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8/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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In the purple room is Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, Porsha and Kalia. Just talking about costumes. Adam was there but I think he got called to the DR. Jeff and Dani sleeping. Shelly in the hnr.

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Now there talking about Lady Gaga, Kalia wanted to dress up as her for halloween. Rachel eating, Porsha left not sure where she went. Talking about Lady Gaga's shoes and how high they are. Kalia talking about her concert and how all the fans dressing up.

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Porsha and Kalia went to the kitchen to get food, Rachel asked Jordan if Brendon had her vote. The feeds cut out for abit but when came back I think Jordan probably said yes. Then they were about to talk about why Shelley was so upset and Jordan started to say Porsha lied and blamed it all on Rachel, conversation stopped as Porsha entered the room.

Lock down is over.

Jeff up in the kitchen making coffee.

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5:00-6:00 pm Por and Kal in bed in CBR. Kal says Por would have died of heat stroke if she had had the wig and robe on.

all feeds on them in bed. Jeff saying something about music. Kal sings the Cotton Eye Joe song...WBRB (awww come on!! 3 hrs wasnt long enough?)

Kal/Adam/Por/Jeff play the celebrity game. there is no POV talk.

celebrity game still going on in bbr adams turn to pick a celebrity

6:00-7:00pm rach and bren in wca bren leaves and goes to kt with arms crossed looks to be waiting for rach to get out of wc

rach covering up her and brens face as she whispers they now go to purple room rach asking what kind of deal do you think jeff andd dani has says she wont put jeff up anyways

rach sais something to bren bought should have taken the money and unitard but not sure who she was talking about

bren and rach walk into the bbr asking where jor is por tells them they are playing the celeb game

all feeds on bbr playing celeb game no game talk going on at all

shell laying in hnbr all alone just looking around

looks like shelly is on 24 hour solitary confinment she has a toilet bread and looks like oranges in the hnbr

kal says jor has been in dr for over an hour por says i know i wanna see her outfit before i go to sleep

kal saying she has to work out por says me too adam is eating jeff laying down kal says lets do sports teams now instead of celebritys jeff says lets do take a nap and if i dont answer i am asleep

jor is pout of the dr wearing a green unitard with a tutu that says i am with stupid and a beenie hat with a propeller on top

and on the back of the unitard says kick me she went and showed dani saysing isnt this awesome

jor says to b/r she loves this and is so happy she walks in to bbr with jeff and says i thought it was so cute when i seen it laying there in the dr jeff says are you super pumped jor says oh man i am these slippers are the best part and she was just afraid it would be up her butt crack but it ewasnt

jeff says i like your pig tails he says he likes it when she fixes her hair different jor says thanks jeff says look adam is jelouse right now adam says no i aint

shell in hnbr goes behind curtain to toilet she has bread water and slop in the room with her

adam is going to go to the other room to take a nap now jeff wants to sleep jor gets up jeff says where you goijg she says i will go wityth adam they head to the purple room saying its 6pm already

jor asked adam if dani is going to backdoor jeff adam says no

looks like adam has won the pov

7:00pm-8:00pm jor says looks like everyone is switching and me and jeff are on our own adam says he wants to heep this a final 4 with j/j himself and shelly

adam says i rather roll with you guys i will lie and cheat and do anything i can you played sweet and that worked jor says i cant lie i just thought it would play straight up

rach joind adam and jor asking what they are talking about jor says we are talking about last week and how everything went down adam says what if it had been you and bren doing the comp who would win rach says he would have let me win

talking about how much cbs gets from live feeders and they go to wbrb

bren joins the purple room crew they are talking about shell being in hnbr for 24 hours and that someone got a phone call and someone being upset but they arent saying names on who got the phone call

talking about kristen in her hippie tard and how bad she looked in it adam tells rach to close her eyes and gives bren the thumbs up and sayin g she looked good adam saying if he got the unitard he would have given it to kalia for the carribian vacation

they are talking about thats the best gift dani could have gotten cuz she cant play for hoh next week she can play in the pov now so dani won a pov ticket jor says i would have taken the trip

now talking about what everyone won last year through a comp like this adam says right now a carribian vacation sounds amazing

jor says she wants to go to disney worl she has never been there and she wants to go on a cruise

jor asking if she can wear a jacket over her unitard if she is cold adam says i dont know i had to wear it under my cruddy outfit jor going to dr to askk them now

adam says there was no way he wasnt gonna take the veto thats why he was getting mad at shelly for not taking anything thats why he wanted her to tKEW THE call he says jor was giving it to her so take it adam says at least she got something good out of it anyways

jor at the hnbr door telling shell what the unitard looks like shell is laughing saying it is cool

jor telling shell everything thats been going on shell ask if bren and rach are pissed off jor says no i dont think they are

shell says she doesnt care if she is locked up she still feels like she won she gets the phone call home jor says at least you get to talk to your daughter jor ask where she goes to the bathroom shell says its a lil short but there is no toilet paper so shell asked the camera for some jor says did you get some she says not yet we get wbrb

jor talking about how its a process to put this stuff on shell says where did you change at jor says in the dr shell says in front of everyone jor says i hid behind the couch shell says i hope your mom and brother see my dr session jor says oh i just knew you needed to talk to your daughter si i wanted to give it to you

shell says she was like she didnt care she just wanted to talk to them and she is counting numbers in there and its the hard part jor says i swear i just want to cry in here and i have alot shell says well you just won the hearts of america today after giving me this phone call and i feel like i won this game now just to get to talk to josie

shell says she went to solitary confinment at 4:30 she has 24 hours then she will get her phone call

shell says i dont know if i can ever say the right words to you jor but i will never say anything about you or jeff again i just dont know what to say

shell says dani came to her and told her that jeff was in an alliance with them and he wont change the noms so dont let him win it and my feelings were hurt i didnt know

in purple room bren and adam talking about the veto comp adam says when he walked out he was like shit cornhole and he says he just knew they had this he was suprised he did that well

shell says 24 hours locked up in this house is nothing i have no sence of time in here kalia at the door with jor talking to shell now shell says i cant believe it is still locked have you heard the vaccume yet kali says yeah i did shell says wont be long then jor says i loved my outfit it was cute kali says yeah i like mine shell says jor you can have mine it was to short

por now at the door talking to shell sticks fingers under the door so shell can see something outside the door

shell asking kali if she is excited about your trip she says yeah i am excited

adam and rach talking aboit being on a pole in a comp on a wall rach says no one can do that but dani and they laugh

jor walks in purple room saying bb told her she can wear a jacket over her unitard cuz she gets so cold jor says she is hungry and gonna go eat rach says what are you gonna eat jor says i dont know adam and rach are talking about corn husk in the comp today and adam says he is keeping his beanbag thoug

adam and rach saying they have the utmost respect for people playing this game rach says this cast is different most cast cant do it bren joins them nw after getting out of wc bren says what now adam says i just said i have respect for anyone in this pressure cooker

kali in purple room now talking about she had planned on going to hawaii adam says your going carribian now bren says he thinks its better to just get cash to pay for the taxes

jor in kt eating a sandwich and chips looking like a little girl in that unitard tut and beenie with hair in pigtails

adam saying if he hadnt been on the block he would have taken the 5k kal asking if the 5k would be more than the carribian trip bren says probably so but notr sure rach says i am sure it will be nice either way

rach says her and bren have always said if there is a vacation it will be our honeymoon and we didnt even get to play in this one

jor still sitting at the table eating her chips and salsa all alone

jor finished eating and goes to bbr and plays with jeffs ear and says are you still sleepy he says yeah she says i just ate it was good and leaves the room now going to purple room with kali bren rach and por

they just asked her how she makes the hat spin she says when you walk jor says i am happy with this i love the slippers and like eveertyone said i can wear this for halloween

jor talking about blocking off places on halloween at a bar she says it would be freezing but you got to dress up in cute costumes and one year she dressed as a ladybug and this one lady had her body painted a brass color and had hudge wings that was white and pasties on and she was an eagle she had these claws and she won a thousand dollars

they are just talking about different halloween partys and how much you could win if you won the contest

still talking about halloween and what costumes they used to wear jors favorite was the jennie costume and talk about being pebbles and bammbamm from the flinstones kal says there are alot of cute couples costumes

kali saying oh maybe i can wear my cow suit she says oh wait i dont have the outside of the costume but i could have been a cow and laughs

still general talk in purple room dani in hoh sleeping jeff sleeping in bbr shell sleeping in hnbr adam in dr

por says she is going to go eat kal says i cant eat like i used to and walks to the kt with dirty dishes jor yawning rach saying i dont know why we are on lockdown for so long jor says isnt it crazy how they transform the by rach says hmmm mmmmm

jor tells rach the whole reason shelly got mad at you was beacuse everything por said rach says she didnt even know what was said but apparently there was more stuff said jor says she is tired of dealing with everything rach says me too jor says i wish i could have left to decompress

rach is saying they havent announced jury yet have they jor says no rach says they will probably announce it thursday bb comes on and says hg the lockdown is over they are happy they get to go outside now

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8:07pm BBT: Bren talking about what it was like while he was in sequester, how it was to come back and see the other evicted HG etc. The ILD is over. Jor heads out and Bren goes outside but Rach stays behind in PR room. Bren comes back to get her. He is worried that bringing up certain topics w/Jor could hurt them. Bren, Jeff, Rach in KT doing dishes.

8:10pm BBT: Brenchel decides to go outside for some fresh air then work out. Jor outside in her green outfit w/purpose ruffles and dunce hat. Jor saying Shell is upset because Por said Shell thinks Rach has been telling everybody everything. Jeff putting on jeans in CBR w/Por. Jor says that's why she called the house meeting. Jor says Brenchel can't get Adam's or Por's vote anymore. Rach points out that Shell has been talking to both sides.

8:13pm BBT: Rach points out that when Kal accused Rach of having said things, it was right after Shell went up to HoH. Jor said the House Meeting didn't get anything accomplished. Kal at KT table eating. Por in KT. Jeff in KT. Rach says she would never tell Por anything. Por outside. Jeff won't be working out today. Bren keeping quiet while Rach talks. Talking about how Boston Rob won Survivor because his tribe never communicated w/each other.

8:15pm BBT: Shell's game has been ripped wide open as both Brenchel and JeJo understand Shell was making F3 deals with both. Jor says at least its jury for everyone but they are just going to be outnumbered and picked off. Jor says they can't tell Adm not to use veto. Jor says she loves her outfit but feels bloated. Rach looks like a farm girl in the plaid shirt. Por at laundry.

8:19pm BBT: Rach confirms to Jor that Brenchel would never go against JeJo and Jor says she knows. Shell is no longer an ally and Adm probably not now. Jor knows one of the 4 is going home. Rach called to DR. Adm comes out and says WTF, the kick me out and call her in but tell me not to go far FotH...

8:23pm BBT: Bren spills coffee on the table. Kal in HoH talking to Dani, Dani talking about what they said to Shell, she made a mess and now she has to clean it. Kal wants to work out at 8:45, Dani says she doesn't want to work out. Kal as in DR for over an hour and Dani wants to know who with. Amazingly we don't get FotH during this convo. Jeff, Adm, Bren by BY couches. Jor comes over to laundry in her tutu. Now we get FotH.

8:29pm BBT: Dani tells Kal that Bren probably going to be nom. Jor and Jeff talk in WCA, hard to hear beause Jeff running water while brushing teeth. Probably recapping convo w/Rach. Brenchel in BY hammock. They are whispering too, recapping the Jor convo and trying to figure out how this can shake out. Rach says Jeff is greedy, they need to find a way to make sure its Jeff that gets nom, not Bren.

8:32pm BBT: Rach says that Adm and JeJo have all turned on them, they say it is so useless that they would keep Shell over them. Jor now sitting on BY couch. Por comes out and calls out what are you doing? Just cuddling, Rach calls back. Jeff who wasn't going to exercise now taking his shirt off (still has tank on, sorry girls) and is fiddling with the elliptical. Por helping him.

8:37pm BBT: Rach doesn't understand why Jor/Jeff believe Shell over them. Dani tells Kal that it will be hell on earth Monday as the real jockying begins, then after Bren nom Brenchel will be a$$holes for the rest of the week. Rach now having regrets, telling Dani about their plans, should have never evicted Dom. Por in HoH, reporting on the elliptical which apparently has no power.

8:44pm BBT: Kal, Por and Dani in HoH, saying they took everything out of the HN room except a blanket and port-o-potty. They say that Jor would not have survived the HN room for 24hrs. Bren trying to work out a scenario and story they could pitch. HoH group tired of Jor acting like everyone is after her and no one wants to nom her. Rach says Dani was right JeJo has Shell/Adm on their side, shouldn't have told Jeff about the BD plan.

8:48pm BBT: Rach now wondering if Dani & Dom would have been more loyal than JeJo. The What If game takes a back seat to the kissing game. Dani browsing through her fridge. Bren saying its not all bad if he goes to the JH early, he'll have time for some reading. Adm comes into HoH and Por leaves. Brenchel can't be heard because hammock is squeaking.

8:53pm BBT: Adm didn't stay in HoH, just Dani and Kal talking Rach now, there's no way Rach would vote for Dani in JH. Now they are discussing Veto comp. Kal says Jeff is rich, Shell gets to get away for a while, she's reciting the PoV prizes. Dani talking about how the Vote Nullification was a great prize. Jor in WCA, takes off the tutu and heads into the WC. Kal goes into HoH BR to pass gas but not poop.

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