trust you cuz you put him up. Not giving good reasons, makes me think he is waiting for Shelly's thing.

Porsche: I am going to be the telephone. Kalia is doing the same routine you are doing only on the other side.

Porsche going on how Shelly was encouraging Jordan and Rachel jogging.

Dani: If this is enduro I will win hands down.

Porsche: Shelly told me about your F3 deal with Jeff and Joran.

Dani: that was when Kal was HOH.

Porsche: I am in worste position in the house.

Dani whispers: Adam never had a deal with me. I dont know what to do again. Kalia comes in. Porsche says it will be enduro again.

Kalia: I cant believe it will be, they have never done it while people are on slop. Kal in shower talking stops.

Shell says she always get nervous stomach on Thurs. Adam said he did before he came in but not now.

Rachel says she is nervous about Adam. Jordan says she doesnt care if Shelly wins HOH but doesnt know about Adam. Rach: could be enduro.

Jordan: never done two back to back. They would have locked them down by now.

Rachel: one of their enduro HOH they got LD at 5.

Rachel and Adam saying to grab the 10 & 5 lb wts and the basketball hoop & bring it inside before they go on LD. Porsche says 20 more minutes

Shelly says when everyone is done in WCA she will do a good cleaning. Por asking HG if they win HOH will they ask for Bagel Bites

Rachel in shower. Adam suggests maybe they will get something to practice. Shelly tells Porsche she is not smoking, go back there and ask if its for all.....WBRB

Flashback 9/24 4:47 Feed 1

Dani doing make up while Rachel in shower. Dani looks around, goes over to the cabinets opposite the sinks, squats down, gets a pink/yellow bag out, unzips it, looks around, takes something out of it, zips it back and puts something under the pile of towels sitting here. Moves things around, finds/uses Deo. puts bag back in cabinet

(the show is on here and I have tornado watch and thunderstorm warning. someone is going to have to take it. Newbies welcome and encouraged. Dont worry about double post, it proves it happens)

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5:44pm BBT Adam listening to music in the HOH room and jeff and jordan asleep on the couch in the HOH room.

Dani packing in the roy g biv room. shelly helping her. dani is pouting and complaining to shelly that she doesn't think she deserves to leave, etc.

kal, por and rach are in the kitchen talking. the cameras switched to them in the middle of kal telling a story(no idea what's she's talking about)

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7:18pm BBT just turned the feeds back on and it looks like bb has given them a "game" to practice. (i have no idea what it's called but i will try and explain it...it's like a big long snake looking plank and they have to start rolling a ball from one end to the other. there are no rails on any of the sides so they are having trouble keeping the ball on the plank. i saw por fanning herself with a BB paper/card but i'm not sure what exactly it said.) looks like jordan, por, rach, kal, adam and jeff are outside.

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7:43pm BBT kal, dani and por all in the roy g biv room. kal packing her bags. shelly was in there briefly spouting off about being aggravated about something...not sure what.

kal and shelly now in storage room. kal telling shelly about a convo she had with adam. shelly is trying to talk adam to turn on j/j. (seems like shelly is turning on j/j too.)

7:57pm BBT kal back in roy g biv room packing with dani and por. they are speculating that tomorrows HOH comp will be questions and the "game" that they are practicing will be for veto.

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8:35pm BBT rachael roaming the house around looking for her puppy. and shelly is cleaning the bathroom to "blow off steam".

jeff, jor, kal and adam watching por practice the "game" in the BY. i'm guessing dani is napping in the HNBR since that was the only room rach didn't go in and i haven't seen her at all.

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7:04PM BBT: Joking around about the game, Adam says, "I thought you would be good at games with snakes and balls" to Rachel. Big Brother comes on and says "that's what she said". Laughter all around

7:06PM BBT: Cam on Daniele, sadly eating slop, as Shelly comes in and tells her all about what BB was talking about.

7:14PM BBT: Shelly goes two the couch after her turn and says to Jeff, "Its so hard to practice when you don't want them to see what your doing.

7:20PM BBT: Daniele puts plastic wrap over he slop bowl, and heads to her bed in the CBR and lays down, arms crossed. Now 4 cameras on practice.

7:41PM BBT: Shelly heads into the CBR and says that she doesn't know what else she needs to bank into his head, to Porsche, Kalia and Dani'

7:45PM BBT: Kalia and Shelly in storage room talking about convincing Adam because he is "with them, a billion percent"

7:51PM BBT: Kalia now telling Shelly what she told Porsche, about her conversation with Adam, while in the storage room. Kalia now in CBR telling Porsche and Daniele about her conversation with Shelly in the storage room.

8:04PM BBT: Shelly runs outside and fills them in no her conversation with Kalia. Rachel says, ask her if you should keep Daniele and see what she says.

8:18PM BBT: Shelly joins Jeff in the kitchen and starts telling him about her conversation with Kalia

8:21PM BBT: Rachel comes into the kitchen, Shelly back outside. Adam is the topic and Rachel/Jeff not happy with him.

8:24PM BBT: Jordan found Colonel Quackers in the toilet area in the HoH BR. Rachel "Those BITCHES!"

8:26PM BBT: Rachel talking to herself as she goes and puts the duck behind the fortune teller before Daniele and Kalia see that she has it. Rachel then heads into the CBR and starts searching for her puppy.

8:29PM BBT: Rachel grabs something (fat and white, stuffed animal?) and puts it in a baggie and heads to the bathroom area.

8:32PM BBT: Rachel is now in bathroom messing with the toilet tank, as Shelly starts cleaning the shower area. We can't see Rachel, so we don't know what she is doing.

8:46PM BBT: All feeds on outside practice. Nothing much going on. Porsche and Kalia talking about each cooking something for dinner.

8:48PM BBT: Shelly and Porsche in the bathroom area talking as Shelly cleans sinks.

8:49PM BBT: Shelly and Porsche in the bathroom area talking as Shelly cleans sinks.

8:49PM BBT Shelly & Porsche in the WCA talking as Shel cleans sinks. (We have a pic of Revenge for Colonel Quackers: http://bit.ly/n07Nbq )

8:50PM BBT: Shelly tells Porsche that Rachel was saying the dog was from her mom, and she wants it back. Porsche says that's bull, it's from Brendon.

8:56PM BBT: Water running in bathroom area while Shelly is scrubbing the sink makes it difficult to hear. Shelly turns off the water, and asks Porsche to please not tell anyone what they are talking about.

8:57PM BBT: Porsche saying she had a great summer playing dumb and not really having to do anything.

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