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8/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:30 a.m. BB Time

HG's tucked in their beds.

Shelly (of course) is up and in the back yard.

At the moment she's lowering the awnings.

Now she's sitting on the couch with some sort of a drink (looks like cola) and thinking.... Not smoking at the moment

(same old, same old)

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9:30 a.m.

Adam joined Shelly.

Shelly goes on and on about the reasons it's better to flip.

It keeps going around in circles about which group they'd have a

better chance with.

Adam keeps turning the possibilities around.

Probably just as much chance on either side.

(it's all been said before I think)

(got bored and turned it down)

Now Rach has joined the BY group.

Talk turns to bedtime stuff that happened.

Adam goes over to exercise .

(I'm off - got stuff to do)

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9:00am shell and adam talking out in by about jeff and how strong he is shell trying to get adam to make a big move and vote kal out and keep dani to help take jeff out she says jeff is the best player in this game right now adam not wanting to flip he is tasling about if por or kal wins they could put up jeff and rach and take rach out or jeff out adam says if you or i win hoh this week we take out rach

9:04am adam says por isnt a big target shell says no she is sweet i never realized how sweet she is adam says yeah when keoth was here i wonders but i see dani as the biggest road block when bren won a challenge i could see them throwing everyone under the bus rach walks outside and talking stops adam asked rach if she enjoyed the music and we get wbrb

9:06am shell says she was pissed at whatever was going on lastnight that they kept yelling shell asking who was singing adam says kali

9:09am adam shell and rach talking about bb telling dani to check her mic to put on her mic rach is laughing shell says she must have had a bad mic

9:11am adam saying por got upset lastnight and went to her room over toys and bikes he ask what those were bendables shell says bendaroos and how josie loved the comercials and they bought them for her and she played with them alot

9:14am shell telling how you can stick them to the glass and they stay there rach says oh cool shell says people take little bwles and wraps em and it stays on there good

9:15am adam says time to get cardio done rach says good for you adam shell says he is doing good doing cardio in the morning and weights at night

9:16am shell and rach talking about the bird in the by shell says he wants to be a part of the bb house rach says he doesnt wanna be here shell says yeah fly away bird rach syas fly away lil birdie fly away she says she is tired and yawns

9:18am adam walks outside and says if it was anyone but dani i might be more inclined to do it but with dani i cant dani is a threat shell says really adam says yeah i think she will put me up again and if she did i would go

9:19am adam saying jor and rach are deffinatly voting dani out and i think por will be persuaded to vote their way shell says i dont think they are working por adam says i dont know but then that leaves you and me and they wouldnt trust either one of us if the didnt know who flipped then they would keep rach around to come after one of us rach walks back out and talk stops again

9:36am adam is working out rach sitting on the couches watching him shell comes back outside asking if today is tuesday or wednesday adam says tuesdays shell says i am geting old and confused shell says there aint nothing today right rach says no

9:37am shell talking about her daughter maybe being at lunch or on the playground at school today

9:43am shell saying it feels so weird being away from work so long she says she has never been away from work as long as i have this time she says she works all the time thats her bobbie and misses her family and doest tell them that enough

9:49am shell asking rach if this bb house is considered a lot rach says yes it is a lot rach says this is cbs they recors bold and beautiful and price is rite and furgeson at studio city and this is the other lot

9:59am rach talking about bed and how she will lose her bed soon shell says why isnt that your bed rach says no i get tossed from bed to bed shell says tell em your not moving shell says they will just yell they got mad over something i said about a movie the other day shell talking about how imature it is writing on bathroom walks in the bb house dom put his mark in both bathrooms rach says yeah how imature

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10:07am shell and rach still just general talk about family and brendons studies adam working out and everyone else asleep still

10:24am rach and shell still general talk in by about pledging in collage adam done doing hos workout changing clothes and making his bed in bbr and getting clothes for a shower now heading to wca for his shower

10:34am rach telling shell about having clothes made and letters put on them just alot of college talk adam out of shower getting dressed and cleaning ears everyone else still sleeping

10:50am adam in the kitchen making himself food shell and rach still in by general talk still going on

10:52am adam in kitchin cooking wait for it BACON putting it on a pan to put in the oven

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12:23pm BBT

Shelly and Adam in back yard. Shelly says, across the yard to him "Adam, I want you to think about what would change your mind. If anything." Adam replies that he's not set in stone, he's still thinking about it.

Other cameras on Porsche, Daniele and Kalia sleeping in the Have Not bedroom.

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12:20 BBT

Its been quiet in the BBH.

Shelly smoking, Rachel reading the Bible. Adam made lunch and cleaned it up. He goes outside. Shelly was cleaning the windows and got bitten by something. Its really bothering her.

Shelly and Adam talking religion, mostly Judaism. Rachel still reading Bible. Adam hasnt gone to Temple in he doesnt know how long. Shelly still bothered by the bite, she is now paranoid by bugs. They see a new bug, Rachel wants to feed it bread. It flew away. Rachel sets some bread on the ledge tells it to come back and get it if it wants. Adam says it had a moth in its mouth.

Rachel goes inside. Shelly says...thats whose team you're on. Adam flips thru the Bible. Shelly asks Adam to think about what would change his mind. He replies he is not set in stone, he is thinking about it.

Shelly gets in the pool. Adam goes inside to join all the others for a nap. Rachel puts on her tennis shoes and starts jogging around BY. (thats as exciting as it gets)OH WAIT...Adam rolls over.

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Dani, Kalia, and Porsche get up, put on their swim suits and start to make their way outside to sun. Jordan gets up.

Porsche gives Adam a tour of the their treasures in the HNBR. Adam claims one of the chairs by the pool. Dani asks if any has done DRs today. Shelly answers Rachel did one but it was fast...WBRB

Shelly telling Dani that she (Rachel) was getting so pissed. Porsche was so funny. Dani used the crafts last night to make gift for Adam. (star of David)

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Shell tells Dani she has talked to Adam since the music. Dani does her infamous whispering, cant hear her. Por comes out, the talk about the bendaroo art she did.

Kal tells Shell she has lost 5 lbs. since she went on slop. Jor says she ate so much last night. Kal says Jor works out so much.

Kalia tells Shelly she seems quiet today. Shelly says she's just hungry. Kalia hugs her tells her she is very very very glad she's here

Dani is now missing her sunglasses as well as her nail polish. Kalia announces her whoo haa feels amazing...she shaved it.

Dani comes outside saying people in the house have no manners, she would like to see how their parents are.

Jeff and Joran are in KT, Shelly at table eating. Dani hopes they get more fun facts today.

Jeff to Shelly: Dani getting BD she is having a bad day. Ohh poor Dani, she is soo pissed off.

Shell: you give the best advice--let it go and move on.

Jeff: oh I have.

Shell: when she (Dani) came outside she said hi to me but not Rachel.

Jeff: why would he swear that he wouldnt BD her, they knew he would do it.

Jeff goes outside, says hey Rach.

Jeff asks Rach how much wt she wants to lose, she says she just needs to tone. Rachel went from being on slop to pigging out.

Porsche: how rude can you get.

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Kalia says her butt and back of her legs are black. Dani says she is very dark.

Jeff and Adam talk about lifting weights later.

Rachel comes out in a Kimono. Rachel tells Porsche only 3 more days. Porsche is peeling eggs & making green tea, says only 3 more days.

Jeff says (something couldnt understand him) Rachel says wont be long tho. Jeff says they said a half hour...WBRBB

Rachel asks Porsche if this is an apple or a pear, Porsche say pear. Jeff wants to get his marinade going before they get locked down.

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Dani tells Shelly that Jeff cornered Kalia and Porsche, told them that there was never a deal made & if you want to talk about we will.

Dani: I even said no backdooring. He said I may be a have not but wont BD you so your still a have. I dont want to give him any more attention by getting into a yelling match with him.

Shelly: I have talked to Adam. He is acting like getting to 6 is fine with him.

Dani: told him he needs people to back him up.

Porsche just realized that Keith is the only person in BB13 season that didn't go on slop or be HN.

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BB starts to let the curtain down over the sliding glass door, its uneven and not closing right. it got tangled up, its going now

Adam jokes about what part of people would be best to eat, if they got LD for ever. Adam would be first, after they shaved him.

Adam, Rachel, Jeff and Shelly on couches. Jordan, Dani, Kalia and Porsche laying in the sun or in pool. Couch group talk about Kosher foods.


Everyone has moved to the sun or pool. There's been building noises in background. We just had what sounded like a microwave beeping.


Dani lays down on the couch. Rachel in hammock asks Porsche for sunscreen. She doesnt have any, Jordan brings her some. Jordan put her clothes on, sitting by pool. Jeff and Adam talking sports.

Jeff and Adam talk about sports. Kalia gets out of pool lays in the sun. Shelly and Kalia add a few comments. Jordan puts clothes in dryer.

They talk about having friends in school that had pools. Shelly goes thru a routine with her Daughter and having friend over with the pool.

Dani and Adam talk. Adam says he cant beat her. Dani: Jordan has won this game. I havent. Jordan has done nothing in the game. People are spending the summer for them to write them a pay check. Know your a fan of the show. Even watching the show you know you would be bored watch people get pushed along. I have never told you anything thing I didnt mean. Jeff absolutley told me I wouldnt go up. Verbatum he told me I wasnt a HN but I was still a have. What ever you want, what ever I can do I will do it.

Adam: why did you put me up last week.

Dani: so Brendon would go home. It was the whole thing with her flipping with Lawon. I started trusting Shelly more after she got in the fight with Rach. On my life you were never an option.

Adam: I felt hurt by that.

Dani: Dont understand why you want me out so bad.

Adam: I am threatend by you.

Dani: Jeff wants to be top dog. He isnt threatened by Shelly she hasnt done anything.

Adam: I know. When it comes down to things I dont know if I can beat you.

Dani: I have played in 3 POV and lost all 3. Only way to guarentee your own safetly is to win. I am embarrased, its like I peaked too soon. He cant play HOH next. Jor wont win. I will bust my ass to win and keep you safe.

Adam: game wise it made sense. Let me ask you this. If Jeff was HOH would have tried to BD Brenchel.

Dani: I was closer to Brenchel then I got to know her.

Dani: there are 3 people you will never get past.

Adam: I see Rach more of a target then a roadblock.

Dani: She is not a competator with out Brendon. No one will vote for her. She is the biggest floater. Go around and look at who will nom her, no body...I will.

Adam: I am not set in stone.

Dani: I feel you are, like fighting a losing battle. This would be the biggest game move. You have been waiting for this. If you dont go this way the Newbies wont have the numbers. With 3 people strong thats huge. If I win POV I will use it. Would be happy to work with people. I dont have a number 1 if Kalia is gone. she has been my number 1 since week 2.

Adam: you are strong mentally, physically, socially. Dani: How am I bigger then Jeff? You have to think for yourself.

Adam: I have been.

Dani: if you make a move for yourself people will remember it. Some times being nice to people get you no where. I am not blowing smoke if you keep me in this game it would come down to you.

It continues. Dani: I won 2 comps and you want that on your side. What has Kalia won? How will it benefit you keeping her here.

Adam: thats the reward.

Dani: I will always have your back. And my dad will hate you.

Adam: he already hates me.

Adam tells her his mind is not made up.

Shell comes over for a smoke. Adam wants to get back to the icebox (inside) Shell wants her 4 o'clock nap

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4:29 BBT

ok coming into a convo with Shelly and Jeff and Jordan on the couches, Shelly was just in the have not room with Kalia doggin on Jeff, and sayin he is mean, and Kalia calling him a buuly as he pulled her and Porsche together to tell them straight that he did not promise Dani not to put her up after pov, now Shelly is all antimated on the couch acting so friendly talking about spider bite bit her on the butt, big ol drama story about it and Jordan is laughing

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Now talking about coochi burn, butt burm and Kalia askes shelly about something that she had which was razor burn and Kalia just dropped her drawers to ask her what it was , and its all just cuase she is a mom, and now she is telling a kalia story in the kitchen that Kalia hugged her big and said "so glad you are here, seems really weird for her to do that, Jeff says wow, she's reachin, then Shelly says you drew a good straw so just leave me alone, now talking about how Shelly talked to Rachel and she seems to be doin good, Rachel appears and then Jordan wants to work out, and Rach says I need to work out again, for the wedding dress, then Shelly espounding on it saying "oh you did so good earlier" Rachel says you were there once right Shelly , with the wedding dress thing, so the minute she leaves Shelly starts in about she talked to Rachel and she seems to be ready to stick together,(I find this very weird since Shelly is having this convo with them) Shelly is conveying the convo and the Jordan says she told Jeff about their her and Jordans convo last night, and then off goes shelly saying "Rachel really really thinks she can win this game" like it is a big joke

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5: 13 BBT

Just came back to a convo with Kalia and Dani, do not know yet what they are talking about, I guess jsut general chit chat

on quad feed and get music, but back instantly, convo with shelly now, somthing about Tony, and a casino, Tony gave her a hundy to go blow at the casino and BB auditions, that is what she is talking about, how she auditioned, and we get music, they evidently do not want us to know that. Shelly says there wans't like 200 ppl, she says there, music, something about 2 young girls

back to the audition and there wer ppl in there acting like idiots, dressed in outrageous outfits, skin tight lepord tights, and some dude told her that she may as well go home as he was the bomb and was gonna rock it, but well she is there and never saw him, Rachel arrives and says she swas asked to hostess one of the auditions but then that gets cut off with music

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switched to Jeff in the kitchen making a beverage, quad cam showing the have not girls layin around, and then BB anounces that you are not supposed to talk about production, I heard Dani say something about going home, and then Porsche says not toget ahead of myself but if I win hoh I have a speech ready for Rachel, and Dani says something silly about how they should go about putting up ppl and there speeches, then they switch to what get to be seen in the jusry house, they are now just talking stupid stuff and playing with I think the toy thingys they got last night, Dani very quiet and not smiling

ok back to the couches and Shelly talking about going to china 21 days in China, and she has an auction to plan for feb, it is a big deal this auction, then Jeff wants to know how far she is from downtown new orleans like bourbon street, the food the music, and he says yeah I went there for that show, so shelly says yeah then you know, talking about some show, and that they shoulda showed it more

Shelly says the world is realy quite small and we just do not realize how lettle we have seen of it, now talking about where they want to go, south africa, Jerusalem, etc

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Shelly says China is sooo different and if you had ever been there you would know how good we have it and every day that she comes back she wants to kiss the ground and say thank you, and now tlaking any tme you can give back it is the best, there was one story something about A little boy who ate a cricket for his dinner, ok now cannot hear anything but Rachel and Jordan, they are talking game, and they are running numbers, and that Jef and Jordan were talking and think it would almost be better to put up Porsche and Kalia, but better to keep Kalia cause Adam and her do not get along that well, wow just got a long shot of Rachel and Jordan and they are looking really slim and trim, They think if Kalia won hoh they could talk her into not putting up certain ppl, not sure about some, but would have to work on her,Kalia is not that smat says Rachel as she put up Lawon. hard to keep up with them walking and talking, they are not so trusting of Adam, and say they have to win.

saying they almost wish Kalia had never won that hoh because she thinks she is all that now, they say they have to get one of them out before dbl eviction(little do they know how soon that will be, fatcat)

they are trying to think positive and not to even go there to think negitive, now gonnget into a run 5 around the track, I am tellin ya Jordo looks great in hew workout gear

camera moves to the kitchen where DAni is now making something, well no she is now going back to the hn room, so back to the couches and Shelly and Jeff, came in mid convo and talking about how many friends jeff has made from the traveling he has done, of sourse shelly has to tellher story too, about her dear friend in taiwan, and she was sendin a friend of hers to this cpl she knows and it was the first time shelly got to use an overseas contact to help someone, Jeff says that is sooo awesome to be able to help ppl.

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back to the coven, Kalia says her legs really hurt and Dani says sarcastically "from what", then say that these beds are the worst, kinda quiet, the girls are not really talking much, and no game talk at all, Dani yawns and the we go to music.

ok Kalia gone and stealth wispering going on ccan hardly hear but they are bashing Kalia, I did hear Dani interiate that Kalia asked if she dani is upset with her

I enlarged the screen to see if I could get past the stealth whispering and it went to music, now quiet

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they are making some really cute littletoys, then briefly say something about Shelly,and I get the idea it was not nice, they something about Josies pet unicorn and then giggle, then dani says she is sooooo cold right now, the stealth whispering is just tooo much, Dani said something about how awesome something would be, like it would be soooo something, sorry, just cannot follow the whispering

Porsche saying she was trying to tell ADam so you really want to play on a team where you are not front runner like Jeff is or would you rather be on a team where you have a chance, meaning them i guess, uh oh Adam walks in, with some toy thing

Dani trying to engage him in convo but all he is talking aobut is working out, playin with that duck, either adam is making the quicking noises or the duck got its batteries back, Adam leaves, nothing said

I go to quad cam and I hear a loud BB saying you cannot talk about production

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why do I always pick the most boring times to update, cannot get the stealth whispering, and they are talking nothin in the BY, I do hear some f3 deal with ADam and I did hear Dani say I am afraid he will tell shelly then we get music, comes back and I hear Dani say yeah but he would prolly thow it, (God I hate their whispering), I do hear Dani say you better pull this off and Porsche says I am trying, Kalia is now in the back yard and they are all talking at once so I am not sure what the subject at hand is

Dani says if we do this or if it works out we are gonna tell adam that it will not be told till the last minute as to not get him in trouble??? I am not getting all this sorry,whispering

I am out folks, got things to catch up -fatcat

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7:50 BBT

Shelly comes outside and Jeff goes inside.

Adam tells Shelly he's been thinking and wants to stick with J/J. Shelly understands and Adam says he feels most comfortable with J/J.

Shelly asks Adam if he'd really vote for Rachel in F2 and he said he she won a lot of competitions between now and then, yes and Shelly is shocked. She asks what if it's Adam/Rachel in the F2, should Rachel win and Adam says if Rachel was winning comps and took him to F2, then she'd probably deserve it and Shelly shakes her head and sometimes she just wants to shake Adam. She can't believe he'd pick someone who has lied, cheated and done all these bad things to people, even if Rachel were to win more comps. She asks why he's sticking with J/J then.

7:58 BBT

Jordan comes outside and topic changes to freshly baked cookies. Jordan offers to bring one out but Shelly says she'll get one and Jordan goes inside.

Shelly tells Adam either way sucks and Adam agrees, saying they both need to step up to control their own destiny.

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8:00 BBT

Adam says all doubt about keeping Dani was gone when Dani told him that her, Dominic and B/R had a F4 deal. He says obviously he was not apart of Dani's end game and when Dani told him this, he realized he cannot trust her and will not keep her. Adam says anything Dani says now is just lies.

Adam says Dani asked him why he won't keep her and he said she's dangerous and she questioned him about Jeff. Adam feels Dani could beat him in physical and question comps, but he thinks Jeff would only beat him at physical comps.

Adam thinks they (him and Shelly) have a better chance with J/J than Dani and Porsche. He says the only thing that scared him about J/J is Rachel.

Shelly brings up that she is still shocked that Adam would vote for Rachel in F2 and Adam says yeah, if she deserved it. He brings up F2 during the second season of Survivor. Adam says if you get to F2, you deserve it and Shelly asks about conduct. Shelly says America would look at you if you took her to F2. Adam says if Rachel won a lot, he wouldn't take her. (It's just funny, b/c everyone in the house, INCLUDING Shelly, has done something 'questionable' and for her to pinpoint Rachel... :rolls eyes:)

8:06 BBT

Shelly says as long as they're on the same page, she's good and Adam agrees.

Other feeds show the everyone but Jeff in the kitchen, dying eggs and cooking food. Jordan brings Shelly a cookie, offers Adam one, who declines, and goes back inside.

Adam says had he or Shelly not won veto last week, or Brendon had played veto, Adam would have gone home last week.

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8:09 BBT

Jeff asked to put on his microphone. Appears he just got out of the shower. Him and Jordan talking in the HOH bathroom about his convo with Adam. Jeff says he told Adam Jeff can protect him from Rachel and would rather Adam keep Rachel over Porsche, even though Adam would want it the other way around. Jeff told Adam to talk to Shelly to make sure they are still four strong.

Jeff says he told Adam to pick a side (either Porsche or Shelly) and cut the other one loose. He said he would barf if Kalia or Porsche got to F2.

8:14 BBT

Jordan says she thinks it'd be better with J/J, Shelly and Rachel and Jeff says they can do whatever they want, they just can't tell Adam that. Jeff says Jordan has a great chance of going to F2 if they get out Kalia and Porsche. Jordan doesn't think Adam would keep her but they agree Rachel and Shelly would.

They agree Porsche needs to go next.

8:18 BBT

Cooking is still going on in the kitchen. Saw Dani and Adam.

Upstairs, J/J continue to talk game about the future. Jeff brings out food to eat. Jordan is trying out scenerios.

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8:30 BBT

J/J still going over possiblilites. Dani and Adam still in the kitchen, joking around.

Jeff comes downstairs and puts a bag filled with clothes next to the washing machine.

Rachel, Porsche and Kalia still playing cards in the purple room. Porsche calls out for Dani, asking how the slop chips are coming.

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