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8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:12PM BBT Jeff, Jordon and Rachel sitting outside. Jeff and Rachel are eating fish. Jordon saw someone go up to the HOH room. Rachel thinks it was Shelly. Jordon says to Jeff that they should get massages and facials after they leave BB. She asks Jeff if they could fly together to Chicago so they can sit together on the plane.She said the five hour flight is so long. She didn't bring her ipod on the way to BB because with her luck she would loose it.

9:14PM BBT Rachel suggests to Jeff and Jordon that they should study tonight and go over questions.

9:16PM BBT Adam, Shelly, Jordon and Jeff in the BY. Adam reciting facts. They tell Shelly she can win and give her a quick pep talk. Adam hums the Rocky theme song. [bB didn't catch it] Shelly tells Jeff he should become a public speaker because he is really good at it. Jeff belches loudly. Adam think this week's Veto will be an award or punishment. Jordon said she didn't have that many prizes. Shelly loves her prize (Jordon gave her the phone call from home prize). Jeff is going to bring Shelly a Bears hat when he and Jordon visit her. Jordon asks Shelly if Victoria's Secret has LSU Tigers sports gear. Shelly said she will get her a hat. Jordon tells her she wears a small.

9:22PM BBT (kitchen) Porsche to Daniele: I feel like I'm climbing a mountain all by myself. Dani and P start talking about Adam, but I can't hear them because Dani is mumbling and hardly moving her lips.

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9:25PM BBT Daniele and Porsche talk about Shelly. Porsche is making something out of playdoh. BB said to stop singing again. Dani said it scared her because it was so loud. Porsche said, "Adam needs to go and Shelly can be on my side because then I can't help them study anymore." [huh?]

9:29PM BBT Jordon comes in from outside and Porsche asks her if she is hot tubbing later. Jordon said no and kept walking.

9:30PM BBT Porsche continues to make a face out of playdoh while Dani stares at it in silence. Jeff goes outside. Porsche said she must win HOH.

9:32PM BBT Shelly comes in and said she is going to take a shower. Shelly said Porsche's playdoh face is adorable and that P is so crafty. P says she loves arts and crafts.

9:34PM BBT Kalia, Rachel Jeff outside. Rachel asks if they want to play cut throat. Adam says sure. Rachel drinking wine with lots of red grapes it in. Kalia said it smells fishy outside. Jeff said the BBQ fish was good, but spicey.

9:35Pm BBT Adam and Rachel start the pool game.

9:36PM BBT Kitchen: Porsche is making a little girl doll-like figure out of playdoh.

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9:39PM BBT Dani said she will never ever vote for Adam to win. She reassured Porsche that she can still beat Adam because she can study and Adam is not fast. Dani said they could use Adam as a pawn. Porsche agreed.

9:41PM BBT Rachel and Adam shooting pool. Adam missed and Rachel said, "What are you, man? Playing like me last night after a half a bottle of wine."

9:42PM BBT Dani suggests that Porsche cook her playdoh figure in the oven. Porsche said she should....a little gingerbread man. Porsche wonders why it is taking everyone so long in the DR and wants to go redo her. The camera showed a picture of Porsche's playdoh figure of a girl made out of white playdoh with yellow hair, orange shirt, blue pants, black shoes with UF in front of the shirt. [cute]

9:46PM BBT Dani sees the large red die(dice) on the kitchen counter and comments that they never really played with them except for one drinking game.

9:47PM BBT Rachel walks by without saying a word and goes outside.

9:47PM BBT Dani said, "Should I, A be a bigger person or B, in my speech, call her a disgusting fowl human being? Porsche chooses the latter. Dani thinks Rachel muast be the most hated HG in BB history.

9:51PM BBT Outside: Jordon talking to Kalia saying that everything she has said to everyone in the house is the "honest to God's truth." She insists she NEVER ever promised NOT to backdoor Daniele. She said she had talked to Rachel until 5 in the morning, but she never said that she would not back door her. Jordon said that Jeff was really mad last night when she told him what Dani said.

9:59PM BBT Adam sits down and lights up a cigarette. Jordon is talking to Kalia about everything she had spent 45 minutes talking to Shelly about last night. (Daniele)

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10:11PM BBT Jordon walks over to Jeff, gives him a kiss and goes inside. Kalia is flipping through the Bible and talking about different passages and various Bible names.

10:14PM BBT Jordon inside the bathroom talking to Shelly.

10:15PM BBT Kalia comes inside and says she's going to put some pants on because she is cold. Shelly said she is so sick of her clothes and walks by Jordon in the kitchen. Jordon tells her how skinny she looks and Shelly said she is good for her ego.

10:17PM BBT Shelly is called to the DR.

10:19PM BBT Kalia using q-tips in her ears. Dani walks by and goes into the kitchen. Kalia follows her. The two don't talk to each other.

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10:21PM BBT Kalia and Dani start talking. Kalia thinks Dani is mad at her. Dani said she is not mad, but she is really really sad. She said she doesn't feel like acting happy- she is tired and hungry and then gets quiet. Kalia said that she tries to have a conversation with Dani, but Dani never wants to talk and then goes to talk to other people. Dani said, "I am not going to sit here and complain how much it sucks that I am leaving and other people are staying. It sucks because all I have done this whole week is complain and that is so not me. And all because I put my trust in two complete morons. Americas Sweethearts...give me a break." Kalia said she doesn't mind being around Dani even when she is complaining. Dani is just sitting there not saying anything. [awkward silence] Kalia said she is sorry...really really sorry. Dani said there is nothing to be sorry about.

10:31PM BBT Kalia said they still have some wine. Dani suggest they both eat because there is nothing BB could do about it. [more silence]

10:33PM BBT BY: Adam and Jeff shooting pool, Rachel, Porsche and Jordon sitting around the hot tub with their legs in the water. Adam smoking. Pool game is almost over. Jeff said it is the worst "effing" game ever and Adam says it's the worst game in BB history.

10:36PM BBT Kitchen: Shelly says to Dani- Don't let them put you in here by yourself. You don't have to pay attention to them. Dani said she just doesn't want to be around them. Rachel makes her want to thow up in her mouth and Jeff and Jordon are the biggest liars.kalia trying hard to cheer her up. Asks her is she wants to sit in the back and cry on her shoulder...Do oyu need a hug?" Trust me, I'm not in a good mood. I am just trying to make the most of the situation.

10:39PM BBT Kalia and Dani talk about Rachel not being around for the fast forward. Kalia said everyone is getting on her nerves except Porsche.

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10:43PM BBT Kitchen: Dani is talking about the Bendaroo nooses she put around the Bendaroos Rachel had made last night. She pretended they weren't nooses and were badminton rackets.

10:49PM BBT Kalia, Porsche, Shelly and Dani in the kitchen talking about Rachel. Kalia is talking about the airplane kits that BB gave them last night. Shelly asks if they are going to play poker. [i have my TV turned up to 62 and I still can't understand them.]

10:50PM BBT Dani shouting to Shelly who is in the bedroom. Dani made a troll. She wants Shelly to pass it on after she gets voted out

10:53PM BBT Jordon talking to Jeff outside about Dani being upset that they put her up. (Banging heard in the background.) Jordon said she was really nice in ther goodbye speech. Shelly sits down to smoke a cigarette.

10:56PM BBT Adam wonders if he would return if they asked him back to BB. Jordon said he would probably play it cool. Adam said, "Farrah would say, "Are you effing kidding me...again?"

10:57PM BBT Kalia, Porsche and Dani in the kitchen talking about Shelly. Porsche said Shelly knows how to make meatloaf, but never made it until Porsche was on slop. Porsche making one of the paper airplanes. Kalia said that Adam asked Kalia if Jesus was in the Bible. Adam walked in just as she was saying that and confirmed what she had said was true.

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10:05pm BBT - So Rach and Por at the HT, Jor/Adm/Kal/Jeff on BY couches. Rach/Por singing a conversation about Por's slop time. FotH

Por/Rach discussing possibility of HN next week. Rach says no one has ever gone w/o being a HN. Por wanted to be the first. Rach wants to meet Shell's Tony & Josie but also Adam's Farrah. Por just hopes her dad can come out.

Feeds return with Kal letting out a cackling laugh, something about Adam skipping over the Jesus part of the bible. Rach asks Jeff if his brother is coming out. Rach saying she only got one glass of wine at the post season party last year, so many people taking pictures.

10:15pm BBT - Kal left alone on the BY couch, Jor talking to Shell in WCA, repeating a convo she had earlier. Kal seemed to realize she was alone outside and rushed in. Por & Rach reconnecting by not talking about anything substantial. Jor in KT, lifts up on her jeans that aren't sticking to her hips. Looks like Jor has made lemonade. Shell, Kal & Dani in WCA. Shell getting ready to shower.

10:20pm BBT - Jor joins Rach & Por at HT, Jor telling misc stories. Kal in KT studying memory wall. Feed 3 zooms in on Rach. Dani passes Kal. Kal asks what can she say to make her feel better? Dani says it sucks because no one is playing the game and she has no chance and nobody can understand. Kal stands there useless. Dani goes on her standard whine, she's not ignoring Kal but she can't act happy when she's hungry and tired and on the block and...

10:25pm BBT - Rach talks to Jor about Reality TV Awards Show. Jor confirms she and Jeff won Best Reality TV Couple. Dani tells Kal she doesn't even have to do anything and she'll be safe. Kal telling her not to give up, talk to people, don't shut down, she doesn't know. Dani makes excuses, says she won't campaign against Kal because she has no shot. It would be rude for her to say it sucks you're staying and I'm going, I hate being an annoying person & complaining. Not a good week.

10:30pm BBT - HT convo turns to 1000 Island hot sauce, it's spicy. Dani turns to JeJo, saying she put her trust in two morons. Kal says Dani is a good friend and she will not let her leave here being so down. Kal blaming herself now for Dani's predicament, what she coudla shoulda woulda done differently. BY HT talk turns to The Bachelor Pad and dating shows being scripted reality tv.

Jeff & Adam now playing pool. Dani sitting at the KT ctr feeling sorry for herself. Kal puttering around in the KT. Shell just got out of DR, tells Kal & Dani they suck, and pats Dani on the head. Kalia wants to steal some wine and they will both take a penalty nom.

10:35pm BBT - Jeff took game 1 but blew game 2. Shell comes back into the KT and tells Dani to come outside. Dani says she doesn't want to be around some of the people outside. Shell plays the encouraging mother and Dani lets off on another rant about how big a liars JeJo and Rach are and how she is going to be the bigger person by martyring herself alone. Jeff playing the worst game of pool in his life. Shell heads out and leaves Dani to her misery.

Kal now talking to Dani in her natural language - whisper. Dani says she's afraid Rach goes to F2. Kal assures her that won't happen, she won't take Rach. Dani hates people who act like they are such great people and they are not (Dani must have been looking in the mirror again). Shell and Adam yelling a convo across the BY, about all the characters on 90210. Somehow this changes to Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer with 90210 names.

10:40pm BBT - Shell changes the topic to Saved By The Bell. Kal is whispering about convos she's had with Jor, says the only one not getting on her nerves is Por (who has been campaigning against Kal). Kal say Por wants just to win something. Dani says she is playing to the best of her ability. Dani tells Kal to put up Jor/Rach because Rach can't win PoV and Jor will take Jeff off and leave Rach, she can then nom Adm. Or use Jor as a replacement, one of them has to go next wk, period.

10:45pm BBT - Shell walks through KT again, now she has some perfume on that Tony picked. Can't hear the peanut gallery by the HT and couches, but Jeff still having a bad game. Dani says Jor can't win anything so she doesn't matter. Hmmm. That's what Kevin and Natalie said when they tapped Jordan to go to the F3.

Apparently as bad as Jeff was playing, he won the match and they start over. Por & Shell in KT now, interrupting Dani's misery. Shell is throwing out expired food, laughing. Dani says throw everything away. She wants to start stealing Rach's stuff since Rach is stealing her stuff. uh, yeah. The good news for Dani is she probably won't have to put up with Rachel for much longer. She asks if Bren wipes Rach's but too since he does everything else for her.

10:55pm BBT - Jeff on the couch now w/Jor, telling him about a convo w/Kal. Adm playing with the pool basketball, Rach talking with him from the hammock. Jor saying she told Kal that everything she ever told her was the truth, explaining why Dani was nominated and going through the list of all the things Dani did against them. Shell heads outside to the BY couches. Jor does not stop her story. The ball gets away from Adm and Shell goes to retrieve it.

Jeff joking to Shell that Adm said if he was asked back for All Stars he doesn't know if he'd go. Jeff said he would trip over his feet hurrying back. Por and Dani playing with the origami while Kal watches. Adm makes a great shot into the basket and Shell says OMG! Adm talking about his ADP building, gives out the phone number. FotH.

Shell outside cracking jokes w/JeJo. Adm goes inside and Kal starts telling on his bible story. Dani manages to turn it into another diatribe against Rachel.

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11:03PM BBT Adam wonders why he has not been called into the DR. Porsche, Adam, Kalia and Daniele talk about how good the pizza they made was. They start mocking Rachel saying, "This is awe-some".

11:07PM BBT Shelly comes in to get something to eat. Dani and Kalia are making things out of the Bendaroos. Kalia is making a Christmas tree and says it doesn't look like a tree. Porsche reassures her that it looks good. Shelly suggests they make dream catchers. Shelly asks what is the mess on the kitchen counter. Porsche, Dani and Kalia chime it that Rachel made the mess and tell Shelly to say something Rachel.

11:10PM BBT Kalia belches and talks about how disgusting her "burps" are....not like her usual ones........

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11:07 BBT

Adam talking outside about proposing to his GF but doesn't want to say on camera as she is watching he needs a ring, need to hurry and have kids because of being in their late 30s and a mother dying to be a grandmother..

Rachel says she's dying but Brendon is making her wait...

J&J listen to Adam to his N accent and Jiordan discusses mobwives..with Adam...

11:10 Jordan talking about outlaw mobsters and Shelly joining in as Jordan apparently like mobsters biography shows....

11:10 Rachel goes in "have you guys seen my sweatshirt" she asks the downers in the kitchen..."the ucla one" Kalia asks...."yes" and K says "no"

In the kitchen the art n crafts is going on with Kalia Dani and Porsche...Rachel in there going through the fridge..

11:13 BBT

achel asks if the candy bars were hers...grabs the ice cream and just takes her time annoying them...

She leaves "idiot" Dani says she's looking for the "candy I just hid" and calls her "a moron"....

11:15 BBT

Outside Adam talking about "bars"...talking working in bars while going to school..Talking "economics"..."supply and demand" Shelly seems to only remember from it...Adam didn't like it he "failed"

11:17 BBT Shelly asking if Rachel cleaned up her egg mess and all are over the egg dying.."shelly don't touch em" and says she will clean it up...

Inside Jordan cleaning up but Rachel in there helping...

11:19 BBT the three continue their arts n crafts...

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11:15PM BBT Rachel comes in the KT while Dani, Kalia and Porsche make bendaroos. She goes back outside looking for something and K, P, and D immediately talk about her. Dani said she hid Rachel's candy bars.

11:18PM BBT Rachel comes back inside and puts something in the microwave. Kalia is still working on her Christmas tree. Jordon comes inside and asks if "we" are going to clean up the egg dye." Rachel cleans up the bowls of egg dye on the counter. Jordon goes up to the HOH room to "pee". Rachel asks if she can come listen to music. She follows Jordon into the HOH room while eating a bowl of someting. She tells Jordon that they HAVE to go over every single Zingbot quote verbatim. Then she asks if Jeff would mind if she ate some of the cheese. No reply from Jordon. [she had to pee, Rachel. Give her some privacy]

11:24PM BBT Jordon is eating Wheat thins while she and R go over the Zingbot zings. The Zingbot said Porsche is the only 22 year old with airbags.

11:26PM BBT Jordon thinks that Adam and Porsche are working together..."for sure". Jordon and Rachel review the Zingbot zings.

Rachel's 1. Zing was about saying the "f" word and then something about Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. 2. Rachel- "I hardly recognize you without the tears."

Jeff's Zing- 1. "1995 called and they want their soul patch back." 2. "They call you Big Jeff obviously not because of your big...brain."

Adam's Zing 1. "When you shaved your beard I thought there would be something good underneath." 2. "Your finace didn't know she was dating a bald guy."

Shelly- "The only way you will smoke the competition is if it is a smoking competition." Rachel said BB won't use that because she didn't like it. Shelly (or Jeff")- 2."What do you call someone that smokes, hunts, and fishes...adieu (or a dude)."

Daniele- 1. "What's up with you and these showmances. First Nick and then Kalia." 2. "Do you own(have) a car because it seems like you're always riding on your dad's coattails.

Kalia- 1. "I read your blog. I wouldn't be waiting by your mailbox for the Pulizter award." 2. "You write in your column alot about sex but it seems like you know the most about what you do after sex...sleep."

Jordon- "The only reason why Jeff hasn't proposed is because you are bad at answering questions."

11:42PM BBT Rachel can't remember all of the Zings so she strategizes ways to get Kalia to give her some clues. She said she will play cards with her later and ask her some questions.

11:43PM BBT Rachel and Jordon talking strategy. Rachel said they HAVE to win HOH so they will be set for the final three. We have to figure out the whole Adam thing. Maybe if I go and play pool with them and say something about Uncle Fester. "The perimeter...one mile, the perimeter of the backyard is 19 1/4 laps around the yard."

11:44PM BBT Rachel said, "Daniele is probably coaching Porsche and Kalia. If they aren't studying the questions then they don't even deserve to be here." Jordon recalls when she played this game during her season, BB changed just one word and got it wrong. Rachel says she doesn't know how BB is going to change the words in the competition. Jordon said that it will be easier to remember what was said as soon as she hears it. Rachel decided to go play pool with Adam and Jeff scheming that maybe they will tell her exactly what the Zingbot said about them.

11:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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11:22 BBY

Outside by the pool table..Adam and Jeff talking about shelly...and Adam says Dani has been getting in her ear...

Adam says Dani changed her mind half way through putting the keys in before she nominated him and Shelly..

Jeff says Adam has to talk to shelly and that she's "giving her the same story"

Adam says he knew a "chronic liar" and eventually all the stories start to fall apart....

Jeff says he knows people like that and "what the fuck" they do that..Adam says because their lives are boring and need to act excitement...

11:26 BBT "their burgers are fucking crap" Adam talks about from "red Lobster"

Jeff finishing up his laundry..Adam went in...but it looks like they are getting ready to play pool

Up in HOH Rachel going over the zing bots....with Jordan...

Outside Jeff playing pool alone...

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11:32 BBT

Jeff still outside playing pool alone

Upstaits in HOH Rachel is doing the remedial version o Jedi training with Jordan..

11:33 BBT Adam come from inside and joins Jeff in Chicago vs NY...pool game...

Looks like HOH Jedi training is over as Jordan has headed downstairs...and outside....

11:35 BBT Jordan asks Jeff about the skipping CD player explains to her...grabs some pizza and heads back upstairs...heads back in....Jordan wants to study outside and Rachel doesn't want to study "in front of Shelly"

11:37 BBT Rachel not sure about "adam's Kalia's" zings..."ask Kalia .....how many former soviet union"

Rachel not sure how many former USSR republics..Rachel's gut says 12...but the others says 15 and may be a red herring..{i think it is 15}

11:42 BBT Adama nd Jeff talking about making nice....before HOH and Adam says "if Jordan wins' she will be Kalia and Jeff says "the other side is going up" and says "the other side has to go up"....."fuck no' Jeff says about Jordan putting Adam up....

Jeff says "she is just nervous about" him and Porsche...Adam says he doesn't view Porsch as big of threat "as kalia"

11:44 BBT Adam makinfg sure Kalia is going up....and says about Porsce "eventually she'll have to go"

11:45 BBT Back to obnoxious pool voices...

Upstairs talking scenarios...Jordan thinks shellly is "100%" with us ...

11:47 BBT Rachel thinks the double eviction is not this thursday but the next....

Rachel says "we have to figure out the who adam thing" and says she will go downstairs to play pool and see if she can find out his zing...

11:48 BBT More talk of investigating of zing phrases...

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11:51 BBT Porsche suggest they go "outside" but Dani says they should clean up their mess...

Dani says she didn't eat slop today but Kalia says she did and remembers she had a small bowl of it...

Dani says "we need to write him a song" why he should vote for him...and Porsche starts singing her Adam song and FOTH and on BBAD "porsche please stop singing"

11:54 BBT

Upstairs in HOH Rachel and Jordan figuring out how they will get their info..

Rachel and Jordan continue to go over the zings...

Feeds are still FOTH and BB still telling them tostop singing....

11:56 BBT Dani asks if the should make more food and Porsche says "deviled eggs" and they start making them...

Porsche says the egs were not boiled all the way and thats why they break and both says neither will want to eat eggs "ever again"

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11:59 BBT

Rachel ask if her zings was "bigger" or "larger' and Porsche says she doesn't remember but they take it as Rachel being rude rather than fishing for info...

12:01 BBT Rachel and Jeff come into the Kitchen "porsche you wanna play rummy" and Porsche says "no thank you" and porsche tells Dani "me and my fatt ass needed to eat" and Dani says "apparently"

12:02 BBT Rachel standing there playing with the bendarroos..Rachel goes out...Dani grossing out over the "relish" put in...

Dani and Porsche tells Kalia about Rachel saying for the "bigger trunk" comment...again apparently they didn't see what Rachel was doing...getting info for HOH..

12:05 BBT Dani not liking the relish..."mm I think I got an egg shell" Kalia thinks it may be "peppercorn"

12:05 BBT Outside Kalia goes out to get bedarrom for her star her project needs...

Shelly says Kalia looks good from her DR and though she would come out "a mess"

12:08 BBT Kalia heads in...and shelly follows in and bashes Rachel immediately...

Rachel and Jordan asks Jeff about Zingbots...they says "trick him" about getting zing...they go over the zings bu Jeff isn't being much help...

12:12 BBT Jeff remembers Dani....Rachel asks if they are "that tricky"...Jeff says "bigger trunk"...Rachel says they need to know exactly...but Jeff says "its opposite"....

Rachel says Daniele is coaching "her minions" and Rachel says they know "the exact words"

12:14 BBT Adam heads back out and does....a zing...and Adam correct Jordan about his...Adam foolishly does his...Adam just goes on and on about the zings...so they got all their info...Rachel smiling as Jordan keeps asking...Adam about the zings...and he keeps telling them...

12:17 BBT Kalia comes out and immediately Jeff changes the subject....

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12:19 BBT

they continue to get the info from Adam...

Jordan and Rachel happy and Jordan says she doesn't need to ask Kalia...but Jordan says "i think it was 15" and Rachel thinks she was right..Adam confirms it was 15 Rachel says :he said it twice"

12:22 BBT Jordan and Rachel at HT talking about Jordan has to use her hands to help her..."i have to look at my hands"...and says "i remember better"

12:24 BBT In the bathroom the Porsche,Kalia and Dani discussing beauty products....bashing Rachel as apparently they think Rachel's pregnamt and bash her parenting skills..like getting her kid a boob job and drinking while pregnant...

Dani and Porsche whispering as Kalia went into th etoilet stall about pajamam jam and not be depressed...Kalai reneters and the whispering stops...

Porsche asking why her perfume is out and says "truly madly deeply" is pissed her stuff is out...

12:33 BBT they are all in the HN room...or Ka lia and Dani as Dani lays down "this room sucks man..its so cold...." Dani whines...

Kalai making small talk about staying warm....Kalai still just blathering and its looks like its annoying Dani...Porsche enters...

12:36 BBT Kalia suprised they can eat suckers.."are you sure" Kalia aks and doesn't accept it ...

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12:40 BBT

Outside Jeff and Adam playing pool ...while Rachel and Jordan are jedi drilling at the HT...

Adam really helping them Jedi drill as he plays pool...

Back in the HN room...the three girls are talking about creams....

Dani complaing all those "gross eggs made her "stomach hurts" Kalai complaing her "bikini line" is sore from her panties or from her shaving and tells them she is taking her parachutes off...

Kalia says she should get up to go take her fiber and Kalia and Porsche get up while Dani just lays there..."huhhhhhh" she sighs loudly...

Kalia "like seriously what happened" about Dani and says "her eyes are watering off and on" while Porsche says she feels sorry for her she's on "her period"....and Porsche says she is trying to joke around and Kalai says "big brother is it' for her and its "more important' to dani than anyone else in teh house....Porsche just says "i feel bad" and in walks Rachel in the kitchen and shows them her broken wine glass fron the bendaroos...

12:49 BBt Kalia is putting cucumbers "on my eyes"...Rachel ask "what are you doing" and Kalai says fiber drink and cuckes for her eyes as Rachel brings up how she eats icream "every night" to Kalia....

Back in HN room Porsche calling Rachel a "stealer" for decorating her wine glass and Dani says she's leaving and when Adam tells her no "i'm just gonna puch him in the face' and Rachel too and Porsche says then she would get to go to jury...

12:52 BBTKalia back in HN room as Porsche plans on using all the play doh...and they have artsn crafts again...

Kalia brings up rachel's kitchen convo..."if she comes in here I'm gonna be really mean to her"

12:54 BBT Outside Adam and Jeff playing pool....he sais "she's just probably telling you to throw you off" to Jordan but i wasn't sure who he was talking about...

Pool finishes and Adam goes over days with Jordan...

Adam seems to have it down pat...

12:58 BBT more jedi drilling outside...

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12:59 BBT

Adam talking about Dani asking him to flip...and "if you work with me" she'll brink her father to Hoboken for trivia night...

Jordan says it feels like Dick was never there Jeff says if Dick stayed they would have never flipped..

Adam says he would have challenged dick...

1:02 BBT They talk about first HOH of the season...Jeff questions how many really threw..."once you moved" he says..you lost your grip...

1:04 BBT more firts HOH talk..."hold on you fucking sill broad I donb't even know you" Adam said about porsche holding on the banana

Jordan says Dick "was nice" but Jeff says his hacking and spitting was already get on his nerves..

Jordan says Dick had ebnergy..sat up till 6 sleep 2 hrs and "be fine"

1:07 More dick reminicing..

1:07 BBT back in HN room Kalia whining in pain while Porsche and Dani playing with the playdoh...Dani is making a "PT"....and they continue their PT remincing of Dominc through play doh...

1:10 outside on the couch Adam talking about his food comps with Dominic..and talks about how awful ant costume was...

Adam talks about past comps..

1:12 BBT more comp talk...

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1:16 BBT

In the HN room Dani in better spirits working on her Dominc and Porsche play doh figures..."i don't want to take any pictures tomorrow" and says Jeff will delete them..Porsche says "do you think he knows how to delete them"

1:17 Back to play doh figures...

They can hear Shelly coughing up a lung from the other room.. Klai says its her "asthma" and Porsche says the smoking and Klai says "i'm sure that doesn't help her asthma"

1:19 BBT back to play doh..

Back outside..

Adam talking about can waiting for next season of BB premiere and how they will act like they know what they will do...

Adam says its much easier to watch than play

Adam saying he doesn't trust Dani and says she became my biggest target...Jeff says "she fucked up bad" and Adam says "she was bored" and wanted to "get in this game"

Adam brings up how Dani used people in BB8 and says he woulkd have been expendable to her and would have got him out...

Adam says they didn't tell him about the plan with Lawon....but the other side went 'step by step" on what they were gonna do...

1:24 BBT Lawon" bashing about his big move..Adam "why would you want to play the game" with him..and "never said a word"...

1:25 BBT Jeff says when he talked to him when she was HOh "we decided" like they were "dating"

Adam mocking his "day one allinace" saying they couldn't "give me better people to work with...they give me keith" and says if the game had no vets..he would win hands down...

Jeff 'its gnna be a different house without Daniele"

Adam says "tuesday is the day" everyone apologizes and tries t get back into "good graces" as they talk how Kalia apologized to Jordan...

1:29 Talking about Dani "make deals with everyone".....Adam "if I bought " Dani's story J&J and Rach would be target #1 and when Dani was done he would be her target...

"she made terrible fucking moves" Jeff says about Dani....and says she should have let Kalia win the first HOH and Porsche the last one "but she's too egotistical" to let anyone else win..

1:32 BBT..Adam and Jeff questioning Dani's moves....

1:34 BBT MoreDani bashing...

Jordan says she can't wait to her her speech.....Jeff says she's thinking "about it right now".....Jeff thinks "she'll go classy"

1:36 BBT Talking about Domincs terrible spech...and Jeff says the speeches never change their votes...."its just for TV"

Jeff goes in and Adam telling Jordan he doesn't have no side deals with porsche.....and Jordan telling him that all the people and all the work we don't want to split up....

Jordan says she will be happy no matter wins from their alliance...wins....

Adam says Dani has been in Shelly ears.." lot more" than in his ear...

Adam says he and shelly compared note...and dani told Adam shelly was going home and told Shelly he was going home

1:41 BBT More Dani not being trustworthy talk

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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2:45 am BBT

Adam and Kalia talking in the Have Not Room. Kalia is talking a F4 with Shelly, Porsche, Adam and Kalia. Kalia believes that they have a chance and a smart move. Adam has been weighing the options and says that Dani is a strong competition and doesn't think that he can beat her in the end. Kalia wants to know how he will be after Thursday because she says that everyone thinks that he's with Jeff like people think she's with Dani. She tells him that he needs to pick a side.

Meanwhile in the HoH room, Jeff and Jordan are talking about Thursday night and what questions Julie might ask him. Jordan wonders what "the people out there are thinking and are they like, "awwwww, poor Daniele." Jeff responds that some people are happy and some are pissed.

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2:56 am BBT

Daniele and Porsche are talking outside and Daniele is whining that she thought that she'd make it to F4 and "it sucks." Daniele says for Porsche to stay close to Shelly and how their relationship has improved. Porsche says that Adam would have been great to have a long but Daniele says that she's not giving up and that there HAS to be something. Porsche says that she offered him F4 with Dani, Adam, Porsche and Shelly and tried to stroke his ego but it didn't work.

Dani wonders if Adam is 100% sure that he's voting her out. Porsche says that if Dani leaves she can only trust herself. Dani says that Kalia is not stupid and tells her to go with her gut instinct. She said that she should have gotten Jeff out Week 3 and even if he came back in the house that it would have been a great game move.

3:03 am BBT

Jeff says that they are working harder this time and why he's stressed out these last 2 days. Jordan says for him not to be stressed out and can't play in HoH and doesn't want to be knocked out by a floater. Jordan offers to rub his head and he asks where the chess pieces? They are wondering what the point of taking them unless it's for money like Ragan, the saboteur. They are laughing about the tasks and how much per task and Jordan keeps saying task instead of tasks so Jeff educates her about its tasks, like it's not 3 dog but 3 dogs. She tries to say the word tasks but she says its not making sense to her. Jordan says task not tasks. Jeff tries to get a work around for her so she doesn't have to say tasks and finally comes up with, "He had to complete more than one task. "

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a few more overnight updates... (including the topic of controversy for this morning lol)

2:05am Adam/J/J are on the patio, Adam seems to still be firmly siding with Jeff to vote out Daniele. Adam states that if he wins HOH, his plan would be to nominate Kalia/Porsche, and if the POV gets used by one of them, that Rachel would be the replacement nominee.

2:08am Adam/J/J state that when a HOH week of reign is over, they can keep their letter, but not their cd/pictures.

2:11am in a controversial moment, Daniele is shown rolling over in the HNBR, and then placing something into her mouth. Speculation is divided over whether it is a retainer or a cookie. She has her blue hoodie over part of her head, so it is difficult to tell if there is any chewing/swallowing that takes place. (picture posted in the picture forum).

2:40am Dani/Pors have made it back onto the patio, with Dani venting to Pors about her arguement with Kalia from 10:23pm Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Kalia and Adam are in the HNBR, with Kalia proposing a renewal of the newbies into a Final 4 alliance of Kalia/Porshe/Adam/Shelly. Kalia is willing to start the ball rolling this week by taking out Jeff/Jordan/Rachel and not revealing that Adam/Shelly have flipped to side with Kalia/Porsche. Adam is all yes, yes and agreeing with her about the concept, but it's difficult to tell if he is actually for it or not.

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10:43am BBT:

Rach comes out and game talk stops. Turns to what Rach is eating for breakfast. It doesn't escape Rach how early Dani is up today to which Dani responds with how she always wakes up when the music comes on.

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