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8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8/16 BBAD


Shel and Dani in Kitchen Porsche bashing

Shel scrubbing red carpet and Dani snacking

S: ...desperate. I have not even talked game this week after talking to you guys... not once

D: I think she, I think she said it was a clique(?) last week or whatever. But I'm just saying, I'm just saying seriously I don't even care but just to a point.

S: First of all Adam

D: That's what I said um yeah

Dani sets timer(?) Cooking something

D: This literally looks disgusting, like I wanna throw up, gross (talking about the food she is making -Angelic)

Shel spraying/scrubbing carpet still

S: God, I hate liars... So aggravating to me. Now I'll clean the whole f***in' floor because o' somebody like her

Dani at counter snacking; Shel walking around kitchen w/spray like she gonna clean more

D: I'm just letting you know because I'm wanting.... (can't hear -Angelic)

S: No, I appreciate it. Because I don't care, because it's absolutely false

Shel spraying floor

S: She's such a bitch! I don't call anybody that. She sits out there drinkin' her wine and actin'a fool. No couth!When do we get rid'o her?

D: *giggle* umhuhaha, wait. Hopefully soon. Last week Shelly! Last Week!b*giggle* humph, gimmie your wrist; I wanna slap it.

S: Go 'head. Slap my head while you're at it. F***in' unbelievable. Wait 'till your hear my f***ing speech.

D: You're getting excited

S: I don't call people out individually; it will happen

D: Hey, you have to be nice until you get the information we need though

Shel and Dani share a laugh. Dani drinking wine and there is another glass for Shel

S: Hey, I'll be super nice about that.

Have somebody else help me read my speech

D: Wait what did you say

S: Have somebody else help me with my speech

D: Really?

S: ummhumm (in aggreeance -Angelic)

Dani sips wine while Shel continues to scrub. Silence

Shel continues srubbing while she and Dani continue Porsche bashing

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Dani calling for Kalia; assumes she is in the shower. Asks if Kalia wants her to save her some snax. Kalia says no.

Porsche enters the Kitchen

Shel asks how she's doing

Random chatter about Pilates and Kalia leaving food out

Porsche helping cook w/Shel

Kalia enters Kitchen

Dani joins rest of HG outside

random chatter about old school games

Jeff Adam and Por inside prepping for hotdogs and talking about food eating challenges

Shel comes in to help w food

Brendon enters the room

Jeff suggests they dress up

Adam says he is gonna wear Hoboken

Jeff says put somethin' else on

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Shel and Jordan in BY by pool table gossiping

J: She was like, uh she was...

S: I never said Adam; I'm sure I said her

J: ... like umm, you said somethin' I know you did you said Porsche that somebody...I think you were passing like talking...

S: mention and now she's turned it into fact

J: ...and then you go backdoor and you kinda' you didn't say it but that's probably where it's comin' from 'cuz I do re..

S: Did she say it to you too?

J: Yeah she mentioned somethin' to me too....Just somthin' you need to know

S: Today?

J: No, just like another day. I just kinda like blowed it...

S: I hate her! I mean you know what you guys are askin' me to do? You know I must love you

J:*giggle* yeah, yeah I'm sorry

Shel walks towards/passed glass door

S: It must be true love. Friendship love let me clarify that

J: *giggles*

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hot dog eating contest

rach and dani in hoh discussing possibilities of votes

rach trying to convince dani to save bren

rach suggesting they try to make a deal w kalia. suggesting bren pull kalia to the side to discuss a deal. rach saying if kalia votes for bren they can say it was por

rach saying j&j ditched her last week and she was by herself

j&j in hammock outside

talking about jeff going to win next veto

talking about kalia and wondering what rach is talking to dani about

jordan says she needs to give rach a pep talk

rach and dani still in hoh talking

rach trying hard to keep bren

j&j still in hammock

rach in bathroom talking to bren

bren saying rach wears her emotions on her face and wants to know what rach and dani discussed

rach telling bren her plan but says dani is not gonna save him

rach and bren in kitchen

rach opens Porsche' beer and tell bren to drink it

bren asks why she did it and says is it bcuz it was porsche's rach laughs and says yes

bren is visibly irritated and not happy rach did that and tells rach to stop it and she is f'ing pissing him off and storms away

rach stands at fridge with an evil grin

bren tells her to go talk to him now!

bren and rach in hn room lecturing rach saying she will get herself evicted doing this stuff.

rach said he should never have came back

they argue once more

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Kalia and Dani in hoh

Por rings bell to come in

por asks who opened her bud-light and says everyone in the house says they didnt do it (rach opened it -Angelic)

por says she wont drink it now

Dani and Kalia said poor it in a cup for them then

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11:07 BBT

outside Brendon Adam J&J talking about the HOH with the elimination and Jordan says Kalia answered before the questions were done...

Brendon says he should have been on survivor...he talks about the next HOH being physical/endurance

11:09 BBT They discuss the rope HOH BB12..."you killed it" Jordan says ...Jeff asks for specifics and Brendon goes on about that HOH...

Upstairs Porsche telling Dani and Kalia Rachel trying to keep Brendon...and says "last time I vote to keep him it didn't get me anywhere" and says Rachel wanted a deal...Dani "same song and dance as always"...Porsche says she told Rachel she would need to think about it and Porsche says she would not vote for Brendon to stay and Dani says "i would punch you in the back of the neck" if she did keep Brendon...

11:12 Downstairs Brendon says "you guys have no choice" but to win the next HOH..Jordan hopes its not "true or false" ...Brendon says "unless you man up and give me your vote" Brendon tells Adam he will be the next target after Jeff..and says there are still 8 people left and calls him "shortsighted" and daniele will "clean the floor with you guys" and she's "two for two".....Adam admits she probably could od won the first one with Dick...

11:15 BBT "she's a very smart player ..and is very good at lying..and manipulate the shit outta people"..Brendon warns "she spins shit very well she should be a PR person"....he continues as Brendon continues his press with Adam..."i need to start to win" and says "its about POVs" not HOHs

Adam last week "what was Lawon gonna do for me" was the factor in his vote and Brendon says "what's Shelly gonna do for you" as Jeff chimes in that if Jeff is nominated and takes himself down who will they put up Adam says "me"

11:18 BBT Now they are bashing Porsche when everybody was taking naps she bitched that they always talk about her taking a nap....

Big sighs.....as BB is doing DR messages...as Brendon mocks Kalia's goodbye messages...they laugh....as brendon does all the goodbye messages...

They see kalai and Jordan says Adam better leave or they will talk...Adam doesn't care..

Jeff "where's shelly" and Jordo says shower...and bash her for doing stuff for Porsche...and Adam says he will hit her "with my shoe"

Jordan warning Rachel shee needs to not be a basket case and motivates her to "show them you're Rachel reily"...Jeff talks about his speeches...and his week with Rachel last week...and his frustration...

11:23 BBT They laugh about the way Jeff talks to people when he's asshole Jeff.

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11:25 BBT

outside the same group joking around about Brendon being America's choice week after week...

Upstairs it looks like Dani opened her HOH wine she was saving just in case they are nominated come Friday...

11:25 BBT Back downstairs they are bashing Dominic....as brendon's big head "you didn't get a million votes" and Jeff says BB makes it up about the total votes but admits hes joking...

11:27 BBT Rachel "omg Brendon bought me a star" as Jeff joked before he was gonna buy Jordan a star like one of those corny BF do...

Rachel "do you think it was gay" That Brendon bought her a star but apologizes for using gay....Jeff says "it was very romantic" ver srcastically....Rachel says brendon is taking to to Griffith observatory to see it one day..Jeff says just 'point to one" and say its her...

11:30 BBT Adam warns everyone to go pee because he ready to blow up the toilet....

11:31 BBT Outside at HT Jordo and Rach talk... "don't worry i'm not gonna cry if Brendon leaves" ..Jordan says Jeff will win the physical or endurance for her...Jordan "I need to win" so her and Jeff can play.....Rachel "all three of us " need to compete in the double eviction that will happen in two weeks....

Rachel : "we have to win the next HOH" and in two HOHs it will be a "double eviction" and it will be so quick....."once you cross that over" in the double eviction "its a totally different game"

They discuss what Adam id gonna do..Jordan says "he's still 50-50" and Rachel "really?" and Jordan is not sure...Rachel says "i don't think she's gonna vote to keep brendon" about porsche and Jeff says "its Adam or nothing"...Rachel says Porsche told her "if I keep Shelly she's not gonna win HOH" and that she can't beat brendon in comps so "there's no benefit"

11:37 BBT Adam has returned from his bathroom adventures...

Jordan and Rachel in HT talking Shelly wants it "only to be girls" ..Rachel says she doesn't know anything "the drama"......and doesn'r care and if she played both sides of the house "why would I be nominated" and says to Jordan "i would never turn on you"......Jordan says she's not as good competitior as them but Rachel reminds her "porsche hasn't won anything"

"if we win HOH this week...we will be on top" Jordan says

11:41 more hot tub talk with rach and Jordan...

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11:42 BBt Rachel says shelly is gonna make a deal with porsche "for her vote' and Jordan suprised and says "when" did this happen....Rache says she likes Daniele better than some of the other girls "trust me I don't like Daniele..she's my target" Rachel says...

They discuss HOH "buzzing or true or false I'm terrible"....Rach says there still a chance and says "i'm good at that" and says "i promise on our friendship" she will never let her past HOH performances "happen again"

They discuss Adam....and even if he evicts Bren he is with them...Rachel says even though they lost 3 HOHs they only lost one since Brendon came back the other one was Lawon...

11:46 BBT Upstairs in HOH Kali and Porsche talking about the 3 vetos that she has done....Kalia "this week you'll probably play...Daniele definitely plays"....."were gonna win ..I have no doubt"..Kalia says confidently...

Dani back out DR and enters....the HOH...Porsche wants wine and Dani says "no".."that's it I'm voting for Brendon" as Dani says "its my birthday wine"......they kackle back and forth..

11:49 BBT Back downstairs..Rachel says "are you excited " about being on the live show on Thursday.....Rachel wants to "glitter" up the tutu....

"y'all are obsessed" with playing pool Jordan says as the guys starting to play pool..."no" Jordan says when rachel suggest they play pool...

11:51 BBT Camera swithches to the guys and Rachel as Brendons stand in to play pool.. Daniele comes out sits next to the puffing shelly on the couches...

11:52 BBT Pool game starts

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11:53 BBT IN HOH Kalia and Porsche discuss the decor in HOH as she gobbles down the wheat thins...

Jeff question rachels shot choices....Jeff says he doesn't "understand" and says "you keep missing shots"

Shelly talking to Dani Dani says Porsche is good...."what do you think Adam will do next week' Dani asks and says "he makes me nervous"...Dani says "when I try to backdoor Jeff"....and says putting Jeff up was to benefit him....as Dani says she never stirred him wrong and cried when he was nominated with Dominic...

11;58 BBT Dani "all four of them" made up stuff about what she said....and Adam "never approached" her to clarify....what she said......Dani said she started crying...when people "made up things"...about her and Dominic....Dani going on about Dominic...."blessed to have met him....love the guy.....and he's a genious".....

Shelly says they were saying things "that weren't very positive" and says she genuinely likes her.....as Dani says people are holding things "against me"

12:02 BBT Dani continues her full court press on shelly when kalia waddles up..as they kackle about the wine...Porsche hurt dani wouldn't hare "my birthday wine" but Kalia says she gave her her wine as Shelly "you deserve a good birthday" Shelly says...

12:04 BBT Kalia asking people's birthdays and who is gonna have one...Dani drunk as she keeps talking to Shelly like her BFF.....Rachel kackles and they says "that's so fake" as rachel says Brendon says "it was all about weiners....now its all about balls"

Dani says "she's dumb" about Rachel and discuss if they can get rach to talk in code...

Talk turns to the raw egg Adam ate...Rachel comes over..."you're really bad at codes" and Rachel says she doesn't understand...

12:07 BBT Kalia talsk about her BF...as rachel has joined Dani in her lip reading session...

Kali says "i met him at happy hour" about her BF Derek...

12:09 BBT They discuss "shirtless shot boy" Kali says he was one and says now "he wasn't"......

12:11 BBT Pool game continues...with play by play commentary in obnoxious voices...

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12:15 BBT

Jordan comes out "funny" she says when dani asks "how'd you DR session go"

12:16 BBT Jordan sits there very disinterested...as Rachel acys like one of Dani's stooges...as Kalia discussing Jeff's body....Jordan says Jeff has "got more defined"..Jordan says their season her "got down to 175"

BB warns them about their code talk....and asks like they don't know what BB is talking about...

12:19 BBT all feeds on this...

12:21 BBT Feeds on the pool game as Dani Kalia and rachel act like kackling little girls...

Brendon asks what Rap Adam listens to and he says "old school" from the 80s......

12;23 BBT they discuss Rap...Adam drones on namimg rap artists...and raps some easy e....

all 4 feeds follow dani to the HOH to pee and we get a camera switch to Porsche brushing her teeth in the othe bathroom..

12:26 BBT Feeds switch to Dani filling her glass wit her birthday wine load up on snacks..giggle to herself.. and heads back downstairs and outside..."where's porsche' as Jeff came out of DR...they say in the shower..as Shelly asks "did you get more wine"

Cameras switch to pool game as Adam called to DR and rachel offers to play for him..Adam takes his shot...and heads in to his DR...

12:29 BBP Jeff sings and FOTH..."doing the chipmunks" Brendon says "jeff roped me into it" and Brendon raps and another FOTH...

12:31 BBT You can hear Kalia "i used to and don't anymore" about smoking.....

all 4 feed son Jeff and brendon playing pool

Jeff sings and FOTh and says he didn't realize and says he was doing it "under my breath"

12:33 BBT looks like shelly had enough of kalia and Dani and joins Jordan at the HT...

Adam returns as kalia is called to DR....

12:36 BBT Shelly and Jordan says they will get in trouble with her coding thats why BB doesn't gine booze and says she says her glasses by "saran warapping them... and says Dani is stressed about J&J "that what the convo was about"...not talking to her and thinks they are "voting for Brendon" she tells Jordan and feeds switch...back to the pool game...

12:39 BBT all feeds back on the pool game

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12:42 BBT Porsche has come outside..Rachel comes over to the HT and Shelly says "i'm gonna be last in the DR" and Rachel says "you haven't gone yet"

12;43 BBT "i hate male tanks" Dani says...and of course Brendon is wearing one...

All feeds back on pool...I can hear Jordan yelling at rachel in the background "use a towel"....

Dani come back out not sure if she freshed her wine she's off camera and Rachel is saying "are you in love with PT" and Adam says she won'rt answer as she is "afraid of getting beat up by Dana" and since she's off camera i didn't hear what she said....

12:47 BBT Rachel wants to go to bed Brendon says he doesn't want to..."we had a good nap"....

12;49 BBT all feeds on pool game...and then a foth for no obvious reason...

Feeds return to the monotony of the pool game and Adam says "i can smell that nail polish all the way over here"

12:50 BBT rachel and Brendon on the couch....as it seems the Dani and Kalia and Porsche went inside..no clue what they are talking about as the feeds won't leave the pool game...

Brendon says "we'll go to bed in a little bit i still want to stay up and play" as rachel says off camera she wants to go to bed...

12:52 BBT Jeff sasy you're not going to bed....

12:53 BBT Pool game continues...

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12;55 BBT

the guys playing pool discussing things like "woody woodpecker' and "fraggle rock"

12:57 BBT Can hear rachel and Jordan conversating from afar but the camera guys refuses to leave the pool game...

Shelly out of DR and Porsche who on the couch knows to move out of her spot on the couch...

Upstairs Dani with kali and feeds switch back to Rachel and Jordan Porsche with Shelly saing she can't remember the last time she was hung over....Shelly going on about Tequilla nd sais "i had a $100 shot...it wasn't that good" as she discusses shots..

Jordan asks what deink makes her act different and Shelly says "wine'..."it beats me up really fast....makes me dizzy" and says "mojitos hit me hard"

1:04 they discuss shots "the blowjob shot is good" Shelly shares...

Shelly talking about her snowmobile trip from "bar to bar to bar" and says she would wait to the last one to drink....

1;05 BBT Shelly talking about a friend who hit a tree and broke her collarbone and FOTH...

Rachel "i love snowmobiling" and says she did it in "Aspen"...as rachel says she "left all my ski clothes in Aspen" and her friend never sent it back to her..

Shelly talks Northface Jackets are $10 in China and swears they are not "knockoffs"..Shelly talking about buying all for family and friends...

1:08 BBT they discuss Shelly's bra size..."38 D' while rachel is "32 double d"

Feeds switch to Kali and dani in a heated discussion in HOH....Kali says she was "fucked"....Dani says she 'overthinks this game" as Kalia is saying Dani dismisses her and dani says "i adore you...I love you..I'm obsessed with you" BUT..she thinks with her heart and not her head...and wants to forget the past.....as kalia says when they get to 'the final two" Daniele will be the one they considered 'the smart one" and she was the follower...

1;12 BBt Dani making sure her and Kalia "are in this together"...Dani says "if you screw me over in the very end...I'm not gonna hold it against you...I mean it" Kalia says if dani does it to her she's be rhurt but "still be her friend"

1:13 BBT more drunk HOH Dani...

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1;14 BBT

Kali and Dani swearing they are not turning on each other as they keep saying they won't as Dani says "i feel...you're scared of me in the end' as Kalia says she will put Jordan up...to get both of them in the end......and dani says she'll put her up.....

1;16 BBT talking in circles about their loyalty...

Kalia admits "i'm afraid of you in the end"

Dani "what's the liklihood" of them making it and says "its unl;ikely" and Kalia won't admit it...but Dani insists....and Dani says in the jury they will work for votes for each other...

Dani drunk..."we have each other' and will never turn our back on each other and more trust talk....

1:19 BBT Dani continues to slur her way through her convo with Kalia about loyalty...Kalia want to know as much as she listens to Dani...Dani listens to Kalia....

1;20 BBT Dani says she should ahve brought up the Lawon mistake earlier..and says :the past is the past" and tells Kalia "make big move" with her HOH......."prove it".....Dani warns "she's gonna hound you tomorrow" Kalia says "I know"........

"we're on the same page" Dani says

Feeds to switch to Shelly and Porsche talking about eye color and Jordan brings up colored contacts..

1:24 BBT Porsche says she has her "real estate liscense" Jordan says "i heard that test was really hard" and Porsche says she passed her first time..got it for her moms divorce to "sell her house"...then the "market crashed" and started the "cycle of bartending"

1:27 BBT Jordan talking about costomers letting them used expired $5 off coupons...scams.....

1:29 BBT Talking about sending food back....Shelly "i won't eat a red hamburger" and says she sends food back and doesn't bitch....

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1:32 BBT

Guys are playing pool and Jordan Shelly and Jordan talking food....."biscuits and Jelly" Jordan says....."strawberry jelly is the best"

Shelly says she'll eat a snack and head to bed...Jordan "i want to..but I'm not going to" eat a late night snack and warns Porsche the latenight eating makes you gain weight...

Jordan tells her of her cookiedough adventures in BB11....she said by the end.."nothing fit"

1:35 BBt porsche says Dani mad because she called her "blackout" and Jordan says maybe she's asleep and Porsche says she's upstairs "kackling" with Kalia...

Porsche warns of a black tongue from drinking "too much pepto" to Adam as he heads to bed...

Jordan says she told Kalia something is awlays wrong with her even though her sister is a doctor.....

1:37 BBTPorsche says Kali got b12 for her "geographic tongue"

Outside porsche sitting with J&J talking about the tutu....

Jeff enthralled with the helocopter passing overhead.....what's up "nothing' Jeff says when Jordan asks and he asks her and she says 'nothin' right back....

1:41 BBT Jordan sings and FOTH....

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BBT of 1:46 feeds finally return

J&J talking about someone saying that Jordan is "sad" and Jordan says she can't be fake...and Jeff pissed rachel being chummy and takes "jabs" at him...and says she antoganizies him with "comments".....

Jordan says going on about Shelly talking about pushing for Jordan wanting Adam and her as nominees.....should we say something Jordan asks and Jeff says "unless we want to get rid of shelly" and Jordan worried Adam amy think they are lying...

Jordan says they are coming down a lot since they are worried they don't want the votes to flip and Jeff says also to cover their butts if they get HOH...

Jeff not sure whether to keep Shelly and Jordan says her mind says every scenario "leans towards brendon and rachel"

1;52 BBT jeff says Shelly going for the call and not the veto..anyone else would "be out".....Jordan says" if brendon and Rachel stay" and Jeff says he has to pee...

Jordan waiting for Jeff now..and Shelly comes out..lights up..Shelly says she's tired but Jordan says she waiting for the blanket she watched...since rachel wiped her toes with..

Shelly is getting grilled by Jordan that she is "for sure" 100% with her and Jeff...and Jordan goes over the suck ups coming down....talking to her...

1:57 BBT "they were acting like fools" about Dani and rachel..and Shelly "i'm 100% with you guys...no desire to be with anyone else." and Shelly says Dani up her ass because she is trying to get J&J to talk to her....and Dani told her J&J was never her target...

2:00 BBT and Jordan brings up Kalia's nom...with Jeff and says Dani has influence with that HOH...."she is just trying to cover her tracks" Jordan says...Shelly says Rachel 'is bring you two down".....Jeff says what does it mean....and says how does that bring us down....Shelly "everybody wants her out".....

Jeff saying "porsche is friends with Rachel"....Jordan says Porsche told Rachel she's keeping Shelly because she hasn't won anything....shelly says she's been thrown under the bus by rachel and J&J haven't and they says "she has...twice"......Jeff says "you can do whatever" she wants with rachel and Jeff says "i want to ring her fucking neck" and Shelly "its sad a bitch like that" can get far....

2:05 Kalia and Dani comes out asking if they are "plotting my demise"..Dani still drinking....talking on the couch....now Shelly talking about tony's "small head"

Talking about rachel's toes..picking them wiping them on people's blankets...Jordan says she is so tired but waiting for it to dry...Jordan says 6 more mintes...

Kalia being obnoxious and Dani says 'go to bed" and she says 'you go to bed" and FOTH


{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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1:55 am BBT

Jeff, Jordan and Shelly talking in the BY. Jordan wants to confirm with Shelly her loyalty to them and that she's on board 100%. Shelly reiterates that she's been with them since the start and that she will rise or fall with the ship. They talk about the Rachel alliance and that although it sucks, they need to keep her in the house for now. Shelly says even though she doesn't like Rachel that she'll do what needs to be done for the alliance. Kalia, Daniele and Porsche come out with their wine and campaign ends.

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Dani / JJ talking

Dani trying to convince JJ to put up Adam/ Rachel or Shelly if they win HoH next week.

Dani insists she was NEVER going to put up JJ, and has a lot of pull on K/ P if they win hoh. Dani and Jeff speculate a true/ false HoH, and Jordan says she's really bad at them.

Jordan keeps saying it would be nice to have a golden key, sit around, bake cookies and tan (Porsche) and wants Porsche to feel the wrath of the block.

Dani saying Porsche would put up Shelly and Rachel if she won HoH (lie obviously) and Kalia would probably do Jeff and Rachel (even though Dani told her to put up JJ earlier...)

Dani asks who their targets are

Jeff says Kalia

Jordan says Porsche

Dani keeps saying they're glad they had this talk, Jeff saying he's glad too. Jordan seems more quiet after Dani suggested S/A/R to go on the block.

The 3 discuss Shelly, and Jordan really likes her. Dani does too. Jeff speculates as to why Shelly was running back and forth about wanting to be friends with everyone, but then just ended up getting caught up in lies. Jeff didn't think she intended to do that though. Jeff feels she meant to stay neutral, but got caught up in lies.

Dani tries to re-throw her under the bus by continuing to call her a liar.

The 3 start to wrap up, and Dani is happy they are on the same page. Jeff saying nobody will know the 3 of them are working together, which is really good.

Dani "when it comes to Kalia, she doesn't have the votes, and I have enough pull, I hope-- never once did my name come out of your mouth. If she goes get hoh, lets see who we want up and I'll push for that."

510 BBT- the 3 split up and are getting ready for bed.

JJ debrief with each other. hard to hear, but Jordan saying she shouldn't have said Porsche.

Jordan saying she will doesn't trust Daniele.

If Porsche finds out Jordan is targetting her, they will know it is Dani who told, since they haven't been that specific with anyone else.

JJ also say that it does confirm Shelly as the leak, and to watch what they say to Shelly.

they finally head to bed.

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2:42 am BBT: Adam, Jeff and Jordan are talking about Shelly. Apparently, some of the things that the three of them have talked about privately (about maybe keeping Brendon over Shelly) has been getting back to Jeff and Jordan, verbatim. Adam denies telling Shelly about them waffling on their vote this week. Adam tells them he thinks Shelly is with them but, he agrees that there are red flags.

Shelly and Daniele are in the living room talking about Dick. Dani says that’s really hard to be known as “Dick’s daughter” instead of as an individual because he’s never been a father, barely a part of her life since she was a child.

3:30 am to 5:12 am BBT: Daniele, Jeff and Jordan are having a pow-wow. Conversation starts off with Daniele trying to convince Jeff and Jordan that they have never been her target since the BD fiasco week 3. She's hopes that she's proved to them this as a fact since she didn't BD him this week. By the end of the conversation they agree to not go after each other and to get out the floaters. They will tell everyone that their long talk was about hashing out what happened to them week 3 and that they are all still leery of each other but, hoping for the best. [it's a long conversation; watch the flashback for details, it's worth it. ~CeCiMom]

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5:15 am BBT: Jeff and Jordan have a short conversation about their talk with Daniele. They realize she was covering butt in case they win HoH next week but, they will wait to see if she's telling them the truth about getting out the floaters before going after each other. They feel better about Shelly now as Daniele said she was her 2nd target. When Daniele told them they should go after Adam, Shelly then Rachel they knew they can't really trust her too much. They revealed to Daniele that next week they would go after Kalia and Porsche and if it comes back to them they will tell everyone that they only told Daniele that as a test to see if it would get back to them. They'll talk more tomorrow because it's late and they're tired.

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about 9:25 BBT

Shelly is awake, doing her morning routine.Rach uses WC-back to bed. Adam awake joins Shelly outside.

Shelly says Dani was lit up last night.

Adam says she is nervous this week, she is afraid.

Shelly: she thinks she is the target.

Adam: she is right?

Shelly: she was asking questions drunk.

Shell: they been nice, are they trying to evict me? You & I have to be on same page

Adam: the whole thing about me voting out Law was he wasn

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