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8/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:35am BBT Kalia in shower, brenchel up and whispering in have not room about POV and votes. Shelly still putting on make-up in bathroom. Rachel in bathroom with shelly saying she wants to talk later and apologize, shelly says later, lets get through another day in the BB house with dignity. Rachel leaves and Shelly whispers to Kalia in the shower that Rachel wants to apologize to her. Rachel goes in SR with Brenden and whispers if Shelly does not win veto she would go home over Brenden.

Brenden in kitchen cooking and trying to rap or something and we get FOTH. (must have been a rap song in the wake-up mix)

Shelly telling kalia that her eyes are swollen and bad and kalia says put under creme on and shelly said she did.

Looks like Brenden will make an omlette. Kalis singing as usual in the bathroom and FOTH.

Now Shelly doing her hair.

Danielle comes downstairs to exchange her microphone. Looks like she is getting some cereal.

Brenden asks if Rachel wants breakfast she says sure, he says what to you want, she says whatever you are making. Now she might just have granola.

Dani heads up to HOH with her breakfast.

Porshe up and in BR, shelly and her say good morning.

Just saw Adam up and exchanging his microphone.

Rachel is hugging and telling brenden how handsome he is, she is dancing around in the kitchen.

Adam goes to bathroom.

Porshe tells shelly thank you for standing up for her on a group level yesterday. Porshe is not comfortable in a situation like that and Shelly says she knows. Porshe tells if if she wants to talk later...........

All up but jeff and jordon. Everyone just doing their morning routines......

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9:05 am BBT Kalia and Dani talking in HOH about not winning the Veto. Kalia said it will be hard to get Brenden out and they should backdoor him when they can. Kalia said Shelly might win if it is not physical. Just talk about possible POV situations.

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9:45BBT Feeds back. Looks like Brenchel are not playing for POV, they are moping in spa, had a 2 in 7 chance.

Kal in HOH-how did that happen? Neither one of them are playing. Dani goes over who would use it.

Dani didnt even pick them to host. (Por is hosting) How would that have been tho for Bren to host his eviction.

Kal going over how she wouldnt give her bed up to Brenchel but would to anyone else. Kal is excited to play in POV

POV players are Shell/Adam, Dani, Jeff/Jor, Kal w/Por hosting. Brenchel are not playing. Adam says if he has to wear a unitard....

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9:45am BBt feeds back and brenchel in purple room asking each other how does this happen. Dani and Kalia in HOH saying brenchel did not get picked for POV. Dani says is this a sign not to keep the deal? Dani and Kalia talking about what each person would do if they won the POV. Looks like Dani, Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Jordon and Kalia are playing in the POV. I guess Porshe is hosting.

Kalia saying she did not want to give up her bed because Brenchel is gross, not they are horrbile people but they are gross. Crusty knees, toes and fooling around.

Back in the purple room, brenchel looking very somber abd worried. Porshe goes to HOH, she is hosting.

Now in bubblegum room, Adam says he is ready for the POV. Jeff and Jordon laying in bed. Jordon will be mad if she gets stuck in the unitard, Jeff said it will be perfect if Adam gets it, Adam says he would be so pissed if he got evicted wearing the unitard.

Jeff says another hard day for peanut butter, I think they are talking about porshe, now thet are talking about porshe reminding them of an episode of Love and Marriage and Kelly being a model at a car show.

Back inthe purple room Brenden tells Rachel he would do better in the house then her and she says yeah you think. Rachel says she is going to control her mouth, brenden says yeah and your temper. Don't freak out and be a target. They are talking about Jordon and the house meeting yesterday and how basically it is her fault and everyone thinks Jordon is sweet and innocent. They say Jordon basically is to blame since she started the house meeting. Brenden says stop opening her mouth to everyone, it always gets back, Rachel says when she told people not to trust Shelly she thought she was leaving. Brenden says play your game how you like. Just back and forth pity party.

Back in HOH Porshe, Kalia and Dani laughing and looking very happy. Dani saying in Brenden leaves it puts them in a good spot. It will be J&J, Shelly and Adam, The 3 of them and rachel by herself. Porshe says J&J will go with Rachel. Porshe says she talked to shelly a little bit this morning and she seemed to be doing a little better.

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9:58BBT Rach repeats (again) every thing that went on while Bren was gone. (Want to know what she is saying? Read the updates for the last week)

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10:00am BBT, BIG pity party in purple room, rachel is very upset about neither one of them getting picked for Veto. Brenden being more optomistic then rachel. Now they are shelly bashing. Just rehashing the same stuff, shelly said this and shelly said that and shelly and Jordon were talking about porshe in the have not room when they thought rachel was sleeping. Now a litte Jordon bashing about how Jordon sais oh rachel is sleeping she can not hear us. Brenden tells rachel to keep her cool this week. Now Rachel saying Jeff makes inappropriate comments sometimes and she does not think he does it to be gross but he thinks he is funny and maybe just does not think sometimes. Now Jeff bashing......*(these people crack me up)

Up in HOH, Kalia, Dani and Porshe talk about Shelly and how the game is getting to her and she misses her family and now has to sleep next to brenchel.


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10:30am BBT Porshe in bathroom putting on make-up, j&j and kalia in bubblegum laying down. Brenchel in purple room "love fest" 2011. Telling each other how wonderful they are, and how they love to fight next to each other and when they have grandkids they will tell them their love story and how they were on big brother. Brenden is talking like he is an old man and rachel is just laughing and laughing at him. (I have to switch feeds). All 4 feeds on these 2. Porshe called to DR. Maybe to get ready for her hosting position for the Veto. Brenden and rachel hate not playing in comps. Brenden is made he will not be able to break the veto winning record. Rachels sings and no FOTH. Brenden tells her not to worry about a thing and WBRB. Back and all 4 feeds still on love fest 2011. They talk about what their families are thinking if they are watching them right now. Finally feeds change to spaceship room. Adam and Shelly talk about getting ready for the POV and if it is a punishment/reward challenge. Shelly tells him he would not have to worry about shaving his head. Adam thinks the winner may be able to pick the have nots. Shelly says she would get some sick pleasure picking the Have nots. Shelly says her stomach hurts and Adam tells her if she has to go, go now.

Adam goes up to HOH. Adam wants some jerky for protein. Dani says is it possible to be better, adam says some line from a movie about a boner, Dani said god came down from the heavens. Dani asks if Adam is nervous and he says no and has a feeling it will not be physical, dani thinks it will be a skill or puzzle and adam is good at puzzles. Dani says Jeff can not win............

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10:36 am BBT, porshe out of DR and it is not time yet. Adam thought it was time and Dani says they gfo in there once always before the POV and teases adam about not knowing the drill. Shelly and Kalia in SR, shelly leaves and kalia takes something from the middle of a towel and hides it in a cabinet.

Porshe is upset that there is now costume. Porshe has the afro wig on and the HOH robe on. She wants to wear a costume for hosting the POV. She looks in the mirror and says omg I am beautiful. Adam says now you know how I feel everyday. porshe leaves HOH. Adam asks if dani and kalia win will they take one of them off and dani says yes. dani says j&j will not take anyone off the block. they say if it is a punishment/reward comp that jeff and jordon may take prizes. Talk bout have not possibilities in the POV comp.

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11:10am bren in rach in purple room rach says i have already done so much damage bren says i know bren says why did you say things rach says when i thought i was going home bren says stop i dont wanna hear it just stop dani being called to the dr

11:14am bren and rach talking about the hoh comp bren asking why she pushed the button she says she was frazzled and she knocked out a player bren says i had to fight harder after you left but just stop i aint gonna cry over spilled milk anymore

11:30am bren and rach talking about the pov last season when everyone but one person played in the veto and how brit was upset now they are wondering how many weeks are left bren says week ten should be it right rach says week 10 there will be 3 people left bren says crap i hope not rach says i dont know

11:31am bren ask rach to rub his foot she starts rubbing a foot she ask better he says yeah then they start arguing about who cooks all the time rach says i always want to cook bren says because we see what you try to cook all the time

11:33am bren asked rach if his feet smell bad she says no babe your feet never smells bad and i use lotion on them

11:36am shell and dani talking shell saying i am going full out dani whispering (cant hear her) dani leaves the room goes to bbr waking up kalia and whispering to kal kali says who me i am asleep kali says why arent you asleep i thought you was sleeping dani leaves the room

11:38am back to rach rubbing brens feet saying i think i am gonna try to win hoh what do you think bren says sounds like a good plan

11:40am rach making up a poem about bren and his feet rach called to the dr saying i got to wash my hands

11:47am adam saying he is tired of playing the waiting game he wants to play already he ask rach how the little bed was lastnight she said it makes her legs hurt adam gives her a couple of pillows to help her legs tonight

11:51am adam saying he wished they still had the library room and how dick said it was the cursed room but he wanted it back but it was turned into the insane room but in this house it was perfect

11:52am rach talking about the have not room last season and how it was stale and no air in there and it had a funny smell to it

11:54am adam saying how cute and bad kristen lloked in her hippi tard last year but if he needs to wear a unitard he will to win the pov he says another character oh damn and they laugh

11:57am adam saying jor has logged over a 116 days in the bb house now between the 2 seasons rach says hey and bren walks in rach tells him adam said we should put these pillows in the cracks of the bed bren says ok adam says they help to keep you from falling in the cracks yelling help i cant get up we het wbrb

11:59am dani in hoh with kal and por they are eating dani's snacks waiting for pov to start kal saying between shell and adam talking and people in dr talking people are so loud por asking if dani has any butter lotion dani says no i keep forgetting to bring it up here kali getting a drink from hoh fridge and eating again

12:03pm adam saying he has a bad feeling that this veto is going to end badly even if you win veto it is going to eand badly rach says i dont think so bren said its to early for that adam doesnt think so adam says all the other vetos were kinda physical so this one might not be

12:06pm shell being called to the dr now adam saying he thinks no matter what the veto is going to be some kind of torcher or pain

12:07pm bren telling jor in wca that it could be a game where you start with like 50 points and hit a buzzer to win points or give up things or win things jor says i think it might be endurance bren says maybe and jor walks off

12:10pm in hoh dani kal and por talking about if jeff wins anything you should say and jeff just won a tv to go with his 10 grand or something like that and they start laughing por says adam grilled jeff for 3 days about winning the 10 grand

12:13pm bren rach and adam talking in spaceship room rach whispering to bren adam saying no and tossing a pillow adam making fun of brens haircut bren said it was suposed to n=be a #1 and laughs adam says he tried to put the steelers on his bren says really adam says no and laughs

12:16pm bren saying he slept in the spaceship room and its hard being tallm in the house he slept with his toes in the crack adam says oh yeah that was no crack and starts laughing and keeps tossing his pillow

12:17pm adam says why do we have to werar mics with all the mics hanging in here bren says cuz alot of people whisper alot adam says yeah i guess i whisper alot too

12:21pm adam saying bb fans are the most dedicated fans he mentions some sites he goes to and talks about people he talks to and him and his friend watch in different shifts and reports back to each other while bb is on

12:25pm rach says she cant wait to meet farrah adam says i cant wait either i am throwing her down in the door way and they laugh and start talking about the by interviews and where their family that only the final 2 family memebers are in the audiance evertyone elses family is in the backyard

12:27pm now talking about survivor final how it is in a big place not on scene adam explaining how it works for the finale of survivor and that the winner cant spend any money till the final airs

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1:06pm BBT: Adam saying he has no chance to move up in his company, someone would have to die or be caught doing something. He is just happy to have a job, he would have to go somewhere else or start his own company. Bren says that is a hard business. Adam says back in the 90's everyone bought CDs, now everyone has a web page, anyone with a My Space account can call themselves a band.

1:08pm BBT: Adam tossing a pillow up in the air. Rach wants to wash her hair. Bren says he's going to eat his eggs for lunch. Rach asks where's he going. Bren repeats himself. I miss you, she says. Adam says he'll grab a banana and some nuts before he leaves the house if he's evicted. Rach says I don't believe you Cruddy. If Philip said it, I would believe it. Adam & Rach laugh over Law's eviction speech. Rach loved entertainment value of Dom's eviction speech.

1:11pm BBT: Adam says that things that look like bad moves could turn out good, and things that look like good moves could turn bad. You can never tell what is going to happen, no what if's. Adam says he would look at anything that might come his way after the game but its not why he's in the game, not what he's looking for, doesn't want to lose himself for 15m of fame.

1:15pm BBT: Rach wonders if 1 million votes came in for Bren to return to the game, why couldn't they win the Crate & Barrel Dream Wedding contest? Jeff & Bren in KT, talking about the possibility of a comp where you agree to give up something for the game. Jeff says his coming back is crazy. Bren says now maybe we can win a competition. Jeff says lets not get ahead of ourselves.

1:18pm BBT: Bren putting some ketchup on his eggs. Jeff heads back to the WCA. Bren takes eggs back to MBR. Talk continues of the dream wedding contest, where people were voting against them, writing C&B protesting their eligibility. Rach says the couple that won were cute, very worldly. Prize was a $100,000 wedding.

1:21pm BBT: Adam says $10k gets you chairs and a DJ. Bren says that would have been $90k for the rest of the wedding. Adam says C&B made a mistake, could have been sponsors of Brenchel, sponsors on the show, now when they crawl back to you, they can demand a $5,000,000 wedding. Rach adds that all of America would be invited, and that means all of North America, including Canada. Bren says South and Central America can come too.

1:22pm BBT: Talk turns to the royal wedding and how everyone in the US was watching it. Bren said who cares? Adam says dude, you're a guy. Rach says Yeah, Bren. Kim Kardasian is our royalty. Adam says please tell me you didn't just say that.

1:26pm BBT: Adam says that even if Tori Spelling is there it might not be enough to go see Kim Kardasian's wedding. Rach says even if they don't get their dream wedding, maybe there will be something else, maybe they win a trip to Hawaii in the game. Rach & Bren had promised they would not wait after the show to get married when Bren was evicted but now they are thinking December. They just want family with them wherever it is.

1:30pm BBT: Talk turns to health insurance. Adam canceled his COBRA coverage, thinking that if he got hurt in the game it would be due to competition and CBS would have to cover him. Jeff in KT, Shell running up steps to HoH. Knocks on door. She is let in. Kal and Dani were sleeping. Shell drops off some B12 and then leaves. They thank her. She goes back downstairs.

1:35pm BBT: Shell now in KT. Jeff says he is making turkey. Shell leaves and Por comes in. Talking about how some of the foods go bad when Jeff isn't cooking (like when he was on slop). He is preparing something, looks like cutting herbs and grilling beef. Wraps a can in plastic wrap and puts it in fridge.

1:38pm BBT: Adam comes into KT and says someone needs to check the storage for gas masks. Jeff asks, Bren? Adam says like a rotten sack of beans. Back to MBR where Rach & Bren sleeping and snuggling. She is petting his head as he sleeps.

1:41pm BBT: Shell told Adm she didn't think Jeff would use veto on them. Adm says he doesn't think Jor knows what Jeff is planning. Shell begins to question having helped JeJo all this time.

1:47pm BBT: Trivia. The PoV comp has begun.

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5:17 PM BBT

Brenchel in the purple room for a quick chat. It was hard to hear what they were saying as they were whispering.

Rachel says she wonders what kind of deal Daniele has with Jeff. Then she says that Jeff should have given Jordan the money instead of having her keep the unitard. Sounds like it was a prize-based POV? [i don't know if these are the prizes they ended up with, it was very hard to hear what they were saying - Vespa]

Jordan is the DR, Daniele is sleeping. Jeff, Adam, Porsche and Kalia playing the celebrity game in the bubblegum room. Shelly laying alone in HN room.

Brenchel joins the convo in the bubblegum room.

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Shelly in the have not room, with a make shift toilet, Jordan is in the dr getting her leotard and still unsure of the pov winner. I would assume Shelly has to stay in confinment for 24hours.

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5:52 PM BBT

Jordan unveils the unitard, she looks adorable. It is a green unitard with a pink tutu and beanie cap that says "Dunce", complete with propeller. Her hair is in pigtails and has on fuzzy pink slippers.The unitard says "Kick me" on the back and "I'm With Stupid" on the front, with an arrow pointing to Jordan's face.

Shelly uses the portable toilet in the HN room.

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6:10 PM BBT

Jordan quizzing Adam in the purple room ... Jedi training. Kalia called to the DR, everyone else sleeping. Shelly looks restless in the HN room.

[Adam's memory is pretty impressive, he is going over the happenings day-by-day and how everyone did in the comps, even the words each one spelled. -Vespa]

Jordan asks Adam if he thinks Dani will backdoor Jeff. Adam says no.

Jordan confirms it's a 24-hour isolation for Shelly. Sounds like there was a phone call home also offered in the game.

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Jordan and Adam in purple room....

Jordan: When you take yourself off and she puts up Brendon.....

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