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8/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:48BBT- P/K/D still in kitchen waiting for the slop cookies to finish baking. Dani says she has a weird feeling that she will be going off on Rachel. Says R is always up in her way. (side note--I haven't seen R doing this recently, but can't attest to earlier in the day)

Dani/Porsche determine that Slop cookies are disgusting. Dani spit hers out, Porsche says they remind her of the cake. Kalia likes them--says they aren't bad & she's eating hers. Dani tells Shelly cookies are gross. K says their dry, but not bad.

Shelly is tired & bored--heads back out to BY, leaving K/D/P in kitchen.

Dani ready for bed, P wants to sleep in hammock. K says hammock smells 'rank'(like mildew & people sweat).

R/J/J/S/A talking about an independent film about wine making.

Jordan getting in hot tub. Jeff tells Jordan he was in the hot tub earlier, while she was sleeping.

Rachel loves wine. Jeff wants to go to Napa Valley. Shelly says her company is auctioning a trip there. Continuing wine chit chat.

Kalia comes out to the BY--tells everyone she hasn't poo'ed for 2 days. Slop is like putting a cork in her.

R wants everyone to come to a breast cancer benefit in Tameculah(sp?).

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9:00BBT- R saying 'Reality Awards' was awful. She was a presenter at the show. Jayden Nicole (Playboy Model from the Hills?) won for hottest reality show person. Adam says he will win that one next year, for sure. Talking about Deana from 'Jersey Shore' & her behavior. Sammie was at Reality Awards show. Jeff watched the Miami season of 'Jersey Shore'. Jeff/R/A like Pauly D who's a resident DJ in Vegas. R says he's great at it. Adam wonders how hard it could be to press buttons, but R says he is really good. Jeff liked DJ A.M., as did R.

R/A have both DJ'd. A's handle name was 'Sheriff' when he DJ'd. R DJ'd at a club. Jeff wants to know how R knows how to DJ.

We get WBRB [R started to talk about her ex-boyfriend who showed her...then feed left. Guess he didn't sign a waiver--lol]

R talking about loving DJ'ing.

And more WBRB [as R begins to speak of yet another ex who hasn't signed a waiver.]

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9:10BBT--R/A/J talking clubs and types of music.

Dani/Porsche still in the kitchen. Dani saying that Adam does what Jeff wants him to. Porsche thinks Shelly had more to do with the Rachel move than Adam. Porsche talking about a cast party that she was telling A about, but Evil Dick won't invite him if he votes out Dani. P says she'll offer a date with Janelle to get A's vote--D says throw in my dad, make it a 3 some date.

R comes in to kitchen wanting to know where DJ Sharam is from. P thinks Spain, R agrees & says she's obsessed with him. P claims to have met this guy & friends tried to hook them up. (his real name is Tim)

D says "Oh look, Rachel is drunk. Shocker". P reinforces that she does know Tim. Really, she does.

D wants to know if P has lost weight this week--D says 2 lbs yesterday, but not much. P goes to weigh herself. P says she's gained 6 pounds. [LMAO]

R asks P to help explain some DJ to Jeff. R begins to sing--WBRB.

[nitey nite time for me--hope someone can pop in & take over!]

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BBAD Coverage

9:31PM BBT Rachel asks if anyone want to play cut throat pool. Adam said he will play in a little while. Adam is drinking a beer in the BY while talking with Jordon who is soaking her legs in the hot tub. Jordon is talking about a conversation she had with Jeff about Adam. Adam said he needs to win HOH on Thursday just to get him through. He wants pictures and to be able to fall asleep with the TV on. Jordon told Adam how she and Jeff sit in the HOH room watching the monitor and making up things that people are saying while reading their lips.

9:36PM BBT Rachel talking about the week she won HOH and talked to Julie in the HOH room about Brendon. She was really loud and people heard her laughing. Rachel, Adam and Jordon sitting around the hot tub. Jordon brings up the former HG named Heidi and her squeeky voice.

9:40PM BBT Adam talking about his girlfriend and how shy she is using the bathroom when Adam is around. Jordon tells Rachel that she looks much better tonight without a lot of make up. She said she meant it as a compliment.

9:41PM BBT Daniele is caused to the DR.

9:42PM BBT Jeff comes outside to play cut throat with Rachel and Adam. Adam dries his feet with a towel and puts on his socks in preparation for game play. (Laughter heard in the background.) Adam whistles [waking up my cockatiel who has been whistling ever since] and BB tells him to stop.

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9:33PM BBT: Porsche, Kalia and Shelly in the BY on the couch and Porsche is reading from a bible.

Rachel, Jor & Adam sitting with their feet in the hot tub. Talking about house guests from previous seasons.

Rachel and Brandon live in a small studio apartment.

Jor tells Rachel that she looks better with less makeup on and it softens her face. Brendon told her she looked beautiful when he came back in the house.

Jeff joins the hot tub crew in the BY. They are all going to play cut throat. Jeff washes his hands with the hose. He said Daniel was in the house getting ready and he ran out without washing his hands.

Adam gets yelled at by BB for whistling.

Jordan going to get cookies and milk. The whole back yard starts to discuss names.

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9:47PM BBT The cut throat game begins. Rachel drinking a beer while talking with that fake NY accent. *belches* and continues to talk. Adam starts up with the accent, too while exhaling smoke. They joke about knocking balls around. Rachel misses her shot and says "F***".

9:51 PM BBT Shelly sitting on the couch in the BY talking to Kalia and Porsche. [i can't hear what they are saying.]

9:53 PM BBT Adam misses his shot and said he is trying to get Big Jeff out of the game.

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10:26PM BBT Jordon and Shelly in HOH room talking about Daniele and the many lies she has told. Shelly said she is worried about Rachel. Jordon said that Dani told her a lot of people want to split up Jeff and Jordon. Shelly suggests to Jordon that she, Jordon, Rachel, Jeff and Adam will be the final five. Jordon reassures Shelly that she and Jeff definitaly have her back. Jordon wants Kalia or Porsche out. Shelly said she has to prove it to herself and Jeff that she can win a competition.

10:36PM BBT Rachel is called to the storage room.

10:37PM BBT Rachel comes out of the storage room with a badminton game and foam airplane kit. Jordon switches the TV in the HOH so she can watch her.

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10:50PM BBT Not much to report because the BBAD camera has been on Jordon and Shelly in the HOH the whole time. Jordon is talking about how much she likes and trusts Shelly. Shelly swears she would NEVER ever throw Jordon or Jeff under the bus. Shelly wishes she could fast forward to when evrything is all over with. She doesn't want to step in and get in anymore discussions that make her feel trapped or uncomfortable so she just takes a nap. She feels stuck and like she has no where to go when Dani corners her. They can't figure out when Daniele decided to leave the veterans.

11:12PM BBT Shelly is still upset about Adam's Zingbot ding towards her. It doesn't help boost your confidence and hurt her. In real life she has a lot of pride and wins so Adam's comment bothers and hurts her. "It stings, but it's a game." Tony would tell her to not worry about it because it is just a game. Jordon giving Shelly a pep talk and telling her that her time is coming and that she is playing a great social game. She doesn't want to bring it up to Adam because Adam is the kind of guy that won't sleep after she tells him. They discuss that they have three and 1/2 weeks left and a lot of stuff to do.

11:18PM BBT Jordon said no matter what she is taking jeff, but if something happens that jeff gets knocked out down the orad, she will take Shelly. They go downstairs. Shelly asks if they wil ever gt the chess pieces back. Jordon goes otside and Shelly goes to the kitchen.

11:19PM BBT Jeff is putting together the airplane that BB gave them.

11:22PM BBT Shelly and Kalia are talking in the kitchen. Kalia said she is beyond sick of Rachel. Shelly goes outside and sees the sticks that BB gave the HG. She said she has them at home and they are called Bendaroos. You use them to make stuff. They stick to things.

11:27PM BBT Kalia complains about her stomach hurting. She has been on slop and hasn't "pooed" in two days. Shelly lights up a cigarette. HG talk about the bendaroos. Kalia made a red and white candycane. Porsche said she thought they were wicks [the bendaroos are covered with wax] rachel wanted to stick them to the windows, but Shelly said the wax will be very hard to get off and BB might get mad.

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1056BBT Jeff, Adam, Porsche, Rachel and Kalia in BY. Rachel was called to the storage room a little bit ago. She returned with a badmitten game and a paper airplane kit. Kalia and Porsche are hitting the birdy around with the rackets. They did not set up any net, but they are keeping score. Adam is laying in hammock keeping score for them actually.

Jeff & Rachel trying to figure out the other items that BB gave them.They also received something that they think could be pick up sticks.

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11:11 BBT

In HOH Shelly is flapping her gums with Jordan about her standing in the J&J hierarchy....

Right now...Shelly is "it hurts" she can't win in comps but in her "real life...I win" and says BB makes you think "i'm a loser" and understands its agame..

11:13 BBT Shelly talking about Rachel "ind the end" Rachel "isn't gonna like me"....and says

She says it "lame" getting down on herself for being a loser...Jordan trying to reassure her she's not a loser...."you're times coming...you're gonna win something"

Shelly "it sucks being an Enzo"..as she says "i'm tryinmg to make strategic moves with my team" as Shelly is saying she's bothered by Adam's comment she hasn't won anything... "it stung a little bit"

11:16 BBT Jordan says the last three weeks will go by fast...Jordan says "we can play it out" and see what happens and says she will keep her if she's ever on the block...

Shelly I just wanna make sure they have everything lined up....Jordan says she would take Shelly to the final two if she loses Jeff...

11;19 BBT they leave HOH ...Jordan heads outside....

Shelly inside getting a drink its been 40 mins since her last cigarette and talks about Kalia about the paper airplanes and badmitton...Shelly "awesome"

Kalia sitting at the kitchen "i feel bad" about Dani getting put out "like this" and Shelly says "it sucks" and drunk rachel bash...Kalia blabering on about Rachel...."beyond tired of her"

They head outside and Shelly lights up....Shelly says the putty stuff is called "bendaroos" and she boutght the of tv for.....you guessed it..."josie"

11:24 A brief shot of a pile of balnkets i the HN room which Dani is under....

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11:32PM BBT HG are sitting in the BY making things with the Bendaroos. Kalia talks about her stomach making weird noises. [Bendaroos]

11:32PM BBT Adam said it looks like and arts and crafts class. Porsche is making "herself" and Rachel is making a wedding packet. Adam whistles [and woke my cockatiel up again. Ginger is whistling the Andy Griffth theme song....gee thanks Adam].

11:34PM BBT Adam is making one of the airplanes. Jordon is shooting balls into the lawn basketball hoop. Porsche folds her hands and recites, "Here's the church, here's the steeple...". Rachel is making a wedding chapal, herself and Brendon out of Bendaroos.

11:40PM BBT Shelly throwing one of the airplanes. "I hope this isn't a challenge. These things suck!"

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11:25 BBt

Rachel and Porsche fighting over the benderoos..."can you please not take all the red ones" as Rachel snatches them for her....Rachel just laughs "i'm not" taking them she just wants to put them on the windows..

Shelly informs that they contain wax and are hard to get off windows....Rachel says she will take them off

Shelly wants to make BBH "art piece" Jeff suggest they make their own and put it together as one...

11:27 BBT Adam plaing with the racket and shuttlecock by himself..."no" he says when Shelly asks if they got a net...

11:29 Arts-n-crafts continues on the patio

Jordan trying to get her glider to fly.....Jeff talking about his "big Jeff" in Play doh his season that "chima destroyed"..."i cried and I cried"

11:30 BBT Jordan and Adam hitting the shuttlecock back and forth...

Kalia is farting so its **arts farts n crafts** {not mine its from ..from wet hot american summer}

11:30 Everyone is now in crafts with Jeff is making a "Big Jeffaroo" or a "jordanaroo"....

Crafts continue....

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11:44PM BBT Jordon and Jeff are in the hammock talking. Jordon tells Jeff what she and Shelly talked about in the HOH. Jeff made it sound like Shelly was talking BS, but Jordon said that Shelly was just nervous about the game. [i just finished listening to Jordon and Shelly for the last hour, so I don't want to sit here and type it all over again while she repeats it all to Jeff] but Jeff thinks it's all BS. He doesn't seem pleased with Shelly.

11:56PM BBT Daniele is called to the DR.

11:58PM BBT Jeff and Jordon continue to talk about Shelly and Daniele.

11:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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11:42 BBT

J&J in the hammock talking about shelly's convo...

Adam comes over...Jeff says something about something funny rachel did or say...

Jordan back to filling Jeff in about Shelly's convo in the HOH...

11:44 BBT..On the patio encouraging the artwork...Shelly goes on how she gets them for kids but usually comes with a book to get craft ideas...

11:48 BBT Jordan tells Jeff shelly is "nervous" going to final three..Jeff is confused ..what did she want....

Jordan says she wanted to know she wasn't getting strung along...

Jordan says what makes her nervous is that Dani was pointing it towards her..that they Dani says J&J swore...they weren't gonna "backdoor" {grrrrrr its not a backdoor she played in POV}

11:49 BBT...Jordan tells Jeff that couple of the producers were leaving Jeff laughs at that...

Jeff says "i'll fucking bring it out into the open" and he'll talk to Dani about them swearing about not backdorring Dani...

11:52 Jordan rehashing Shelly's convo...Jeff says "i never swore"

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11:54 BBT

Jeff saying Dani put herself in that position...

Jordan tells Jeff Shelly would take her to the "final 2" and Jordan says it would bother her if she got evicted...and Jeff won...

11:56 BBT Jordan tells Jeff Adam is on board sinc ehe found out something about what Dani said...

Jeff what the fuck do they want me to do....knock out Brendon...Dani then Rachell Jeff rants they they want me to do their dirty work and says they should win and do it themselves "fuck you" to that

Jeff says "what's the fuck that mean" about Shelly worrying about her family...."playing the fucking sympathy card....fuck you" Jeff says....

11:59 BBT Jeff getting mad "don't question me what I did...I made the right move so don't question me" and says people want to judge me for getting his hands dirty....and Jeff says he wants to be in these convos..."you want someone knocked out...go do it"

12:01 BBT Jeff "we could have worked with Daniele" and wiped out everyone "so what the fuck is she talking about"

Jordan keeps telling Jeff about her convo "what the fuck is Shelly" worried about final 3......"do you want to go home 7th or 3"...and says "my back hurts" from Shelly riding his back not doing nothing..

12:04 BBT Jordon omits that she would take Shelly to final two if Jeff got evicted...when she tells jeff "that's all we talked about"

Jordan wants to try to Porsche...maybe Kalia...Jeff says just says "i'm voting to keep you..yeah yeah"

12:06 BBT "its on;y Monday" and Dani is already saying all that stuff and Jordan says "i knew she was gonna be like that"

Jeff "i do all this fucking work" and they are questioning "what more do they want"

Jeff "if we could have kept our final five deal...we could have wiped out all these losers"...and says "maybe we should have kept Brendon' because its "not sinking into their heads"

12:09 BBT Jordan says Dani doesn't consider herself "one of the veterans" nut one of the noobs according to Shelly....Jordan says once she's gone and not talking in people's ear...and Jeff says "don't try and bash my character' and Jeff pissed "i didn't swear on shit...she fucked me not the other way around"..."i wanna cook a steak in her room" ..and says she made a bad move.....and ruin their chance because she wants to "spite us"

12:11 Jeff pissed....laughing "get fucked you loser.....I'm gonna quit my job" over a game show talking about the producers Dani says will quit...FOTH...

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12:14 BBT

Rachel is going to bed and says their good nights...J&J head to the arts and crafts..with Kalia drwaming about food from Windy's...Porsche wants Chik filA....

12:16 BBT Rachel mumbling to herself..."she so wierd" as she heads to the bathroom to prepare her face for the nightly ritual of zit potions application......all feeds are on this...

12;19 BBT Jordan in the bathroon saying her hairs is greasing and Rachel says she's "farting garlic" from so much garlic at dinner...Jordan laughs...

Shelly walks in and starts blathering about chickken wings burning her "butthole"...as Shelly goes about her ripping muscle from "her chocolate starfish" {this lady is disgusting}

Jordan keeps asking questions and Shelly openly explains...blathering about her anus surgery...

12:23 BBT all feeds on this

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12:25 BBT

Kali babaling about no makeup remover...."i just use soap" Shelly offers...

12:27 BBT outside arts n crafs is still going on with Jeff and Porsche...Jordan parks it in the HT

"where's big Adam" Porsche asks "I mean little Adam" and Adam says "in my pants" she was referring to the bendaroo Adam and he says he has no artistic ability as Adam pulls Jeff outta art class to play pool...

Leaving Porsche alone to do it with Shelly parking it and lighting uo....

Jeff corners Kalia about Dani talking saying for her "to get all sides of the story" if his character is questioned...

he leaves and Kalia says "tough guy party of one" to herself...

Kalia finishes up in the bathroom and waddles back outside...

12:33 BBT Guys pkaying pool Dani and Rachel in bed...kalia and Porsche in arts and crafts...shelly smoking... on the patio couch...

Shelly hoping Josie that Shelly doesn't have any projects because Josie gets A+ because she does all the work...

12:36 BBT "i make Josie do it all..I'm just right there"

Shelly talking about her over the top projects she does..

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12:41 BBT

Shelly back talking to Jordan about Dani....Jordan feels bad... for Dani......Jordan says she told Jeff about their convo....

Jordan switches to "i'm kinda homesick' and says she notices Jeff is too and says he grabs his pics.....

12:44 BBT Jordan asks if her family will have a party but Shelly says they are in other states...but probably "with my friends"

talking about the simple pleasures of home..

12:45 BBT they are talking about there being only 3 weeks

Now Jordan switches ti "lip gloss"

12:47 Jordan discussing whether people from work are watching her....Shelly wondering about her clients and hope other people will pick up the slack...

Jordan says beingin BB can help...

Shelly its could be "really good or really bad" about being in BB for her company

12:50 BBT Kalia nd Porsche wispering about Shelly or someone to hard to hear...

Not much going on..guys pkaying pool and Porsche and Kalia doing crafts..Jordan alone at the HT

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12:53 BBT

Shelly says she almost ready to call it a night as Porsch and Kalia work on crafts...

Jordan sitting at the HT

and Jeff and aAdam playing pool

{I'm out raelly early tonight... so tired..be back tomorrow}

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0114 BBT Feeds return from WBRB to Kalia, Porsche & Jordan talking about food. Jeff and Adam are still playing pool. Kalia just had her first dry hiccup since she got here (yawwnnnn). Pool game is over. Adam sings and WBRB. Jeff returns to the feeds snacking on something. Kalia sings, someone points it out to her. She said she was not singing, BB yells at her. Adam starts to say something and again BB yells at him. Porsche is building a kickstand on the bendaroo bike.

Adam making fun of the Benda Kalia.

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0133 BBT BY crew hanging out and Adam starts making fun of Rachel. The crowd starts to disperse and Kalia starts singing. Surprise...we get WBRB. (Wish I had a quarter of my money back for every time she sings.)

0141BBT Kalia in kitchen eating and egg. Dani walks through to the bathroom. Porsche tells Dani she almost got into a fight with Rachel. Porsche leaves Kalia in the kitchen and says she is going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth. BB tells Daniele to put on her microphone. She says she has it on, but she is hard to understand. Porsche tells Daniele that Jeff came and told her there was no deal between Jeff and Daniele. Daniele told to go and exchange her microphone with one in the storage room.

J&J in HOH. Jeff eating veggies and Jordan in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

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0151BBT Jordan and Jeff in HOH. Jeff is reprimanding Jordan for sticking up for Rachel. He tells her to start sticking up for Adam and Shelly. Jordan is ready for this to be over.

Jordan asks Jeff what would have happen if Brendon would have stayed. Jeff don't know. He hopes that one of them win so they can put them two back up on the block. Jeff and Jordan eating and crunching in their mics.

Daniele, Porche and Kalia in the have-not room. Kalia talking about how Rachel was questioning them on who was in the condoms. They questioned Rachel on if she used them and she said no she is on birth control. They doubt her since they have not seen her take a pill since the day she came in.

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0219BBT Porsche goes to warm up something in the microwave. Kalia tells her that she will probably fall asleep while she is gone. Porsche heating something up in kitchen. Walks to bathroom and calls out for Dani, who is not there.

Porsche located Daniele in the BY on the couch crying. She gives her a hug. Daniele does not understand Adam. She feels she helped him out this whole game. Daniele is also tired of hearing Kalia talk about what she is going to do next week.

Daniele will talk to Adam, but she feels like she is fighting a losing battle. Adam always listens and is receptive but at the end of the day he is going to do what Jeff wants him to do.

P- We can all make final two deals with Adam. We can go in there and wake him up.

D- Ya, but Rachel is in there. I have thought about it.

D- This house is so stupid, like seriously, so stupid. All it is is like a dictator ship this whole season. And that is why I didn't want to be any part of it. And these people don't get it. Why would you want to sit here all summer to write somebody else a paycheck. It does not make sense to me.

P- Adam would probably cream himself if you tell him something like, 'you can do something on my dad's web site'.

D- I couldn't offer him something like that. it would have to be my dad.

P- Ya but your dad would want you to do whatever would keep you in the game

D- Ya, but he wouldn't believe me.

D- He is literally like obsessed with Jeff.

P- It is a long shot, but you have to turn every stone before Thursday

D- I know. It is just hard too when everything I tell him he is going to go and repeat to the two of them or Rachel.

Porsche tries to give her ideas to feed to Adam.

Talk turns to Rachel bashing.

D- I feel like I have a lot to offer....but at the same time I feel like anything I say is going to go back to Jeff....All that he cares about is making it to the six. But who cares you still have to make it to the fast forward.

Daniele thinks fast forward will be a week from this Thursday.

Kalia sticks her head out the door and says Hi.

D- She really thinks that we are plotting her demise. If she asks just tell her I am upset cause I am leaving.

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2:40 am BBT: Jeff and Jordan in the HoH. Jeff questions whether Adam and Shelly really want to win Thursday

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